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tv   Today  NBC  October 16, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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this wa locker room talk. >> to stand up and say enough is enough. >> if the water comes up, i'm going to lose everything. ?? ? like a rolling stone ? good morning. welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. three weeks and change until election today. trailing in most polls, donald trump is stepping up the charge that the election is, quote, rigged. this afc the number of women accusing sexual misconduct rises to nine. and more e-mails released to wikileaks. how will all of this affect the
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we'll talk about it with trump adviser and former new york city mayor rudie giuliani in just a moment. later, lindsey vonn at home going 80 miles an hour straight downhill, but she hasn't always he accustomed to the stardom. >> versus your personal life and your appearance and all that be judged on a regular basis. it was a big change. we'll spend time with lindsay and harry smi later. in a busy weekend already, donald trump at a rally, warning the election will be in his words rigged while a new round of hillary clinton e-mails are leaked by wikileaks. hallie jackson is in washington this morning covering it all. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. apparently donald trump adding the snl to the category of rigged media, delivering an argument that even some
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with the republican hindu coalition. >> i am a big fan of hindu and india. >> reporter: donald trump lighting a good luck kanell. the more inflammatory moments came earlier. >> rigged, rigged, rigged. >> reporter: house speak paul ryan immediately pushing back. quote -- our democracy relies on confidence in election results and the speaker is states will carry out this election with integrity. trump's opponents blasting him for trying to undermine the election. >> now that he thinks he's going to lose, he's saying the whole thing is rigged. poor me. the guy is just a bully. >> reporter: another attack, trump, without evidence, accusing clinton of being on drugs at the last debate. >> she was all pumped up at the beginning. i think we should take a drug
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>> reporter: all of it as yet another woman comes forward accusing trump of kissing her without permission at mar-ahlago, one that the trump campaign calls a bogus claims, adding anyone who is covering this story should be embarrassed. trump has tried to pivot away by pointing to clinton accusers, an tweeted earlier this year about hadder accusation the former president raped her in the '70s, an allegation bill clinton han denied. the stolen e-mails, which the clinton campaign hasn't authenticated, give new insight into how the campaign prepared for something that it didn't address it recently until trump brought broderick into the
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purported full transcripts of speeches that hillary clinton delivered to goldman sachs, the speeches, remember, that bernie sanders wanted to be released back in the primaries, showing clinton's relationship withes with the big bank execs, and her sdlipgs of wall street as the spinal column of the economy. both candidates getting the snl look. alex bald wince, look with kate mckinnon. at least o this morning. trump himself responding on twitter -- watched saturday night live hit job on me, he says. time to retire the boring and unfunny show. alex baldwin portrayal stinks. media rigging election, trump is tweeting. here's the thing, willie. we know one thing for sure, snl will continue to hit both candidates all the way through november 8th. >> donald trump up early
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one of trump's advisers, mayor rudy giuliani, great to see you. >> thank you. he sell system in the l is part of the media, but used it in terms of the conspiracy, there's something broader going on. senator jeff sessions, a sitting united states senator, also saying this week that the process is rigged. i want to be specific. >> i think there's a misunderstanding about that. he and paul ryan missed each other in the night. paul ryan thinks he needs election at the polls places are rigged. he's not saying that. there may be a few incidents of that philadelphia is often a place where you have cheating, chicago. that's not really the problem. he's talking about 80% to 85% of the media is against him. you look at "new york times." i read it every day. i don't know why it aggravates me. first three stories, donald trump was blade in school. donald trump had a business
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the wikileaks thing has taken by far a sub-story to eight or nine women, none of who have substantiation, and two of whom have completely been rebutted. the times didn't even print that. i think he feels the establishment is against him, not cheating at the polling place, but you've got the times, "the washington post", most of the major newspapers, most of the networks. >> right, but his supporters aren't necessarily making that distinction, globe" piece talking about supporters at a rally in ohio. this comes from a supporter -- if she's in office, i hope kell with start a coup. she should be in prison or shot. that's how i feel about it. we're going to have a revolution and take them out of office if that's what it takes. there would be a lot of bloodshed. when he talks about the system being, the supporters aren't
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describing. >> he even points at them, they're the reporters, they're the ones who have rigged it. it's clear what he means. he's never talked about cheating at the polling place. a letter like that, i can give you 20 letters at the trump headquarters -- >> that's from a supporter. >> from hillary clinton's people, or from his people that say crazy things. look, you have millions of people, each side has a couple of kooks. >> will you respect the outcome of this election? there's really evidence of cheating. i don't expect the electoral process to be rigged, meaning the election to be rigged, but if it is, we'll contest it. that has happened. what i do think is very, very unfair is the media coverage of the election in which anything said about donald trump goes right to the front, you stay on it for five, six days, and hillary clinton says horrible things about catholics,
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all of those respectfully hallie jackson did it with the -- >> not with the same intensity. >> and the wikileaks e-mails can read any of the e-mails. >> but people don't unless they're pushed on them. he. you want of the nine women who have accused mr. trump of kissing them -- >> the ninth one i'm not aware of. >> have you read the acco. firsthand account of the "people" magazine writer? >> i'm not the lawyer, but i have seen the rebuttal. >> did you read the accounts from the women. >> is that the woman on the plane? >> she's one of them. >> there's a witness who says it's not true. >> well, you're a prosecutor. would you take the witness who said 30 years ago, whatever it is, was on the plane, a guy who says he remembers, because he has a quote, photographic memory. would that be suv for you as a prosecutoring to take his story
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she was able to lift the armrests, and in those days they didn't lift. it's also rather bizarre you could do that 15 minutes. that's a long time in first class, and in those days it was even more filled with flight attendants. the allegation on its face, strains credulity. >> one thing the head of the airline armrests did go up. i can't believe we're talking about those specifics, but he said they did go up and down. do you find any stories compelling? you're saying you don't believe all of them. >> i find all of them fit a pattern, and they come 27 days before an election. and the clintons conduct an election about as dirty as it gets. i find impossible that people remember 30 years ago and 20
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these things. >> mr. mayor, what incentive would nine women have to come forward to expos one of the worst moments of that i lives to the public. >> at least one is represented by gloria allred, so her incentive is to get money. >> you think they're coming forward for money and fame. >> we also should have put on the relative of the woman who says this woman had said wonderful things about donald trump. >> the apprentice contestant? >> how terrific he is, and she turned on him completely. believe any of the nine accounts? >> i've known donald trump for 28 years, almost in every situation with him you can imagine, played golf with him, got to dinner, ball games with him. i've never seen donald trump act toward women other than a gentleman, including my wife and my daughters. in fact he's courtly in the way he acts toward women. i find these hard to believed. does he -- does he talk like a guy sometimes when you're hanging around and tell jokes
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sure, but does he act like a gentleman? absolutely. >> all nine of these women are lying. >> i don't know if they're lying. you trust -- i don't know them. i trust him, he's my friend. he told me they're not true. i've never seen anything in his conduct, and i've known him longer than think do, that suggests evening an inkling of this, and the circumstances 27 days before an election when she's getting bombarded by wikileaks, and she needs something to the stuff she says in the e-mails is disqualifying to be president of the united states. there's a public and a private hillary. she doesn't know the "c" means confidential on a document. she shouldn't have been secretary of state. she couldn't pass a background check to get a government job, because she was extreme slid careless in the handling of classified information. thee trying to bury all that. she trying to get everyone to
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>> what you're suggesting is these women have been directed by the clinton campaign, put forward by the clinton campaign through the media to tell their stories? they haven't come on their own? >> no, i am saying one thing -- i have a trial lawyer for a good deal of my life and investigator. i don't believe in coincidences. 27 days before an election, people are talking about things 30 years ago, one of which sounds absurd, minutes on an airplane, a lot of the rest of it absurd. the woman whose relative rebuts what she said. there are others who rebut the claims, and second, knowing the man, knowing what he's like. he is very, very courtly and gentlemanly toward women. >> but you know people who make these dlams don't come forward to get rich and get famous. these are difficult things for them to say publicly.
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the women to come forward? >> as a prosecutor i've found you have to apply about a 50/50 test to this. the theory by had been ebb hillary clinton that every victim should be believed, in terms of hers husband's cases, she the elected not to believe those victims. that's nonsense. >> why do you believe those victims of bill clinton and not of donald trump. >> i don't necessarily believe or not believe. the point is she went and she's are a feminist. hillary clinton is on record as saying women should be believed, almost no matter what they saying. all of a sudden women come along and say bill clinton raped me, took advantage of me as an intern, and she goes and attacks. that means she was a phony. that was the attack. it wasn't about bill clinton's morality. i don't believe her. i had a lot of victims that didn't tell the truth.
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distinction? >> you look for corroboration. does chef corroboration or he have corroboration? >> many of the victims do. >> that's not corroboration, people who remember it, anybody can say anything to anybody. people can say -- actually that's all hearsay. that's not even add miskt in a trial. >> i appreciate we've got long. i know you have to get going. >> i really wish chris wallace spends three minutes on stuff, and then the rest of it on taxes and isis. hillary's past and donald's past isn't going to be what affects us next year when our taxes go up or down. >> we'll see in the debate next week. thank you for your time. >> appreciate it. a horrific accident in san diego after a truck drove over the side of a bridge crashing into dozens below. california highway police say the driver who was critically
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he's been charged with vehicular manslaughter. overseas, the "uss mason" the navy destroyer currently in international waters off the cost of yemen came under attack. the ship was not hit, but did fire countermissiles. president obama ordered tomahawk missile strikes against satellite. byrd, who inspired so many people with his battle to walk after an on-field injury, was killed in a car crash in oklahoma. byrd fractured a vertebra during a game in 1992 when he collided with a teammate. doctors said he might not ever walk again, but made a triumphant return the following year as honorary captain. he was killed when the driver crossed the dividing line and
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dylan has a look at the weekend weather. >> good morning, willie. we had a wicket weekend in the pacific northwest. the storm, while moving onshore, it's losing a lot of its winds. wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour, bus most of the heavy rain will be southern oregon and northern california, where we
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and that's your latest forecast. >> stick around for the highs and lows of the week, including the man in the red sweater, seven days of kevin bones. the sermon attrebek podium as he just can't contain his disdain. and harry smith how do you become america's #1? start by taking care of families for 70 years. be there for america's toughest and help, when help is needed america's #1 isn't a status earned overnight. it's earned in every wash, and re-earned every day. tide, america's #1 detergent does your makeup remover take it all off? every kiss-proof, cry-proof, stay-proof look?
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. dylan is back with the highs and low. the first gotten to ken bone, who asked, became a national sensation based on his general, his cozy red sweater sold out online, and later he revealed he only wore it, because he split the suit pants hela wear. as of this morning he has 248,000. >> no way. >> there's a line of ken bone t-shirts. even a, get this, sexy ken bone halloween costume. dylan? >> i've got my requested now. >> he got his first dose of celebrity as people started digging think some reddemocratic it is it comments.
8:21 am
accustomed to his "oh, sorry" condesenses, but this week he took it to another level. during that level when he visits for small talk, trebek had some thoughts about one player's social life. >> i think it's very fun. called nerd core hip-hop. people who identify as nerdy rapping about the things they love, video games, science fiction, having a hard time meeting romantic partners. it's catchy and fun. >> losers, in other words? >> well -- [ laughter ] >> sure. >> no, i'm teasing you. translation, you're ra loser. >> i watch every single night. it was just so funny. >> trebek burns. our next high, back to the second i wantial debate. some people noticed the town
8:22 am
a feel of a karaoke it duet ? now i had the time of my life ? ? no i never felt like this before ? ? yes i swear ? ? it's the truth ? ? and i owe it all to you ? ? because i've had the time of my life? enough that you go watch it. >> this is what's going on through the minds of other countries as they watch the debates. >> as they distract themselves. the next, an attempted implosion. crowds gathered to say good-bye to the 93-year-old broadway bridge. let's see how that went. >> still standing. it turns out that feisty old
8:23 am
the bridge stayed right where it was. it took the demolition crew five hours to pull the sucker down. >> they missed a few spots. >> they need more dynamite. bob dylan won the nobel prize for literature. he was considered a long shot, not even considered a serious candidate by many, because a musician had never won the award, but the nobel people gave him a prize for a lifetime of work great poet. toni morrison won in '73. he adds his nobel prize to ten grammys, an academy award a pulitzer prize. i love it. i'm all for it. >> good for him. that's some collection. we'll be right back with li this is lulu, our newest dog. mom didn't want another dog. she said it's too much work. lulu's hair just floats. uhh help me!
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[ applause ] ?? "saturday night live" can kate mckinnon taking on the handshake that wasn't during the second presidential debate. as the country counts the days to election day, lindsey vonn has another date circled, the day of the opening ceremony for the winter olympics in is i don't think change, south korea
8:31 am
would have been eight years until she won her gold in vancouver. she agonizingly had to sit on the the sochi games with an injury. now recovering from another injury this year, vonn is obsessed. we got together at tank on the green to talk about her new book. >> up in the start house, lindsey vonn. >> this is the woman with the most super-g wins. look how fast. >> you reach, what, 80 miles an hour? maybe a little more. >> yeah, probably more. >> what does that feel like to the rest of us humans who will never go down a mountain at that speed. >> it's fun, very freeing. when i say you're driving down a highway, stick your head out the window. ought wind in your face. it's so nice.
8:32 am
to hold your breath crashes. another in 2013, at the world championship, where she sustained career-threatening injuries. >> does being airlifted off the mountain plant a seed? >> no. >> why not? >> that's part of the job. i accept the risk that at any time i could get in an accident and end my career, be kill myself. ski racing is a very dangerous sport, but i love it. i don't want to be doing anything else, so i accept the risk. if it happens, it happens. >> that fearlessness helped vonn become one of the best in the world. it also made her a celebrity off of them. >> the olympics in 2010, that changed my career. not necessarily the ski racer,
8:33 am
i was. there had never happened really before. >> the attention that came with a gold medal in vancouver meant the woman who had spent her life worried only about going fast downhill began to worry about her image. >> rep carpets, paparazzi following you, that couldn't have been easy for someone who was use to being famous for her ability on a ski mountain being judged some other way by the ic personal life, what you look like, your appearance, all of that being judged. it was a big change. red carpets, i was like, my gosh, this this is so cool i good et to dress up, put on a nice dress, and then i get out there, and i'm like, i don't know about this. >> the spotlight got much brighter when in 2013, lindsey began to date tiger woods.
8:34 am
>> did you hear all the noise? comments sections on web sites? people were saying about the way you looked, about your relationship with tiger? did you get into that or did you block it out? >> i tried really hard to block it out. tiger really helped. before i met him, i was reading too much, and he said you have to block it out. it doesn't exist. i've gotten to a place being okay where who i am. if you don't like it just, you know -- >> yes? [ laughter ] >> this is the "today" show. >> we can bleep. time to be in new york city. >> "trong is the new beautiful" is the product of her getting to that place. she hopes her story will help readers feel good about their bodies in a way she didn't until just recently. >> you talk a lot in the book
8:35 am
thinking about your own body. someone as healthy and filth and athletic, where does that insecurity come from? >> growing up i was always thin and made fun of because i was too thin. then, you know, i turned 18 and gained a bunch of weight and then i was too big. i looked at pictures of myself, a couple years ago and my face was like this big. >> i don't know anyone who would look at a picture and think that. m my head is like an m & m, perfectly round, large, and my friends tell me i look like a frozen turkey. >> wow. tough love. >> tough love. >> from your friends. i always wasn't the most popular kid growing up either, so that didn't help. >> was that because you were skiing all the time, or was it
8:36 am
i had a perm, braces and glasses all at the same time. >> her parents made a life-changing decision. they told hair dream house in minnesota, and moved with their five children to colorado, all so lindsey could chase her dream. >> i'm thinking about that for a 13-year-old girl, that's some pressure. >> it was a lot of pressure. it was a really heart thing for me to deal with. my parent didn't tell us everything, but the older the more i realized how much they had sacrificed for me. >> were there tough moments with your brothers and sisters? did they resent you at all? >> no, they have always been amazing. even though this day they thought i was meant for something bigger, and they all didn't want to ski. they're happy that i did it and not them. s. >> two days from her 32nd birthday, lindsey is focused on
8:37 am
skiing is just around the next turn. >> i have to have a backup plan, things lined up, so i'm working on some things. >> like what? >> like i can't tell you. >> one step at a time. >> one step at a time. >> when we got together she had just returned from skiing in chile to test the knee she fractured in march. the test went well, she said. she was skiing against the men's team and winning, her goal after competitively against men. the book is "strong is the new beautiful." it's out in and out, to her her diet of champions, click on here one-word hint -- bacon. you can't say no to anthony, so you'll see me eating a tongue taco, among other things, next week on "sunday today."
8:38 am
taco. >> i'm gets to forget the tongue taco and go back to bacon. it's going to be unsettled in the pacific northwest, more rain, even into tomorrow. we're looking at report heat up until about wednesday through the plains up through the mid with evident. late in the week there's a cold front moving eastward bringing scattered showers and thunderstorms. the eastern great lakes, but the good news, it is going to be dry
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harry smith takes us to subtropolis. >> inside a hill in kansas city is a place you have to see to believe. decades ago limestone was mined here. what's left is space, a lot of space how much space is down here? >> what's down here right now, we have 6 million square feet of buildings leased to 55 companies. around here and go to work every day. >> reporter: it's a massive industrial park, all underground. this is almost like a science fix-y sort of thing, but you're down here. do you ever worry? like the world could come to an end upstairs, and you guys would be down here. >> we would be safe. >> just toil away, right? i feel like fort knox security
8:43 am
his is all 65 degrees, always. what better place to put a room of computer servers. >> what made you they being underground would be a great place to put a cloud. >> computer equipment, you need to pull it. it generates heat. it's easy for us to cool the equipment down here and we're sheltered. >> reporter: turns out there's a lot of cool stuff, especially in a company called underground what are you going to show us? >> we're going to show you hollywood. >> reporter: inside, aisle upon aisle of tv and movie treasures. sent here for safekeeping in a room that feels a bit like a refrigerator. >> the temperature helps to protect that film from what they call vinegar syndrome. it starts decaying the film. from every seinfeld emso to
8:44 am
classicses, and then even more important stuff like scooby doo and the roadrunner show. from the national archives to food distributor parrish brothers, the occupants praise the predictability of doling business in a place where the sun never shines nor sets, where every day inside looks and feels exactly the same. >> it's like groundhog day. it never changes. >> harry smith subtropolis. next a football coach and her extraordinary team i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual... he said sure, but don't just get any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head! go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b crossaction delivers a clinically proven superior
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south, and it's on display every weekend in the fall. fans flew their colors at tailgates, filled huge stadiums from tennessee to texas again on saturday. it's on a quieter field in s.e.c. country where dylan found the best football story of the season. >> it is about the size of your heart. you want to leave them a tradition of winning, of playing hard, of having character,
8:48 am
people. >> reporter: as summer turns to fall, fields that laid dormant comes to life. and in baton rouge, louisiana, history is made every time coach susan grimle young takes the field. >> c'mon, c'mon. >> reporter: the first woman to coach high school football here since world war ii what are your goals on for this year? >> win >> reporter: hands down? >> hands down. >> reporter: every thursday night we take the field. this is our field, our house. nobody comes into our house and beats us. >> reporter: leading the school for the deaf in battle. when she came here as assistant coach 15 years ago she could barely communicate with her own team. let the scoreboard talk. >> i picked on signs when i
8:49 am
new team with this new language. >> yes, and football where there are no women. yeah. >> during the games she's really tough. >> jordan howard, shut your mouth. >> when we make mistakes, she says c'mon, move forward, we got to look past that and keep playing good. >> reporter: on the gridiron they like up with eight players. the quarterback starts the snap by touch. calling plays presents its own challenge. >> we have to be very sneaky. if it is another deaf school, they will try to steal our signs. >> tell the line to block ten yards, move it. >> reporter: there's nothing easy about football. no amount of practice could prepare the team for this season in august the rain came, flooding many of the school's students and staff out of their homes. >> i felt scared. i was feeling like i was going to lose my home.
8:50 am
really thought it was nothing. when saturday came, my house was gone. we lost everything, but we have to keep on going. i've got to support myself and my mom. >> reporter: co. g demands that her team place for each other before themselves. this year they play for someone who isn't in their stands. >> my mom passed away this summer. the kids are helping me to dedicate the season to her -- sorry, i get emotionalhe y'all promised you would all help play for my mom. you sat the stickers? that's my mom's initials. my mom would be proud. how we play this season is for her, you know? so the kids know that this is important to me, because this is the only time they'll see me tear up like this. >> reporter: in the shadow of lsu's 102,000 seat stadium, they're playing arch rival mississippi, who beat them badly
8:51 am
eagles score early and often. >> got in, got in, you got the pile on. >> reporter: after the game, the rivals meet together at the 50 yard line, where she gives words of wisdom to both teams. >> y'all are young, y'all are talented. y'all have time on your side. huddle up, go and shower, y'all stink. they give me my best, i'm satisfied. i know they can be satisfied in themselves. out of them. that's what's special about football ref and you've had that impact on them. >> yes, and they've had the impact on me. it goes both ways. wow, dylan. what a story. among the many extraordinary things about that story is coach g had to learn sign language. >> she didn't know an ounce of sign language before. this is one of those coaches you've always wanted. she tough on the guys, she nose football, but shies inspirational. a lot of guys going through
8:52 am
can i just point out? they're 6-0. they're not just winning games. 42-0. 56-0, 52-6. i mean all in all they have scored 316 points this year. >> i was watching them play. they're good. they can play some ball. what a great story, dylan. another life well lived. jack greenberg was 24 years old when thurgood marshall hired later lead. he grew up in new york city and served in the navy during word war ii, landing on the shore in iwo jima. he was troubled by the fact all the officers were white, all the stewards black. he went to law school to change the inequality he saw. still in his 20s, he argued two of the cases that led to the supreme court's decision in brown versus the board of education. he would go on to argue 40 cases
8:53 am
when thurgood marshall became a supreme court justice in 1961, he named greenberg to succeed him as director of the defense fund. he held the position for 23 years. in 1963, greenberg was on the defense team for martin luther king jr., after king was james in birmingham. jack greenberg died at his home in new york this week. he was 91 years old. when cold and flu hold you back try theraflu expressmax, now in new caplets. it's the only cold & flu caplet
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nouncer: therere moments in our history that measure the character and courage of our leaders. where did you stand on joe mccarthy? george wallace? this is one of those moments. rob portman endorsed donald trump -even with his history of degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing trump brag about sexual assault. then portman panicked -and ted strickland: i'm ted strickland
8:56 am
we close this morning, as we always do this time of week, with some predictions for the week ahead. beginning monday as the ongoing effort by obama administration
8:57 am
cuba, president obama has many critics of his effort to bury the hatchet with the castros, but perhaps for this one. under the new rules travelers can purchase unlimited quantities of cuban rum and cigars in any country they're sold. we predict by tuesday, cuba will have the world's largest economy. i mean, it's out there, as much as you want. wednesday night hillary clinton and donald trump get together for their third and final presidential debate on the campus of vegas. it's likely the last time in their living they'll be face-to-face. the moderator is chris wallace of fox news. we predict as part of the new rules put forth by the commission on presidential debates ken bone once again will have his seat on the front row. >> red sweater? >> always. meanwhile, that same wednesday night in vegas the rolling stones are playing a show. mick, keith, ronny and charles
8:58 am
donald trump plays their music, and they acknowledged this week there's nothing they can do legally to stop him from doing so. even with the presidential debate and stones show, we predict the biggest act will be gary busey. it's the hauntic illusion of chris angel, and prop quality of gallagher, and apparently he's wearing a skirt throughout. >> it's stay tuned to nbc this morning for "meet the press." chuck todd is joined by vice president biden, and the man who hopes to fill his position in january, governor mike pence. be sure to watch the third and final presidential debate wednesday 9:00 eastern. dylan, thank you and thank you all for spending part of your weekend with us.
8:59 am
we are at northeast factory direct. thank you once again. everyone knows the story, starting a new cash in your garage. true fashion. >> yes. we needed more space and instead of building a $2 million fancy showroom somewhere we blew a hole in our while and we doubled our space year. >> reporter: why is this so important? why did you do this? but we have added more product lines. we have also added a really nice clearance area where we are trying to sell stuff at cost to move it. >> reporter: even though you are saving thousands, you will save more in the clearance area. all different types of furniture that you can choose from. >> yeah. bedroom set, dining room set, leather furniture, kitchen cabinets, hot tubs.
9:00 am
all. you have got more in line. northeast factory. east side and west side. thank you. coming up on channel 3 news today, the search for a suspect continues after a teenager is gone dial -- gunned down while working at his family store. we will hear from the players as the series shifts to toronto. and will ujek is having fall fun. >> reporter: good morning. right now contemplating how to do live action at the church of the great pumpkin charlie brown. we will tell you about the activities that they have in the lineup for this season. channel 3 morning newscast is made possible by universal windows direct. you will be saying that i love my windows and now, channel 3 news today. so much going on in the


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