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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 14, 2016 3:37am-4:07am EDT

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that i'm saying that a candidate for president of the united states has bragged about sexually assaulting women. >> reporter: perhaps the toughest political attack from a first lady. >> it wasn't just locker room banter. this was a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about sexually predatory behavior. >> reporter: mrs. obama exposing an anger rare and pers. comment about our bodies, the disrespect of our ambitions and intellect, the belief that you can do anything you want to a woman, it is cruel. it's frightening. and the truth is, it hurts. >> reporter: a case aides say the first lady has been wanting to make for some time. >> here we are 2016, and we're hearing these exact same things every day on the campaign trail.
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all of us to stand up and say enough is enough. this has got to stop right now. to dismiss this as everyday locker room talk is an insult to decent men everywhere. >> reporter: as she was at the democratic convention, michelle obama once again, hillary clinton's most powerful advocate. >> reporter: especially with millenials. >> i think she's the best messenger you can have for this, and she put it in such personal terms. >> reporter: hillary clinton has struggled to make that connection with millenials, tweeting tonight to michelle obama, i'm in awe. thanks for putting into words what's ino many of our hearts. lester? >> andrea mitchell, thank you. as the chaos surrounding trump grows, campaign sources say it's narrowing its focus on ohio, north carolina, florida, and
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where there are now concerns about the machines voters will cast their ballots on should there be a very close vote. nbc news senior investigative correspondent cynthia mcfadden explains. >> hello, pittsburgh! >> we love the state of pennsylvania. >> reporter: polling experts say pennsylvania is critical to this year's election. >> both the trump campaign and the clinton campaign know, if donald trump wins pennsylvania, he's almost certainly going to be the next pren is currently leading in the state, but donald trump has not given up. campaigning there this week thea a massive rally. >> we have to make sure this election is not stolen from us and is not taken away from us. >> reporter: the seeds of doubt he started spreading this summer, though he's never come forward with any specific evidence of fraud. >> the only way we can lose pennsylvania is if cheating goes on. >> reporter: experts say large-scale fraud
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but if there are claims of cheating or other irregularities in pennsylvania, that could be a big problem. because pennsylvania is one of 15 states that uses some electronic voting machines, without a paper record of the vote. which means if challenges are raised, there's no way to do a recount by hand. >> i think really it's negligence for a secretary of state anywhere in the country now not to have a paper trail for their votes, not to have some backup system. snyder is in charge of pennsylvania voting. she says she's not been told of any specific threat by homeland security. >> if donald trump does raise concerns about the vote in pennsylvania, what are you gonna do? you can't go back and recount in two-thirds of the state. >> i think that he would have to have some evidence. i think that those concerns would be unfounded. because the risk of that happening is very
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>> reporter: is that a satisfactory answer to you? these machines need to be swapped out at some point, don't they? >> there's a lot of legacy systems in use in the united states, and they will all probably reach the end of their useful life at about the same time. that's why we need to invest in the election infrastructure. so i still think that voters can have confidence in the outcome of the election. >> that's not what she said to the private lawyer a decade ago, when she sued the state of pennsylvania on behalf o machines without paper backup, violated the pennsylvania constitution. the pennsylvania supreme court disagreed. >> at the risk of being gloomy and doomy, if you end up in a close election and you have a jurisdiction where there is no paper ballot of record, what will you do? what do we do? decide we're just not going to count that jurisdiction? i don't think that's going to go over very well. >> reporter: no one would disagree about
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nbc news, harrisburg, pennsylvania. in north carolina tonight, a state of emergency remains in place, the threat of more massive flooding will peak over the next 24 hours. officials fear thousands of homes have already been damaged as the death toll in the state has risen to 22. nbc's miguel almaguer is in the flood zone. >> reporter: tonight as north carolina's tar river rises, so does the threat of catastrophicoo showing us a community under water, losing more ground every hour. >> get in there. >> reporter: in griston, bobby bowen lends a hand as his home is threatened. sandy langston leaves her dogs on dry ground. >> if the water keeps rising, i'm coming back to get them. >> reporter: with thousands of homes believed to be water logged, the next wave of destruction is coming. hurricane matthew's
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downstream. alice suggs expects to lose her home by tomorrow. >> the water's coming. >> i'll lose everything. >> reporter: the governor said it will crest by tomorrow, but when the water recedes, the clean-up will just begin. miguel almaguer, nbc news, along the tar river in north carolina. over seas now to a dangerous escalation between the u.s. and iranian-backed rebels in yemen. the military launching a counterattack after this week in which missiles were fired at u.s. navy ships in international waters. >> reporter: a u.s. strike came at 4:00 a.m. tomahawk cruise missiles launched at the uss nhtsa, the target, images taken afterward showing the impact. retaliation after iranian-backed rebels unsuccessfully fired missiles twice within
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international waters. >> what's to prevent this from becoming a tit for tat situation? >> reporter: all in a part of the world where u.s. ships face real danger. 16 years ago, the uss cole was bombed while it was refueling in yemen. 17 american sailors, killed. and in a region with a resurgent iran. >> we see tehran pushing all around the middle east and we have to be responsive. >> reporter: the question u.s. officials are asking, will the rebels to provoke the nafery and its ships of war yet again and drag america deeper into their conflict? still ahead, the new headache for owners of samsung phones. in a look inside a testing lab, a frightening force unleashed by an exploding battery. also, the surprise
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we're back now with more trouble for owners of the recalled samsung galaxy note 7. because of a fire risk from the postal service, fedex, and ups, are now refusing to ship returns by air. in tonight's rossen reports, nbc correspondent jeff rossen gives us an up-close look at what can happen when a battery explodes. >> reporter: this is what it can look like when a phone's lithium ion battery explodes. new surveillance video capturing the moment a samsung galaxy note 7
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here's all that's left of her phone. another device allegedly left charging inside this car. erupting in flames. so just how dangerous can a phone fire be? to find out, we've been granted rare access here at underwriter's laboratories in chicago, better known as ul. we're inside their special battery testing lab. you have to wear safety glasses in here and you're about to see for the first time what it really looks like up close when these batri first up, the crush test. >> what are you going to see in this test? >> you're going to see it explode, because we're putting a high crush force on it and making sure it can withstand that. >> okay, let's close the door and get this test going. let's hit it. >> do you see the flames there? >> all this from a small phone battery. >> did you ever realize you had that much energy in your pocket? >> reporter: then comes the over-charging test. >> we're deliberately overcharging this
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chargeer. >> reporter: this is the reported cause of many samsung phone fires. within minutes, you can see the heat and pressure building. our battery puffing up and then -- >> that frightened me and i knew it was coming. >> reporter: watch it again in slow motion. powerful explosion and fireball. >> this is a rare occurrence. remember, we overcharged that battery on purpose. >> reporter: what should consumers do avoid that happening. >> use the proper charger with that battery and charge it in an open area. >> reporter: simple tips to prevent this from happening to you. jeff rossen, nbc news, chicago. we're back in a moment with wild
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more trouble in paradise tonight after haiti and cuba took a terrible hit from
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today hurricane nicole slamming bermuda with maximum sustained winds of 125 miles per hour. the good news, a late wobble in the storm's path spared the island of the worst of it. the storm is now moving away out to sea. scary moments today at the london zoo when a silverback gorilla escaped his enclose. officials say he was contained and never made it into public areas, bis were told to get inside buildings before the gorilla was eventually subdued. he's only played one game and he's already in the record books. nhl rookie auston matthews debuted with the toronto maple leafs last night and he scored not once or twice, but four goals total. an incredible start for matthews, though the leafs did end up losing by one goal in overtime. when we come back,
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finally tonight, he's won several grammys, an academy
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called the voice of a generation, this one came as a surprise. bob dylan was awarded the nobel prize for literature. the first musician to win it in the price's history. here's harry smith. ? ? like a rolling stone ?? >> reporter: the announcement that bob dylan was awarded the nobel prize in literature, touched a nerve on the internet. there was celebration. president obama, congratulations to one of my fit >> and jody picoult tweeted, i'm happy for bob dylan, but does this mean i can win a grammy? bob dylan's words, his poetry, more than stand up. ? ? >> i wrote the songs to perform the songs, and i needed to sing in that language. which is the language
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before. ? come in she said i'll give you shelter from the storm ?? >> reporter: dylan wrote and writes of injustice. ? ? >> reporter: of war and yearning. ? ? for the times they are a changing ?? >> reporter: of loss and love. ? ? >> roger mcgrim once said, working with bob shakespeare. ? the answer is blowing in the wind ?? >> reporter: bob dylan, a bard for the ages. harry smith, nbc news, new york. >> congratulations to bob dylan. that's going to do it for us on this thursday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and
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the claims are preposterous, ludicrous and defy common sense and logic. >> i can't believe it, i'm saying that a candidate for pr has plagued about sexually assaulting women. >> the heat is rising. and the direction this election takes is almost anyone's guess. >> a major military offense siv prime for launch. new details just ahead. >> how powerful are those cell phone batteries in your pocket? nbc news investigates. >> starbucks gets ready to
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of buzz. >> watch what ellen saw within she watched the early debate. "early today" starts right now. >> it's now donald trump against the world as the billionaire nominee faults democrats, republicans and the media for the leakinging is wal assaults against him. he warned of evidence that would prove them wrong. >> the claims are preposterous u vous, sense and logic. we already have substantial evidence to dispute these lies and it will be made public in an appropriate way and at an appropriate time very soon. >> and trump promised an apocalyptic end if he wasn't elected president. >> they will attack you. they will slander you.
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they will seek to destroy etching about you, including your reputation. this is a struggle for the survival of our nation. believe me. and this will be our last chance to save it on november 8th. >> it's just one in a series of some speeches where trump has begun to delegitimize the election. there is new fallout as a fifth forward, to add her voice, telling buzzfeed they used his position to eye young girls. a woman steps forward, she said while at a restaurant with trump and others. trump paraded people in front of their table and xheptd on whether they were wearing under
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are false and completely fictionalized. she is threatening to sue. the billion fair republican nominee has vehemently threatened legal actions against the publications reporting the story. hillary clinton enlisted the help of some of her strongest surrogates, full assault. >> they deep get credit for at the very last minute when finally the guy that they nominated and endorsed and supported is caught on tape saying things that no decent person would even think much less say much less brag about, much less laugh about or joke
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you can't wait until that finally happens and say that's too much. it's enough. >> strong words, michelle obama may have dealt trump a fatal remark with her remarks, dhifing a searing message and many see as the hard hitting provocative speech of the entire election cycle. nbc's andrea mitchell brings us more. >> the first lady speaking with emotion and donald trump's language on that tape. >> i have to tell you, i can't stop thinking about this. >> michelle obama refusing to use trump's name. >> i can't believe i'm saying that a candidate for president of the united states has bragged about sexually assaulting women. >> perhaps a political attack
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banter. this was a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about sexually predatory behavior. >> mrs. obama exposing in anger, and raw and personal. >> the shameful comments about our body. the disrespect of our ambitions and intellect. the belief that you can do anything you want to a woman. it is cruel. it's and the truth is, it hurts. >> a case aids say the first lady has been wanting to make for some time. >> here we are remember 2016. we are hearing these exact same things every day on the campaign trail we are drowning in. now is the time for all of us to stand up and say, enough is enough. >> this has got to stop right
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locker room talk is an insult to decent men everywhere. >> and while the first lady campaigned in new hampshire, hillary clinton was in california fund raising with barbara streisand, elton john and oughts. she also took a moment to sit down with ellen degeneres. >> clearly the winner of the debate was the guy in the red sweater. ken is talking about this moment. but we have to show it. >> there's a lot at stake. this is not an ordinary time and this is not an ordinary election. we are going to seizing a president who will set policy for not just for eight years, but for some of those important decisions we have to machere at home and around the world and the supreme court to energy and
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lot at stake. >> leave it up to ellen to always bring a little humor into that. the rest of the dance airs today on ellen and today on the trail. clinton takes the day off as president obama holds a rally for her in ohio, while her husband and daughter also hit the trail on her behalf. donald trump and mike pence go to new york before heading to separate >> preparing of iraqi mosul to liberate the second largest city from isis. lucy cavanov is live from london with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, frances, we have been mobilizing quite some time now. the plan is to encircle the city with 6,000 american troops setting up infrastructure. there is a large staging area in


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