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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 4, 2016 3:37am-4:07am EDT

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he could use to his advantage. saying tonight, it all-adds to his qualification to be president. >> i understand the tax laws better than almost anyone, which is why i am one who can truly fix them. i'm working for you now, i'm not working for trump. >> reporter: but tax experts tell us mr. trump's published tax plans wouldn't eliminate any of these provisions, it would make it more favorable for real estate developers like himself. >> cynthia mcfadden, thank you. also under fire, the trump foundation. new york's attorney general ordering to cease and desist fundraising in the state because it's not properly registered. it has 15 days to comply. something trump on said to veterans about vrtss has many outraged by hillary clinton takes new aim over his taxes. we have it all covered starting with nbc's katy tur. >> reporter: donald trump's foundation ordered to cease and desist by the new york attorney general.
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donations. the a.g.'s investigation revealing the foundation didn't have the correct certification in new york, which would force rigorous oversight. in a statement, the trump campaign said it intends to cooperate fully but remained very concerned about the political motives behind a.g. eric snyderman, a democrat who endorsed hillary clinton. that as trump stepped into another fire storm earlier today. this time during a q & a with veterans, suggesting those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder aren't as strong as other veterans. >> they see things many -- >> reporter: ptsd started trending on twitter almost immediately. veterans groups warned it stigmatized those who need help. >> reporter: trump adviser and retired
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the media. >> they cherry pick this. >> reporter: arguing trump was highlighting the challenges veterans face when returning home after serving their country. katy tur, nbc news, pueblo, colorado. >> this is andrea mitchell. tonight hillary clinton seizing on trump's tax bombshell to try to undermine his -- >> reporter: and increase the pressure on him to rele >> i think we need a law that says if you become the nominee of the major parties, you have to release your tax returns. >> reporter: clinton in battleground ohio for the first time in a month. a new poll shows her trailing trump there by five points. >> hillary clinton doesn't have to win ohio to win the presidency. donald trump does. but by forcing trump to spend money, forcing trump to spend time there, it's not a bad investment for clinton. >> reporter: the
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swayed by new trump controversies. >> she can't make it 15 feet to her car. give me a break. give me a break. >> reporter: mocking clinton's near fall when she had pneumonia. and a baseless charge that she cheated on bill clinton. >> i don't even think she's loyal to bill, if you want to know the truth. and really, folks, why should she be, right? >> reporter: we played those comments for undecided voters in ohio today. would not look very well for our country. >> a different reaction from trump supporters. >> he says some offensive things which i don't necessarily agree with, but i gotta get past that. i'm looking more to the economic and stuff like that. >> reporter: while ohio looks tough for the democrats, clinton did get good news in her fire wall. pennsylvania, where she is maintaining her lead. she's also ahead tonight in florida and north carolina, states trump would need to win.
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has been issued to millions of people on the west coast to prepare for the pocket of a major earthquake. scientists say hundreds of small quakes recently threatened to awake the sleeping san andreeas fault and say it could be a precursor to the long-feared big one. nbc's gadi schwartz has more now from los angeles. >> reporter: the ground started shaking. 200 small earthquakes in a little more than 24 hours, almost exactly where earthquake have shown the big one could erupt. enough to trigger a warning from seismologists fearing a swarm of earthquakes could set off an even bigger earthquake than the one that rocked north ridge 22 years ago. the recent spike in activity just a few miles away from the monster fault san andreas. >> people will die. and a lot of those deaths could be prevented with different actions. >> reporter: dr. lucy jones has been warning
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southern california's criss-crossing fault lines. here in san bernardino, there are several major faults running through this area. this neighborhood, above the san andreas. the line you see shows the direction of fault, and many people here are still unprepared. a catastrophic quake would bring fires and flood and building collapses. >> absolutely neighborhoods will burn. our estimate was the equivalent square footage to 130,000 single family homes. scientists say there's an 85% chance of a large earthquake ripping through southern california within the next three years. but the state is two years away from an early warning system. experts say, a 7.8 could kill as many as and injured 50,000. gadi schwartz, nbc news, los angeles. in south america tonight the government
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colombia are vowing to press forward for peace after voters rejected a deal to end a 50-year war that's claimed 220,000 lives. the margin less than 1%. opponents said the agreement was too lenient on the rebels. it's unclear whether the president and rebel leaders can salvage a deal. more ahead tonight. larming health news, a common virus causing concern over a effect, especially in children.
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there are rising concerns tonight about a common virus that can have devastating effects. most adults and children recover from it in a few days, but a certain complication has been linked to sudden paralysis. after an outbreak two years ago, the cdc warns cases may be surging again. nbc's dr. john has details. >> reporter: in less than 72 hours, carter went from a lively 3-year-old to a quad repleejic. the suspected cause, a rare complication from an common illness. >> were you ever thinking how could a virus do this to my son? >> a virus puts you out of commission for a couple weeks maybe. it doesn't take away all of your motor function from the nose down. >> reporter: some doctors are now warning, it could be the same mysterious
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of children around the country two years ago. >> my concern is that we are seeing a trend now in 2016 that mirrors what we saw in twent 14. >> reporter: two years ago, the cdc reported 120 cases. last year, just 21. but through august of this year, already there have been 50 cases in 24 states. >> reporter: he strikes me as a tough kid. >> he is a tough kid. >> reporter: as doctors try to learn more about what causes the sudden they recommend keep vaccinations current to boost general immunity, wash hands frequently. >> we owe it to these families to better understand this condition and to work forward on research. >> reporter: most patients don't recover, but carter's mother is hoping her son will. >> carter is very much still carter. he sticks his tongue out and blinks his eyes on certain questions. that is really the silver lining is that carter is still very
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researchers race to understand why this devastating virus is circulating again this fall. we are back in a moment with a crime making headlines
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it is the heist that has shocked many people around the world. reality tv star kim kardashian robbed at gunpoint inside a posh hotel in paris. masked men, making off with moren jewelry. as nbc's kelly cobiella tells us, she may have inadvertently tipped off the thieves over social media. >> reporter: kim kardashian makes millions sharing her life, but this time she may have shared too much. at a privacy paris hotel for fashion week, she gave a play by play, sunday, leaving her hotel. and back again on snapchat until 2:00 in the morning. her regular security
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armed robbers dressed as police hit her hotel. according to paris officials, three of them handcuffed the lone security guard while two masked men bound and gagged kardashian, pointing a gun to her head, throwing her in the bathroom. the prize, a $4.5 million ring. in a jewelry box with $5.5 million more in gems. husband kanye west cut his new york concert short. >> i'm done. family emergency, >> reporter: security consultant levy believes the robbers knew the hotel lay-out. >> you think it was an inside job? >> yes. it is very easy target. >> reporter: and kardashian herself may have unknowingly herself told them what she was carrying. kardashian unharmed, but badly shaken, returns to new york with extra security. her ring finger now bare, as police examinal security camera footage from inside the hotel to try to find the
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news, paris. it was literally touch and go at an airport in england this weekend. scary moments. this is how it looked as an airbus a-321 tried to land in a fierce cross wind that rocked the plane, as it neared the runway. the pilot deciding to give it another go and pulled up to try again. on the second pass, the plane landed hard, but safely. the passengers getting a little more excitement than they bargained for. lots of celebrating after team usa beat europe in the ryder cup. their victory in three-tournament losing streak by the americans. and it was only their third win in 11 years. as the players were congratulated by wives and girlfriends, there was golfer ricky fowler in the middle of them all, still clearly enjoying the victory nonetheless. when we come back, fit for a president. meet the tailor who has been helping
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finally tonight, when it comes to a well fitting suit, presidents, both democrats and republicans can agree. a certain tailor here in new york is the man to see. he's been dressing presidents going back to the 1950s and is ready for the next president, whether it's making his suits or hers.
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this remarkable man. >> reporter: on this brooklyn side street in an unassuming brick building, martin greenfield has been fitting and fashioning celebrities, billionaires, and presidents for the last 60 years. while his suits made him famous, greenfield considers himself blessed that he has a story to tell. >> i was the happiest kid you ever met. >> reporter: a holot was liberated by general eisenhower in 1945. but that wasn't the last time their lives would intersect. two years later, he emigrated to america taking a job as a floor boy in brooklyn. >> 30 years later, i bought the business. >> reporter: creating that signature three-piece look. greenfield added to his presidential resume, designing suits for ford and clinton.
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suit in president obama's wardrobe bears the greenefield name. >> reporter: so who is next? trump is already a client. and if hillary clinton becomes the country's first female president? >> we make ladies and we do men. >> reporter: even hollywood's come calling. leonardo dicaprio in "the great gatsby." >> it's a little snug. >> reporter: he ems >> dominican republic. >> ecuador. >> from 17 countries. >> they're all refugees like me. at 88 years old, greenfield, like his suits, is made to last. >> reporter: you still work six days a week? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> because i like it. it makes me young. peter alexander, nbc news, brooklyn. that's going to do it for us on a monday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for
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hurricane mathieu is bearing down on haiti with category winds, dropping heavy rain in the southeast, races for an intense storm. ahead of the vice presiden and hillary clinton going head-to-head, taking heat over a ptsd comment. speaking of election, right now, julian assange wikileaks is building a major announcement. details of a mysterious polio-like illness paralyzing u.s. kids. a caution for anyone that
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i'm frances rivera. >> i'm ayman mohyeldin. mathep has authorities bracing for a humanitarian disaster. thousands of coastal rests evacuate their homes. many still struggling to recover from a devastating earthquake six years ago. they face the risk of deadly mudslides and flash flooding. at least three people have been killed in the storm as it turns past colombia and jamaica now. cuba is bracing for a major blow. even the governors of north
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residents to be prepared. >> right now the projected path is a little off the coast. it can change in a moment's notice. when that happens, we're not going to have a lot of time to be ready. be prepared ahead of time. >> nbc meteorologist bill karins is tracking hurricane mathieu for us. >> lots to cover. the destruction is under way in haiti. close to the southwest peninsula and haiti. wind directions at 45 miles per it should strengthen overnight. it is moving to the north at a slow pace. that's why haiti is going to get so much destruction today. the other thing, we track this closer to florida. we are watching the bahamas. nasa, koeft close to the coastline, as we go through thursday into friday. all of our computer models have been trending towards florida and the southeast coast.
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we will get raked with hurricane force conditions. land fall into the carolinas. we could start the worst in florida, hurricane storm winds arriving and hurricane force winds. this orange color, possibly on the coastline of florida as early as thursday night. ahead of the vice presidential debate, eric sneiderman ordered the foundation to cease the contribution t. order fws report in the washington post that said the charity lacks required new york certification to seek public donation. a notice of violation letter obtained by nbc news warns the charity, quote, shall be deemed a continuing fraud upon the people of new york unless it supplies the required paperwork in the next 15 days. the trump campaign responding by this -- while we remain very
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motives behind attorney general sneiderman's do they we understand. it's labeled as a partisan hack in the past. >> trump also received new criticism after implying veterans suffering from ptsd can't handle war during a q & a, he seemed to suggest suffering vets are fought strong. >> when you talk ab the mental health problems, when people come back from war and combat and they see things that maybe a have seen many times over, you are stronger, you can handle it. >> thinking of newly leaked tax records, trump said he brilliantly used tax laws to his benefit. >> the unfairness of the tax laws is unbelievable. it's something that i have been talking about for a long time. you've heard me talking about it, despite being a birthing beneficiary. i must admit. my understanding gave me a big advantage over those who didn't
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my competitors who lost everything they had, never to be heard from again. now, they're gone. i'm here, and i'm ready to turn things around for our country. >> now hillary clinton adopted a large part of her campaign speech as he hammers away at the state of ohio. here she is talking about how the businessmen reported a loss ofrl 1995. >> in the debate, he said it was smart to avoid paying tacks. yesterday his campaign was bragging it makes him a genius. here's my question. what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a fiscal year? >> here's what's playing out in important swing states t. latest
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up. if you have in florida. up four in pennsylvania. a statistical tie. trump is up five in ohio. clinton maintains a commanding advantage in colorado. today on the trail full court press, hillary clinton has two campaign events in pennsylvania. bill clinton is in ohio. first lady michelle obama travels to north carolina, bernie sanders is in minnesota. senior warren hits las vegas. on the republican side, donald trump has one event arizona, mike pence and tim kaine are in arizona for our one and only debate. it begins here at 6:00 pacific. julian assange is holding a news conference in berlin. he is speaking via remote from the embassy in london where he has holed up for five years to avoid arrest. he says he has documents that would be damageing to hillary
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live report from london in a few minutes. tensions are escalating over syria. over the syrian human obb servetory for human rights. the cease-fire began two weeks ago around aleppo. the u.s. blames russia by intensifying attacks and preventing humanitarian aid. >> our main points were always clear, humanitarian the rereestablishment of the cesstation of hostility. >> russia has an arms control agreement. they have to disclose what materials are used in nuclear weapons achlts mystery baffling doctors and millions of children could be at risk.


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