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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  February 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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now at 5:00, a live @look outside where the snow is @making for some slick covered @roads in parts of northeast @ohio. @>> yeah, dani is keeping track @of the roads. @first, let's get right to @hollie tracking the lake effect @snow. @good morning, hollie. @>> good morning john, lynna, @dani. @to you at home. @this is lake effect snow. @temperatures will be 20s @through the day. @that's the reality. @we're normally in the 20s. @should be this time of day. @the difference today compared @to the last several is we're @not going to make it out of the @20s. @it's basically east side. @east suburbs of cleveland. @we're seeing it through lake @and geauga county. @summit county is seeing snow @showers right now.
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@i will step out of the way. @it's areas like willoughby. @all along 90 and chardon and @chesterland are seeing it. @it's on the northern side of @bainbridge. @it's very light there. @'s know in the air. @one thing as well as, as we get @closer in here, you can see @euclid. @that's the other thing with @lake effect. @it will be heavy at times. @where you get the squalls @persisting is where it happens. @westside, so many of us here at @channel 3 came into work. @wow, it was so bad coming in. @dani is going to talk about @road conditions. @together on days like this. @>> yes, we are, two peas in a
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@through their commute. @at 5:01. @we have fairly nice drive @times. @ashtabula, geauga, eastern @cuyahoga county where we're @seeing wet roads. @if you park outside, give @yourself extra time so you can @warm your car up and get the @extra snow off your car. @we take a look at state route @two. @usually that gets a little @dicey. @everything is looking good so @far. @so, if you take 2 between 44 @and millner, it's a 14 minute @drive. @normal, john and lynna. @>> all right. @thank you, dani. @ tiffany tarpley is out and @abin our eastern counties. @we have a gps locator on you @right now.
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@how is it looking? @>> looking pretty good overall, @john and lynna, but we've seen @the heavier bands of snow @hollie is talking about. @we're traveling along route -- @east. @there's a salt and plow truck @in front of us. @i just got off the phone with @the sheriff's office. @they said everything is good. @you can see here along route @two, we have this lain where @it's pretty clear. @over here to the left, it is @snow covered. @you just have to be careful as @you're driving along. @we were in the spots where @there was no snow falling. @then it would start to pick up. @really, it's just about being @aware of that and staying @cautious. @>> all right. @hollie has been saying this is @one of those cases where some @people will see a foot. @some people will see an inch. @here is a look from the west @side. @one of the crews out there
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@they're making sure the commute @is a smooth one, really putting @down the product there. @snow, slick spots. @west side is dealing with this @as well. @we'll check out how snow is @falling to the south of us. @a look at i-77. @in the akron area at montrose @hill. @roads just looking wet, @everything is moving pretty @well. @don't forget to look at the app @for all the latest weather @information and closings on our @ialert system. @i should mention we have one @delay. @carrollton village. @that's about southeast from @canton. @there you are on a two-hour @delay today. @>> and a reminder, this next @hour, this is the crucial time @for superintendents and @districts to make decisions. @we'll stay on top of it for @you.
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@have been confirmed. @they're not linked. @they traveled to haiti. @there are more than 3 dozen @cases in the u.s. most infected @people don't get sick. @however, there's concern @between zika and a rare birth @defect transmitted through a @pregnant mom. @ witnesses reported hearing @gunshots near east 121st 121st @yesterday. @when detectives responded, they @found a body inside of a car @with several gunshot wounds. @detectives say someone set fire @to the car. @authorities have not yet @identified the victim. @>> well, this one sparked a lot @of outrage on our wkyc facebook @page. @the cuyahoga cuyahoga city @council voted to give @themselves a pay raise. @this will start in 2019. @it's a part-time job with
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@a channel 3 investigation @revealed significant @absenteeism of several members @last year. @ christians around the world @are marking ash wednesday today @and the first day of the lent @season. @in jackson township, st. steven @church is offering ashes to go @in the parking lot from 7:00 @a.m. @until 9:00 and then from 4:00 @to 6:00 p.m. @clergy will dispense ashes, @making the cross on the fore @heads for those of you who @can't attend traditional @services. @ the school district in @texas wants to shorten the @number of days students go to @school each week. @what they propose instead. @we'll have this coming up on @the morning news feed. @>> two big wins in the new @hampshire primary. @governor kasich had a @successful outing as well. @we'll get the full recap next, @live from new hampshire.
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@ scattered snow today. @you have the possibility of @seeing a few inches. @then we go with the plus sign @for the snow belt. @that's where amounts are going @to be all over the place, just @depending on where these @squalls sit up. @ialert closings. @we'll keep you posted. @you should know if your @district closes immediately. @we're expecting more lake snow. @we're live in west lake this @morning and all across @northeast ohio. @as you wake up, you know @exactly what to expect. @west lake's commute looks
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@ @5:10 right now. @bernie sanders and donald trump
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@voters rejected traditional @politics and embraced the @outsiders. @trump can now say for the first @time he can legitimately call @himself a winner during this @campaign. @>> that's right, john and @lynna. @he probably said it before, but @now we have the numbers from @new hampshire to back it up. @it was a decisive win for @donald trump 2-1 over this pack @of republicans fighting it out @to follow him. @>> i want to thank you. @we love you. @>> more than a third @republicans said yes to his @bold, not political brand of @olympics which he says will @work anywhere. @>> we're going to south @carolina. @we're going to win in south @carolina. @john kasich is in a four-way @battle for second place. @he credits a positive message. @>> tonight the light overcame @the darkness of negative
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@>> hillary clinton suffered a @huge, thousand not unexpected @defeat. @she lost to bernie sanders by @double digits, but insists it's @not over. @we're going to fight for every @vote in every state. @>> sanders heads to harlem, new @york, to pick up key african- @american endorsements that @could help him compete against @clinton in south carolina. @>> they're throwing everything @at me except the kitchen sink, @and i have the feeling that @kitchen sink is coming pretty @soon as well. @>> massive turnout, lines @around the block. @in one case, a mile long led to @outsider victories in both @parties. @>> while we don't have the @official numbers yet in terms @of the turnout, based on what @the secretary of state was @predicting from large numbers @of people who were registering @on the day of the primary, it
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@to set a record there. @>> tracy, let's talk about @governor kasich here. @he put his entire campaign on @the shoulders of in new @hampshire. @said he had to do well or he's @done. @what got him to the second @place finish? @>> talk about putting all of @your eggs in one basket, and @that really works for him. @what he says is he kept a @positive campaign. @he said over and over, as you @just heard there, he said that @in order to win you've got to @stay positive. @you can't just, as he put it, @attack everyone else for what @they're not doing. @you have to put a message out @there that americans are going @to buy into. @it worked for him in new @hampshire. @big demographic changes when he @goes to south carolina. @>> that continues to be the @plan there. @thank you so much. @hello, hollie.
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@this is a great telltale of @lake effect snow. @traffic is moving along fine @now. @earlier this morning there was @snow falling, and it was really @slow, and now everything is @great. @so it's going to be one of @those where conditions do vary, @but, i will tell you, there's @snow on the ground, and this is @also showing that you don't @have to be under an advisory or @watch to have the snow in your @area. @the bus top kids, it's 20s. @i do think most of you are @going to end up with school @today. @we talked about this yesterday, @these warnings and vines and @things going on really just @kicked in late. @we'll be dealing with the whole @day today. @i think coming out of school @and coming home from work once @we've had more time for more @snow accumulation is when it's
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@potentially tomorrow morning @too. @so we're going to be tracking @it. @we're also forecasting another @cold weekend, one of the @coldest we've seen this winter @season. @and it's valentine's. @we're in the 20s today. @the thing is we're not going to @move a whole lot, maybe a @degree or two. @5:15. @23 degrees at hopkins. @we're thinking 25 for the high @today. @lake effect snow is coming down @to the east. @nothing is too heavy at this @moment, but we've got @persistent to light squalls @happening east of cleveland @we're seeing it through the @suburbs here. @lake county is probably seeing @the most of it. @also northern summit county, @around euclid, you've been @getting snowed on too. @here's the warnings and @advisories that are in place. @same three counties. @they still go through tomorrow @at 4:00 p.m. @as we track on future view, you
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@these snow bands really do kind @of change throughout the day. @accumulations are going to vary @as a result. @john and lynna have been @talking about that. @some of you may have trace @amounts. @a foot of snow is not out of @the question for those of you @in the snow belt by the time @this is all done later @tomorrow. @we've got scattered snow @showing up and into early @thursday. @it's going to get cold. @everyone is going to drop into @the teens tonight. @snows will start to diminish, @but we'll have scattered lake @effect snow showers into the @afternoon before things finally @wind down a bit. @really cold air. @as far as accumulations, the @bigger thing to take away from @the computer model forecast is @not the number, but where you @see the bull's eye. @that's exactly where we're @seeing the lake effect snow and @advisories.
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@geauga county. @you're the ones that are going @most accumulations. @diminish tomorrow. @we're going to drop the chance @back to a 50/50 chance. @friday, it's going to be cold @and just a few flurries. @gosh. @and then for valentine's day on @sunday, we're around 20, single @digit lows and back into the @30s next week. @5:17, let's see how the roads @look. @wkyc traffic is brought to you @by mike bass ford. @get a great deal and a great @deal more at mike bass ford. @ good morning to you. @i hope you're having a great @start to your wednesday. @we start on the west side. @this is 71 south. @71 north. @we have a crash reported at @west 25th street. @we're not picking these up on
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@any delays north because of it. @we're seeing the snow. @hollie is doing a great job @forecasting it. @you want to prepare for wet @roads. @we received alerts from odot. @ashtabula, there are 23 plow @trucks helping us clear the @ice. @there are 80 plow trucks @between the three. @so hopefully as you hit the @roads, we will still be looking @great. @normal drive times throughout @the region. @john and lynna, back to you. @>> all right. @dani. @thank you. @ more than two months after @the san bernardino terror @attacks, investigators still @can't access the data from the @attacker's cell phone. @>> and the highlight is a @maureen is back. @that's one of the store -- @feed. @>> there are holdups here, the @cell phone companies use @encryption to protect data, but @there's no override option, @even in a terror investigation.
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@tell them how and why they @attacked. @the killer's gun downed at @least 14 people last december @before dieing in a shootout @with police. @the supreme court puts a stop @to president obama's clean @power plant. @in a 5-4 vote, they blocked a @rule. @justice sided with states and @industry groups. @the white house says it @disagrees with the court, but @expects the rule to survive the @legal challenges. @ if you think the prices at @the pump are low now, some @prices could dip to below a @dollar. @99 cents a gallon. @supply the -- is growing. @prices are at 12-year lows. @the 99-cent stations are going @to be isolated.
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@here in northeast ohio, the @lowest price is $1.23. @ a district in texas now has @a four day school week. @they're not the only ones going @to this system. @another district will switch to @the same calendar next year, @adding an additional 25 minutes @to their regular school day, @but getting a three-day @weekend. @it's not all good for everybody @in the school district. @teachers and staff are not @getting the four-day week. @they still have to be there on @friday to grade and work on @lesson plans, but they get that @day to jump ahead. @>> it's a thought, something @that a lot of school school @districts are thinking of. @>> they probably do a lot of @that on the weekends, and they @lose the weekends. @maybe that's a benefit for the @teachers. @thank you, mo. @ how much do you spend on
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@protection. @>> matt granite is coming up @with services you don't need to @pay for. @>> coming up looking at the @montrose area. @live team coverage of lake @effect snow. @we have a two-hour delay for @carrollton schools in karol @county.
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@ @all right. @mac considers these three of @the most useless services. @>> so they waste your time and @your money. @>> yes. @>> and we don't need these at @all? @>> no. @you need them, but the way @they're provided to you is @where the fault lies. @>> okay. @>> in the name of frugality, i @want to make sure you and your
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@the first is actually tied to @airplanes. @we love them. @we're on them. @and we can't bear to be @disconnected from the world for @two or three hours. @airplane wi-fi is not the way @to go. @take a look at this screen. @they're ready to throw those @laptops at each other. @airplane wi-fi is not only @incredibly inconsistent, but @it's overpriced. @and when it is free, it las a @failure rate of -- has a @failure rate of almost 97%. @based on all my tests. @there are airlines trying to @improve it, but on the recent @flight on united, they had to @reset the router several times. @i love united, but it needs to @be improved on all airlines. @perks tied to travel are on @your credit card. @if an airline is trying to sell @you extended travel protection
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@that's generally a uselessed @credit card. @it's not necessary. @also, in full support of @getting your free credit score, @all of the bureaus will charge @you to monitor your credit @score. @i'm sorry. @that's useless. @there are better services out @there that will do your trick @and many credit cards perform a @form of id theft. @those are three useless @services until the prices or @delivery is improved. @>> so buy them up and buy them @up again. @>> not our viewers. @>> not anymore. @ all right. @let's talk some snow, hollie. @>> we shall. @it's lake effect snowing for @some of you. @we're currently in the low 20s @for some. @we're seeing the the lake @effect snows this morning. @lynna, we'll pinpoint where and @how much we're thinking as we @head throughout the day.
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@memorial day for years, but @there's bad news for this great @american red cookoff. @details, next. @ on the way to the break, @the live look at snow that's @still falling. @hollie has the latest on the @forecast, what we're going see @through the rest of the day. @dani is keeping a very close @eye on those traffic cameras.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what
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your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. @ @20. @you can see where we're headed @now. @the route is pretty clear here @along route 20, so if you're @traveling from ashtabula county @this morning and headed toward @route 2, you should have a
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@we see area where is the snow @bands has persisted. @the lake effect snow hollie has @opinion telling us about in @this morning. @i've reached out to the highway @of transportation just to see @how things are going this @morning. @i expect to hear back later @today. @hollie, when i do, i will tell @you how they think things are @going on the roadway. @>> thank you so much, tiffany. @ it's been great hearing @from all of you on social @media. @here is a look at where tiffany @is traveling on the east side. @we have snow coming down, but @it's very light. @when it's light in intensity, @there's no problem keeping up @with it. @it's the heavy snows that it @becomes an issue. @as we look west, western @suburbs are really dry, @compared to several hours ago. @if you're just waking up in @places like bay village or west @lake, you've got snow on the @ground, about 1-3 inches in @those locations from snows @overnight. @a wider view, i think, even @tells the story more.
5:27 am
@up without any snow falling. @mansfield, sandusky, totally @dry. @it's not to say you will see a @flurry. @it's those of you in the snow @belt that have the opportunity @of seeing the most. @and the overall plan is going @to be these periods of lake @effect snow showers. @we're low 20s now. @highs in the mid-20s. @dani has a check on your drive. @she's keeping us posted on all @the road conditions. @i see a lot of green. @green, hollie. @i do have an accident. @an update on the crash on 71 @north that i told you about a @few minutes ago. @71 northbound, a car hit a -- @we're not seeing any delays in @avenue b. careful. @we have normal drive times @throughout the region, but @those snow showers east can
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@we're still green. @for those of you who travel i- @90 between ashtabula and lake @county lake, 41 minutes headed @west and 38 minutes headed @east. @john and lynna, back to you. @voters in new hampshire turned @out in record numbers for the @presidential primary election. @and the actual results were not @all too surprising as they did @follow what polls had been @saying for days. @donald trump and bernie sanders @won with big numbers. @john kasich had a far better @than expected evening, coming @in second behind trump. @he spoke to talk about what he @calls the magic in the air and @the campaign of optimism that @won out. @>> something big happened @tonight.
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@let me tell you what it is. @we have had tense and tens of @millions of dollars spent @against us with negative @advertising. @okay? @we've had tens of millions. @see, that's the old politics. @that's the old politics. @we never went negative because @we have more goods to sell than @spend their times being @critical over someone else. @>> the candidates now turn the @focus to the next primary, @about a week and a half away @from south carolina. @>> @ a kent state student claims @she was raped by her former @solve coach's son, a baseball @player, and that the school @ignored her allegations. @a federal lawsuit also accuses @the coach of a coverup to @protect her son. @the accuser claims she filed @complaints under title ix which @prohibits gender discrimination @at institutions, but that went @nowhere, leaving the student @traumatized. @kent state university is @responding, saying they're
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@>> hundreds of students @gathered for a somber visit @last night at the university. @family and friends are mourning @the loss from west lake. @he was shot and killed sunday. @police say nick was visiting a @friend at ryan place apartments @when three suspects barged @through the door and demanded @money. @investigators say some sort of @fight happened and a 17-year- @old stowe high school student @fatally shot nick. @a go fund me account has been @set up to help nick's family. @ a memorial day tradition in @cleveland is apparently no @more. @a spokesperson for live nation @said the organization will not @produce the great american rib @cookoff and music festival this @year. @it would have been the 24th @24th year. @no word if someone else will be @taking over the event. @maureen? @>> reporter: the royal @caribbean cruise ship that's @been tossed around the sea is @scheduled to return tonight. @passengers aboard anthem of the @seas took these pictures right
5:31 am
@board the ship after a storm @hit on sunday. @they reported howling winds and @waves as high as 30 feet. @more than 4500 passengers and @1600 crew members are still on @the ship. @the ship will return to a @jersey port around 9:00 a.m. @this morning. @>> a nashville family is @sending a warning after their @hover board caught fire and @destroyed their home. @theyest scaped through a second @story window. @the home was a total loss. @this is one just of dozens of @recent fires thought to be @caused by hover boards. @>> german emergency workers are @now on scene after a deadly @train crash that killed ten @people. @two trains crashed head on @yesterday. @the two train engineers are @thought to be among the dead, @and one person is still missing @this morning. @they're trying to determine
5:32 am
@ plus size model ashley @graham made history when sports @illustrated featured her in its @annual swimsuit edition. @this time, she's an official @part of the issue that's out @next week and is even in @running for rookie of the year. @she confirmed her spot, saying, @it's official, i'm an si @swimsuit model. @this is a dream come true. @she has been modeling since the @age of 12. @she's been featured in lane @bryant ads. @she's gorgeous. @>> they have a rookie of the @year? @>> yes, for swimsuit modeling. @>> i didn't know that. @>> now you have new goals. @>> thank you, maureen, for that @image. @time right now is 5:37. @all right. @so we have these new @allegations that the browns @covered up johnny manziel's @drinking problem. @what if the story is false? @have the browns lost the
5:33 am
@my take, coming up next. @ forget about juicing. @why soup is replacing those @thick, green smoothies. @we'll track lake effect snow. @ialert is there for you. @two to pass along to you. @carolton schools and richland @county both on a two-hour delay @today.
5:34 am
@ @5:41. @time for your morning pick me @up. @we're on a mission. @let's do it. @a recent video of a mommy and @baby dance. @check out these new mommies and @their babies doing a full on
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@ @how amazing are they? @this dance studio is in san @diego. @it focuses on mom and baby @dancing. @the instructor says this kind @of workout helps mom bond with @their baby. @it gets you moving. @. admit it. @i'll tweet the link for you in @case you're just tuning in. @>> that's great. @you know, the babies are @probably falling asleep with @>> right. @getting used to the music and @that way they fall asleep in @noise. @>> very good. @all right. @ so, if you turn to juicing @as a pick me up, forget about @it. @that's so 2015. @the soup cleanse is in. @it proms an easier cleanse. @the soup cleanse typically @includes about 1200 calories.
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@souping for more than one full @day at a time. @>> all right. @ scary moment last night in @college basketball. @carolina's head coach collapsed @in the bench area and had to be @helped to the locker room. @he's had vertigo for years, but @it's the first time he suffered @a collapse during the game. @he watched the 2nd half from @the locker room. @carolina won the game 68-65. @williams said he's alive and @kicking. @he's had attacks like this in @practice before. @ when i first saw the latest @browns headline, the one that @read cleveland browns accused @of covering up manziel's @drinking problem, i was not @surprised and thought, here we @go again. @then the journalist in me @waited for more information. @with so many stories of johnny @partying in dallas and vegas.
5:37 am
@hear manziel and coverup @together. @even if the story is not true, @does it show the browns have @lost the benefit of doubt. @remember, jimmy haslam said @he's responsible for the @browns. @>> the franchise is not @performing any better, @certainly not like the fans @expect, and that's my fault. @>> this came after more @announcements came about him @working for flying j. hoseys he @was not hung over when he @showed up for work and she was @suffering from concussion @symptoms, so right now, we @don't know what happened. @we have two sides to the story. @every incident should be @weighed separately, but can @you, the fan, give the browns @the benefit of the doubt? @vegas doesn't. @the browns are 200-1 to win the @super bowl next year.
5:38 am
@ever. @i believe it's not just based @on talent. @when it comes to turning think @so around and doing the right @thing, even vegas doesn't give @the browns the benefit of the @doubt. @do you? @let's talk about it on social @media. @tweet me your thoughts at john @wkyc. @hollie? @>> thank you, john, so much. @ we're going to a live look @at route 2. tiffany tarpley is @traveling this morning and @keeping you covered with east @side snow. @this is right around @payneville, we're thinking, @where the snow is coming down. @things can be moving pretty @smooth. @we'll check in with tiff here @in just a little bit and see @what they've encountered in @their travels since the last @time we checked. @5:45, and we're tracking this @lake effect snow. @accumulation will vary today. @obviously lake effect snow is
5:39 am
@tracking. @this is seasonal for this time @of day. @the big thing is we're not @going to make it out of the @highs. @we'll come in at 10 degrees @below normal when it's all said @and done. @we have plenty of snow flying. @most of it is to the east at @this point. @we saw snow overnight to the @west while you were asleep. @that's let up for most of you @there's a lot over the lake. @we have warnings and advisories @that go through tomorrow, late @afternoon. @so this is expected to @continue. @if you're waking up in mentor @and payneville, it's snowing @pretty good. @it's a moderate snow. @snow in parts of geauga county, @around akron. @it's really light there, but @it's happening. @and the ashtabula county too. @loraine county is pretty quiet. @you will see euclid right on @over the border into lake @county, it starts to get quite @heavy, and we do have lake
5:40 am
@and ashtabula and geauga @counties. @this has not changed. @they still go to 4:00 tomorrow. @the only difference is it went @from a watch to a warning in @some of these counties. @as we take a look at future @view, it's through the day. @that's why, you know, it's not @like we're tracking alberta @clipper or some storm system @where we can pinpoint it. @everyone is going to get 2-4. @it's really not the case. @some of you may get 4-6. some @may get 6-10. @some may get zippo. @so it's literally the lake @effect. @it's going to be really cold to @start in the teens. @that's nothing compared to @what's ahead for this @valentine's weekend. @we're expecting highs in the @teens. @saturday, 12 degrees.
5:41 am
@something good to do inside. @the great big home and garden @show. @we have a big booth over there. @we're excited to see you. @i will be out there this @weekend. @saturday. @so come and stop by and say hi. @5:48 right now. @the really cold weekend to @something that's going to warm @you up. @and that's cooper. @cooper is from avon lake. @he's clearly ready for the cold @weather that is headed our way, @john and lynna. @>> i love the elmer fudd hat. @>> that's the cutest picture @i've seen all day. @>> michael, thank you for @sending in this photo. @>> thanks, hollie. @[music] @all my instincts they @return the the brand -- @>> yeah, you know, seems like @that one in the say anything
5:42 am
@think that creepy behavior is @okay. @male behavior often shown in @romantic comedy are actually @pretty damaging to our @perception of what's normal. @>> creepy or borderline stalker @like are seen as romantically @sweet or passionate all thanks @to rom-coms. @>> and you've got me. @>> well, speaking of romance. @>> let's go right to romance. @>> cleveland has been named as @one of the most romantic cities @in america. @>> yesterday we got knocked @yesterday. @>> that's why these polls shown @thrown out. @we should keep this one. @>> they love st. louis. @tampa, minneapolis, denver, and @sacramento.
5:43 am
@then we've got portland, @milwaukee. @milwaukee is very romantic. @rounding out the top ten is @cleveland. @website looked at cities that @bought the most romantic @groupons. @we like this story. @remember, as you mentioned, @yesterday wallet hub ranked us @98th out of 100. @they called us one of the worst @cities for valentine's day. @>> you make of it what you @will. @>> i'm willing to bet that @every city except denver, those @were all good today, bad @yesterday. @>> right. @>> so it's a complete reverse. @>> milwaukee, it's the beer. @all right. @matt, what do you have? @>> i've got a bargain to end @the war and help us all find @love between apple and android. @one way to unite both, after @the break. @first, dani, you're keeping us
5:44 am
@>> i'm trying to by giving you @information so you can minimize @your delays. @i-90 on the east shoreway, wet @roads because of overnight snow @showers and the lake effect @snow that holly is tracking, @but we're looking pretty good. @normal drive times on the east @shoreway. @in fact, we have normal drive @times through the region. @you have the green light to go.
5:45 am
@ @traffic a live look at traffic. @we continue to track lake @effect snow. @hollie will be along with a @full forecast coming up. @>> after this storery, i expect @matt granite to tell me dog and @cats are going to live in peace @together. @we have apple and android @coming together to live in the @tech world. @>> apple and android, this day @and age we have to be able to @charge apple and android from @the same cable. @don't you think it's about @time. @>> yeah.
5:46 am
@my wife is all apple. @i'm android. @and on the odd road trip or @just in general, we run into @our issues. @i know you do too. @take a look on the way to cut @down all the clutter on your @screen to the right, but a way @to take that apple versus @android battle and end it with @a bargain. @look. @>> they found love. @>> just in time for valentine's @day. @the universal charger i found @today takes care of your @iphone, ipad, windows, lg @phone, all from the same cable. @it gets you two for under 20. @they're apple certified. @android say i used this at ces. @to for under 20. @>> it's really short. @>> no. @it's not. @>> thank you. @>> the same cord that you just
5:47 am
@touch from however many years @ago will now also fit into my @android because we have found @love together, all to the tune @of about $10 a pop., oh, yeah. @>> diversity right here. @>> finally. @>> kumbaya, let's hold hands. @week. @harmony. @>> thank you. @>> thanks john and lynna. @world. @ hollie. @>> hollie, what? @are we going to get a foot of @snow in some places. @>> the keyword is some. @most of you have a potential of @1. 3 inches today. @it is lake effect we're dealing @with. @we have the plus sign included @for those of you in the snow @belt. @temperatures are in the 20s @now. @that's normal for this time of @day. @20s.
5:48 am
@it's going to get cold. @wait until you see the frigid @air on the way. @arrives. @>> coming up, zika in northeast @ohio, two different cases @reported. @we'll tell you where they're @contracted it. @tiffany? @>> reporter: we're getting @ready, john, to get on route 2 @west in mentor. @snow. @but how are road crews keeping @up with the conditions?
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