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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  October 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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hitting elections nerves -- coalition officials nerves. >> we have policies in place. >> reporter: liked double locked doors and security areas. by mail barrett's -- by mail ballots are now arriving and carefully checked against registrations. trump's talk creating phony watchdogs. >> they will come in and start to ask questions. i send them out to the door. i tell them to bring us a letter from the campaign. >> reporter: the secretary of state calls of trump irresponsible. former secretary of state making calls for hillary clinton, later calling out trump's claims. >> it is dangerous for the democracy. >> reporter: officials hoping to give and anxious to make
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fossil election day tension and sparks growing at the polls as trump of believers believe his claims. >> some are asking the justice department to be on guard for possible voter registration problems. >> the critics are saying he is setting this up as an explanation or excuse if he is that what some people are saying? >> reporter: that is one view of all of this. the question is, if he manages to win would he say the same thing. a lot of people are concerned about his charges. >> thank you. a new poll shows trump is leading clinton by 4-point in ohio. the poll also showed that 83%
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made up. there may be justice for loved ones of a teenager killed friday working at his family's restaurant. police say they made an arrest in the shooting a 15-year old sunny patel. andrew joins us live there tonight. >> reporter: i spoke to the police chief a few moments ago who told me they werebl get charges filed today against their suspect. they are hoping they can do that tomorrow. in the meantime friends and family gathered today for sunny patel to give their final goodbye. rarely does a name capture the essence of a person but when it came to sunny patel people say he was perfect. >> he was always so bright and so happy all the time. >> reporter: the 15-year old died friday night from a single
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the gunmen, seen in video, got away with cash but wasn't gone long. police say a suspect matching his description was arrested yesterday at a nearby dollar general store. today hundreds attended the funeral for sunny patel in parma. >> i don't understand why someone would do this to him. >> reporter: they included classmates who remember sunny patel for his humor and work ethic. >> he always tried to help people. >> reporter: at the restaurant on s. south taylor road the notes and gives continue to grow. for the mayfield softball software who was his parent's only child. >> students and teachers at the school will be holding a "red out" to show their love for sunny patel.
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when the indians take the field they will be in full regalia. within the last hour a judge ruled against a lawsuit filed by a canadian activist trying to ban a team from wearing any gear with the "chief woohoo" and the indians name. we have a look at but fans >> reporter: the controversy is nothing new. every year on opening day we see this outside of progressive field. people protesting, not just the name of the team but also the logo. we asked you should the cleveland indians changed their name? more than 1500 people voted.
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eliminate "chief woohoo" and 12% said get rid of each of those. fans gearing up for the game had similar things to say. he and his wife have been fans all of their lives. for a team they a team they have always known as a cleveland indians. >> i think history shows they were named after one of the original indians. >> reporter: the historic history and captures the controversy. the team changed its name in 1915 and adopted the "chief woohoo" logo. >> it has been around cleveland culture since i was a kid. it is what i am used to. >> reporter: over the years the american of indian movement has tried to change the name. they have filed lawsuits to get rid of the imagery.
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>> i think they should be proud. >> reporter: according to nbc sports the mlb says they are open to addressing the concerns but for now it will defend cleveland's right to use the name that has been in existence for more than 100 years. >> it is just a local. -- it is just a logo. >> reporter: while the controversy continues the indians say they are avoiding distractions and focusing on the post season. >> i think they are going to focus. >> reporter: some fans are calling conspiracy on the lawsuit. joe writes, the indians already played several games that roger center in toronto. waiting until they are up 2-0 is a sore loser shenanigans. you can sound off your thoughts and we will keep the conversation going on our
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game. it is nice to be up 20 -- it is nice to be up 2-0. >> they have the series exactly what they want it. but it does not begin until the road team wins. the indians held a serve with phenomenal pitching and just enough kidding. but can they take total control of the series and wind tonight? they put their "wild child" on the mound. trevor bauer on the mount tonight. he was supposed to go in game 2 but he cut his finger, of course, fixing his drone. now he is ready to go and he said the cut on his finger is no problem. >> i was throwing with it for a couple of days. it does not affect anything as far as my grip is concerned.
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anticipate it being an issue at all. >> that is the situation with trevor bauer. he was very good when he placed against the red sox. he will be in an insane environment in rogers center and that is where dave is right now. this will be the last time dave can here us because when they open the doors it will be loud. >> reporter: it was loud when it was empty. we get set taking batting practice right
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i will tell you, blue jays fans are not happy. they are surprised they are down in this series. they are surprised that there team has only scored one run. but this place is going to be electric tonight. a lot of what you wondering will the will be open or closed. i can tell you the roof here at rogers center will be closed. mlb makes the call on that. it was opened during the wildcard game. the blue jays have a losing record with the dome closed. at that that was interesting. but 13-13 all-time in the playoffs at home. there will be nothing, no weather, no shadows to mess with the players. the fans are crazy, it is going to be loud. i asked terry francona what it >> it will be a great atmosphere. it will be loud. it will be fun to be a part of a baseball game here because they will get after it. it will be exciting for everybody. >> reporter: the blue jays are a little rattled and changing their line up a little bit.
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indians have the lead and still have home field in game six and seven. when i come back to in sports i will talk about the rotation that continues to take crazy twists and turns. >> thank you. we will see you in a couple of minutes. as we get set for game number three the indians have totally taken charge of this series. toronto, a big hitting team with only one run so far. the thing they realize right now, they have got to get on th bullpen and there is andrew miller. that really plays with your head. >> it is a tough place to play. >> it really is. it is very, very loud. but the indians have been a great road team all year. they won up there earlier this summer. >> we will see you later in
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game you want to talk about. >> there was. >> it is a beautiful evening in these parts to enjoy the game. >> it is a beautiful evening here in ohio. i will tell you what i think the front row seats for our area will be on the back deck with the patio and the grill going and the television outside because it is going to stay nice. we will have a look ahead to the week coming up next. perspective that everyone must see. it up close look at what it is like to live with dementia.
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announcer: there are moments in our history that measure the
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e of those moments. rob portman endorsed donald trump -even with his history of degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing trump brag about sexual assault. then portman panicked -and scrambled to save himself. history will judge rob portman a coward. what will we do? ted strickland: i'm ted strickland
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roughly 5 million americans live with alzheimer's disease. it is a long road, not just for those who suffer but for caregivers. >> the virtual dementia tour can help ease some of the heart ache. >> it is horrible. you see the person you have spent your adult life with being taken away. >> reporter: memory care center her center her husband has lived here for three years. >> this disease is really a kick in the stomach. >> reporter: it is a pain i understand. my own father suffered from dementia. i was his care giver until his death. the physical toll it took has ended but the emotional toll is when i will carry for the rest
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>> we are going to attempt to give you an idea of what it feels like to have dementia. >> reporter: i have come to experience the virtual dementia tour. it is a sensory tool that simulates a physical and mental the strands of dementia. you will see i put inserts in my shoes. >> you will have to wear special gloves. >> reporter: a headset transmit sounds into my head. >> this is also representing confusion. different things going on at once for them that they can't understand. >> reporter: i am led to a room and given five simple tasks. the experience only lasts 10 minutes but i can honestly say those 10 minutes have had a dramatic effect on me.
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that is what it was like for my dad. you are going to see what happened to me tonight at 11:00. as emotional as i was please note the understanding and insight it provided was a truly invaluable. because of the story they are offering the tour to anyone interested. all you need to do is call the number on your screen. we will also put the number on our website. had this program been available when my father was alive i know that i would have cared for him differently. >> it is an incredible piece. you really have to watch this. were you surprised at your reaction when you went through
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>> reporter: adderley, it has been 13 years since my father died. i really thought i was over it but it just brought back all of the things i wished i would have known then and unfortunately this was not available back then. i encourage anyone -- i don't want anyone to make the same mistakes i did. please take advantage. this time last year snowflakes were all across northeast ohio. what a difference a year makes. that the joins us live on the back deck enjoying this warm weather. i am not complaining. >> i don't think anyone is. it is not only the weather but the drive as well. a lot of people want to enjoy the evening. it does look like a beautiful evening to watch the game.
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continue to have clear skies. temperatures in the low 70s as we go through the evening. it looks like fantastic weather. not only is it unseasonably warm it is record heat. we tied the record high today at hopkins is set in 1953. mansfield got close but did not quite do it. it is still 81 in downtown cleveland. 76 in akron. asked you bulow you are at 78 beautiful degrees. mansfield is 79. those numbers, i don't usually do it but i will make the up section -- but i will make the exception today. indianapolis is still at 87. we have that heat still to come as we go through the day tomorrow and probably as we go into the latter part of the week. we do have a cold front coming our way. it has been causing storms to
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chances to this area tomorrow evening and especially as we go through wednesday into thursday. in the meantime, if you are wondering what life will be outside the dome so to speak, they had some nasty storms in downtown toronto, right now they do have clear skies outside of the dome. let's take a look at the forecast. it does look pretty darn good. 80 is the expected high tomorrow. we will have some storm chances. wednesday we will be in the 70s. thunderstorms developing late in the day and they carry into thursday. check out the change as we get into the weekend. we will have rain friday into saturday. a lot of that having to do with the lake. sunday it looks like we will try to dry things out a little bit but we are still only 60 on monday. it is a pretty good-looking forecast for cleveland. we will see how things are looking in toronto coming up
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-- we will see how things are looking in toronto coming up
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here we go. game three, indians and blue
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toronto must win tonight to have any chance. even historical numbers tell you the indians are in command. that is cody allen during a football saying if we wrap it up early i could help the browns sunday in cincinnati. history on the indians side, you bet. in a championship series in baseball history in a best-of- seven series 24 out of 27 teams who have taken the 2-0 lead wins the series. look where dave is right now. the rogers center. coming up in toronto as tonight it is trevor bauer on the mound . after that, who knows. >> reporter: let's walk through it. if things go well for trevor bauer tonight this is what will happen. ryan marriott will start for the indians tomorrow in game four. corey kluber will pitch in game five. we started to sense something was going on today when cleavinger did not speak with the media. terry francona -- terry francona came
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he pitched very well against kansas city this year and he is a left-hander. again, if things go well tonight for trevor bauer they will go with him tomorrow. but if they have to bring cleavinger in you will see trevor bauer tonight. bottom line those two guys will pitch the next two games. that is the way it is looking at the rogers center. >> once again, there it is for tonight. trevor bauer against marcus stroman. indians up 2-0. as i have said to you every monday i have got that same script that we have had since the opening game after philadelphia. that scripta says almost, not quite. now we are at six games. the browns had another great rally down 28-26 they end up
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there were -- there was some controversy that hue jackson would should have waited to go for the onside kick and try to tie the game up that way. i thought he handled it fine. i thought he did it okay. i think he went for the two points thinking he had a good play. everyone else disagrees. here is what h >> trust me you made me think of it all night. i tossed and turned all night. i even called everyone that was involved with this with me. i feel even more good about what we decided to do now today than i did yesterday. >> so, they go to cincinnati on sunday.
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tonight, trump's rigged charge. down in the polls, donald trump goes all in on unsupported claims about large-scale voter fraud. inflammatory accusations that have democrats and republicans pushing back hard. plus, new hacked e-mails from hillary clinton's c manager. new campaign trouble from wikileaks. isis showdown. a pivotal battle begins. richard engel inside the command center as americans and iraqis open a massive offensive on the islamic state's center of power in iraq. olympic star's tragedy. american medalist teenage daughter killed in the crossfire. tonight charges after a fatal encounter in a parking lot. and the doctor will see you now. instead of going to the doctor's office,


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