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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @ channel 3 morning newscast @is brought to you by windows @direct. @and now, channel 3 news today. @ and right now at 6:00, a @hospital security guard @attacked. @coming up, why the suspect @didn't get too far. @>> a judge orders apple to @break into the phone of a mass @murder. @>> plus, as you are waking up, @you can expect a much calmer @drive into work this morning. @>> we like the sound of that. @tracking your wednesday morning @forecast.
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@>> there are some snow showers @out there and you'll notice @some eye alerts. @those mainly delays down to the @south. @still from yesterday's snow, @where portions of portage and @carol counties saw upwards of 6 @to 8 inches of snow. @we are seeing snow flurries @reported at hopkins. @27 the current temperature. @the snow is about to end at the @airport. @it's right where the radar site @is there. @it's already clearing back @toward lakewood and bay village @and west lake, you're clearing @out. @cleveland, still looking at a @little bit of snow. @east cleveland, highland @heights, that's all going to @move into giaga county and @ashabula county. @barberton, no more snow for @today. @canton and lewisville about to @clear out there. @looking fine for the rest of @this afternoon, mostly cloudy,
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@a temperature around 30. @daniel. @>> right now, we're looking @great on the traffic map, even @though we have snow showers, @but they are not affecting your @commute. @the drive into downtown looks @great. @the east shoreway, in fact, @here's 77 near east 30th @street. @everyone is getting by just @fine. @for those coming into downtown @from the west, here is i-90, @everything looking great. @that drive time between 490 and @83, 17 minutes headed west and @16 minutes headed east. @when you hit the roads, don't @forget to tune into our @partners. @don and lena, back to you. @>> we are following a @developing story out of akron. @a hospital security guard is @stabbed multiple times. @>> tiffany is working to get @more information about the @attack and police say tiffany, @that it looks like the guard is @going to be okay. @>> lena, it's really amazing
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@he was stabbed in the neck and @stomach. @he is recovering at akron @hospital after undergoing @surgery. @suma st. thomas hospital, @police say he attacked the @unarmed guard. @sources say the patient @appeared nonlife threatening. @he had a couple pocket knives @and this morning we're working @to learn more about the @attacker. @we know he is in custody right @now, but has not been charged. @we will learn his name. @coming up in the next half @hour, i'll let you know what a @representative here at the @hospital has to say about all @of this. @john. @>> all right, thanks so much, @tiffany. @>> trial begins today for the @man accused of killing a father @and his two children in @barberton. @charged with the murders of @john choller and his teen son @and daughter.
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@head, but survived. @he could face the death @penalty. @his brother, michael, has been @sentenced to life in prison for @his role in the crimes. @ the man accused of stealing @$81,000 worth of jewels is back @in court today. @police say hans took gems from @the cleveland museum back on @december 3. surveillance video @from the museum shows him @leaving the museum and helped @police identify him. @a staff employee at john carol @university. @>> a 71-year-old pedestrian is @recovering after a car hit him @outside mercy regional medical @center. @police say an 84-year-old woman @driving a green subaru hit the @man and two parked cars. @it happened yesterday morning. @one of the medical center valet @drivers said he had to drive @off quickly to avoid getting @hit as well. @>> i heard the car tires @screeching and i see her car on
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@on the gas pedal full on. @>> police say the man who was @hit is in fair condition. @they say the driver will likely @have to retake her driver's @test, but she has not been @charged. @ orange village fire @department is urging people @with hover boards to take @precautions. @they shared photos of a fire in @a local family's basement @started by a hover board. @firefighters say the family @used an extinguisher to put the @fire out. @the department warns it is @important to have one in your @house. @now here's maureen with your @morning news feed. @>> u.s. fighter jets are flying @over south korea following @north korea's recent nuclear @test. @tensions are rising between @north and south korea. @the high-tech planes can sneak @past radar undetected. @they arrived overnight at an @air base and officials wouldn't @say how long they would be @deployed. @north korea recently launched a @rocket that was a long range
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@claimed to have tested a @hydrogeneral bomb. @>> apple says it will fight a @judge's ruling that they have @to cooperate with the fbi @unlocking the san bernardino @suspect's iphone. @farouk and his wife died in a @shootout after they shot and @killed 14 people. @since then, investigators have @not been able to get past @apple's security features. @they are hoping information @will lead to other terrorist @contacts and or plans. @>> the fbi has new requirements @when it comes to blood @donations because of the @spreading zika virus. @anyone traveled to areas @shouldn't donate blood for at @least a month. @there are no reports of any @zika entering the blood @donation supply. @ if you grew up in the 60s, @you may remember the hot toy, @the thing maker. @now mattel is giving the toy a @reboot, allowing kids to design @their own toy.
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@is a 3d printer for kids. @the 2016 thing maker made the @debut at the toy fair in new @york city this week. @it's going to be available @starting in the fall for just @under $300. @>> oh, forget it. @that's a lot. @>> talk about a total reboot. @the 60s toy, it it was iconic @for creating creepy crawlers, @incredible edibles. @now this one makes jewelry, @robots, dinosaurs, all sorts of @really cool toys. @>> that is pretty cool. @jo remember that? @>> no. @>> he is too young. @>> that's right. @>> thank you, good save. @>> still ahead, gas at the pump @has been easy on the wallet, @but could we see a big change @soon? @what some oil power countries @are doing that are making @investors a little worried. @>> and it's a story that will @tug at your heart. @how a basketball team is @rallying around one of their
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@the 7-year-old girl is showing @all of us. @greg. @>> can't wait to hear about @that. @we are starting off in the 20s @this morning. @a couple of snow showers and @snow flurries. @we'll be tracking those @throughout the morning. @as far as your commute, it's @looking good. @i don't think the snow will be @an impact for your morning @drive. @bundle up, it will stay chilly @with a high temperature, 28 to @32 degrees as we go through the @day. @the latest alerts, we still @have some of them. @they are available through our @i alert system. @check out the channel 3 app on @your smart phone. @live look outside this morning. @still looking at snow showers @outside progressive field. @we're talking spring training @and actually spring weather in @the day it is ahead. @a look at your forecast coming @up.
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@ @ yeah, right after inducted @into the rock hall, they will @return to cleveland for a life @performance. @the rock band known for, i want @you to want me, will be in town @may 6. headline the it's only @rock and roll spring benefit at @the public hall. @all of the ticket sales benefit @the educational programs at the @museum. @tickets go on sale next friday @and they start as low as $17.50 @a ticket. @we have more information on our @website, @ $17.50, that's not bad. @>> the financial world is @waiting to see what happens @with the world's oil supply and @gas prices for that matter @after the latest move by russia @and saudi arabia. @>> here's what is going on. @the russians and saudis agreed
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@cutter and venezuela joined the @deal. @oil prices did go up slightly, @but don't think this will have @much of an impact due to the @over supplied market. @in cleveland, we are seeing a @change. @the average this morning is now @$1.61. @that's up 16 cents since just @last week. @that's a big jump for us. @>> yeah, went up 20 cents @overnight in my neighborhood. @mechanics have rejected the @company's latest contract @offer. @the union will seek approval @for regulators to strike. @it's unclear if they will walk @off the job. @they have been working since @the airlines merged in 2010. @>> let's talk weather, a @little bit of snow out there. @holly is out there today, but @greg is in. @this is flying around a little @reminder. @>> mood snow, it gets you in @that winter mood, it's still @february, and enjoy it, because
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@it will be disappearing. @we have a big warmup on the @way. @first, let's get to the snow @and your forecast. @at the bus stop, the kids @should be dressed in layers. @it is in the 20s with a breeze, @windchills getting sent down @into the teens and you notice @the bottom of the screen, we @have some delays. @the eye alerts going strong. @as some of the school districts @are still delaying, even a @couple of places closed because @of the snow that fell last @night. @the radar this morning, snow @showers out there, but again, @this is light, it's just @through maybe about 7:00 in our @area, that's it, and it will @clear out quickly. @we have seen a light coating in @cleveland. @boston heights, that's moved @away. @the heaviest of the snow @flakes, where you're seeing the @darker blues. @that's going to move right @through giaga county, might put @down a quarter of an inch of @snow. @toward madison, down 90, lake
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@now they are moving in. @nothing too big here. @and checking in on some of the @road surfaces because @temperatures are mild. @that's 271 and mayfield road. @notice mainly wet there. @we'll check in with danielle. @lewisville as well. @we're looking fine down there @after some snow showers this @morning. @for the rest of today, i'm @looking at temperatures @climbing very slowly through @the 20s. @despite some breaks of sunshine @inbetween lake snow showers. @high temperatures in the low @30s this afternoon. @the setup around the region, @this area of low pressure @moving by. @northwest winds behind it. @that will kick up the lake @snow. @our next storm system tracks to @our north and that's really @going to send a milder weather @headed our way, as we head into @friday and i think it sticks @around for a majority of the @weekend. @those popup snow showers this @afternoon. @low 30s for your afternoon @highs.
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@that's going to be the coldest @part of your workweek. @what a beauty there. @friday, saturday, and sunday. @near 50 friday with @temperatures in the 40s as we @head into saturday and sunday. @now look at your forecast, now @let's send it over to daniel. @>> wkyc traffic is brought to @you by ford. @get a great deal more at mike @bass ford. @>> good morning to you, at @6:15, our commute is easy. @no accidents reported and it is @smooth on the roads. @we are tracking a little slow @traffic on 480 east. @that's not adding any time to @your commute. @we have some slow traffic @before the inner belt bridge. @that's because of that @construction where we are @squeezed to one lane. @we're not seeing the stop and @go traffic. @people getting by just fine. @watch for wet roads because @greg told you about that snow
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@that is normal. @we have normal drive times @throughout the region. @back to you. @>> it's almost 6:17. @time for my biggest winners and @biggest losers. @and i'm not sure if it's a @loser or a great play. @but the dallas stars may be @thinking the refs are help @handgun the home team. @this happened last night in st. @louis. @scoreless game. @st. louis will dump the puck @in, but what the ricochet. @it will go off the skate. @goalie bounces in front of the @net and they score. @jaden schwartz buries it for @the goal. @how about this, the lucky @bounces, and it counts because @the ref is part of the game. @underneath the banner, but it @did help the home team and @guess what? @they won by a goal. @it was the difference. @maybe the blues planned it like @this. @nice head's up play.
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@ heartfelt winners during @this random act of kindness @week. @they are rallying around @madison. @they brought madison down and @formed a prayer circle. @madison is having heart surgery @today for a critical heart @defect. @players are keeping madison in @their hearts. @thank you for showing this true @act of kindness. @and madison, you are a strong, @beautiful young lady and we're @thinking about you. @what a great story. @the basketball team wanted to @show that they care. @boy, that's an act of kindness @that will last. @if you would like to nominate @your champion or all-star, send @the picture and story, or twat @them to me at johnwkyc. @our prayers and thoughts are
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@>> smithville, wonderful @community. @and speaking of winners, today @those who won part of the $1.5 @million winning power ball @jackpot, they will come forward @and the rumors already swirling @around the winners coming up. @>> plus, the pope is finishing @up his tour. @how people are taking part in @the event. @>> a beautiful sun, this one @sent in. @look at all the color in the @sky. @the flags go until a chilly @wind. @we'll be getting rid of snow as @we head into the weekend. @a live look outside. @a couple snow flurries out @there, those are now moving @out.
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@ @ 6:22 right now. @pope francis ends his trip to @mexico later today. @>> more than a million people @are expected to attend and tens @and thousands sharing in the @moment across the border. @jay gray is live this morning @with more on the special day. @jay. @>> good morning, john and lena. @they are expected to gather @after sun up. @very early for this afternoon's @mass. @they will join in prayers and @songs celebrating the visit. @there will be a unique mix of @technology and theology here at @two-way video feed, so the pope @will be able to see and hear @all of those here as they @listen and watch his mass, @john. @>> there's been a lot of talk, @too, about security concerns. @especially with this leg of the @trip. @what can you tell us? @>> a strong show of force @across the border. @10,000 extra police, both state
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@detail that is with the pope. @there have been no specific @threats mexican authorities @tell us and they feel confident @about their plan. @>> jay, thank you so much for @the live report. @special tribute is taking place @for the late supreme court @justice. @black wool has been draped over @chair. @this is a tradition dating back @to the 19th century. @he sat to the right of chief @justice john roberts, which is @the seat given to the senior @justice. @scalia died saturday at the age @of 79. @>> today in florida, we will @finally learn who won part of @the power ball jackpot. @we're hearing this is winners, @as in plural, bought the ticket @in melbourne beach at a grocery @store. @they stayed silent until now. @the florida lottery is hosting @a news conference at 1:30 today @to release more details.
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@i think there was a lot of @screaming involved. @>> maybe only dogs could hear @the screaming, greg. @>> so greg is in for holly. @there's a little bit of snow, @but big difference from @yesterday. @>> don't panic, this is just @very light stuff moving by. @a we can little storm system. @when you look across the united @states and your travel @forecast, this is really the @only game in town this weak @little clipper system moving @by, another storm won't bother @us until later friday into @saturday. @no cold air in the country. @40s in the northeast. @50s and 60s down south. @60s in denver. @70s and 80s out to the west @today. @if you're traveling locally, @here's what your rush hour @looks like. @scattered flurries. @now some of you did get a light @coating on the driveway. @so be careful stepping out the @door, you may have to brush the @car off. @this is a lighter, fluffier @snow. @clouds and sun this afternoon,
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@flurries will be around. @temperatures will stay in the @low 30s. @not all that warm today. @we are talking about warmer @weather returning to the @forecast. @we'll have details coming up @later. @john. @>> still ahead, a browns player @under investigation. @how he used money donated to @charity. @that's coming up. @maureen. @>> thanks, john. @coming up in the morning news @feed, adding insult to injury. @you won't believe how much @flint residents had to pay for @their lead contaminated water. @also, a real life situation in @florida. @we have details when channel 2
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@ @ 6:30 right now. @welcome back. @i'm lena. @>> and i'm john anderson. @the forecast is coming up, @first as you are waking up, @here's a look at what's going @on. @the trial begins for a man @charged for his role in a hit- @and-run accident that left a @cleveland heights woman @injured. @charged with tampering with @evidence and obstructing @justice. @the accident happened in 2013 @as the woman was riding her @bike. @frank wasn't the driver, but @police say he helped his @brother, derek, cover up the @crime. @derek was sentenced to two @month. @>> former browns player is the @subject of a federal @investigation. @he is charged with taking money
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@to pay gambling debt. @federal agents say he took @thousands of dollars from the @american charity and @peacemakers organization. @he withdrew thousands from @casino atm's in las vegas and @florida. @he is due in court next month. @>> if you are itching for @spring, this is a sign. @maybe this is not the actual @sign. @we're live at progressive @field, but the sign is indians @pitchers and catchers are set @to, they report to camp today, @although they have been there @working out. @let's switch. @we pulled up some video. @last february, the pitchers and @catchers, they officially @report today, full team reports @on sunday. @in case you're wondering, i @asked greg before the show. @i said is the weather miserable @in goodyear? @it will just be 88 degrees. @>> so miserable. @>> yeah, it's like near 60 @right now in the middle of the @night.
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@greg, actually you know what? @we won't be too far away from @60 coming up this weekend. @>> we will get that way friday @and the weekend. @not looking bad. @a couple chillier days @inbetween. @good morning, everybody. @mid and upper 20 20s to start @your wednesday. @29 and 26 akron, canton. @there have been some snow @showers moving by. @so a fresh coat of snow, @basically from route 30 north @this morning. @the closer you are to the lake, @the more you probably got. @a quarter to a half an inch. @this wasn't a big event. @you see the last of the snow @showers moving out of lake @county. @left. @the snow showers now gone out @of stark and summit county, @looking nice and dry. @as far as your day today, it @will stay chilly. @a temperature near 30 with a @north wednesday wind kicking @up, sending the windchills into @the 20s much of the afternoon @and as with egothrough the day, @a couple snow showers and snow
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@certainly possible. @now, with the snow showers @around this morning, are they @affecting our roadways? @here is danielle. @>> we start on i-71 at west @25th where we are seeing red. @we have an accident here on the @left as you are trying to go @around the metro curve. @you'll make sure you scooch @over to the right if you are @leaving the house in a few @minutes. @we're seeing stop and go @traffic, as you can see, where @it's going toward venison @avenue. @your average speed is 15 miles @per hour. @your drive time here, 71 north @between 480 and 4 # 0, 12 @minutes. @the jennings looking good. @now we move to the south and @we're all green, no crashes @down there, but remember that @euclid avenue is closed between @diagonal road because of a @water main break. @i tweeted out detours. @john and lena, back to you. @>> let's get back to a story
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@hospital security guard is @recovering after being stabbed @multiple times. @>> tiffany joins us from where @this happened. @tiffany, this guard was @unarmed. @>> lena and john, you know, we @learned that suma health @systems have armed police, yes, @as you said, this guard was @unarmed. @let's go ahead and take you to @last night. @this happened around 7:00 last @night here at st. thomas @hospital. @just transferred to the @psychiatric ward. @we learned he had a couple @knives when he reportedly @stabbed the 54-year-old @security guard in the neck and @stomach. @a representative of the @hospital released a statement @in part saying the incident was @unprovoked. @coming up, i'm going to let you @know what we learned about the @security guard's condition and @how he is doing. @>> tiffany, thank you. @several people are being @treated for carbon monoxide
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@according to @several victims were rushed @from a home in east cleveland @to three local hospitals. @the fire department says it's @not clear what caused the leak. @we are working to get an update @on the victims. @now here is maureen. @>> thanks. @topping the morning news feed, @flint residents paid the @highest water rates in america, @even as their water was tainted @with lead. @this is according to a new @study just released. @the 500 largest water systems @in the country, flint residents @paid $824 a year for water @service, which is double the @national average and over three @times as much as people in @detroit. @today the surgeon general is in @flint to answer questions about @people's health concerns. @>> a south florida teenager is @under arrest this morning after @he was posing as a doctor at an @illegal medical office. @the fake doctor malachi love
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@he had a phd. @following up on a complaint, @investigators figured out it @was a sham. @he even created fake reviews on @out website and said he @specializes in natural @psychology and mental health. @ nfl commissioner took a pay @cut for the last year. @the league filed its tax @reports with the irs and @goodell made $34.1 million in @2014. @he made $35 million the year @before. @goodell's salary is $3.5 @million, but he got a $26 @million bonus and an almost $4 @million more in retirement. @the owner calls the shots when @it comes to his paycheck. @today is international random @acts of kindness day. @and a local group has been out @all night long. @our crew went along with rookie @smith, which stands for random @act of kindness everywhere.
6:37 am
@nurses at the emergency room @with pizza and coffee. @>> we thought it would be cool @to help the people who help @people. @so a lot of the nurses, doctors @are overnight. @we thought it it would be cool @to surprise them with random @kindness. @so. @>> their kindness didn't stop @inside the hospital, they @offered pizza to those outside @and they were headed to @university hospitals to @continue spread ring the @kindness. @now if you don't know rickie @smith, he's a standup comedian. @they are planning to do one act @of kindness every hour today. @>> that's fantastic. @>> he is inspirational. @when you see something like @that, you want to do something @good yourself. @>> can you imagine in everyone @did one. @they are doing 24. @>> hopefully it inspires you. @what a great story. @still lots to come. @we're going to check in with @matt. @>> i am slicing up one of the @biggest deals you will see all
6:38 am
@it's coming your way, but @first, greg, listen weather @wise. @>> it's a chilly start, a @couple snow flurries and snow @showers while you've been @sleeping. @no impact on the morning @commute. @your morning rush hour, @scattered flurries, and @windchills in the 20s. @i'll look at a big warmup @coming up. @>> coming up on the today show, @could the answer to living @longer be held in the world of @virtual reality until @ @>> what an idea that your @doctor might write you out a @prescription to play a video @game. @>> meet the top neuroscientist @who believes games could be @more powerful than any drug in @helping aging brains act young @again. @that's ahead on the today show
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@ @ 6:41, we know america's @favorite place to shop, @nordstrom. @then you have h and m. they are @a newcomer to the top five, and @rounding out the top five, you @have khol's and macy's. @>> yeah, you know that doesn't @surprise me. @they have great customer @service and you've talked about @that yourself before. @>> they also have one of the @best return policies in the @industry. @big fan of that and big fan of @all of you watching, because i @ask what you want to save money @on. @you voted. @the number one request, you @just wanted an amazing night. @i will take care of that today, @dyson i will take care of on @friday and i don't want to talk @about beats by dre. @the deal is the safest, most @sharp knife, amazing formula,
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@under $40 and sent it to my @favorite tv chef to test. @>> thanks a lot for sending me @this knife to test out. @i'm a huge fan of kitchen cut @cutlery. @i find myself going back to @these german made, quality to @last, not one, but five @lifetimes. @these are one of my favorites. @this particular knife, like it @a lot. @flexible enough to use as a @skinny knife, a general utility @knife. @you have to have a precision @knife in order to do that. @you know it's a mercedes. @you know it's the rolex of @knives. @i absolutely love this one. @>> i don't care whether or not @you buy it, but i listed the @deal on @the last knife you'll need to @buy, and the number one cause @of leading injuries in the @household are dull knives. @that's where the accident @happened.
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@because you can rock it. @>> you can rock it safely. @i'm sorry for the viewers, that @was not planned. @>> i have no idea what these @two are talking about. @i would like to know about the @weather right now. @here is greg. @>> and that's all i can talk @about is the weather. @that's all i'm going to talk @about. @good morning, everybody, time @now is 6:44. @we were tracking some snow @showers out there this morning. @it's looking good for the rest @of this afternoon. @your forecast as we go through @the day at the bus stop, maybe @still shoveling left, you know, @but this is one you want to @help the kids. @you don't want them to shovel @that heavy, wet snow from @yesterday. @20s at the bus stop. @that's where we're at this @morning. @27 still reporting a couple of @snow flurries in the air. @temperatures will stay in the @20s this morning, then that @southwest wind this afternoon. @and that will basically start @to tap into cooler air to our @north.
6:45 am
@there are your afternoon snow @showers. @clearing out in munson, a few @minutes left of this. @perry toward madison, the last @of lake county seeing the snow @showers and then a little burst @of snow right now, back to the @west, from gates mills, other @toward brook park. @all clearing out so far this @morning. @not doing much melter today. @there will be breaks of @sunshine, but with the wind off @the lake, typical day for snow @flurries and snow showers off @the lake. @temperature around 30 for this @afternoon. @that windchill will send it @back into the 20s as we go @through the day. @area of low pressure bringing @us cold showers. @the cold front is moving into @northeast ohio. @that will provide that @northwest wind, and give us the @chance for some of those snow @flurries and a couple snow @bursts this afternoon. @our next storm now off the west @coast, tracks straight across @the northern united states. @no dips in @ track and that
6:46 am
@and with the track through lake @superior, we're going to get a @nice southerly flow developing @late thursday into friday. @that will pick up friday @afternoon. @wind gusts 30 to 40 and a @temperature that will skyrocket @into the 40s, maybe even some @low 50s to start the day. @future view, there go your snow @showers, low 30s, maybe a @squall or two, teens with clear @skies overnight. @this is going to be our coldest @morning in the next few days. @low 30s, sunny skies, mid 30s @down through. @near 50 on friday and the @weekend itself looking good, @too. @with temperatures in the 40s @both weekend days. @your weather this morning, @we've got george. @good morning george. @he is a nine week old boxer mix @rescue. @he was rescued by carrie grub @earlier in the year at the
6:47 am
@says that george just loves to @cuddle and he is from alliance. @beautiful shot. @>> beautiful day. @>> i see george. @that's a great picture. @all right, thank you, greg, @here's some of the stories. @>> one montana family gotsome @into a walking dead episode, @someone call the cops on them. @neighbors called the cops after @they heard someone screaming @about having a gun w. police @got to the house h they raird @some loud. @two adults and some kids just @watching tv. @they found out later it was the @walking dead and everyone was @okay. @>> mcdonald's is adding a new @beverage. @how would you like a beer to go @with your big mac? @that will serve premium burgers @and draft beer and they already @labeled them mcbeers.
6:48 am
@happen in the u.s. right now, @that restaurant is the only one @testing it. @drinking age is 19 and they @will be carding you as you go @into mcdonald's. @>> mcbeer. @okay, it is one of the oldest @sporting events in the u.s. @we're talking about the 140th @westminster dog show. @they crowned a new champion @last night and this year was a @german short haired pointer @from california named cj. @cj is a handsome fella, and is @only the third of his breed to @only the third of his breed to @win the crown. @you can meet cj coming up on @the today show in a few @minutes. @>> so proud, you know. @i like that. @>> regal. @>> after the break, your @morning rush. @>> right now, let's check in @with tiffany. @>> this morning, a patient is @behind bars after being accused @of stabbing a security guard at @a local hospital.
6:49 am
@why he wasn't able to get very
6:50 am
6:51 am
@ @ welcome back. @6:51. @it is time for today's top @stories. @greg has your forecast coming @up, and of course, danny will @help you on the drive into @work. @>> maureen is talking about the @pope's historic visit to @mexico. @and tracy with more on an order @for apple to help in a terror @investigation. @first, here's tiffany. @>> a hospital security guard at
6:52 am
@morning after being stabbed @multiple times at a hospital. @akron police tell us he is @expected to be okay. @that's the good news this @morning. @it happened around 7:00 last @night in akron. @the guard is 54 years old. @the suspect also a patient here @is 33. @and in custody this morning. @he was caught within minutes on @a lockdown psychiatric floor. @he didn't get very far. @i reached out to a lieutenant, @still waiting to hear back to @get more information for you. @but of course when i do, we'll @bring it to you on air, online, @and on mobile. @tracy. @ hi, tiffany. @a federal judge says yes, apple @says no to unlocking the iphone @of a suspected terrorist, we're @talking about syed farouk @accused in that december attack @in san bernardino that killed @14 people. @the government said this @critical information on that @phone that they can't access @without apple unlocking the @phone.
6:53 am
@apple says they will not comply @with that order. @they will oppose it. @they call it unprecedented @saying they don't have the @technology, but creating what @they consider a back door to @unlock that phone would be @dangerous in the wrong hands. @affecting everyone's phone that @the government could order @access your camera and your @microphone. @looks like this one is going @through the courts. @maureen. @>> thanks. @pope francis ends his historic @trip later this afternoon with @a mass in juarez. @more than a million people are @expected to attend. @we saw first from pope francis, @he showed signs of irritation @and it was all caught on @camera. @while he was greeting a crowd, @eager people tugged on his @sleeve and appeared to be on @the verge of toppling him. @the pope turned to them and @said don't be selfish. @john. @>> all right, back here at @home, the trial begins for the
6:54 am
@and his two children. @eric is charged with the @murders of john fuller and his @son and daughter during a @robbery at their home in 2013. @his girlfriend was shot in the @head, but survived. @he could face the death @penalty. @his brother, michael, has been @sentenced to life in prison @for his role in the crimes. @>> worth of jewels is back in @court today. @hans took the gems from the @cleveland museum of natural @history back on december 3. @surveillance video shows him @leaving the museum and it @helped police identify him. @he is listed as a staff @employee at john carol @university. @danny. @>> thank you very much. @let's take a look at the @traffic map. @the first, big one, 71 north at @west 25th street. @it looks like they moved this @crash over to the right.
6:55 am
@we take a look at this drive @time. @13 minute commute, that's about @a 3 to 5 minute delay. @also an accident northbound as @you are approaching 77 in the @property area is off to the @left shoulder. @greg. @>> daniel danielle, a couple @snow flurries left over. @staying chilly with mostly @cloudy skies and lake snow @showers, but it's all about @that weekend. @extended forecast, 50 on friday @with a lot of wind and we'll @stay in the 40s on saturday and @sunday. @matt. @>> a 55-inch tv, it's better @than black friday prices being @tweeted as we speak. @top of the line. @that's a 55-inch lg for $498. @and how to lower your cable @costs to $20.
6:56 am
@>> $20, that's all the fees and @everything. @>> $19.99 to be precise. @>> look at your own bill and @join us tomorrow. @today show is next. @>> thank you so much for @watching. @we'll see you throughout the @today show with updates. @stay right there. @ @ thank you for watching @channel 3 news. @text wkyc to 25543 right now to
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again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals.
6:59 am
good morning. the government versus the tech giant. apple's ceo vows to fight a judge's order forcing it to hack into the iphone of one of the san bernardino killers. is the company taking a stand for its customers or making it harder for law enforcement to keep us safe? southern discomfort. the republican presidential candidates brawl in south carolina ahead of saturday's primary. even the president gets in on the action. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. it's not hosting a talk show or


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