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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 5, 2016 4:07am-4:37am EST

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it's friday morning. that means super bowl weekend has officially begun. hundreds of thousands of those into the area still looking for a ticket to the big game. >> everybody welcome to san host of have bowl super bowl 50. >> reporter: it is literally the golden ticket and a tough ticket for those who want to be football history by the bay. for dennis and judy, life long bronco fans, super sunday willnal. >> it's our anniversary. >> the day of the super bowl. >> reporter: and they'll celebrate at their firstr with a romantic dinner. >> i'll buy her a beer and a hot dog. >> reporter: time and the ticket supply are running short.
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is a very expensive ticket. >> reporter: $5,000 and more and >> there's more supply. >> reporter: and if you're paying a price, you'll want to make sure it's the real deal. >> the nfl has done a job of building a ticket with a lot of security features. there's hologram here and theat sensitive ink. >> reporter: on a ticket to a memory that will last a lifetime. yeah, and you know, the going rate right now on those aftertickets, about $5,000 each. compare that to the first super bowl where it was $10. and you're so generous sendingur credit card to buy the entire crew tickets to the team.
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keep dreaming.t former pharmaceutical ceo accused of hiking prices by he repeatedly invoked his fifth amendment. >> reporter: appearing toou listening? >> reporter: and often inattentive, martin up to his bad boy reputation appearing before >> i intend to use the advice of my counsel, not yours. >> it's not funny, mr. shkreli,ng and they're getting sicker and sicker. >> reporter: he declined to ad why the company he once ledce of a drug by 5,000%.
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>> under the advice ofi invoke my fifth amendment >> reporter: he usually likes to talk, let his attorney talkng the other drug company executives to go under fire. valiant under well established drugs. >> we've made mistakes, we're listening and we're changing. >> reporter: shkreli took to twitter calling the congressman imbesls. no apology from the man who was once in charge of a company with
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slippery morning and advisories from i 95 to the coast and now we're starting to pick up moderate snow rightng the coast. the temperatures in all these cities are above freezing and in some cases, significantly above the intensity of the snow is going to bring done the colder air but right now the roads are just wed. most of the be on the grassy surfaces. the heavier areas of snow will be down east main, coastal main southwards, from boston down along the coast. could pick up six inches of snow. and philadelphia possibilityches. the rest of the country, not too bad. we will be watching a new weak
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will track during the week. saturday, looks like a really nice day, seasonably cool from oklahoma down to the southeast. and saturday's going to be fine sunday looks just fine, san francisco 68 and pretty quiet weather. there is a big storm on the southeast coast. and now a closer look at the day temptures in the cities will be above freezing much of the day. hopefully the roads won't be too bad and watch out for thever passes. no signs of cold air in the northern plains yet. should be a very enjoyable super bowl. >> as long as it goesout a hitch. just ahead, new evidence from that somalia plane with a hole blown in it that points to a bomb.n atv going for a joy ride without a driver.
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the plane explosion that in an airliner in somalia was likely caused by a bomb.ors found explosive residue, likely from military grade explosives. but no terrorist group has claimed responsibility. a man from new been arrested after his drone crashed into the 40th floor of the empire state building. he's expected to face criminal check out this bazar newly revealed surveillance video of a atv in iowa spinning withoutdriver. it finally stopped after flipping over on the side of a building. fortunately, no one was hurt.
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this morning on "today," we're just six months away from the opening ceremonies of the summer olympics in rio. in sports, kobe bryant turned back the clock with a ret retro face the pelicans. kobe nailed three, three pointers. he led the lakers over the 99-96. talk about a hole in one.
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nailing a hole in one on his fifth attempt. don't we all wish it was that easy. and sad news. bmx legend has died from an parent suicide. participated and medaled in every x games and he leaves behind a wife and two he was 41 years old. just ahead, which music mega star just fired her entire staff? and jimmy fallon's puppys predicted the winner for sunday's big game.
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volume, length, definition, lift, and intense color. choose love new revlon ultimate-all-in-one mascara. now for some entertainment news.tly fired her entire staff, including her general manager of five years and her cousin. she hired a brand new team will be head of j.p. morgan chase. she means business. found orof the band earth, died at the age of 74. many celebs including quincy jones took to twitter tor respects.
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famous term "boogie wonderland." meanwhile matt leblanc. i want this to be a clean vote. okay, you got it? thank you very much. let's release the puppies. [ applause ] land slide, land slide right there. i think it's obvious. the winner are the denver >> going with the underdog. >> it was so clear. yes. >> i hope it's an entertaining good game. >> that was >> there's always the puppy bowl. >> i'm a serious better. this is "early today." all on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is
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