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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 24, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, battleground blitz. just 15 days to go, hillary clinton riding high, and donald trump now telling his supporters, the rolls are rigged, casting blame as the candidates hit the home stretch. highway horror, new clues and questions after a tour bus and a big rig the feds now investigating a fatal collision. manhunt for a keller who opened fire on police, now armed and on the run. and a troubling twist. bonus betrayal. thousands of troops promised to reen list, and serve america at war, now being forced to give the money back. military families outrages. and the end of a course.
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two cities, who can scarcely believe their time may have finally come. "nightly news" begins right now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. 15 days to go, and the debates behind us, time and opportunities for game-changing moments are growing short in the race for president. virtually every poll shows hillary clinton ahead, but by different margins. over the weekend, an of likely voters put clinton 12 points in front of donald trump, while a cnn/orc poll out this afternoon shows her leading by five. the numbers have trump calling foul, as he looks for traction in all-important florida. and hillary clinton today showing new-found confidence. we're on the road with both campaigns, starting with andrea mitchell in new hampshire. >> reporter: tonight, hillary clinton in battleground new hampshire, the
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were today. >> reporter: joined by liberal star, senator elizabeth warren, a top donald trump tormenter. >> he thinks that because he has money that he can call women fat pigs and bimbos. >> reporter: going after him for this comment during the last debate. >> such a nasty women. >> get this, donald! nasty women are tough. nasty women are smart. and nasty women vote. on november 8th, we nasty women are gonna to cast our nasty votes, to get you out of our lives forever! >> reporter: with polls giving her a steady lead, clpt openly dismissive of trump. >> i don't even think about responding to him anymore. >> reporter: so confident the clinton team focusing on the senate, where democrats need four seats to take back control. clinton hoping to boost democratic women candidates by tying their opponents to
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in pennsylvania, saturday stumping for katie mcginty against pat toomey. >> she's running against someone who refuses to stand up to donald trump. >> reporter: north carolina sunday with democrat debra ross against republican senator richard burr. and this afternoon in new hampshire with democrat maggie hassan, running against senator kelly aot. >> she knows he shouldn't be a role model for our kids. >> reporter: here in new hampshire, hillary clinton had trouble winning over younger now the question is, has that changed? and how much will clinton really help in the tight senate races? >> i'm not sure that clinton helps democrats as much as trump can hurt republicans. i have not seen her have a lot of coat-tails. >> reporter: democratic candidates are counting on clinton and president obama, who will both be campaigning non-stop between now and election day. andrea mitchell, nbc news, manchester, new hampshire. >> reporter: i'm katy
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taa, florida. two weeks out and polling shows donald trump in trouble. now he's complaining to anyone who will listen. >> watch the polls, because this is part of the crooked system, it's part of the rigged system that i've been talking about since i entered the race. >> the media isn't just against me, they're against all of you. >> reporter: trump is down in nearly every poll with no major must-see events, like a debate, left on the schedule. now it's florida, florida, florida, a state he must win, along with swing pennsylvania, and ohio. but utah, georgia, and arizona, once reliably republican, and essential for a trump victory, are now all up in the air as well, according to nbc news' most recent electoral outlook. even rush limbaugh is skeptical. >> reporter: so is karl rove. >> i doubt that in the just over two weeks we
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that he is conducting, that he's going to be able to swing 1 out of every 10 voters. >> reporter: and today trump himself is admitting the obvious, at least on the radio. >> i think we're figure to have a brexit situation. you know, that one was if behind in the polls. >> reporter: but on stage, he is boisterous. >> we're winning. >> reporter: just like his campaign manager. >> he over-performs many of his polling numbers at the ballot box. >> reporter: the reality on the ground in florida, challenging for trump. democrats have republicans by 50,000 votes. to put it into perspective, president obama won florida by 73,000 votes in 2012. >> it really would require something on the order of something we've never seen in a presidential campaign before, to shift the underlying dynamics. >> reporter: tonight 15 days until the election and donald trump is introducing his own online tv show, a 6:30 p.m. lead into his rallies, meant to counter-program the "nightly news" cast.
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own tv network should he lose. lester? >> thank you, katy. federal crash investigators have arrived in palm springs, california, to investigate a horrific crash that killed 13 people in left many in critical condition. a tour bus that departed a southern california casino, taking passengers to los angeles, when it plowed into a big rig that was slowing down. it's one of the most violent accidents even veteran officers encountered. >> reporter: when first responders arrived, they struggled to reach survivors trapped in the mangled wreckage. 13 dead, 10 women, 3 women, 31 others injured. today the ntsb begins its work. there were no seat belts aboard the older bus. it's unclear whether there was a data recorder. and no reason as to why the driver plowed into the big rig at 5:00 a.m. the driver's hours are part of the investigation. a commercial driver is
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>> we can't say definitively what the cause of the accident was. >> reporter: the tour bus left a casino in salton city, headed to los angeles, 160 miles away. traveling on interstate 10, north of palm springs, there was a construction zone. the fast-moving bus, slamming into a big rig, moving at just five miles an hour. i woke up to screaming, says delia sanchez. we were all sleeping. this man says he was driving the big rig and is thankful to be alive. >> the impact, it hit me from behind. >> reporter: officer hector gutierrez was at the crash site. >> i've been with the department for 16 years and i've, in my career, never seen something like this. >> reporter: the bus company, usa holiday, is family-run. one bus, one driver. the company was involved in a fatal accident nearly a decade ago. but this bus had
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inspections. with four people in critical condition here at the hospital, tonight the california highway patrol says it's looking into the possibility that the driver of that tour bus went inside the casino. they say they are reviewing surveillance tape to determine exactly what he was doing inside that casino before he got back behind the wheel. lefter? >> miguel almaguer in california tonight, thank you. an urnlent manhunt is under way for a injured two officers, stole a patrol car, killed two family members, and is now taunting police on social media about what will happen next. nbc's blake mccoy has details. >> this is more intense than what i thought it was gonna be. to say the least. >> reporter: broadcasting live on facebook, an accused murderer shows off his ak-47 assault rifle. >> this is real, see. that's a [ bleep ] gun. >> reporter: and taunts officers.
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what's up next, stay tuned to your local news. >> reporter: tonight michael vance is injured and on the run. his wanted poster indicates he has a medical condition and may try to spread disease. >> at this point in time, we don't know where he is. >> reporter: the spree of terror began sunday evening with the shooting of two welston, oklahoma, police officers. a good samaritan stopped to help. >> both of them were bleeding pretty bad. so we stopped and i got some old shirts out of the truck and tied them up. they told was running out in the woods. >> reporter: according to the arrest warrant, vance is then accused of stealing a police car, before carjacking another woman, injuring her and killing two of his relatives. kay and ronald wilkson of vance's aunt and uncle. police say vance had recently been accused of sexually assaulting a child, his court date forth coming. a massive manhunt is
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considered armed and extremely dangerous. blake mccoy, nbc news. have a warning tonight about many wi-fi connected smart devices in our home controlling everything from thermostats to garage doors. we know hackers took control of tens of millions of personal devices connected to the internet to use as cyber weapons in that massive cyber attack that crippled major websites last week. nbc's jo ling kent has more now to kp home. >> reporter: a massive cyber attack, infiltrating homes across america. >> it's disconcerting. it's frightening. >> reporter: the new tactic was carried out by hackers to take control of millions of personal devices connected to the internet, like home routers, dvrs, baby monitors, and security cameras. without their owners' knowledge. tens of millions of these devices sent bogus signals to dyn, that allows you access
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and spotify. that information overwhelmed the dyn system, bringing access to those sites to a virtual halt. dyn says the issue was resolved within hours, but the attack highlights a new vulnerability. >> this is a very serious virus. it's a malware virus. it's open source, so anyone can grab it and do bad with it. >> reporter: the attack r raising a red flag for garage doors, thermostats and smartphones are s devices. >> you're opening yourself up to who knows what. >> reporter: dyn says no personal information was stolen and no cameras activated but some experts feel it's only a matter of time. >> companies aren't putting any emphasis on security. >> reporter: to protect yourself, check connected devices around your house and update the software. change passwords on every device, not just your wireless router.
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features. to stay a step ahead of an evolving threat. jo ling kent, nbc news, manchester, new hampshire perform. turning overseas now, where the fighting is closer to mosul. as the operation marches forward, iraqi forces have liberated a christian town that has suffered enormously under isis rule. our richard engel is on the front lines inside iraq. >> reporter: iraq's elite countertri u.s., are at the tip of the spear in the fight against isis. we join their commander, major general man alsady for a tour of their front line positions from a rooftop in the village of bartella, the general barked orders at his lieutenants. down below, tank and machine gunfire from the iraqi forces, was answered with mortar rounds from isis positions. the enemy has had two years to dig in for this battle.
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an advantage. american air power. isis is losing ground, fast. iraqi forces backed up by u.s. air strikes have been blasting their way through village after village, leaving a wake of destruction. so far, the vast majority of these villages have been empty, the civilians having escaped isis long ago. as soon as the iraqi forces reached his hometown of bartella, father john ter achy and his wife were was left of their homes. >> this is two years and three months. >> reporter: father john and his wife thanked the iraqi troops. but isis left its mark. bartella's main church was desecrated and much of the town stands in ruins. >> they will do everything. what can we do? >> reporter: father john salvaged a few books and left again. vowing to return. isis wanted to extinguish christian
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it gave people like father john a choice, convert or die. but many christians managed to escape, waiting for the day when they could return to their homes. now, it seems, their prayers are being answered. lester? >> richard echkel inside iraq tonight. still ahead, growing outrage. why the government is ordering thousands of veterans to repay war time bonuses from a decade ago plus interest. also the new alert from doctors. what they say parents this is lulu, our newest dog. mom didn't want another dog. lulu's hair just floats. uhh help me! (doorbell) mom, check this out. wow. swiffer sweeper, and dusters. this is what i'm talking about. look at that. sticks to this better than it sticks to lulu. that's your hair lulu! mom, can we have another dog? (laughing) trap and lock up to 4x more dirt, dust and hair than the store brand stop cleaning. start swiffering.
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back now with a story sparking outrage from coast to coast. it began in 2006 when the california national guard offered soldiers bonuses to re-enlist to fight in the wars in iraq and afghanistan. now ten years later, the military says thousands of the soldiers didn't actually qualify, and it wants that money back. nbc's anne thompson has details. army intelligence analyst, susan haley, veteran of afghanistan is furious. >> they betrayed me. i gave them my time like i promised. they can't give me my time back. >> she sends more than a quarter of her monthly income, $650 to the military, to repay $26,000 in bonuses she got to re-enlist. >> we've had to dip into our savings. we've completely
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>> reporter: chris van meter earned a purple heart in iraq. he's refinanced his home to cover the $46,000 the military says he shouldn't have gotten. >> i think we really got screwed. and i think it was a slap in the face. >> reporter: both were members of the california national guard, enticed by the guard to re-up with bonuses of $15,000 or more when the pentagon was trying to fill the all-volunteer force from 2006 to 2008. only after the incentives were paid did the pentagon realize not all soldiers quald. soldiers didn't do anything wrong. >> reporter: the story first reported by the los angeles times involves about 10,000 soldiers who owe approximately $20 million. the vfw calls the efforts to get the money back insulting. >> this cannot stand in the way it's going forward now. that's why we asked the department of defense to waif all further outstanding debt for these veterans.
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closely at this matter. these former soldiers say they're already paid. >> i'm proud i was able to support and defend the constitution. >> i did everything they asked me to do and i did it honorably. >> reporter: now hoping the country they proudly served will act honorably as well. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. we're back in a moment with the brand that just snapped a
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? take good care of my baby ?? a number one hit from 1961, a lot of people singing that song as we learned the sad news today. '60s pop idol bobby v. has died. he got his start as a teenager after the day the music died, fill-in act following the plane crash that killed buddy holly and the big bopper. he helped a young bob dylan get his start.
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sferl alzheimer's, he was 73 years old. big headline tonight for the american auto industry. for the first time since consumer reports began putting out its reports of of the most reliable brands in the early pop 80s, a u.s. brand is in the top three. audi and kia round out the top five. and there's news for parents of newborns, the american academy of pediatrics said infants should for their parents in order to lower the risk of sleep-related deaths like sids. doctors say they should sleep on their backs on a firm surface, and avoid blankets, pillows and soft toys while they sleep. when we come back, who is about to see their world series title drought come to
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ergic to gelatin or neomycin, have a weakened immune system or take high doses of steroids are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. the most common side effects include redness, pain, itching, swelling, hard lump warmth or bruising at the injection site and headache. it's important to talk to your doctor about what situations you may need to avoid since zostavax contains a weakened chickenpox virus. remember one in three people get shingles in their lifetime, will it be you? talk you to your doctor or pharmacist about me, you've got a shot against shingles. finally tonight, the chicago cubs have
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title drought in baseball. it's been over a century since the cubbies claimed the championship. but to do it, they'll have to beat the team with the second longest drought, the cleveland indians. here's kevin tibbles. ? ? >> reporter: public enemy number one in chicago for 71 years. murphy the billy goat. aka cubs killer. yes, the loveable losers world series bound. the billy goat has been put on notice. way back then, public enemy al capone was still around, and the cubs were doomed to decades in the cellar. >> why do you keep coming out here? >> because we're dummies. we're dummies. we're too loyal. >> cheese burger, cheese burger, cheese burger. >> reporter: today at the billy goat tavern? >> you want the curse to be over?
6:58 pm
>> reporter: 108 for them. >> exactly. >> reporter: are you going to be able to handle winning? >> absolutely. >> reporter: but the world series has yet to begin and the cubs haven't won it since 1908. back in the days of the model t and before tvs and toasters. cubs fans believe their team is the best thing since sliced bread, which was invented in 1912, four years after their last win. alas cubs fans, there's another team to beat, and they're had a long wait to haven't won the world series since 1948. but they just won the nba championships for the first time ever with some guy named lebron. they're ready for more and that's no mistake. >> reverse the curse! >> reporter: as for billy, everyone's being real nice to him these days. >> go cubs! >> reporter: kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. >> go team. that's going to do it for us on this monday night. i'm lester holt.
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news, thank you for watching and the indians host game one of a world series for the first time in 115 years. the cubs are red hot and riding the wave of ending a long drought by the indians have star power.
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kluber can start the series off with a w and former indians pitcher and analyst joins us. quarterback cody kessler is out with a concussion. we saw kevin hogan, and josh against the jets? we put things in perspective with this, championship banner tomorrow and celebrate the city of champions. >> from the station that sees the possible, channel 3 news by universal windows direct and now channel 3 news at 7:00. on the night before the most amazing night in cleveland sports history, there's a live


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