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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  October 17, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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new billy bush backlash. is he really making millions off his scandal? and who can take his spot on "today"? >> i was so excited that i heard i was invited for the show. then -- >> i love you, too. beyonce and music's biggest stars. plus, tom cruise after dark in the big easy. new jack reacher's secrets and his airport security breach? >> always. >> come on over. >> christie brinkley. the mapgs in the hamptons. and is she online dating at 62?
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now, for october the 17th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." beyonce cut and bleeding as she performs. only we can take you backstage just moments after the accident. >> but first, just how many millions will billy bush get to walk away from the "today" show? let the auditions begin for his replacement. >> the one and only, harry connick jr. is here. come on out! >> harry connick jr. steps into the turmoil at the this morning, filling in for the embattled billy bush. charming the co-hosts. >> i was so excited when i heard i was invited to the show. because i'm a big fan of the show. >> it's fair to look at this as sort of annopen audition, kind of like what you saw with kelly's show in the morning there. i think you're seeing people pitch in, because they literally have to keep the show on the
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chemistry. >> this video leaked showing bush and donald trump making lewd comments. bush's lawyer released this statement. quote, there are news reports that a $10 million settlement has been reached between billy bush and nbc. that report is false. there is no $10 million agreement, and that amount has not been discussed. negotiations are ongoing between the parties. >> in talking to the folks at nbc and elsewhere, it's pretty clear that the negotiations are certainly longer than nbc had hoped. >> meanwhile, "snl" was all in this weekend, setting its sights ond bush and the trump tapes. >> you can't talk like that. >> why not? billy bush said bad things. and my mom said he might get $10 million. >> not just "snl," right now there's a bush backlash on twitter. it all started when a comedian falsely tweeted that bush was
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settlement to women's organizations. >> i think this is, you know, the appeal of social media. the counterbalance, the fame and celebrity. i think he gets to decide what he does with that money. i think he has to find a way how to make amends, symbolic, financial, in some other way. >> and harry connick jr. will fill in for billy again tomorrow. we also have a development in the brangelina divorce. angelina was just spotted for the first time si split she was looking at homes in malibu. the temporary custody agreement is in place until thursday. and we know that brad saw some of the children earlier this month. there is also more to the rumors that lopez split with her man. "people" magazine claims a source told them that he was caught cheating for the second time. he didn't look heart broken this
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but they declined to comment on the claims. there was love in brooklyn this weekend. beyonce and jay-z hosted a concert. she suffered a massive cut on stage. kevin frasier was the only reporter waiting for her when she stepped offstage. >> i love you. >> you know i love you, too. >> beyonce proving yet gain she is the queen after her earring go watch as she wipes the blood from her ear and keeps singing. she didn't even flinch. the incident sent the beehive into a frenzy. nikki menage in a sheer body suit. so sheer, we can't even show you all of it.
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>> epic! >> epic doesn't continue to cover the vibe backstage. check out alicia keys on her way to the stage, doing a little damage control after being photographed. ?? >> they were all on the bill. >> how was it out there, first of all? >> it was amazing, man. always amazing to come and perform. i live right down the street from here. i'm like, i'm performing like half a block from my place. >> did you walk or drive? >> i walked. for real.
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university student nick cannon. >> how is college life going? >> amazing. i got two papers due on monday. i better hurry up. >> anything else i should follow up about? >> i don't think so. >> good. >> i have to go to the bathroom. >> go to the bathroom. >> nick cannon in the quad, pretty cool, huh? joined by two of the biggest men in her life. i said two. let's start with boyfriend blake no broken hearts here. along with a guitar, the country crooner joined his lady onstage to perform their duet "go ahead and break my heart. "shelton wasn't the only man. her 10-year-old son kingston was on hand as her hype man. gwen also got down with rapper
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?? and gwen blew one of her fans' minds. she signed her tattoo of a lamb, a shout-out to gwen's fashion line. she headed straight to a tattoo parlor to have her name permanently inked on her arm. including multiple encores. and she did it all in her signature rocker chick fashion after bricking the house down. >> i feel like -- i feel like -- i don't have words. >> i dig that lady. here's one more appearance for you. rihanna popped up onstage to perform with paul mccartney.
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festival desert trip. and paul said, he, look, we've found someone under 50. tom cruise is over 50, but he sure doesn't look like it. what is tom's secret to everlasting youth? the first to talk to tom. >> say hello. >> hoe's 54 years old, worth abou as handsome as he does 30 years ago. but what has tom been doing most of his life? apparently running. >> they did a mix of all your running season in movies that came out. 18 minutes long. that's a lot of running. >> a full 18 minutes? of all tf? >> very impressive. >> that's a lot of takes, period. >> at the airport, jerry
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2700-feet-tall building in dubai. we're tired now just watching him. >> some of these movies, you know, the runs are so long. i mean, i might have to do 50 sprints in one day. you know, with different camera angles, and do more of that. it's interesting training for that. >> of course, tom runs some more in jack reacher "never go back." we caught cruise in a very rare moment lying down on the jo >> going around a conveyor belt in baggage claim in an airport. i always wanted to do that. >> in the middle of the night we were just playing around. >> what's in the tunnel, by the way? >> it's empty. there's nothing there. and no one checks us when we went through. no one checked it. >> where was tsa? >> exactly. >> coming up next -- ? amazing grace ? >> travis after his stroke.
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career. >> just kind of worked into a full-time job. >> we have three halloween events. i feel like we have to get some backup plans. >> drew barrymore on co-parenting after her split. and a night out with katy perry. and the big bang exclusive. >> there's nothing wrong with keeping our toothbrushes in the same holder. >> i think we should see o the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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kristen stewart hit the premiere of the new movie, in
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drew barrymore's divorce became final a couple of months ago, making her a single mom. how is that going to affect the holidays for the kids? we're finding out. >> god bless halloween. i love it. >> the newly divorced mother of two daughters is geared up for
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year's costumes. >> we've been horses, chickens, lobsters, halloween is like my favorite holiday. >> drew said she and ex are committed to raising the girls together. what do you think the key is to successful co-parenting? >> i think plans. constant plans. >> she was honored by children's hospital los angeles with the courage to care award. she's joined by katy perry who performed at the gala. >> if i can help you or funds or get eyeballs to the children's hospital, i will do it. >> and another mom, chrissy teigen, along with hubby john legend. it was all about their 6-month-old's milestone. >> her first bite, a baby cereal. i cannot wait to cook for her. to be able to put something on a spoon, and, like, just -- it was everything.
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was channeling his dad, clint, at the hilarity for charity variety show. he's doing his best dirty harry. >> i know what you're thinking. did i fire six shots or only five. >> i know what you're thinking. did he fire six shots or only five. >> still ahead, date night. why everybody is talking about her dress. then -- >> yeah. >> inside christie brinkley's mansion in the hamtons. and -- the return of randy travis after his stroke. the incredible comeback. >> randy travis. i love you. closed captioning
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announcer: there are moments in our history that measure the character and courage of our leaders. where did you stand on rob portman endorsed donald trump -even with his history of degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing trump brag about sexual assault. then portman panicked -and scrambled to save himself. history will judge rob portman a coward. what will we do? ted strickland: i'm ted strickland
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jessica beal stole the show at the film festival this weekend. >> it was a good dress. >> exactly. >> they celebrate their four-year wedding anniversary. >> meanwhile, christie brinkley is no longer with john mellencamp. how does she like the single life? we found out when she went to secrecy in her home in the hamptons? >> what's your dating life like? do you have time to even put your stuff out? are you dating? >> no. which one do you recommend? hi, i'm christie. i'm free this saturday night. >> the "i can't believe she's a 62-year-old" is ready to date again. it's not her first priority. that belongs to her kids.
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trying out acting and 18-year-old saylor is like her mom. >> when she's not smiling, she's 100% her. you know? because she just has, like her own look, like she's her own category. >> comparisons to her mom caused the college freshman to fire back at internet trolls for comments like, she's just average, not a model. nowhere near what her was. >> you can't compete and compare, because that just sets you up for unhappiness. >> if somebody wants to look at her and say, oh, she's not as pretty, it's like, that's their problem. not hers. because she knows where she's coming from. >> your kids pretty much grew up here. >> yeah. >> we got a tour of her home worth almost $30 million.
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an empty nester. she's having fun launching her new line. >> woo-hoo! >> what do the kids think of this? did you give them an opportunity to taste test? >> saylor's not really old enough. she gets to sip it at home. and she loves it. >> christie actually had a passion for mixed drinks when she was married to billy joel. >> back in the day, likein '80s, i often kept a blender in my bag. you never know when you're going to need a margarita. >> love that attitude, and looking so young. randy travis was the king of country music with classic hits such as "forever and ever amen." last night randy made an emotional return to the stage, after he suffered a life threatening stroke and there was not a dry eye in the house.
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? how sweet the sound ? >> it has been a long uphill road for randy. at one point after the 2013 stroke, he flatlined and nearly died. >> randy travis. i love you. >> this weekend, he was inducted into the country music hall of fame. though he still uses a wheelchair, his award w triumph after a series of tragedies. in 2012, a bout with alcohol led to two arrests. it seemed he had lost control of the life that had made him a country music star. he was a rising star during his first "e.t." interview. the north carolina kid moved to nashville to follow his dreams. >> i started washing dishes, and
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? i'm going to love you forever ? ? forever and ever amen ? >> the whole career has been a shock to me. but i tell you, it's been a nice surprise. i couldn't ask for things to go any better. >> he's acted in movies and on tv. but after the stroke, the singer who has sold 25 million albums was on life support. and doctors spoke to the family about pulling the plug. now after numerous surgeries and procedures, the 57-year-old has made remarkable progress, as he was honored by his peers, he was able to stand and ppoudly sing. ?? >> good to see him out and about. there's good news about tracy morgan, who has battled back after that devastating car crash two years ago.
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deal with cbs to start in his own comedy series. >> we love that. welcome back, traszy. still ahead, your first look at tonight's "big bang theory." there is romance, trouble -- >> tomorrow we're partying with john legend. we are partying it up with john legend. our new york exclusive and what he says about chrissy's sexy pose. >> she's a human being. >> is baby number two on the way? and the dancing couple who got the boot. out with taylor's squad. that is tomorrow. the celebs just seem to do it right. i headed to the resort in mexico to find out how to do it. how to vacation like a star. from the moment we arrived, my wife and i were treated like a-listers at the resort on the sea of cortez. check out these coastline views.
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infinity pool was my personal favorite. allows chairs right in the water overlooking the golf course. nothing says vacation like a swimup bar and a cocktail. what an incredible getaway. i loved it. coming up this week on "e.t.," more of my amazing vacation.
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inindependence day resurgence i our exclusive gag reel. all at travel considerations provided by -- before we go, we have a huge weekend. "the big bang theory," can't get enough of this show. >> sheldon and amy are now living together. >> when you live with someone,
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>> okay. well, for starters, there's nothing wrong with keeping our toothbrushes in the same holder. what do you say to that? >> i think we should see other people. >> i'm restricting myself to a single partner is against my nature. >> we slept together once a year. you want other partners? >> i don't think that's strange. i get it, sheldon. i don't even believe in shared >> i ggt the toothbrush thing. >> i ggt the toothbrush thing. >> bye, everybody. >> yeah. >> bye, everybody.
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. johnny: it's a battle, and i got to come out swinging. josh h.: i'm gonna put my whole heart and soul on the table for america to see. kylie: you're either one step closer to achieving your dream, or it's over. daly: tonight, the battle to win "the voice" continues. wait a second. we went to school with each other. oh, my gosh! our coaches have recruited some of the biggest names in music t on stage with those saggy pants. so, you go to wardrobe after. -yes, ma'am. -oh, my god. was i too mean? -[ laughs ] you got to know these lyrics really well so that you can feel comfortable not thinking about 'em. that's what it's got to be like. -yeah. -profess it. both you guys. ? you don't never have to cry ? hold it out. let us hear that raspy voice and the pain. you kind of have to get a little reckless. it's more about "save me." -yeah, that'll sound nice.


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