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tv   Today  NBC  October 14, 2016 7:00am-9:59am EDT

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good morning. one-two punch. first lady michelle obama delivers a stinging and emotional takedown of donald trump over his alleged treatment of women. >> it is cruel. it's frightening. and the truth is, it hur >> as the president slams republicans blaming them for trump's rise. >> they've been feeding their base all kinds of crazy for years. >> trump now lashing out at the women who claim they were targets of his unwanted advances. >> they're horrible, horrible liars. >> can the trump ticket bounce back from what's become an avalanche of accusations? we'll ask his running mate, governor mike pence, when he joins us live.
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rains batter the northwest overnight, with more to come, while in the atlantic, hurricane nicole roars across bermuda leaving behind major flooding. better safe than sorry. airlines stocking up on fire containment bags in case phones or laptops overheat, as samsung admits its note 7 failure will cost the company more than $3 billion. and jaw-dropping scare. greait break in to a shark cage. before wiggling its way out. but get this -- a diver was inside, and he's going to need a new cage. probably a new wet suit "today," friday, october 14th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from
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and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. remember that shark diving segment i wanted to do? >> forget it. you said he needs a new cage, a new wet suit. i think he needs a new hobby. all right? because that is terrifying. >> that's unbelievable. we'll explain more about what happened in that videotape later in the show. let's start though on this friday morning with raw emotion on the campaign trail. just 25 days to go until the election. here is today's state of the race. donald trump is pushing b misconduct that have been leveled against him, while first lady, michelle obama, takes trump to task over those accusations. >> our latest battleground state poll show hillary clinton is now fun five points in north carolina. take a look at ohio though. two candidates locked in a dead heat. they've got 45% a piece there. >> hillary clinton is off the trail today while trump has rallies scheduled in north carolina. complete coverage beginning with
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here in manhattan. hallie, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey there, matt. good morning. donald trump is now basically declaring war against his rivals, and that is apparently a category that includes not just his political opponents, but members of the press and the women who have accused him of misconduct. allegations trump strongly denies. a defiant donald trump targeting hillary clinton. >> she should be locked up. >> reporter: and his own accusers. multiple women in the last 48 hours who have come forward to say trump touched or kissed them without permission. >> the claims are preposterous, ludicrous, and defy truth, common sense and logic. >> reporter: the allegations, which trump strongly denies, have not been independently verified by nbc news. one of the women sharing additional details with cnn about what she says happened on
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decades ago. >> did he actually kiss you? >> yeah. yeah. >> on the face? on the lips? >> all -- wherever he could find a landing spot. yes. >> another ridiculous tale. no witnesses, no nothing. >> reporter: jessica leeds first shared her story with the "new york times." >> these attacks are orchestrated by the clintons and their media allies. >> why in the world he would blame the clintons for it is but that's his wall of protection. he is -- this is how he is coping with the fact that he's completely rejecting the reality. >> reporter: "the new york times" is rejecting trump's demand they retract their article. in a statement, all but daring trump to take them to court, "nothing in our article has had the slightest effect on the reputation that mr. trump, through his own words and actions, has already created for
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fresh scrutiny. "vanity fair" finding footage of trump on fox news describing in 2010 how to win over women. >> move forward. >> thank you. >> even if you get smacked. >> reporter: trump's wife, standing by him now. melania trump demanding her own retraction from "people" magazine after one of its writers, that this tasha stoynoff, recounted how she case trump pushed her against a wall and kissed her during an interview in 2005. look at her words. you tell me what you think. i don't think so. >> reporter: and on a charlotte radio show thursday, donald trump jr. defending his father over those lewd comments made during a 2005 "access hollywood" taping, a show owned by nbc universal. >> i've had conversations like that with plenty of people where people use language off color. they're talking, two guys, amongst themselves. i've seen it time and time again. i think it makes him a human. >> reporter: trump also going to
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pressnd a the clintons, getting back-up from several women who for years have accused bill clinton of sexual misconduct, accusations the former president has long denied. >> hillary is not for all women. hillary is only for one woman and that's herself. >> reporter: this morning, we are getting a new snapshot of how the race stands nationally. a fox news poll out shows hillary clinton leading donald trump by seven points with more than half of those polls saying trump is not president. matt? >> hallie jackson, thank you. the president and first lady tore into trump on the campaign trail with michelle obama growing emotional over the latest accusations against the republican nominee. nbc national correspondent peter alexander with that side of the story this morning. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah. good morning. they may be two of the most effective speakers in all of politics right now, the president and first lady. michelle obama warning voters in deeply personal terms against
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president obama taking republicans to task for their role in the rise of trump. from the first couple, a powerful one-two punch aimed at donald trump. >> you've got somebody who each and every day, every time he talks, proves himself unfit and unqualified for this office. >> reporter: president obama in ohio tearing into republicans, blaming them for standing by as trump took over the party. >> if negative -- negative is a euphemism -- crazy, based on lies, based on hoaxes, this is the nominee you get. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama equally passionate in new hampshire. >> it has shaken me to my core in a way that i couldn't have predicted. >> reporter: expressing outrage about trump's lewd comments toward women. >> this is disgraceful. it is intolerable.
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you belong to. no woman deserves to be treated this way. none of us deserves this kind of abuse. >> reporter: vice president biden punctuating the point in this new interview for "meet the press." >> this guy, as i said, has acknowledged that he has been a sexual predator. he's acknowledged that he's abused his power. the textbook definition of what constitutes sexual assault. >> repor h also attacking trump while fund-raising in california. >> the whole world has heard trump brag about how he mistreats women and the disturbing stories just keep coming. it makes you want to turn off the news. >> reporter: meanwhile, clinton's campaign is fending off new criticism after wikileaks latest release of hacked e-mails which have not been authenticated by the campaign or nbc news. in one e-mail a collin spokesman, in august 2015, urges
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ever sent classified material through a private e-mail server, writing, our "our portion is that no such material exists. else it could be said she mishandled classified info." clinton now looking to lighten the mood with ellen degeneres. >> clearly the winner of the debate was the guy in the red sweater. ken bone. >> we need sometimes. google trends' data shows online searches for the terms "write-in" actually spiked last week more than 2,800%. the highest point since 2004. a lot of americans still unsatisfied with a lot of their options. coming up, we'll have more from chuck todd's exclusive interview with vice president biden, including what he says about former president bill clinton. >> peter alexander, thank you. let's turn to steve kornacki and nicolle wallace.
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clinton with a seven-point lead nationally. if you are the democrats, if you are the clinton ticket right now, you are probably feeling pretty good. on the other hand, steve, it is true that she is continuing to be a very unpopular candidate. if people think, well, this race is over, trump's not going to win, do the democrats have to worry about people who would otherwise come in and cast a vote saying forget it, i don't have to, and this becomes a much tighter race? >> i think it is always a good idea to worry in a campaign that's been as unpredictable as this one. the position the democrats are in right now has changed. position hillary clinton is in has changed significantly since last week for two reasons. it is a wider gap than we've been seeing. she was ahead last week, now she is significantly ahead in this race. the question of all the negatives around donald trump in the last week has that imposed a ceiling on him. if you are a democrat, if this thing gets tighter, you just have to start worrying about whether turnout will catch you in the end. but this is a significant change since last week.
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i'm asking michelle obama to clear her schedule for the next three weeks because she resonates. she connects with an audience. but it seems like a double-edged sword because she does it so easily in ways that hillary clinton, the candidate, can't. >> let me first say, i don't know and never before has there been an example of someone's advocacy transferring to somebody else. what michelle obama did yesterday was perfection in that it was the perfect message delivered by the perfect messenger, at the perfect moment. she spoke truth in a climate where just aboutry actually call out what it is that we're seeing which is textbook misogyny. >> meanwhile, you see donald trump and he's on offense big time. he's going after his detractors in the press. he's going after the accusers saying that they're lying. is that the right approach? does he have any other option at this point? >> is it right? who knows? i think that the biggest mistake donald trump has made -- if you want to give him the most generous odds and say that enthusiasm could, you know, fall
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clinton. his best message is not this stuff. his best sort of basket of messages and his ability to connect was around economic isolationism. it was around trade protectionism. it was around foreign policy isolationism. it was around this idea that we would build a wall. that's what won him the nomination. >> what are you saying? you think he should have just denied it and move on to other subjects? >> he hasn't talked about the things that won him the nomination in weeks and weeks and weeks. so his campaign message in the burn. but what won him the nomination, what rallied more republicans to his cause than any of his 16 opponents was a message about economic isolationism and economic restoration. not this stuff. >> steve, what's going to win one of these two, the presidency, is what happens in four key battleground state states. why don't you go to the board and show us how it is going. >> we've got new polling numbers. nbc news/"wall street journal" polls. the key here -- these were
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they get the tape, they get the debate. starting in ohio, a state obviously president obama carried four years ago. donald trump ahead right now after the debate, very small margin, is ahead by a point. that's not a huge lead but this is a state trump absolutely needs. let's say donald trump was able to get ohio. we also have a new poll to show you in north carolina. the significance here, this was a romney state four years ago. this is supposed to be part of the republican base. look at that. hillary clinton after that debate opening up a four-point we've seen several polls in north carolina that show this. here's the key. if hillary clinton is able to flip north carolina, look what that does to the race to 270. she's over 270. this is a show-stopper state for hillary clinton. even then, if donald trump were to win everything else on the map, it is a tossup right now. look at that. he'd still be shy of 270, even given that district in maine. he would need something else. one of the states the trump people say they can flip,
7:14 am
resources there. but look at this -- 51%-42%. again, after the debate in pennsylvania. a huge gap donald trump is facing there. he is at a significant disadvantage at this point. >> he can't lose any of the states that romney won. >> he has got to find a way to win north carolina. that's the first thing. he's got about three steps after that. but lose carolina if you are trump, you've lost the election. >> steve, thank you so much. indiana governor mike pence is going to be right here his take on the race and the latest controversies surrounding the campaigns. united airlines suffered a problem with its computer systems overnight that caused widespread delays. early this morning passengers went on social media to complain about delays as long as six hours. still unclear, just how many flights were affected by 3:00 a.m., united officials announced the problem had been fixed and delayed flights were resuming. some airlines are now taking
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smartphone or laptop battery catches fire during flight. at least two u.s. airlines have added five containment bags. a third airline plans to as well soon. the issue has taken on new urgency following incidents of overheating samsung galaxy note 7 phones, including one on a southwest airlines flight earlier this month. 2.5 million phones have been recalled. meantime,am discontinuing the note 7 is going to cost that company about $3 billion during the current and next quarters. want to tell you more about that devastating flooding in k in. that state's governor, pat mccrory, is vowing to rebuild after hurricane matthew. on thursday the governor said the state will take steps to protect princeville, one of the country's oldest towns. princeville was inundated by floodwaters for a second time in less than 20 years. at least 22 people have died in
7:16 am
a storm. and more than 40,000 residents remain without power. florida health officials have identified a second miami neighborhood where mosquitos have spread the zika virus to people. at least five people have been infected in a one-square mile area near little haiti. that brings the total number of zika cases in that state that more than 1,000. most people caught the virus while traveling outside the u.s., but 155 travel related. a michigan judge took matters into his own hands to help take a defendant into custody. look at this. the circuit judge sentenced the man to 93 days in jail for violating a protection order. he ordered the deputized court clerk to take him in to custody, but the man resisted. the judge left the bench, ripped off his rope and helped the clerk pin the defendant down. >> wow. multi-tasking on the bench there. dylan has a first check of
7:17 am
hurricane nicole did to bermuda. >> bizarre situation. but first to the pacific northwest. along the coast of oregon we had wind gusts over 100 miles per hour. but judging by the palm trees there, i think that was bermuda first. we did see wind gusts up near 119 miles per hour, the storm came very, very close to bermuda, although never officially made landfall but the infrastructure is so out there, we didn't see a whole lot of damage. though there was some isolated power outage. winds were up around 120 miles per hour. we are still looking at the storm system making its way just continuing to move to the north and east. it is no longer a threat to bermuda. but we have a second threat for the pacific northwest. again, wind gusts were up around 100 miles per hour along the coast. a stronger storm is going to move in this weekend. on saturday, we are looking at
7:18 am
miles per hour. this is the rain we've seen in the last 12 hours. two to four inches of rain with even isolated higher amounts up around six inches. because of all the wind we are expecting with 80 to 100-mile-per-hour wind gusts, even for areas farther inland, we do have hurricane force warnings along the coast. we have high-wind warnings, high-wind watches. we could see a storm surge and significant power outages are possible especially as we go into saturday night and through sunday. that's something we really have
7:19 am
>> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan, thank you very much. coming up with, more on michelle obama's powerful takedown of trump. is the first lady hillary clinton's most important ally on the campaign trail. and "rossen reports" sets out across the country to find the dirtiest places on your morning commute.
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?? we are back. it is 7:30 on this friday morning, it is the 14th of october, 2016. our plaza is packed. the crowd is ready to rock into the weekend. we've got a live concert from kings of leon. 8:30 half-hour. >> that's right. perfect morning for music, cool and crisp out on the plaza. let's check the headlines first. a new zika zone has been identified in miami, florida. at least five people infected in a one square mile area near little haiti. that brings the total number of zika cases in that state to more than 1,000. nearly a week after striking the u.s., the death toll from hurricane matthew is still rising. officials now say that storm
7:31 am
22 of them were in hard-hit north carolina. donald trump held a massive rally in cincinnati last night. he didn't mention allegations from several women who claim he touched them inappropriately, but trump did launch new attacks against hillary clinton. >> she doesn't have the strength, she doesn't have the aptitude, she doesn't have what it takes. >> trump did address those assault accusations earlier in the day calling them totally and absolutely fals now to "today's campaign moment." vice president joe biden in an interview with chuck todd for "meet the press" was asked if bill clinton's past should matter in this election. >> no, it shouldn't matter. i can't make any excuses for bill clinton's conduct. and i wouldn't attempt to make any excuses for the conduct. but he paid a price for it. he paid a price. he was impeached. and he was -- he expressed his deep sorrow and acknowledged
7:32 am
interview with the vice president this sunday on "meet the press." as we mentioned earlier, first lady michelle obama hit the campaign trail on thursday and took direct aim at donald trump. some are calling her speech a defining moment in the race. nbc's andrea mitchell has more on that. andrea, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. michelle obama is carving a new political path for a first lady, delivering a powerful indictment of the republican nominee and speaking to women across party lines in a way that hillary clinton, very frankly, has not been >> reporter: in a 25-minute blistering take-down of donald trump -- >> this is not something that we can ignore. >> reporter: michelle obama didn't once mention his name. >> i can't stop thinking about this. it has shaken me to my core in a way that i couldn't have predicted. >> reporter: at times, her voice shaking as she reacted to that lewd 2005 recording of trump boasting about his behavior with women. >> this wasn't just locker room
7:33 am
speaking freely and openly about sexually predatory behavior. >> reporter: aides say the first lady's speech was one she's long wanted to deliver, based largely on her own words. >> the belief that you can do anything you want to a woman? it is cruel. it's frightening. and the truth is, it hurts. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama. >> reporter: since her widely praised spe a convention -- >> when they go low, we go high. >> reporter: mrs. obama has become hillary clinton's most powerful advocate and shield. collin borrowing the first lady's mantra to stay above the fray. >> when i hear something like that i am reminded what my friend michelle obama advised us all. when they go low, you go high. >> reporter: even thursday when
7:34 am
advances, the former president invoked first lady. >> i think michelle obama said it best. i have nothing else to say. >> reporter: michelle obama has a 56% favorability rating in our august nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. a whopping 68% with women under 50, making her uniquely positioned to reach women, especially. millennials who have been resisting clinton. >> she is an incredibly powerful messenger, first of all, because these millennial voters, many of them were first taken with politics by campaign, and by her campaigning in 2008. >> all right, let's get to work. thank you all. god bless. >> reporter: a powerful weapon for clinton, this was the first lady's sixth campaign rally in just the past month. five on college campuses. eight years ago hillary clinton and michelle obama were in rifle camps, and in the years since, they were not natural allies. but when it comes to defeating donald trump, the first lady says this fight is deeply personal. and she is all-in. matt and savannah? >> andrea mitchell at the white
7:35 am
more on the presidential race in our half-hour, including a live interview with donald trump's running mate, governor mike pence. as al continues to be on the mend, dylan is here with another check of the weather. >> we are looking at warmer temperatures through the middle of country where it's been pretty chilly the last couple of days, well below average. we'll replace that with unseasonably warm weather into the weekend next week. wichita, 85. even across the southeast, upper 70s in cleveland. going into next week, washington, d.c. by tuesday, should be up to near 80 degrees. indianapolis hovering in the 80s. atlanta, mid 80s. panama city in the mid 80s as well. temperatures staying well above average, possibly even some near-records today. keeping an eye on the pacific northwest storm.
7:36 am
>> how could you forget, sunday night is "football night in america." the s houston to take on the texans. it is a retractible roof, but outside it should be nice and warm, temperatures around 90 degrees. 82 by game time. i really don't know how they decide if the roof is open or not, so either way, can you catch all the action, the texans and the colts, sunday night on nbc. coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern with "football night in america." >> announcer: this "sunday night football" weather is brought to
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just ahead, the tear firing terrifying moment when a great white breaks into a shark cage. the diver was still inside. how he is doing this morning. is your morning commute filled with germs? >> i'm jeff rossen. it is america's germ challenge. i'm hitting buses, trains and taxis in big american cities, swabbing them all down, testing where are the dirtiest spots and where are the clea i'm jamie foxx for verizon. in the nation's largest independent study by rootmetrics, again, verizon is the number one network. hi, i'm jamie foxx for sprint. and i'm jamie foxx for t-mobile. (both) and we're just as good. really? only verizon was ranked number one nationally in data, reliability, text and call and speed. yeah! and you're gonna fist bump to that? get out of my sight. don't get fooled by a cut rate network. verizon gives you tons of data without all the restrictions.
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to find the store nearest you. i know you're my financial advisor, but are you gonna bring up that stock again? well you need to think about selling some of it. my dad gave me those shares, you know. he ran that company. i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. and you've gotta switch to decaf. an honest opinion, even if you disagree. edward jones makes sense of investing. we are back. 7:41. this morning on "rossen reports," breaking news. cold and flu season is here. exhibit a. of course, that means you need to be on the lookout for hidden germs that could make you sick. >> you shouldn't come to work when you're sick. "today" national investigative correspondent jeff rossen found some germs in common spots that
7:42 am
commutes. jeff, good morning. >> savannah has learned this lesson the hard way. as you know, we've tested for germs before, but this time something a little different for you. we are setting up a little challenge hitting three big cities and testing your morning commute in each one. what spots will be the dirtiest? what spots will be the cleanest? we have never seen results like this. we are hitting the road in chicago, in los angeles, and new york city. swabbing for germs in cabs. buses. and trains. >> i am actually blown away by this. >> reporter: where will we find the most germs? and the least. armed with our official bacteria meter, we're about to find out. first up -- new york city. >> time to check this out. i'm swabbing this bus pole.
7:43 am
grab on to this thing every single day. >> reporter: health experts say any reading over 100 is -- fail. >> 195, nearly double the bacteria limit you want to see. all those people all day. they're not wearing gloves. >> reporter: let's see if we have better luck in this new york city taxi. >> see how grimy it is. >> reporter: all right, let's test this seat. shall we? 62 on the seat which is below that magic 100 number with go new york city. >> reporter: but i'm nervous because we are about to test the place with the dirtiest reputation of all -- the new york city subway. >> just a guy swabbing for germs with latex gloves on. there are weirder things that have happened on the new york city subway today. >> reporter: time for the moment of truth. 31. i am really blown away by this one. i thought this would definitely be dirty. totally clean. >> reporter: in new york, 2 out
7:44 am
but now let's take this challenge to los angeles. >> all right, here's the l.a. metro. let's go. >> reporter: swabbing this train pole. you can actually see the dirt on the swab. i don't know what it is going to come out with but that's dirt. visible dirt. 189. really dirty. the pole, really dirty. >> reporter: not going so well in l.a. but what about the germs above ground on this l.a. city bus? 259 on this bus pole. teeming with bacteria. gross. >> reporter: think that's bad? watch what happens when i swab that credit card machine is dirty. more than three times the bacteria level you want to see. use cash. >> reporter: the surfaces we test in l.a., all dirty. we shared our results with nbc medical contributor dr. john torres. >> exposure to bacteria can make you very, very sick. you touch the pole, wipe your nose, wipe your eye, you don't even think about it. bam, you're sick. >> reporter: but we still have
7:45 am
these results are the most surprising of all. >> come on, chicago buses! >> reporter: chicago calls itself the cleaner new york. but right out of the gate, things are bad on this bus. remember, anything over 100 is a fail. no, chicago, no. you're on the bus today, look -- 730. this is filthy. >> reporter: and things are about to get much worse in this chicago taxi. >> highest reading so far of all the cities. 909. that's more than nine times acceptable limit of bacteria. >> reporter: but the biggest surprise of all. the chicago l train. >> you wouldn't believe it unless i showed you. 4,000. i have never, ever seen a number so high! stay away from this pole! >> reporter: sorry, chicago, the surfaces we tested, the dirtiest of all. what kind of illnesses are we
7:46 am
during the flu season, you can get the flu. you can get more serious things. norovirus. mrsa. >> matt lauer is sitting next to us. if you have cuts or scrapes on your hands, don't grab that pole. >> elbow grab. >> but people don't like that because then you take up all the space. i do it, too. but i get a dirty look. york city subway pole be in the 30s and the chicago one be 4,000? >> because we live in the best city in the world, matt. >> wash the hands. coming up next, carson has the story behind what we think might be the wildest shark video we've ever shown. a great white breaking into a diver's cage with the diver still in there. >> inside, people.
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7:50. our executive producer, don nash, walked into the makeup room this morning and said -- best shark video. ever. >> expectations are high,
7:51 am
best shark video today, ever. if you have a fear of sharks, this video is going to do nothing to get you back into the water. this is shot off the coast of mexico. a great white is chomping down on some tuna when it crashes into the diving cage. shark freaks out, actually gets inside the enclosure. everyone? watching, stunned. the shark frees himself, swims away. more panic. amazingly, the diver was was able to escape to the bottom of the cage until the shark just swam off. you see some light celebrating there as the diver gets back into the boat. let's go to social media reaction of this video. thomas writing with be this guy survivors being trapped in a cage with a great white shark and gets a golf clap. and that is why i don't swim in the ocean.
7:52 am
and just quick little math conversion, four meters may not sound like much. that's 13.1 feet. that's a big boy. >> i don't care if it was a baby nurse shark. >> the cage is supposed to hold the shark out. carson, thank you. >> i'm sure there is a full investigation.
7:53 am
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, donald trump fires back. >> these attacks are orchestrated by the clintons and their media allies. >> the gop nominee takes on his accusers, his opponent, and the media as he looks to get back on unwanted advances against multiple women. >> the claims are preposterous, ludicrous. >> this morning we'll talk to trump's running mate, governor mike pence. plus, special surprise. >> surprise! >> hoda pulls off another heart-warming moment treating one remarkable mom to the day she'll never forget. >> there is a lot of love on
8:01 am
and we're not wasting a moment. rock superstars kings of leon kick off the weekend with some of their biggest hits and a brand-new song. and they've got a big announcement "today," friday, october 14th, 2016. >> we love kings of leon! >> all the way from vermont for kings of leon! >> late for work to see kings of leon! woo! ? someone like you ? >> celebrating my 18th birthday of kings of leon! >> we're here for kings of leon! woo! 8:00 now on a friday morning, the 14th day of october, 2016. which makes it a great day for two distinct reasons.
8:02 am
happy birthday to my husband, mike. >> happy birthday. >> we love you. all these people out here clapping for you. >> secondly, because we have kings of leon. >> carson is the guy we turn to on music. you've been looking forward to this one. >> one of my favorite bands. the charming sounds out of nashville and new york city. a new record out which i think is some of the best record i think they've done. they've won grammys, they this is a real treat for us to have such a great, great rock band. we'll get to them in our next half-hour. but first, let's take a look at your "news at 8." we begin with the race for the white house. i'm peter alexander in washington. our new battleground state poll shows hillary clinton up four points in north carolina, that's a must-win state for donald trump. he will campaign there today. but now take a look at ohio where it is basically
8:03 am
advantage. >> mr. donald j. trump. >> reporter: this morning, donald trump trying to get back on message. >> every day between now around the election, we are going to talk about our plans to make america great again. >> reporter: back to bashing hillary clinton. >> she should be locked up. >> reporter: no hint thursday night that his campaign is reeling from an onslaught of allegations from multiple women accusing trump of badly. jessica leeds offering new details on cnn about an alleged incident on a plane 35 years ago when she says trump groped her. >> i was wearing a skirt and his hand started going toward my knee and up my skirt. >> reporter: earlier thursday trump called his accusers' allegations preposterous and ludicrous. nbc news cannot independently confirm any of the accusers' claims. >> these claims are all fabricated. they're pure fiction and they're
8:04 am
attending a fund-raiser in san francisco took a swing at the republican nominee. >> the whole world has heard trump brag about how he mistreats women and the disturbing stories just keep coming. it makes you want to turn off the news. >> reporter: the clinton campaign also rolled out the first couple. the president blasting trump for saying things -- >> no decent person would even think, much less say, much less brag about, much less l about, or joke about, much less act on. >> reporter: echoed by michelle obama. >> and i can't believe that i'm saying that a candidate for president of the united states has bragged about sexually assaulting women. >> hillary is only for one woman and that's herself. >> reporter: on fox news, three women who have for years accused bill clinton of sexually assaulting them, accusations long denied by the former president. trump with a dire message to the faithful thursday night.
8:05 am
or we lose our country. >> reporter: a different view from clinton. >> in 26 days, donald trump will stop being on the news every single day. [ cheers ] >> right now donald trump faces a significant deficit nationally. seven points according to a brand-new fox news poll. but perhaps more striking, two-thirds of those questioned say clinton is qualified to be president, while 56% say trump is not 49% saying trump's not qualified at all. matt and savannah? >> peter, thank you very much. we are joining now by donald trump's running mate, indiana governor, mike pence. governor, good to see you. >> good morning. >> one week ago today we heard donald trump in his own words brag about making unwanted sexual advances on women. now we have six women who have come forward saying in fact that was more than bragging. he did those things to them. you've heard what they've had to say.
8:06 am
>> well, let me say first and foremost, i think donald trump, particularly sunday night, and over the weekend, showed his heart to the american people. he apologized, said he was embarrassed for words that he had used 11 years ago. and i think that was right. >> i want to take us past that and go to what these women are claiming. do you believe them? >> well, what i would say is these are unsubstantiated allegations. i think the reality is that categorically denied that these things ever happened. and i believe him. we've talked about it privately. i heard him publicly. what we're going to do in this campaign is not allow the other side to change the subject to slanders and lies. we are going to continue to focus on the issues that really matter most to the american people. i think the reason why you saw 19,000 people come out for donald trump last night in cincinnati, ohio is because american people know this country is in a lot of trouble.
8:07 am
world stage again -- >> americans deserve that conversation, but these are serious allegations. let me just ask you. because you just said a minute ago. he has denied these allegations and you believe him. he has also made another statement. he has said that he likes to grab women by the genitals. that he'll just go right up and kiss them. so those are two different statements that donald trump has made. you choose to believe one of them where he denies the allegation. why not take him at his word the words that we hear and that are on tape and believe him? >> savannah, you know i expressed myself on that over this weekend. the concerns i had about those statements. i think he was right to say that he was embarrassed about that, that he was in a private conversation and that -- >> but you don't believe he does the things he says he does. >> he said very clearly that it was just talk, that he regrets what he said 11 years ago. but these unsubstantiated
8:08 am
frankly, are very similar to what "the new york times" published six months ago and was widely discredited by the same reporters. i would say as a dad of two daughters, a is a public person, you always take these issues seriously. but these are unsubstantiated claims. donald trump has categorically denied them and we'll work hard to continue to focus this campaign on the issues in the next 25 days that are about a stronger and more prosperous america. >> but he has said he has substantial evidence to prove that what these women are saying is wrong. if there is a time to come up and show us that evidence, this is the time. has he shown you that evidence? >> matt, i think it is coming, and it is coming in, frankly, probably a matter of hours. i know that melania trump, through her attorneys, has already reached out to one of the publications, "people" magazine, to call for a retraction. >> that's different than showing
8:09 am
forward. but donald trump has made very clear that he's categorically denied these allegations. yet he can't be more definitive than that. and the difficulty is that at this point in a campaign, it is astonishing to see, with all due respect, astonishing to see the enormous coverage of these really unfounded allegations, unestablished allegations, compared to an avalanche of clinton's years as secretary of state. we found out this week through one e-mail that despite the fact that she said there was never a decision made of the state department when she was secretary of state to benefit their supporters or their donors, that there is now an e-mail that shows that in the haitian recovery effort after the earthquake, that -- that -- that the state department was directed to remember businesses that were friends of the clintons. that's exactly the kind of pay
8:10 am
never happened, and now we see hard evidence, not unsubstantiated allegations -- >> we have covered that story and with respect, if she were here or tim kaine were here, we'd be asking her. you're answerable to your campaign, they're answerable to your campaign. there have been talk about the accusers in bill clinton's past, sometimes by you. voters are trying to figure this out and it is really difficult. you have claims on all sides. do you think in the donald trump accusers and the bill clinton accusers, who we saw at the debate the other night that donald trump brought, do you think they're all entitled to the same presumption of believability? that they're telling the truth. all of them. >> i think we should always take these kind of allegations seriously and respectfully. but in the case of bill clinton, bill clinton actually admitted to being involved with a 23-year-old intern at the white house named monica lewinsky when
8:11 am
bill clinton actually paid a settlement of over $800,000 to one of those women. >> donald trump has paid settlements. >> the claims against bill clinton now for decades have been quite well chronicled in books and in history. they've been quite well substantiated. and, frankly, those women have gotten scant attention this year or in previous years from many in the mainstream media. so my view is that those claims have largely been established through the record of that -- but the people need to know that these unsubstantiated allegations have been completely denied by donald trump and we're simly not going to allow this campaign to be drawn off to defending slander and lies. we're going to focus on things that will make america great again. >> let me compliment you. everybody says you are a really good guy. you are a really intelligent guy. you're a guy of faith. you have said that you're a christian first, a conservative next, and a republican last. >> in that order. >> and yet there are some people
8:12 am
fact that you say you believe him and you don't really believe these women and they're wondering if you aren't putting your loyalty to the republican party and to this man, donald trump, ahead of your faith and your gut and your heart. how would you answer that? >> i would answer it first and foremost that part of my faith is i believe in forgiveness. when donald trump apologized this weekend to the american people. i believe in extending grace and i think millions of americans do as but let me be very clear that in this case, i think it is very important -- as i said, as a dad of two daughters and as a public person, that you take allegations of this nature seriously. but it is important to establish that these are, you know, unsubstantiated allegations. and, frankly, there will be more information that comes out on these things. donald trump has made it very clear that he is -- he has
8:13 am
truly do believe that this looks more and more like the kind of thing that comings up in campaigns, the kind of accusations that fly in the final weeks of a campaign when at the end of the day, the 19,000 people that came out in cincinnati, ohio last night, the thousands of people that will be out at our rallies over the course of this weekend, they know that this country is in a lot of trouble. we have iranian warships moving now alongside the br yemen. we have missiles being fired from yemeni militia that were provided by the iranians at u.s. warships. we have radical islamic terrorism. two police officers shot in boston. we have an economy that is struggling and failing millions of americans. >> can we go back to this issue of faith? >> that change only comes if we elect donald trump as president of the united states. >> i wanted to just end on a grace note, and this issue of faith. because, frankly, at my church,
8:14 am
and we hear about message of forgiveness and mercy and grace. would you agree that that forgiveness -- the same measure of grace and forgiveness that many people are willing to extend to donald trump, that as christians, people should also extend that to hillary clinton or to bill clinton? i mean what would it look like? what would this campaign look like if all of that grace were applied equally? >> well, i think it is a wonderful question. but in the case of hillary clinton, with what we're seeing in these e-mails different hillary clinton behind closed doors than we've seen in public. and we've heard no apology for that. when she advocated for open borders at a speech in brazil, when she advocated for socialized medicine at a speech in canada, and now when we hear that they were directing contracts in the haitian recovery effort to friends of the clintons, all we get is silence, all we get is denials. so the beginning of grace is an
8:15 am
waiting for hillary clinton to apologize for being a different person in private than she is in public. >> with all due respect though -- >> donald trump and i are going -- >> -- what these women are claiming about donald trump is he is a very different person in private than he is in public as well. >> i understand that. let's be very clear, he's categorically denied these allegations. these are unsubstantiated allegations, matt. there will be more information that comes out on these in the hours and in the days ahead. but i promise you, this campaign is going to continue to stay the issues that matter most to the american people. security, prosperity, the supreme court, and i think that's why you're going to continue to see tremendous momentum evidenced in these incredible crowds driving toward november the 8th. >> you are always generous with your time. we appreciate you coming by, governor. thank you. just ahead, hoda is going to be here. she's going to pull off another great surprise for a deserving
8:16 am
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8:20 am
results were published in the journal of the american medical association. this is real science, not "trending" science. physicians correctly diagnosed patients 72% of the time, compared with websites and ads which worked for it -- wait for it -- 34% of the time. >> any time you diagnose yourself on the web, you are always leading to death. >> you're tired. red eyes. you're dying. >> i guess it is better than nothing. isn't it? if you're not going to go to the doctor, don't you think it is by the way, i don't know how you do pregnancy without google. what about you? >> i've googled anything. some things i want to unread. >> it was like baby 101, emergency. but it was for babies. information was contained to a smaller amount so you didn't lead yourself into hysteria. >> you can google like my pulse is in my ears. >> i've done that! >> wait a minute. then i am pregnant.
8:21 am
ear. now, this morning, we are about to get some sweet treats. great news, guys. it is national dessert day. >> yeah! >> it is not only mike feldman, birthday, not only kings of leon, we have national dessert day. to celebrate we've called in our favorite dessert. carson? >> i just went with this red velvet cake. usually accompanied by a lovely cream cheese filling or frng very astonishing version of this as well. >> her version is a show-stopper. >> it really is pretty good. >> i love a hot fudge brownie sundae. also with a side of chocolate milkshake. >> perfect. >> full disclosure, dylan stole my favorite dessert. so i went with cheesecake, my favorite, but i went withkey lime pie.
8:22 am
back-up. i only like cheesecake with the graham cracker crust. and a brownie just for good measure. >> where is yours? >> i like a dessert you can get at the drugstore, grocery store. >> cigarettes? >> come on. this is mine. no. come on! check that out. >> all i like that they taste homemade. you can get them at cvs. you can get them anymore. >> there is a shameless plug. >> oh, my god. so good. i like this crumb cake, too. >> take on "popstart!" carson. >> what was the point of this segment? >> national dessert day.
8:23 am
absolutely was glowing on the red carpet at the premier of "jackie." portman pregnant with her second child. the movie follows jackie kennedy during her time as first lady. it is getting a ton of early oscar buzz. look at the incredible resemblance as you see right there. isn't that beautiful? "jackie" hits theaters on december 2nd. now to another highly anticipated beast." the magic continues, the harry potter spinoff. fans across the globe are getting ready for that, hosting a worldwide event. natalie morales caught up with collin farrell. >> to step in to this universe and this world and the imagination of j.k. rowling was a really fun, exciting thing. and it was maybe something my kids can see. a lot of the things i've done not really suitable for the young boys but they'll be able to follow along.
8:24 am
rowling revealed that there be -- count them -- five movies in that series. "fantastic beast" hits theaters on november 18th. that's your "popstart!." >> are you so happy? >> all we're missing is meatloaf and mashed potatoes. carson, thank you. dylan, check of the weather. >> good glass of milk will be good, too. we've got this big storm system in the pacific northwest. we pointed this out this is going to be big story going into the weekend. first one made its way onshore yesterday producing wind gusts up to 100 miles per hour along the coast. the next one is going to move in as we go into saturday afternoon. the second one is going to produce even stronger winds, perhaps in excess of 100 miles per hour. we could see rainfall totals upwards of around 10 to 15 inches, especially across northwestern parts of
8:25 am
>> and that'sou forecast. >> this just in -- >> what? >> national meatloaf today is next tuesday. >> yes! >> next tuesday. >> yes! just ahead, kings of leon rock out on our plaza. >> kings of meatloaf. >> kings of leon getting ready
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it is 8:30. it is a friday morning, kings of so happy to have them here. you guys have some big news that we want to announce right now about a tour? >> yes. our north american tour starts january the 12th. >> yes! >> january 12th. >> isn't it true you are coming to the garden as part of that? >> we are. i think the 20th. >> can you hook us up?
8:31 am
>> great news for citi customers when kings of leon hit the road, you will get special presale access to that tour. citi presales begin next tuesday, the 18th of october. check out for more information there. which is great. >> we cannot wait. we'll see you guys in a little bit. coming up, i have an incredible story about this woman that you will love. we were lucky enough to treat her to a day of pink power surprises. >> we love those stories. by the way, guys from kings of of "fit pregnancy" yet? did you get that? you may have noticed savannah guthrie on the cover of "fit pregnancy." you got a great article inside as well. >> i love that you mention that mike is actually -- your husband -- the best person to have in the delivery room. >> yes. because his line of work is crisis communication. also he is the son of an ob-gyn. his whole life, the phone would ring at dinner and it would be some woman in labor.
8:32 am
pinch. >> ironically enough when my son was born, "sex on fire" was playing in the delivery room. i kid you not. >> seems appropriate. back to business. let's do the weather. >> yes. this weekend we are going to see pretty decent weather across most of the country. especially up across new england, check out the fall foliage, it is peaking, especially across northern wisconsin, northern new england and maine, too. we're getting patchy color in southern new england and across the east. it is going to be really nice in the northeast on saturday, temperatures in the 50s and 60s, record highs back through the plains. scattered showers through the western great lakes. that big northwest storm could produce wind gusts in excess of 100 miles per hour. on sunday we'll see scattered storms continue to move into the northeast through the afternoon. record highs. elsewhere through the southeast, through the plain states and
8:33 am
>> and that's your latest forecast. guys? >> announcer: pink power "today" is sponsored by netjets. the worldwide leader in private aviation. time now for more of our special series "pink power today." in honor of the breast cancer awareness month. >> we asked our viewers to tell us about people who are battling the disease had really deserve a special day. >> it is a great day. more of 30 of you wrote in to
8:34 am
particular woman is. her name is erin, she's from virginia beach, virginia. after spending time with erin and her family, we completely understand why. erin and jason ludwig love playing outdoors with their two little girls, savannah, 5, and aubrey, nearly 2. >> get mommy! >> reporter: erin, an athletic trainer, and jason, a parole officer, have always been an active and devoted couple ever since meeting as college >> i mean one of the things that made me fall in love with him is his caring and compassion. >> how passionate she is about things, how loving and caring she is toward everyone else. the feelings's always been there but over the past year-and-a-half it actually makes it stronger and actually tests your commitment toward another person. >> reporter: in early 2015, erin was breastfeeding their youngest, aubrey, and felt a
8:35 am
felt before. doctors confirmed their worst fears of breast cancer. after a double mastectomy and chemo and radiation, tests this summer revealed the cancer had spread. >> it is the worst pain ever. yeah. it is the worst pain ever. seeing what she goes through every day and what she has gone through and what she has in the future. like we know she's going to have to have treat f but it's just hard to know that right now there's no cure. >> the difficult talks, they've been difficult. and so we've talked about like the future and everything like that, but not too much. we treat it more as tomorrow is not promised, live every moment in the moment.
8:36 am
go, erin was about to find out we had preparing a few for her, a few surprise moments. >> hi, erin! >> your husband said that one of the things you wanted was a family portrait. well, guess what? tomorrow morning we have hired a local photographer to take that special picture for you and your oh, erin. little did you know, you were far from getting rid of us. the next morning, erin, jason and the kids headed to the beach for their photo shoot. it was filled with smiles, laughter, and, of course, more bubbles. but there were more smiles to come. earlier that day, hundreds of miles away in florida, erin's whole family was secretly
8:37 am
so they could throw a surprise party for her with 30 of her loved ones, all of whom had written us about erin. >> erin, it's me again. okay, the surprises aren't over yet. take the blindfold, put it on your eyes, on your way home. >> can't see. i can take it off? >> sure. >> yes? >> ye >> surprise! >> hi, honey. >> so good to see you, erin. >> hi. >> reporter: all her friends and family gathered in one place to celebrate this special woman. but we still weren't quite done yet. >> me again. could you please go out into
8:38 am
>> yeah! >> where's erin? >> woo! yeah! >> woo! >> hi, erin. >> hi, hoda. >> okay. so, wait. irnd tell you that i'm part of the surprise. but can i tell you what the you see this ford explorer? the warriors in pink wanted to make sure that every day was a good day. so they are gifting you this beautiful car. >> are you serious? >> yes. do you guys like your new car? >> yes! >> you want to come see it?
8:39 am
driveway right now, isn't there? >> they're an incredible family, by the way. >> you need to stop. >> i can tell you something about them? they had this car that has been giving them trouble. it didn't accommodate for wheelchair and stuff like that. so the ford warriors did that. they are an amazing family. >> yeah. >> so great. to bring their family to them and of all the things that she could haven, she wanted that family portrait. >> yeah. namaste. by the way, thank netjets for helping us out getting the family in members for the party. more heartwarming surprises next week. thank you so much and our love to erin and her family. >> now we need some music. coming up, we've got kings of leon live on the plaza. but first, this is "today" on
8:40 am
announcer: there are moments in our history that measure the character and courage of our leaders. where did you stand on joe mccarthy? george wallace? this is one of those moments. rob portman endorsed donald trump -even with his history of degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing trump brag about sexual assault. then portman panicked -and scrambled to save himself. history will judge rob portman a coward. what will we do? ted strickland: i'm ted strickland
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. welcome back to "today." we cannot wait any longer. it is concert time, performing "waste a moment" off their brand-new album, "walls," kings of leon, everybody. ?? ?? ?? ??
8:43 am
?? ?? ?? ?? ? ?? ??
8:44 am
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
8:45 am
?? ?? ?? kings of leon just getting up next, we're going to talk to the band and they'll play one of their biggest hits. but first, this is a friday
8:46 am
8:47 am
this is a huge day for grammy winners kings of leon. this is album release day, their seventh studio album. it is called "walls." >> we are so thrilled, you guys, because they are doing it right here on our plaza.
8:48 am
jared and matthew. seventh studio album, new tour coming up in january. do you still get nervous at all in a time like this? >> yeah, definitely. i think the day that you stop getting nervous, that's when you need to kind of done it too much. yeah, we always want to go out there and kind of be better than we were the night before and every album we want it to be better. yeah, we get nervous. >> this album's called "w joke? i read it stands for we are like love songs. >> all of our albums are five syllables. we knew that we wanted this to be "walls," but we also knew we wanted it to have a deeper meaning. so, yeah, we are like love songs. feel like there are some really honest songs on this album. we kind of feel like they were love songs. >> you guys have been together,
8:49 am
when you guys first started playing music together, what did you think your band would turn into down the line? . when did this begin? >> we were just having fun in my mom's garage. we never thought that it would -- our goal was to sell 10,000 albums. we thought if we ever sold 10,000 that meant we could play concerts. that's all we wanted. >> you guys announced you got a tour what do you guys do to get prepped and primed for this tour? >> rock the plaza with the "today" show! first place. >> well, we just have to put our heads together and think about what the show's going to look like. we've got a lot of songs to work with now. because we actually have an album. so we can write a good set list. rehearse a lot. >> my job is to gather microphones before you guys play
8:50 am
that one. you can keep that one. all right, ladies and gentlemen. kings of leon! ?? ?? ? i've been roaming around always looking down at all i see ? ? painted faces fill the places i can't reach ? ? you know that
8:51 am
you know that i could use somebody ? ? someone like you and all you know and how you speak ? ? countless lovers under cover of the street ? ? you know that i could use somebody ? i could use somebody someone like you ? ? oh whoa whoa ?
8:52 am
? oh whoa oh whoa ? ? off in the night while you live it up i'm off to sleep ? ? waging wars to shape the poet and the beat ? ? i hope it's gonna make you notice i hope it's gonna make you notice ? ? someone like me ? oh whoa oh whoa ? ? someone like me oh whoa oh whoa ?
8:53 am
?? ?? ? whoa oh whoa oh ? ? someone like you somebody someone like you somebody ? ? someone like you somebody ? ? i've been roaming around always looking down
8:54 am
>> we're back in a moment on a friday morning.
8:55 am
we're back. it's 8:55. how good did the kings of leon sound? willie, you got a bit coming up on sunday "today." >> we'll be talking about this wild presidential campaign as we come up on three weeks from
8:56 am
lindsey vonn. she has a new book out. we talk about becoming a celebrity, dating tiger woods for a couple of years, being in that spotlight. she kind of went into a valley before she came back up.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," bryan cranston and james franco give us a sneak peek of their new holiday comedy. then a first look at the world premier of maroon 5's est video. and you can win our "freebie friday" give-away. all that and more coming up. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. yes, it is friday. welcome to "today" on this "freebie friday" morning. october 14th, 2016. i'm tamron, alongside dylan and carson. al, our favorite pal, is recovering from his knee
9:01 am
today. i sent my little morning emoji to him, tamron giving him my little breakfast. he's at home. he went home yesterday and we'll have an update. but he's doing very well. >> can i point out how clean-cut carson is. do you like get prepped for the weekend? >> no. i saw my favorite barber yesterday. got a shave. i care about the workplace. >> on fridays. you had a little bit of a -- >> i always have a little bit. viewers are always like you got to shave! respect the news institution. i do once every six months. >> thank you. you can't shave yourself, you go to a barber? >> i do. i like to get a good old-fashioned shave where you lay back in the chair with the hot towels. >> that scares me. >> we should do our legs.
9:02 am
we hope you are feeling good. here are some of the things that are making us happy this morning. i mentioned that my niece, layla, who is 7, is obsessed with teen titan raven. she wants a costume. that's who she wants to be. this is not layla, my niece, this is the version of her. i went on amazon. thank you for your e-mails and suggestions. i was about to try to sew one. in swoops in a real life super hero. d.c. entertainment sent me an brittany from d.c. entertainment. she said, we heard you talking about it on "today" show. we saw your tweet that your niece wanted raven for halloween. we are so thrilled, they have a child's costume for her. >> they're sending you one? >> they're sending me one. so i will officially be the coolest aunt because gianna
9:03 am
>> my son wants to go as a harley-davidson for halloween. >> it's funny you say that. my husband always says can you just say on tv how much you like gold? maybe gold will just start showing up. >> we got to start yelling out stuff we like. >> have you gotten it yet? >> no. i haven't seen it but they'll send it to my mom's address because they live in texas. >> what's yours? one of my favorite rock bands. i was telling caleb and the guys, they're a great band out of nashville. a family, three brothers and a cousin. i've been fans since back in the day. they just write really great music. they rock out. it is poetic. they've got their seventh album out. as long as i've been here at the "today" show with our citi bank concert stage there, we have awesome acts but for me personally with my background in
9:04 am
particular i was really excited about. >> i was in erie, pennsylvania towards the end of my stint in erie is when kings of leon came on the scene. it brings back memories of when i was back in erie. i've just followed them ever since. >> savannah is on the cover of that pregnancy magazine we just showed. ironically enough they have a son -- kings of leon song was playing when my son was born. >> what was the song yesterday from your because i'm clearly the nerd of the group, my feel good friday, i'm just obsessed with this video game, king's quest. i played it when i was little. it is more of like a puzzle game. look at the animation. >> is this a cartoon? >> on iphone? >> no. it is a game on playstation. >> is this the game -- >> this is the first episode of
9:05 am
this game. py used to play it on my computer way back in the day when i was really little. they revamped it. >> are you a gamer in general? >> not really. i just happen to love king's quest. your kids would love it. adults love it. kids love it. you kind of perform all these puzzles throughout. say you have to get to the other side of a river, you need to figure out -- find all the little pieces to build something that will get you to the other side of the river. >> amazing how far games have come. >> remember pong? >> totally. >> >> i know of it. >> he builds his own character, online, offline. >> people communicate. we sound like we're -- people communicate now! strangers somewhere. >> it is something i look forward to. >> let us know what your feel-good friday. always text us -- i mean tweet us because someone just texted me live on the show. i'll look at that in a minute.
9:06 am
adam levine, maroon 5, we have the exclusive premier of the new music video from their new single "don't wanna know." here's your exclusive. ? don't wanna know no no no ? ? who's taking you home home home ? ? and lovin' you so so so ? ? someone new's loving you ? ? no i don't want to know no no no ? ? who's taking you home home home ? ? still don't believe it ? ? ? >> sara silverman there in the orange costume. >> the second i heard it i liked it. >> isn't that the thing about maroon 5, their songs instantly -- you learn the lyrics and you want to sing along. >> especially recently. since the last album, they've
9:07 am
electronic pop which is kind of a new thing for them. kendrick lamar is also on this new single. they are on a nice run. it is a really feel-good friday song. >> and the video will be posted later today on >> it is a long video, too. >> sit down, relax and dance around. >> vince vaughn also a me fatherhood. he's talking about being a first-time dad since he and his wife had a baby girl -- they had a baby girl in september. he admitted he didn't know anything about parenthood. you were talking about that yesterday. >> i feel the same way. >> here's what he told ryan seacrest. >> did you take any preparenting classes or anything? >> that's not my style, man. i like to think that parenting
9:08 am
been literally put on this earth to do. and rather than do what i think -- everyone is super different. i've only been a parent for three weeks and i don't know anything right now. but it is kind of part of the beauty of it obviously. i think that there are a lot of instincts and a lot of things that kick in and switch on. it's a beautiful experience. >> this hits close to home, dylan. first-time experience for you. >> yeah. i posted something on yesterday. just it's just these video blogs that i post every once in a while. i sometimes just start rambling and bumbling and talking and it just ended up bringing out some of the fears that i feel. i think we have that. take a look. >> i have these moments where i say to my husband, i'm like, you know, what if i don't like the way my life changes?
9:09 am
together? what if i hold that against the kid because i'm just -- i'm thinking that i'm mad at the baby for changing my life. and i have these moments. then my husband kind of just sits back and reminds me, he's like, this baby is a piece of both of us. you know, everything we love about each other, and all the times we enjoy together, we've created this wonderful lifet of us and it is going to become part of our lives. and then i just sit back and it's like, okay, and i get into that excited phase again where i just can't wait to meet this little guy, who is going to change our life. >> wow. your honesty is very commendable. >> i'm not a crier. i don't tend to get emotional that often. it was one of those things i just started talking and i was like, it just was like coming out. >> those are all real thoughts,
9:10 am
we all have them being a first-time parent. >> you needed to say is that. i love how you talk about your husband and his support. i said to dylan, you guys are your own like reality show. like a nice one. not a crazy flip the table ones. but like this sweet journey, this young beautiful couple in what i mean by beautiful is inside, and you're going on this journey. it is so relatable. >> yeah. he's very supportive and every time -- it scares me. >> on the flip side of those fears is the ultimate euphoria of experiencing t you guys have created in happiness and joy. you'll tap into that. >> you'll blog about it and it will-beautiful and everyone will be happy and i will baby-sit. >> please do. >> he's got 100 kids. i've got room. let's turn to the shark cage, everybody. >> we'll go to shark week. check out terrifying video of a diver who survived inside a cage
9:11 am
wait until you see this. this is going to scare you out of your sofa. i've been taking probiotics gx from nature's bounty to help with the occasional unwanted gas and bloating. wherever i get stuck today, my "future self" will thank me. thank you. thank you! how do i get stuck in an air duct? nearly 50 years of experience has taught us: no matter what the future holds, you're always better off healthy. nature's bounty
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and even families who are together every day can make the kind of memories that bring them closer because here, the wonder has no boundaries.
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migraines aren't just bad headaches. they steal moments from my life. that's why i use excedrin. it starts to relieve migraine pain in just 30 minutes. and it works on sensitivity to light, sound, even nausea, all of it. it works fast, and lasts for hours. excedrin specializes in treating migraines. are moments gained with excedrin. #1 neurologist recommended. [heartbeat] welcome back. we are back with more chatty things out there. this video is bananas. off the coast of mexico. clip shows a great white chomping down on some tuna when it bashes into the diving cash,
9:14 am
>> it is like it came -- like something you would see at universal. the diver was okay. here's the diver. >> the diver escaped. shark swam off. that is -- insane. >> i've seen those cages before. just on different shark week shows. the gates are very wide. i always think a shark can get right through. >> we went to south africa two years some -- my friends went and they tried to get me to go into the shark -- i said no way. some of those cages they have like an opening. maybe the shark like went flat. aren't they boneless or something? >> i don't think they're -- i want to say i don't think so but i'm not 100% confident. >> people say would you do something like that. i went on a safari with the lion. that's me touching this lion. all thee gave me was a stick. i'm like what am i supposed to
9:15 am
this was in south africa. >> i don't think i would pet it. >> they're like 70 guards all around me. trust me. >> what's funny about that shark video, somebody escapes that whole death defying sequence, and they give him a little golf clap. there is a halloween craze sweeping parking lots all across the nation. parents go -- you'll be doing this soon -- things inside the trunk of cars. kids walk by. like that. >> it is like tailgating for -- >> this is like in the movie "footloose" when the high school kids have to do the dance by the cars and turn on the lights, dance in the middle of the circle. >> i don't remember that scene. >> if you have pictures, send us your trunk or treat pictures. >> for sure. i've got a truck, too. >> you have beer in your trunk. >> yes.
9:16 am
>> it is a beer weekend? >> it is perfect oktoberfest weekend especially across the new england area where we are looking at just peak fall foliage. but in the northwest -- the bigger of two storms moves in tomorrow. the first one yesterday already produced several inches of rain and produced wind gusts up near 100 miles per hour. the second storm saturday could produce 80 to 100-mile-per-hour gusts, even higher at times. we are also looking at outages, significant rainfall as well. this is about as close to a hurricane as you get but it is not hurricane developed in
9:17 am
>> and that's your latest forecast. carson and tamron? >> all right, dylan. it is "freebie friday." >> let's do it! >> everybody out here let me see. cam on! >> i got my guy. >> we're going to play a game and you at home also get chance. it is our "freebie friday." >> let's do it! >> we'll be right back. if you have a typical airline credit card, you only earn double miles when you buy stuff from that airline. this where you typically shop?
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because if you let yourself embrace them, you'll never forget them. the new marriott portfolio of hotels now has 30 brands in over 110 countries. so no matter where you go, you are here. join or link accounts at >> announcer: "freebie friday" is created with our marriott, world's largest hotel company, who is here at rock center celebrating global travel day. stay tuned to find out more and how you at home can get involved. it is "freebie friday." we're ready to give out some big prizes. today we've got the world literally at our feet, tamron. because as you can see, we are standing on a giant map. we've picked two fans from the
9:22 am
carolina. each of them could win a trip to a secret location but in order to do so they have to find the location on the map and stake their flag in there. we're going to have them out because the rules allow us to help them because we -- it's feel-good friday. >> 30 seconds on the clock. you got your bags packed here. you ready to go? is your geography good, bro? i'll help you out. >> deanne? her birthday do we have the clock? let's go. it sits on the border between california and nevada. we're in russia. we know that's not it. let's keep going. it is the second deepest lake in the united states. second deepest lake. come on, let's go over here. it starts with a "t." the city in this state starts with the "t."
9:23 am
there. this is california, this is nevada. it borders -- i'm going to just do it. here. you've won, i don't care. it is tahoe. i don't care. it is her birthday, carson. >> all right! >> we're right. yes! >> are you asking me? >> we're right. congratulations. here's what you got. through my help and my love, because we are kindered spirits, you and a guest will get a three-night stay at ritz-carlton round trip airfare included. happy birthday! it's "freebie friday." >> got my fellow raiders fan right here rocking the yankees hat visiting from sacramento. you got your bag packed. 30 seconds on the clock. the map is at our feet. i'll ask you some clues. are you ready to roll? begin. our first clue is, the city's
9:24 am
town." the west. next is, it is a 30-minute drive from the capital of arizona. find arizona. it's right next to the famous paradise valley. you're in arizona. "the new york times" called it a desert version of miami's south beach. and it rhymes with cocktail. >> right there! that's right! congratulations. you won a free trip to scottsdale, arizona where you and your guest are going to spend three nights. round trip, airline included. >> okay. >> congratulations. >> because it is "freebie friday," we're going to keep it going. dylan is in the orange room with something that you at home can get in on as well. >> we don't want to leave out the people at home who can't be here. we are giving away one more fabulous trip to a lucky viewer. a trip for two to san antonio,
9:25 am
spa. go to our facebook page, and we are right back after your local
9:26 am
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9:29 am
9:30 am
i know it is only october but we're already thinking about the holidays because the new comedy "why him" hits theaters on christmas day. it stars bryan cranston as an overprotective dad who tries to keep his daughter away from the love of her life, a well-meaning but socially awkward played by james franco. while they were filming earlier this year i caught up with the stars on the set for a sneak peek. >> by christmas morning you're going to be calling my son, i'm going to be calling you dad. >> i don't think that is going to happen. >> i think it is, dad. >> what is the movie about? >> it is basically a story about these two guys who are from different worlds and how they collide. and then learn how to deal with
9:31 am
that they're so connected to and love in different ways is too important to them. >> turns out her boyfriend is this internet zillionaire. have you ever been the boyfriend, the dad that doesn't like. >> there was the mom, yeah. she was a pretty harsh mom. for whatever reason i just wasn't her guy. >> it's usually the dad. right? because the dad knows. the dad's going, i know what you're up to. you can't fool me. >> he probably would have hated me, too. >> my instinct is to hug you right now. >> goodnight. >> reporter: the movie also stars megan mulally. >> he is wrapping his tentacles around every member of his family. because of his influence, your mother has lost her mom. >> bryan cranston and i are married. and in a very surprising way, we
9:32 am
love interest and we're very curie us to find out more about him because he seems a little unorthodox. >> remember that night in the hot tub? you should have seen it. >> i shouldn't have seen it but now i feel like i have. >> reporter: when we visited the scene in march, they film a scene that takes place in grand rapids, michigan on christmas day. >> i'm covered in fake snow. that's hollywood. >> reporter: in the film james franco's life >> i just had gustav train me. >> you are an interesting character. you are german. >> there is a german component to his familial background. his name is gustav and he runs laird's estate. he does anything he can for laird, spiritual, physical. helps him defend himself. helps him grow emotionally. >> you could be dating anybody.
9:33 am
to visit me on set and i was sitting in between bryan cranston, my movie dad, and my real dad and they were yelling to each other over me like can you imagine! he would have been on her -- life imitating art. art imitating life. what's going on. >> i'm going to take this octopus down. >> boom shakalaka. >> i can only imagine how so good on the set. it will be in theaters christmas day. jo jo is of course the youngest solo artist ever to hit number one. she's got a new album out now. you do so many great things. you'll be singing at a football game this weekend. game this weekend. i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i took warfarin for over 15 years
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our friend jojo was just 13 years old when she burst on to the screen with her smash hit that went platinum. >> now at 25 years old, jojo is back and better than offer. with a new album called "mad here's a look back at how it all started for jojo. ?? >> reporter: jojo has been belting out tunes since she was a kid. eventually leading to a record deal at the age of 12. in 2004, jojo released herself titled debut album. her single hit number one on billboard's pop songs chart when she was just 13 making her the
9:39 am
pop charts. ?? >> reporter: that same year she nabbed the best new artist and a video nomination at the mtv music awards and followed up her success with release of "the high road" two years later. she soon transitioned to acting on the big screen. >> what do they like about us? >> reporter: and on tv. ?? launched her official return to music with her ep. now with a much anticipated release of her first album in ten years, she's taking the country by storm once again. ? if i if i if i really meant it ?? >> yeah! >> jojo is with us. good morning! >> finally. >> yes. okay.
9:40 am
they say that it could be this year's comeback kid. does it feel like you went away to come back? >> oh, man, i never warranted to be away. to me this feels like the next chapter. i've been waiting for this moment for a long time. but everything i've been through makes me appreciate this and this dream that i get to live so much more. >> you were 15 last time you put out a new album. you got tangled in this legal mess. here you are now, 25, just waiting for this day to come out. what are some of the themes on this record that you are talking about? >> love. it is an abundance of love. obviously the only thing on my mind is not just boys. this is self-love. this is about friendships. this is about family. and love and heartbreak. just writing my way through life. i'm totally imperfect but i have an outlet, i have music. i am so excited for everyone to hear. >> carson touched upon the record deal. you also and your mother talked
9:41 am
certain image, a certain weight. you were down to eating like 500 calories a day just to keep up an image. >> yeah. i did succumb to the pressure because i was told i would be the reason. so i tried. and that is something i will never, ever subscribe to again. i have to be myself and thankfully i think the music industry is heading toward a direction where there are so many different representations of women. there's room for >> it would be easy to harbor a lot of resentment after the way people treated it you. but you come back and have such a positive attitude. >> i'm truly blessed. >> you're singing, acting, dancing. you really can do everything. do you have anything else aside from music? >> my main focus right now is promoting this album. it's been such a long time coming.
9:42 am
i love to express myself through fashion. who knows? i will just say my focus right now is promoting this album, getting out there and connecting with my fans and bringing the music to life. live. >> in the commercial break you were warming up. carson's familiar with the warm-up process. he says on "the voice" it sounds like a zoo. birds. >> what's your warm-up here? >> you changed in ten years, from 15 to >> totally. when i listen to my first album i recorded when i was 12, it is totally different. there is a richness, a depth i have now. i sounded like a little girl. >> people are excited for this album to hear what the mature voice sounds like. >> i think i've definitely come into my voice. >> you're getting ready for a tour? >> yes. early 2017. >> i've got you have those
9:43 am
singing at the new england patriots game. >> before you go on tour. you get to perform right here with us. jojo is coming up. but let's check in on the weather with dylan. we've got nice fall foliage starting to break out across northern wisconsin. northern new england we are at peak foliage right now. we are getting near peak across most of central new england and patchy color in cen if you want to enjoy fall foliage in the northeast, it is the saturday to do it, especially temperatures in the 50s and mid 60s, lots of sunshine. couple of spotty showers trying to move through the great lakes. we'll see record high temperatures through the middle of the country. big, big storm in the pacific northwest. hurricane-force winds and several inches of rain possible. sunday it starts to move inland a little bit. later in the day on sunday, record highs continue across the plains and midwest and some spotty showers moving from west
9:44 am
>> and that's your latest forecast. tamron? >> thank you, dylan. don't move. jojo is performing her newest song, "no apologies" live. song, "no apologies" live. right after this. song, "no apologies" live. right after this. after 40 years of making chicken soup at progresso, we've learned a thing or two. ok actually, just one thing: chicken is king.
9:45 am
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for a powerful comeback. ? ? new expressmax caplets. >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. we are back with jojo who's out with her first full-length album in ten years. it is called "mad love."
9:49 am
here she is performing her latest single, "no apologies." jojo. ?? ? yeah yeah yeah yeah ? ? no no no no ? ? saw it in your eyes when you said good-bye ? ? you didn't even try so this me ? and honesty i was just about to pick up the phone ? ? and then i realized that i didn't do nothing wrong ? ? you would even tell two lies to prove that you were right ? ? usually i couldn't take the playbook out this time ? ? not this time ? ? what you want from me i'd say sorry if i really meant it ?
9:50 am
if i really meant it ? ? no apologies i would say sorrify really meant it. ? ? if i if i if i really meant it ? ? i can't help that you live the way you do ? ? try not to g this time i don't care ? ? and honestly i was just about to pick up the phone ? ? and then i realized that i didn't do nothing wrong ? ? oh oh ? ? what you want from me i would say sorrify really meant it ? ? no apologies i would say sorry if i really meant it ?
9:51 am
crying that's not what it is this time ? ? i would say sorry if i really meant it ? ? hey no apologizing ain't no way to get back the things you did by disguising ? ? don't know what you got until it's gone ? ? finally i'm moving on ? ? it wasn't even tough because i could see the sun how you stop calling me bruh. ?? what you want from me say sorrify really meant it ? ? no apologies i would say sorrify really meant it ? ? i'm not happy that you're cryin' that's not what it is this time ? ? no apologies i would say sorrify really meant it ? ? what you want from me ? ? hey i'm sorry yeah yeah ? ? no apologies
9:52 am
time ? ? no apologies i would say sorry if i really meant it ? ? ?? ? if i if i if i really meant it ?? >> how about that, ladies and gentlemen! nice job, jojo, everybody. sweetheart, that sounded fantastic. got to give it up to the man the keys getting the dab going. putting some dab on it. thank you for sounding so great. jojo, thank you. "mad love" is out today. we're back in a moment but first
9:53 am
9:54 am
that was a great concert! guess what you got coming up?
9:55 am
>> can we just we mind everybody, it is friday. friday! we'll pay a toast to the fourth hour of "today." >> it is great. >> dylan, we're sorry you can't have a little. >> sparkling water. >> it's klg's, baby. >> oh, yeah. >> happy friday.
9:56 am
announcer: there are moments in our history that measure the character and courage of our leaders. where did you stand on joe mccarthy? george wallace? this is one of those moments. rob portman endorsed donald trump -even with his history of degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing trump brag about sexual assault. then portman panicked -and scrambled to save himself. history will judge rob portman a
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller >> oh -- we have arrived at friday, october 14, 2016. kathie lee 's off. my pal jenna bush hager is filling in. >> hi. >> we want to find out where jenna's been. a busy girl, before we do, do you know who's singing? >> kings of bleeon. >> down to earth, cool. >> and handsome. i went to one of their concerts,


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