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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  January 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@better in 2016, they have a @negative forecast for this year @and there's @dumping of steel imports. @the ceo said their hands were @tied here. @the company is hoping to turn @things around and review @operations in lorraine @market itself turns around. @the majority will be complete @by the first quarter. @900 employees will continue to @keep wosteel's other location that is @they have throughout the state @and elsewhere. @we're told from a source that @it's expected to make a joint , the mayor is @expected to make an @announcement, but we haven't @been able to connect with llary wilson, wkyc news. @ doctors are fighting to @save a 61-year-old woman after @a van driver hit her and drove @off as she walked to rning.
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@police are searching for that @driver, channel 3 joins us what do we know so far brandon. @>> reporter: good evening to @you sarah. @that 61-year-old woman james @stucky she was in the crosswalk @when she was hit by that van, et, it ended up right @here, it's at intensive @carework unit. @that's good news when @considering it's left here to people drive like crazy @people and she's afraid we're @going to get hit one day. @>> her mom has walked to work nce she lives six @blocks away. @that's what she was doing when @tragedy struck tuesday morning @after 2:00 a.m. @>> sheep was unable to get @she had bleeding and @lacerations in the back of her @head and a driver of the van left her
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@angry and so sad. @you could hit somebody, you @could hit a woman who is d grandmother and you @leave her laying there. @>> tiffany is hanging fliers @and leaving them in info that may find @the suspect as her mother @fights to survive. @>> the t @their mother, the grabbed @mother, and it's not okay. @>> a lot of people on social @media have been supportive @trying to offer up as as possible. @we dent have enough information @to find out exactly who did @this, sarah. @>> like tiffany said it's not there anything we can do to @help find the suspect. @>> right now, we're looking for @information. @the description we have so far @is vague. @we know it's a white @ford cargo style van, and a @male that was driving maybe
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@>> thank you, brandon. @ it was another tough day @for the stock markets. @as the dow and nasdaq closedts, this comes @as market in china continues to @struggle. @he calls it china's market @having the flu, that's how he . @worry about it. @we're watching this over the @next few weeks, it will play @itself out, what i will tell what china has is not @fatal, it's not going it die. @whoever catches the flu er. @physical question is how long @it will last and how much it @will calf. @the u.s. economy is doing well @and americans are continuing to @ johnny man sell back in the
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@thpulled him over for having @an expired license plate on his @car last saturday morning. @he was in las vegas over the r disguise. @it isn't his first run in the @law in recent months. @last october he was pulled over @in avon @dramatically and having a @physical argument with his r development in the @tamir rice case. @they're looking to get grand @jury transcripts released. @testimony. @it has happened in ohio and @rule 6 of ohio criminal orders that @they can be made public. @they have ruled that they
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@>> tom mcginty provides himself @on being transparent. @he's saying grand jury @testimony and other materials @are for the grand jury's and @ears only. @legal watch dogs say that the @ways. @that he needs to be consistent. @>> this office has tried to @make this process very @transparent, releasing the @transcripts would prove that @and would support that. @>> if transcripts aren't @released, gilbert says there @will always be the nagging @question of police bias. @>> if he felt that he did the @case properly and he presented @the case in accordance with the @way cases should be presented @he should have no fear. @>> there's a high standard for @grand jury materials, it's a to @decide a fair trial for @defendants. @>> the grand jury refused to @indict the two officers. @they would have to rule on a @different standard.
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@greater need for the public @know what happened in this @grand jury room than the @benefit that we get from @general grand jury secrecy. @>> in ferguson, the prosecutor @released all grand jury @transcripts, the prosecutor in @geauga county that the missouri @community was better served @with all the facts out in the @open. @>> it allowed everybody to see @and hear what the grand jury in @that case, what testimony they @heard and it helped separate @what some of the news reports @were versus what the actual @sworn testimony was. @>> in the police sling of eric @garner, they denied having @transcripts released. @they said they subject the hate @male and it -- hate mail and @let's make it clear, no one is @arguing for the release of @transcripts believes the names
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@as i reached out to judge @mcdonald, she refused comment. @>> from a timetable standpoint, @when can we expect to get this @case. @>> i would look for it on @tuesday or wednesday. @>> thank you. @ the republican convention @will create jobs, they're @looking to train 500 people for @security work at the convention @and hopefully beyond that. @they have a first look at the @jobs plan. @>> the republican convention @will put lots of people like @security guard, this one to @work. @many suburbs and cities will @need protection. @>> the playoff square, the @hotels and restaurants. @>> atlantis says brian wit ker @spent months on the plan. @>> they're working on the @community, not only during the @rnc, but to have opportunities
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@>> atlanta is partnering with @the training program to create @a testified 10 hour courts. @>> the goal is to bring people @who have no knowledge about @security and prepare them so @they can do this function in @our city. @>> atlanta is working with @churches to support candidates @young and old. @>> it gives people who would @normally not have an exposure @to college, an exposure. @enforcement too. @>> atlanta security and many @many careers. @>> once up became a security @guard you will never look for a @job the rest of your life. @convention. @>> biohigh law anyone who is a @convicted felon cannot be a @security guard, details @including hopefully how to make
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@if you're interested we have @information on our website, how you can reach out @to atlanta online or on the @phone. @>> what kind of pay are we @talking for these jobs? @>> normally security hours are @$9 to $15, that may be higher @during the convention. @>> good work, thanks. @ coming up tonight, $#00 @million could be yours if you @win the power ball on saturday. @we'll tell you three things you @can do to perhaps improve your @chances. @>> you can use all that money @to buy a coat, you'll need @them, a lot of them, @temperatures will not be making @it out of the 20s. @major change arrives this @weekend. @>> we'll talk to you soon. @as you enjoy dinner tonight you @may want to layoff the salt. @recommendations from the @government that can help your
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@ @. @ coming up why a popular @mall could be in trouble. @not your average bar, the new @place where a unique menu takes @you far from cleveland.
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@ @. @ sugar is the latest enemy @in the new federal dietary @guidelines, monica robins @explains what these new @guidelines do and do not @contain and a what it means for @you. @eat less sugar, a lot less, @that's the latest from the new @federal nutrition guidelines @that limits our sugar intake to @no more than a our daily @calories. @i don't know about you, i can't @do the dietary map. @a cap of soda and you know
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@squares, but the rectangles, @one can of soda, it's the added @amount that would be allowed. @>> we know leading too much @sugar is leading to heart @disease risk and diabetes. @eat more fruit vegetables and @whole grains. @>> whether you think it's the @beverages you drink or eating @out one night a week, and think @about how you add fruits and @vegetables. @this can get to you a place @where there's healthier eating @for you and your family. @when we were told to eat less @red and processed meat because @it's linked to cancer. @they say you incorporate other @forms of protein into your
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@>> there are things that if it @says sugar, dextrose, maltose, @and other ingredients avoid it @or find out how much is in the @ingredients. @ you didn't win last night, @the power ball jackpot is @expected to reach $700 million @by this week's drawing on @saturday. @ we know about the lottery, @it's a game of chance. @with a payout in big, it's time @to put the game face on. @use history to make that plan. @our first tip consider making a @road trip, if you like our @neighbors in pennsylvania have @produced 16 winners and indiana @11, and a weekend trip to @florida or louisiana over with @bit.
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@winners over the past few years @have been created i those @computer generated numbers. @no worry about addresses or @birthdays, if you're committed @to choosing your own fate. @let's look, 41, 22, 16, 42, 35 @and 39 are popular balls that @have popped up. @don't worry if you missed any @of those. @you can head over to @as you make your quest to @become ohio's next millionaire. @>> do we have to give amy 10% @because this is how it works. @>> fine print. @>> there's no fine print. @ coats, initially it will be @rain coats and it will be full
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@changes that will be coming. @look at here, we have easy @breezy weather. @temperatures will be falling @back or falling back. @i'm starting off on a great @note today. @we're falling back to the @cooling under mostly cool @skies. @here's what you're going to @need during this forecast, rain @showers will be moving in @tomorrow and continuing on and @off tomorrow night into @saturday. @mild temperatures great day, a @few rain showers around. @sunday is the day when the big @changes hit. @rain will be changing to snow @and a big drop of temperatures @are coming. @the snow comes and stays places @and we have a couple of @clippers coming through and so @snow stays around. @we have the rain showers and @snow showers, and the blues and @purples, where we see it, it's @cold air, 32 degrees, look what @happens, this cold air is
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@storm system that's coming into @the great lakes. @rain will come in here tomorrow @morning in the midday, you can @see that rain in the state of @the ohio and we'll tip to have @scattered showers friday night @and into saturday as well. @as saturday moves on, storm @system until 1 goes north, that @pumps the colder air south. @you can see the colder @temperatures coming down into @texas. @meanwhile big storm system @starts a brewing down in the @deep south. @we'll have scattered rain @showers with mild temperatures @on saturday, rain saturday @night into sunday. @this is the one that's really @sunday. @we'll have heavy rain potential @early morning on sunday. @you can see that transition @from the rain to the snow, 1:30 @in the afternoon, that cold air @invades on monday and it sticks @around for most of next week, @as temperatures are not @expected to get out of the 20s
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@it, we may not make it out of @the teens in some locations. @it's not as cold and very easy @weather for the overnight. @tomorrow does not look like @it's too bad for us to start. @temperatures will start to rise @as we head towards dawn. @clouds begin to move in for the @early morning. @we'll see rain chances sneaking @in from the west. @if the rain comes in early, we @have freezing temperatures @around, we could have freezing @rain west, most of us will make @it in the temperatures and @freezing by midday. @the rain moves through and @becomes scattered by late day @and we'll have scattered @showers around all before @sunday's mid change. @low to mid-40s tomorrow, it @will be a dry start turning @over to the rain showers, @temperatures are approaching 50 @degrees, the forecast, seven- @day forecast, temperatures
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@could have light accumulations @of snow, we'll have a little @lake effect east of town sunday @into monday, and that starts to @dry up and the cold air is @here. @we'll have scattered snow that @comes with a clipper, but we do @not make it out of the 20s, @that's how it's looking. @>> well, hello january. @>> yeah, welcome back. @ we're three days from the @golden globes. @make sure you stick with us on @send evening. @we have channel 3 news at 5:00 @news. @we'll see who is wearing what @at 6 and see the stars arrive @at 7 and don't miss the golden @wkyc. @>> coming up, it's day 2 for @the search of the head coach. @>> the browns met with someone @today, and we'll learn who it
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@ @. @ jim donovan have you hired @anyone yet? @>> no we have not. @we have our cameras fixed in @the chimney outside of the @browns facility. @when there's a puff of white @smoke, that will mean they're @burning the garbage for today @or they've hired a new coach. @this is day 2 of interviews for @the browns.
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@who is the assistant head coach @in jacksonville and the @offensive line coach. @more interesting than that he @was the head coach for the @buffalo bills. @in interviews you have to @explain some of your track @record. @i'm sure the browns will ask @when he had a 9-7 seen saps. @he never came out and said why @we did that and became a @position coach down in @jacksonville. @he'll question the browns about @their new organization and what @the situation is with all of @these new people coming into @play. @now, more interviews coming up. @gentleman roam henderson will @interview and he's a heck of a @coach and young coach. @he's 46 and never been a head @coach. @he's the secondary coach with @the cowboys and for a couple of @years he did that in cleveland. @that interview will take place @in dallas. @sean mcdermott is 41 years old, @a defensive coordinator with @the panthers in north carolina.
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@and they will interview him on @sunday. @that's the last day they can @interview him because the @panthers play next week and @they cannot interfere with @their preparation. @they will interview him on @sunday down in charlotte. @and law, he met with the browns @yesterday and he'll interview @with the giants and has today. @he'll interview with the @eagles. @he's 50 years old and the @lyons. @the calfs are off today and @they're on this long 6 game @road trip. @they're in minnesota to take on @the timberwolves. @the captain went 5 straight. @they go 24-9. irving was hay @amazing last night. @he had 32 points and 21 of them @in the fourth quarter. @his teammates marvel at him. @>> he's probably the best 1-1 @player on our game.
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@to ten months to get back and @all that and come back and @shake and bake like he's doing, @it's remarkable. @i don't think there's a @question on who the real all @star is. @>> the second return of all @star voting today. @lebron james is the number 1 @all star getter. @lebron will be at the all star @game. @he's third overall. @kobe bryant is number 1, @testify curry is number 2, and @it's at the kennedy center in @toronto. @we're at the starting lineup @right now. @he's coming off the bench as a @reserve. @other teams around the nba are @calling the calves and saying @would you like to trade him @away. @so far they're not returning @those phone calls.
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@statistically. @the trading deadline is coming @up in a matter of weeks. @ thank you for watching. @jimmy and betsy back tonight at @7:00. @>> the nbc nightly news is just @minutes away. @
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