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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  October 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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we are already into we're out at crock are park this morning for a few different reasons, and we're going to explain that coming up. but it's october, it's starting to feel a little bit more like fall, which i guess, michael, it's all in due time. might as well start to feel like pumpkin spice weather. >> i completely agree. yes, i am up for some cheese
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just a couple of light showers down towards johns town seeing some -- johns town seeing some showers. we're tracking your pollen county. we'll have more on that part of your forecast in just a couple of minutes. in the meantime there, maureen, you're making me real hungry near the weather center. maybe we should go for some
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>> on a saturday, absolutely. a man is undergoing surgery after being shot and stabbed in a home in elyria. the man was found with multiple request gunshot wounds and a stab wound. there were three children inside the home at the time, but they were not harmed. elyria police are looking for third male su latest. a farmers market, a food truck festival, a race for childhood cancer research. alyssa joins us from crocker park. >> reporter: there is so much to do in one place, it's incredible. i want to say normally we're tempted with bagels and donuts,
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this morning. healthy options grown here locally. what will be offered here in crocker? >> we have everything from garlic, tow day tows, fresh eggs, meet, sour crowd, all of the fall veggies, you can think of. and everyone else here is? season. >> that's right. this is all local reduce, all grown in ohio, and they'll actually have a bunch more of it.
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25 of those farms. we have value added products, like sauerkraut made with local cabbage, and we even have a coffee vendor who roasts coffee locally, and comes and does reduce here called six-shooter coffee. so he can make you coffee, or a cold brew if you like that. you can find us at crocker park. we run to 1:00 p.m. every saturday, and we're actually open year-round out here. >> exciting. so even in the winter, you get yummy treats. we want to let you know about another event going on. that's the food truck challenge happening today from 11:00 to 4:00. they're going to have more than 30 food trucks, live entertainment, and we also have more food that we want to
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it's a pizza fire oven! we're going to make some pizza coming up at 7:00. that's what i want wait for. i guess we went from apples to pizza. i mean, you have to, right? >> apples, pizza, coffee, 6:00 a.m. on a saturday. all of this sounds good. >> all my favorite things. >> throw there and cake, that cheese cake we were looking at, we're all good. >> the cheese cake fact i have right down there. it's been -- dial. >> yeah, open? >> 11:00. >> alyssa has already checked. thank you so much, alyssa. the wide array of restaurant offers in mentor may be expanding once again. core life eatery is hoping to move near the mall. it is similar to aladdin's. the only other core life in he how i show located in strongsville. construction crews are
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center building. a groundbreaking was held earlier this week. officials say when the building reopens in time for the fall 2018 semester, it will three floor offers areas to enhance learning experiences. northeast ohio is making a name for itself in the craft beer industry, and it's not just the beer bringing in money. there's a trickle down effect, allowing everyone from bottlers to farmers to reap the benefits. >> it's a huge investment when you first start buying the there's cabling. >> reporter: danny grows perennial plants for a living, but she is also growing the basis for liquid gold, hops vines. >> they take about three years to fully grow. >> reporter: ohio whereas one of the biggest states in term offers hops production before prohibition, and then the
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parallel to germany. >> as part of his retirement, her husband, mike, bought a harvesting machine. >> the whole demand for the hops is actually there. so we need more acreage to economy is more of the craft brew industry here in the state. we wd an identity to an ohio offering with the hops coming from ohio. breweries out west definitely trend toward that. but we thought there is an opportunity to be what an ohio ipa can be. >> reporter: just like wine, it has a distinctive behavior depending on the region. he knows an ohio beer will have
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will be from northeast ohio, keeping the industry and money local. >> about $4 million goes out of the state to acquire those raw materials out of state. if we can keep that here, hey, that's good for ohio. still ahead, divine power saved his live. an akron pastor opens up about his troubled past, and how he is on a mission to
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people aren't drawn to this pastor because of his sermons or his beautiful church. they're actually drawn to him because of his background. this is the pastors rocking story. >> i come from a pretty good upbringing. i grew up playing sports all my life. i was -- i had two awesome parents who were we weren't allowed to do much. >> our mom was strong in her faith. so we were always in church. >> as i drew grew, at some points i government in the streets. i was addicted to the street life. i wasn't even a street guy, but i started getting into gang violence, selling drugs. i had the type of mom as a
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there. >> she was stressed out. my dads stressed out. they had had all they could take. >> a day after my 18th birthday, we decided to go to a young ladies house, there were some guys from out of town, one thing led to another, and a big fight ensued if in the house. turned around, and all of a sudden there was a gun to my head. all i remember, as soon as i sawty gun, i just remember o. he shot me, and the bullet couldn't my neck, it's lodged in my neck now. i asked if i was going to be paralyzed, and the doctor didn't answer me, i was just crying. i knew at that moment, high life had changed forever. >> it was heartbreaking to see this is my baby brother. it brought every emotion you
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>> a friend of mine came over, and he said you need to get back to the streets. the streets need you. i went right back to the streets selling drugs. >> when he went back, it definitely made us -- it mademy hold on to him more. >> then january 1st, 2001, i was very intoxicated, about to go to sleep, and something just shook me and said don't go sleep this way. i guess i felt like i was going to die. i can't explain. so i did thoroughbred would do, i called my mom. &. >> i could see the difference. right after that, his life started changing. ? was blind ? but now i see ?? >> after about 7 years, my mom, we started a church, and then my mom, she got sick, i lost
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pastor of the church. when i get up every day and look at this chair, it's a reminder of what i've been through. now my life is spent just to reach out to people and tell us a better way. >> his life has impacted so many people to make them want to change. i've been arrested, and when i wind to court, they asked if i was either going to die or do something to change, and i asked if there was any sober housing available, and they contacted the jordan house, which where i'm at right now. i've been sober for four months. >> today rear in cleveland, ohio, about to pass it on to a young lady who is in need of some things she's in the midst of changing her life around, and we're just out here to be a blessing to see what we can do
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school to get my associates in alcohol and other drugs counseling, and then just continue from there, end up getting my doctorate, and i would love to open up a facility. all of this pain and suffering i've been through has to be a reason. >> we would just like to connect with you, but we brought you a gift. >> that's awesome! just what i need for school. >> we just want you to know that we're >> a lot of hope. a lot of drive to do better with my life. we're showing you that we all can be each other's missing piece. rising is all about real people, telling real stories, so we all can pass it on. see you next week.
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what an inspiring story. let me show you what things look like. yes, we are waking up. just some showers this morning, so umbrellas needed on the southern end of ashtabula county. temperatures in the upper 60, with off and on showers. we'll talk about how your allergy count looks coming up
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>> can you hear michael singing? can you hear him singing? the back street boy ross song i want it that way. the lyrics don't make sense,
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knew the songs lyrics contradicted itself. still they sold 9.5 million copies of their album millennium in 1999. feel tree to sing along. >> when i listened to the song, or the lyrics, none of it really made sense. >> really? >> funny that the band knew it, and they told this story. nick carter was telling this story. something about how the record label said, yeah, doesn't make sense, let's try and week, and
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tweaked, so they said just go with it. and i was one of those girls, like, yeah, okay, that's a great song! when i was with my brothers, i would say flip the station! but when i was alone in my car, loved >> here is what it looks like in terms of our allergy report: mold where we are in the higher department there. so you want to make sure that you view that extra box of kleenex on hand.
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today, off and on showers not only today, but also tomorrow. and again, this is what we're waiting for next week. sunshine and mid-70s back in play. notice in that banded forms a, we'll turn to see this, low pressure through today and of sunday. this area of low pressure will finally depart the area sunday might into monday, and that's when we finally see a bake through all of the rainfall. so now through lunchtime, we'll hold he on to off and on showers, many be it's not going be an all day rain. just keep in mind with some of those clouds out there, we'll see those off and on spotty showers, but the evening and
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off your sunday morning. not only do we see the scattered showers, but perhaps even a rumble of thunder sunday aftermoon. same sort of story, but that area of low pressure departs the area sunday evening into monday, and that's when we begin to dry things out just a pinch. we could see some isolated higher amount. your forecast for today. we're mostly cloudy 70s. overnight lows falling in the low-to-mid 50s. window nation seven-day. we're waiting for monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. head out to an apple orchard with the family. pick a couple of apples, and
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in northeast ohio. >> right. it's nice when we can say it's the fall season, but it still feels a little warm. so i can still do some you know, decorate, put the pumpkins out on the porch. >> next week is our week to enjoy. >> as we've been say, happy october with the fall season in full swing, the weather is changing, but we could be seeing a warmer week of october than normal. we look look at octobe in this weekend's geek fix. >> today is the first day of october. so let's look ahead. let's geek out about the weather in the month of october here in cleveland. average high of 68, the average low is 50. this is one of those months where we start to cool fast. by the 31st, by alloy wean, the average high drops by 11 degrees to 57, and the low drops by 9 to 41. during the month.
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minutes worth of date, and i know you don't want to hear this. this is the first month of the year where cleveland cease an average snowfall, just 2/10 of an inch. we have not had a lot of 0 snow in the last several years then last time we had an inch, 2001. the most ever seen in the month of october, 8 inches of snow. hopefully we will not be breaking that record. so what does the forecast look like as we head into october? where the climate prediction center has issued their forecast for october, and they're giving us a better than ac abelieve average estimates. 40% above average temperatures here in the great lakes, and it looks like precipitation is most likely going to stay near average as we go through the month. that's a look at october. have a good day. >> all right, craig, thanks opinion coming up, the buck eyes back in action today. we'll preview the conference opener against rutgers.
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and we have this. coming up after the break, we're taking to the organizers of rock the crock -- of "roc
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we're going to update you on all of the news, headlines, and what's g park. a lot of things happening. but first, we want to get a check of that forecast, because we're all a little water logged at this point, michael, and we want to see some sunshine. >> we're going to 0 have to 28 until next week for all of
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>> a major hurricane is the big story. winds of 155 miles per hour. that a very strong category 437 literally at 156 miles per hour, it becomes hurricane. we'll talk more about that, and what to expect back at home, if any impacts from the hurricane coming up in just a minute. back over to you. >> almost feels like we are feeling the impacts. >> it does with the rainfall.
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crocker park this morning benefiting childhood cancer research. alyssa joins us with more. >> reporter: there's so much going on today for these little kid asks their families. hereby this morning are the event organizers, john and stacy rocco. what's happening today? how much fun is this going to somebody >> we have a lot going on. we're going to have a whole bunch of things for fun and entertainment. we're going to have still walkers, jugglers, face painters. all of this is kicking off at 8:00 a.m., and goes all the way to noon, and you're welcome to come on down. the only thing that we ask is if you're in the race, just register at 7:300, right
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8:30. >> there is still name to register. how is this benefiting kid and their families in northeast ohio. >> what we do, we like to donate directly to the families. and they are able to use the money whichever way that they wish. we have families that have used the money even they didn't have a car and needed to get transportation down to get chemo for their child. we've had a family that had their electricity about to be turned off, and things like this happened, and we help them with th and having to feed your family when you're not at home, and being able to go to the grocery store. so these are things we do if she the family. >> and you know this all to well. >> yeah, the stress that goes on with pediatric cancer is far beyond what most people would think. everybody is affected by this. it's like a ripple effect. is and when a child has cancer, it's a horrible thing, and we just want to bring light to it.
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and that's why we're here, trying to bring more aware continues to that. >> and if you're watching this right now, there is still time to come down. registration begins at 7:30, and this race kicks off at 8:30. don't forget the t-shirt. look how cute that is. >> what a great event. >> men can rock it, too. >> right. it is a very looks like the cavs gear. >> it was. had some inspiration from the cavs. >> and running in drizzly rain is great. >> it's refreshing. >> it is refreshing. folks should sign up. >> the battle for the wagon wheel world preview. the next chapter in the akron and kent state rivalry.
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football if the area. the buckeyes begin big ten delay against rutgers. we know the buckeyes will win. it's can they cover. they're 38-point favorites today. rutgers 2-2. ready for their first big ten game of season. >> i'm looking out into the future, and we're getting ready to hit the grind. >> former are ohio state head coach earl bruce will have a rare honor. he'll dot the i during the marching band's pregame performance. woody heys is the only other buckeyes coach to have the
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goodness gracious, five people, six people? that's something else. >> yeah, it is an honor. typically it's a former band member that gets to dot the i. but there you see right there, that's what you're going to see early bruce do today. now the wagon wheel sane the line. akron at kent state. that's a 3:30 kickoff. kent state lost to alabama last week. it was rough, put that behind them. it's all about the rivalry now. >> you forget about it. you wipe it clean, and then you get ready to go play your rival. so our guys will, excited, our guys will be prepared, but wherever you put it, again, we control what we can control. that's something we don't control, so we just sit there and just go.
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rutgers coming up tonight at 11:00. have a great saturday, everybody. >> yeah, david, thank you so very much. and yesterday, let's talk about it bin actually made it to 64 degrees. we picked up about a half of inch of rainfall at the airport, as well. the big question is how much more range of punishment is on the way, and when will we finally see the sunshine? the answer is just minutes
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it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find,
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we need more coffee this morning. we were talking literally a second before we came on. >> now let's talk weather. it's the time of weekend where i think people are trying to fit in so many outdoor events. >> it just won't go away. it's one of those things where
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activities, although it's not going to are an all day rain. again, it is not going to be a from start to finish sort of rainfall. it will be very intermittent through the day, and that's one of the reasons why if you look at the -- conns here, you're noticing the rain and then a break, the rain and then a break. so grab those umbrellas. current temperatures feeling good. comfortably cool ask call it. radar showing you that most of us are dry. key word being most, if you're joining us from, say, the eastern edge of lake county. here is where we're tracking just some very light showers. so heads up in north madison if you're thinking about thaw morning run. see something light showers there. notice the counter clockwise spin in the atmosphere right
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pressure, and here is the thing. it is going to is it and spin all day today. most of the day tomorrow, and it doesn't move out of northeast ohio until sunday night into early monday. and once that happens, we will finally see a break from the clouds, a break from the showers, a break from a few of those thunderstorms, as well. again, a couple of spotty showers and storms in the mix. same sort of story through 5:00 p.m., and if you have any saturday night plans, maybe goinou family. first thing tomorrow morning, that low pressure still sitting and spinning, so we're seeing a lot more clouds thirst thing tomorrow morning. and then things begin to dry out. we're already picked up yesterday over an half an inch of rainfall, and i think through monday, we could add to that. temperatures in the mid-to
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70s. overlows in the low-to-mid 50s. the seven-day showing you that area of low pressure sitting and spinning overis saturday and sunday. we dry things out monday. and look at what happens on tuesday, on your wednesday, and on your thursday. only word i can thing of here is hallelujah! by monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. we have earned >> yeah, will have to build an ark in that doesn't happen in the middle of the week. >> >> around this time each fall something aknowing happens. we're not talking about politics, but nature. the stink bugs are back, as temperatures cooloused, they look to get warm inside.
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keep them out of your home. >> here at stan hewitt home and gardens, it works here, too. keeping windows closed helps, but they can hide almost anyone. >> places like these. you have look on the outside of yo care if you work in a mansion or a nature center. they just want to come in and get warm. >> and windows and doors are the biggest things. so you need to look he at your window screens, see if there's any holes in them. >> we try to get them out
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block up those entry points the best you can. remember, they're called stink bugs for a reason. >> they don't smell pleasant. coming up, how you can shop like for hand made products and weekly vegetables today in ohio city. we're going to preview is that coming up. sfx: door shatters she'll call nine one one.
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she keeps a firearm in this safe for protection. but hillary clinton could take away her right to self defense. and with supreme court justices, hillary can. don't let hillary leave you protected with nothing but a phone. the nra political victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this?
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today in ohio city, you have the opportunity to shop local for hand made products, as well as your weekly vegetables. it's the third week that cleveland bizarre is hosting this event. shannon join us us, the founder of cleveland bazaar. it has become sort of this i've seen friends go, it's one of those events that people look
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made products. what kind of vendors do you have? >> we have events all summer long. then we go into holiday. it could being anything from hand made clothing to jewelry, to soaps, to jam, you name it. >> what does it show up? do you hear personal stories from them? >> oh, definitely. we've seen so many businesses come out identify there this ask go on to do bigger things pep people do a really amazing job of getting our local handled-made things out to the rest of the world are. >> for anybody who hasn't had the chance to go, describe for me the feel and the layout, and what people can get there and
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>> so today's show, its tent based, so everybody has a 10 by 10 tent equipments up everything they're bringing. sometimes they're music. it depends. there will be a band on the stage, or things like that. so it's just a really good community atmosphere. you go out, get your shopping done. we've had a lot of people with the rnc coming in from out of town, bringing their out of town friends. a lot of tourists this certainly sun we've noticed, and just people checking cleveland out. >> what are the hours today? >> 10:00 to 4:00. >> 10:00 to 4:00, right across from the west side market. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> we're hoping for some good weather today. let's check out alyssa out at
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raining, too. >> reporter: it not raining. it's a gorgeous morning, actually, and there is so much going on in crocker today, include something pizza. so i'm going to leave you with
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you probably have a long list of things you need to get done today and we want to know umbrellas for how long, michael? >> i know that's right. at least for the next 48 hours is what we're expecting. i promise you that a drying
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the way. temperatures currently in the 50s. by 9:00 low 60s. mid-to upper 60s lunchtime. upper 50s in aleria. low 60s downtown. light rain fall towards genevia on the lake. otherwise, big story 'l this. look down towards the bottom of your screen. do you notice the swirl just south of san juan puerto rico? that's a major category 4 hurricane just as of the last update. so not the 5:00 one but the one before that. it was a category 5. when was the last time a category 5
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we'll get that answer straight ahead. in the meantime, the umbrellas is what folks are going to need today. >> yeah, we're use to it. they're still drying from yesterday. michael, thanks so much. >> getting you caught up on local head lines. new overnight a man undergoing surgery after being shot and stabbed inside a home. police found the 41-year-old man in the kitchen. he was taken to u.h. and later to metro. there were three children inside the him at the time but not harmed. they're looking for three male suspects. also new this morning, members of the cleveland police union are endorsing a 2016 presidential candidate.
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trump. the vote came after midnight ending with 216 votes for trump to only 68 for democratic nominee hillery clinton. they have never officially endorsed a presidential candidate before but they feel it's crucial to back a candidate in this election. this team played for the first time since the death of their d carly was at the game where a special memorial was held in his honor. >> the panthers took to the field with horns and high fives but under those helmets, there's as much grief on this gridiron. andre jackson's father stood on the sidelines during the game his son would have played in.


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