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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  March 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@ unrest in the midwest. @sparking a political fire storm @with donald trump at the @center. @>> they want me to tell my @people, please be nice, be @nice, they were taunted, they @were harassed, by these other @people, these other people by @the way, some represented @bernie, our communist friend. @>> his opponents fired back @from across the aisle. @>> this campaign is about @bringing our people together. @not letting donald trump or @anybody else divide us up. @>> some in the g.o.p. @taking a grand old stand @against trump. @>> donald trump has created a @-- there is no place for this. @there is no place for a @national leader to pray on the @fears of people who live in our @great country.
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@political battlefield, slamming @squarely on northeast ohio. @ @ we are so glad to have you @with us, as ohio becomes the @epicenter of american politics. @some of the biggest names in @the presidential race in town @today. @the political landscape shaped @by that out of control rally at @a donald trump event in @chicago. @today, cleveland authorities @holding their breath as trump @took center stage at the ix @center. @our team coverage starts there, @with channel 3's alisa @raymond. @>> reporter: people packed this @section of the ix center, and @they were expecting people to @fill all the way back here, @meaning that 20,000 people @would have been here, but they @only got about 7,000 people to @pack the ix center for this @vane this afternoon. @supporters were inside, @protesters were outside, but @some of the protesters did make @their way inside, and when @donald trump heard them, he @said get them out. @>> another group. @get them out. @thank you.
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@more than a dozen people out of @the ix center. @donald trump supporters were @asked to hold up their signs @and chant trump if they saw a @protester. @this happened multiple times. @trump spoke for about 45 @minutes. @he told his supporters he was @going to take care of veterans, @get rid of common core, repeal @obama care, and strengthen @america's borders. @>> we are going to stop being @the stupid country, because @that's what people think of us, @we are going to be the @brilliant country, we are going @to be so smart, we are going to @be so sharp, we are going to @make great deals, we are going @to bring back our military, we @are going to take care of our @vets, we are going to take care @of our vets. @>> reporter: donald trump is @scheduled to speak in kansas @city right about now. @coming up tomorrow he has a few @cities he is planning to hit. @bloomington, illinois, @cincinnati, ohio, as well as @boca raton.
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@alisa raymond, channel 3 news. @ @ and you are listening to @chaos and confusion at a @different donald trump rally. @just outside of dayton. @secret service agents rushed @the stage creating a protective @ring around the g.o.p. @front-runner. @a campaign spokesperson says @someone tried to quote breach @the secure buffer and was @quickly escorted out. @this is the first time agents @had to swarm the stage like @that at a trump event and @finished the speech as @supporters channed trump's name @and usa. @ president obama is not @mincing words about what @happened at that chicago trump @ral limit at an event in dallas @today, the president said we @should be able to have @political debates without @turning on one another, calling @trump's rhetoric divisive. @>> our leaders, those who @aspire to be our leaders should @bring us together and not turn @each other against each other.
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@efforts of fear or turn against @each other. @and if they refuse to do that, @they don't deserve our support. @>> mr. obama also took aim at @mr. trump's slogan, make @america great again. @saying we are great. @right now. @>> reporter: the democratic @side is also in a fight to the @finish line. @right here in ohio. @hillary clinton, like bernie @sanders before her, taking part @in a special forum at a local @church but without an incident @of her own. @carly flynn morgan is live at @the baptist church where you @witnessed all of this, carly. @>> the town hall meeting @started with a prayer, faith @and family first on the minds @of people in attendance here @and the pastor saying this is @not an endorsement or a pep @rally but a real chance to hear @what hillary clinton has to @say. @and that being said, most of @the people we talked with were @here, supporting hillary. @she already has their vote, @they cheered for her, but @others said they're curious and @they want to hear if their @values match with hers.
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@people, jobs, good-paying jobs, @and clinton talked about the @steel industry and the crisis @currently facing steelworkers @when it comes to china trade @abuses. @and touched on quality @education for children, @regardless of their zip code. @that remark was met with much @applause. @take a listen to some of what @she had to say. @>> we need to imagine that @tomorrow, we can make together, @where no child grows up in the @shadow of discrimination, where @every parent can find a good @job, every grand parent can @enjoy a secure retirement. @where hard work is honored. @families are supported. @and communities are strong. @>> reporter: in an emotional @moment, clinton invited the @mothers of young black men @stand. @she introduced them and their @trayvon martin. @now her speech was not without @interruption. @a man who began yelling about
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@was escorted outside quickly. @now, hillary is not the only @clinton in northeast ohio @today. @bill made his way to the area @supporting his wife, speaking @in akron. @we will have much more for you @on this clinton event, coming @up tonight at 11:00. @reporting live, in cleveland, @carly flynn morgan, channel 3 @news. @>> ohio very important for @clinton and sanders each though @clinton has the majority of @delegates right now. @ former congresswoman gabby @giffords was campaigning for @hillary clinton with a get out @the event vote. @joined by her husband. @they were at long fellow middle @school in lorain. @ channel 3 political @coverage doesn't stop on the @air. @we have even more stories @including many you won't hear @on tv. @over at @just go to our local tab and @click politics.
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@ tragedy strikes in i dit @rod. @what police say in alaska @killed a sled dog. @and a four time race champ @injured. @same time. @>> dozens rally on drexel town @square today. @the cause that these families @ignore. @outside, olga. @>> yes, we were definitely @midday. @the clouds have moved in. @and on radar, i am tracking @rain, knocking at our door. @it will be a little bit breezy @and cooler for sunday, but @there will be some changes @during the workweek.
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@ @ welcome back. @the iditarod sled dog race @dealing with tragedy today.
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@struck two sleds in the race. @the dog that died was on the @team of four-time champion jeff @king. @king and two of his dogs were @injured. @a dog was also hurt on alley @zerkle's team but is expected @to get better, thank goodness. @race officials say the @snowmobilers tried several @times to harm zerkle and her @team. @ all of the internet hoaxes @flying around claiming the @church of scientology lost its @tax exempt status, there is one @legitimate ruling. @a judge in belgium says the @church is not a criminal @organization. @authorities wanted to go full @tilt on criminal charges here. @the accusations include fraud @for practicing medicine @illegally, and violations of @privacy laws and extortion. @>> it is a very fair judgment. @it is a very good judgment. @i think justice prevails. @and the judge followed what he
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@that it was an arrestment and @based on prejudice against the @religious affiliation. @>> and because of all of that @controversy, security was tight @outside the courtroom. @there were a lot of activists @there to witness what was going @on. @scientology dismissed as a @manipulative cult by its @critics has fought a series of @legal battles across the world @to have itself recognized as a @religion. @a great way to enjoy the @beautiful weather that we had @today. @but this cause was absolutely a @serious one. @over 150 cyclists and their @families came out to the town @square today, hoping to send @the message, share the roadway. @the rally sparked by outrage. @the driver in a crash that @killed two people on bikes in @september got off with a not @guilty verdict. @the cycling community arguing @that the riders had the right- @of-way when they were struck. @fam family of the crash victims @were there in support.
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@finally here in chicago, along @river. @thousands come to check it out. @we have been asured in years @past that this dye, it is @so never fear. @the festivities are complete @with traditional irish step @dancing and music since saint @patrick's day falls on a @thursday this year, most of the @people across the country are @celebrating the holiday. @the weekend before. @it looks like a lot of fun. @ things looking pretty good @today on the weather front. @there is some rain on the way. @news. @so we want to know, how soon is @it coming? @olga is in for greg, and she @has the forecast coming up
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@ @ california's wine country @is under water after heavy @rainfall blanketed parts of @northern california. @this is video from sonoma @county just north of san @francisco. @a resort town there sits around @the russian river. @when the river reaches flood @stage, almost everything gets @swallowed up by water including @vineyards and roads leading to @nearby businesses. @>> looking at that water makes @us think that we are really @lucky it not looking that way @around here but still, @precipitation potentially on @the way. @>> definitely on the way. @ we have a 100% chance of @rain moving into the sunday @forecast. @i think plans this evening will @be fine for folks, we are @already starting to pop just a @tonight. @and the bulk of this, we will @see tomorrow and monday, just @the time to go back to work and @school, the way we like it. @so the weekend is still mild. @temperatures right now are @sitting in the 40s and 50s. @and again, the winds are coming @in, off the shore from the @north and notice that little @blue rim, and lower
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@and toward downtown cleveland, @and elyria, and definitely @seeing some cooler temperatures @there. @cloud cover has socked us in. @we have a little bit of @sunshine earlier today but @overcast skies. @and this is that moisture, just @making its way in toward the @mansfield area. @i think our better chance for @seeing showers earlier tonight @southern zones. @by the time we get in to @tomorrow morning, sunrise or @after, all of us will have an @opportunity at some std rain. @been tracking. @pulling in the gulf moisture @from the south. @it is pushing all of that @moisture into our region. @and really stirring up some @activity for us as we go into @our sunday. @so here is what you need to @know, to get through the @remainder of this weekend. @the showers are mainly after @midnight. @we will see them ramp up as we @get into the sunday forecast. @still mild. @temperatures are heading back @to the 60-degree mark tomorrow. @but the rain will continue, not @only through sunday, but into @our monday forecast, and even @tracking an opportunity for @thunderstorms as well. @so we are definitely answering
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@and your planner for the next @couple of hours, we will see @temperatures, settle down into @the middle range and upper 40s, @and we will see a slow dip @toward midnight. @but then again, the @temperatures should remain @fairly on the mild side. @mostly cloudy tonight. @and chance of showers, very @late. @northeast. @freezing. @that is a good thing. @let me take you hour by hour. @with our social planner. @by about the 10:00 or 11:00 @hour, the winds start to shift @a little bit, bringing more on @that easterly flow, and that is @definitely going to add to the @moisture. @notice the chance for rain is @higher across the southern @zone. @mainly mansfield, down into @worcester, and also in toward @this area. @we will continue to see mainly @cloudy skies. @and mainly widespread rain, @after 6:00 a.m. @tomorrow, and by late @afternoon, we could see some @pockets of heavier rain, and @let me take you into sunday @night, monday morning, and i @think a few of us will have a @little bit of wet pavement for @that monday morning commute but
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@6:00 a.m., sitting in the mid- @50s and headed for highs in the @60s for the start of the @workweek. @so lear is how we look with -- @here is how we look with our @window nation seven-day @forecast. @tonight, it is the night, we @have to spring forward. @so definitely losing an hour of @sleep tonight. @again, that 100% chance of rain @comes. @and for sunday. @and then into monday, it is not @too bad to start off with. @and scattered rain showers @through much of the day. @but monday afternoon, as those @temperatures bump up, we are @going to see the opportunity @thunderstorms. @and then as we move into our @wednesday forecast, or tuesday @forecast, that is, we will see @a little bit of precipitation @chance for those who are going @tuesday. @but it shouldn't impede your @progress too much. @wednesday, not too bad. @still in the 50s. @but by thursday, we are @starting to see the changes. @and yes, it will be a little @bit damp for the festivities, @for saint patrick's day, but at
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@>> so we can experience the @warmth, even if we have to deal @with a little bit of @precipitation. @not too bad. @>> thank you very much. @ no longer a cleveland @brown, but johnny manziel, does @he have a new home in the nfl?
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@ welcome back, everybody. @we've got sports here and dave @is here with a lot of late- @breaking news regarding the @browns and specifically johnny @football. @>> that's right. @pretty soon there will be a day @we won't talk about him anymore @but there is still fresh off of @yesterday. @he is not the browns problem @anymore but as of tonight, @johnny manziel is not an issue @yet for any other team in the @nfl. @he cleared waivers today, not @claimed by any nfl team, so he @is officially a free agent. @the browns released johnny @manziel yesterday. @he has just over 2 million left @guaranteed on his contract. @his rooky contract. @if a team would have claimed @him, they would have had to pay @him. @the cowboys passed on him in @the draft and they are @interested in him but no thanks @until he gets his life in @order. @and the browns are willing to @deal the third round pick for @collin kaepernick, but @contingent often restructuring @the contract.
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@the nfl draft and let their big @four free agents walk and @basically did nothing in free @agency, why would you give up a @third round pick, remember, you @are building in the draft, for @a quarterback that in my mind @brings questions and drama? @if you're going to rebuild, @keep the pick, draft the @quarterback, keem josh around. @that's just my opinion. @steelers wide receiver bryant @is facing a year long @suspension from the nfl related @to nfl drug testing and his @agent says bryant plans to @appeal. @no comment from the steelers @because it is not official from @the nfl. @he served a four-game @suspension last season for @violating the league's @substance abuse policies. @ big night at the q. the mac @tournament final akron will @take on buffalo. @the winner goes to the ncaa @tournament. @that's what it is all about. @keith dan brought bowling green @in the semis last night and now @playing for their fifth ncaa @tournament berth. @they will play in the eighth
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@but missed the last two. @in 2013 the last appearance. @>> come back, and you play in @championship games, you win @championship games, and i got @to play in that freshman year @game and we won it and it was @an amazing feeling and the last @couple of years, not getting @back, you just continue to @sting, and it was just in the @back of your head that we got @to get back that and go out my @senior year and do whatever it @took and any sacrifice lay it @on the court and get back to @the game and give ourselves a @chance to win the championship. @>> the cavs are spending some @time in l.a. @and practiced there today, and @remember they beat the lakers @on thursday. @tomorrow they face the @clippers. @cavs won two straight and lead @the raptors by 2 1/2 games in @the east. @kevin love missed a game @against the lakers with a left @knee sprain. @looks like he is good to go for @tomorrow. @practicing today. @a little tight. @but he said he is fine to play @against the clippers. @a tough stretch for the caves. @search games in 11 days. @two more games out west.
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@jazz it is a four-game west @coast sweep. @and then play at home, and then @back on the road at orlando, @and at miami on saturday. @ the staint saint ignatius @hockey team is bringing home a @state championship. @in columbus, the wildcats @fourth state title in @basketball. @and saint ignatius is playing @tonight and the winner goes to @the state semifinals. @>> and the wadsworth girls go @for a state championship on the @hardwood tonight. @the grizzlies beat reynoldsburg @yesterday in the semis and play @mason tonight. @wadsworth won a state @championship back in 1997. @nothing like winning a state @championship, hillary. @i wouldn't know, but i would @bet it feels pretty darn good. @>> what you are saying, akron, @with the hoops, and you look @like it, a tall stature and all @half. @>> i did play in the playoffs @in high school football. @but we lost in the first round. @>> that's okay. @all that counts is that you @tried. @and you tried hard. @>> we did. @>> all right. @thanks so much, dave. @we appreciate it.
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@of you for joining us. @"nbc nightly news" is coming up @next. @the latest news, weather and @sports are always on our app @ @and at @we will see you back here at @11:00.
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on this saturday night, boiling point. tensions soar in an already chaotic republican race. secret service surrounding trump on stage today. taking no chances the day after a violent protest forced trump to cancel an event. words from trump's rivals wavering on their support suld he win the nomination. deadly floods. alert. rising waters ravage rescuers rescue ing to save families. captured. late word tonight a violent inmate is back in police custody after a manhunt spanning three states. food for thought.


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