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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  October 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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themselves. channel 3 news at eleven is
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now, at 11, now, i've got to say there are a lot of friendly faces here in this room. people that i've been privileged to know and to work with. i just want to put you all in a basket of adoor abls. >> the candidates took the stage tonight in a different and cleveland hero rewarded. how fans are generously giving back to the rookie indians pitcher who won yesterday's game. >> yes, i know it is bizarre and yes, i am coming to you from miami, florida in a hotel because our story is so hush hush that we can't let our subject know that we're even doing it. it's auto big surprise for a big player in cleveland and it's just one more sign that cleveland is, indeed, rising. we'll have the story in just minutes.
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>> and good evening, some chilly temperatures on tap as the rain assures continue across northeast ohio. >> our betsy cling is tracking the forecast for overnight and your commute. >> i got to be honest with you guys, i'm seriously trying to figure out how to wear my flannel pants tomorrow that's the kind of day it will be. cold weather and dreary, rainy start to the day. we have the now. a whole swath of rain stretching from cleveland to mansfield and another big patch moving inbound from south to millersburg. we will continue to see these periods of rain as we go through the night tonight. there's been a little bit of adjustment in the flash flood watch issued earlier, we basically pushed everything down. doesn't mean we won't be getting
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inundated earlier, trumbull county got a little bit of a break. where you see the blue, that's one to 3-inch radar estimated rainfall that they have had in the last 24 hours and look at all this moisture that's moving in. a cold front will be pushing through and that means temperatures will be held in the 50s all day. periods of rain, windy conditions, scattered showers continuing into the evening rush. we'll take you forward into the weekend which looks like it could star coming up in just a little bit. >> thanks, betsy. . well, you've seen them on stage in three debates and tonight they both took the stage for some laughs. >> they spoke at the afl fled e. smith dinner in new york city and their comments drew laughter and some boos from the audience.
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fear amongst americans is public speaking. even harder is trying to be funny in front of a live crowd. well, tonight with just a couple weeks left before the election the two finalists for president had to do a little stand-up. >> michelle obama gives a speech and everyone loves it, it's fantastic. they think she's absolutely great. mye speech [ laughter ] and people get on her case. >> people look at the statue of liberty and they see a proud symbol, a beacon of hope for people around the world. donald looks at the statue of liberty and sees a four, maybe a
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tablet and changes her hair. >>reporter: each, though, had their comments where you could hear booing or crickets. >> hillary is so corrupt she got kicked off the watergate commission. >>reporter: clinton misfiring when she described if trump were to win it would be an awkward group photo with current and past presidents. >> and not just how is bar ak going to get past the muslim band? >>reporter: we end with two quick highlights. >> this is such a special event that i took a break from my rigorous nap schedule to be here. >> hillary accidentally bumped into me and she very civilly said "pardon me." >> some of those jokes took a little while to roll through the
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rolling your eyes saying why does a president need to be funny? others say it shows the softer side of these candidates. the purpose of this is to raise money for catholic charities of new york city. this is a tradition that goes back decades. the next time they will speak will likely be on election night when there's a concession phone call that comes one way or the other. >> all right, chris. thank you. >>reporter: you bet. final debate between senator rob portman and underdog challenger ted strikland. the polls are predicting a double digit win for portman. tonight brought lots of jobs but no knockouts. >>reporter: portman out to keep his big lead. he pulled his trump endorsement, strickland charges too late.
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he called women pigs and worse. he stood by donald trump when he mocked a disabled person. >> i have consistently stood up when i thought something was wrong. when hillary clinton called half of donald trump's supporters deplorable, strickland hasn't stood up. >>reporter: insurance companies are pulling out. >> a 91% increase, that's the average increase ohio. i support obamacare, a big difference between the two of us. >>reporter: portman launched a big ticket to fight it. >> this year we're on track too lose maybe as many as two people a day. >>reporter: but first voting against funding his own bill for bigger budget reasons. >> he has voted against the very resources that communities like cleveland need to fight this scourge. >>reporter: what about more
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system? portland citing an old proposal. >> he has authored and introduced a national stop and frisk bill. >>reporter: portman pointing to act. >> the second chance acts. >>reporter: summing you mean. >> we cannot afford to go back to ted strickland's ohio. >> a man who says he's nonpartisan. >>reporter: portman left withou t >> i think i fit ohio better than he does and unlike donald trump i'll accept the results of the election. >>reporter: but he likely won't like them. >> as the indians prepare for tuesday's game one of the world series, here's a great story that's been getting a lot of attention.
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yesterday and tonight fans are paying it forward in their own way. someone found his wedding registry online and fans have started buying up items that he and his fiance requested. at last check, there were only a few items left on the target registry. a coffee brewer, of course, and a crock pot, who doesn't need one of those. the only items left on the pottery barn registry are a few bedding items. >> such a scam these gifts. being car sass tick. i understand the couple is getting married in january, best of luck to them after the world series of course. and get this the world series tickets sold out in 12 minutes today. if you are willing to shell out some cash you can find them on websites like stub hub. you can enter a few contests as
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series sweepsteaksstakes that you can win tickets. . links to either of those contests, both i should say, posted at >> and if you can't hit the road with the team, head over to progressive field. the indians will host watch parties just like the cavs for the nba finals. the stadium will open its doors for the games. you can watch the tribe on the big screen. watch for tickets to be released for this on monday. >> another story getting a lot of attention tonight, some fans of the movie "major league" tweeted charlie sheen today saying they wanted him to throw out the first pitch. sheen actually responded on twitter saying if he is called
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however, the indians responded telling that the team is not considering asking sheen to participate. and our coverage of the tribe's pursuit of a world championship continues on right now you'll find an up-close look at some of the indians gear and plus you can vote for who you want the indians to face in the world series. and coming up tonight, national honors. a major player in the city of cleveland in the spotlight tonight as he accepts a big >> also, hiring alert. a company looking for 50,000 workers for the holidays. >> plus this story moved hundreds of channel 3 viewers, tonight a sad update on baby mason, how clevelanders are once again rising up to help his family.
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announcer: there are moments in our history that measure the character and courage of our leaders. where did you stand on joe mccarthy? george wallace? this is one of those moments. degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing trump brag about sexual assault. then portman panicked -and scrambled to save himself. history will judge rob portman a coward. what will we do? ted strickland: i'm ted strickland
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>> a sad update to pass along tonight about a little boy whose story moved many of you. little mason passed away today after a battle with a brain tumor. >> we have gotten to know this family and this is a perfect look at clevelanders rising up to deserving people until the very end. >>reporter: hi, guys, it is a hard follow up but we knew it was coming.
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fight with cancer that we became to know him and love him in the first place and it is because of his family they have valuable memories as they try now to deal with his loss. >> i love kisses. >>reporter: we introduced you to him exactly a month ago today, a two-year-old with an incurable brain tumor that meant he most likely would not see three. doctors basically said "we're done." >> there's not do, devastating, the worst thing i've ever heard in my entire life. >>reporter: until the day his mom knew was coming, a day he wouldn't have to fight any more. a fighter with a national social media following flooding his family with condolences. it was team mason, thousands strong across the country and across the world, who reached out to us to help get this family to disney world. one call to a special wish cleveland, and they made it happen. >> special wish to grant that
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down to disney. you know, life's too short and you need to act and we need to act for our neighbors and these children are our neighbors, these families are our neighbors and we have to step up and grant the wish. >>reporter: a special wish cleveland rushed that wish because the day after our story the trip to the doctor and the cancer had spread. there was a surprise disney homecoming for that little boy whose life was on the line when lifetime. his mom a month ago. >> say this is it, this is the end of the road, i will always have the memories. >>reporter: but a sea of good people continue to rise up in the face of unthinkable grief. >> a big thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts. >> he passed away right there at home in their arms. we have a link to team mason on
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pass along your condolences. and the take away after having met this family whatever we are up against if it is anything short of losing a two-year-old, we got this and a reminder to love, love on those kids and family tonight because it could be the last because for this family, indeed it was. >> thanks and prayers for all of his loved ones. >> the university of akron is making it official, trustees have removed "interim" from naming him university president. he replaced the president on an interim basis. university said cashes and pledges increased 19% over the last 3 months compared to the same time last year. yearly donations have increased 39%. there's big news for a c local leader who received major news to want. he was awarded in miami shining light on a progress for a school district and once again the city of cleveland.
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and our hilary golston is there. >>reporter: all of this was very hush hush, a surprise really. that's why i'm in these fancy clothes sitting in a hotel room from, yes, miami, florida because i didn't want to betray this moment [ cheers and applause ] . >>reporter: if you think sitting in the back of the room makes it tough to see, eric gordon winning a big-time award. >> thank you. >>reporter: urban educator of the year, it's the reason we are way in the back. he had no idea he was going to win. he had no idea we were going to be there, so he was understandably shocked.
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totally shocked. >> i just can't believe it's real but i know it's all of the hard-working people on our team in our city. it's the cleveland plan at work where everybody's in on education and it really is only one city that can say that. >>reporter: also consider the context, why being here is so important. the school's report card is in and chances are if you were a youngster and brought home this particular report card unfortunately you'd probably get your video g month. the district got straight f's in everything from achievement to k3 literacy to preparation for success. somehow graduation rates have gone up by 17%. more students involving kids lives in school and the cherry on top, there's been an upturn in student enrollment for the first time in decades.
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gone through the great changes. >>reporter: his wife was also a surprise to the ceo that he is really happy about. >> he gets it done and stops at nothing to make sure children get what they need. >>reporter: let's keep this in mind, cleveland schools has the highest poverty rate of metropolitan school districts in the entire nation so you can definitely see why they want to renew a levy that accounts for 10% of their entire budget. gordon of course going home with a gift tonight. that he would also accept so i'm going to sign off now from miami, florida right along the water. i thought i'd come down here to make you a little jealous. >> all right. thank you. and congratulations to eric tonight, that's great news for him and the city. we've been reminding you that now is the time to look for holiday jobs. >> so here's another one, fed ex, fed ex says it has 50,000 full and part-time openings for
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holiday. seasonal workers will store packages, drive trucks and assist with deliveries. they expect the four mondays after thanksgiving to be the busiest in history. so when they ask if you want to open a store credit card and save, remember this, the average store-branded charge card comes with 23.84% interest. that's much higher than the national average for credit interest rates, about 15%. the incentives may seem good, but the study found they aren't all that generous. only 13% offer a sign-up bonus with a value greater than 25 bucks on a $200 purchase. >> as my father used to say, that's how they get you. >> and they ask and ask and ask, don't they? >> they do. >> when you go to the cleaners tomorrow to get those flannel pants out, are you going to pay with a store credit card?
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goodness bring them out elastic waist, no pockets, flannel, comfy pants. >> casual friday, right? >> oh, it's on for the morning tomorrow, coffee and flannel pants, it doesn't get better than that. and throughout the day tomorrow you might want to hit the soup store. i know you said you had some soup from a place tonight. >> supermarket. >> grilled cheese, it's a comfort kind of dealing with. let's put all this into motion and you can see this is moving from southwest to northeast. there are pockets of heavier rain showers and the pockets are moving you mean the west side of i-71 and additionally farther south from areas down in knox county right up in tuscarawas and carroll county so you folks have another round of heavier rain showers that's going to be moving in. the bigger picture shows we're not quite done yet. you can kind of see this train of rain that we have coming
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are anticipating seeing this batch right here start to move back up over northern ohio. and that batch right there, it does have a few rumbles of thunder in it potentially so last night we had some thunder that came around but we'll continue to see that. you can also see that our flood watch is down just in tuscarawas and carroll counties at this hour. that will continue until about 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. i'll get you into the weekend as well. we have the rain that's coming through tonight and that will stick around for morning commute tomorrow. we had some sloppy spots during this morning's commute so tomorrow morning you want to tack on a few extra minutes. here's the big changer winds out of the north at 14 to start and staying throughout the day. we will have a cold front pushing through. that should bring around a line that will help to push the big chunk of moisture out of here. here's the problem, the cold wind is coming over the lake and
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we'll have periodic rain showers, light and/or moderate coming down across northern ohio for game time for our high school football games. winds still out of the northwest at 150 to 15. it's going to be kind of nasty out there. temperatures at 9:30 in the 40s to about 50 degrees. notice the winds are northwest. those lake effect rain showers coming northwest to that will continue but drier air comes in in the afternoon so hopefully by the end of the day saturday we will get some clearing taking place. that will then lead us into sunday which is supposed to be a whole lot better. as far as how much rain is coming, depends on where you are. we can have some areas that get an inch or more tonight. your window nation forecast is temperatures tomorrow in the mid 50s. look at this rain coming down. it will be scattered around so
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tomorrow. rain showers lingering saturday. sunday it clears out. monday a little bit of rain and then tuesday and wednesday it's game on in the cle. back to you. >> all right, betsy, thanks. coming up, the indians now wait and see who their opponent will be in the world series, hopefully one of their starting pitchers will be ready to go. >> we have the latest on where
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and now, the window nation sports report. >> hi, everybody, a day of relaxation forego the indians after winning the american league pen unanimity last night in toronto but they will be back on the job tomorrow. they will have an afternoon workout at progressive field. they will work out through the weekend on up until tuesday when they open up the world series, still trying to find out who they will play on tuesday.
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and an update, trevor bauer says he'll be healed and ready to go in the world series if called upon by the indians. he had that injured finger, the stitch broke away, and of course he had to be taken out of the game because blood was pouring down and so he was removed from the game on monday night but he said he would be available to go possibly for game 3 when the series either goes to los angeles or chicago, depending upon who they play in the world series. bauer talked to chudowsky after the game last night. >> seemed like we were capable, the hard work paid off. that's what we set out to do since spring training. i don't think anyone here is surprised. >> last night several members of the cavs like all of us they were glued to the television set. they were watching the game from the town hall restaurant in ohio city but now it sets up an incredible sports night on tuesday in cleveland. lebron and the cavaliers raise their championship banner and
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game of the season tuesday night at the q against the knicks and right across the gateway plaza game one of the world series. >> that's great. we all know the excitement that's going on in our town right now and, you know, as good as it is for the players on both sides, it's even better for the fans. our fans get an opportunity to follow the indians, cover the indians, follow the cavs, cover the cavs for soy just great for them. >> let's tell you about the series game five going on right now, a very slow pace to that i game at dodger stadium and it's in the top of the 8th inning and the cubs lead. they will be up three-2 in the series and going back to wrigley for game six or a possible game seven if needed. if the dodgers win they would take a three-2 lead.
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again. trying to get their first win under hue jackson as head coach of the cleveland browns. terrelle pryor did not practice again, had had did not practice, but terrelle pryor that's a real problem because he's been such a play maker for the offense and a favorite receiver of whoever is playing quarterback and it will be cody kessler once again. now, a report tonight says that the browns have begun contract talks with pryor who could become a free agent at the end of the talking about a long-term contract in the vicinity of eight to $10 million a year. head coach hue jackson had a lot of good years in cincinnati and is a best friend of the bengals' head coach. as a matter of fact cincinnati said to him he might only stay as head coach a couple years, why don't you wait and become our next head coach instead of taking the cleveland job in of course he came to cleveland and on sunday the 2nd best friends go against each other.
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this week it's about the cincinnati bengals and that's the way he feels as well. we got to go out there get our teams ready to play and play a football became. >> in the battle of ohio the bengals a disappointing two-4 so they need to win on sunday but we need to win. >> we are over 310 days since the last time we celebrated a browns' victory. >> thanks for that statistic.
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before conventions and before championships, before all of that. >> wow. >> channel 3 news today begins at 4:30 a.m. >> have a great nightly. we'll see you tomorrow. it's friday! >> thanks for watching channel 3 news. take it with you wherever you
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ben affleck. sarah paulson.


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