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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  August 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning everyone, it has been a rough night with severe storms and rains that swept through northeast ohio last night. >> crews will be out cleaning.
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driving onto a flooded road. it's a good reminder this morning that if you see high water well driving, it is best to turn around and find another way. the storms took down a lot of trees. the crews are driving around to find them. 27,000 homes and businesses around the area where without power. >> tiffany joins us this morning. what we know? we know it is down to 22,000 -- kiowa the county -- -- around the county. you can see this huge tree that hit the front porch of the home. the home owner came out a few minutes ago who said it is hard to assess the damage because of
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live picture along the street. you can see the street here and this is hyde park. you can see the branches in the middle of the street. there is going to be a lot of work and cleanup ahead. even last night, we got video with cars driving around branches to get where they need to go. that is something you will need to be careful of as you heights or anywhere nearby. we spoke to the man who lives here at this home and he said that he lived here for more than 40 years and he has never seen anything quite like this. coming up in the next half- hour, holly, we hope to hear from him firsthand. >> we will have more when the sun comes up in the next half-hour.
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because it is humid. upper 80s today with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. a better chance of storms later. we could see storms popping up with the humidity in place. most of the stormy weather is to the east. many of you probably will from the storms. this morning we are definitely seeing rain as we zoom in a little closer in parts of madina and summit county. coming down and roads will be wet in spots and we will add fog to the mix. all in all, you are dealing with humidity. the dew point at 70+. it already feels like it is 80 or into the low 80s in several locations. the heat index later today, danielle, will be in the mid-to upper 90s.>> we start in
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where columbia road is closed due to downed power lines. as you can see, here is what is happening. 13,000 v power line came down on the road there and it is currently still lives. that is a dangerous situation there. it is expected to take about three hours to clear. as we come back to the trc around that, you can take ditch road to get around that. also we have a rocky river west way drive because of a broken water main paid -- water main. take hilliard to get around that. many -- vineyard avenue was closed due to downed power lines.
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road. garfield is closed between vineyard avenue. you can take center street as a detour option. there is also fog in lake county. it is a busy morning in terms of taft -- of traffic. team usa will be bringing home a lot of gold following the olympics in rio. >> there were more wins in the five.>> the gymnastics team be in the final squad coached by maatta caroli -- marta caroli. they beat russia by more than a points. we have seen it over and over again with the u.s. dominated in the pool.
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freestyle. history in the pool on the men's side. michael phelps one his 30th gold-medal -- 20th gold-medal and 21st. >> more is coming up including a live report from rio. that is still to come. when you are driving around town, you will be surprised to hear that cleveland roads rank around the -- among the worst in the country. more than half of the major roads in cleveland are in poor condition. it estimates that area drivers are paying $845 per year in vehicle maintenance, tire consumption and tire wear. cleveland ranked the sixth worth -- worst among u.s. cities. a man that has been missing has been found in missed -- mason ohio early this morning.
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early this morning. the 36-year-old is alive and well. police say that the o'leary a man who shot and killed his girlfriend hacked into her facebook page after killing her. an autopsy will be performed today. police say that he shot his girlfriend after an argument. in the post, never play games with someone's emotions adding that someone may end up ea car early sunday morning. he fatally shot him self at martin luther king drive and east 105th street in cleveland. how a new -- in -- how a new row closure could impact your early morning commute. the olympic best for the first time in 15 years. we will take a look at whether this is good or bad for the
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hi. we are coming up on 6:08 and we are tracking more storms today. we want to show you the weather out your window. i think it is a beautiful picture. we were kind of busy with the storms last night and we have a beautiful butterfly from karen in akron. hopefully that puts a smile on your face as you get into your wednesday. thank you for your post on facebook, twitter and instagram. we appreciate your reports as you wake up and let us know what is happening
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it is 6:11 right now and serena williams has visited the rio olympics sooner than anyone expected. she lost the third round in
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from ukraine. this is a big upset because she won't be able to become the first tennis player in history to defend and olympic title.>> the cyclist to took a nasty fall during the road race twisted -- tweeted a picture of the bruises she suffered to her face. she tweeted thank you for the message. it -- all of the me it is hard to face the disappointment. she had three fractures to her spine and she showed off her bruises and cuts.
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american city that is paying close attention to the rio olympics. >> we're talking about las vegas, home of legalized gambling. we have more on people placing bets.>> reporter: good morning guys from an overcast and rainy rio here on a morning where people are still celebrating. americans that is. they are celebrating the winds from michael phelps and katei ledecky last night . for the first time in over 15 years, vegas is taking bets on the olympic games. the olympics are all about rooting for your country.>> [ cheering and applause ].>> reporter: it is important enough to play money on the line . >> we don't play with money. >> reporter: for the first time since the games in sydney, waking -- making wagers in vegas has become legal. the compromise was a ban on olympic vetting.
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now 16 years later, what happens in vegas is legal.>> i don't like it because i think i am losing money. >> here in brazil we don't have the culture of gambling. we have problems here in brazil with that shot -- with the soccer championship with gambling on the teams.>> they want to bet everything. if brings money to and that's what it needs. >> reporter: the u.s. says the favorite sports are getting the most action. in brazil, it depends on who you talk to. >> basketball team. >> usa. it is the biggest country and has more athletes. i would put money on brazil, but that is an emotional thing
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officials say they are keeping a close eye on the betting for the olympic games to make sure everything stays on the up and up and is fair. the most action is basketball. u.s. sports is what is pulling and a lot of the interest. john. it is 6:50 ri 6:15 right now and there are road closures in place. you will have to add more time to your drive on i-77 northbound to i-76 westbound ramp along with state road eight to the i-76 westbound ramp. danny has more on that along with other closures in our area. good morning to you.
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cannot get the traffic up right now because of multiple row closures that we are seeing. if you take the akron central interchange from 76 to 77 eastbound, you need to take kenmore lane to 77 s. around that -- to get around that. other than that, garfield is shut down. johnny tate ridge road and men your avenue -- i will continue to update you on twitter and facebook so you can get to where you need to go safely and on time. daniel, thank you. all of the damage plus fog is added to the mix and we still have rain happening too. the uv index is very high and i think we will see some sunshine and we are going to fuel the fire so to speak with the
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today. it is 7-8. things can pop up pretty quickly. there is tropical humidity in place with fog and storm chances. right now there are no thunderstorms and i want to make that crystal-clear as you wake up after a stormy night for some of you. it is just some rain. it is 6:17 right now in there's a chance for rain through the morning. then more scattered storm chances later. over the next several hours we will see some sunshine as any fog that is out does burn off. we are not waking to stormy weather, that is now to the east. as we zoom in, we are seen rain showers this morning. it is very muggy and the rain showers, everything being fueled from all of this moisture in the gulf. 10-15 inches of rain. when you think about the source
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we are seeing similar dew points to what we are seeing south of us. in the 70s and that is going to be the case through the day. we could have a shower or thunderstorm pop up. in the next several hours, the best opportunity will start this afternoon and into the evening. upper 80s for the highs. things will calm down overnight and then it will be similar for thursday when we start off with them it -- 70s and it will be very muggy and there's a chance for showers and storms again later in the day. it will be quite active later in the day. this is for: 30. here is the forecast with similar weather -- it is for: 30 -- 4:30.
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back to seasonal bite early next week. the summer games schedule is but -- is brought to you by the cleveland clinic. later today during the daytime coverage, michael phelps is in the pool for the pre-limbs in the men's 200 m individual meter -- medley. then there is beach volleyball and kayaking. that is your access to today's summer games schedule brought to you by the cleveland clinic.
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6:22 and the lake erie monsters have changed their name to the cleveland monsters.
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list for cleveland lately. the team gets a new logo and jersey. is a bold new -- bold move changing the team name. the best performance by an athlete is brought to you by mercedes-benz in bedford. this never gets old. watching michael phelps wearing a gold medal hearing the national anthem playing. he won two he share the moment with his family, including his young sun. think about this, when it comes to gold medals in olympic history, phelps has 21 and the entire country of brazil has 24. the best performance by an athlete is brought to you by
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time for the biggest winners and losers in sports today. an embarrassing night for the boston red sox, but they are not the losers. they caught the mistake just in time. it was supposed to be david ortiz bubblehead night with the yankees, part of his retirement party season. when they open the boxes before the game, they deemed the bubblehead as unacceptable. they said they were racial david ortiz. the red sox canceled the promotion and promised all the fans that they would get a more accurate bubblehead as soon as they are made. there is something like 15,000. now they will have to get out thursday -- get out 30,000 because of the mistake. the company is messed up -- the company responsible for making the bobble heads. the kansas city spikes won a tournament in
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tara, thank you for the photo. hard work and dedication paid off all year. next year, you talk about the monster team, this team will become the midwest monster travel team. i like that and i want to see the jersey. congratulations for this year. if you would like to nominate your champion or all store at -- or a team change in their name, you can email them or tweet them we appreciate the hard work and dedication to the sport. all right, respect the weather. we have trees down in power outages too.>> they are not watching this morning. >> i would say hi, but they are not watching. you know,
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you can check out your friends in the east suburbs to make sure they are awake. there are 20,000 or so in cuyahoga and lake county . we have rain and patchy fog this morning and warm storm chances later today. the thunderstorm chances are in northeast ohio and up-and-down the coast and through the gulf and florida. i will have more in the forecast in a few minutes. paying for tickets and a whole lot more. what some fans from the hall of fame game want from the nfl. going green and not in a good way.
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right now it is 6:30. welcome back everyone. i am john a round of severe storms and much-needed rain swept through northeast ohio last night. this is at east 55th and -- and cleveland. a car got stuck in -- driving onto a flooded road. a reminder that if you see high water, it is best to turn around. there is more storm damage in cleveland heights.
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lawsuit. a lawyer once sued the nfl over super bowl xlv in arlington, texas. the lawyer is once again suing the league. a class-action lawsuit. the game in canton was canceled because the field was not ready because of the paint problem. there are a lot of concerns over player safety. fans will be refunded their money, but the lawyer wants to make it into more. -- repair water quality. the environmental protection agency will announce new funny today. it will prevent major algae blooms in the late -- lake. it has presented phosphorus from farms and sewage treatment plants from flowing into the lake which is what caused the algae bloom last year.
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we are taking hollie in the studio this morning. can you imagine the bugs on the deck? you would not be able to get back in. >> no. we have a muggy morning and patchy fog is possible. i am happy to report there are nor storms right now, but there are rain showers. more storm chances later. we are not done yet. for now, the storms that went the east. this morning we are seeing rain and we will continue see the brandy -- the random rain showers pop up because it is so muggy and there is the fog that i mentioned. there are places in madina county where there are showers and also summit county.
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out there and that's why fog is possible. >> we are keeping track of the cameras in the area too. i am not tracking fog right now. columbia road remains closed in olmsted partnership between park and john wayne because of down power lines. this is a live picture of the area where a power line has come down on the road. the road is not expected to reopen untilar a.m. you can see a live picture of the crews trying to fix that in get the road reopened. for those of you who need to get around, you can take sixth as a detour option. in rocky river, west weight is shut down between westway and lake. that is just south of i-90. thank you.
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area. it was quite a mess to clean up this morning. >> reporter: we are getting a better look at this mess. you can see this car was barely hit by a tree that fell. you can see how bad the damages. a very old tree and we have been showing you this all morning. this is a home where he hit the front porch and barely missed the bulk of the home. we spoke to the man who lived here for more than 40 years, jerry seidel, and here is how he described things last night around 10:30.>> there was a hell of a bang. when i looked out, the tree was on my lawn. it hit the house. it was not too bad. i don't know what the city plans
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street soon, we can't get out.>> reporter: they cannot get out of their driveway here at this home. jerry is back out and it is now daylight. other neighbors are coming out to assess the damage here. we were told that the power would be back on at 6:00 and i just spoke to a gentleman here who says it is not back on. we are waiting again for the power to come back on because as you know, it is hot and it is humid and these people do not have air conditioning and not even fans at this reports of injuries, is that correct?>> reporter: that is correct. no reports of injuries at this point. i spoke with the cleveland lieutenant earlier this morning and there are no injuries at this point. of course, as the day goes on, we make your something else. we will check into that as the day progresses. it almost looks like that has to be cleaned up and cleared away
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there. we may be looking at time before these power outages are cleared up and restored. >> reporter: definitely, that's the thing. these people want to get out and get to where they need to go. they are hot in their homes. you just heard from jerry who said he could not even sleep. it will definitely take time. thank you so much tiffany, we appreciate it. by northern ohio honda dealers. as we get ready for day five of the summer olympics, positive fives are being sent to brazil. channel 3's keeping track of them all. well is live -- will is live in rio. >> reporter: we have to local
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sarah shook is my partner in crime for the next couple of weeks and she is going out now as they get an early start on the rowing. that is where our focus is very early on. it is going to be police mueller who is in the boat with her teammate grace. -- follies -- falice mueller who is in the boat with her teammate grace. also going today is ohio native rachel adams in the women's volleyball team. they will take on serbia and continue to roll on. two ohio people will be on the rugby field taking on fiji after they lost to argentina yesterday and defeated the host country of brazil.
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lost because of a judge's decision. he's --'s>> i am coming back stronger. >> reporter: we still have a lot of buckeyes to root for. later in the week we have a very good judo championship with a gold london games who will be back in action tomorrow. also later in the week we have a couple of track and field people. we still have a lot of buckeyes making their way around here throughout the week. it is sad to see a couple of them go. we need to let them know we are proud of them. i child -- i told charles last night. he was in high school a few weeks ago. jason prior getting down here is an accomplishment in itself. yesterday i watched
6:39 am
women post -- equestrian, and the women's soccer match. what is best for you?>> reporter: i had a good time at rugby yesterday. i could not figure out what was going on. everything -- every time i did, there was some kind of penalty. it seemed like it was fine to elbow and >> people, that was fine, but if you touched -- smack people, that was fine, but if you touched the ball, there was a penalty. we will have it all right here on channel 3. i will be better tomorrow. >> we are with you with -- with
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trending stories are ahead, but let's check in with matt granite. the coolest items that i have ever handled.>> the dorm room is amazing. do you know what? we hope that you are waking feeling rested. ma because of the storms last night. it is so humid as we get into wednesday. there is patchy fog and more chances for storms later today. i will let you know when. snowstorms now, but there is some rain. upper 80s to low 90s and we will see if this pattern continues through the rest of the
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when people ask me what it's like to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know." the medals you've earned are all around you. your bronze. your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life.
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topping the
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florida police are investigating after a woman was shot and killed during role- play at a citizen's police academy. >> an officer shot someone taking part in the scenario. the gun was filled with live rounds. an investigation -- the officer is on suspension until the investigation is complete. a police officer ordered a group of protesters. gunfire broke out and a pedestrian was shot by a car. demonstrations earlier today were peaceful including vigils with music and poetry reading. bad news for the baltimore police department. a justice department investigation has concluded
6:45 am
without cause. it also found deficiencies in training, policies and supervision. much of the problem is traced to the 1990s. the investigation reviewed more than six years of records. it is 6:45 and we have a look at what is training this morning. the latest on the olympic diving pool. did you see this? it turned green.>> especially when you compared to the pristine water polo pool. there is a lot of speculation on social media. rio 2016 officials say there is health. -- athletes' health. there is no over abundance of algae. now a cat that wants to play volleyball.>> you have to see this one. the cat found arrival to pokimon go or may be in the tokyo games in four years. the cat followed the ball and
6:46 am
women's volleyball. the video has been -- been viewed more than 2 million times. it reminds me of pixie who loves to watch volleyball right in front of the screen. forget about sand traps. >> this is a capybara. they are huge and weigh about 150 pounds and can stand as tall as 2 feet. they are making themselves known along course. it is the largest rodent in the world and there are about 30-40 of them on the course. they are just chewing down the grass. where is carl from caddy shack when you need him?>> that would
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granite. i am fired up. i never knew that a tumbler that will store your snacks on the top as the as seen on tv product would be on the show today. take a look. these not only look cool, but up top they store your work snacks so you can put milk on the bottom and the snack up top. a ve i will tell you that at $6.99 it is one of my favorites today. we asked local students to weigh in.>> i am christopher and i'm going into fifth grade at fisk. i like this lunchbox because it has a big pouch right here. and, it has a big strap that you can put around you and it is very big so you can put a
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i think i would put in it a peanut butter sandwich, some applesauce, some cut up tomatoes and cut up cucumbers.>> none of these are paid products, but the tumbler and the lunch bag for $12. we have learned about great deals. christopher, did a great job. -- christopher did a great job. i will be an assistant to him.>> we are never getting rid of you. >> thank all right, let's send it over to hollie . are we in the clear for storms? not totally . >> let's take our minds off the weather right here. it is a distraction and yes there is a dog and cat here. these are dave and larry who live in franklin and they are best friends. see, everybody gets along at the house. mary, thank you for the picture.
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quiet weather. we do have the possibility of showers and thunderstorms. some of you are seeing right now a very high uv index with sunshine too at an eight. let's look at the headlines. it is humid and we feel like tropics all day long. patchy morning fog is a possibility. we can't rule out a shower popping up at any po and 85 at noon. we will be in the 90s later today. we will start to see some filter sunshine after the fog burns off. it is so humid. the storms from last night are off to the east and i'm happy to report there are no storms and northeast ohio at this time. if you are just waking up, that is good to know. you can see the rain showers
6:50 am
continues to push east. the moral of the story is that all of this is coming out of the gulf. the moisture is so much to work with. they are expecting over 10 inches of rainfall and we have dew points that are similar to what residents along the gulf of florida have this morning. 70+. it does indeed feel like it is going to rain at any moment and it could. the seven-day forecast does include the possibility of showers and de only today, but tomorrow and friday and even into the weekend. it is the same pattern. humid and very warm with heat index values in the 90s. we will be back to seasonal weather by early next week. it is time now to access to the summer games schedule brought to you by the ohio's number one hospital, the cleveland clinic.
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men's 200 m individual medley. back to the beach for beach volleyball plus kayaking. the u.s. goes after its first metal in the men's event. that is your access to today's summer games schedule brought to you by the cleveland clinic. brought -- bringing to you number one care anytime
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we start your morning rush with an update on the storms here in cleveland heights. first i want to let you know a quick check of the website, they say the power will not be restored until 10 a clock tonight. they want all customers
6:54 am
you can see the damage here. neighbors are out assessing the damage and taking pictures. this is something we will continue to follow, lynna, throughout the day. thank you. we have information to tell you about storm damage on columbia road in olmsted township. the road is shut down in both directions and it is because of the downed power line. the area is from the 7100 block all the way to there is no word yet on how long it will take to get it back open, but we will keep you posted as we learn more. danny. they said it was going to take three hours to reopen. we do have row closures. jackson is closed near heisman because of a fallen power
6:55 am
patchy fog. we are all dealing with high humidity. there is a chance of storms today with upper 80s to near 90. we are looking pretty similar right through the weekend. scattered storm chances and very warm and humid. it looks like finally back to seasonal worker -- weather as we get into next week and we should actually be drive. let's look at the -- medal count brought to you by university hospital. our canadian friends have five medals. four silver and one bronze. i love being here and i love your show. you can get more information on
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products. thank you for joining us.
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a month after 9/11, i got a call from david and he told me he was going into the national guard. he was sent to iraq to be a gunner on a humvee. a car pulled up in the driveway and three soldiers got out, and the sound of their boots as they came up those stairs will, will stay with me the rest of my life.
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when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. ...wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably... i would like to tell donald trump what it feels like, the sense of emptiness, that only losing a child can bring. those people should be honored and treated with kindness for the rest of their life, and i don't think that donald trump will ever understand that.
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good morning. solid gold. the u.s. women dominate the gymnastics team final and proudly nickname to the world. >> we are the final five! >> in the pool michael phelps avenging one of the few losses of his olympic career in dramatic fashion. adding even more gold just an hour later. and katie ledecky strikes gold


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