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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  January 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@wonderful start to your @saturday. @it is saturday, january 16th. @that say live look at the inner @belt bridge. @if you are headed out any time @soon, you're going to want to @grab a jacket. @it will feel like grabbing a @light jacket because it's still @feeling very spring-like but we @are in for a turn. @weather center. @and we are due for it. @we are due for some january @weather. @>> we are. @it was a treat not to have to @put on a hat and gloves this @morning and i think you will be @okay through most of the day. @but temperatures will be taking @a tumble into the afternoon. @we saw some rain showers @overnight for areas where the @moisture is still around, @particularly along the lake @side. @and we will see snow showers @into the afternoon. @but the big caveat for today is @that it will be windy. @cranking up the winds close to @20 miles per hour. @and with the colder @temperature, we're dealing @with the wind chill into the @afternoon. @so tonight there will be some @flurries and even some lake @snow to con the end with.
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@dress for the weather. @we're seeing some cold @temperatures this morning. @not terribly chilly but i can @tell new the extended forecast @that things will be more frigid @into your sunday and monday @forecast. @i'll be back shortly with all @the details including your @entire seven-day outlook. @>> thank you so much. @ hundreds of people turned @out to remember a family killed @in a house explosion. @jeff mather was killed along @with his wife cynthia along @with their two daughters. @it included church member, @close friends and close @community members. @the family dog was the only one @to make it out of the house. @he was there at the vigil. @witnesses said after the dog @came running out of the house, @they knew the family was home @when the explosion and the fire @worst. @>> what a horrible circumstance @that this was the only route
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@family had in store for them. @terrible. @just terrible. @>> the case has been ruled an @arson and is being investigated @as a possible murder/suicide. @ and we have some sad news @to report today. @the 9-year-old boy who was hit @by a car while riding a sled @passed away yesterday @afternoon. @drew hayden was injured tuesday @night. @police say the driver in the @incident will not face charges. @the family's released a @statement that reads in port, @he was a light in our lives and @he will forever be in our @hearts. @he was the kindest most loving @boy with imagination far beyond @what we can put into words @which made him the greatest @son. @and they thanked the community @for their love and support. @ and in other news, the man @accused of shooting and killed @canton police k-9 jethro went @before a judge yesterday. @his preliminary hearing has @been scheduled for friday. @he is behind bars this morning @on $5 million bond. @ police continue to @investigate a shooting that
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@night just after 10:00. @ems tells us a 15-year-old boy @was shot in the leg and taken @to children's hospital. @witnesses tell police the boy @and another male were shooting @at each other. @we're going to continue to @follow this story and bring you @updates on @ there's new video of what @cleveland police are calling an @assault on an rta bus driver. @it happened back on december @23rd. @police say a man tried to board @the bus without paying. @when the driver asked for the @fare, the man punched him and @attack him with a knife. @the driver was able to get the @knife away and call police. @the incident is under @investigation. @ a retired police officer is @charges. @jeffrey martin was indicted @friday on charges of race, @battery. @one woman accused him of @stalking and raping her but @detectives believe he may have @had more victims.
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@millions across the country @will take time to honor the @legacy of reverend dr. martin @luther king, jr. the cleveland @clinic kicked off celebrations @yesterday, hosting its 24th @day celebration. @king's longtime friend dr. @moss, jr. was the keynote @speaker and congresswoman fudge @received the lifetime service @award. @ the 57th annual progressive @insurance mid-america boat show @returns to the ix center today. @it's ohio's largest winter @boating event. @channel 3 has a look at what @the show has to offer. @and also previewing all of the @boats that we're going to go @out and buy and put on the lake @today because it's so calm. @>> reporter: exactly. @and it's so warm recently. @it would be amazing to get out @there on lake erie. @there's so many boats that are @filling the ix center but @there's also educational @exhibits and we are in one @right now with sarah orlando.
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@and why are you trying to @educate people? @and what's that opportunity at @>> sure. @absolutely. @this event gives us a fantastic @outlet to interact with the @public and provide information @about our research that we @issues. @we are here today providing @information on a whole range of @like erie issues that you will @see behind me here. @part of our role, i am with the @ohio sea grant program. @and we do outreach with the @public and inform people about @issues and things going on with @lake erie but we talk about the @wonderful assets that lake @erie provides, such as quality @drinking water and wonderful @sport fish population. @we have more sport fish in lake @erie than all the other great @lakes combined. @and then we also provide @education to the public on what @they can do to help so how you @can help protect our resources @and ensure that the resources
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@>> reporter: and one of the @issue, invasive species. @>> sure. @let's see if i can grab him @here. @this guy right here, oops, i @can grab him. @he is our round gobi. @he is called an aquatic @invasive species. @they don't belong in lake erie. @they belong overseas and they @cause harm to our native @species. @so they can consume small mouth @bass eggs. @so if you are a fisherman and @you fish for small mouth bass @which a lot of people do, they @cause harm to the animals. @so simple ways that people can @help, what we do is there's a @motto we go by, a national @campaign called stop aquatic @hitchhikers. @clean off any equip. @in the waterway, whether it's @boots, a boat trailer or a bait @bucket, drain all water from @either your boat, boots, every
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@then allow it to dry for five @reducing the spread. @so you can help and do your @part by keeping these guys out @of the great lakes by cleaning, @draining and drying all @equipment when you're in our @waterways. @>> reporter: thank you so much. @back to new the studio. @thank you so much. @ still ahead this morning, a @preview of tomorrow's @why hillary is falling in the @polls and how bernie could put @the pressure on that debate. @ and the detroit auto show @swings its doors open this @morning. @see some of the new vehicles
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@ @ in charleston this sunday, @it will be the democrats' turn
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@final time before votes are @cast in iowa. @nbc's lester holt will moderate @that debate. @and with hillary rodham clinton @suddenly in trouble as her poll @numbers drop against senator @bernie sanders, many are @expecting a real show down. @we get more. @in south carolina. @hillary rodham clinton and @bernie sanders set to take the @stage sunday in what promises @to be the most contentious @democratic debate yet. @>> senator sanders has been a @reliable vote for the gun @lobby. @>> secretary clinton voted for @the war in iraq. @>> reporter: it will be the @last time the candidates face @off before the critical iowa @caucuses with the race now in @an unexpected dead heat. @the latest des moines register @bloomberg poll shows clinton's @lead in iowa has narrowed to @two point, 42 to 40%. @on the tonight show, clinton @brush add side her lead. @>> this is not a job they give @away. @you really have to work hard @for it.
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@deja vu from 2008 when clinton @came in third behind political @upstart barack obama? @she argued she's evolved. @>> i have served as secretary @state. @>> reporter: bernie sanders @like to bam ma has energized @young ask independent voters. @>> let come out to vote. @>> reporter: with preparations @underway here in charleston, @the candidates are expected to @draw sharp battle lines over @gun, wall street and health @care. @clinton has been trying to gain @traction by slamming sander's @proposal for a medicare-for-all @government-run health care @plan. @>> senator sanders wants to @basically start all over again, @start a contentious debate. @>> reporter: sanders insists @that's not true. @>> what we are going to do is @move toward one system which @expands medicare to cover all @people. @>> reporter: a sleeper race now @a political thriller.
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@>> again, the debate will be @right here on channel 3 sunday @night beginning at 9:00 @followed by channel 3 news at @11:00. @ a cafe was attacked by al- @qaeda militants who seized an @upscale hotel just hours before @in the capitol. @this morning military forces @are working to free hostages @from the hotel. @so far, 33 people have been @freed. @and an al-qaeda affiliate @claimed responsibility for the @attack. @and they were behind an assault @on a hotel back in november. @ former saved by the bell @actor dustin diamond reported @to the jail in wisconsin @yesterday. @diamond turned himself in on @charges of disorderly conduct @and carrying a concealed @weapon. @he is set to serve four months @behind bars with work release. @the initial sentence was @scheduled to begin last summer @but the judge delayed it @pending his appeal. @ the detroit auto show opens @its doors to the public this @weekend. @it's one of the premier events
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@several new car models and @updates will be unvailed at the @show. @the auto industry had a record @year with 17.5 million vehicles @sold in 2015. @president barack obama will @also be checking it out. @he will be in detroit on @january 20th. @ just ahead, how a special @father and daughter are running @at disney world. @a phenomenal story you won't @want to miss. @ and now a check of the @forecast. @>> hi there. @well, it's bye-bye 40s, hello @30s. @temperatures will be on the @cooler side but not too bad. @most of us stay above freezing @for most of the day but @temperatures tumble overnight @tonight. @how low will we go and when we @will see accumulating snow in @the northeast ohio area. @i'll have all of those details @following right after the
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@seeing the possible and making @it happen. @a dad who is literally behind @his daughters every step of the @way and along with his wife by @example, they are the change @that they want to see. @here's their story. @go, court, go. @>> reporter: dan boil and 15- @year-old daughter courtney are @on a role. @>> we can do this. @>> reporter: more than 100- @miles of races under his feet @and her wheels. @ only one match @ but i can make an explosion @ @ this is my fight song @>> reporter: they set their @sights on the disney princess @glass slipper challenge, how @perfect, this is afterall dan @boil's little princess. @>> oh, absolutely. @this is her chariot. @>> reporter: but disney said no @pushing wheelchairs allowed. @>> that caught me by surprise @actually. @>> reporter: dad contacted @united states track and field @federation and asked them to @reconsider. @>> we got a phone call and it @was the director of the event
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@to invite you to take part. @-- event himself and he said, @we would love you to invite you @to take part. @>> reporter: the boils have @also adopted kevin. @>> we don't even have a house @at the time, just an apartment. @and you know, we don't have @$40,000, all of these @objections and finally dan said @it perfectly, he said none of @these are good enough to stand @before god and give some day. @and we said, okay, we will do @it. @>> he was a 9-year-old when he @got to us. @>> loves it now. @just his whole demeanor is @entirely different. @i think every kid deserves a @family and one on one care. @>> reporter: to that end, @princess courtney will be @sporting a helmet with a tiara @built right in because her dad @saw the possible and pushed for @change for the princess he has @pushed for more than 100 miles. @>> we got disney to say yes and @now we call courtney a @trailblazer.
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@important detail, when they get @to disney, they'll run for rena @to send medication and a @in el salvador. @>> now she's up right, smile, @happy and laughing and we go @videos on how she's doing. @>> an incredible testimony of @just what god has done in our @lives and what god continues to @do in their lives. @>> reporter: channel 3 news. @>> because of dan and courtney @and them paving the way, there @are three more wheelchair pairs @that have signed up and. @they are trying to shatter @their $5,000 goal when they run @for rena. @we have a link on our website, @you can go there to donate. @ we know you have a lot of @things you want to get done @today and we want to know when @we can squeeze them before @chillier temperatures. @>> yeah, chillier temperatures @and looks like the lake snow is @going to be significant for
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@afternoon and evening. @but for today, i think everyone @is going to fair pretty well. @we saw the light showers @overnight and started to quiet @down on the satellite and radar @view. @most of the moisture has moved @toward the east but another @band of moisture will come @through later on this @afternoon. @so we're keeping a possibility @for a few snow flurries in @today's forecast. @right now, getting ready to get @up and head out this morning, @probably have a few things you @need to accomplish today and @it's going to be on the chilly @side. @not too much because of the @temperatures. @we have dropped out of the 40s @and into the 30s overnight but @most of us stay above freezing @until sunset. @the factor today will be the @winds. @it's going the feel brisk. @the feels-like temperature is @going to knock things down. @our winds are mainly southwest @today. @and we will see them gusting @near 30, 40 miles per hour. @and the sustained winds too @helping to hold down the @temperatures. @here's what we will see hour-by- @hour into the afternoon, mainly @from the mid-30s to the lower
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@freezing until sunset. @and things change over from @rain to snow showers and snow @flurries late tonight and into @the overnight. @and as we set up some moisture @off the lake into your sunday @afternoon and evening, that's @when we can see a pretty good @chance at some lake-effect snow @bands. @the timing. @the 30s and dropping into the @20s by this evening and stay @mainly in 20s. @a couple teens overnight @colder than this. @and another chance for the lake @snow mainly tomorrow morning @and afternoon. @the bands moving on through. @we are not expecting any @significant accumulation for @today for much of the area. @so get out and get things done. @and it's tomorrow where we @north and west. @your weather nation seven-day @forecast does show a trend, a @cooling trend. @slip down into the 30s today @tomorrow. @and once we hit these teens
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@and the middle of the week, @it's going to be chilly toward @the end of the week. @our next best chance for snow @will come on saturday. @>> all right. @thank you. @ we have an exciting event @going on in downtown later @today. @winter fest 2016. @it is the sixth year of this @event. @joining me now is steve. @and steve, we were talking. @do you need snow for at the @vent? @>> not really. @there's a lot of things that go @on that don't require snow. @we do have a snow shoe kind of @demonstration and the ability @for kids to use them. @except for that, everything @else goes on as planned. @>> that's your thing. @>> yeah, we get the snow. @we are the snow capitol of @ohio. @>> tell me about winterfest and @what kind of events you have. @>> yeah, there's a lot of @things for kids and the family. @there's live ice sculpting, @snow shoe demonstrations, a @snow mobile democratic debate @demonstration and raffle, and @face stickers for kids in the
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@and all of this is free by the @way. @horse-drawn carriage rides @around the square and fire pits @to warm up. @and hot dogs for sale. @and at dusk, we have the grand @finale, the fire and ice. @a big ice tower filled with @wood and flames shoot up in the @center of it, like 20 feet in @the air, like 500 had folks @just for that alone. @>> i can imagine. @so the heritage house is new. @a lot of people are familiar @with the square. @where is the heritage house. @>> yeah, anybody familiar with @the square, it used to be the @old log cabin. @it was finally time. @its life was over. @and the new heritage house is @about four times the size, @brand new. @and this is the first bigger @strength use it so it's @exciting. @>> and -- first big event to @use it. @so it's exciting. @we're kicking off a raffle for @a brand new car donated by @preston kia.
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@memorial park and this is @acknowledging what happened in @2012 with the high school @shootings. @>> and you guys have such a @great community there. @everybody always comes together @and so supportive of one @another. @>> it's always a good event. @>> details. @what time does it start? @go until? @>> 2:00. @things off kick-off. @and then around dusk, 5:30, @5:45, we light the fire and ice @tower. @and then that goes out in about @an hour. @so about until 7:00. @2:00 to 7:00 today. @>> perfect for the family. @>> for everybody. @>> thank you so much. @we will send winter your way. @>> appreciate that. @yes, thank you. @again, kicks off at 2:00 today. @so make sure you check this @out. @ after -- check that out. @ after the break, see how @firefighters made an emotional @rescue after four houses were @set on fire yesterday. @ good morning. @>> reporter: good morning. @i'm living the life here. @sun in my face, wind through my @hair. @for a moment, i closed by eyes
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@erie in the summertime. @but being at the ix center will @do.
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@ @ welcome back. @thanks for being with us at @6:30. @just about 6:30 on this @saturday morning, january 16th, @2016. @if you're up early and headed @out the door early, you are @running into very spring-like @temperatures but that is all @going to change. @so we want to check in in the @weather center this morning. @good morning. @>> good morning. @it's been a good stretch the @last 48 hours but things are @turning. @the tide is shifting and @temperatures are dropping. @we have watched the mercury @drop into the 30s overnight and @we have watched our winds crank @up. @southwest winds today near 20 @miles per hour sustained and we @are seeing gusts close to 30 @miles per hour. @that will be the measure of the @day into the afternoon. @and these current temperature,
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@are feeling colder than that. @and as the day goes on, we will @bring in some more of that @cooler air. @here's a look at what is coming @in our direction. @those teens and single digits, @yes, that kind of air is @definitely moving its way @through so enjoy the remainder @of the -- i should say the @first half of the weekend where @we will be above freezing for @today but tomorrow, we slide @into the 20s. @i'll let you know how long the @cold grip is going to hold on @and what our best chances for @seeing some accumulating snow @in the coming weeks. @>> all right. @thank you so much. @ well the widening of i-275 @will close a major ramp this @week. @we prepare. @we have the details and the @detours. @>> reporter: hi there. @i hope you're having a great @weekend. @i know a number of you have an @extra day off this weekend but @i do want to prepare those of @you for a traffic alert that
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@no time like the present to @prepare. @ramp closures, i-271 southbound @exit ramp to 82 will close @nightly between monday and @thursday. @that's january 18th and january @21st, between the hours of 7:00 @p.m. @and 6:00 a.m. @this is due to noise wall @installation. @very simple detour to get @around this. @you're going to take 271 south @instead of getting off on 82, @get off at the 8 exit by the @mcdonald's and get off going to @the walmart. @take 8 to aurora road which is @82 so it will add about five @minutes to the commute. @and you can stay with @for updates. @back to you. @>> thank you. @ the popular ride sharing @app lyft has announced that @they are reducing fares in 33 @cities including cleveland. @they state it was to help @ensure the drivers are in high @demand. @it comes less than a week after
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@american cities. @ flames tore through four @homes. @firefighters say three of the @homes were occupied. @a family of four was able to @escape the other home unharmed @but their cat was still inside. @the day. @he was able to rescue the cat @family. @you can see the little girl's @tears there. @three of the homes were @completely destroyed. @ and some firefighters @rescued a dog trapped in a @ravine. @they got a call tuesday morning @about the dog that was stuck. @firefighters couldn't get down @because of the snow so they @used a rope system to lower one @firefighter to the bottom. @the dog was strapped in to the @harness and she and the @firefighter were hoisted to @safety. @officials were able to contact @the dog's owner and the two @were reunited a short time @later.
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@ening. @>> firefighters say they're @trained in rescue and they were @happy to help. @ last weekend, rvs filled @the ix center and this weekend @it's boats that pack the venue @for the 57th annual progressive @show. @all of the fun this year, that @means looking forward to warm @the boat. @so pick out a good one. @>> reporter: exactly. @to you. @boats here. @and like we said, they range in @price from the kayaks at a @couple hundred dollars to boats @that are a million dollars. @a lot of the things they show @off with the new technology @this year and also other @features like a joy stick now @that the boats steer with. @and here with me with way more @knowledge than i do about
6:28 am
@you said you've been involved @for 10 years now. @and how did people get so @excited? @>> well, there's a passion for @the water. @there's a passion for the @society that is created by @boating. @whether it's boat club, yacht @clubs or the destinations or @the activities they are @involved in, everything from @paddle boards to kayaks and @fishing boat, the family boats, @to destination boats that @people cruise on and live on, @we have such a great asset in @lake erie and the waters in the @state of ohio that provide us @the opportunity to get out. @when you come to the boat show, @you look around. @sometimes you feel like you're @in the bay or the south seas or @fish. @and we have an education @process, seminars going on, @both on fishing as well as how @to use the efficiencies of your @boat to applications that you @can put on your smart phones or
6:29 am
@>> reporter: and there are @three more days. @timing. @>> three day, open today at @11:00, we go until 9:00. @and tomorrow open at 11:00 and @go to 6:00. @and on monday, lake erie day, @we open at 11:00 until 5:00 @p.m. @>> reporter: and we were @talking about so many @interactive features as well @this year at the boat show and @one. @>> well, we do. @we have something exciting for @later on in the show where you @can get your feet wet. @and more than that probably @too. @leave it at that. @back to you in the studio. @>> that's what we call a tease @all right. @thanks, we will stay tuned for @that. @ still ahead this morning, @why new brown's coach hugh @jackson made the decision to @keep the current special teams @coach. @ and the cavs finish off the @road trip in houston last @night. @see if the team could rebound
6:30 am
@ hiker and good morning. @let's talk browns on this @saturday morning and talk about @the assistant coaching search. @hugh jackson has one of his @three coordinator positions @filled. @didn't have to look far, just @right inside the doors. @he is staying put. @jackson announced that he has @retained taber as the special @teams coordinator. @he has been with the browns @since 2011. @his special teams have been @strong. @this doesn't come as a huge @surprise really as guys tend to @deliver.
6:31 am
@decision. @>> reporter: the former colts @and stanford coordinator. @spent a lot of time with andrew @luck and he was fired by @indianapolis in november. @however he said he doesn't plan @on having an oc, he wants to @call the plays. @it's something that got him @this job. @ the former bengals @assistant being mentioned as a @candidate for offensive @coordinator. @he was the dolphin's dc until @2015, fired in the middle of @the season. @he has a history of jackson in @cincinnati. @ and don't forget, nfl play- @off, divisional match-up in the @nfc tonight right here on nbc @and channel 3. packers at the @cardinals, coverage starts at @7:30. @ basketball noting for last @night. @akron a loser at tolido. @and good news for the indians, @they'll not have an arbitration
6:32 am
@have a great weekend everybody. @>> all right. @thanks. @ the cavs were back in @action last night trying to @finish off an impressive road @trip against houston. @he picked up the loose ball and @finishing in transition right @there. @it was cavs all the way last @night sharing the ball and @playing hard nose defense @forcing 18 rocket turnover it @felt cavs win big in houston, @91-77. @irvine led the game with 23 @points. @lebron added 19. @the cavs finish the road trip @with a 5-1 record. @the cavs take on the warriors @next in a final's rematch on @monday. @ this weekend, one bargain @puts an end to all of those @exercise excuses. @>> reporter: great to be with @you this weekend. @if heading to the gym is one of @the last things you want to do @but one of the first things you @need, i have a way to make it @happen. @it's all thanks to a bargain i @tracked down this time last @week.
6:33 am
@what is this? @well, it's a gym in a bag. @a portable gym that brings all @of the top ways to stay fit and @lose weight into one ideal kit. @you get resistance, stronger @upper arms to abs and an @exercise guide that i asked a @local trainer to put to the @test. @>> being a personal trainer and @having clients on the go, maybe @can't get to the gym, prefer to @work out at home or office, @this is a perfect tool for @them. @they can pack it up in this @nice bag. @do a ton of different exercises @with it. @you can change the weight from @5 to 75 pounds so beginner or @more experienced, you can still @get a good workout in. @and it replaces any big gym @equipment that you need so you @don't have to spend a lot of @money on equipment. @this is nice and easying for. @>> reporter: i need that. @i also need something here. @and i feel like if i want to @make that happen, for under @$35, a great way to give it a @go. @and now if you're interested in @a full demonstration that does
6:34 am
@upper body in the test, got you @covered, @now keep in mind, none of these @are paid products, i never care @whether or not you buy it. @but if we can help your wallet @and waistline, it's a great @>> thank you. @ a new tv show featuring @lebron is in the works. @where it will take place and @screen. @weekend? @we have a preview of some of @the new flicks in the box @office. @ don't be fooled by the mild @feel outside right now. @temperatures have been sliding @into the 30s overnight. @we will hover around mid-30s @slip below freezing. @that means we will ramp up an @opportunity for some snow @chances later on this afternoon @and even through the weekend. @details ahead when we come
6:35 am
@ @back. @a "friends" reunion is finally @happening 12 years after the @show's finale. @this february. @honoring the director. @the show surged again in @popularity last year when it @netflix. @the two-hour episode will air @sunday, february 21st. @mark the calendar. @ a new tv show by lebron @james and his production @company is coming out this @summer. @cnbc announced that it's an @scripted series. @lebron and his partner will @find investors and mentors. @they'll be tasked with @revitalizing neighborhoods and @creating jobs in struggling @areas. @we will post more details when @we get them on
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@have you seen train wreck the @movie? @>> no. @>> you need to see it. @>> i have heard good and bad @reviews. @>> when the snow moves in over @the next couple day, one you @can rent and hunker down -- @>> yeah, and we will get the @opportunity. @when the temperatures tumble @into the teens, you don't want @to venture out if you don't @have to. @for those who have to get out @this morning, we've had a good @stretch. @40s yesterday. @30s today. @little bit of light rain @showers this morning but most @of that has moved toward the @west. @and we are ushering in some @cooler air. @you can see by our current @temperatures that most of us @are sitting at or above @freezing. @and that's going to change @after about 12:00 this @afternoon. @and into the evening hours. @many of us will slip into the @low 30s up ander 20s. @so be prepared for that if @you're out and about. @the other thing to contend with @today, the winds. @mainly out of the west and
6:37 am
@20 miles per hour sustained @winds, gusting to 30 and 40 @miles per hour. @you get the picture, that feels- @like temperature will make it @feel colder. @and speaker of colder, colder @air is coming through. @on the way of the cold front @swinging our way. @you can see on the front side, @warmer to the south in the @upper 40s and lower 50s. @and we are sitting fairly @comfortably in the mid- to @lower 30s but the cooler air is @headed our way in the next @couple days. @for your saturday, we're @talking about a few rain @showers this morning, most is @tapering off after the 9:00 @hour. @and we will keep it calm @through midday but falling @temperatures into the 20s by @sunset which means that any @moisture that comes through @this evening will be in the @form of some snow flurries but @not expecting any significant @accumulation. @and here's how we look over the @next several hours. @again, sliding down below @freezing, right about that @noontime hour. @and then late in the day as we @hit 20s, i think we will see
6:38 am
@across the northern and eastern @counties, more likely for the @lake-effect areas. @hour-by-hour, we're timing it @out. @noontime isn't too bad, clouds @around into the afternoon which @is when we will ramp up the @opportunities for . and then @overnight tonight -- @opportunities. @and then overnight tonight, the @banding gets heavier across the @lake zone. @and into the morning hour, snow @flurries off and on for all of @us into sunday. @not expecting too much @accumulation. @i say most of us under an inch, @some of us won't even see .50. @so the seven-day forecast looks @like this. @not too bad for today although @the temperatures are dropping. @i don't think you feel too @uncomfortable until tomorrow @with the 20s. @and then it will feel like @winder has reaffirmed its grip. @we will see the teens for @martin luther king day and @definitely into the beginning @of the regular work week.
6:39 am
@spring to winter and spring and @winter -- @>> we will get back again. @>> thanks. @ well some new movies are @hitting the the screens this @weekend. @here's a look at the box office @preview. @>> put me in. @i'm like half cop, half puma. @>> reporter: he takes his @talents to south beach in ride @along 2. the comedian is still @trying to earn the respect of @his brother-in-law so @volunteers to go undercover in @supplier. @ride along 2 is rated pg-13. @>> none of you have to go but @we are the only ones helping. @>> reporter: heroes come out of @the shadows in 13 hours, the @secret sold yes, sir of @benghazi. @it's based on the attacks at an @american compound in libya. @six soldiers voluntary @manslaughter volunteer in the @terrorists. @it's rated r. @>> why is he so rich? @>> reporter: nothing comes for @free in the benefactor.
6:40 am
@after her parents are killed @but his money comes with @strings attached and she and @her baby daddy are tired of @being puppets. @it is in theatres and on @demand. @a polar bear heads south for @the winter in norm of the @north. @ship loads of people are moving @to the arctic disrupting the @environment. @so he heads to the city to @convince humans to stay where @they are. @it's rated pg-13. @nbc news. @>> all right. @ we are going to be right @back with how you can get a @deal on amazon prime this @weekend.
6:41 am
@ @ if you have been thinking @about renting amazon prime, @it's going on the sale this @weekend. @the price for the annual @membership is dropping from @$100 to $73. @with amazon prime, you get free @two-day shipping and free @access to videos and music.
6:42 am
@amazon's two golden globe @awards for its series. @the deal ends late tomorrow @night. @so you have today and tomorrow @to sign up if you want it. @ all right, and it is going @to be a good week to hunker @down and maybe binge watch @something on amazon or netflix. @>> yeah, the dvr or streaming @online is going to be in your @plans into monday and tuesday @when temperatures dip down into @the teens. @we have an opportunity this @afternoon for a few flurries. @i don't think it's going to be @too big of a deal. @but tomorrow lake counties will @have the opportunity for lake @snow. @and that could be significant @into tomorrow afternoon and @into tuesday morning. @>> all right. @we will keep an eye on that. @and we are also going to take a @short break break and be back @at 8:30 after the "today" show. @and in the meantime, check out @thanks so much for being with @us with us.
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