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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  September 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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a mother shot in her home last night with her three children present. the presidential campaign is back in the buckeye state. what is happening today. swine flu morning. what you might want to do if you plan to visit the county fair. you. it is september 1. it's hard to believe. the days and months are flying by. let's enjoy the day ahead. it's going to be a nice one. we have a whole different feel as we wake up. 69 at 9 am. partly sunny skies with low to
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we are talking about the chance for a shower or sprinkle with some lake effect showers are potential later. most of us right around 60 degrees. dew points are in the 50s to the air is much more dry and less humid. there's not much going on at all. let's track a little bit and what you notice going into the afternoon is the partly sunny sky and some lake fe also watching the drive. happy thursday. good morning everyone. drive with the windows down
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-- highway 82 will be closed for resurfacing so be careful. rushed to the hospital after being shot twice near east 145th and kinsman. the man was shot at least one time in the head but managed to run for help at a nearby gas station. no word on his condition. an adequate mother is fighting for her life after police say she was shot by her boyfriend in front of her children. >> we're live with the latest.
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the mother is here at the hospital in alkaline with life- threatening injuries but neighbors say the started last night around 6 pm. they heard loud arguing across the street followed by 5-6 gunshots and then they went to see what happened and saw the boyfriend running away. they found the 26-year-old mother laying on the porch with her three kids. a two-month-old a two-year-old and a four-year-old on home during this event. and police came by a few weeks ago. >> it scared me. i do not know what to do. at least i knew she was -- heard me being there and i told her i have for kids and she said thank you.
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he has not been charged yet but they expect charges soon. donald trump delivered his immigration plan last night >> he gave a speech in phoenix after event with mexican president enrique pena nieto. >> reporter: reiterated previous statement about building a wall al mexican border and trump also said the plan will not offer undocumented immigrants a path to legal status or citizenship. he talked about adding more border patrol officers and says that will be his first priority. that opens the opportunity to take a swipe at his opponent. >> we're going to triple the number of ice deportation offices. i am going to create a new
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quickly removing the most dangerous criminals illegal immigrants in america who have evaded justice like hillary clinton has evading justice. [ cheering ] maybe they will be able to deport her. >> and many are waiting to see what the day holds and the mexican president after reports of a disagreement on what was said at the for the wall was not discussed but hours later the president enrique pena nieto tweeted that he made it clear to trump mexico would not pay for the wall. >> hillary clinton is firing back at trump's visit essentially calling it a photo op >> tiffany tarpley joins us from parma.
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biden will be here in parma campaigning on behalf of hillary clinton. then donald trump will be making to poke-stops. one in cincinnati and the other in wilmington today with months until november election. things are heating up on the campaign trail. wednesday hillary clinton spoke at the american legion convention in cincinnati and that is where trump is scheduled to speak today. >> trying to make up for one year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors were a few hours. that is not how it works. >> reporter: that is hillary clinton talking about donald trump's visit to mexico. coming up i will let you know more about joe biden's visit to parma the geauga county fair begins today but the state health department has a warning. two people who went to the ashtabula county fair in august
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it's type of low past from animals to humans and it is rare. there are extra precautions to take and signs have been posted and for me to not to take food inside the areas where the pigs are and to wash hands after leaving. >> the likelihood of transmitting it is extremely low will be fortunate because the weather is not supposed to be hot and humid which tends to stress the animals and brings that out. >> the cdc says is usually mild and symptoms are similar to the seasonal flu but akin 2012 it resulted in one death. we know that one of the deals on the new contract struck between cleveland teachers and the school district involves less testing for students. the sides of her to a strike when they reached a tentative agreement monday that walkout could have had come as early as
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not release any other details saying it wants to get the information out to teachers first. teachers will likely vote on the deal later this month. a mother grandmother and another woman have pleaded guilty in the heroin overdose death of an akron teenager. heather frye brenda frye and jessica irons face charges of including involuntary manslaughter, trafficking in heroin and tampering with evidence. 16-year-old andrew frye was found dead in a hotel room in early april. investigators discovered three women were in the room before the teenager's death. renda fry sold the heroin to andrew's mom while he was present and they are scheduled to be sentenced october 12. the man accused of gunning down a woman after crashing into her car remains behind bars. matthew desha pleaded not guilty the video as the family of the victim deborah perl looked on. he ran a red light hitting the
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got out and shot her. a jet sent his bond -- a judge set his bond at $1 million violence erupted in brazil last night. hundreds of brazilian anti- impeachment protesters smashed windows of downtown business offices and a police suv. the protest over ousted president dilma rousseff's impeachment began peacefully and the protest quickly turned violent when the new president addressed the cotr she is accused of mishandling the budget. and indiana mother who beat her seven-year-old son with a coat hanger is citing the state of his religious rate of law as her defense. some of the images are disturbing. the 30-year-old mother says she stopped her son from dangers behavior that would have seriously harmed his three-year- old sister. the indianapolis woman quoted scripture in court documents and the doctor counted 36 bruises on the seven-
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the religious freedom restoration act which was enacted in 2015 says the government cannot in church road -- injured in a person's liberty. a trial date is october 19. a number states affected by the hepatitis a outbreak is growing now involving six states most come from tropical smoothie cafi locations. the disease has sickened 50 people and the believe it's going to frozen strawberries from egypt. they say they have removed egyptian strawberry supply replace them with strawberries from mexico and california. ohio has not been affected by the outbreak. a man has taken it upon himself to try to prevent others from getting pulled over for speeding. he paid for a billboard that reads warning speed zones ahead and then made several nearby towns located off of the highway in central louisiana. he says that the board is not intended as a negative reflection of police but hopes he can warn drivers and
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limits to generate money. pictures of the billboard have been making the rounds on social media. slow down up ahead. >> i grew up there. that is alexandria louisiana. >> how quickly did you drive through there? >> >> you of a the law. an unexpected act of kindness. whth lunch room is touching hearts
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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runners world released a new list and cleveland comes in number 35 of the top ci safety food and planet. equipment surrounding area have 23,000 acres of land across 18 parks and ranking number one was san francisco followed by seattle and boston. you might have seen this photo all over social media. this is florida state wide receiver travis rudolph eating lunch with sixth-grader bo paske. several of the football players this is the tallahassee middle school to meet with students. when rudolph saw him eating
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pizza and asked if he could sit down with them. the mom said the photo moved her to tears. and in a facebook post she shared her son has autism and often eats alone he took that time to meet him and said there what a lesson. >> it makes your heart smile. >> and greg is so proud. florida state from one adorable story to a nice-looking shot of our city. you can see the air has dried out and we have our girls at the bus stop. they are ready to go in sweatshirts which is appropriate. we are near 60 degrees.
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today with showers possible later and there could be some lake effect showers. sunshine out of the gates. and upper 60s through 9 am. low 70s at noon. the high temperature today about 74 which is attend a great difference from yesterday. it's very different from yesterday with the lower humidity. showers we're talking about the computer forecast is not picking up on then at this point. it will be lake effect with winds out of the north. you can see the flow from north to south as we get into the afternoon. the showers are dotting the screen. it will be all of you at once. it will be the random kind of thing. so bring the umbrella just in
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this evening leftover cloud cover and perhaps an early morning shower before things clear out tomorrow. it is lovely as you are waking up. the big story and attention is focused on florida with tropical storm hermine. it has been at a crawl as far as movement overnight. it is moving north about five or six miles per hour. not much but lance is still expected this evening. winds are at 60 miles per hour so we will keep you updated if it changes through the show. as it makes landfall the next thing will be watching as it tracks across florida and up the east coast. this is a huge travel weekend and maybe you have plans to go to the carolinas or georgia. keep up with the latest forecast. look at these temperature differences.
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it's much more common as we zoom in that's what we see. much cooler and less humid. we go from the cloud son next with some chance of sprinkles to partly cloudy start to friday. mostly sunny tomorrow afternoon. football tomorrow night will be amazing along with our labor day weekend. sunshine 70s and 80s. weekend. sunshine and a smooth drive this morning so far. 71 is fine to richland. a close look at downtown and we see a bit of slow down on mayfield on the east side but no traffic incidents reported. the one incident closed between
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morning. this is 76 at 77 and state route 8. on the west side toward north olmsted looking good and 90 inbound into downtown over toward 271 southbound the highway 82 ramp from 271 southbound closed because of resurfacing work. record number of people are cutting the cord with cable and tv services now those companies
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all of the huge names and programming are competing for your attention. >> last quarter 812,000 customers cut the cord in one quarter. >> your update inspired me because the question is where are they going? who is on top? there are also of course some savings.
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best of the best. i still think netflix is leading the streaming work. in terms of customers satisfaction and programming available but amazon announced its most aggressive streaming and programming approach ever. they have dozens of shows in production and dozens of pilots of the are forced to be reckoned with. on the streaming set-top hawks front they are still in the lead. both in terms of consumer satisfaction and sales. the time of year i think roku's second-best. apple tv is usually slower to update its software but incorporate elements like voice control remote which amazon had first and comcast is great in its price but simple. i will say my favorite deal is in our ways to save the boat is still. $85 for the alexa enabled remote.
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compatibility with you can use with your new iphone or whatever device you have $85 to get it done. that will hook you up with much of the new programming being developed. >> great for amazon but i don't want to have to buy another device to stream amazon content >> i hear you on that. for those just want to access the website you can just watch prime with no additional and justt and you're halfway there hulu is also good one to keep an eye on. here is holly with the forecast. it's going to be a nice day. you are packing up the homework from last night into the bookbag maybe get out the sweatshirts this morning. it's feeling cooler. temperatures are in the 60s now
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mixed clouds and sunshine initially and we see lots of sunshine and then more cloud cover building in travel map you cannot help but focus on the gulf of mexico and tropical storm hermine. we will continue to track it closely to see if there is any strengthening during today but landfall expected in florida and we will let you know the impact and what is next for the storm coming up. preschool. how new funding cuts will impact hundreds of preschoolers
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the at columbus fighting for life at the hospital after police say she was shot three -- her three children were present. neighbors say it happened around 6 pm last night and heard arguing first followed by five or six gunshots and then heard screaming and so the boyfriend running away. they found the woman laying on the porch with her three children. during this incident. the father of the children that sped away and police had a short pursuit before they took him into custody. she is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. we will bring you the details coming up. cleveland police need your help looking for a missing teenage girl faith mach was last seen august 18. she has brown hair and eyes and is about 5'2" she maybe in the
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of state. convicted former browns player reggie walker is not done with his legal troubles. his case involving assaulting a man on a highland hills golf course goes to court today. the former wide receiver was sentenced last month to 21 months in federal prison for embezzling money from a nonprofit. the assault case will be heard in a bedford court today. is not expected to attend the hearing. will be right here in northeast ohio today specifically in parma at the uaw hall. he will be campaigning for hillary clinton. talking about various things including her vision on job growth as well as the economy. donald trump will be here in ohio at well -- as well fresh off his visit from mexico and arizona. he will make stops in cincinnati and wilmington. the event at the uaw hall begins
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the information is on our website. we are in the month of september and flipping the calendar page. a new start and it's a fresh feel as you wake up. we are partly cloudy skies at the moment. will see sunshine this morning and transition to more of a mix of clouds and sun this afternoon with perhaps some lake effect rain showers. it won't be a big deal but ta today. 72 and noon and we top out about 74 it's a much cooler and drier five today. most of you are around 60. look at the dew points they are down in the 50s. once it moves into 60 degree plus range is when we talk about it feeling humid. that is not happening this
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overnight and we're looking quite lovely as we start the day. tracking on future been we see these showers develop into the afternoon and they will continue on and off into this evening. it's going to be spotty but we will have the umbrellas handy and ready to go. sunglasses and umbrellas. it's on you'll need both as you head out the door. the roadways are looking good right now. 71 into downtown looks great. dead man's curve up the sure way are at there are no problems. on the east side coming in chester. macedonia southbound ramp is closed for another 30 minutes
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resurfacing work. ?county 77 in canton. and for the west siders 480 and the turnpike is quiet. a smooth drive so far. 1000 kids are in danger of not having access to prekindergarten after a call from some state leaders to pull funding. the state says dipping when it comes to funding her preschool childcare centers in the state can no longer partner with federal head start program. that means for part of the day a child is considered to be in head start and no money will be allotted from the state for that child. the changes will come in a few days. on job fair to tell you about. this for veterans. military spouses guardsmen and reservists are invited to a special job fair@progressive
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and 30 companies will be on hand including jobs and banking retail and law enforcement. time for the morning newsfeed. all eyes are on the sky and the water today. we track the tropics. heavy rains associated with tropical storm hermine are causing problems across the tampa bay area. cars have stalled out on flooded roads and several streets have been shut down. florida tonight before pushing into georgia and the carolinas. in the pacific ocean hurricane madeline was downgraded to a tropical storm but right behind that is hurricane lester which mike kowall he over the weekend. hundreds of people displaced by the flooding in louisiana received a special visit from members of the new orleans pelicans. nearly the entire team stopped
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where many flooding victims are still being housed. the players get out water hot meals and spend time with those in need. the louisiana flooding is considered the worst natural disaster since super storm sandy of the number of people helping from the american red cross exceeds that. alyssa raymond has more with the connection helping those in need. >> reporter: a storm dumped more than 25 inches of rain in some parts of lo displaced about 10,000 people in shelters. and killed 13. american red cross ceo mike parks left northeast ohio and arrived in baton rouge on friday. he says they have delivered more than 300,000 meals. he plans to stay into next week
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>> there is so little we're doing in the broad scheme of things but every little bit we do is making a difference. it's helpful and i appreciate the support we're getting from our friends and family back in northeast ohio. >> reporter: in a place where the storm destroyed more than city thousand homes, 7000 businesses and more than a dozen lives, park says of resiliency lives. >> when you walk into a shelter and you see people who have lost everything and they kept and gi don't even know them and they say thank you. every bit makes a difference. donald trump lays out his anticipated immigration plan and political opponents are hitting back card.
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donald trump is back in the headlines after a quick trip to
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millions of immigrants in the us . his message is sent them home. tracie potts has an update. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump talked about possibly softening his stance that is not what he did. he took a hard line on things like mass deportation and there is also a dispute between trump and mexico about what happened at the meeting yesterday behind closed doors. donald trump in night -- >> mexico will pay for the wall. 100%. >> reporter: hours earlier in mexico with the president >> we did not discuss it -- >> he later explained they don't know what yet but they will pay for it. >> reporter: and and campaign is out with a new web video claiming the great negotiator choked. and lied about it. the mexican government tweeted a did discuss who pays for the
5:43 am
do it and that is not negotiable. clinton claims trump failed his first foreign-policy test. >> it certainly takes more than trying to make up for one year of insults and insinuation by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again. that is not how it works. >> reporter: in the arizona speech trump laid out his immigration plan and immediately deporting 2 million criminal immigrants and verifying that workers are ga cracking down on those who overstate the says. the focus says should be on americans and not immigrant families. >> no one will be immune or exempt from enforcement. >> reporter: that is what he said last night and as of this morning we're getting reports from politico and other sources that several latino spokespeople and surrogates who have been helping with the campaign on
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i do not want to be associated with him any longer and they feel betrayed another tweeted saying he feels disappointed and misled. we have some significant changes in the forecast from yesterday to today. you can feel the cold front that moved through yesterday evening with the dramatic shift in the air. we say hello to september with cooler weather and perhaps a lake effect rain showers with the northerly wind component. a sweatshirt or light jacket at the bus stop is not a bad idea. upper 60s at 9 am. low 70s at noon and mid-70s for the high today. a bit shy of normal which is 79. the chance of sprinkles this afternoon and evening.
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we will see partly sunny skies and the shower chances are going to be random and spotty. here we are this morning looking mainly dry but into the afternoon you will notice a 2 pm we see more of these showers pop up and move inland from the lake and even this evening at 7 pm it's possible. partly cloudy sky for the most part overnight and even tomorrow morning. then we start to the sunshine. we have been talking about the cooler feel. it is september 1 but we have warmer weather on the way again. the holiday weekend forecast coming up. tropical storm ian is in the gulf -- hermine is in the gulf and will make landfall later tonight. right now it is crawling moving
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be increasing and could become a hurricane before it makes landfall. as it tracks over the peninsula of florida we will watch closely as it continues up the east coast. lots of travel this will labor day weekend and it might affect some plans. here's the seven-day forecast. shower chances today to lots of sunshine tomorrow. there will be some cloud cor nothing but sunshine for labor day weekend. the air show and oktoberfest and the cookouts you are having. everything will work even through monday. and there is the warm-up next week. mumford out on the kayak. it was his first time and he was an expert. emily sent this picture in.
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what a great weekend to get out on the lake. if you're hauling your boat today toward the lake traffic looks good. not many issues to report right now. downtown is good. eastbound lanes looking good on chester one delay east one 0/5. -- one 0/5 -- 105. 271 to highway 82 in macedonia will remain closed until 6 am for resurfacing work. a live look outside let's go down toward i-71 and 271. roadways are dry and traffic is moving well. the fourth and final preseason game usually means the starters don't play but the browns are doing things
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q jackson is playing the starters tonight because they need the work. the question is how long they will play. offense has shown a flash you are there but jackson says they cannot rely on what he calls long ball had an. corey coleman has to show more. is one catch last week was called that because of the penalty but otherwise he fell down. 10 days ago -- to go until the real season. q jackson knows is number one pick these to step up. >> things to go out an and prepare himself for next week. the intensity and how things are plate in the national football league in the regular season is different than preseason. we respect that. he has some big challenges ahead but i think he will be up to the task. stretch time for the indians. they have a 4.5 game lead. the indians were 6-0 with his starts. he won his 15th game the
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sweep the series. a day off today before miami is here for the weekend. a four and half game lead with 30 games to go. tigers and will smith this weekend in kansas city. one other preseason game to watch tonight's 49ers and chargers. this is the next step in the colin kaepernick controversy. he is starting tonight and he will not stand for the national anthem. it turns out tonight in san diego it is night. 240 sailors marines and soldiers will present us flag along with several color guards for the national anthem. this was planned way in advance. san diego does this every year. he says he will still fit for the anthem until the country addresses the problem of racial oppression. he is getting some new support and there's a #going around veterans for kaplan career institute pittsburgh --
5:50 am
veterans for colin kaepernick. the flag will stretch the entire field prevented tonight. >> it's unfortunate it has become a sideshow. nevermind the fact we should be pushing his football skills. he's not even the starter. >> several sides to this and this will still be the top but as a precaution and a not saying anything will happen but san diego has said they will have extra security tonight because they want to ensure safety of but again they have no feelings of thinking something will happen. i have the ultimate $18 computer upgrade and some
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>> you will surround us with sound >> i am. for so many of us our laptops have become our primary content consumption device. whether it's netflix or streaming and the speakers on your laptop are garbage. for the most part. why after all of these years should we restrict to jump on you when want to enjoy our content today? what is the best audio upgrade other than those -- bose? >> first of surround sound test only on my computer speakers and not the gogroove speakers. let's hit play. here is the surround sound test
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campaign is right back here in the buckeye state. we let you know what is happening in northeast ohio. why shipments of the galaxy note 7 are now on hold. it is one of summer's hottest shows your chance to win tickets to see brad
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and akron mother is in hospital with life-threatening injuries after she was shot i her boyfriend in front of her three children trail for both trump and clinton camps. they will stop here in ohio. details coming up. state of emergency. we are tracking tropical storm hermine that could reach hurricane strength before it hits florida. more on that storm coming up. let's start with our local weather.


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