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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  February 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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@ right now at 5:00, strong @winds and heavy rain causing @problems across northeast ohio. @coming up, we'll have an update @on road closures due to power @outages and high water. @first, let's go to holly who is @tracking this stormy weather. @>> there's so many elements @here. @we have the warm weather, the @wind, the rain, temperatures @are soaring into the 50s. @we're higher than we should be @for this time of the year. @you better believe we'll have @records taking place. @winds are sustained at around @20 miles per hour. @gusts are going to be in the 30 @plus range. @so that is an element for your @morning drive. @right now, sustained winds, as @you can see. @i will give you a few of the @reports, 29 miles per hour in @elyria. @26 sustained winds in downtown @cleveland. @winds primarily out of the @southwest ahead of the front
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@we have rain too. @roads are wet, slick, and in @spots where rain was heavy @overnight, you're going to have @things like that to deal with. @just be sure you're giving @yourself plenty of time. @we're seeing breaks in the @rain. @that's good news. @further inland, and if we @expand the view, there's more @wet weather to come. @danny has a look at your @commute right now. @it's going to be one of those @mornings. @>> good morning to all of you. @we'll be dealing with wet @roads. @that split line the 271. @if you're east of 271, you will @still see the rain showers. @we're not tracking any @accidents just yet. @remember, hydroplaning and @ponding on the roads. @here's the picture in the area. @77 just south of i-90 where @people are getting by just @fine. @currently we have normal drive @times.
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@>> thank you, dani. @it's almost 5:02. @let's go outside and see the @problems that are caused @because of the rain. @tiffany tarpley shows you how @the weather may affect you. @tiffany? @>> reporter: hey, john and @lynna. @you have to worry about @hydroplaning. @90 east just reopened within @the past 20 minutes or so. @just underneath this carnegie @bridge here, there was a lot of @high water. @let's show you video of the @odot crews working to get rid @of the water from underneath @the bridge. @still open. @it was an onramp to 77. @most of that area right near 90 @east is shut down. @not only are we talking about @high water causing road @closures, there was a power @outage in west lake. @the area was closed near @bradley road and silk tree @lane.
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@1600 customers without power. @that's according to first @energy's website. @those are downed power lines. @tease are the issues we're @talking about. @overnight through this morning, @there have been winds up to 40 @miles per hour. @so, again, these are some of @the things you have to think @about as you're driving into @work today. @hold on to that wheel and pay @attention. @there could still be some of @that standing water out there @on the roadway. @back to you. @>> all right. @good to know. @thanks, tiffany. @ governor john kasich has @been spending a lot of time in @new hampshire campaigning for. @>> we spoke to him about taxes @and the focus of his campaign @going forward. @>> john kasich has now bragged @to 90 town hall meetings about
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@the debt clock rolls over to 19 @trillion this day. @he's all about balancing @budgets and giving taxpayer @relief. @>> and i would also are the v a @plan to cut individual tax @rates to 10 with capital gains @at 15. @cleveland needs to raise its @income tax to make up for all @the cuts kasich made to the @government fun and sources the @city shared. @>> we lost a cumulative amount @of $11 million in just state @funding that they cut. @>> you're bragging about @reducing taxes may be losing @some of its luster. @>> i don't know what's @happening in cleveland. @sometimes people who are @politicians don't manage things @properly. @i love major jackson. @>> other candidates will blitz
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@next week, but he says he's @just going to work his plan, @not get frantic. @>> i'm not interested in @intense, getting manic. @i sleep well. @i exercise. @say my prayers. @>> on saturday, kasich will @face-off with the rest of the @republican candidates here in a @final debate for next tuesday's @primary. @tom berras, channel 3 news. @>> all right. @tom. @so that's the case at camp. @we'll get another report of @what presidential candidates @will be doing in new hampshire @this week. @ a man who drove around @railroad gates and was hit by a @train is now suing the railroad @company. @we talked to john blair @abbarely surviving the crash. @he claims the crossing gates @and lights were active without @a train.
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@triggered and he went around @them. @he blamed them in part for the @engines blocking the view of @the train. @ charges are expected to be @filed today after a baby and @toddler revived with an opiate @ant dote. @the mother of a 9-year-old boy @and girl called 911 for help. @the children are recovering at @akron children's hospital, and @they're in the county's custody @while police investigate this. @ the tables are turned on a @loraine store thief when she @was chased and sat on. @joseph lane tried to steal a @back of rolling tubes at a gas @station. @well, the chronicle reports @that he tried to get away on @his bike but they caught up to @him. @he's charged with theft.
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@virus as the world looks for @ways to protect pregnant women @and their unborn babies. @we have more on how it was @found in the united states. @ with iowa in the books, @presidential candidates look @forward to new hampshire. @next, how one of the smallest @states is getting ready to have @a big political impact. @hollie. @>> we've got rain this morning. @it will be more scattered. @we'll see some sunshine today. @we have a little bit of @everything. @within the next 24 hours, i @think we'll have some @snowflakes too. @closings, delays, they're @instant. @you don't need to stress at @all. @we're all about making your day @start as easy as it can be. @this is a live look. @we're right around the stadium. @sustained winds southwest this @morning. @if you're just about to leave, @take it easy on the roads. @it's pretty slick out there.
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@ @ republicans see a crack in @donald trump's armor. @>> we're going to beat hillary @clinton, and it won't be by the @flip of a coin. @marco rubio almost beat trump, @finishing a close third. @>> we got the biggest vote ever @in the he -- history in try @mary. @people came out extra, 60,000 @people. @i'm not going to say that was @me, but it was me. @>> we're going to continue to @do what we did in iowa here on @the ground in new hampshire and @south carolina. @we're going to build the grass @roots army. @>> meanwhile, senator bernie @sanders says he raised $3 @million since his victory in @iowa. @>> if we bring out large @numbers of people, we're going
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@>> this is the first in the @nation primary. @nobody takes this more @seriously than granite staters. @hillary clinton hopes to turn @things around. @>> she had considered bypassing @new hampshire, going on to the @other races because of bernie @sanders' lead there. @she decided to stay there this @week and decided to try to @edward lawrence. @back to you, john. @>> before i led you go. @let's talk money here. @what do we know about how much @the candidates have? @>> very interesting. @senator bernie sanders raised @$73 million. @hillary clinton, a whopping @$113 million. @on the republican side, very @donald trump loaned himself 12 @million for his campaign. @he got $2 million in donation. @also, senator marco rubio @outfinanced or got money coming
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@from jeb bush, almost 2 to 1 in @the 3rd quarter. @clearly jeb bush is falling off @there. @>> we'll see if trump pays @himself back there. @>> thank you so much. @54 degrees right now. @we have tag team weather. @that's right. @>> it's hot. @>> 80 degrees in the studio. @>> isn't that the truth. @at your home, don't you feel @like everything is off when the @weather does this. @>> we have more coming over the @next 24 hours. @we're tracking a lot here. @>> everybody buckle in. @we're taking a live look @outside. @greg and i have you covered @throughout the morning. @it is windy. @we don't have any advisories, @but the flags are pretty @evident of what we have going @on. @the headlines include the wind, @us stained between 15 and 20. @unseasonably warm today. @so much so that i would just go @ahead and plan on new record @highs. @we'll get to that. @rainy this morning. @scattered as we head into the @afternoon. @it's 5:14. @54 degrees at hopkins as we
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@i do think they will be a lull. @i think we're going to see some @shine around lunch today. @at this point we'll see upper @50s to even 60 degrees. @57 is the record high there. @57 the record high for akron- @canton today. @there's going to be a lot to @report. @we've got rain moving through @the region. @some of you are seeing breaks @this morning as we get closer @in, closer to the lake shore, @things have let up a bit. @still seeing showers around @canton we have light to @moderate rain moving through. @and then the winds. @so you combine wet roads with @that and it's quite a challenge @as far as the commute goes. @as we do some tracking by later @on tonight, temperatures have @already dropped back to around @upper 30s to near 40 degrees. @this is 10:30. @then we're going to see some @tomorrow. @as greg mentioned, we're really @forecast. @there could even be light @accumulation before things
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@current winds are right around @20 miles per hour, greg. @the forecast for today, it @quite a challenge. @>> those winds are going to @stay gusty right through the @afternoon, hollie. @numbers. @as we take this forecast into @the afternoon, notice they @pretty much stay put until @after 4:00. @then they will start to subside @a little bit. @we'll see isolated power @outages for this afternoon. @big area low pressure out to @the west. @it's in northwest indiana now. @a lot of warm air surging all @the way into the southern great @lakes. @we're watching for those @potential high this is @afternoon. @here are what the records look @like. @cleveland, the record is 57. @if we get breaks of sunshine, @how about near 60. @i think we'll break that @record. @it's 57 in mansfield. @you should smash through that @record. @the record there, low one at 53 @degrees.
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@upper 50s later this afternoon. @then that area of low pressure @will continue to push to the @east and watch behind it. @lots of cold air. @that slams in here overnight @and sends our temperatures @tumbling by 4:00 on thursday @afternoon. @these temperatures, some 30 @degrees colder than where we @are today and there will be @wind chills, but that's not the @only thing that will be falling @from the sky on thursday. @hollie. @too. @>> it's not that we're talking @about temperatures that are @unusually cold. @we're going from bus stop @forecasts in the 50s this @morning to feels like @temperatures tomorrow at the @same time in the 20s. @your window nation, upper 50s @to 60 today. @we're planning on plenty of new @records. @we'll be letting you know.
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@you're waking up. @30s for the lake snow tomorrow. @those of you in the snow belt @could see light accumulation, @up to about an inch. @we'll be quiet friday, @saturday, into sunday. @that's slightly above normal @again. @we're more seasonable early @next week. @temperatures are in the 30s. @let's go ahead and get a check @on your commute this morning, @see how things are moving @along. @ @good morning to you. @the high winds that greg and @hollie are forecasting, make @sure you keep your hands on the @wheel, 12 -- 10 and 2. pounding @is on the roads. @as you can see a slick drive @here, but everyone is getting @by just fine.
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@between 8 and 94, 13 minutes @west and 13 minutes east. @we have normal drive times. @don'ter forget, when you hit @the roads, tune into our @partners for continued traffic. @>> dani, thanks. @>> maureen is here with the @latest on the news feed. @>> this has perked up a lot of @ears, especially in washington. @a hearing will be held this @morning about the safe drinking @water in flint. @they're looking to increase @safety standards. @flint's water was contaminated @with lead after the source @switched from detroit to the @flint river in a cost cutting @mood. @heatlh officials say they've @identified a case of the zika @virus that was transmitted @through sexual contact. @health officials say they @haven't seen any evidence of @mosquitoes in texas that are
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@most infected people will not @have any symptoms but they're @concerned about the risk to @unborn babies. @ a report says women should @stop drinking if they're not on @birth control. @just over 3 million women have @a lifestyle that includes @drinking alcohol and engaging @in sexual activity without @using protection. @about half of all pregnancies @in the u.s. are unplanned. @many women who become pregnant @are not aware of it for about a @month. @ so you probably use @facebook messager, maybe @snapchat, but what app just @reached 100,000 users. @what app is used outside the @u.s. one in every seven people. @it can make phone calls, send @texts, share location @information, video, other data.
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@now they're up to 42 billion @messages a day. @what's ap. @get on the trend. @leave the country. @i will be in the out group. @>> be part of the in group, @john. @>> i would have to find it. @ they've cornered the market @for e books, but now amazon is @expanding to what some might @say is an old fashioned kind of @book sale.
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@ @it is almost 5:25. @a texas based craft store is
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@ohio. @michael's announced it's buying @the parent company of pat @catan. @this includes stores in west @virginia. @this store will maintain the @team and facilities in @strongsville. @ amazon is planning to open @more bookstores after @developing the ebook market. @they say these bricks and @mortar stores are meant to be @website. @right now their store is in @seattle, but they could open 3 @to 400 more. @they choose titles to sell in @the store paced on what's @popular online. @books sold in their physical @store will have the same prices @as their online store. @>> every time i'm in barnes & @noble, it's crowded. @that's the way to do it. @let's talk weather. @we were talking about it. @it just seems warm. @>> yes, it is. @think of it this way.
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@we're just a few minutes after @5:00 a.m., approaching 5:30 @here. @it's currently 55 degrees in @hopkins. @we're thinking upper 50s to 60, @which would be a new record for @hopkins. @i think we'll have numerous new @records to report. @57 is the record at hopkins @today. @mansfield records in the low @50s, so there's going to be a @lot of that. @also, the rain and the wind. @behind this whole frontal @system, it gets much more @colder. @coming up, we'll let you know @when that cold air arrives. @how about snow accumulation? @we'll chat. @here we go. @thanks, hollie. @still ahead at 5:30, an update @on the school that found lead @in their water. @what officials say they will do @before they turn the water back @on. @tiffany? @>> reporter: lynna, this @unseasonable weather causing @problems overnight here in @northeast ohio and along i-90. @coming up, i will let you know
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@proactive when there's a heavy @rainfall.
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@ @5:30 right now. @breaking news starts our @morning rush. @we have just learned that field @high school is closing today @because of a stomach illness @that's going through the high @school. @>> yeah, the high school will @be thoroughly cleaned and @disinfected today. @the direct says the other three @school buildings are not having @the same problem, so they will @be open. @we'll continue to follow this @as obviously this is going to @affect a lot of families. @here's tiffany. @>> reporter: john, this portion @of 90 east in cleveland is back @open this morning after there @was high water underneath the @bridge here. @the carnegie bridge.
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@lake. @that's because there were @downed power lines at the @height of the problem, there @were about 1600 customer there @is without power. @that's according to first @energy's website. @lane. @that power has opinion @restored. @when it -- that power has been @restored. @o dot tells me they're @monitoring roadways during the @heavy rainfall. @they're expecting more rainfall @today, when you're driving into @work, going to school, anything @like ha this morning, you want @to be careful because you could @hydro plane there. @'s still water out here on the @road. @>> hollie? @>> tiffany, it's great advice. @it's going to stay rainy today. @we'll see a few upper 40s, @ashtabula, youngstown, that @will be changing quick.
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@this equation today and @sustained right around 20 miles @an hour. @that's going to continue @through the afternoon. @gusts could be 30 plus at @times. @right now we've got sustained @winds that are pretty close to @20 and approaching 30 miles per @hour. @right now elyria has winds at @29. @we're seeing 22 mile-per-hour @winds in ashtabula, compared to @18 mile-per-hour winds in @wooster. @no matter how you spin that, @it's breezy. @across the lake shore in @general, showers are pretty @scattered. @as you zoom in, we'll see there @are areas around canton that @continue to see rain this @morning. @we're expecting more rain @through the morning commute. @speaking up, let's get a check @on your drive and see how the @roads are. @we've got plenty of wet roads. @>> especially to the south, @pretty much east of 271 and 71. @here is a picture to the south @at 77.
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@you in the canton area, we're @seeing rain showers, but not @here. @everyone is getting by just @fine. @watch for wet roads and @particularly ponding. @also, now, to the north, we're @seeing high winds. @the weather on top of the @traffic map shows the velocity @above 25 miles per hour to the @west. @so, please, be careful, no @accidents right now. @back to you. @>> dani, thank you. @it is 5:33. @results today. @water fountains at gurnee @elementary are shut off. @they won't be turned back on @until they're confident the @water is safe. @the contamination could be @coming from corroding pipes. @ new information regarding @the shooting near a cleveland @rec center. @a man was taken to the hospital
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@it had at east 46th street near @the lonie burton center. @the victim was taken to the @medical center. @no word on his condition. @name. @ it was truly groundhog day @for christopher moore. @yesterday after completing a @recent sentence, he was @arrested for stealing @merchandise from a couple of @drugstores. @moore now faces charges for the @76th time since 1994. @>> we're learning more about @the deadly wrong-way crash on i- @71 that killed two people. @police say alcohol may have @played a role in the crash. @the suspect was driving in the @wrong way when he crashed into @an suv driven by lakeisha @brown. @both were pronounced dead at @the scene. @toxicology results are expected
5:30 am
@ neighbors got into an @argument and they're missing. @police expect foul play in the @disappearance of patsy hudson, @last seen over the summer. @someone has been withdrawing @money from her bank account and @paying for a cell phone in her @name, even though she doesn't @own a cell phone. @she had recently argued with @her next-door neighbors about @her cats. @>> what do you think is going @on here? @>> i don't know. @but everybody has been talking. @everybody thinks since the both @of them come up missing at the @same time, maybe they took them @with her. @>> neighbors describe hudson as @a quiet woman with as many as @60 cats. @if you know anything about her @whereabouts, call police. @ mega bus is cutting service @between cleveland and columbus. @they say cheaper gas is blamed @for the declined ridership. @it extended from cleveland to
5:31 am
@mega bus is serving routes from @toledo to chicago, and new york @city. @maureen? @>> lynna, thanks. @people are waking up to a trail @of destruction after a storm @moved through. @homes and buildings were ripped @apart, and power lines were @strewn across streets, but @officials say no one was @seriously hurt. @ yahoo is making headlines @as the chief executive ceo is @laying off employees. @they will they off 1700 @workers. @she announced they will be @cutting services that are no @longer worth the time or @effort. @according to time magazine, @this cost cutting move could be @seen as the last attempt for @her to keep her job. @revenue has been shrinking
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@ceo. @ oreo, a cupcake, hits @stores on february 8th, but @somehow we got the preview. @i may have taken a teeny bite @of one. @>> at least pictures to prove @it. @>> three. @>> three, huh? @>> maybe i had two. @>> i like them. @we've been talking about what @is your favorite oreo flavor. @a lot of people like the @original, but i'm a big fan of @chocolate. @>> double stuff is my favorite. @>> look at the calories in two. @>> you just ruined my morning. @>> just saying. @ an elementary school in @minnesota wants to ban @valentine's day and @thanksgiving and christmas and @halloween. @we'll have that story at 5:48. @ and finally it appears the @browns are ready to cut ties @with johnny manziel, but have
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@ @5:40. @the next video is trending @online because one grandma got
5:34 am
@she was shocked when her son's @family flew 17 hours from new @zealand. @>> here she comes, guys. @surprise. @ @oh, my baby. @>> oh, gosh. @>> right? @>> oh, man. @>> pulling at our heart @strings. @>> tears of joy is what this @is. @the twin girls were the first @girls born into that family in
5:35 am
@>> that's amazing. @no clue. @the reaction. @i'll post it on my facebook @page in case you're just tuning @in and happened to miss it. @again. @>> i want to hug you, john. @bowl. @that's important. @ two teams deserving media @attention are in santa clarita, @california, getting ready for @the super bowl. @the panthers are a six-point @and the broncos. @super bowl is the most gambled @upon event of the year. @$4.2billion will be gambled. @how accurate is vegas at @picking a winner in they're @pretty good. @67%. @for my take this morning, this @won't be and i told you so @told you so. @way before the draft, i said
5:36 am
@it as an nfl quarterback. @too many red flags. @it didn't stop in cleveland. @as the calendar turns to march @9 march 9th, johnny and his @inflatable swan will be cut. @when it seemed like jimmy @haslam was keeping the door @open. @>> we think johnny made @progress on the field this @year. @i think that's undeniable. @we have a certain expectations @for our players, and that @includes johnny. @he has to live up to his @expectations. @>> here's what's different. @as soon as hugh jackson walked @in, jonny was on the cliff, @waiting to be pushed off. @jackson preaches discipline and @knows how to develop new @quarterbacks who have the @willingness to learn. @johnny has shown he can't do @that. @off the field he made way too @many mistakes. @even after this, the party @pictures, the police @investigations, we have not @heard the last of i don't know @any manziel because some owner @or coach will feel like they @can change him.
5:37 am
@jerry jones want as backup in @dallas. @he makes that move, he'll @driveway tony romo. @san francisco has chip kelly. @what about the l.a. @rams? @johnny is so hollywood, and @they need to sell tickets. @if you take johnny, good luck. @and you better have a lot of @aspirin. @tweet me your thoughts. @i want to hear from you, the @fans, do you think he has @another shot. @hollie and greg? @>> okay. @john. @very good. @aspirin is in the top drawer in @mitessing. @>> my -- in my desk. @>> you better check your @supply. @>> i get so many of those, i'm @sure you do too, for the @pressure and changes, the @headaches and things that @happen. @>> drops in humidity. @sinuses dry out. @arctic air moves in. @we have a lot to talk about. @>> we might as well start off
5:38 am
@it includes record highs for @today. @we do think it's going to be @the case. @windy weather, rainy weather. @umbrellas, this is a hoodie day @underneath the raincoat. @it is quite breezy. @so an umbrella may be a bit of @a challenge. @as you're getting lunches @packed and kids ready for @school, this is a mild weather @day. @raincoats would be absolutely @acceptable because we're @planning on temperatures close @to 60 degrees. @i think even some breaks of @sunshine around lunch, it could @end up outside today. @we'll fall back. @it's way back where it should @be this time of year. @rain to track this morning. @even if it's not raining with @your home right now, you have @roads are wet. @dani has been talking about @that, hydroplaning and things @like that. @be careful as you're headed
5:39 am
@weather. @you can see it's much more @scattered, but we're still @rain. @morning drive. @canton is now seeing dryer @minutes ago. @moving through. @as we track future view. @midday we see the break where @we actually have sunshine and @later tonight, the cloud cover @fills back in. @temperatures start to fall. @we're getting lake effect snow @showers developing into your @thursday. @we could be talking about light @accumulation in spots. @first, today, and the winds are @huge part of this equation. @>> they are a big part. @turning around out of the west @and northwest. @check out the winds this @morning. @we've seen gusts of 25 to 45 @miles per hour. @and through the the afternoon, @these will stay gusty. @diminishing as we go into later @tonight.
5:40 am
@pressure south of chicago. @this area of pressure is headed @up to the east. @plenty of gulf of mexico air. @the severe weather yesterday in @the southeast, part of the same @warm air mass that's now in @northeast ohio. @not expecting severe weather @here, but as that area of low @pressure moves through, we're @going to see some very warm @temperatures this afternoon. @is 57. @59. @5757 is the record in canton. @no problem. @you'll take care of that record @quickly. @53 is the record high for @today. @then the cold side of the storm @system starts to arrive @tonight. @a cold front moves by. @colder air begins to move @through and watch these @temperatures as we head into @thursday afternoon. @barely in the low 30s. @wind chills in the 20s. @holly, there will be snow in @the air as well. @>> that brings us to the window @nation 7-day forecast. @you can see for tomorrow we've @got lake effect snow, light
5:41 am
@possibility in the snow belt. @we could end up with about an @inch on the ground and @temperatures, as greg @mentioned, is in the 30s. @with breezy conditions, feels @like the temperature is going @to be quite a dramatic change, @even though this is normal for @this time of year. @into the weekend, the weather @looks pretty quiet, overall, a @really nice first weekend of @february. @it does get colder as we get @into early next week, a little @more seasonal again with those @highs, mid to upper 30s and @scattered snow in the forecast. @time for some doggone weather. @it's 5:48. @you have a look at your @television. @this is sweet old gracie @gretchen with her stylish neon @pink doggals. @santa brought her these in @december. @her daddy tom is holding her in
5:42 am
@she's not spoiled, valentine's day, but @that holiday is not what people @consider to be the most @romantic day. @a new online survey says most @women rank the most romantic @holiday is their wedding day. @the survey found that men @typically spend more on a woman @when she's his wife rather than @a fiance or girlfriend. @>> perfect sense. @your wedding day and birthday @is your day. @>> right. @>> valentine's day is shared @with the world. @that makes sense to me. @i'm going to put that on a @card. @>> along with that music, so @peaceful. @ hey, speaking of holidays, @we know schools have gotten a @lot more politically correct @through the years, but now a @principal in minnesota is @banning holidays, all of them. @>> all of them. @the elementary school principal
5:43 am
@come to the difficult decision @to discontinue dominant @holidays. @principal says it's to create @racial equality and access. @he acknowledges it will be an @unpopular decision. @the school is very diverse with @many families from around the @world moving there. @the letter was leaked on social @media. @so it was never sent home to @families, but the school says @they will discuss it further. @>> i wonder how that's going to @play out. @>> oh, boy. @>> donald trump is headed to @minnesota now, i'm sure, with @comments on that. @>> that's his campaign promise. @ ways to save is coming up. @>> hey, matt, what do you have? @>> the best and fastest in the @world. @what? @i don't know. @tune in. @you will find out right after @the break. @first, dani, you're tuned into @what's going on road wise. @>> i am. @we're good despite the rain and @high winds.
5:44 am
@how that commute is going.
5:45 am
@ @5:53. @the changeover from target @starts today. @this is in the state of north @carolina. @last summer the two companies @announced they would take over @the pharmacies inside target @stores. @the conversion will take place @over the next eight months. @this should help both stores @with branding. @it will get more foot traffic @than target and cvs plans to @have more locations than @walgreen's. @so it's a win-win. @ a palm sized $8 product is @ready to cut your energy costs. @>> how about this? @money man matt granite has this @powerful price drop in the palm @of your hand. @>> right here, something that @stole the show in my books was @the top performer at the @convention. @it's most well rated charger in @the world right now.
5:46 am
@this charger device is up to @80% faster, way more energy @efficient than anything you @have. @apple or android, take a look. @first of all, before we get to @the price, which is far lower @than anything you get on the @screen. @folks, the reviews are perfect. @not too many things in life you @ever see that on. @the best charger will not only @charge devices simultaneously, @you can get four charging at @the same time, but it offers an @80% faster charge time than @most cases. @it works with any device. @and your energy savings are @delivered in, yes, you can @charge your galaxy in 1.5 @hours. @and it beat every charger we @used it against. @full review and tests -- what, @$7.99.
5:47 am
@it's starting at $7.99. @the two. @port. @the three-port is $9.99 with a @coupon i found and four-port, @$11.99. @this charger way smarter than i @am. @>> why 85% off. @what are they doing? @>> they're not doing anything. @i'm the won that found the @coupon code. @>> forget about that, it's the @time saving. @>> you know, you can leave the @room as it's charging. @you don't have to stay there @and watch it. @>> like the washer. @i love it. @>> you're a forty -- party @animal. @>> they're going fast. @we're seeing temperatures
5:48 am
@low 60s today. @wind, rain, a wacky wild @weather wednesday. @we add snow to the mix. @we'll talk about that coming @up. @>> a security flaw in fisher @price that has parents very @worried this morning. @tiffany? @>> john, strong winds and heavy @rain causing problems @throughout northeast ohio. @coming up, what you need to
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