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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  October 29, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EDT

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damage, just some of the problems in elementary schools in the river side district. many of of the schools were built back in the 20s i've seen -- >> i've seen where some of the classrooms have buckets in the rooms for water. it's hard to stay focused sometimes when you have all those distractions for you. >> reporter: he is voting for issue 5 on november 8th. if two bigger elementary schools. they say it's essentially less expensive to build new schools than repairing issues with existing ones. school board member says it's a win for the whole community. >> people see new schools they want to come here, their property value goes up.
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might not look the levy costing. most people we talk to see it as an important investment and is cheering on issue 5. >> for someone working or living in the district it could be something good. >> reporter: it could be open for august of 2019. we will keep you updated about what happens come election day. there are also three other ballot. cleveland's issue 108. and baria issues will deci issue 11 v. and cuyahoga falls voters will decide on issue 41. we learned that trump supporters are already showing
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board of elections. they found election officials to call on local police to step up patrol at the polls. >> donald trump adding to his claim. >> a totally rigged election. >> with a new tweet. there was voter fraud happening now and before election day. >> we have policies and procedures in place that protect every ballot. >> reporter: like double locked doors in security areas, a democrat have one key. ballots arriving, envelopes removed from envelopes, carefully checked registrations kept in a locked room to be opened right before election day. trump's creating phony watch dogs. >> i say, you get a letter or a certification from the trump campaign. >> reporter: ohio secretary of
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to be rigged. >> it's dangerous for our election system and our country and a dem accuracy. >> reporter: election officials hoping to give. >> the public confidence that the bat lol will be protected, secure and counted. we have met with the sheriff's office. we will meet with a plan. >> reporter: attention and sparks flying with the polls, claims. >> how many americans plan to cast their votes this election tthere is a huge increase from 20 years ago. in 1996 about 127 million americans registered to vote. in 2012 that grew to 146 million. this year, as of mid october, there are about 200 million registered voters. two ohio lawmakers are looking to change a state law so
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ease at the ballot -- selfies at the ballot box. it is intended to voter fraud. while state law may not change by november 8th, ohio allows local jur dikss toss decide how to enforce that law. coming up, more on today's october surprise pa panel of experts fbi's prob e into hillary clinton's emails. a 102 voter weighs in on this historic election and shares her dreams for our country. how halloween costumes are taking on a new meaning during
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. welcome back as to talk politics tonight. i'm joined this week from two colleagues by the dealer. let's talk about this bomb shell, the fbi saying it's going to re-open the investigation in hillary clinton's email server 11 days before the election how big a deal is this. >> it's pretty big for clinton
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more thorough investigation. it looks like he is going to get one. it doesn't matter what comes out of this and nothing is going to come out in the next 11 days, whether or not there is wrongdoing here, whether or not there is an implication of wrongdoing flt this is going to be a head line for hillary clinton at a time when she was hoping to run away from the race and putting some distance between her and donald trump. maybe peel off s ground states. now she is going to be back on the defensive. >> the justice department, the state department go out of their way to even imply that they could be doing anything that affects a presidential election, the fact that they've done this so close to the election, what does that say to you? >> the fbi director has been under a lot of scrutiny and saying i have been up front with
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and then through a separate investigation they've come across new emails. he had no choice by to immediately tell congress. that's the dynamic that forced the decision forward. once you tell congress, it obviously becomes a head line. i don't think he wanted to it be caught having not revealed he found more emails when he said, hey, i thought we had everything. >> so this is a cloud that's going to hang over hillary >> if she is elected president which the electric tore yal models show is the fairt. whatever the conclusion is, whenever the conclusion is, that's certainly something you don't want hanging over a transition. >> let's talk about what's going to happen in the next week-and-a-half. if you're donald trump and hillary clinton, how much time are you going to spend in owe eye owe. >> he is going to have to
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having a corrupt opponent. this is going to be front and center. it already has been. he has made comparisons that this is bigger than water gait. without knowing what's -- water gate. i don't know if it is going to change much among his supporters. the shirts that have hillary clinton's face behind bars. this is just going to pump up what may have been for him that had maybe losing a little steam given the polls. so, i think it's really going to help him. >> henry at this point pretty much anybody's ball game in ohio. >> it's been up for grabs in ohio. hillary clinton has never been able to move far ahead. she has democrats at the state party and throughout the state working with her campaign in perfect harmony. donald trump doesn't have that
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those last few voters over the last weeks of voting, identifying which voters haven't cast a ballot. clinton's campaign is going to be behind trump's campaign in regard to that. she does have some stuff in her favor for ohio, it's close. and donald trump has a demographic advantage. >> i've never seen anything quite like thchlt as w toward the home stretch we see several october surprises. one could argue today's was pretty big. it was right up there. what do you expect over the next week-and-a-half. could you see more of these. >> i fear leaving the studio, there will be news breaking between my office and the car. wefr going to clearly see more
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email. >> do you want discount the video or audio of donald trump out there staying stupid thing. there was always the sense after that video came out a few weeks ago that that was only the beginning and researchers were waiting for the right time to unleash the rest of them. i would say now with the fbi break we could see more on that. >> stay tuned.
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. the world is watching the race for the white house this year. >> especially our friends in canada who are paying close attention to the campaign. john eks mrors their views and how -- explores their views and how they are casting a different kind of vote. >> we came for canada's perspective on the election. >> i was going to say shameful, but i think more sad tha >> it didn't really happen. >> i don't know how you people tolerate that. aren't there any smart people in the states anymore? >> don't say that. >> because your politics is always far more entertaining than ours. really in the sense that it's turned into a full side show. >> reporter: clinton and trump, side show? >> for americans living abroad i think it is fair to say we are
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>> it is not uncommon for people here in canada to be interested in our presidential election. but there is something different in british columbia this year. this year people can actually put their monday where their mouth is the. >> we can't vote but i guess we can bet. >> they can place wagers on the vote. about this category. >> reporter: it makes for interesting reading trump was 100 to 1 shot in january of 2015. >> you can say he has less chance than alien life to be the second candidate. >> reporter: last week book makers gave him 17 to 5 odds.
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that's a 19% chance of victory. clinton's gone from a 50/50-shot to about 84% chance. >> i think it's fair to say there is a certain hollywood factor to this election that tu haven't seen previously. >> kids certainly have a lot to say about this year's presidential race. when ask what qualities would make a good president, here's what one group had to say. >> no selfish president would probably with respect to candidates to other president. >> for advice they would give trump and clinton, these kids say control your temper and don't be mean to one another. at one o two a texas woman
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when she was born woodrow wilson was president. >> at 102 helen porter doesn't spend a lot of time thinking about her own future. she's focused on the country. >> what would happen if they did away with. >> reporter: she has a little bit of life experience. she's a christian and a liberal but not a diehard republican presidents. reagan was a good republican president. >> when she was 18 she voted republican because that's what er dad did. she married a farmer. and shortly after watched the nation suffer through the great depression. >> i was lucky to even have a job. >> that's when she saw firsthand the power of politics. >> you read more and you learn more, and you just make
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democrat, start social security. she watched farms in iowa, including her own. since then she's voted democrat. >> if we get the right woman there, it will be a wonderful theng to happen for our country. we just hope and pray that hillary clinton is the right woman. >> reporter: she loves politics but it doesn't picture. she is a mother of three, a great great great grandmother to one. she's been through a lot and she's tough. that's tough, not nasty. >> i wouldn't approve of any man calling a woman nasty and on the public telev. >> reporter: soon the nation will elect its 45th president,
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call that president madam president. coming up, serving up political scares.
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0 pichlt with the election just around the corner and halloween, many are decorating their homes to give a new meaning. >> reporter: watch out kid scary. while you trick or treat, politicians have their hands out for votes. from monday tan a to michigan, the bone yard at nina's home is filled with her political poltergeist. but in ohio hillary is the
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and in connecticut, there is the wall. >> my big goal in this is to get people to think. >> reporter: matt is definitely doing that. this professor of american history is so fed up, his annual display is a monument to the ghouls and gob lins of politics. >> in order to get the candy you have to have the passport with you. he's feature b bars, hillary riding a dong ee and his personal nem sis, donald trump -- nemesis, donald trump, blowing smoke. >> reporter: for fright night this year, carving up pumpkins and politicians. >> that was kevin reporting. thank you for joining us for this decision 2016 special.
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breaking news tonight. a bombshell from the fbi director, 11 days to the election, the feds investigating newly discovered e-mails related to the hillary clinton private server case. found during a separate probe into sexting allegations against her top aide's husband, anthony weiner. new information still coming in, donald trump seizing on a stunning turn of events. more breaking news. emergency at o'hare, an american airlines on the runway, panic on board, smoke billowing from the plane as passengers race to escape with their lives. and baby powder and cancer. a jury awards a woman $70 million after she claimed it caused her ovarian cancer. did johnson & johnson fail to warn the public about a possible link? "nightly news" begins right now. from nbc news
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nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. with 11 days to go, the head of the fbi dropped a bomb in the race for president this afternoon. one that has the trump campaign celebrating and the clinton camp scratching its head. director james comey revealing that newly discovered e-mails have turned up that have fbi agents once again back on the trail of hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. the source of the e-mails is the other big surprise here. nbc news has learned they didn't come from even wikileaks, but rather they were found on a computer belonging to anthony weiner, the estranged husband of clinton's long-time aide huma abedin, and the target of a sexting investigation. for clinton, it's too soon to know the legal consequences, but the political fall-out may be immediate. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has late details. >> reporter: nearly four months after saying its investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail serve ers of
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no charges, fbi director james comey said new e-mails have come to light. he said the e-mails surfaced in an unrelated case and appear to be pertinent to the investigation. he said the fbi cannot yet assess whether or not this material may be significant and that agents will now determine whether the e-mails contain classified information and evaluate their importance. comey declined to say what the unrelated case is, but law enforcement officials say the e-mails were found computer belonging to former congressman neath anthony weiner. the fbi has been investigating whether wiener broke the law by sending sexually explicit photos and messages to an underage girl. officials say abedin used the laptop to e-mail clinton. the official also said there's no indication so far that anyone was withholding evidence. fbi officials say
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abundance of caution and that investigators have no idea whether the e-mails would change his conclusion in july about whether here use of a private e-mail server for classified information was from a crime. >> our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> unless there's evidence that shows intent or withholding, it's hard to see there would be a different result just because there were more classified e-mails that were went >> reporter: fbi officials say the case had not been formally closed because of pending freedom of information issues. after telling congress in july that the investigation of the private server was completed. >> and a lot of voters waiting to see how this plays out. is there a timetable as to whether they might have resolution? >> comey says in the
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and officials have no idea whether the new e-mails contain classified information or not, and it's possible some may duplicate what the fbi has already seen, but there's absolutely no way it will be done by election day, lester. >> pete williams in our washington newsroom, thank you. this stunning news sent both the clinton and trump campaigns scrambling to act. donald trump down in the polls, these new developments. we have it all covered starting with nbc's kristen welker. kristen, what's the word there? >> lester, good evening. tonight, clinton campaign officials tell me they learned about the fbi's news by news reports. now they're saying the short statement plays right into republicans' hands. tonight the clinton campaign calling the fbi director's move extraordinary for its timing.
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why this step was taken with just 11 day days to go. >> reporter: on the plane, the campaign touting its early voting numbers. >> that hillary coalition is turning out in record levels across the country. overall, we're seeing very high turn-out. >> reporter: but then moments later and in mid flight, news that the issue that's haunted clinton for months, her e-mails, wa plane. ignoring reporters' questions. in iowa she rallied her most dedicated supporters, women. >> we've got work to do. >> reporter: but no mention of the fbi's announcement. >> i made a mistake using a private e-mail. >> that's for sure. >> reporter: and it comes after a rocky week, days of headlines about hacked e-mails released by wikileaks, including a
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aide to bill clinton called bill clinton inc, a strategy for securing millions in speaking fees from clinton foundation donors. clinton's team hoping to move that story off the front page with reports she was looking past election day, considering joe biden to be secretary of state. although biden tonight saying he's not interested. so could the fbi announcement be a game-changer? voters reacting today in battleground florida. >> it is very, very concerning. we want to know all what's going on. it's alarming. >> for weeks, james comey has been the clpt campaign's best friend. he gave hillary clinton a clean bill of health. now he's injected at the last minute, major uncertainty into this race. >> on a day where the clinton team appeared upbeat, tonight more somber as they face a big hurdle. >> reporter: this is katy tur covering from the trump campaign. a reenergized donald trump took the stage
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>> the fbi have discovered new e-mails pertaining to the former secretary of state hillary clinton's investigation. >> reporter: after weeks down in the polls, today's fbi news came as a shot in the arm to trump's struggling campaign. >> this is bigger than watergate. >> reporter: trump, who has called the election rigged, the system corrupt and derided the fbi's investigation, suddenly changed his tune. >> it might not be as right? right? >> reporter: the trump team hoping to regain momentum, long saying anthony weiner would prove to be a problem for hillary clinton. >> anthony weiner, who's a sleaze ball and a pervert. >> reporter: the gop nominee is welcoming the distraction from a slew of headlines questioning his commitment in the final stretch. as the latest report showed he only contributed $30,000 to his campaign this month. trump's big cash


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