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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  August 22, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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night, making history, with the games winding down, more gold for team usa. the best olympic performance in decades. ryan lochte could face disciplinary action committee. isis blamed for an attack in turkey. many killed. the suicide bomber said to be a child. tornados touching down in two states while flooding swamps parts of texas after half a foot of rain with more on the way. and team spirit like you have never seen it. we catch up with two american brothers who may be the olympics most extreme fans.
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>> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" reporting tonight from the olympic games in rio, peter alexander. >> good evening on this wet and windy night the rio olympics will draw to a close. a carnival like closing ceremony. a fitting end to the first games in south mevg. team usa with a historic performance securing 121 total three decades and the third most ever. and the brazilian hosts are reveling after earning gold in this country's most popular sport. >> reporter: as the soccer team goes so goes the country. at least that is what many brazilians believe. >> neymar has a chance to make history. >> reporter: in the final moments of the shootout in maracana stadium you could see it in their faces.
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ago in the semifinal of the world cup, brazil lost in the same stadium to the same team, a crushing, 7-1. >> neymar right footed takes it and scores! >> reporter: when that final goal sailed in it wasn't just the country's first soccer gold medal it was redemption. >> brazil strike olympic gold for the first time in their history. >> reporter: a fitting end to top off two weeks of an olympics that made plenty history. michael phelps, katie ledecky and allyson felix. and matthew centrowitz hangs on to win gold. >> i was dumbfounded a little built. what i just accomplished.
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wins gold again helping the count, women's basketball and star elaina delladonne. >> it had been a really exciting olympics. >> reporter: northeast least for simone biles, who won five medals, four gold. tonight she is carrying the u.s. flag in the closing ceremony. it all comes to an end tonight in maracana. the theme of ceremony is carnival. they are bringing in samba students from schools around the city. but they will be battling the weather, the wind and rain. the wind gusts have been recorded as high as 55 miles an hour in rio tonight. peter? >> stay dry out there. thank you. as for swimmer ryan lochte and his teammates who were caught up in the embarrassing episode last weekend. the head of the u.s. olympic committee said there will be further
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lochte is apologizing after getting drunk and claiming the americans were robbed at gunpoint. in an interview with matt lauer lochte was asked about two of his teammates who were detained here in rio. >> when you saw the news coverage of gunnar and jack being taken off the plane in the airport and you said to me, they didn't damage anything in that gas station and you're sitting at home in the united states safe and sound, feel? >> hurt. i mean, i -- i let my team down. and you know, i'm just really sorry about -- i'm embarrassed for myself, my family, especially those guys. the u.s. swimming. the whole olympic games. everyone watching.
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stupid mistake. i'm human. i made a mistake and i'm definitely learning from this. and -- i'm just really sorry. >> and you can see much more of matt's exclusive entire you have with ryan lochte tomorrow morning on "today". authorities in turkey are blaming isis for a mass suicide attack leaving 50 people dead adding bomber was a child as well. we get more tonight from nbc's matt bradley. >> reporter: today in turkey overwhelming grief after a wedding massacre. a suicide bomber's savage attack stunned a country where acts of terror have become almost routine. turkey's president blamed the attack on islamic state. the bomber to through this narrow street where wedding guests
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pools of blood said this woman. i feel powerless. more than 50 were killed and scores injured many were children. the officials said the bomber was aged 12 to 14. a chilling tactic but not new for isis. >> a lot of the children are orphans or victims of war themselves. it is easier to groom them into being a suicide bomber. >> reporter: turkey is isis. most recently in istanbul's airport where 45 people were killed. in the heart of the tourist district i in january and in ankara last year. it's all part of turkey's growing instability. just weeks ago top military generals rebebled against recep tayyip erdogan in a
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it could weaken the army as it confronts a powerful enemy. matt bradley, nbc news. a week of severe weather and more forecast for tom tonight. >> reporter: winds up to 70 miles an hour whipping through america's heartland with two reports of tornados touching down in ohio, two more in indiana. this as heavy raines pounded the pavem in michigan. seven possible tornado touchdowns there reported overnight. >> it was just like the movies. i have watched the "wizard of oz" i know what it looks like. >> reporter: leaving traffic lights dangling in the wind. as first responders raced to help victims. >> took out the swing set. took out my garden. it's scary you don't know what to do or where we're staying.
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forced to wade through 7 inches of rain, their cars stranded after that same storm system triggered unprecedented flooding in kansas. in texas, the national weather service warning some residents to move to higher ground as flash floods damaged homes and businesses just south of san antonio. >> this is probably the most rain i have seen at one time. >> reporter: in austin rising waters left this road completely flooded. now, south texas bracing for more damage with the possibility of heavy downpours overnight. meanwhile families across the country stand among shattered homes and ruined neighborhoods, stitching the pieces back together. nbc news, new york. in politics, donald trump's campaign suggested this weekend that his policy for dealing with undocumented immigrants may not be set in stone as the candidate for now seems to be staying on message. we get the latest tonight from casey
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to his new script. >> thank you very much. >> the outsider calling for a more inclusive gop. >> the gop is the party of abraham lincoln. >> reporter: it won his praise from the party chairman. >> i think he's been on message. he has shown maturity as a candidate. >> reporter: the new campaign manager suggested that trump might walk back his law and order immigration proposal. >> we have to get them out. >> rte policy speech set for thursday. will it include a deportation force? >> to be determined. >> reporter: they are trying to make hillary clinton the focus asking questions about the decision to wait to see if clinton is elected before it stops accepting foreign donations. >> donald trump refuses to disclose the full architecture of his financial debts and obligations around
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herself spending the weekend behind closed doors in massachusetts raising money, touching down on sunday for a private celebrity fundraiser with cher trying to widen the cash advantage her campaign has over trump staying out of the spotlight, leaving the focus on trump's efforts to get back on track. near st. louis, missouri, poor residents in a dozen communities are suing their towns,rg their are being unfairly punished for minor traffic offenses. the residents say the towns are ganging up against them to raise money giving them a choice between paying a huge fine or going to jail. we get more from pete williams. >> reporter: quentin thomas worries he will be pulled over by small town police. >> these traffic stops have caused me a lot
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career jobs. >> reporter: in the past four years he has been ordered to pay $1200 for fees and traffic violations and spend eight days in jail when he couldn't pay. he is part of a lawsuit accusing the towns for arresting residents. >> no one is arguing there sdn punishments but we can't hold people in jail because they are too par to pay a debt. >> reporter: last year the towns were so aggressive they issued one arrest warrant for every adult and the suit contends they are in it together. failing to appear in a charge in one generates a warrant for others to use as a chance to make an arrest and collect more money. similar court practices contributed to the resentment that led to rioting in ferguson, missouri after the shooting of
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for their part several of the towns say they take in less through their courts than state law allows and every case begins when someone actually breaks the law. >> the laws are there for a reason. it's not filling coffers, it's got everything to do with trying to make the street safe and implementing the law. >> reporter: though quentin thomas says jail cost him his car and two jobs he is back at work but still worried when he is on the road. news, washington. tonight, how south korea is gearing up
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as things wind down here in rio they are hard at work more than 11,000 miles away getting ready for the next olympics the 2018 winter games in south korea. we went in for a progress report. >> reporter: the either is moving fast in south korea, the next olympic venues rising quickly from the skating rink to
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deliver its first winter games. >> this is historic? >> yes, historic. in terms of venues we are ready. >> reporter: pyeongchang is upgrading the ski jumps, test events coming soon. >> the venue will be completed november 8 this year. >> are you feeling nervous? >> still a little bit nervous but we are so excited. >> reporter: there is one problem, though, snow. pyeongchang doesn't get much of >> even without snow from the sky, we will make snow. artificial snow. >> no snow but that's not a problem. >> no problem. >> reporter: it's not all about snow. >> one of the greatest olympic performances i have ever seen. >> reporter: former korea olympic champion now retired. >> too old to skate i think. >> reporter: is promising a games to remember. >> we'll make
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>> reporter: officials have praised its skiing preparation and promising to crack down on doping with new and clean testing labs. all of this, it says on time and on budget. olympic games don't come cheap. these will cost $13 billion. but that's a bargain compared to the last winter games when russia spent four times morn the most expensive in history. at korea's temples they are praying for success. >> we pray to buddha a long, long time. >> reporter: and it's not too long before the next games begin, 78 weeks from now. bill nealy, nbc news, pyeongchang, south korea. 78 weeks, not that anybody's counting.
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?? >> you probably know the catchy tune "the girl from ipanema" the most famous bossa nova song from this country. tonight, gadi schwartz
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?? >> reporter: it was this unfeshtable highlight of the opening ceremony that seemed to slow down time. gisele bundchen gracing the world's longest runway. at the piano, the grandson of the song's composure. >> oh, my god. beautiful. >> reporter: from ipanema" is almost a second national anthem. >> this is the walk that she would take. >> every day she would go here. this street and go the beach. and they would be sitting in this bar. >> look at this girl. she's incredible. there she goes again. she's so tall. she's so tan. let's write down the song. >> wow. >> reporter: this was the restaurant where they dreamed up the music. they were here so
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needed to get ahold of them they would call the bar. >> call the bar, there's a phone for you here. getting the phone and sinatra's voice here. >> reporter: daniel invited us into his home and sat at the piano passed down to him by his grandfather. >> ? tall and tan and lovely the girl from ipanema goes walking and when she each one she passes go hi ? >> since the opening ceremony, the song written more than 50 years ago has seen a 1200% spike in online streams, classic made new as the younger generation feels the pull of the melody. >> beautiful for romance. >> reporter: in portuguese there is a word that there is no
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but the song comes close to describing how it feels. >> sologi is something you long for and you miss. could be a person or a place or just maybe a feeling of everything. >> reporter: a song that inspired loves longing and quests to find the girl from ipanema and appreciate the beauty of youth as it passes by. news rio. over the course of the games we have seen our share of emotion, joy, relief, agony. in a matter of minutes we saw all of it on the mat. a mongolian wrestler began celebrating thinking he won the bronze but it turns out he lost. he was crushed. the protests, they began furiously undressing, one coach
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the crowd went nuts. but sadly for mongolia that didn't change the score. when we come back the
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finally tonight, it's been a thrilling couple of weeks here in rio and the spirit of the games extends beyond the pool and the track to the stands where fans all over the globe converge on what is one of the world's great sporting events. tonight ron mott meet a couple of brothers from texas. >> reporter: ifch were an olympic sport these brothers would medal. they have amassed a stash, participation medals, part of their collection of memorabilia from every summer games they have been to and then some. >> it was a big flame. >> reporter: the torches, autographs, pins. >> 1971, 1976, 1980. >> and one of them is named rome. >> out of this olympic
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>> my mother was a national champion. >> reporter: a gymnast who missed rome and gave her first born the honor instead. >> i named my children after the cities, paris, sydney and athens. he and brother talon, a gallery owner an their families are wrapping up another summer game's the pair's 11th starting with munich in 72 no-show since. >> you run into people left and right and try to communicate and there's something about that where you are just around the world. >> reporter: olympic fever has taken them around the world. red, white, and blue goodwill ambassadors looking for something special to take home. the next-generation is showing signs of affection too. >> we have the best family tradition in
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>> one, two, three. >> already looking forward to the next summer olympics and promising to keep it up when they are the ones hoisting. ron mott, nbc news, rio. >> usa! >> see them in tokyo. that's "nbc nightly news" for this sunday. i'm peter alexander. tune in for the closing ceremony beginning at 8:00, lester holt will be at home with you tomorrow. thank you for watching and have a great
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i'm embarrassed. for myself, my family, especially those guys, the whole olympic games. american olympic swimmer ryan locht the robbery that never happened in an exclusive interview with matt lauer. the xxxi olympic games came to a close as team usa dominated with 121 medals. isis used a child to carry out a mass suicide attack at a wedding. >> donald trump tries a different approach. and are you brave enough to


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