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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  October 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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controversial photo. cbs's -- pbs's knock on cleveland has people riled up. lakewood staple is going out of business. what will happen to the employees at nature's bin. >> the night a man is camping out in one of arguably the most dangerous places in northeast ohio. we will explain what this says about violence in our community and what he is trying to accomplish. why popular brand is being recalled and how to get a refund. this is channel 3 news at 11. we help people with disabilities. they come in with a great smile and they put a smile on customer's faces. our face. >> good evening.
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for decades. tonight the nature's bin grocery store is closing its doors next month. >> it's not only a place for residents to shop, the closure will impact its unique job placement program. >> nature's bin has been around since 1975 and in the same lakewood location for the past 25 years. it employs around 35 people. anme disabilities. for the local customers it was an emotional day. >> i need to stock up on my favorite things. >> she is shop here for 8 years. >> it's hard not to have a tear. >> she believes in making healthy choices and the stores unique mission, training people with intellectual and physical disabilities. >> the employees are always willing to help. >> it employs 35 people including trainees learning skills to put to use in the
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>> once they get a job they stand show up on time. they are reliable and they love working. >> nature's bin is part of the nonprofit cornucopia. but revenues no longer support the operation. >> our sales have dropped over the last year. >> 20 years ago organic produce was only available had to stores in greater cleveland. now you can get it at almost all the stores and sometimes evenap she is one of the employees who will lose her job. >> this afternoon customers are crying. because they are that loyal. >> customers like this one who is sad to leave this staple but determined to support it until it's last day on november 12. >> i will probably come back every day. >> all of the employees will have to look for other jobs. the trainees with disabilities will be placed in one of the
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they will continue to learn skills. beginning tomorrow all of the merchandise here will be 20 percent off. an update on the flooding in north carolina. officials want residents -- are warning it make it worse. 2000 have been rescued since the hurricane hit over the weekend. grounds and highway are still closed because of flooding. there is one bright spot, almost all power has been restored. and the aftermath of the hurricane has claimed the life of a local man. steve barna was working for a tree removal company. a large log rolled on top of him. he was part of the cleanup crew in florida. with falls tree company .
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at cleveland. >> today the network said they recruit -- regret using the image. in moscow pipeline blast last year. but do we need a stronger leper -- upper lip when jobs come our way? >> it's over. cleveland is the city of champions once again. >> part of being a champion as accepting the hate and learning to take a punch. so with the cheap shot of the tired burning river clichi they exposed a lady tv crew and an outdated view of the city that by almost any measure had the best 2016 in america. and we are not done yet. as the champagne dries there and we went for friday night, come back with me 18 months. 2015 quest dropping confetti
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and boston globe columnist jan shaughnessy, took direct aim at what he thought was premature exasperation. in april he wrote "there open -- important because the team is dying and there hasn't been a team to make the city feel good about itself since want -- johnson was in the white house. a new white house occupant is imminent. and a new tone from shaughnessy. and introspective one after his this was a bad ending for a good team he wrote. the 2016 red sox underperformed madly in the post season. the same post season this dying city is living every day for. get upset over tv bet -- tbs. get upset over there bad clipart or choose to take the punch. ignore the hate and enjoy the burning smell of success.
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nose through one more series. tbs has a tv rights until the world series begins. >> tbs released a statement saying cleveland is a great city and we regret the use of the image. >> controversy in summit county over e sheriff's office. it started with a photo posted on the front page of the summit county shields newsletter. the team posed with trump while carrying the rifle in a campaign stop. some say it looks like an endorsement for trump. >> the picture was used on a public site. and it looks like an endorsement. >> one way for us to publicly say here they are, so they
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>> the summit county sheriff says while the photo was a point of pride it was not intended as an endorsement. adding he is democrat and won't personally be supporting trump in november. on the campaign trail trump says "the shackles are off. the last ranking members will not support him and hillary clinton tweeting how nice the shackles haven't taken off. trump senior advisers say the previews the final weeks of the campaign. on the democratic side clinton is under fire after wikileaks exposed more hacked emails. the campaign could change her position on the keystone pipeline. al gore appeared alongside clinton in miami.
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their vote counts. early voting begins in ohio in tomorrow. -- tomorrow. a big changes for students. the school board has announced that garfield high school will merge with kenmore high school. kenmore was last renovated in 1981. some parents are upset at the decision but the district says it's doing what it believes is best for the students. >> promises were made throughout this process that and i think the kenmore community deserved to be treated with more fairness. >> a very tough decision. the main thing is we have to do this for the kids. >> the board says dropping enrollment and state budget cuts were a major factor in the decision. bail has been lowered for the driver charged with hitting
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his bail was cut from $1 million to half $1 million. but there is a catch. even if he makes bail he will not be allowed to drive and will have to submit to regular drug tests. police say he hit and killed a trooper was under the influence of drugs. but the investigator reported that the attorney says he was only using prescription methadone. the ohio violent fugitive task force is searching for the fugitive of the week. he's wanted on 3 counts of rape, kidnapping and aggravated robbery. he is 48, 5 foot 11 and weighs 240 pounds. he may be in cleveland or maple heights. if you have any information, number on your screen. coming up, a supplement warning. they may boost bone health but see what popping calcium tablets could put you at risk for. dog food recall. what could cause the maker to
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the temperatures have dropped. why he has decided to stay here in one of the most dangerous parts of our community. uncer: there moments in our history that measure the character and courage of our leaders. where did you stand on joe mccarthy? george wallace? this is one of those moments. rob portman endorsed donald trump -even with his history of degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing trump brag about sexual assault. then portman panicked -and scrambled to save himself. history will judge rob portman a
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police officers and members of the community pulling side-by-side. it held its 1st event on the west side of cleveland. a chance for community members to interact with police leaving a lasting impression in the form of a photo and greater understanding. everyone was invited but it focuses on putting police officers next to black men. the foundation is official sponsor. from now until october 12 local activist jones will be
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dangerous area of our city. >> he's trying to bring awareness to the gun violence in the community. we go live for the story. >> reporter: good evening. we've said a number of times, there has been violence on the east side of the city claiming lives. just last night there was someone who was shot and killed about 1 block away. 2 weeks ago a person was killed right near this area. to be in this location to make a statement. if there's one thing you want to communicate will to be? >> love. >> listen to more of our conversation. >> someone shot and killed. east 71st and superior, victim with gunshot wound in the bathroom. east 79th and superior, a memorial to another victim of violence.
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surrounded by death. that is why he is out here. but of course people ask, >> what he doing in a tent? in one of the most dangerous parts of the city next --? it was like fourth of july yesterday, we heard military guns. >> at you afraid? >> if are going to make a change we do afraid. if we think about it too long were going to walk away. >> reporter: you heard me say 75 people died in criminal homicides in the 1st week of september. last year 79 had died. in 2014 it was 66. >> reporter: it is dangerous. but in some ways you're putting your life at risk by being out here. there are people who do get shot walking down the street. sitting in a car. when they are not necessarily
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>> or getting shot will they are driving down the street. >> reporter: it can happen anywhere at any time. flanked as he might say, by his brothers and sisters, awareness is his aim. >> the media, a better perspective and positive perspective. we need the media to do more. we need institutions to do a little more. we need the community to do a little more. the change we're looking for. >> reporter: the community continue to stand here with him even though he will be sleeping here in this tent alone. they have come to show their support and it was an impromptu gathering. many of them with him all day. he doesn't just want to talk about violence. but education and the community involvement. other things that people can do to get involved and hopefully make a difference. >> and impressive group with the message of love. thank you. samsung has made a big
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galaxy note 7. they have decided to end production. a number of fires linked to the battery profit a recall but then the replacement phones are overheating. samsung is telling customers to turn off the power and return the phones. if you still have a galaxy note 7 usa today has answers to your top questions. all of the major carriers as well as major retailers are al phones into exchange them for another phone of your choice. another question. what if i paid for the phone or them on a payment plan? the carriers are refunding any payments you've made for the phone. regardless of whether you have paid for it up front or are using a monthly payment plan. the payment plan will be canceled and that money could be used toward a new phone. another question. where the best replacement options? the samsung galaxy edge, iphone
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a new study impacts millions who take calcium supplements. researchers at john hopkins found taking those may be good for your bones but may also raise the risk of heart disease. eating foods rich in calcium may have the opposite effect. the tenure study looked at 2700 people, half women. researchers discovered those who took supplements were 22 percent more likely to have calciu arteries. a supplement often causes calcium levels to search. >> that excess calcium may deposit into soft tissue. >> adults who consumed high amounts of calcium through their diet had no increase risk of heart disease. a healthy diet includes dairy products, leafy greens fortified cereals. the supplement industry is
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daily them -- daily calcium through a combination of supplements and diet. a consumer alert for pet owners. some wet dog food is being recalled due to a choking risk. a limited number of caesar classics for women -- fleming neon, the hard white pieces of plastic made its way into the food during the production process. these were sold individually as well as consumers should throw the product out or return it to the place you purchased for a refund or exchange. it appears that creepy clown scare has accomplished something that hamburger has done something for years. robert dold is laying low making fewer appearances these days. the company says it is mindful of the current climate around
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the scare consists of mostly pranks around the country. no word on when ronald will make a return. halloween is fast approaching. clown is probably not so popular. a national retail federation survey says 171 million americans plan to celebrate. spending is predicted to be at an all-time high reaching $84 billion. that is about $83 per person. dressing up isn't cheap. neither is candy. it accounts for $2.5 billion and bind. halloween. and actually i heard an ad on the radio today coming in to work, the goodwill has halloween helpers. who will help you put together a costume. >> that is a great place to get it passed a. >> you won't spend $83 and you could always go as weather person. the cheapest output ever. >> you can make your own clicker.
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>> kids don't try that at home. don't use the garage door opener. >> just tell everyone to download the app. that's all you need to do. not quite as chile tomorrow. temperatures in the 50s and sunny skies. partly cloudy for the evening rush. back into the 70s, we have seen some cloud cover throughout the day today but as you can see the clouds are moving out. now looking west of clouds with rain showers. north of the border, the snow is getting closer. that is behind the cold front. the cold front will sweep through early thursday. for the day tomorrow we are expecting clear skies to start, clouds of the increase, rain chances arrive tomorrow night and that will continue into thursday. thursday will be a raw day. the temperature variation, green is where it temperatures are 50s and 60s and were 40s
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front. good for the evening. 40s in the eastern part of ohio. as we get into the start of the day tomorrow i think temperatures will start to even out. once the sun comes up were off to the races. we can take a look at the hour by hour. 8 am temperatures upper 40s low 50s. lots of sunshine. as we go through the day temperatures will warm up nicely. 70 degrees in downtown cleveland. a southerly breeze at 10. that means our downtown and lake shore temperatures will be a couple degrees warmer than farther south. 76 in downtown cleveland. the same southerly breezes that expected to cause too many homes on the lake. the waves generally 2 feet or less. wednesday evening still mostly sunny to partly cloudy. a nice southerly breeze. upper 60s/low 70s, perfect grilling weather.
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some rumbles of thunder. watch what is happening as we get into the start of the day thursday. rain chances lingering. we don't budge of the 50s. in fact temperatures will hold in the 50s through thursday i think. we will start with rain and with sunny skies. those are expected to continue. a quick peek at your window nation forecast. 50s to start. s clouds on the increase. by thursday 50s, a little breezy and chilly. it will still be chilly on friday. for the tribes alcs opening game. but i think all in all it will be dry. a great start to saturday. the cleveland orchestra teamed up with the cleveland ballet for a performance of the
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>> a celebration of dance and music was the 1st performance of the cleveland ballet in its 2nd season. the bat -- dancers including students performed argentinian tango's and other more classical pieces. coming up the indians now for winds away from the world series. >> we will hear from the president of operations about
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but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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and now the window nation sports report. >> the indians with a well- deserved day off. think about this, if they are able to make it to the world series, 2 weeks from tonight's game one of the world series and the cavs open the season that home.
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step closer to a world championship when they beat the red sox to sweep the alds and you ask why do you get better talent and trade prospects? i think andrew miller has answered that question. and coco crisp, he hit the big run. a well-deserved celebration. >> a lot of fun. these guys worked so hard. to come into fenway and play as well as we did, it was fun. >> let's talk about tomlin. he was great. 5 innings giving up 2 runs. he kept the red sox off balance. it's fair to ask if he remains. regardless tomlin has bounced back from an august slum. i asked him last night how it felt to come through for his team.
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yourself because these guys are behind you all season long. i know what i did in august. it was bad. but having the respect of teammates and going out there, it was easy for me to go out there and do my job. >> have a doing it in fenway park next >> it is awesome. i don't know how to explain it. >> that is why you wear my friend. toronto celebrating a sweep of the rangers after reaching the playoffs wild-card with 89 wins. they can hit the long ball, score runs and had the best pitching staff in baseball with the team era of 3.70 ahead of the indians. the american league. the good news for the tribe, game on friday night. >> really good pitching. solid and they have a good bullpen.
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defense well. a good team. we will have a tough task at hand. we have a team that could do that. >> the browns with the day off. back to the road is a look for win number 1. seven-point favorite. the latest on the situation goes like this. the browns terminated the contract of charlie and they cut whitehurst. the browns are hopeful cody can start on hopes to be ready on sunday. the buckeyes with a huge game coming up on saturday. number 25 and ohio state. it's under the lights. the 1st of 2 road games at night for ohio state. coming off a 38-17 win over indiana. >> you have to be ready to create a little indecision. this outfit, they know what they're doing and they do it
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games back-to-back on the road. >> in national league baseball the dodgers beat the nationals and the giants beat the cubs. those 2 series are going 5 games.
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a beautiful day tomorrow. lots of sun in the morning. clouds in the evening. >> channel 3 news today begins at 4:30 am.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin hart, phoebe waller-bridge,


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