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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  February 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @ on the democratic side, a @race so close the winner wasn't @declared until early this @morning. @>> i want to tell you @something. @>> plus what donald trump is @saying about his loss and a @look how the candidates are @looking forward to next week's @vote. @coming up. @ first, hollie is tracking @our weather on this groundhog
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@ i know, forget what the @furry critter says, we have an @early spring expected today, @mid-20s as you are waking up. @but, you know if you can maybe @layer it up, do a sweatshirt @with a heavier coat over that, @a sweatshirt will be just fine @for later on today as we are @planning on 40s at noon time. @already 10 degrees above @normal. @so tracking a storm system @which has quite the punch to @pack, once it gets here, it's @really pretty quiet now, winds @are still lying, as the storm @gets closer to us we are going @to notice the winds pick up and @the rains will move in, i will @let i know exactly when that @happens, we'll have an impact @on your evening drive, i will @let you know, let's take a look @at your morning commute. @ good morning, hollie and @good morning to all of you, we @are green to the north, no @accidents or major delays, no @accidents means 71 south bound @accident at west is 140th @street has cleared out so that
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@but we are good to go op the @highways there. @we are also good to go to the @south so no problems for you @there. @if you are leaving the house @within the next few minutes @make sure you tune your radio @dial to tam total traffic @they'll have updates for you @every 10 minutes, lynna. @ some big surprises in last @night's iowa caucuses, within @the last couple of hours nbc @news declared hillary clinton @the winner after a tight race @with bernie sanders. @on the republican side ted cruz @walked away with the win. @the candidate people are @talking about is marco rubio, @voters broke records. @>> it was a record turnout by @republican voters, four in ten @iowans say they were caucusing @for the first time, state's @christian conservatives helping @ted cruz win, cruz took nearly @28% of the vote followed by @donald trump and then marco @rubio who fell one point below
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@and the numbers are @historically close on the @democratic side, .5 point @celebrate hillary clinton and @bernie sanders. @two candidates dropped out @including democratic martin @o'malley and republican mike @huckabee, all eyes turn to new @hampshire which holds its @primary one week from today, @and of course we are following @all of it. @john and lynna back to you. @ meanwhile new hampshire is @a major break state for ohio @governor john kasich, his @campaign for the white house @>> senior political @correspondent tom baracy will @sit down with the governor @today, he has his report where @governor kasich held a town @hall meeting last night. @>> well, good morning. @governor john kasich did not do @that well at iowa and frankly @did he not expect to. @he spent monday all in and
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@kasich hosting three more town @hall meetings number 87, 88 and @89. @trying to connect with new @hampshire's pragmatic and late @deciding voters. @the primary is next tuesday, @another new poll showing him in @a solid second place, trailing @just donald trump. @but, he is in a cluster of main @stream candidate the, jeb bush, @chryst christie, marco rubio, @kasich is trailing most of his @rivals, he will need a lift @from next to you's primary to @keep going. @>> we will be shadowing john @kasich later on today, i will @have a one on one interview @with him, more coverage tonight @on channel 3 news, tom baracy @channel 3 news. @ back here at home cleveland @police investigating two @overnight accidents, crash on i- @71 south caused by a wrong way @driver. @it happened under the west @140th street overpass.
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@lanes of 71 were shut down for @sometime. @but as danny has been following @they are now open. @ another two car crash in @front of shore way, you can see @one of the cars flipped on to @its roof, we done have many @details about the crash but we @do know that two people were @taken to metro health medical @center. @ a mystery in mansfield, a @nationwide search is now under @way for two people who may be @linked to the disappearance of @their neighbor, patsy hudson @hadn't been seen since july @after fighting with her @neighbors over her cats. @now police want to find walter @renz and his girlfriend cara @who were seen moving out that @same day. @police found hudson's debit @card was used to pay for a cell @phone bill and hudson doesn't @have a cell phone. @ now to stark county after @everyone is back in their homes
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@brewster, the fire chief says @liquified gas on the train @caught fire but at no point was @the public in any immediate @danger much the environmental @protection agency is evaluating @any long term impacts of that @derailment. @ retired ohio police officer @will get to keep his k-9 @partner, matt hickee retired @last week, he could not keep @his police dog. @ajax since the dog is @considered city property. @ajax was set to be auctioned @off with hickee only able to @place a bid much the story went @viral and a gofundme account @raised $68,000, city officials @say they'll find a compromise @so hickee gets to keep ajax and @money raised will be used for @bulletproof vets for k-9's. @ a couple wanted to get @married before their baby was
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@they were married just 9 @minutes later baby zuri made @her debut, the chaplain lives @and hour away and got there @just in time. @god news all around. @ it is 6:07, how the fbi is @turn to go social media trying @to find an american missing @iran. @ are you looking to retain @information better, you may @want to stand during your next @meeting, hollie you are @standing. @>> standing right now. @ and wait for that groundhog @to give that prediction, we are @and hour away, we have your @forecast here, 20s, partly @cloudy skies, going to get @breezy but really warm. @as we are planning on highs in @the 50s today, rain to track @and a lot to talk about, maybe @a few rumbles of thunder. @always on television @6:07 on this groundhog day @tuesday, follow us on twitter
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@ @ time right now is 6:11, @topping news feed, police in @los angeles are looking for a @murder suspect that they @released from jail by mistake, @stephen jones was released from @an inmate center. @police say he should be assumed @to be armed and dangerous, @court employees released wright @because they didn't see @additional information on a @separate page. @ the fbi is taking to @facebook to search for a former @agent who went missing iran @back in 2007, the facebook page @asking for any information @about robert levin son. @2013 investigation revealed he @was working for the cia on an @unauthorized intelligence
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@ one california restaurant @says the tiki gods saved them @from what could have been a @dangerous situation, powerful @wind gusts sent a 1950-foot @tree -- 150 food tree eight @guests had just left the patio @where that tree landed. @ a new study from texas a&m @suggests that students think @best while on their feet, the @school of public health is @researching standing desks to @see if it not only improves @physical activity but also how @students think. @they found students were able @to retain information better @and organize their thoughts, @researchers say test scores @improved by 7 to 14%, @especially true for the 8:00 @a.m. @classes in college where @everybody is kind of -- nodding @off at the desk. @>> there you go.
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@>> and you are going to screw @up all of your camera shots. @>> improve their test scores by @percent? @>> retention. @>> it says hollie weather. @>> 7-14%, hollie. @>> see i feel more energized @when i stand, it was a 77th @inning stretch for you. @ we've got a live look -- @>> we need a 7th inning stretch @every day. @>> are you ready for phil? @my husband phil? @we are always ready -- lynna -- @ this is what is happening @in punxsutawney, pennsylvania, @look -- i love this. @>> i mean we cannot make this @up. @it is groundhog day if you are @just waking up and turning on @your tvs this is happening. @>> where is the guy that @dresses up as the groundhog @every year. @>> the groundhog himself @punxsutawney phil will be @waking up soon, i am sure in a @great mood, legend has it if
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@will last another six weeks, if @not early spring is expected. @>> quite fabulous. @>> i think they go all night @around there. @15,000 in the area. @normal population around 5000. @funny. @ temperatures are in the 20s @at the bus stop, kids. @it's seasonally chilly start @but we are going to end up @feeling really spring on this @groundhog tuesday. @tracking wins, tracking rain, a @lot to get to -- winds, @tracking rain, a lot to get to @through the headlines. @dry itself so that is worth @making note of, i do think @we'll be 40s at recess time. @44 degrees. @and then we are planning on @temperatures around 50 or so @for the high. @quite breezy by evening. @wins are really going to start @to pick up ahead of the storm @system, right now it's far @away, partly cloudy skies as @you were waking up, all is @really kind of calm. @and winds are about 5-10 miles @and hour, as we expand the view
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@we are expecting the rains to @arrive after dinner, more like @88:00-9:00 that we start to see @the rainy weather, you are @going to notice the winds above @that much as we take a look at @future view and go hour by hour @through the day itself, we have @sunshine, lovely. @a bit breezy but still mild, @7:00 most of you are dry, rain @you can even hear some thunder, @don't be caught off guard as @you put the kids to bed and, @you know, winding things down @after our 11:00 show tonight. @look at the storms rolling @through. @owe night things kind of @settle, we'll still have rain @tomorrow morning early in @spots. @and it's still going to be warm @as all heck before the cold @front moves through, we could @end up with highs close to 60 @for your wednesday. @goes to show no matter what @happens with the groundhog @today it is going to feel like @spring the next couple days.
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@forecast, things will be more @seasonable, 30s for the highs, @weekend looking nice, 40s by @the end of it and then upper @30s again on monday. @6:16, let's check your drive. @ good morning to you, hope @you are having a great start to @your tuesday, we had a number @of overnight incidents that @caused some problems, right now @we are clear at 6:16 all those @accidents have cleared out much @traveling to the south we are @all green and clean, no @problems, here is a picture on @77 at the turnpike as you are @near the cuyahoa border. @so those of you driving up 77 @north between the turnpike and @480 it's an 8 minute commute, @if you continue on between 480 @and the 97, 490 interchange @it's a 5 minute drive. @>> danny, thank you.
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@highlight there is a winner and @loser, most of the time the @it's caution when it comes to @the safety of golfers in the @bad weather. @one golfer showed them. @take a look at this much the @weather was just awful at the @farmers open in la jolla, @california, strong winds, tough @playing. @colt, he was blown around, the @ball was moving, so he asked @the golf officials to stop @play. @they said no, keep playing. @he goes, all right. @i will give it a shot. @i want you to see this. @at first the put the looks like @it is going way past the hole, @the wind then blows it back @into the hole. @how about that. @i'll show you pga putting my @life on the line for you. @>> wow. @>> maybe it's a good thing they @didn't delay play, that was a @nice putt. @ my biggest winner come from @the classroom, coventry middle
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@was just named the ohio middle @school educator of the year. @school gave him the award @during a surprise assembly, he @is the champion of the @classroom, the best of the @best. @congratulations to jim and @principal tina for sending in @the picture. @>> way to go. @>> best around right here. @teaching science much i like @that. @if you would like to nominate @your champion,al star our @morning. @go to or tweet them to @me. @>> i like that. @>> and the i don't know minds @he is shaping. @>> we love you, teachers. @>> now if you can get pga to @stop playing in miserable @weather. @>> that was some shot. @ time is now 6:18. @changes being made by one of @the biggest u.s. airlines, what @united is bringing back after @several years. @tiffany. @ lynna it's been available @for months in ohio but only in @a select few locations.
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@where you can get the heroin @without a prescription, hollie. @ tiffany it's weather out @your window, we call this one @just chill lin, look at that @deer. @i am seriously very come foe.
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@ @ 6:22 right now, free snacks @are returning on the biggest @u.s. airlines, most airlines @dropped the complimentary @goodies more than a decade ago, @starting today, united airlines @is once again offering free @snacks, we've also learn that @had they will bring back the @preboarding option for @families, that policy applies
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@two and will go into effect on @february 159th. @ it reverses the effects of @a heroin overdose, pharmacies @in ohio have been able to @handout narcan without a @prescription. @>> joining us live from @downtown this important, @tiffany, only three drug stores @are currently involved in this @program. @>>up of those pharmacies are @here in cuyahoa county, a check @of the state board website, we @found some of of those area, @those are three pharmacies in @those three areas all @prescription. @i made a few calls and i found @fewer than a handful of people @have actually taken advantage @of this program there. @but they are all hoping that @that will soon change.
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@ma lack own better known by @narcan. @>> and now you may be the next @one to save a life. @>> even though the fire and ems @can get there pretty quickly, @nobody is quicker than a family @member living in the same @proximity or household. @>> new choice pharmacy in @cuyahoa falls is one of the @drug stores offering narcan @without a prescription in @northeast ohio. @they'll show you how it works @and give counseling. @>> it's not just for the people @that are looking for a high @with heroin, it's the elderly @people that they took a pain @medication, took a nap, woke up @later and forgot they had taken @one and they took another one. @>> believing this option @encourages drug abuse, but @during this impromptu round @table. @>> if you are taking an open @idea for the mental pain, you @build up a tolerance very @rapidly. @>> law enforcement and health
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@>> chronic pain it's monolithic @disease. @>> discuss it as an extra layer @giving their citizens a @fighting chance. @>> the great thing about it it @can help bring these people @back. @>> there is no chance for rehab @if they overdose and die. @>> and pharmacists say if you @come across someone who need @that narcan, the first thing @you should do is call 911 and @then administer that drug. @now when it comes to cvs they @are offering narcan without a @prescription here at all stores @in ohio and those pharmacies @already doing it hoping that @will get the word out about @that program. @coming up in the next half-hour @at 6:50 i am going to let you @know how much it costs you if @it isn't covered by your @insurance, live in cleave hard @tiffany tarply. @>> see you then, thanks, @tiffany. @ hollie win of our viewers @post that had on facebook, only @in america do we ac some @weather predictions. @ a rodent but deny climate
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@only makes sense, john. @>> 15,000 people waiting for @this groundhog to come out. @>> yes, and they are very happy @in the process. @ we will be around 50 for @the high today, regardless it @is going to feel like spring @time here on this ground hog @day in northeast ohio. @we are going to be in the 40s @by lunch time. @that is already 10 degrees @above normal. @tracking a storm on the travel @map and we are expecting rain @later on today, i'll let you @know exactly when, maybe even a @few thunderstorms. @ hollie, thanks, chicago is @setting records for all the @wrong reasons, coming up in the @morning news feed, how many @homicides the city suffered in @january alone. @ and a dramatic puppy @rescue, see the lengths @firefighters had to go to to @save the little dog when
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@ @ good morning. @>> good morning. @>> i'm already getting super @bowl picks. @>> that was one of my favorite @moments of the show today. @>> i'm so into the super bowl. @>> 3116 carolina. @>> 6:30 right now. @>> groundhog day first, right? @super bowl sunday. @>> yes. @>> hollie it does feel like @spring. @>> it really is going to. @>> i love this week. @>> it's a fun week, it's really @on top of all our minds. @>> not on mine. @>> the game is, not the rodent @that is makes the prediction.
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@the morning pick me up singing @sheep and wean never dogs @racing for ketchup. @ around 50 degrees for the @high today, regardless of what @phil says over in punxsutawney @or buckeye chuck, it is going @to feel like spring this @afternoon there is no question. @7:38 sunrise time so we will @see if there is a shadow or @not. @but, like i said, it's going to @regardless. @and we are really pretty calm @for the moment. @winds are about 5-10 miles and @hour, partly cloudy skies, @expanding the view there is a @storm to track and it's going @to increase our winds and @chances for rain. @i'll let you know when the rain @moves in, we could see some @thunderstorms. @first danny has a check on the @commute. @ good morning hollie and @good morning to all of you, i @2.71 south bound.the on ramp at @hey would 4. we are not seeing @delays in the area, 271 north, @211 south so no backups,
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@do you have the slow traffic on @71 north before the innerbelt @bridge, but i am not tracking @needlies. @>> danny, thank you. @ the iowa with results are @in and we have an unexpected @republican winner and a @democratic race that was close @to calling, his historical @close. @>> let's go to tracy pots, she @the numbers. @>> reporter: so now we do have @two winners out of iowa, one we @knew earlier in the evening @last night, ted cruz that was @an upset. @we'll talk about that. @democratic side it went all @night and into this morning. @>> i stand here tonight @breathing a big sigh of relief. @thank you iowa. @>> early this morning after @counting all night, hillary @clinton was declared the
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@iowa democratic party called a @historically close race. @>> iowa, thank you. @>> less than half a percentage @point, just a few delegates @sanders. @>> here is sanders' reaction @early this morning after he @happened in new hampshire. @>> we look toward to doing well @here in new hampshire, after @that we're all to the south @carolina where i think we are @going to surprise a whole lot @of people just as we did in @iowa. @>> ted cruz quoting the bible @claiming the biggest victory @ever in iowa can you caucus @history. @>> tonight iowa, has proclaimed @to the world morning is coming. @morning is coming. @>> donald trump landed in @second place barely ahead of @marco rubio. @>> we will go on to easily bet @hillary or bernie or whoever @they throw up there. @>> rubio was the first to @declare victory here.
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@would never happen. @>> and now new hampshires. @>> pledge to go battle it out @in new hampshire and beyond. @>> now turnout was strong in @des moines, we've been talking @about that going nothing this, @there was at least one precinct @that ran out of registration @forms because so many first @timers showed up to be apart of @this. @the other thing we are watching @are the entrance poll results, @they are telling us why donald @trump was not able to hold on @to that lead from the polls. @what people were most @interested in here, money. @government spending, the @economy, jobs and terrorism, @not as much immigration which @is lot of of what donald trump @had been talking about. @>> something happens when they @get in the smaller groups and @start discussing things, we'll @have to look for answers. @ it is 6:34 now governor @john kasich picked up less than @2% of the vote in iowa, not a @surprise the governor has been @focusing efforts in new
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@ballots in a primary one week @from today, his campaign from @the white house will be done, @tom barris will sit down, look @for his one on one interview @today. @ it is something that hadn't @happened in more than 30 years, @cleveland mayor frank jackson @has proposed raising the city's @income tax, raising the tax @from 2% to 2.5% is necessary to @deal with predicted deficit @next year. @mayor jackson says the tax @increase will generate $90 @million for the city which will @be used to increase services @like plowing the streets and @for public safety much voters @would need to approve the tax @hike. @ now here is maureen with @the morning news feed. @ this next video may be hard @to watch, police in central @florida have released video of @a day care center director @allegedly hitting and dropping @a child on a matt. @police say cell phone video @shows the woman striking the @four-year-old boy with a @stuffed animal then holding the
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@before dropping him face down @on a matt, the child was not @hurt. @she was arrested and charged @with child abuse. @ the nationally third @largest city is reporting the @highest homicide rate in 15 @years, chicago recorded 51 @homicides be january, the @highest toll for the monday @since at least 2000 much the @police department says it also @recorded 241 shootings for the @monday, more than double since @last january, gang conflicts @are the leading factors for the @latest surge in homicide. @ this 4 month old puppy is @happy and up for adoption after @being rescued. @this is valentine who was @trapped in a vault of an old @packing facility in california. @a woman heard the whim perking @and called the firefighters. @they lowered another @firefighter into the hole, he @pulled valentine to safety, the @pup is in good health.
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@look at what is happening in @punxsutawney, pennsylvania at @6:36 in the morning, yeah, i @know, i hope nobody was @planning on sleeping in today, @they are getting ready to phil @to come out and see his shadow @or not, it's ground holiday, @and around 7:30 this morning, @so less than and hour, we are @going to find out if we get six @more weeks of winter or an @early spring. @now in the meantime buckeye @chuck, ohio's version will make @his prediction. @buckeye chuck has been @prognosticator since 19790s so @he is new -- 19.90s so he is @newer than phil. @no shadow means early spring. @buckeye chuck has been right @only twice in the last 10 @years. @and from what i saw i was @looking at some of the stats @for punxsutawney phil, too. @he has only been right 39% of @the time. @but i think we are teeing them @up for success here i think @it's clear it is going to be an
6:30 am
@>> i think the groundhog may @have the worse life in the @world much they eat weeds and @wake up to fireworks and "star @wars" music after they've been @asleep for two months. @>> do you see your shadow, do @you nod see your shadow. @>> go back to sleep now. @>> here is a carrot. @>> here is the carrot, job well @done. @>> is that what they eat. @>> he is looking for love, i @keep telling you, that is why @they come out of hibernation. @>> looking for a mate. @to "star wars" music. @ i don't know what this is, @we are going to go -- @>> such interesting mental @images right now. @>> for all of the images @trapped on your phone, i have @an amazing dole that only drops @three times per year. @80% off coming up first.
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@image on a canvass, matt. @>> oh, we will. @ no words, sometimes, right? @we are going to feel like @spring today, it is going to be @something for this groundhog @day, february the 2nd.
6:32 am
@ @ 6:42 a little tech talk, @there is a new king of the hill @in the about is any world, @google has dethroned apple, @alphabet reported a better than @expected earnings report that @sent the stocks soaring, so now @beats out apple as the most @valuable publicly traded @company in the world. @alphabet generated $21.3 @billion in revenue, search @engine, youtube and android. @ all right. @all those photos trapped in @your smart phone, we have @something -- we have a great @deal.
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@three times per year, if you @are not near your tv, i invite @you, please, come on over @because this sells out within @12 hours sometimes, we crash @websites, it's that big, $25 @for these stunning photo @canvasses that can you get hung @up in a matter of seconds. @take a look, 990% off deal that @we founded to drops three times @a year, black friday, @valentine's day and mother disi @day. @these huge 16 x 20 photo prints @are yours, for $5 more you can @go bigger, show you sizes in @just a second. @i bought the smallest size for @$32 on sale a couple weeks ago, @my wife and i on a hike. @then today for a much larger @size 25 bucks and can you get @something that big and for $30
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@lynna what is big, the weights, @the guns. @>> the guns, those are -- @>> not the price. @>> those are two pound weights @that i'm holding right there. @for anyone interested. @>> that is a great deal. @and i liked how you can afford @then to boy four of them and @kind of group them together. @>> yes. @we are hearing a lot of viewers @are using this an opportunity @to redecorate rather than @regift. @>> good news you get this free @today, i will hang it over your @desk. @>> that is priceless. @>> thank you. @it's also disgusting. @>> no much it's a good picture. @>> thank you. @>> all right. @ let's check in with hollie @right now with the forecast, @all of us are thinking about @will spring come earlier. @>> speaking of pictures your @pictures of the groundhog are @hilarious on social media, keep @them coming there are several @versions of phil and chuck and @all our friends, it's good. @ kids heading out to the bus
6:35 am
@right now, 22 normal low, most @of us low to mid-20s. @359 is the normal high. @60 is the record high for @today. @by tomorrow, we'll be close to @60 degrees i think around 50 @today. @so it is going to be a dry @groundhog day, by tonight we @are tracking rain and some @pretty wild winds to go along @with that. @here is the plan in the @meantime, mid-30s by 9:00, so @we are about where we should be @for the high at 9:00 a.m. @there at 5:00. @winds are really going to start @to pick up, i know it's calm @right now but despite the mild @weathered to make sure you are @sending the kids to the bus @stop with coats. @on satellite and radar we are @uneventful, it's partly sunny @skies, you see the storm @system, it's quite a ways out @there, we are going hour by @hour on future view, i don't @think the start time is going @to be until after you are home
6:36 am
@in for the evening, this is @7:00 tonight, the majority of @you are totally dry. @then we get into 10:00, 11:00, @maid night we are rocking and @rolling, we could have rumbles @of thunder going on as this @pushes through. @wet weather through the morning @commute tomorrow, 6:00 a.m. @it is going to be a rainy, dry @wet roads, slow downs, hey at @least it's not snow and ice. @but it's going to be breezy and @look at these temperatures @tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. @54 akron, canton, low 50s @downtown cleveland and it will @be 50s through the majority of @tomorrow and then we'll fall @back slightly into the 40s @later in the day. @some scattered showers leftover @late in the day as well, window @nation seven day forecast if @you are going by neither i @don't remember ology, all @indications are we are going to @have spring time through the
6:37 am
@thursday, friday, the weekend @for the most part, sunday in @the 40s. @weather time 6:46 i would like @you to meet doser. @so, okay, candy just -- candy @just part of the family, this @is our new baby, french bulldog @born in november and candy is a @realtor i think this is cool, @she takes doser along on all @her appointments, clients love @him. @so cute. @>> get 6%. @>> 6%. @>> right, she has sold every @cute picture. @ here are is a look at @pictures trending online, bill @cosby set to appear in a @pennsylvania courtroom. @>> cosby an attorneys are @trying to get a criminal sex @assault case against him thrown @out. @he has been charged with three @assault. @prosecutors say he drugged and @2009.
6:38 am
@cosby of sexual misconduct. @ media day at the bull was @replaced by super bowl opening @night, talk about festivities, @the big story and big question @was about peyton manning and @the future, peyton says he is @not looking too far back or too @far ahead. @nfl media says told manning @sunday will be his last game. @if he does retire, and wins the @super bowl, what a way to go @out. @carolina panthers though are @still a 5.5 point favorite. @ peeking of the super bowl, @some of the commercials are @being leaked, this one from @heinz already going viral @featuring dozens of datsuns or @wiener dogs dressed as hot dogs @and running through a field. @wean never stampede is called @one the best adds of super bowl @50. @ we are going to have our @picks friday morning. @>> yes. @>> after the break your morning @rush. @ that's right we have been
6:39 am
@caucus, the pole results are in @actually on the democratic side
6:40 am
@ @ almost 6:52, time for top @stories, hollie has your @forecast and danny has another @check on the roads. @ tiffany look at efforts to @combat the heroin epidemic.
6:41 am
@on the iowa caucus which proves @to be a historic one, ted cruz @in winning the republican nod. @hillary clinton's razor thin @win over bernie sanders, every @vote was counted and clinton @finally declared the winner @early this morning just before @had 4:00 a.m., just a few @delegates put her ahead. @this is the closest caucus. @now beth sites will reshift @their focus on new hampshire. @john. @ all right, maureen, things @also got complicated on the @republican side. @here is holiday low jackson @with what the today is show is @working on. @ this morning ted cruz is @flying high after winning the @iowa republican caucuses, he is @not the only candidate marco @rubio coming in third, also @felt that was a strong showing. @we have so much to talk about @this morning as we look ahead
6:42 am
@establishment candidates are @making their stand, how does @what happen in iowa last night @affect what happens to ted cruz @in that state and beyond? @we are going to have a look at @all of it coming up on the @today show. @ back here at home, @cleveland police are @investigating a fatal accident @on 11 south, two people were @killed in the crash that was @caused by a wrong way driver @under the west 1940th street @overpass. @two cars involved and three @lanes of 11 were shut down for @some of the time this morning. @ now to stark county every @win is back in their homes @after a train dehe railment in @brow officer forcing 150 people @to evacuate, liquified gas on @the train caught fire, but that @at no point was the public in @any immediate finger, the epa @vie wall waiting any long term @impacts of that derailment. @ we flow three pharmacies in @all of northeast ohio are @currently offering narcan @without a prescription, ha is
6:43 am
@the effect the of open idea or @heroin overdose without a @prescription, with the @announcement from cbs to do so, @that will likely soon change, i @spoke with pharmacists and @after that western reserve @hospital in cuyahoa falls as @well as city leader, paramedics @and law enforcement, new choice @pharmacy is one of the @hospitals offering narcan @without a prescription right @now, there it will cost you $90 @for the kit if you don't have @insurance, adam on twitter told @me in some counties can you get @the narcan for free, that is @likely the case in a lot of @other areas throughout @northeast ohio. @only a fewer than a handful of @people have taken advantage of @this program. @danielle. @ good morning to all of you, @we take a look quick check of @traffic, 2.11 south bound on -- @271 south bound and bedford is @partially blocked because of a @broken down semi, and the only @slow traffic we are seeing on a
6:44 am
@cleveland here is a picture at @west 25th street no big delay. @ coming up on 6:55, a mild @groundhog day tuesday, breezy, @clouds, sunshine around 50 or @so, tonight get ready for @rainy, windy weather, maybe @even thunderstorms. @ more or less steady around @50 degrees, temperatures rising @into the upper 50s early @tomorrow. @rain early in the day. @we'll start to see more @seasonal temperatures later be @the week before we warm back up @in the weekend. @ it's time format's bonus @deal of the day. @>> $100 off starbucks down to @59 free coffee, tweeted it, $25 @photo canvasses so you can up @data photo of your love of the @your life. @that is on @>> but if you are having such a @moment. @>> and tomorrow, an $8 plug @that will lower your home
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@insane and can i not wait to @show it to you. @>> that's it. @>> this is it right here. @save you 300 bucks. @>> can't wait for that. @>> half-hour away from finding @the answer. @ count down to phil. @>> how exciting.
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