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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  January 12, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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the era has ended. >> david bowie's ex-wife in tears and new details about the terminal cancer bout. >> how he kept it secret. >> he's not with us no more. >> late night honors and growing memorial around the world. what we learned about his final days. >> i was terribly anxious to get so much >> we also have a rare on air interview his last images and the family he leaves behind. >> i found my soul mate. >> then new photos, sean penn his el chapo interview that
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wanted drug lord. >> and mick jagger's ex-wife is engaged to rupert murdoch. and stars after the globes. >> i don't give a damn. >> why the actors are re-creating famous movie lines. >> frankly, my dear, i don't give a -- damn! >> now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." >> david bowie kept his cancer a secret for more than a year. we're learning more tonight about his battle and final moments. kevin is off. nancy will be joining us later. >> cameron, the reaction to david bowie's death has been massive. twitter exploded right after the news broke. 4.3 million tweets, some 20,000 a minute. >> every bowie video, every
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never been seen before are now giving new meaning to the life of this legendary artist. >> i can't envision life without writing and producing records and singing. >> singer/songwriter/actor/fashion icon, genius. he is mind blowingly talented. >> from outer space to hollywood. the world is paying trib the rock icon. fans held a hometown sing along in south london. >> this was david's last public appearance in new york last month at the premier of his off broadway p >> love you! >> he seemed to be fine but reportedly collapsed moments later and was battling liver cancer. >> i think in the final years he wanted to just would be people that were close to him. >> i just feel like an era has ended. >> david's ex-wife angie bowie
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she learned the news while filming celebrity big broth the uk. details about bowie's funeral have not been announced. in march there will be a tribute concert at carnegie hall. >> the show is going to be great. it's a performance of 20 different voic >> next, the bowie takes. >> let's do a harmon >> "60 minutes" just released a treasure-trove of on air footage from a 2003 profile that was never broadcast. >> this is my 40th year working. isn't it terrifying? i'm in heaven >> sales are soaring today for bowie's haunting final album, "black star." >> there is a chance that even the title of the album it was a hint he was dying. and then he is in a hospital bed so it seems to be, you know, when you look at all this in hindsight, it's clear the very meticulously planned final statement, final album of a man that knew he was dying. >> we literally can't say enough amazing things about that man.
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person. we're going to take a rare look into i had family life as his wife iman and his two children coming up. we also want to mention the funeral for natalie cole was held yesterday.ed out to pay tribute. natalie wanted her epitaph to read, "natalie cole, the daughter of a king, mother of a prince, friend to alsean penn who is under fire for his secret interview with mexican drug lord el chapo guzman.g seems crazy, right? something out of a hollywood movie.ack on el chapo's compound is more intense than anything we've seen on screen.amatic helmet camera video just released by mexican authorities.
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now the news that sean penn will sit down with cbs this morning's mages surface of penn while under surveillance by mexican authorities. he and mexican actress who heading out to talk with el chapo. [ speaking spanish ] >> just as dramati haunting new followup interview t before his capture. >> thank you [ speaking spanish ] interview with the notorious monster is intense. for his part, penn said briefly, i've got nothing to matt damon defended penn sunday night. >> i don't want to throw any other actors under the bus, but serious actors and filmmakers who have been having meetings >> and oscar winner del toro who fights the drug cartel in the movies feels for sean. >
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it of a fashionista wearing are flying off the shelves. >> i was going to wear that today. i thought it would like nice. i know one person in this dered one. pretty amazing. that's amazing. so is this. rupert murdoch engaged. he is a billionaire media mogul and there is a little difference in their ages. >> ruperhey look happy. >> they look very happy. >> sure they do. he's got the gorgeous girl, she's getting probably whatever jerry hall back in london today after the 59-year-old and 84-year-old rupert murdoch ld to their engagement.
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>> i made my share of mistakes. >> he is referring to his 2011 phone hacking scandal, has been s romantic past including that one big split. >> i have pictures of my rock g. >> actually, when she lef jagger after 22 years and four he marriage was never legal. >> this is mick jagger here. i got some proof. >> jerry walked away with $15 million, a measly sum compared to rupert's $1.3 billion. she is pass ago long life daughter. >> what do you know now that you wish you could have told yourself about the modelling? >> a media mogul, that's okay. jerry and rupert had one heck of an engagement party. s and tuxes. but when it's get away day, the
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lax. sophisticated sunday but for traveling, he carried his own battered leather suitcase as he and his wife went in jeans and tennis shoes.moore had skinny jeans and fuzzy jacket. ic in her plaid shirt, ripped jeans and fringe hippy boots. the stars red carpet beauty secrets might surprise you.m is the bravest woman in america. >> i'm wearing two cors i'm wearing a bustier corset ncher. >> nice hair extensions. >> is this the hair in your hair?
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some of it.o is behind the mask? >> it's this mask. it's called 100% pure. i don't know.hey did a good job. >> and while on that red carpe a little bubbly for everyone.ave a drink. >> cheers. >> celebrating 25 years as the official champagne of the golden globes, they hosted the toast for cause. they donate $1,000 to a charity of the celebrities' choice. >> that's right. >> that's what happens when you have that kind of money. to toast to the i have a dream foundation. >> cheers. >> to mommy. cheers to that. about this kid. >> global citizens. >> the peace first organization.o toast to hunger is which is a charity that is irradicating childhood >> it donates $1,000 per star to the film grant program. d home. >> padres stop cancer. it's for latino families. >> i like to toast to the ne york public theater. cheers to that.
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t look at the new ad campaign with past winners and the new promo with chris rock. >> let's do this. >> this is going to be great. i can not wait for it. up, kaly finally gets her bachelor moment. you have got to hear what ben told us about his big bang fan. >> plus, we're with john stamos and bob saget. their tv reunion before "full house." >> he's in love with art and olivia's new epic lip sync battle. >> i'm n
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are you in love >> i think we're losing our connection, kaly. >> that's right. look. you cannot blame a girl for trying. >> she went she was trying to get the di on the bachelor. >> fan. i'm a huge fan. apparently, so is kris jenner. here's the thing, only kris and kaly got to be on the live show last night. >> i have never been speechless. i don't know what to say. bachelor ben. the big bang star finally got her wish after trying to call in to the live show's premier last week. >> lines are closed. >> i got a call. and then after i stupidly posted it that it was east coast time. especially after the invitation ben extended via our cameras right after kaly's time zone mix-up. >> kaly, i'll take care of you e. >> also on the live recap, kris jenner answering some personal questions. >> did you ever hook up with ben/nick? we're very good frie so, no.
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>> we're gi'm right here, you son of a bitch. >> bob gets on "grandfather" buddy.tard. yeah this is good. >> he is supposed to be this divorced and he wants what i got. >> finally, a lip sync battle and olivia munn. ing >> doing my own individual performance.kevin hart is winning lip sync battle.
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co-stars go toe to toe s it enough to take home the win? that. >> i'm nervous. >> you can take him. you got. this. >> my money is on kevin. >> all right. listen, up next, we have your first julia roberts new hostage thriller with clooney strapped to a bomb on live tv. >> how do i know it won't blow up? >> then a look at david bowie, the father, the husband. our time with his widow super model iman and their intimate . >> that is next.
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today's a-list stars do their best butler. >> frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn."gone with the wind" reboot, the gender roles are reversed. >> if you go -- >> where shall i gw magazine, the series titled "the casting call" asked stars to switch up the
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a -- damn! >> and for dirty harry, clint gets recast. fire six shots or only five? >> did he fire six shots or only five? >> well, do you, punk?ve a good dirty harry. >> that was so awful. don'ts air that. >> that was so much fun. hearing from a few of these stars again on thursday when the oscar nominations are announ o doubt about that. two oscar winners are teaming up again, george clooney and julia roberts. it's money monsters.h time on screen together. >> there was "ocean 11," "oceansonfessions of a
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romance. check it out. george and julia get is lee gates. >> there is no reward. >> should i sell?nload?e balls! man up. >> he is a tv finance guru, julia the hot shot producer. they're about to face their on live tv. >> who is that guy on camera two? >> anyone who can get out, get out right now. do not make eye contact. lee, stay calm. >> how i do know it won't blow up? >> because i have the detonator. >> the thriller is produced by clooney and directed by jody foster who made this his passion our years ago. the viewer played by jack o'connell gambles on a stock that clooney pitched. but when it mysteriously tanked, he blames george and takes the show and crew hostage. >> i'm not the real criminal. it's people like these guys. you're good at that. >> you lost a lot of money when the market tanked. >> but as clooney digs deeper, he discovers corruption at the
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>> i'm telling you, it's rigged. >> we want an explanation for what went wrong. >> we don't know. >> nobody was asking questions they can expose everything. >> you have to understand how delicate of a situation this s. >> i don't want you to die. >> yes, indeed.of movie. we're going to see a lot of george in theaters. before "money monster," he has l caesar." >> i'll watch him in anything. speaking of a true one of a kind artist, david bowie. his public life was all about his art.impse into the personal life at home away from the spotlight. but tonight we put together a look at the legend as a husband our big picture, david bowie's love story. you >> i asked her to marry me.
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years ago in florence that i loved. and found it. somebody bought it. he found it, bought it from them. so sweet. and, of course, i said yes. >> they shared nearly 24 years the rock 'n' roll icon and the super model who were set up by their hairdresser.d an intollerably sexy. i did something really corny the next day. i think i invited her to tea somewhere. ous. he just said tea. he doesn't drink tea. he never drinks tea. he had cheir love life private to protect it. but on rare occasions, the couple let "e.t." cameras into david told us iman changed him. >> i think it is working when i wanted to, any time night or day. and i had to change all that. for us. because i'm a real workaholic. >> he has a very witty sense of just
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>> all i can let you know on a secret is we're blissfully changes >> for three decades, "e.t." covered the reported $n who famously had one blue eye and one gray and at concerts our music video. but despite creating 30 album, bowie's priority was always family.old daughter and his 44-year-old son from his first marriage duncan.elped me grow up an incredible amount. what he teaches me is abundant enthusiasm for everything he approaches.d throughout david's secret bad will with cancer, iman was by her side. il i die. i will see new the sky.n who fell to earth,
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>> first for me is our marriage if there is a choice between iman and the other, there is no question. >> what a beautiful love story.
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good reason that nancy is not here. she is a diehard clemson alum who was at the national championship game last night in arizona. >> we were all pulling for you.her tigers came up just a little short against alabama. >> good game though. >> it was. nancy is with the team now. nancy, i know you're still pro
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i'm so happy to be joined by some of the players here. of course i have coach davos swe year is all n our tigers were all in last night. >> we came to win and came up a little short but we'll grow from it and learn from it and it will be a great experience for our team as we continue to build our lly we'll take that next step. >> by the way, remember, you're lo national champions! the clemson tigers! i thank you for. entertainment tonight theme as we say good-bye. >> how does it go? >> wow! that is amazing. that was all in now. if i've ever seen it, that was all in.i appreciate your support.
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