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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  January 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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@ @ coming up on channel 3 news @today, an ohio state. @ and a woman is robbed @walking to a her @northeast ohio mall. @who police are looking for. @ and we are all in the mood @for baseball. @good morning. @>> exactly. at @the cleveland indian sports @annual tribe fest. @what's new plus, which players @will be is channel 3 morning @newscast is made possible by @universal windows direct. @you'll be saying i love my @windows, and now channel 3 news
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@with us on saturdayers january @30th. @-- saturday january 30th. @it feels a lot @we were talking baseball tribe @fest. @the tribe could have played @through the winter with these @temperatures. @we didn't need to take a @i'm maureen kyle. @and olga is here keeping an eye @on the weather for us and we @are in for a warm up today. @>> we are. @the toughest part of the day is morning. @we're in the 20s right now. @we have a few clouds around. @we'll see some sunshine as we @head into the e and radar looks calm @and quiet. @there's a bit of activity to @the north. @all of those snow showers are @going to stay well north of us @so we don't have to worry s we head into the @afternoon. @what we will see, though, is a @pretty brisk wind and very cold @you may not need the hat but @probably will want the gloves @with temperatures in the 20s. @we are feeling colder than @that.
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@that's going to pull in warmer, it means that @your weather planner is looking @pretty good. @in fact, as we get rid of the @clouds, we're going to have @more of a warm up into the @rain is featured in our 7-day @forecast. @however, today's highs are @looking pretty good. @most of us will hit the @we're flirt with the 50-degree @mark today. @>> thank you so much. @we'll be checking back in with @you. @ and i want to tell her, @hey, sweety, i just got 27% of @the my district. @>> the only person who's able @to call me sweety is this man @right here. @>> a watched political race is @suddenly in the spotlight after senator tom @patton made comments about the @young mother running against @him for a spot in the ohio @house. @his opponent is upset by the @comments but grateful ntion. @>> reporter: jennifer herald is @a long shot political rookie
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@>> i was offended. @>> reporter: when he told a @local radio station saying she @may not be able to be in thhouse. @>> the gal running against me @is a 30-year-old mom, mother of @two, and i don't know if anyone @explained to her you have to @spend three nights a week in us. @>> herald admits she has a @couple rambunctious kids but @knows what she can handle. @>> i think the comments and @narrative is bigger than my this is about women in general, @women in politics. @working moms. @why are we still talking about @these comments in 2016. @>> i don't feel like anyone a comment @regarding what our family @decides and that's something @that, i mean, we took a lot of @time >> reporter: patton, a widower @who raised five daughters @wouldn't speak with us
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@i used a poor choice of words. @i sincerely apologize if my @words were misplaced. @>> to discredit me based on me, t the people decide @that's what this is act. @this is about running the @campaign. @he has been in the political @arena longer than i have, and i @would not have expemarks to come out of his @mouth. @>> reporter: this has made @national news and the social @media comments are @trisha says it's her business @and that men do it. @the senator has a valid point, @he thinks there is nothing more ring for your @children. @tina says the decision is @between her and her family. @and norma says she can run s, there are many @working moms that travel @because of their jobs. @comment on this story posted on @our facebook page.
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@don't expect this race to cause @patton the race. @ police in north olmstead two men they @say robbed a woman at gunpoint. @happened wednesday night @outside great northern mall. @the woman said two men with a robbed her as she was @walking out. @they took off in a silver or @gray vehicle, possibly a ford @focus. @they used her credit cards atin cleveland. @if you have any information @call north olmstead police. @ police in athens are @looking for a man connected to @this is a sketch of the man @believed to be the suspect from @a rape in say dna evidence links @the man to all three cases. @>> we will have find him. @we have the dna. @you can't run from dna we will find him. @it's just a matter of time. @>> the rapes and sexual
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@female walked home alone from ea early in the @morning. @ a public corruption figure @and a friend of cuyahoga county @prosecutor tim mcginty has a est pending before @governor kasich. @the investigator tom meyer says @mcginty's rival is taking aim @on the pardon issue and @mcginty's campaign donations. @>> reporter: former clerk of @court benny benano is asking @governor kasich to wipe his @record clean. @the request has been sitting on @kasich's desk since 2013. @>> in the three years since @that pardon was requested, @prosecutor mcginty has done @nothing to respond to it. @o'malley says his opponent has @been oddly silent about the
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@in donations from banan a's @boss have something to do with @it. @>> did the $90,000 buy silence. @>> reporter: mcginty says he @has never received a letter @from the governor about his @friend's pardon request. @he says he would have stepped @aside and have a special @prosecutor come in. @>> i have never written a @letter. @>> how do you feel about it? @>> i don't know what yow @talking about. @>> the fact that they didn't @officially send him a @notification if that's in fact @the case but he knows about it @is a feeble excuse for not @responding. @>> reporter: o'malley is @calling for limits on campaign @contributions following our @story last night. @mcginty received donations @donor in 2012. @>> it's an amount unheard of in @local politics.
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@apologies from businessman @robert cantor. @he called him a good friend who @hasn't asked for anything in @return. @>> he's helping me because he @believes in me. @he believes in the system i'm @trying to put in, the criminal @justice system. @>> reporter: o'malley is asking @county council to limit @individual contributions to @$2500. @i'm the investigator, tom @meyer. @>> mcginty said he has followed @all of the rules in all of his @do so. @ it's time to start thinking @about baseball. @can you believe it it. @65 days until opening day, and @the cleveland indians tribe @fest is today. @it's also in a different @location. @channel 3 news' alyssa raymond @joins us from the east bank of @the flats, the new home o. -- @of the tribe fest.
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@more than 3000 people told, and @joining me this morning is the @cleveland indian senior @director of communication @curtis. @what is the set up in this @lobby. @>> all the renovations are @happening at the field, so @we're taking over the loft @hotel and we're going to make @it a lot of fun for our fans. @in here, a lot of merchandise, @different vendors, season @tickets, talk to our reps as @well as some live broadcasts. @down the hallway in the loft @lobby, we're going to have a @lot of anyone stage activities @-- main stage activities. @mascots run everywhere, face @painters and a whole area of @autographs. @>> which players will be here @this year. @>> we have 20 players in town, @almost the entire roster, sandy @alme, corey snider, we're @looking forward to a fun day. @>> reporter: wonderful, and we
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@event is sold out, but what's @available for an autograph @session. @>> once people that do have @tickets come here, they do have @the ability, we have @autographed session ticket it @is available, signing @autographs all day long. @9 to 2, 2 to 7. if you have @tickets and haven't purchased @tickets we have some available. @>> happy birthday by the way. @>> reporter: thank you so much, @curtis. @and i guess more than 3000 @people will help me celebrate @today. @back to you in the studio. @>> little did you know, that @curtis was throwing this on @your birthday. @happy birthday alyssa. @>> a big party for me. @>> that means spring is ahead. @65 days. @>> we'll be checking with you @thanks alyssa. @ with the iowa caucuses @rapidly approaching, are the @gop candidates con seeding to
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@the state's nomination. @ two inmates still missing @prison. @we have an update of where the
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@ @. @ welcome back, it's shaping @up to be a fight to the finish @on the republican side with @donald trump declaring victory @thursday's detective. @halley jackson has details. @>> reporter: to front runner @donald trump, the only numbers @that matter here are his own @poll. @>> i think we're going to do @really well in iowa. @in new hampshire. @>> ted cruz is an anchor baby @in canada. @>> just laughter is what what
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@>> reporter: his campaign @serious about turning out @caucus goers. @on the trail, cruz working to @dismiss headlines about his @rough night at the gop debate. @>> my focus is on talking to @the voters directly. @>> reporter: cruz shrugging off @criticism. @>> i didn't want to be here you @have to be hops, but you have @to stick up for your rights. @>> reporter: still mad at @moderator megyn kelly, trump 3 @miles from center stage was the @center of attention early on. @>> everyone on this stage is @stupid, fats and ugly and ben @you're a terrible surgeon. @now that we've gotten the @donald trump portion out of the @way. @>> reporter: it's trump who for @now looks smart for skipping @out. @when ted cruz took that stage @last night without standing in
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@really did not rise to the @occasion. @>> while jeb bushmented praise @for seeming solid. @>> this election is not about @our pedigree. @this is about people who are @hurting. @>> reporter: so did marco @rubio, in iowa, hoping for a @strong third but positioning to @move into second. @>> don't let friends vote for @trump. @ days before the iowa @caucuses, the hillary clinton @campaign finds itself back @under the cloud of e-mail @controversy. @22 e-mails found on hillary @clinton's personal e-mail @conserver contained government @information which fell under @the highest level of @classification, however those @documents were not marked @classified at the time they @were sent. @ police continue to search @for two inmates who escaped @from a southern california jail @last week. @officers continue the search @for jonathan tieu and hossein @nayeri on friday. @other officers including police
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@out of a hotel room. @the two escaped the maximum @security prison by using a @makeshift rope to jump from the @roof of the facility. @the third escaped inmate turned @himself in on friday morning. @ just ahead we're going to @catch you up on headlines you @might have missed during the @workweek. @here's olga with a check of the @weekend forecast. @>> i'm happy to be track ago @weekend warm up. @we have clouds this morning, @and chilly temperatures. @that is going to change in a @big way. @watch for us to push through @the 40s today. @we could see 50th for tomorrow. @iwill have the full extended
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@ @ listen to this. @this is getting me going at
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@do you want wine with your girl @scout cookies, the vino allows @users to photograph wine photos @and give reviews. @now you can compare girl scout @cookies with your win. @the app says thin mints goes @great with brucello. @there you go, next fancy happy @hour party that you throw, put @out a tray of girl scout @cookies. @hey, it makes the perfect @dessert, doesn't it. @>> right. @sounds right up my alley. @so does this weather. @i'm excited for today. @>> yeah, i mean, we are in the @last two days of january, and @we are seeing perhaps the @warmest temperatures of the @month for the last two days. @we're calm and quiet this @morning. @it's a very chilly start. @you definitely want to have a @coat with you when you step out @this morning. @later on this afternoon, i @think you're going to find it @to be a comfortable day shaping @up.
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@all of the clouds are going to @be moving out through midday. @we'll get a good dose of midday @sunshine. @couple the sunshine with the @southerly winds coming in, @pulling in all of that moist, @warmer air, and we've got a @recipe for a much warmer day. @again we are in the 20s right @now. @there is a bit of a slight @windchill, but be prepared, we @are warming up this weekend. @not only will we move out the @morning clouds, we're also @going to see a good dose of @sunshine later on today, and @we're going to sustain some @warmer temperatures through the @weekend. @it does mean when the clouds @move in tonight, we could see @rain early morning hours. @it's not going to washout out @for your sunday plans but @you'll be carrying the umbrella @for tomorrow. @this morning we're starting out @in the 30s for most apply mid- @morning with a lot of cloud @cover. @by noontime, though, i think @we're going to see enough @sunshine to pull us into those @lower and mid-40s by late @afternoon. @in fact, some of us will get @very close to the 50-degree @mark for today.
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@chance of hitting 54 tomorrow. @let me take you hour hour by @hour. @your evening plans are going to @be just fine. @things are going to be looking @good into the overnight. @a few scattered clouds will be @overcast early tomorrow @morning. @look at these morning lows in @the 40s to start out on sunday. @not too bad for your sunday @services and other plans you @may have. @by the time we get to tomorrow @evening, we hold off on rain @chances until after sunset. @round about 6:00, 7:00, we'll @start to see showers begin to @develop across the western @zone. @it will be steady at times, @we'll have the opportunity for @rain off and on overnight into @monday. @here's how we shape up. @temperatures going to be on the @rise. @and your window nation 7-day @forecast does show once we grab @onto the warmth, we're going to @keep it for a few days. @midweek, late week, and friday
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@with the next front coming @through. @and behind that front, we cool @it back down. @let's enjoy the 5-day stretch. @>> i feel there's a little bit @of something in the winter. @>> we'll see what the ground @hog says on tuesday. @>> always interesting. @thanks olga. @we want to get you caught up on @any headlines you may have @missed. @here's your weekend review. @>> never in the history of @cleveland has there been the @distance time or police @involved. @>> that's the wild 60 plus car @chase that ended in a barrage @of shots, killing unarmed @suspects. @>> six officers fired and six @more disciplined. @>> there's fear, transparent,. @>> it's absolutely politically @motivated. @it's insane.
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@of this whole thing, mike @mcgraph, the then police chief @gets promoted to safety @director. @marty flask, then safety @director gets promoted to @whatever the hell he's doing in @the mayor's office. @>> the woman accused in a hit @skip has turned herself in. @the 24-year-old woman struck a @31-year-old turning on fulton @avenue from clark road. @she pulled into a nearby gas @station and watched the after @math before driving off. @>> reporter: for the first @time, former brimfield police @chief david oliver came face to @face with the woman he was @charged with sexually @harrising, officer crystal. @>> he turned around and glared @at me. @even now he attempts to @intimidate me. @me. @i have never seen everything @like it. @>> the boston globe well read @in the key state of new @hampshire endorses john kasich.
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@hoping for more face time in @thursday's debate. @donald trump will be a no show @because he thinks moderator @megyn kelly is unfair. @>> trump has criticized fox @news in the past, and called @out kelly who says she's a @third rate reporter who's bad @at her job. @>> clashing with peter @alexander saying he misquoted @trump. @the disguises of johnny @manziel, there it stands and @you thought billy manziel was @offensive. @the last channel, whether you @want to see it or not, a @charricture with the male @anatomy. @ we are taking it one day at @a time, we don't know what to @do. @>> everything should be okay. @as long as they continue @testing. @ dc police got in the snow @spirit by blasting the frozen @sound track on city streets.
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@over the weekend. @ as the east coast was @getting hammered by the @blizzard, some people took time @to have fun. @this is video of a t rex @shoveling snow has gone viral. @ what a fantastic night at @the renaissance, our own jim @donovan received the lifetime @achievement award. @well done. @ we are live at tribe fest @all morning. @let's check in with alyssa. @>> reporter: good morning, @we're previewing tribe fest, @and coming up this morning, @they're releasing the promotion @schedule for this year coming @up after the break. @we're going to give you a @preview about what this year's
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@ @ there's a live look over @downtown cleveland. @we are warming up today. @a lot of stuff happening around @town.
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@we are just 65 days away from @the beginning of baseball @season. @can you believe it. @with these temperatures, it @might actually feel that way. @let's check with olga keeping @an eye on a spring like @forecast. @>> it's definitely feeling like @spring this weekend. @not just yet. @we have a couple of hours to @go. @we are very close to pulling in @that really warm air. @satellite and radar looks good @so far. @all of the snow showers are @staying well to our north. @but these temperatures @definitely on the chilly side. @we're sitting in the 20s right @now. @just made 30 degrees this hour @downtown, and our winds out of @the south. @that's pulling in some moisture @and definitely going to keep us @on the mild side. @get set, the weekend is warming @up. @clouds this morning, sunshine @through the day, and i'm @tracking changes that are @bringing rain before this @weekend is out. @ thank you so much. @we now have official @confirmation of what's next in
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@beechwood nurse murdered @ago. @has the details. @>> reporter: march 24th, 2013, @downtown cleveland about @5:30:00 p.m., broad daylight, @53-year-old alicia sherman, a @mother of 4, stabbed eleven @times at east 12th and @hamilton, outside the office of @moore. @what's bad? @>> there's a lady who was just @attacked and she has blood @everywhere. @>> reporter: almost three years @later. @>> there's somebody walking @around that murdered her and @justice needs to be served. @>> reporter: jen lash, one of @alicia's closest friends, and @one of the constants at the @many justices for alicia's @rally. @a couple months after her @murder they raised a $25,000 @reward for information leading @to an arrest. @still nothing. @april 24th, 2014. @a year and a month to the day
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@the fbi spend hours searching @greg moore's office where @sherman was to meet him that @day she was murdered. @now, january 2016, a break in @the case. @a grand jury indicts moore for @lying to police, among other @things in 16 mostly felony @charges. @texts from moore to sherman @before and after her murder @indicated he was in his office, @but the indictment says phone @wasn't. @and that he lied to detectives @about where he was. @with me. @>> reporter: particular lash @was one of the last to speak @with sherman just before she @was murdered. @>> she said the time had been @changed a few times. @why didn't she see him that @day? @she had a court date in a @couple of days. @they were getting ready for. @>> reporter: are you convinced @it was moore. @>> i believe so. @i believe there's going to be
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@deserves and for her family and @her friends. @>> reporter: i'm dawn kendrick, @channel 3 news. @ coming here two years ago @with the statue was so special. @i look for it to be the same @with that, but now you get to @share it with guys, with @albert, who i played with and @have the utmost respect for mr. @robinson. @i mean, he's a hall of famer, @so very very cool. @very very honored. @>> that's one of cleveland's @favorites, jim thome is one of @four that will be inducted into @the indian's hall of fame. @the rest of the class are @albert bell, charlie jamison, @frank robertson. @ the cleveland indian's @tribe fest is today but because @of construction at the @ballpark, this event is held at @the aloft hotel. @that's where we find alyssa @raymond. @are you officially the first @one there to party? @>> reporter: i am officially
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@we're in the loft hotel lobby @now, and they have an @autographed session here for @alumni. @this year they're also doing a @little celebrity bar tending at @the lobby bar, and here with me @is senior director of @communications for the indian, @curtis danberg. @you know the details, give them @to me. @>> we had to move from the @ballpark to the loft hotel, so @we're utilizing every space, @and this is going to be one of @the main areas. @a main activation area, and you @can get the state of the tribe, @players up there doing fun @minute to win it type games. @and know thy teammate day. @it's going to be a lot of fun. @>> reporter: what alumni today. @>> corey snider and ellis @burkes all here today to meet @and greet with the fans. @>> reporter: and in the tease @right before we went into @break, we let people know that @you're releasing your promotion @schedule today. @can you give us a little sneak
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@>> in a couple hours we'll be @announcing sugar dale dollar @dogs, two rocking blasts, six @jersey give aways, three @bobbleheads. @we're even do a bp pullover @jersey on july 4th, kind of @what terry francona wears in @the dugout. @a vast professional schedule @for -- promotional schedule for @our fans. @>> reporter: 65 days and they @are expecting more than 3000 @people to show up at tribe @fest. @back to you in the studio. @>> i'm ready for baseball @season. @>> and the weather, ready for @it. @>> thanks alyssa. @ still ahead this morning, @cabs in the motor city and a @big night for the big three, @full highlights ahead in your
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@morning, as we get set for the @big one at the q tonight, let's @go back to last night. @one of the best wins of the @season for the cavs in detroit, @getting revenge for a november @loss there and the third @straight victimly. @the big three -- victory. @the big three combined for 77 @points. @key referee kyrie irving, and @kevin love, five out of 7 from @three. @cavs up by ten. @holding each over accountable. @lebron didn't like how thompson @played defense and let him know @about it. @cavs build that lead to 20. @love, game high 29 points, as @he hits again. @to lebron, he became the 17 @17th player in nba history to @reach 26,000 appointments, the @youngest to do so. @happened on a free throw. @lebron 20 points, 9 boards, 8 @assists. @here comes irving, he gets the @steal at one end and seals the
5:33 am
@he had 28. @11 and 19 shooting. @cavs win 114-106 and 33 and 12. @we get set for the show down @tonight at the q. cavs and @spurs. @i say it's time for our @statement. @cavs are 0-3 against the spurs @and warriors combined, and san @antonio comes in with two days @rest. @big weekend for the tribe. @they announced their 2016 hall @of fame class yesterday, and @tribe fest is today, but let's @talk about michael brantley. @we caught up with the @outfielder yesterday evening. @he's excited about where he's @at after surgery on his right @shoulder in november, due to @the injury suffered on that @play in minnesota last @december. @brantley feels great and would @love to be back on opening day. @>> get back as soon as @possible, out there with my
5:34 am
@clearance from the doctors and @medical staff, and i'm going to @do whatever it takes to push on @and get back with my @teammatings. @i have a great routine i'm @going through, and i'll be @ready to go. @>> don't forget sports tonight, @tomorrow night, paul hoins from to talk drive. @i'm dave chudowsky, have a @great weekend everybody. @ just ahead, it's that fun @time of year again. @we're talking tax season. @we have tips to help you avoid @return fraud and how the irs is @working on the issue. @now, he's olga with a check of @the forecast. @ we have a treat in store @this weekend. @temperatures are on the rise, @and yes, i'm tracking some @changes. @they're not really going to @lead to warmer temperatures as @we head into this afternoon, @but also i'm tracking a little @rain on the way. @i'll let you know how the end
5:35 am
@ @ welcome back, students at @east community learning center @got a huge surprise yesterday. @they thought they were @attending an ordinary assembly, @but that's when the lebron @james family foundation @surprised the men and women's @varsity building times with @brand new nike uniforms. @the foundation says it was @rewarding the teams for their @outstanding sportsmanship. @very cool. @congratulations to them. @ and it's the type of @weekend i'm sure when you pass @those community parks you're @going to see people out playing @building, and maybe en-- @basketball, and maybe enjoying @the spring like weather. @>> they might try to get on a @couple golf courses. @>> i believe it. @>> it's very nice. @minus the rain on the way. @the warmer temperatures are @something to get excited about. @the morning temperatures, well, @a little bit on the chilly @side. @winter lovers, we included a @little for you in this 7-day @forecast. @we're starting off with partly @cloudy skies this morning. @but we're going to get a pretty @big dose of sunshine later on
5:36 am
@the temperature department. @right now, quiet for our @satellite and radar view. @most of the moisture moving on. @from the south. @that's going to pull in warmer, @moister air, and help us bump @up temperatures later on today. @right thousand, we are sitting @in the 20s. @be prepared as you step on out. @it's going to feel cooler than @this morning. @winds will die back, and warm @we progress. @the clouds will push off. @the temperatures will warm up @and we will pull in more @moisture tomorrow. @it could be a bit of a rainy @day for your sunday. @right now, though, be prepared @for 30s as you step out during @the 9:00 hour. @we'll feature sunshine mainly @through midday, and variable @cloudiness later on this @afternoon. @i think most of us will hit the @45-degree mark by late day. @some of us will flirt by 50 @degrees before the day is out. @let me take you hour by hour @with your future view forecast. @as we pull it into about the
5:37 am
@those middle range 40s this @evening. @mainly clear skies until the @overnight. @we'll build back the clouds in @the early morning hours. @i think the moisture is going @to hold off for the short-term. @you'll get up, get out, and get @a few things done on your @sunday morning. @shouldn't impact you too much, @but midday into early @afternoon, we'll start to see a @few sprinkles and light rain @showers, and definitely when we @get to that 6:00 hour, we'll @start to pull in some of the @steadier rain through the @overnight period. @the good news is it moves on @out. @i think your commute on monday @morning is going to be okay. @here's what you need to know to @get you through today. @be prepared for chilly @temperatures, and the sunshine @as well. @you might want to take the @sunglasses with you. @you'll definitely get a work @out into the afternoon. @the window nation, 7-day @forecast keeps us in the 40s @for today. @we'll push toward that 50- @degree mark on our sunday. @we'll come very close, and also @factor in rain as well. @by the time we get to monday, @back to work and school, it's @not too bad. @we will see mainly milder @temperatures, but in toward the
5:38 am
@next front moves on through, @temperatures take a tumble. @by the time we get to the @wednesday forecast, we're back @down into the 30s even though @chilly 20s for overnight. @>> you know, it's hard to @remember, but usually by this @time but at least in february, @we have negative degrees. @i mean, we're usually in the @negatives. @>> you're right. @overnight lows should be about @19 degrees, and hey, we could @factor in a 30 or 40. @>> we're pretty lucky. @ it's that time of year, @time to think about your taxes. @universal you're -- @unfortunately you're not the @only one who wants your money. @bob hanson has a warning. @>> reporter: the only @excitement about doing your @taxes is the possibility of @getting money back from the irs @but these days, tax thieves are @trying to get your refund @before you do. @>> someone other than you filed @a tax refund using your @information and then ask @seconds with that money.
5:39 am
@>> in many cases, all your @thief needs is a name, @birthday, and social security @number. @and they can friend to be you. @>> they don't need to know @where you work or live or any @of those other details. @>> identity theft resource @centers eva via last questions @velazquez. @>> the thief would get in @first, the legitimate taxpayer @would try to file their tacks @and be told that's already been @filed. @>> reporter: if the bad guys @get your tax refund, you will @eventually get your money, but @it will take some time. @>> we have heard from people @who have had it resolved as @early as three months, we have @heard from some folks who it's @been over a year. @>> reporter: what can you do to @stop it? @your best bet is to file your @refund early before the bad @guys can file using your name @and information. @>> our number one tip is file @first and beat the crooks. @>> yous want to make sure you
5:40 am
@will protect your personal @information. @the irs is working on the @problem, but getting a jump on @your refund is still critical. @>> one bank is beginning to @cardless. @find out which bank is offering @this new technology and when @place.
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@ @ welcome back, jp morgan @chase is rolling out new atms @that don't require a debit or @credit card. @the atms are allowing you to @use a smart phone app to make @deposits and withdrawals. @they tripled the withdrawal @limit to $3000. @they also dispense, 1 dollar, 5- @dollar, 20-dollar, and 100- @dollar bills. @the new machines will be rolled @out later this year.
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@for picture quality you never @see on your tv. @saturday. @what day is it, we have tech @tuesday on the prompter. @this. @more. @>> great to be with you this @weekend as we count down to @that big game. @a way to finally make your big @screen tv a whole lot more @enjoyable. @if you have a 4k tv, there is a @chance that what you're seeing @is not 4k. @that's due to the scaler @inside. @a lot of the bigger brand tvs @use cheap scalers which bring @you lousy picture, lousy audio, @and not the 4k you paid for. @take a look at the difference @between what you're likely @seeing and what you could be @seeing. @not on my watch, though. @my favorite kit will upgrade @your video and picture, and @improve your audio and @streaming, all thanks to this @easy to use and install kit.
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@on sale for $130. @i found it for 80 with quick @free shipping. @let's head over to my condo for @a look at the difference. @scaler. @you can see it's pixelated a @little bit. @and blown up, not a hundred @percent perfect. @using the sailer, look at -- @scaler, look at the quality, so @much more definition. @absolutely awesome. @again, no scaler. @this is video with the scaler, @perfect definition, 4k, you can @see every blemish and @imperfection. @>> and speaking of blemishes @and imperfections, i have you @covered, if you want to take a @look at this kit, which will @get it done, under 80 bucks. @great if you have a 4k tv, and @you have that capability,, back to you. @ thank you so much. @after the break, an armed @robbery at a local mall, find
5:45 am
@any leads on the suspect. @ good morning, alyssa. @>> good morning, this morning @we are previewing tribe fest. @we're going to take you to the @autograph room where players @will be later this afternoon, @and check it out.
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