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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  October 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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series is still tied one game a piece now as it moves to chicago. what's in store out of the wendy city? details coming up john. >> will and the chief wahoo's days numbered? what major league baseball is saying about the future of the mascot. >> reporter: the few to leader of the country will be elected -- future leader of the country will be elected days from now. where both sides are focusing their efforts today. >> thanks tiffany. it's 5 a.m. sharp we are forecasting rain and wind throughout today. so, it's going to be one of those where you have to leave the house with patience a couple late nights with the games and we are all trying to get our jump in the step but know that it probably will be a little more time consumer commute wise especially early today. we are 40s now. and we will end up 50s for highs and it's going to end up midday we see that happen and drop back into the upper 40s
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it becomes more scattered into the afternoon. overcast skies otherwise and the heaviest rains over the past several hours have withoutquestion been close to the lake shore. we see moderate rainfall to the east. especially through lake and ashtabula county and we are also seeing more heavier rains right now to the west moving into lorain. plenty to track throughout the morning and we are going to go hour by hour coming up to see exactly what happens with the rainfall today. this will have an impact on the commute an eye on the roads. >> reporter: yes, it is. we are seeing closures and have seen closures overnight because of accidents and mostly when we see accidents it's because of the rainy morning commute. so you need to use caution as you are traveling. in western summit county state route 172 is closed near state route 93 because of an accident. if you need to get around that you can take wooster street northwest. cleveland west side, west 140th
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and -- lorain and triskit and coming up in 15 minutes, we will look live outside at your highway conditions. john and lynna back to you. >> thanks. all right. the world series all tied up this morning after the cubs defeated the indians last might in game 2 at >> we talked about game one how the cubs were guessing striking out 15 times against kluber and company last night the indians had 12 strikeouts and they weren't hitting last. >> i am. will ujek joins with us more on the loss in game two. >> reporter: it was almost like the script was flipped from game one. the opposite on both sides ghe. to chicago for three games where the indians will -- sides. they go to chicago for three
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to come back here. last night it was the other way around. top one, one out rizzo ropes one into right field corner. throwing to second bryant scores with no play. cubs grab the early 1-0 lead. bauer struggling. racked up 29 pitches in the first inning. 2 on and 2 out for kyle schwarber. we go to runner on first. he lips on this and rizzo motors around and scores the triple and it's 3-0 cubs and they add two extra but indians had no answer. arrieta shut them down. he had a no-hitter through five innings. indians first home lost and francona's first world series loss ever he is now 9-1 but he says they were lucky to only lose by four.
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walks and two errors and we only gave up 5 runs. we probably are pretty fortunate because there was traffic all night. you know, for us to win we generally need to play a clean game and we didn't do that. >> reporter: off day today. game 3 on friday at wrigley. kyle hendricks against tomlin and francona will bring kluber back on game 4 easy decision when you see what he did in game one. >> he makes a good point because watching that game how it felt. >> reporter: yeah it didn't feel like it was a close game. but hopefully that's the stinker they would lay in the world series and it's out of their system. >> sound good. thank you. now the series had heading back to chicago it looks like now the cubs have a big advantage with the pitching matchups but terry francona patched this thing together before. game 3 josh tomlen against kyle hendricks. then game 4 saturday night
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rest. he threw 88 pitches in game one and told francona he wants the ball whenever he is needed. he will face lackey and then game 5 it look leek it been bauer against lester as -- like it will be bauer against lester as they get the ball to miller and the bullpen. get them involved early. the numbers are against them right now but again that's on paper. and francona has done it before. no reason why they can't do it at wrigley this weekend. meanwhile fans at the game, cleveland's world champs were cheering them on. we spotted lebron james jr smith and kevin love and richard geyserson show -- jefferson showing off support. and they showed off the championship rings and are city's favorite fighter was also there. major league baseball tweeted a picture of him and lebron at the game. >> so today looking ahead as
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talk with the media. game 3 tomorrow night. first pitch at the regular time of 8:08. the series moves from cleveland to chicago, politically the focus is on northeast ohio today. >> tiffany tarpley is here to explain with what's happening with 12 days until the november election. >> reporter: the count down is on and, of course, both the clinton and trump camps are working those states including right here in ohio. let's show you the results of the latest usa today poll that shows national averages with hillary clinton leading the way but as we know, this has been a tight race and proof of how key ohio is, might be reflected in donald trump' schedule today. stopping first in springfield then toledo and ashtabula county. that's here in northeast ohio.
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high school this afternoon with al franken and kaine is in the buckeye state and spent sometime at progressive field last night with senator brown at the game for the world series. but you may want to know who is kaine rooting for indians or cubs. well he is a tribe fan but hillary clinton coo long time cubs fan. so a party divided there. but i did do research and real quick online. couldn't find anything on so i tweeted him and we will see if he tweets me back. >> reporter: okay-- >> okay. we will see thanks so much tiffany 5:07 right now. hazmat crews were busy cleaning up a fuel spill at hopkins airport this morning a spokesperson for the airport told us frontier airlines plane began to spill fuel undergoing a maintenance check. crews responded immediately to the spill. luckily things didn't impact airport operations. the plane was scheduled to take off later this afternoon.
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housing complex sent two men to the hospital. more than 30 rounds of ammunition were fired at the arbor park housing complex on the east side. according to police, there were multiple shootings there yesterday and into the night. the overnight incident left one man shot and the other with a dislocated shoulder. both were taken to metra. no word on their conditions. the man accused of fatally shooting 15-year-old sunny patel during a armed robbery in cleveland guilty. daveion perry shot and killed patel while he was working at mr. hero. patel's aunt and uncle own the restaurant. p perry is in the cuyahoga county jail on 1 million dollars bond and will be sentenced on friday. lakewood police are asking for help in finding a missing woman. take a good look at these photos. officers say 24-year-old roaa al
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tattoo on the left wrist. anyone with information is urged to call lakewood police. time is 5:09. the chief wahoo controversy continues. latest company asking employees not to wear the logo. >> and rallying together. tribe fans are taking over social media. we will tell you what's trending online as the world series continues hi hollie. >> hey lynna and happy thursday. it's rainy and breezy if you are going to grab -- going to grab the um bellsa and -- umbrellas and rain codes. what's ahead? -- raincoats. what's ahead? the trick or treat forecast. we will look at all of that and we are on twitter at wkyc. look at the winds blowing around this morning. as we look live downtown, we are still all in rally together. we have got this. 7 game series people.
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5:13. back to the indians now. two years ago we introduceed you to the little super fan who has huge connections with the teamand organization. so, when the indians were set to take to the field on tuesday for game one, he was right there cheering them on. he suffers from cerebral palsy but that hasn't stopped him or his family from attending one of each of the post game series. many companies have given employees the option to wear tribe gear to work but that brought up the chief wahoo controversy. metra health asked employees to not wear the wahoo apparel saying it goes against respect inclusiveity and diversity. it is another sign of wahoo struggles.
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with the indians owners to discuss the future of wahoo. indians fans have been rallying together on social media to show support for the team. >> greg d has look at the tribe's trending topics this morning. >> reporter: i took to insta gram and -- instagram to look at your post. saw a lot of this. the coats and winter coats and the hats and everyone here celebrating in the cold weather d during yesterday's games. and it's not just the pets the people bundled up but the pets too. they were wearing the tribe gear this from ak flossy on instagram says she is happy her dogs are just as big tribe fans as she is. and they certainly were wearing the gear with pride. here's another one from at cuyahoga dogs this one is ready to be adopted too so for a
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great picture there. love shots like that. and it seems like there was love between joe buck and kyle schwarber yesterday and folks did this and this guy said that you know they are looking to spending the off season together walking down on the beach photo shopping that picture joe buck the fox announcer who seemed to be all over kyle yesterday. that is not unnoticed on social media. really it's cleveland that was also shining in all progressive field yesterday. this instagram tweet from dr. natalie joe great picture there and it was also a good night for this kid his name is joshua and you have to end with a positive story. make a wish foundation took time and money to bring him to the world series. it was one of his wishes. so the make a wish foundation helping to fulfill joshua's wish yesterday. they are all over the pictures
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all over there instagram and twitter feed a positive story at the world series last night. >> that's great. >> the cold weather affected everyone including terry tran conia who -- francona who talked about how it affected him he tried to use the rest room. >> he to go potty. >> he will talk about it -- he had to go potty. >> he will talk about it. >> that's a tough call. >> it is. we will talk about it. 5:16. hey, here sur chance to be 3. samantha says her nephew has his rally towel ready and you can show off your indians pride and be on 3. just share your pix of your pets your kids your favorite moments from the stadium using facebook or twitter and the hashtag be on 3. we may use them on the air. hi hollie. >> hey. coming up on -- 5:17. heading out to the bus stop we have umbrellas and fleeces on. temperatures in the 40s and
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47 degrees right now at hopkins. so the deal is this it's going to be wet roads for the morning commute and i think that it will be scattered and wet roads even into the afternoon a bit. so we have got jackets and dealing with the breezy cool weather through today in addition to the scattered rain at times. weekend is looking warmer. wait until you see. it's going to put a smile on your face and yes, in a nutshell we are up to 57 for today. so not too far from where we should be for highs this time of the year but it midday. and then we will see temperatures drop back into the upper 40s to near 50 towards this evening. over the next several hours, thewinds that's another huge part of this. 10 to 15 and 20 miles per hour sustained with higher gusts. so wind chills right now yes, feel like temperatures are in the 30s in some spots. 35 degrees it was it feels like in ashtabula where it's been raining and it's just the raw
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northeast ohio and really it's been along the lake shore we have seen the heaviest rains over the past several hours. still seeing them over into ashtabula lake county starting to clear out a bit but light showers are moving through and we have got scattered light rain around akron and look what's developed into lorain county. another area of moderate to heavy rain at this point from lorain over into wellington and so this is going to down. it's all about common sense and patience and allowing extra time. danielle has been talking about slow downs and we will look at the traffic in a moment. through 9:30 this morning, steady rains continue. it becomes much more scattered into the afternoon. overcast skies remain and this evening we could have a few leftover showers before things kind of calm. we will be mainly cloudy overnight and i think back to sunshine just in time for friday. tomorrow more of a clearing
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afternoon. should be a seasonal day before we get into the warmer weather for the weekend. window nation 7-day forecast, by saturday, highs around 70 degrees. that's not a mistake. and it looks like sunday should be more rain chances about a 50%chance at this point. low 60s. halloween looks fabulous. partly sunny highs in the low 60s. trick or treat is in the 50s we jump back up to near 70 tuesday and back into the 60s on wednesday now let's roads. it's 5:19. >>wkyc traffic is brought to you by mike bass ford get a great deal and great deal more at mike bass ford. good morning to you. it's a rainy commute this thursday morning. so please use caution because look at i-90 at worcester road. slick roads and we are -- wooster road we have slick roads and geerting reports of accidents on west side west 140 is closed between lorain and tries kit -- triskit road
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here's 271 at mayfield road in mayfield heights and the lanes are wet so use caution we are wet to the south my i will have the next traffic report at 5:33. grow, grow, grow i don't feel like we are here to stay in one place so we are here on earth to grow. >> and sometimes we are each other's catalyst for growth that's the message of a mural cr the wall of the ywca independence place. the creation is a result of last week's rising episode focusing on a woman who struggled aging out of foster care. art students at the high school designed and painted it with the input of rest he dents and one thing to -- residents and one thing to know 80% of residents have aged out of foster care 100% have been homeless. so hopefully that will help to
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are facing. >> a striking statement. thanks so much danielle for sharing that. it's 5:21. managing your money. the new app that makes balancing your budget even easier coming up. dear fellow citizen, time spent with my son really makes me appreciate "the now". but i also have to plan for my family's future. and that means taking on debt. in a smart way.
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and if he needs a college loan down the road, that'll be worth it too. it's all about having a strategy, that fits your life. so, if you have a question about how to make debt work for you, ask me.
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i did not email any, um, classified material. really? the fbi said there were 110 classified emails that were exchanged...
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i respect the second amendment. but behind closed doors, hillary told liberal elites... the supreme court is wrong on the second amendment. hillary will lie about anything to get elected. the nra institute for legislative action is responsible for the content of this advertising. organize your bills and budget can be stressful and confusing. >> thankfully there's an app th >> reporter: hi everyone. i am greg dee with money saving geek fix we all want to get better financially organized but it can just seem so overwhelming. there are so many bank accounts and credit cards and bills to keep track of. our phones our tablets and computers are there to help. this is called the mint app you down load it and go to the website and sign up for free account. up to be comfortable with --
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sharing your bank account and credit card and service information it takes the information your bills your balances on credit cards and how much you make and it keeps track of everything. it shows you how much you got in your bank account and how much is on your credit cards and then it takes a look at your charges and actually breaks them down. you can look at a graph of your spending and see how much youspent on your home and how much on food and dining and maybe the five dollars coffee runs you make every morning this will sh they add up to at the end of the year. all this information is available free on the website or over on ios and android and it's really the first step in getting financially smart and organized so you can start saving money. check out the mint app in the app store today. have great day everybody. >> all right thank you greg. and coming up at 6, we will have household life hacks. >> the life hacks. >> they are back.
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you money at home. >> i love your life hacks lynna. >> we missed them every thursday. >> you don't even know. >> oh stop. >> i am being serious. >> memo to the boss they need to come back every week. >> if you have no idea what her life hacks are in you -- railroad-- hack are you are in for a treat. you need to take it easy. patience. and you know we are planning on scattered rain shower chances throughout the day. we will f upper 40s towards the evening. it's going to have the chilly vibe. wind chills right now are actually in the 30s with the winds whipping around. travel map shows the rain moving through. look at all the beautiful clear weather to our west. we have got the weekend forecast coming up. we will look at the trick or treat weather too. >> all right thanks. okay i will walk here a little bit.
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>> oh. >> mommy. >> coming up a night of fear and thrills. we will go inside the haunted house with matt granite and greg dee. >> it might scare some people christmas is 59 days away. great lakes is tapping into the christmas spirit. how to get your hands on this year's chris mag ale.
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welcome back to channel 3 news. we begin the morning rush with a recap of the world series. not the outcome indians -- outcome the indians why looking for. last night in -- were lookingfor. last night it was all about the cubbies as they switched the script and it looked like repay of game wouldn't other way around. couldn't get anything going but the cubs did early and often. bauer racked up 30 pitches in the first inning.
5:31 am
with jake arrieta. he had a no hitter through five innings and now they head to chicago for game 3 after the 5- 1 win by the cubs. hooking ahead we have kyle hendricks against josh tomlin. helped ribs lead major was 2.13. -- hendricks lead the major with a 2.13era a big reward after giving up a seat on an l.a. to cleveland flight to none other than kenny lofton. he wanted to make sure he made it to cleveland to throw out tuesday's care mondayial first -- ceremonial first pitch. loston was -- lofton was on stand by. united airlines gave him 62,200 airline miles to use on future flight. why that number? lofton has 622 stolen bases in
5:32 am
>> i know right. >> okay. senator robb portman tweeted these photos and said game time packed house great to be here to watch a group of guiles that -- guys that jelled as a team and he faces ted strickland in the election next month. hillary clinton's running mate is here in cleveland tonight. he showed his support for the indians at the world series game alongside senator brown. tiffany. >> reporter: this afternoon, tim kaine will be in county for a rally at lorain high school this afternoon. it should begin around 12:30 in the afternoon and he will urge supporters of hillary clinton to vote early. that's scheduled to start around 12:30. will you later in the evening donald trump will -- but later in the evening donald trump will head each to ashtabula county at 7 and, of course, both campaigns are focusing on battleground states including ohio and the november election
5:33 am
election is on tuesday november 8th. john the christmas holiday spirit will officially be on tap in cleveland this morning. the great lakes brewery is hosting the christmas ale first pour party. doors for the annual event open at 11. brewers santa will deliver and tap the first keg of christmas ale at 11:30. the event is free and opened to the public. hollie. >> is that a christmas cookie perhaps? we have rain showers as good morning. it's going to be okay. we will get through the day and we will get through the series and rally together. grab the umbrellas and raincoats and let's do it. 50s for highs and 40s right now. as we get into the evening, we fall back into the 40s. and we will end up at the warmest into the the middle part of the -- into the middle part of the day. this morning it lots of rain it is more scattered in the afternoon but past several hours as you've been asleep we
5:34 am
that east west and even south in spots. heavy rains approaching cleveland lorain county has been seeing some pretty moderate to heavy rain showers along with ashtabula county further east and lake county. so the roads are wet. a lot of leaves coming down with all the winds and that makes it really super slick. so just be careful. take a little extra time on your commute. 9 this morning we stin to see -- continue to see rain showers and by 2 this afternoon it's chance i moment. we have a look at your drive and it's a mess. yes and it's a wet mess. we have road closures because of this. now to the south, state route 172 remains closed near 93. this is just west of 21 in this is because of an accident. if you need to get around this take wooster northwest and i spoke to cleveland police and they don't know how long west 140th street will be closed
5:35 am
to an accident as well. take barea road as an option and when you hit the roads tune into wtam, 1100 total traffic and they will have updates every ten minutes. back to you. >> thanks danielle. 5:35 right now. and topping the morning news feed, a pilot is grounded in south dakota after police say he tried to fly while intoxicated. rapid city police arrested the sky west pilot responding to a alcohol. the charge operating an airport under -- arab under the influence of -- aircraft under the influence of alcohol. he is on administrative leave and been removed from flying duties during the investigation. a tennessee family is suing amazon for 30 million dollars. they blame the online retailer for selling them a hoverboard that caught fire and destroyed their home back in january. the family's lawsuit claims amazon failed to warn customers
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falsely represented and did not contain an original samsung advanced bat theory as advertised. if you want fun to the politics there's a new app to try. it's called hillary donald go. it's like pokemon go but with a political twist. so here's how it works. visit different locations to show support for your favorite candidate. just like a vote, the more good vibes the candidate gives the better. you give the candidates point by shaking your ph iphone and android. john. all right. time 5:36. the weather didn't play a factor last night in game 2 but the cold did keep terry francona from making one very important move during the 4th inning e talked about the dugout decision next in sports. speaking of the weather it's affecting a lot of things this morning. look at this rain really coming down. hollie has the forecast. we will spell out the weekend
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5:39. after growing outrage california national -- outrage, the california national guard will not ask the nomes repay thousands -- members to repay thousands in enlistment bonus. >> it's a order from ash carter to the pentagon. tracie potts has the latest and joins us live this morning. hi tracie. >> reporter: hey john and
5:40 am
nowthey are suspending collection while they try to figure out a faster way to deal with the cases individually starting january 1st. they want to expedite the cases to take no more than about 6 months until july 1st to tell soldiers whether or not they are going to have to pay back the money -- to have to pay back the money. it's. >> the blanket waiver and he was clear. it doesn't mean they won't have to pay it back. it means they want it more -- to more quickly decide which of ly guardsmen and women may have to pay the money back. we are talks about tens of millions of dollars up to 25,000 per person in bonuses given for some of the soldiers to go back for a second tour of duty in iraq and afghanistan. and years later they were told that they had to pay the money back. because some of them were ineligible and some cases the paperwork to prove they were eligible was missing. now what secretary carter says is that some soldiers knew they
5:41 am
but in many cases, that's not the case and he wants those evaluating to favor the soldier as they try to figure this out. it really blew up because of an audit that found there were hundreds of recruiters giving out bonuses recruiters knew the soldiers were not eligible for. and so the soldiers are arguing the recruiters should be in hot water and not people who were wounded who came back and in some cases had to mortgage their s back. another issue is what about people who have already paid back all the money and there are some of them. will they get reimbursed by the government. secretary carter says they may but can't do anything about tax liens credit scores and other collections as a result of the financial situation that some of the soldiers have found themselves in. >> goodness what a mess. we will see how they sort it out thanks for the update.
5:42 am
the world series the biggestdifference in game two was cubs hiters were more aggressive than game one. kluber had the big lineup on the ropes and they were guessing. kluber threw 88 pitches in 6 innings. bauer threw 87 in 3 plus innings. they were attacking bauer versus hanging back trying to figure out kluber and the nasty slider. after game one joe man said with the 15 strikeouts he liked the way his hitters were swinging -- madden said with way the hitters were swinging the back. the cubs were even better this year at home. 57-24 at wrigley this year. as for the weather, moving the game time up an hour helped with the rain that was moving into the area. the conditions really didn't play a factor except for maybe terry francona in the dugout. he was asked about dealing with the cold. >> balmy. balmy 43.
5:43 am
i mean, it was so cold i tried to go to the bathroom in the 4th inning and i couldn't. that's about-- that tells you enough. can i go? >> yes please. please. yes. that's good. thank you. >> he had to go again. he was quick to leave. looks like it will be a little warmer and dry for the 3 games at wrigley this weekend. that should help terry go if he has to go. yeah. all right in westbook's first game without kevin durant and not a warm welcome. after scoring the basket and the foul there, sixers fans started to yell at him and made that gesture at him. well that was not very nice. this is why philly fans get the reputation they have. the fan was booted out of the arena westbrook scored 32 and the win for thunder. so he is 1-0. kevin durant is 0- 1 with the warriors.
5:44 am
>> he is telling him he is number one right? >> exactly right lynna. >> look at that hollie. >> oh my gosh. this is called confirmation. >> breaking news. >> this is at the science center downtown cleveland right now. we are getting really steady moderate to heavy rain and it's breezy and with the winds, temperatures feel like they are in the 30s for some of you. a breezy rainy day. that's the and otherwise overcast skies. we will end up around 57 for high today. but it's going to happen midway through. then we will fall back into the upper 40s to near 50 towards the evening. we are 40s now. 5:44. come on, get the coffee going. i am know -- i know. kind of hard to get the groove in the step on mornings like this. but the deal is tomorrow is friday and we have got a warmup on the way. we have got the winds to deal with today. and they will be sustained from
5:45 am
packing a punch. you are feeling it right now. 30s those are the feel likes temperatures in are a vena and youngstown -- ravenna and youngstown and the rest of you in the 40s. lots of rain and this is going to be you know concentrated more so this morning than into the afternoon. it's a lake shore soaker. most certainly where we have seen most of the rain throughout the overnight hours. now as you wake up. there are showers inland too but the heaviest have th to the lake. and there's the heavy rain in cleveland west and east side getting hit. we have got some scattered rain around akron and light showers over into portage county. pretty impressive as we look west over into lorain county too. there was heavy rain that moved through. it's the same thing that cleveland is seeing now. west lake is with out -- westlake is about out of the heavier rains but seeing light showers and south i mean look
5:46 am
strong phil seeing showers parma showers and umbrellas and jackets go without saying. nice morning to maybe put something in the crock pot you know cozy and you come home from work and get the kids from school and everything is ready to go for you. it's one of the days. comfort food for sure. 10 a.m. we have showers showing up and it is must mosh -- much more scatter in the afternoon. should wind down completely and we are planning on sunshine as we get into your friday. and a warmup for the we are talking about that one. window nation 7-day forecast, tomorrow we are back to partly sunny skies. pretty seasonal looking day. 70 on saturday. yeah, i said it and we will be 60s with scattered shower chance sunday. monday halloween the weather looks good. highs in the 60s trick or treat will be 50s. 5:46 let's do doggone weather. archie. >> oh. >> from chagrin falls. >> what a cutie. >> he loves crisp fall days and
5:47 am
isn't this nice. bobby sent the picture in. thanks so much bobby. >> so excited. >> yeah. we will see the tribe win this weekend. all right. so we are not winning on the commute. it's okay we will get through this. it's 77 at harvard avenue. aid slick drive throughout the region so you need to use caution and as you are coming into downtown, don't forget about that construction barrels that you will see 77 north as the right. we are seeing wet roads throughout the region and multiple accidents. west 130th remains shut down between lorain and triskit because of a earlier crash. detour about a rhea road as a debar -- berea road as a alternate. here at channel 3 we have
5:48 am
would be great fun to send some of the morning show crew to a haunted house. >> some? just not us. >> not us. we are not going. >> absolutely not. greg matt and intern cody took cameras with them and got it all on camera. take a look. >> they are waiting for you. >> i want to go forward. >> the next one. >> i will watch you okay. so far it's fine. greg you want to change places? >> there are bodies. >> that's scary. >> go tribe.
5:49 am
>> oh. this is what interns are for. >> >> why are you following me now? don't you get kid to attend why are you following me now? >> this is what greg and i noticed quickly. so. >> what did you notice. >> reporter: we got you know a little freaked out at the odd time but we realized that intern cody was reacting on another level so greg made the rule interns go first. >> oh. >> that's what they are for. >> reporter: yeah and just about an hour from now we will
5:50 am
not scared at all intern cody was greg myself and cody will be here and it's going to be reaction you don't want to miss. >> and to the moms and dads we are looking for new interns for the winter. to work with them. >> reporter: coming up after the break we will capture something else on tape. all the halloween concerns caught on this coming your way on ways to save. >> thanks matt. here's your chance to check out the same haunted matt and greg toured with cody the third caller right now wins two tickets to the haunted schoolhouse and haunted laboratory. good luck. >> intern cody is going with
5:51 am
the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man!
5:52 am
n. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
5:53 am
all right in ways to save we take a stand against vandalism and home intruders. >> that's right. matt granite here. first you scared us now keep us safe. >> reporter: absolutely. we have to make sure that all of those requests that have
5:54 am
surveillance systems get into people's hands before halloween. obviously halloween is when all the vandals and concerns really run rampant. and also, for those that missed the last security camera deal i featured a mong ago it was a camera it was great. but what i have today offers 350 degrees of property protection all controlled from anywhere in the world at black friday pricing. take a look at this bad boy in action. obviously all intruders look like our intern casey. but test we ran you are able to control the camera by swiping your finger across the screen. now the camera you see is an inferior version to the one i am holding up right now which has 1080phd vision but with the night vision you can see casey perfectly. i want to remind you that this 24-hour free monitoring hd video system that works with apple and android windows will send the footage to the
5:55 am
it is absolutely outstanding. black friday price 2-way voice communication to communicate with a potential culprit and you get smart phone alerts motion detection and as i said that black friday price 80 dollars off. it's the smallest system jam packed with the features absolutely love this thing. not a paid product. i don't care whether you buy it but aid great nanny cam or pet ca someone who's elderly. >> for 08 -- $08. >> reporter: and you can -- $08. >> reporter: and you can see -- $80 ors and you -- >> reporter: and you can see your house in pitch-black. the top stories are ahead. >> let's check in with will. >> reporter: the world series is back to square one tied up at one game a piece. what happened to the tribe last night how to did he -- how do they fick it in -- fix it in chicago. >> reporter: the trump and
5:56 am
i will let you know what's hpg in ohio -- happening in ohio today. >> no ear bud jack and now no ipads apple delayed the release of the wireless headphones. >> and more money for me. i will show you money saving life hacks for your home. hollie. >> can't wait. we have a look at forecast and man it's soaker. rain coming down and many of you waking up to the not only heavy rains but lots of leaves down from all the breezy conditions throughout morning. we will end up in the 50s and 40s as we wake up. umbrellas raincoats and patience as you leave the house this morning for the morning drive. it's 5:56. it's also thursday weekend is almost here.
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this channel 3 morning newscast is made possible by universal windows direct. you will say i love my windows and now channel 3 news today. >> reporter: with two games in the books the world series back to square one as they head to chicago. what happened to the tribe last night and how do they fix it? details coming up. the indians may be headed to chicago but big political players will be in northeast ohio today lynna. >> all right and more money for me. simple tricks to help you save money at home. hi hollie. >> hi. and a great thursday morning to you. it's thursday october 27th and it's raining. most of you waking up to a lot of wet weather breezy weather temperatures in the 40s right now. and it's going to remain rainy


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