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tv   Ch 3 News Politics and People  NBC  August 13, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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games. four years later he would like to trade that in for gold. meet eric canar. and simone biles and the final five have dominated the women's gymnastic field. where do we rank these ladies? who better to ask dominic mochiani. >> and katie ledecky continues to shake all our heads at how good she really is. those stories and more tonight on the oliverric -- on the
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the views of rio de janeiro breathtaking, cannot get enough of it and good news, plenty more to come as we look forward to another magical night at 2016 olympic games. the olympic call drip continues to burn bright. we will spotlight athletes from our area who will be competing in rio. but first we start out of the gate and brought to you by akron's children's hospital. elyria tonya is pursuing gold
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last tight she qualified with 11.23 seconds. she moves on to the semi finals. her hometown is showing its support. eli square is a sea of red and white ribbons including a banner wishing her good luck in rio. the mayor has proclaimed au 12th, 16th, and 18th tiana day. murphy is from new paris, ohio which is on the ohio-indiana border. he is scheduled to race at 9:26 p.m. eastern tonight. the finals are set for monday night in prime time. good luck to clayton murphy. clayton murphy is one of three olympians with ties to the university of akron. another track and field star is
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pole vault. sean barber will represent team canada. the 22-year-old is on a role. he has won gold at the pan-am games in toronto. and gold at the world championships in beijing. he is a three-time ncaa champion with the zip. donovan sat down with barber and asked him why he is competing with team canada. >> my father is a canadian. born in canada. and so growing up i had the option to pick up a na citizenship and compete for canada as a dual system. through funding and different things. so with that in mind and with the fact that you know the easier to make some of the teams and easier to get into some of the meets being a
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>> how would you be on the american team? if you decided to compete for the united states. >> if i ranked myself against the americans right now, i would have a better height than all the americans jumping right now. that being said, it would still be more difficult because you have to go to the trials. that is just one more meet where i have to go and compete a couple weeks before rio. >> as you grew up, who heros in the sport? >> i liked watching luca many years ago. maybe he stopped jumping a bit before he was born. he's had those records for so long. i like to sit down and watch his videos of him jumping. he is a real technician in the sport. >> have you ever met him? >> yeah. he's a real nice guy. it's kind of cool to see over the years how he has learned more and more english and keeps picking up more and more english. >> i want to learn about the
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that? for all of us trying to learn a lot more about this sport because here you are from the university of akron, we will be watching you. tell us about the six meter club. >> the six meter club is a group of guys i think 19-20 guys that have ever gone six meters. >> six meters is? >> 19 feet 8 inches and some change which is my current personal best. it's just a small group that -- of course that is the milestone in pole vaulting. >> in rio, is that you'll have to be there at that, at that height? >> i think in rio it's going to take a six meter jump or something at it to win the olympics. >> wow. tell me about what it will be like the olympic experience. you have been in world meets and you've been at championship
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are into play, people can become just intoo much rated with -- infatuated with it. how will you be? >> i think i handled the world championships well. if i can go into it with the same mentality, and take that mentality into rio, i will fair pretty well. that being said it's a completely different ball game. a lot more son the table. >> what will it be like to be on that medal whatever step. naturally you would like to be on the top one. what is that like? >> it is the goal of the year and it is what every athlete across the world is trying to be right now. and i know that there is hundreds of pole vaulters going for the same spot and they all want to be exactly where i want to be on top of that podium. you know, that being said, if i was able to climb to that first place spot, it would be a life
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and now time to put the spotlight on an olympian toledo erik kynard is the silver winner at the london games. now he would like to update to gold. before he was introduced to junior, well there was another kynard senior that everyone in toledo knew about. the rise to greatness for erik
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one of the greatest high school athletes to ever come out of ohio. and at the same time erik kynard senior was considered one of the greatest. and just before college he became a father. >> i went to the university of toledo for two years. i could have went to kansas state but i had junior so i decided i wanted to be home. >> it's not always the case the a doesn't fall from the tree but here it did. kynail his smarts from his mother, his athletic genes from him. and this is how it began. >> i gave him a choice. you have to get a scholarship because i'm not paying for it. you can do track or football. he tried football, he didn't like it. and he got into track and him and his friend had a bet in junior high of how he would do. so of course he won. so he stuck with track. >> the first time we saw him as a freshman we were like oh my
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really special. now at that time we still couldn't predict exactly how great he was going to become. >> it was on this track at rogers high school when he became great. as a sophomore he jumped seven feet. something sophomores don't do. his junior year seven feet, three inches. he won two state championships an injury costing him a third. his junior year he competed in the olympic trials. he was now the real deal. >> he was the only high school kid there. that s you are there. so it was the, the whole thing was, we're going this time so the next time you can make the team. which is what happened. >> this erik kynard went to kansas state where he became an all american and ncaa champion but he went there for one reason to be with the best jump coach in the country with the dream of becoming an olympian. >> i came here because he believed in that. he believed in that for me and
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coach. >> together they did it. kynard not only competed in the 2012 london olympics he took silver with dad there to see it. and now the number one ranked high jumper in the u.s. has qualified again. with only one thing left to do win the gold in rio. >> i'm ecstatic for him. happy. he is 365 days a year, that is all he does is practice. practices and competes. after he gets the gold, i i mean, you are already at the top. >> not a bad plasson be for a kid from northwest ohio. >> indeed. kynard will compete in the men's high jump tomorrow. we wish him the best of luck. still to come, a columbus diver springs into her second olympics. what makes the rio games different for abby johnston after a silver medal performance. today's medal count is brought to you by university hospitals.
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more great shots of the days in rio. we hope for more great memories tonight. it really has been must see tv so far everybody. wow. dave chudowsky back with you on the olympic another ohioan to keep an eye on abby johnston. she is on the team usa diving team. competing in the three meter spring board. johnston has a silver medal from 2012 in london but gold would be even better. nbc jared smally has more. >> london feels like a lifetime ago. i feel like a completely different person. >> reporter: she is already an olympic silver medalist. johnston won that medal four years ago in london.
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board. >> four years ago i wasn't a strong enough diver. i had three strong dives i could do in synchronize. i worked really hard on those other dives and i teal like i'm ready to get up there and be by myself. >> reporter: in the months entering these games, abby has kept busy with a few things. like finishing her second year of medical school at duke. and a few weeks engaged. medical school, olympics, and now getting married. other than that how is your summer going? >> best summer of my life. and i found out i'm a published author. which is really exciting. i was also in people magazine. i was like wow kind of crushing it here. [ laughter ] >> and northeast ohio has a couple other connections to the rio games that has nothing to
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dr. mark mendazoon has worked with several track and field athletes competing in rio. he has worked with jenn schurr as she prepared for london. and he helped her as she prepared for these olympics. he is in rio to see those athletes he worked with. >> people think it's such a big deal fo the olympics. i'm blessed and lucky that things have fallen in place. but to watch the athletes get there is tremendous. you can be a great athlete and never leave the games. and to help them continue, that is the most rewarding part that they trust you to help them. >> another clevelander just got back from rio.
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team usa. he is a former gymnast that started choreography in the seventh grade when he helped out with the high school. the 34-year-old graduated from the university of akron. he works with all the ladies on their routines paying special attention to all the details. >> they all have very strong work ethics. what they don't have is a strong dance background. getting them to do choreography and learning different steps and cool tricks to incorporate in th time and every tort. and a lot of people don't know that side of these athletes. >> two words to sum up simone biles and the women's gym that'sic team, world domination. we will rank the final five's performance with our gold medal
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and we are back on the olympic zone as we get you set
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day number eight of the 2016 olympic games in rio. dave chudowsky back with you with 1996 gold medal winner dominique moceanu that has joined us. great to see you again. i'll tell you what, what a week it was in gymnastics and with the women. did it play out the way you thought it would? >> absolutely. the women were the reigning world champions going into this olympic games. they had ev pressure on them to win this olympic title. and they certainly lived up to the expectations. >> so where do you think at this point we can rank simone biles? we talked before about how could she be the greatest of all time? that is saying a lot isn't it? >> a lot of the community said if she wins the olympic all around title, that will put her as one of the greatest of all time. i mean, there really hasn't been anyone that has ever won
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three times in a row and then won the olympics. so simone is definitely arguably one of the greatest and time will tell there is the past athletes in the sport. the gymnast that -- the gymnasts that it's hard to compare. so the times have changed. the codes have changed. the equipment has even changed. there is so many factors. but when it comes to difficulty and titles, it's h that she is not one of the greats. >> last thing on her, she makes it look so easy doesn't she? >> she absolutely does. she just flies and twists and lands so confidently that it's really a joy to watch. >> it really is. and a joy to watch as well not just her but aly raisman to get silver and like you said talk about the pure domination. thoughts on her. >> the emotional finish in the all around competition of aly raisman was just so
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i was so happy for her because she just missed the medals four years ago in the all around competition. and as she said on her instagram, it's redemption baby, it sure is. that is something she always wanted and she just fell short a little bit in london but she proved herself worthy of that position being second in the world next to simone is as good as gold. >> let's navigate now. you had the team competition, individual all around. but this th awhile now. we get more gym that'sics as we go -- gymnastics as we go into the week. we have three days with the individual events. is that right? >> yes. >> so let's focus on tomorrow. the men's floor and ph and the women's vault and what else are the women doing? >> the women are doing the vault and uneven bars and the men are doing the floor and the palma horse. the event finals are always thrilling because it's top
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each particular event. so that is how they qualify into the event finals. and then you can only have two per country. let's say some of our athletes got in, in the top eight they get dropped and the other athlete gets in. >> like it was in the individual all around. >> absolutely. >> you agree with that. >> it's been the rule for so many years. it may not be fair and we may not agree with it, but these are the rules set in place and we have to abide by th getting more gold probably. and how about the men? over all is this going to be the shining again? >> the women are going to be shining again. i have full confidence in our u.s. ladies on vaulting. simone biles is the best in the world. i mean, she has phenomenal vault. she has upgraded her vault. in the event finals you have two different vaults to compete. but there is a korean gymnast
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we have never seen which is three twists in the air and could have it name after her if she has done it. i have seen this footage circulating on the internet. it's great risk but it could be very rewarding and she could pose the only challenge to simone. >> quickly because we have to go. will the men's team ever be as strong as the women? >> i really hope so. i think since the hahns era, theyin potential. but the lans era brought them back to the podium. i think that they were doing really, really well and they were starting to get some traction in the medals. i do believe that they can get back on the podium. we have a lot of talent in the united states. we have to get them to be consistent and confident. >> dominique moceanu thank you so much. we will have a day off tomorrow and we'll see you back on
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individual events. coming up the university of oregon runners will be tearing it up on the track in rio. time now for our olympic trivia question brought to you by cleveland museum of natural history. discover the world beyond your backyard. which state has the most athletes competing in the
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you're watching the olympic zone only on channel 3. we are
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time coverage at the top of the hour. an hour for you tonight here on channel 3. two o'clock d.c. back with -- dave chudowsky back with you. the celebrated stadium hayward field hosted the tryouts for the olympics. the olympic zone dailen cuff has more. >> repor in rio, first you have to conquer hayward field in eugene, oregon. nearly 20 of the olympians competing have ties to eugene university of oregon. including 2012 olympic silver medalist rough.
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running tradition. the 10,000 meters and the marathon. >> all has been the center of track and field in this country. there have been so many legends that have come through. >> eugene's place started with bill bower. the university of oregon track coach for a quarter of a century. with his book jogging, he brought running to the post world war ii masses. among those he bellinger. ottis davis. at oregon he also coached phil knight and the two started a little shoe making company blue ribbon sports. they later renamed it nike. today the oregon running icons


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