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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  October 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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police chief jack beckwith says there was tip that the man had warrants out for his arrest. here's the youtube video and when two officers one in a marked cruiser one on a motorcycle responded to lowe's. they sought suspect we are told -- saw the suspect we are told in the parked car. the officer in the motorcycle pulls up behind the car. chief says the suspect was alone in that car and backed into the motorcycle knocking over. both officers shout for him to stop but he didn't. the officers then fired as he drove off and when the car sped off, it went airborne and landed across euclid avenue wedged between the two vehicles that you saw here live. the suspect who police shot has died. the chief would not name him and said only that he does not live in willoughby. we can show you the car the suspect was in is the black car in the middle of the white
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how the chief says it ended up here. so to answer the question did he die from impact from the accident or from the gunshot wound we don't know. we know he was shot and that suspect again is dead tonight. one of the officers by the way had a minor injury. dawn kendrick reporting live, channel 3 news. >> the car went airborne. >> reporter: it did. you can almost see it p here. let's show you again because -- it from lowe's and he was speeding through the intersection airborne into the white utility truck and black car where it is right now. it happened at noon so i imagine they are leaving no stone unturned over there the bureau of crime investigation is here as well. so, this is a bigger than just willoughby. >> thank you. a big hole is swallow up
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of cleveland. channel 3 andrew who arance can i -- who are ran -- who are rains can i is joining us. >> reporter: we know cleveland- - horansky. hey drew. >> reporter: we know aid cleveland is a lait great place to live but this hole may be causing more harm than good. >> a few feet deep. >> reporter: mo dayen wants customers to come in but without a safe sidewalk and ramp it's hard. >> we are >> reporter: he he sits where the county is repairing old word. he would be for it except crews removed too much from the driveway. >> they didn't want to put the gravel down. >> reporter: and left a hole poorly mark. last night two cars fell in drivers heading out couldn't see it. one of them went to the hospital the other was devonte.
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back farther than the other i am scared to get on the freeway. >> reporter: i called county public works nosh-- >> i called county public works and no one responded. all i got was they know what they are doing out here and we appreciate it don't tell us how to do our job. >> reporter: we called too. >> it is not every day cars driving in holes like that. >> reporter: a spokesperson says they are following up with construction the company doing the work. now you can see the orange bear vells been placed on keeping people from going into the hole. the fire department has added the caution tape that should able to help but the reality is it's going to be another few months before this project iscomplete. >> drew what kind of driver -- what can the drivers do about the damage to the cars. >> reporter: i took that to the county and they told me is this, at first drivers need to file a police report and next take the reports and complaint to perk construction and county is aware of this and they will
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right. >> doesn't seem like an easy road. thanks drew. you may become a more alert driver after seeing the next story. the investigator tom meyer found a dangerous road debris is killing hundreds and injuring thousands more. >> reporter: members of the chapel 3 investigative team were returning from a assignment when a two-by-four like this crashed into the car. >> out of nowhere you don't expect a two-by-four to slam in be replaced by the-- but the guys were lucky it never broke through the windshield. holden was behind the wheel what 30 pound of sheet metal smacked him in the face. >> i was driving on the interstate what torpedo went through the wind sheet shield and hit me in the face. >> reporter: unsecured cargo killed 500 people in four years and injured 39,000. 200,000 crashes, resulting from vehicles getting hit by debris
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we found it on highways all over northeast ohio. so has the state patrol. who found unsecured loads were responsible for 7400 crashes since 2011. >> we often see tires sofas bags of trash various car pots. >> reporter: odot has large container holding only metal found on the highway. tires that litter the highways and obstruct traffic are thrown in a second dumpster. state records show work road debris to fill more than a million bags in the past three years. >> as an agency the department of prance tore station spends 4 million dollars picking up litter every year. >> reporter: 16 states have laws that will send drivers of unsecured loads to jail. is ohio doing enough? new at 11, you can decide. russ sara. >> all right see you at 11 thanks tom. just two days after a 15-
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daveion perry is charged with murdering sunny patel in a cleveland heightsm mr. hero. he went before a judge moments after long he he was charged with -- after long he he was charged with murder -- learning he was charged with murder he was smiling laughing and shake his head. patel was working at the family business when he was shot and killed. las vegas the scene of prize fight is hosting the third and final round of presidential debate tonight. even sore -- senior political correspondent tom beres gives us a ringside look what to expect. >> reporter: the final debate between donald trump and hillary clinton a last chance to make closing arguments to a super sized audience. >> the goal of the debates is to create a forum where there can can be a lively discussion of the most important issues of the day. >> reporter: moderator chris
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issues overhooked in debates one and two the deficit paying for entitlements what the supreme court picks mean to the country's future. but will they stay on issues or launch personal attacks in. >> try to win independent voters you know they don't need to do mudslinging. >> reporter: but the dramatic oxygen will be the sexual misconduct denials and how could trump not zero in on wikileakss ep mail showing clinton saying one thing in private and anotherin public. benghazi likely targets. trump's invited the mother of shawn smith who died in the benghazi attack. some hope clinton stays high and trump's campaign manager dispute the boss. >> going to the polls in this country do you believe there will be widespread voter fraud. >> no i do not believe that. so absent overwhelming evidence there is, it would not be for me to say there is. >> reporter: claiming trump
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plan backers of both candidates hoping for a knockout punch. so with trump trailing in the polls hillary clinton will need to be ready for anything. will trump swing for the fence was dramatic made for tv moment or will he try to be cool calm and look presidential? unshackled i am betting trump will keep being trump. >> he has been for this long so you are right. good safe bet there i think. and the candidates are quickly co b donald trump is going to be near columbus in delaware for a rally tomorrow. and we learned details of hillary clinton's appearance here on friday. she is going to be at the cuyahoga community college wreck sent -- rec center starting at 4:30 ohio still in play. >> another interesting night. >> reporter: it will. >> and remember watch the debate right here on channel 3 beginning at 9. if you are away from the tv screen you can view it on or on our
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new parents work for summit county won't have to work for rushing back to work. thanks to a new policy giving moms and dads 6 weeks of paid leave. jasmine monroe has standard taking place across the country. >> one of the most important things they have done for families in summit county in a long, long time. >> reporter: the vote was unanimous. moms and dads working in summit county will now get 6 weeks of paid parental leave. starting when a child is born same page. it's kind of something that is hugely important and until now seems to have gone just unnoticed. >> reporter: it's a struggle this mom i talked to knows all too well. >> it's hard. and my parents are close by to help and they are very helpful but i can't imagine going back to work yet. >> reporter: until now, summit county employees had to use the sick and vacation time care for their newborns. >> it is overdue here but i
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this will help us get to the point. >> reporter: reporting from the akron mobile newsroom channel 3 news jaqueline monroe. hundreds of trees are planted in cleveland thanks to threes made by the cavs as in 3 pointers. mc squared stem high school student put the green thumb to work this afternoon at great lakes science center as part of the pledge to plant one tree for every three-pointer made by the cavs last season. they had a great season you may recall. that means a total of will be planted and 60 were planted today. great stuff. next at 6, cheers. what held helped ohio -- helped ohio wine fires farmers enjoy the best crop hey betsy. >> there's a lot going on and a lot tomorrow in the form of rain. a lot of it. we will talk all about your forecast next. >> thank you. plus we will tell you where
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alive. those stories and more when channel 3 news at 6 returns
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coming up tonight at 7 apple will make a big announcement soon what we think is coming and just in time for the holidays. find out at 7. and what it is like living with dementia monica robins story touched so
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help you better understand what a loved one may be going through. we will see you at 7. ahead for us from las vegas the site of the presidential debate we will tell you about the straggies and potential surprises -- strategies and potential surprises for the showdown and we will go to portland oregon site of a massive neighborhood explosion that injured several includingfirefighters and we will tell you about a proposal that changed airline rules addressing some of the things that urk caned airline passengers the most tonight on
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thinking about grabbing a glass of wine after work? well how about this good news. this year's grape harvest could be the best the grand river valley has ever seen. channel 3 alyssa raymond brings us evening. >> dhishes. >> wonderful. >> red or white. >> reporter: george and priscilla enjoy the finished product. >> three times a week. >> nope. not that often. >> reporter: but let's take you down the street to where it all began. >> we have had very good weather and a lot of sunny days and the result has been really
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>> reporter: the vineyard manager says the grapes contain a lot of sugar this year. >> a wonderful chemistry thatbecause the grapes ripened so well and deep colors. >> reporter: there are 25 varieties of grapes in the grand river valley. the resling in this wine peach and honey and because of the crop this year they will be more intense. the cabernet which is almost ripped wiped out for vex text returns with bold -- for text -- sore fection returns with bold -- vortex returns with bold color. and who knew that they made vodka too. >> i get people ask isn't vodka supposed to come from potatoes. it can come from any source of sugar corn wheat rye potatoes or grapes. >> reporter: have you tried the
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>> no. >> reporter: in that case until next time. alyssa raymond channel 3 news. >> and now to serious story we have been telling you about as the heroin epidemic continues to playing ohio we have access to narcan. rite aid offers it without predescription. state pharmacy board says -- prescription. state parm sigh board says more than 1300 --pharmacy board says more than 1300 pharmacies offer it. >> i am going tell you here's thing, yes the game is going on and that's important but we have a lot of rain coming tomorrow. so i know there's people who may be kind of doing the picture and picture kind of a thing so keep in mind rain is what we are talking about for tomorrow. jimmy as more on the game in a minute i got to stick with the rain. here's the hourly forecast as we head into the overnight hours. and lots of clouds around.
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northeast as rain makes its move into northern ohioch the rain will come -- ohio. the rain will come in. stormy weather off to the south i don't think we will have to contend with the storms but the rain is certainly going to be moving in and here's the thing that's really going to be the impressive part of this. we have a lot of energy associated with frontal boundary that's draped across the lower ohio valley. that's what's getting all of this thundery activity going off to the south of us. we have a big cold front that's off to the north and front will kind of press on all of this and as it does so, at the very same time, we also have a very strong jet stream that will be riding over all of this. and that will help to enhance this rainfall that will help to really get this rainfall reved up. and that's why we have the threat for heavy rain and a lot of it through the day tomorrow. frontal boundary is to the south. that's why temperatures today were cooler than where we were yesterdaych the chilly stuff is up in the north.
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week and weekend. so the cloud will be on the increase through the evening. what we have now will continue to thicken. temperatures will be in the 60s through the midnight hour. as light to scattered rain showers make the way to us. early morning commuters, you will have to contend with rainfall and that rain will be rather persistent through much of the morning commute. so it may be one of the days where you want to set the alarm a couple minutes early and give us plenty of time as you get out the door. of course greg is in for hollie and danny will have the latest on the traffic but 8 a.m. part of the commute we have the potential for not only rain but heavy downpours coming through as well. by noon we are kind of in between periods of rain but we will continue to have waves working through northern ohio. pretty much for the-tire day. plan on -- the entire day. temperatures will be in the upper 60s tomorrow. finally the next front will start to work in as we go thursday night into friday. this is the one that's going to bring in the cooler air. and by friday afternoon, that front will press southward and
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to the east but the temperatures will be in the 50s. how much rain is coming? on the high side of things upward of 1 1/2 to 2 inches i think most of us will end up with about 3/4 to 1 inch of rain but see some of the model forecast here are painting a little more than an inch and it is coming down in 30 hours or so so keep that in mind. here's window nation forecast. temperatures tomorrow will be in the 60s with the rain coming down. then we are into the 50s for friday. friday night football is looking a little bit soggy and a loil of hot chocolate money. shower chance that is linger into saturday. a bright spot on sunday and then a back door front comes in on monday. that's coming at us from the northeast a little different way of doing things that. could stir up showers but right now tuesday and wednesday of next week upper 50s low 60s dry partly cloudy and mostly sunny weather. i am not going beyond that and i am going say tuesday and wednesday next week might be rather important.
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jimmy. >> i am not going to interrupt his plow. >> thank yew betsy. -- his employ. >> thank you betsy. back to -- flow. thank you betsy. back to what you are doing. >> join channel 3 and volunteers across the condition try this saturday taking part in single day of service. we will participate in severalpro-- country this saturday taking part in a single day of service. we will participate in several projects. the browns are back in the practice field but several players are talking about what happened on sunday as one the teammates is nasty hit. >> pryor talks about the hit
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announcer: there are moments in our history that measure the character and courage of our leaders. where did you stand on -even with his history of degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing trump brag about sexual assault. then portman panicked -and scrambled to save himself. history will judge rob portman a coward. what will we do? ted strickland: i'm ted strickland
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and now the mercedes ben of bedford sports report. >> jimmy is here and we are on the cusp of history. >> this is an incredible story. this team is an incredible story but we are right now at that fun period of time where you are counting out. you are counting out. indians are 3 outs away from winning the pennant. american league championship series and opening up the world series on tuesday night. three outs away they lead 3-0 and in toronto over the blue jays. the way they did it amazing. they did it again. the young 24-year-old pitcher making his second start in the big league ryan mayorett was
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sensational. gave up two scratch singles and struck out 3 pitching like a 10- year veteran but when you look at him it looks ike when he shaves will be the first time he saved. he is a real baby face left hander and he did an amazing job. then francona went to the bullpen but indians got a run in the first. and got a home runs from santana and crisp and have ridden that bullpen and are three outs away. join us at 7 we co party with the pennant coming to the indians and who will they play? right now it's a little ahead by the dodgers who shut out thecubs. home run by turner led to a 6-0 dodger win. and they play in game 4 tonight at dodger stadium up over the cubs 2 games 1. browns and bengals 10 point underdogs on sunday in the battle of ohio.
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pryor who did sound off because remember that awful injury on that terrible hit against jordan poyer on sunday he was hospitalized and is home after suffering a lacerated kidney and the guy who hit him antonio andrews put that up on video today and he also said i am relentless. and pryor sounded off about that today saying that it was totally bush league. unbelievable. >> the only thing i didn't like is when he posted it bragging what is relentless hitting another man when he is not looking you know and i don't want to get into it you know because that's right now it's about cincinnati and that. >> all right that's true it was a bad move. great night in toronto.
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. tonight from las vegas, wild drama, trump and clinton, the final showdown before the election. donald trump in need of a game-changing moment, unleashing more surprise guests to try to rattle hillary clinton. who is riding high in the polls. bracing for a barrage of attacks. nbc news exclu a documents. intelligence sources tell nbc news what the u.s. is doing to block the russians from making off with anything more. but what else do they already have? blown away -- a massive explosion rocks a big american city. firefighters injured as people run for their lives. and clearing the air -- from buying tickets to lost luggage. the new rules designed to ease your flying headaches.


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