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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  March 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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@ the first uterus transplant @today. @the details and discussing how @it happened. @ a strike authorization vote @at the university of akron. @what the professors are voting @on, what is in the contract @that is a starting their @discussion. @ it's exciting. @we are in to the week we have @been promising a warm up. @it's all coming together as @forecasted. @we are going end to up upper @50s for highs today. @we should be in the low 40s. @most of you are upper 30s to @low 40s now. @we are going to see partly @sunny skies throughout your @monday. @you are not going to mind the @fact that it's monday today. @a nice day. @temperatures currently waking @up, 30s, well in to the 30s in @most spots. @35 ravenna, downtown low 40s. @continually 39 in mansfield. @we do see rain showers to our
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@evening, a passing sprinkle or @light shower in to tonight. @staying dry today. @i think we will see sunshine. @it should be a really @delightful start to a very @spring-like week. @i will show you in moments. @nice to not be talking snow for @a change. @normal drive times knocks @accidents throughout the @region. @lena told you about the fire. @west 130th is closed between @benington and enterprise @because of the fire. @this is north of 480, i'm going @to work on detours and tweet @those out and have it up in the @next traffic in 15 minutes. @ let's talk about that fire. @the breaking news this morning. @cleveland police helped people @get out of their apartment @after the building caught fire. @police were responding to a
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@officer saw smoke across the @street. @the fire at a 2-story apartment @home at west 130th street, @residents were already coming @out of the apartment. @some on the second floor didn't @know the building was on fire. @police went up stairs and @knocked on doors to make sure @everybody got out safely. @still, no word on what started @the fire. @we are keep watching this one. @ tributes pouring in from @around the country after the @death of former first lady, @nancy reagan. @tiffany tarpley joins us from @the newsroom where how she is @being remembered. @>> we are expected to learn @more about funeral services, @happening this week. @what we know, is that she will @be laid to rest next to her @husband at the ronald reagan @library in california. @tributes are pouring in from @around the country and around @the world.
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@at the presidential library @there in california. @before the funeral services we @know that members of the public @will be able to pay respects to @reagan, who died at her home in @los angeles from congestive @heart failure at the age of 94. @she brought old hollywood @glamour to the white house, ex- @attractive grant style and just @say no to drugs campaign. @>> she was an incredible lady, @very strong and a total class @act. @>> it's like the end of an era. @it's sad and bittersweet. @>> during the presidential @debate, there was a moment of @silence as well. @coming up later today on the @today show, a special tribute @to nancy reagan. @ the man accused of @murdering his brother, a dayton @pastor, returns to court this
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@is expected to be an issue. @services resumed yesterday at @the church, one week after @pastor william schooler was @shot and killed in the church @office. @schooler pleaded not guilty to @aggravated murder. @he sued his brother over an @inheritance and fought mental @illness for years. @ a strike vote at at the @university of akron, full time @professors will vote, a strike @authorization. @this does not mean the @professors will go on strike @but gives the union the okay to @call one. @the latest contract pro @professional does not include @race -- appropriate does not @include raises. @ surgeons at the cleveland @clinic will discuss the first @ever uterus transplant in the @united states performed last @month. @the surgery is giving a lot of @people hope. @>> reporter: a medical
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@what the transplant is meant to @do is give women that don't @have a uterus or a damaged womb @the ability to carry a baby. @the news gave hopes of @pregnancy the those who thought @it wouldn't be possible. @they transplanted a womb from a @woman who died to a 26-year-old @woman who didn't have one. @the surgeons will discuss the @details. @other countries tried it in the @past with sweden reporting the @first successful birth in 2014, @5 healthy baby babies so far. @they are going to attempt 10 of @these surgeries in trials. @this is the first of one. @we will hear more about this @later on
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@fighting cancer for 6 months @but gives us an update. @ @ good morning to you. @hope you had a fabulous @weekend. @one thing you are going to be @talking about this week is the @spring warm up. @we are starting it off today. @much warmer in to you monday. @highs upper 50s, partly to @mostly cloudy skies. @we will see sunshine through @this morning and the afternoon @before a little more cloud @cover sets in this evening. @wait until you see how warm we @get this week. @ @ closings delays are @instant. @39 at hopkins. @hope you had a fabulous @weekend. @follow us on twitter, up, ready @and chatting and would love to
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@ @ after a busy weekend, the @presidential candidates are @focused on the next primary in @michigan. @>> tracy pots is live with a @preview of what the numbers are @looking like there and ahead to @florida. @>> reporter: exactly, good @morning. @the republicans are already @focused on florida's winner @take all primary a week from @tomorrowm they got to stop @through the midwest. @in michigan, voters are @concerned about two things, @mostly, water, and jobs. @>> i voted to save the auto @industry. @he voted against the money that @ended up saving the auto @industry. @>> reporter: auto jobs and the @flint water crisis, top ibs in @the michigan primary. @>> -- topics in the michigan @primary. @>> reporter: both democrats @want michigan's governor to
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@our poll shows hillary golston @with a 17 point lead there, and @far ahead in the delegate count @after last weekend. @donald trump's topping polls in @michigan, targeting florida, @marco rubio's home state. @rubio won port rico this @weekend. @>> i won 70% of the vote. @>> reporter: trailing back @home. @>> i haven't given up on @florida yet. @>> reporter: neither has ted @cruz, he is closing in on @delegates and doesn't want a @contested convention. @ @trump thinks republicans will @unite behind him. @>> i'm a unifier, maybe people @won't see that but they will @see that. @>> reporter: the next test, @tomorrow in michigan. @actually tomorrow we have got @several other states voting, @mississippi, idaho, the @candidates there over the @weekend, and hawaii vote @tomorrow. @ @>> a lot of talk about florida @and ohio. @there are other states coming @up as well. @how are they looking?
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@next tuesday, when florida and @ohio vote, the reason there is @focus is because the states @have large delegates counts and @the winner take off. @missouri voting, illinois @voting and investigate north @carolina, big states with @significant delegate counts, @they are not winner take all. @ @ as we look outside, holly @is keeping our eye on the @forecast. @good-bye winter. @>> so long . don't let the door @hit you. @no offense. @>> it's coming back now. @>> i shall not be afraid. @39 degrees. @i will tell you, all @indications are through the @next week or so we will stay @mild. @to the bus stop, temperatures @in the 30s.
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@30s out the door. @that's reasonable. @coats, yep, grab those, make @sure you maybe layer it a @little bit. @by recess time you won't need a @winter coat. @temperatures in the low 50s by @noon. @partly sunny skies, a great @week, highs in the upper 50s, i @think we will see cloud cover @towards dinner time. @the headlines include, the warm @up, beginning today, the spring @like week ahead and rain @chances is what we will have, @not a snow flake in the @forecast. @we are seeing the warmer, mild @air already. @current temperatures, you look @to the southwest, that is what @we will be tapping in to, 50s @and 60s in st. louis. @47 now in chicago. @by tomorrow morning, this time, @we will be in the 40s in most @spots.
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@upper 30s. @few 30s inland. @all seasonal. @rain showers that are showing @up to our west. @up. @through the day, keeping things @dry and towards dinner in to @passing shower. @future view picks up on this, @not all of you. @as we take a look, 9:30 this @morning, beautiful, partly @sunny skies and expecting a @nice warm up in to the 50s by @afternoon time. @partly sunny at 2:30. @the temperatures, 58 degrees, @aleria, akron, canton, downtown @56. @this is overcast, 5:00, 5:30, @in to the evening, perhaps a @shower, this is 10:30 tonight, @a few light rain showers around @sandusky in to lorain county. @they are out of here tomorrow @morning, we will start with a @little more cloud cover @tomorrow before we transition
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@looks like it's going to be @sunny tomorrow afternoon, but @warmer with highs in the 60s. @we are going mid to upper 60s @for your tuesday. @here is a look at the seven-day @forecast now, the buildup and @all of the talk we did about @this week last week is all @coming together. @today's highs in the 50s, mid- @60s tomorrow. @slight chances for rain early. @seeing the cloud cover to @start. @sunshine tomorrow afternoon. @sprink-like through the week. @upper 60s to 70s. @we will have scattered showers @and thunderstorms some days. @it's never going to be a @complete washout. @we are looking warm through the @weekend. @the time change this weekend. @springing ahead one hour @sunday. @5:15, let's check your drive. @ @ good morning to you. @welcome to your monday.
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@that's the only traffic alert @we have, west 130th shutdown @between benington and @enterprise because of a fire. @you can get around that using @west 150th street. @we will look outside, 480, west @130th, everyone is getting by @fine, a perfect commute. @take a look at the drive time @between 237 and the jennings, 6 @minutes east and 7 west. @those are normal drive times, @green throughout the traffic @map. @back to you. @ we are following other @breaking news, another fire, @this one on cleveland's west @side, this is video in to the @newsroom from west 122nd, @triscuit. @the home is vacant but @destroyed after engulfed by @flames. @the roof caved in. @no injuries have been reported. @ new york police shot and
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@who killed one person and @injured several others. @>> maurine has the details. @>> unbelievable. @the suspect is in critical @condition after police finally @ended his violent 7- hour crime @spree. @dillan killed a liquor store @owner, set a homeless man on @fire and slashed a neighbor @with his knife. @a massive man hunt followed. @he sprayed officers with a fire @accelerant. @his family says he suffers from @mental illness. @ after a long drought, the @west coast is getting pummeled @and causing mudslides and @dangerous driving conditions. @drivers had white knuckle @situations like hydroplaning @and standing water. @trees were knocked down from @the winds. @this is the first wave of @storms expect #-d this week.
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@longer needs cancer treatment. @the congregation applauded the @good news. @a lesion on his liver and four @small ones were in his brain. @those were discovered. @doctors will monitor the 91 @year old nobel peace prize @winner. @ the i dit rod -- eye dit @rot dog race. @this takes place in snow @usually. @something anchorage is lasting. @snow had to be shipped in from @fair banks so the race could @take place. @the winner will cross the @finish line, 9 days, another @problem besides the snow, they @are dealing with wondering @buffalo.
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@ @ voters are asked to renew a @health and services is levee. @>> helps seniors and those @battling mental health or @substance abuse. @tom beres shows us how 1200 @special needs kids benefit. @>> reporter: 4 year old savier @williams, a happy curious kid.
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@preschool in the arbor park @community center, he was @diagnosed with epilepsy, mom @unless. @>> they knew what to do. @>> reporter: bringing in a @program called starting point, @nurse michelle rogers trained @staff to give him medicine to @make him stop. @>> if a child has a problem, a @teacher has to now how can we @help this child. @>> reporter: his seizures comes @when he sleeps, after he @started here, one hit. @staffer sprang in to action and @went to the emergency coverage @for the medicine, someone @called 911, this was no @practice drill. @>> i didn't know what to do, i @kept telling in my mind, what @should i do first. @all the questions come in my @i just did it. @>> reporter: the program helps
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@>> it's 100% funded through the @levee. @it's critical that it passes. @if it doesn't, this program @will go away. @>> reporter: it's one way @health and human services levee @help those. @metro health senior and mental @health, homeowners pay $147,000 @forever $100,000 of value. @>> this is the same ballot @where the presidential primary @candidates are on, we have seen @it's a different e electorate. @>> reporter: it's personal.
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@of you, to know you are safe, @and the teachers are safe, @which our child, in their care, @knowing that your child's @health is in their hands is a @blessing. @>> reporter: only continuing if @voters say yes. @tom beres, channel 3 news. @>> supporters want to @emphasize, this is not a tax @increase, it's a 8-year renewal @for the levee. @>> if you would like more @information, the starting point @program, it's on @ let's talk about our @weather. @it is springtime. @>> this starts today. @upper 50s. @through monday. @time. @on the travel map, there are @west. @i think we will hold off on @seeing shower chance until this @evening and tonight.
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@it will end up being a fabulous @spring-like day tomorrow. @wait until you see the numbers @for your tuesday. @we are seeing hence of a warm @up, you look at chicago, 57, @detroit 59 today, 61 philly, @new york city, sunshine, 60 @degrees. @it's going to be a great week. @we will talk about it coming @up. @ good news for germ fobes -- @the new way of cleaning. @ she lived a life of service @and it's made a lasting impact, @coming up, how nancy reagan is
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@ @ a house fire was caught @quickly around 4:15 this @morning, officer responding to @a grocery store for a brick @thrown through a window while @there, he noticed smoke from an @street. @the people were coming out, @residents on the second floor @didn't know. @the officer knocked on @everybody's doors and got @everyone out safely. @no word on the cause. @ another fire, this on the @west side, west 122nd near @triscuit. @the roof caved in making it @tougher for firefighters. @neighbors were evacuated. @no injuries reported. @one perp was taken to the @hospital after a serious car @accident, this is a look at the @accident on east 116th.
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@one person had to be @extricated. @no word on their condition. @ this morning, funeral @services are pending for former @first lady, nancy reagan, @remembered across the country @and here in ohio. @let's show you what senator rob @portman had to say. @he said nancy lived a storybook @life that took her from @hollywood the white house. @her devotion to our country @and her husband was @extraordinary and i was so @honored id that opportunity to @meet her. @the attorney general says while @he mourn her loss and express @sympathy to children and @grandchildren, we take comfort @the reagans are reunited in @heaven. @she died at her home in @california sunday, 94 years @old. @ later this morning, doctors @at the cleveland clinic will @discuss details in the first @uterus transplant that took
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@released until this press @conference this morning at @10:00 a.m., we will have @coverage of this, the surgery @took 9 hours, as doctors @transplanted a uterus from a @woman who died to a 26-year-old @other countries tried womb @transplants in the past with @sweden reporting the first @successful birth in 2014, five @healthy baby so is far. @they will attempt 10 @transplants as part of a @clinical trial. @we are waiting to hear more at @10:00 a.m., complete coverage, @channel 3 and @ we are checking on what @will be an amazing spring @forecast this week. @temperatures in the 30s to near @40 as you wake up. @ending up in the 50s for highs @today. @partly sunny skies, more cloud @cover towards dinner time. @you grab the sunglasses along
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@we are 30s, mid to upper 30s, @37 in worster. @downtown low 40s, sandusky 41 @degrees. @mansfield, aleria in the upper @30s. @there are showers, rain @showers, to our west, we will @get in to small chances today, @i will talk about that as we @track and tracking warmer @weather. @wait until you see. @ good morning. @the house fires, the fires on @the west side, we have road @closures because of the fires, @west 122nd street is closed @north of lorain because of a @house fire. @if you need to get around this, @take west 123rd or west 120th, @also west 130th, is shutdown @between benington avenue and @enterprise avenue because of a @fire to get around that, you
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@i tweeted these out on, at danny @wkyc on twitter. @back to you. @ we are little over a week @away from the ohio primary and @the candidates continue to make @their push. @>> john kasich will hold a town @hall in broad view heights @tomorrow, a lot of eyes are on @the governor after a special @endorsement from arnold @schwarzenegger. @they spoke in front of hundreds @of people over the weekend. @schwarzenegger says he @campaigned since the 80 and @boasted about financial @management and job creation. @ hillary golston will @campaign in clinton. @the it got a boost from @lawmakers. @marsha fudge and black elected @officials and community leaders @announced den doctorsment for @clinton. @they site her work for the @black community and realistic @plans. @ the circumstances
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@child at a metro parks location @is being investigated. @the child was hurt saturday @night, taken to southwest @general and released. @investigators are not sure @about a case. @safe inspectors were there @yesterday and didn't think the @shoots needed to be closed. @ a lorain county family's @life was turned upside down @when a car driven by an @intoxicated woman crashed in to @their home. @debra micot was killed, her @baby sustained 5th degree burns @that scared his face. @the the community held a fund @raise fer for family, the event @-- raiser for the family. @the dad said the event shows @how the community cares. @>> they were happy with the way @his face looked. @that's a big burden off of my @shoulders. @through the event, to help with @the compression mask, can i use
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@funds for the other medical @bills. @>> he said in an earlier @interview, he owed almost a @medical bills. @the money raise willed go @towards that. @-- raised will go towards that. @ a 19-year-old fast food @restaurant employee is @recovering this morning after a @philadelphia restaurant. @police say the suspect was @eating inside the church's @chicken last night when he @suddenly became enraged and @pulled out a gun and started @shooting. @the employee was hit multiple @times and in stable condition. @investigators can only guess @that the suspects got angry @when employees started cleaning @up the tables near him. @ the u.s. coast guard has @called off the search for a @missing texas man who fell off @of a cruise ship. @the 46-year-old man was on the @royal caribbean navigator of @the seas and fell 100 feet from @the 10th floor deck off the @coast of key west on saturday.
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@search covered more than 2000 @square miles. @ one month after the world @health organization declared @the zika virus an international @emergency, the u.s. olympic @committee will hold a hearing @over the virus. @it's raised concerns for the @2016 olympic games. @rio danger organizers say @august is brazil's cool season @and the most most population @will be smool -- mosquito @population will be smaller. @they have begun daily @inspections of olympic venues. @ spotify wants to help in @the delivery roomment they @released a birthing play list @which is scientifically designs @to help with the anxiety of @women who are in labor. @the play list has 30 songs, @some with appropriate titles @like under pressure by david
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@just breathe from pearl jam. @a doctor collaborated and says @if you want to come up with @your own play list, stick with @songs with strong instrumentals @and make it 10 hours long. @good luck. @ @>> the natural one would be @salt and peppa push it. @ @my baby. @either. @ @ we will make our own list, @john. @or whenever that's going to @happen, never in my lifetime. @ @never mind. @still ahead, greg's geek fix. @if you think airplane bathrooms @are just gross, and germy, wait @until you see what boeing is @testing to kill the germs the @second a person leaves the @bathroom.
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@era in the nfl, man willing @walk away from his playing days @in the nfl. @where will peyton stack up when @it comes to the greatest @quarterbacks of all time.
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@ a special guest of honor at @2 calves game. @the lebron james foundation @invited walter robinson to come @to the game. @he suffered strokes that @impaired his speech and @mobility and hasn't stopped him @he can. @when the foundation found out @about his love for the game and @lebron, they invited him to the @game and gave him one of @lebron's practice, a pair of @practice shoes. @>> that's dedication. @ the rest of the mba needed @to watch the games with bryant @and the lakers, might give the @other team a little confidence, @the warriors looked awful. @they crashed back to earth. @the lakers back court had a big @game. @warriors couldn't hit. @golden state 20 turnovers, @curry held to 18. @lakers win 112-95. @warriors are 55 and 6. orlando
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@the calves host memphis at the @q. @ man willing walk away from @the nfl in an emotional news @conference. @paytop said good-bye to his @first team, the colts. @>> thank you very much from the @bottom of my heart. @i truly have enjoyed being your @quarterback. @>> we have seen this retirement @writing on the wall before, now @one hint was the nfl films @remember after the championship @game, when peyton mentioned to @bill belichick this could be @his last rodeo. @peyton rides off in to the @sunset after winning super bowl @50. @where does he rank. @i put him as the greatest @regular season quarterback of @all time. @the records most yards, most @touchdowns and most wins, no @one called or managed an @offense better than peyton. @his switching of plays that the
5:44 am
@that much further ahead of the @defense. @what keeps him from being the @greatest will be the game on @the biggest stages. @manning with a 14-13 playoff @record and two super bowls. @it's tough to put him ahead of @brady and joe montana, they won @four super bowls. @manning should be no lower than @number 3 on the list. @congratulations peyton on @incredible career, you changed @the game forever and made @everyone around you better. @it's been an honor. @ i think brady spoke for all @of us. @tweet me your thoughts at john @wkyc. @>> i agree with you. @peyton 14-13 playoffs, brady 22 @and 9. biggest games, biggest @stages, i think you still go @brady. @>> thanks, john. @>> man willing still be hall of @famer, first ballot. @ are we going to break
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@>> it's going to be the warmest @weather in months. @at the bus stop, temperatures @30s to 40s. @looking at at the day ahead, @it's the warm up starting @today. @today's record high is 76 @degrees. @we will be upper 50s. @today's record set back in @2000. @normal highs 43, normal low is @27. @we are above 27, most of you @are in the 30s and close to 40 @degrees now. @44 at 9:00. @53 at noon. @58 at 5:00. @feeling like spring is going to @be the theme through the week @with the warm up beginning @today. @we will have rain chances here @and there. @there are no snow flakes in the @forecast at all. @as we take a look at @temperatures across the region, @showing the bigger view, @because you can see current @temperatures 50s to near 60 @degrees in st. louis, this warm @air will continue to move our
5:46 am
@we are 30s to 40 degrees now. @this is above normal for this @time of the morning. @most of you in to the 30s. @you need a jacket at the bus @stop, heading out the door, @it's not like you need 5000 @layers today. @by this afternoon, i think a @spring jacket or a sweatshirt @would be comfortable. @we got scattered rain showers @to the west. @in to this evening and more so @first part of tonight, a few @passing shower chances. @look at at the sunshine, 10:00 @a.m., seeing clouds and sun. @cloud cover moving in this @afternoon, this is 3:00 today. @upper 50s to near 60 degrees. @by this evening, the few spotty @showers, this is 11 tonight, a @little light shower moving @through, no big deal, that's @for sure, light and in @intensity, tomorrow morning's @commute will start off with @overcast and a sprinkle, @transitioning in to loads of
5:47 am
@passes and highs in the 60s for @your tuesday. @a look at the window nation @seven-day forecast. @not only like around 60, @talking middle and upper 60s to @near 70 this week. @today upper 50s, 65 or even so @for tomorrow. @we are upper 60s to near 70 @middle of the week. @rain chances in there and could @hear rumbles of thunder with @the temperatures in place. @spring ahead an hour this @weekend. @special dog gone weather, this @is lacy, known as the wonder @dog, she turned 19 in human @years last month. @she is 19 years old. @going strong. @she passes as a puppy and mark @is the one that sent the @picture in, we love it. @look at her and all her 19 @years of glory there. @beautiful. @ right now, we go to greg
5:48 am
@ good morning, everybody. @i'm greg dee. @big news, a little bit sad, ray @tomlin zonks you may not have @heard the name, he died this @weekend, at the age of 74, in @1971, he invented email, more @importantly, in a bigger impact @on today's generation, he was @the one that decided to use @the@symbol in an email address. @that drives facebook, twitter @and instagram and will likely @continues to be used for a very @long time. @if you are traveling this @spring or summer, you are going @to new york city, you will want @to visit the world trade center @site. @the trade center, train station @opened up this past week, @architectural marvel that cost @$4 billion to build. @everyone is calling it an @absolutely astonishing building @in architecture and color.
5:49 am
@main hall is open now, it will @continue to expand as new areas @are open over the next several @months. @if you are a germaphobe, boeing @has something for you, the new @bathrooms use ultraviolet light @to kill 99% of all pathogens @and bacteria in an airplane. @the light resonates with the @microbes cell walls and causes @them to explode. @look for it to show up in @boeing aircraft in the future. @ @ ways to save coming up, @what is old is new again. @>> mat tells us the 3 things @you should never buy brand new. @ smart phones do everything @these days including help you @get a divorce. @that's a nice thought.
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@>> let's change the topic he. @i got off the phone with @cleveland police, west 130th @street is open, north of 480s @closed earlier due to a fire. @west 122nd remains closed north @of lorain. @detour west 123rd or 120th to @get around that. @next traffic check after 6:00
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welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even
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@ @ zootopia has beaten frozen @in one category. @zootopia had the best 3-day @opening for a animated movie in @disney history. @it boat out frozen by $6 @million. @remember frozen opened during @thanksgiving. @the families made up 73% of the @weekend sales unless you might @think that would have been @higher. @>> i would have thought it @would be.
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@for everything, you can get a @divorce using your small phone. @one of them is called we-vorce, @a do it yourself guide using @teleconferencing, starts at @$750, another is separate dot @us. @fill out the paperwork and do @the entire process on line for @1-$3000, and now your spouse @doesn't have to be in the same @room during the divorce. @>> interesting picture they @use. @two young children smiling and @differently. @ traveling to a spring break @destination is going the be @dramatically different from a @year ago. @>> 65% of people are hitting @the road closer to home, @traveling as far as 1 tank of @gas can get them. @lower fuel costs have many @spring break travelers flying
5:55 am
@most popular destinations @include las vegas and florida. @the key to saving on spring @break is to book by the end of @this week. @ we set it will debate @between new and refurbished. @>> mat granite has three items @you never need to buy new. @ @>> reporter: great to be with @you. @i almost never feature any type @of deal or savings tied to @refurbished product. @there are three categories, @you. @apple, when you buy mac or ipod @and casing. @take the factors in to @accounts, you basically have a @brand new apple device at 30 % @off. @you get the same solid customer
5:56 am
@5 year warranty, no risk @guarantee and substantial @savings. @dyson a product where buying @refurbished gets you strong @savings. @big fan of not only the @customer service on the he @furbishes but shark also @matching the deals and @reminder, if you want to buy @the items new, there are huge @deals coming up. @happy savings, back to you. @ a look at the forecast. @it is warming up. @>> huge spring-like warm up in @to the new week. @we were talking about it last @week, everything is coming @together for it to feel @springish all week long. @upper 50s, most of you are in @the 30s, it's going to be @partly sunny skies with a @little more cloud cover towards @late afternoon. @we are going to discuss the @rest of the week, wait until @you see how warm it gets this @week, you won't believe it. @ a busy night for
5:57 am
@fires in cleveland. @we will tell you what happened @and why some are thankful to @an observant police officer. @ what will happen at the @cleveland clinic today on the
5:58 am
6:00 am
@ @ we are live at progressive @field. @we are thinking spring, four @weeks away from opening day. @holly is talking spring @temperatures.


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