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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  August 13, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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141st last night. that was in the area off of st. claire and coit. it's not clear if there was foul play involved here. the medical examiner is investigating. in summitt county it was a celebration of life. a memorial service for russ pride. leaders, leagues, and other well wishers from congress to local government all came to pay their respects today. last week. he served as county executive since 2007. russ pride was 68 years old. we have a rare moment for you. a chance to go behind the scenes to the 118th annual feast of the assumption is going on as we speak. channel 3 alyssa raymond takes us there to show us where the
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happens. of course the ingredients. olive oil, basil, we had garlic but obviously it went into that sauce and that's what makes it taste so good. here with us is tina paulson. >> it's about a lot of people that have lived here for years and maybe moved away. and this draws them back every year. so it has a lot of meaning for the parishioners and the of cleveland. those that traditionally have gone to years to this feast come together once a year to celebrate and enjoy the great food and family and friends that come wit. >> reporter: father joe, what is this all about? >> this is a religious celebration. we are celebrating god's work and assuming mary and the holy body and soul. come down and enjoy the feast. >> reporter: the feast goes
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sunday and monday of course open for lunch at noon and then until 11:00. back to you in the studio. >> i'm hungry right now. still ahead stormy weather blowing through but that is not the only weather factor this weekend. the other big issue that you are going to want to wash out for we'll have it in your
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welcome back everybody. time for weather with meteorologist greg dee and i'm saying it really is always severe weather sometimes. you feel like it. when you can feel the weather in the studio because it's so incredibly humid in here. >> it's humid and the thunderstorms moved through earlier this afternoon. you felt the wind and the rain blowing around. nothing as strong coming back this evening but there will be periods of rain. outdoor plans. it will be tough, folks. flash flood watch continues
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that may be scaled back in terms of the length of time. take a look at current radar. lots of areas of rain. some thunderstorms will zoom into a couple locations. we will start you off around metro cleveland. there is the airport. that is where the radar is. and notice to the west and southwest yeah there is more rain coming this. that is moving in at 35 miles an hour. so we will track that for you. starting in about portions of downtown. we will take it as far as the entering suburbs. there is strongsville at 6:47. brooks park at 7:00. parma 7:09 and there is cleveland 7:24. i'm putting up cleveland of course because of the indians. they are planning on playing but right now the latest i can tell you they are in a delay. even before the game they are in a delay because of these showers anorthites areas of -- and these areas of rain moving
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through lorain county, huron county, and look at this stuff back to the west and southwest of norwalk. that is additional heavy rain. just solid rain. that is all moving in behind this initial batch. so expect that to effect us here over the next probably hour or so maybe even a couple hours worth of rain here as we go through the rest of the evening. here's what things look like as we take you hour by hour. here's 7:30 this evening. you will notice the showers and temperatures in the 70s. the yellows and oranges, those are pockets of heavy rain. by 10:00, this first batch moves by. there will be a window of cloudy weather. maybe brief sprinkles or drizzle but nothing that would maybe need an umbrella for. as we go through the over night periods of showers are still possible. temperatures in the 70s. rock and roll 5k and marathon, half marathon rock and roll
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i'm hoping for dry weather. a few of you indicating showers. rain chances in the morning rather low. for tonight 70-75. scattered rain. a few rumbles. southwest winds 10-15. the bigger setup has a look to the south, southwest. you may have heard about the historic flooding in portions of louisiana. that area of low pressure that is causing that flooding will hook up with this front that extends into northeast ohio and this thing will use it a southern great lake. now it's exact track will determine what we get out of it. i do think there is a chance for additional heavy rain in our area coming up on tuesday. for the rest of sunday, scattered areas of rain. best chances south of cleveland. temperatures in the upper 70s to around 80. here's your window nation extended forecast. notice a bit of a break from the rain on monday and we'll watch for that additional heavy rain on tuesday with temperatures in the mid 80s.
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tonight's summer game schedule brought to you by ohio's number one hospital cleveland clinic. we head to the pool where medals will be handed out in the men's four by 100-meter relay. the mens 1500-meter free and the women's 50-meter free. plus track and field coverage includes the women's 100-meter and mens 10,000-meter. and that is your access to tonight's summer game schedule brought to you by cleveland clinic. providing you with access to the number
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the best performance by an athlete is brought to you by cuyahoga. the women's 800-meter free style final katie ledecky her signature event and more domination. not one swimmer anywhere around her as she sets the world record defending her goal in london by taking her fo starting now tric. tric where futures begin. hi everyone. the indians and angels will try to play ball tonight. they will not start on time due to the weather. the news today michael brantly is done for the season. terry announced he would have
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in dallas. tough ending for brantly for an injury that goes back to last season. brantly injured while diving for a ball in minnesota. he had surgery in november and then returned to the field in late april but brantly only played in 11 games and suffered multiple set backs as he tried to rehab in the minors but couldn't get healthy. it's been a miserable season for the left fielder. on a positive note, the indians offense has done all right without brantly. the big offensive explosion in the 14-4 and 13-3. they have outscored the indians 27-7. yesterday they scored 11 unanswered runs. scoring in every inning but the third and they had 17 hits. and they can't stop stealing bases. the indians lead the american league with 92 stolen bags. davis leads the al with 31 of them. last night he had three of the indians eight steals. the eight steals tied a 99-year- old indians record.
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in steals in 1999. remember how hot the tigers were? they have cooled off. detroit has lost five straight games. combine that with indians winning three of their last four. browns with the day off, back to practice tomorrow. robert griffin iii shined on his first pass hitting terrell pryor for 39 yards. after that pretty sloppy. a fumble on his second play then he was picked off and that cost the browns points. rg3 4-8. hue jackson said rg3 looked relaxed for a guy that hadn't played in awhile. there were positives but you can't have the mistakes. austin davis suffered a concussion on this six yard scramble. he is in the nfl concussion
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9. 32 yards. hall was injured in the third quarter after this 19-yard catch. first year player from central florida was most likely on the bubble. now to the olympics. at big night in prime time. michael phelps will swim his final race. part of the 4x100-meter relay. big show on the olympic zone. we profiled eric canard. went to rogers high school. silver medal winner plus pochiano in studio for an hour long olympic zone from 7:00 until 8:00 tonight right here on channel 3. today's medal count is brought to you by university hospitals and it keeps rising for the united states. 21 golds, 16 silver, 18 bronze, 55 total medals. china in second with 41. . so far it's going the way we want it to go. >> and it always feels really good when you hit that 50 mark,
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day 7. >> i know greg was excited about it. he was texting me hey, we hit 50. i texted him back and said yeah, way to go. >> did you really do that? >> greg and i both are runners and like to text. but we don't text about running. >> doesn't it make you proud to be an american in >> we do. we have more than two of the country's the fourth and fifth place co >> it's fun to watch. it's exciting. especially in prime time. olympic zone will be outstanding. >> it is. thank you for joining us. nbc nightly news coming up
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>> announcer: this is
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"nbc nightly news" with lester holt. reporting tonight from the olympic summer games in rio. >> good evening from rio. we'll get to all the olympic action here shortly, but first to the unfolding disaster happening right now in louisiana. unprecedented raining triggering what the governor is calling historic flooding. there have been hundreds of dramatic rescues and the region prepares for up to a foot more of rain. gabe latest. >> reporter: in parts of the south, the devastation is unprecedented. it's unlike anything 96-year-old florence washington has ever seen. >> how are you doing, ma'am? >> reporter: we were there as good samaritans saved her from her flooded home here in baker, louisiana. in baton rouge, the desperation is
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some areas seeing about two feet of torrential rain in less than 48 hours. >> i've got about four feet of water in my house. everything is ruined. >> reporter: the water seemingly everywhere. this drone video showing the scope of the disaster in livingston parish. this is the 911 center. authorities forced to abandon it and race to >> it is terrible. it's insane. >> reporter: she was trapped with four children inside her denham springs home. >> our whole front yard, the street, everything is a river. >> reporter: so far at least three people have died in the floodwaters. the governor declaring a state of emergency. >> because these are record floods, we don't know how wide the water is going to get into those areas. >> reporter: tonight in louisiana, it is a race against time.
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my whole entire life. >> reporter: how quickly did the water come up here? >> really fast, really fast. >> reporter: and joyce griffin was shaken. >> it's awful. it's awful. i don't know what else to say. it's just terrible. >> reporter: her home is under water, but thanks to a stranger's boat she is safe. the water here is rising rapidly. the street i'm standing on was completely dry just a few hours ago. flood watches are in effect through tomorrow. there. gabe, thank you. here in rio, the gold medals just keep stacking up for team usa, especially in the pool as the swimming competition draws to a close and track and field heats up. here's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: victories are great. surprise victories are even better. 35-year-old anthony
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sydney 16 years ago, irvin retired, but the water called him back. >> i was just trying to swim, just to find the love of it again. >> reporter: maya dirado wasn't expecting a win either. eight years ago, joe schooling probably thought it couldn't get any better than this moment with michael phelps, but it last night he edged out the superstar for a gold in the 100-meter butterfly. >> i was lucky and privileged to race him. >> reporter: and although katie ledecky's win in the 800 meter free was no surprise, her time certainly was. yet another world record, more than 11 seconds faster than second place. >> i felt good the whole way through. >> reporter: the u.s. team has been spectacular in the
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aren't half bad on top of it either, winning a clear victory for a third consecutive olympics. while still searching for clarity, that diving pool. the pool is also being partially drained to get ready for synchronized swimming. track and field is off and running and jumping and throwing. michelle carter became the first american woman to women gold in national anthem. it's me this time. >> reporter: tonight michael phelps chatted with his fans on facebook and repeated that this would be his last olympics. >> 24 years in the sport and we're finishing up tonight. >> reporter: phelps is racing in the medley relay and likely to win another gold medal. weather continues to be a problem here. strong currents completely swept away the starting platform
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swimming, lester, but organizers say they'll be ready to go by monday. back home, donald trump is telling audiences he is worried about cheating on election day as polls show him losing ground to hillary clinton in states like pennsylvania. >> reporter: three months to go and donald trump is pining about pennsylvania. >> you know, i've been talking about a rigged system for a long time. >> reporter: appearing to warn voters they can't trust american democracy. >> the only way we can lose, in my opinion -- pennsylvania is if cheating goes on. i really believe it. >> reporter: now his team is calling for volunteer election observers nationwide. quote, we're going to do everything we're legally allowed to do to stop crooked hillary from rigging this election. >> we don't want to see people voting five times folks. >> reporter: trump raising fears, but nationally voter fraud is all but nonexistent.
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impersonation out of more than a billion ballots. >> if hillary clinton is the winner of the election, you'll have a large group of trump supporters who believe they were robbed. >> reporter: to keep the candidate on message, advisers are giving trump talking points he can hold in his hand. >> so here's your total national debt. >> reporter: and a chaperon. a source close to the campaignli trading off trump sitting with reince priebus. it's not working. trump is down across key battleground states where clinton trounced the republican among women and minority groups. >> is there anybody in this room who believes one word that donald trump says? >> no! >> we're not gullible people, folks. >> reporter: the democrat not without her own problems. the continuing drip of e-mail releases
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that is going to do it for us tonight. primetime coverage from rio begins at tonight on the olympic zone we are soring to new heights with pole vaulter sean barber who perfected his craft at the university of akron. a toledo high jumper has a
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games. four years later he would like to trade that in for gold. meet eric canar. and simone biles and the final five have dominated the women's gymnastic field. where do we rank these ladies? who better to ask dominic mochiani. >> and katie ledecky continues to shake all our heads at how good she really is. those stories and more tonight on the oliverric -- on the


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