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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  January 20, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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now on the campaign trail, could sarah palin get a shot at being vp again? >> her new family scandal as we hear from trump today. >> we need to be in it to win >> is she still talking? >> palin hits the road with the donald. >> the wild endors headlines a day after her son track's domestic violence arrest. was he wielding an assault rifle in sarah's home? >> my own son is going through ptsd. >> then jamie foxx breaks his silence about pulling a man from
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the victim's dad is and why jamie's rescue was more daring than we knew. >> climbed in, cut the seat belt. flames come in. >> also we're with jillian michaels, why she's revealing her once hidden home life with her two kid >> did you have any doubts in doing this? and peewee is back. over 30 years after his big adventure, his only interview about his new movie. >> the suit still fits, actually. after i dieted. >> now, in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight a lot going on tonight. we have news on celine dion as she mourns the loss of her husband and brother. we have exclusive new video of jada pinkettsmith. what's she saying now about the oscar controversy. that's all on the way. >> just when we thought the race for president couldn't get any more entertaining, enter sarah palin stumping for trump. >> these two larger than life characters are drawing extreme reaction from washington to
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donald trump got a major endorsement from none other than sarah palin. >> like i said yesterday in iowa, no more pussyfooting around. >> she agreed to endorse him and he agreed to let her shoot that fuzzy animal off of his head. >> sarah palin hit the campaign trail for trump today in oklahoma one day after her stunning endorsement. >> you ready for a comman chief who will let our warriors do their job and go kick isis' ass? >> the new york papers had two different takes. >> heads are spinning. media heads are spinning. >> the daily news slammed palin's endorsement with the headline, i'm with stupid. the post more kind with laid dy and the trum many wondering if she'll be his running mate. >> donald trump hasn't decided who he would like to put at the bottom of his ticket. right now he's just focused on winning the gop nomination. >> i guess it's kind of elephant in the room. >> and today palin addressed her family's latest controversy.
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what we're going through today with my son, a combat vet having served in a stryker brigade fighting for you all, america. >> sarah's 26-year-old son track posted bail after being arrested monday night. police say his girlfriend feared he would shoot himself with an assault rifle after allegedly hitting her during a drunken argument at palin's alaska home. >> my son, like so many others, they come back a bit different. they come back har >> palin and trump have so many supporters today, it made us wonder what role is celebrity playing in their success? >> celebrity definitely helps. we've seen a lot of the attacks against mr. trump pretty much fall flat because people already know who donald trump is and who he isn't. >> they have a charisma. they know what draws audiences. they know what draws attention. i guess i wouldn't be surprised if tina fey came back as sarah palin but the onus would be on the producers of "saturday night live" to actually get her because she's moved on.
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now than ever. please come back. trump's next stop will be in las vegas tomorrow. then he's going back to iowa for more rallies on saturday and sunday. no word yet on whether sarah palin will join him for those stops. >> sarah, please do. quite a combo. a duo, aren't they? >> we brought you the story of how jamie foxx rescued a man by pulling him out of a burning car. ht from jamie himself and it's even more dramatic than we thought. >> the way i found out about it, crash and i heard someone yelling. i get in my car and com and call 911.t here, the truck is over on its side and in flames. the guy, his car's turned over. the car is on fire. he was inside on pulls up. he has emt scissors. chips the window, clears the glass, i climb in. pair of emt
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victim free from the seat belt the security camera captures it all. the re to leave you. you got angels around you. you have angels around you. >> i kept watching it going my god, my god. have to do a thing. all tears of joy. >> yesterday jamie met with the father of the man he saved and open invitation for both to return to his house. >> god bless your son, god bless your famil >> i think we all hope that we the time is there, but the question is do we? do we act or do we fear our own lives, and he did not. he acteod kind of acting. >> i don't look at it as heroic. i just look at it like somebody ing. >> no matter how you slice it, it was a heroic act.
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lack of diversity in the academy awards. it was jada pinkett smith who overdrive. now. only we have j setting the record straight about the stand that she's controversy isn't really about the actors. ve to act together. >> jada explaining her headline-making facebook post. >> i will not be at the academy n't be watchin >> you ain't barack and michelle obama. and you all need to get over yourselves. ill's fresh prince co-star janet hubert posted a harsh's boycott. >> just because the world doesn't go the way you want it to go, doesn't mean you can stand up and say we should support you. >> i hoping that as americans we can find ways to get along. >> this morning spike lee who was on gma clarifying his oscar
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i've never used the word "boycot i'm not going, the wife's not they want to do. tyrese gibson is cal for oscar host down. the statement that you make is you step down. >> chris rock, he should stand down.erfect. >> katie kourk among those speaking out. >> what are your thoughts? n their hands. >> would you support a boycott is the question? >> i don't know. i don't know that that would be that effective. >> i want to go back to spike lee for a second.way to fix this situation is to give people of color inside the hollywood meetings where the decisions are made. matheson with new information about celine dion who suffered the loss of both her husband andjust days apart. >> almost unimaginable. celine
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i'll be there for the ceremony but friends and family will be paying their respects tomorrow. >> a seven-hour public wake for rene will be held here at a chapel of rest inside the grand cathedral.d will lie in state. like the funeral, the ceremony will be televised. good night angelwhile celine mourns, it i reportedly the couple's 15-year-old son rene charles who is his father's death the no doubt celine is getting support from family and friends as elton john sent well wishes from the stage.husband and her elder brother. she's a great and lovely, sweet lady.ow, we have more news about elton. it was just announced that he's collaborating with lady gaga on her new album. turn to tv. "the walking dead" is about
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hanging at the midseason break totally surrounded by walkers. you knew i had to go digging for answers.d should we be? >> we should be pretty worried eople and a lot of elements in the show. wes ahead. >> we still don't know if maggie's husband glen can save her from the walkers. lauren's new pixie cut also has mean you're leaving the show? is it going to be explained in the show? e time. >> your property now belongs to >> negan, in t "walking dead" comic, he's pure evil. coming up he'll be played by a good guy on "the good wife" and "grey's anatomy."
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we're very lucky. from the comic book days, he's the baddest of the bad. >> yeah,negan is pretty much as d. >> as if we couldn't be scared enough for lauren, there's th >> and this is our son. boy" lauren is th nanny to a boy you like being scared?eing scared. i'm afraid to watch them. i'm good at being in them. >> would you rather be chased es by the walking dead or be a nanny baby-sitter to a doll that comes to life?e sitting here talking about them. >> let it be known i'll fight zombies all day long to avoid that creepy little doll.ou. very creepy. nightmares. coming up, the big star giving e big guns? >> and why kendall jenner had to make this phone call to
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>> i am with tim mcgr how oprah helped him make his new music video. king babies with his new 27-year-old american idol bride? am. quick. >> that's ahead. closed captioning provided
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n received one of france's highest h
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arts and letters for spotlight.
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we can thank the brother of chris hemsworth for posting that.e guns on him right there. his biceps totally fill the shot. poked fun with the question, do you even lift, bro? three of the biggest male stars in country music aren't too hard on the eyes either. tim mcgraw, jason aldean and tt. boys that nobody else got. always stay humble inside ecial, we wanted the video to really have a meaning to it. >> humble and kind. single we were behind the scenes for debuts tomorrow on his facebook turns out he got a little help from oprah. >> i was running on the orning and i saw the police series of oprah that was coming on. and i saw a 30-second trailer.
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video to h made a few phone calls to a few friends. she agreed to let us use the footage for the video >> his music hitmaker. i could die >> that's thomas rhettall wet in his new video. he says he owes it all to the girl he met in the grade, . and that's lawyer fln the video. her in mind. and all the lyrics are about us relationship. >> the video was shot while the couple was on vacation in hawaii. ew york this summer as the live nation festival with this guy, jason aldean. insane >> the 38-year-old country mega star married former american and yeah, expect kids. >> she's a lot younger than i am.
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happen quick.nt to be the old dad. >> 38 is far from being old. here is the major music news. adele is now set to perform at month. and also performing on the grammys, which will be held monday, february 15th on cbs, town and the weeknd. coming up next, pee-wee herman hanging out with joe manganiello?'re talking to paul ru berk movie bringing them together. then jillian michaels a softy? what she's really like as a mom.
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the cocktails with khloe start flowing tonight with a >> i am pregnant. >> are you kidding?l in a top so revealing we can't show it you. but she pranks sister kim. but the reaction to kendall's it's all about her. >> today is not the day because because north was up all night and i was feeding him every two seconds. are you crying? >> yeah. >> kendall! aw. >> it's just part of khloe's new talk show that premieres tonight on fyi. when i visited the set, i found out anything goes. re game. >> what's your cocktail? >> i'm a champagne girl.girl or i can do a vodka tonic. >> i asked khloe if we'll see the debut of saint on her
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show isn't the best environment s really up to kim and kanye. how about this? guess who's back? paul reubens has had his ups and downs but he's ready for another big adventure. >> morning!out so good. i never feel like this. but it came out great. >> don't let the costume fool role on fox's "gotham." he the red bow tie and charcoal suit on the bighe first time since 1988. >> it's familiar. something i know. the suit still fits, actually, yeah. after i dieted.some pretty cool gadgetry in the movie. some things never change. remember the contraptions that pee used to just cook upakfast in "peewee's big adventure" all years ago? and the classic quotes. >> you're an idiot. e but what am i? >> the new one will be like that.
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quotable dialogue. >> in the movie a mysterious s peewee to take his first ever holiday. seems he's been cooped up for a while. >> traffic light. just like i've seen in national geographic. oe manganiello is in it riding a motorcycle with peewee. with side to side director's chairs. medy king judd apatow. >> judd apatow is the co-producer of it.ncredible experience. >> and this time it's on netflix. >> that's what's so amazing. they gave us an incredible budget.backwards to accommodate anything. >> it really is unbelievable how he hasn't aged.k in the original run of peewee's play house. that's him today at 63 years old. and by the way, aare still into peewee. he's got 3 1/2 million followers on social media. >> i'll follow him now to get
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following. millions have been inspired to get fit by jillian michaels. she's as tough as it gets whening a trainer. but she's showing a softer side in her new reality show which just debuted last night.up her kids to her love life. >> why is heidi the one? >> heidi is everything i'm not. if i had to b me. she's so sensitive that i have to be careful sometimes. what is wrong with you today?ckering with heidi, parenting their kids lou and phoenix and opening up about their life together. but they're still not sure ab marriage. is the current status of your relationship? >> right now, we're having an ongoing dialogue. that's what i'll say.y different backgrounds. and i think to a certain extent, right, that's what m with heidi for seven years. i mean -- is that something that you tried for a long time to
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h the adoption process, there's like 14 states in america right an adopt. and i always knew that i wanted to adopt but i didn't know exactly what path i was going to take.y personal life very private until i knew what was going to happen. >> i love you. t your chi heidi brought your and then a week later. r two years. we got matched with a child. the next day heidi came down and said, i'm pregnant. we ended up getting matched with lou.on was born, lou got her visa and they came home the same week for mother's day. >> as a teen jillian was she saw madonna's video "justify my love." >> i was homophobic. because i obviously didn't know that i was gay.isgusting and weird. when she did that, okay, that's not gross or disgusting. me to figure out
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>> you try this crap on. >> that same demanding drill ws up. but we're discovering a woman trying to balance it all. >> you either hate me or you're inspired by me.ty is if you hated me, oh, she's normal. she's not so bad. if you were inspired by me. oh, she's normal. this, i've worked out one on one before with jillian. i hated her at that moment that she was training me, but she is a great lady. in our et birthdays, whi clueless star said they're character. alicia silverstone, stacy dash or paul rudd?
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welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which clueless star said they're nothing like their on-screen character? >> i'm her. we both like shoes. >> that's stacey dash who turns 49 today. >> meanwhile, chelsea handler's does will begin streaming this saturday on netflix. but we have her here tomorrow. >> here's bye, everybod exclusive. chelsea handl no topic off limits. cosby, new> what are you doing here? >> candid on marriage, ki celebrity hook-ups and doing
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