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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  October 31, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the cubs but they did take 2 out of 3 where they are headed home and there is a rowdy group of tribe faithful's waiting on them. after last night's loss, we were there as the team made its way back to cleveland. coming up, we let you know why fans are still holding out hope. john? will her emails her here in ohio? clinton brings her campaign to town election day. let's get a look at that forecast. happy halloween. go tribe. we've got this and a great-looking forecast for today. we are expecting sunshine. seasonal temperatures in the 50s. partly to mostly sunny. we will see cloud cover initially but sunshine quickly takes over.
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57 is the high which is exactly normal for this very date. as you wake up, temperatures 40s yet a few 30s. it's cool and crisp but will be much milder by this time tomorrow. wait until you see trick-or- treat conditions. 38 akron canton. mid-30s ashtabula. 40 elyria. 47 sandusky. cloud cover continues to break up. i do believe it will be superbright throughout the day. awesome for all of your halloween parties at school. you can probably take some of those parades outside today. speaking of outside, wait until we talk about game 6 and the weather tomorrow. danielle hopefully has a treat on the roads this morning. no accidents. looking great on the traffic map. to the south, queen anne clean. smooth commute.
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a little bit of slow traffic to 71 s. approaching 71. that may add two or three can minutes. if you are driving downtown using 67, there are changes in the traffic pattern at eye 90. pay attention. no surfing on your smart phones. next traffic check will be in about 15 minutes. world series come back to cleveland after chicago cubs staved off elimination. let's check in with will you look -- will ujek. >> reporter: you knew it wouldn't be that easy. they took two out of three in chicago with one game standing
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they are looking for their third world series title. last night they were looking to do it and got off to a pretty good start with a home run from josi ramirez. indians struck first. 1-0 tribe. bottom of the fourth chris bryant takes trever bauer left- center. chicago wasn't done. they take the lead later. soft grounder to third. anthony rizzo. lindor cut the lead to 1. cubs turn to chapman who got eight outs. longest relief appearance of his career. 3-2 cubs. mike napoli says despite the loss, they did what they needed to do. >> we are in a good position
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we put ourselves in a position to try to win it in a crazy atmosphere. we are happy with what we did here. we will get home and play in front of our fans. >> reporter: that was the cubs' first victory world series was since 1945. they had back to progressive field. jake arietta against josh tomlin . sometimes that hometown crowd the indians will get that. three away games and these cold temperatures and they have had over 67,000 people show up. >> thank you. indians had their chances to close at the cubs last night in game 5. they were missing one more clutch hits. one of those key moments was in the bottom of the eighth.
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francisco lindor. runner left stranded. indians left pictures in the -- pitchers in the innings. they were all 0 for 2 in that situation. indians team needed more runs. they missed out on several opportunities. the indians are back home this morning. tiffany tarpley was there as the airplane arrived at airport they didn't have the party atmosphere like last time. she joins us downtown. the plane landed this morning. >> reporter: as you said, not a lot of fans. we were there to greet the team. there were workers also. it was a gated area. let's show you that. we can show you at the moment those players stepped off the plane. of course, they were there with their families and other
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they got their luggage and was a on their way. it was a quiet atmosphere. very much about business. no fans where we were at the airport. they packed progressive field last night and they say they aren't giving up hope on this team. >> i cried a little bit. i was excited. you know what, we're going to win. a lot of tears tonight i >> it is 2-1-6. 2016. this is there. >> i believe. i love the tribe. they will be back. they will not disappoint. >> reporter: of course, we believe, too. i feel like someone left this chair outside for me.
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standing room only, $800. >> how much are you selling that chair for? >> reporter: i will give the to you for $5. >> i might make a deal. final attendance numbers are in after the weekend watch parties at progressive field. 67,218 fans packed the stadium for the watch parties friday through sunday. two were sellouts. general mission was $5. or money will charity. for complete indians covers, go to our website. we have world series highlights and stories from behind the scenes at new details in the investigation into hillary clinton's emails. the fbi has obtained a search warrant to start reviewing the
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their initial investigation according to a law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity. the emails were spoken -- found on a device during the unrelated sexting investigation anthony weiner who is the estranged husband of huma abedin. clinton says she will keep her foot on the gas. she is making another stop in northeast ohio. the event will be held at kent state university. tickete clinton's campaign website. donald trump held a rally at the venetian hotel in las vegas yesterday. he talked about clinton's email scandal thanking former congressman anthony weiner for the distraction. trump called it the biggest since watergate and assured voters justice against clinton would be served. it's almost 6:09. holding is a penalty in the
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celebration that cause one team 15 yards and the player will lose some cast for being friendly. biggest winners and losers coming up. happy halloween from your cleveland cavaliers. the costumes that have people talking, plus, the award that kevin love received. we have your commute forecast. nothing too ghoulish about this one. we are drier and will end up seeing sunshine today. sunrise is at 7:58. we are at 40s. we went up 50s and seasonal. a lot of surprises planned throughout the next 15 minutes. staff is starting to filter into the wkyc building. there is ryan all dressed up for halloween. before the show is through, my
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that is all i am going to say. we will be right back. judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
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i just love this. lebron james and the cavs got all decked out in his big halloween party. lebron went as a characte the 90s sitcom, martin. he wasn't the only player with a unique custom. >> checkout kevin love. he is dressed like lloyd christmas and his girlfriend is just like harry from the classic, dumb and dumber. they won a prize in the custom category most like the real thing.
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dumber? [ laughter ]. it will be warm. you all know, we have had halloween with snow and really warm ones also. today will be pretty much perfection as far as seasonal and how you want it. you won't need layers under the costume. at the dustup we have trick-or- treat ready to go. this is always a fun day school. 40s is where most of you are. 30s inland. let's check. is a spooky day. we will have five. we have a huge warm up. there is more rain in the forecast. we will see when that has an impact but in the meantime, 57. that is textbooks. we are expecting partly to
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at times, or partly sunny kind of giving it that ghoulish vibe. we have the dancing mummy. 52 at 7. 15 at 8. upper 40s, near 50 at 9. a very slight twinge. i hope you get all of that candy and have tonight. be safe tonight. more surprises coming up including another one right here that you will see at this very spot. we have a nice dry, cool star. future view shows partly to mostly sunny skies. no biggie. tonight mild. lynna and john mentioned this. we will not drop much between now and taguchi. we will see temperatures
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we will be perfect overnight. tomorrow we see another warming trend into the 70s. november 1 game 6. highs in the 70s. by the time the game starts, temperatures will be 60s. they will stay steady throughout the entire game tomorrow. it looks like we will end up warm on wednesday also. if game 7 is necessary, i doubt it, thursday rain and more seasonal friday. the weekend is looking lovely. here is a check out your drive. wkyc traffic is brought to by mike bass ford. get a great deal and a great deal more at mike bass ford. >> it's a quiet commute this monday morning. for those of you leaving the house, you are smooth sailing. no accidents or major delays to report. for those who travel to
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it will remain close through saturday for railroad crossing repairs. give yourself extra time. that detour adds to your commute. 43 to 224. i have posted this on twitter at @daniwkyc. our partners at wtam 1100 traffic will have updates every 10 minutes. biggest winners and losers. what kind of sports league calls a penalty for hugging? don't we need more hugging in the world? in the nfl, it's against the rules. can you believe it? hugging. seahawks and sinks. thomas picks up the fumble and takes it all the way for the touchdown. jump up, give the ball to a
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teammate slap you in the head? okay. go up to the referee and give him a hug and there goes the play. he was called for unsportsmanlike conduct because he can't touch a reverie. that includes hugging. 15 yard penalty. we already know the nfl stands for no fun league. maybe they should change the name to the nhl, the no hugging league. the hillsdale white ashland youth football finishing the perfect 5-0 season. average margin victory of 25 to 5. congratulations to the whole team on their great, great season. >> hug it out.
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hug because i don't want to hurt the team. >> could you imagine that? >> 6:19. is stressed part of your holiday tradition? gifts, family, food. we kick off overwhelm week with easy ways to tackle it. hollie. no stress in this weather out your window capturing a pink , false god. beautiful, ken. he took this picture while hunting with his grandfather. happy halloween monday.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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helping you deal with things that can be overwhelming. up first, the holidays. >> is a time of year where joy and stress go hand-in-hand. feeling overwhelmed doesn't have to be part of your hellgate -- holiday tradition. >> reporter: the holidays. a time of fellowship, fo stress. >> i think a lot of people put undue pressure on themselves. >> reporter: stephanie runs a popular money and stress management blog. >> people seem to be really stressed. >> reporter: the number one cause? >> i am looking at the money i'm about to lose. >> reporter: you can see why. last year the average person spent about $1800 on christmas.
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underlying thing that you have to spend a lot of money during the holidays. that is not what it's about. >> reporter: number one, budget. >> consider the holidays as thanksgiving, christmas and new year's. >> reporter: if your budget is $2000, let say, decide now how much money you are willing to spend on each one and done she. >> i have kids so christmas is more exciting. >> reporter: that brings us to manage expectations. >> you can have honest conversations with your kids involving them and letting them know exactly what you can do financially. >> reporter: you can also think outside the present box and head to a website like pinterest. >> pinterest is a great way to do things with a personal touch. >> reporter: number three, plan your meals, collect
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>> stockpile things early on. side dishes and appetizers. you can buy ingredients the week of and find great deals. >> reporter: finally, remind yourself over and over if you have to, what the time of year is really about. >> this is the time to get together with family and friends. it should be a joy filled occasion. >> reporter: after all, no one wants to spend the holidays with a scrooge. free holiday season. i'm lauren talarico. coming up tomorrow, to feel like your kids are being overloaded with homework? >> we have ways to manage their work on your time. of course, i am not needed anymore for homework. that is a good thing. >> i am jealous.
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it's a beautiful start. we're dry after a soggy sunday. crisp this morning. by trick-or-treat time, temperatures should stay pretty comfortable. on the travel map, we cleared out. noticed how warm it is as you look west. that will be knocking on the door before too long and before this week is through by we'll let you know when we warm they can win it at home. >> if people are placing bets, maybe you want the cleveland indians. we have updates on those websites on where you can place a bet. that is coming up when we
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6:30. welcome back to channel 3 news today. we live at progressive field with the indians will host the cubs. >> world series stands up 3 games to 2. indians favor. let's talk about the forecast. also as the sears comes back to cleveland. hollie?
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monday. planning on me to upper 50s. winds will be lights. we are planning on 47 at 9. 50s at lunch. recess time maybe a costume parade outside 57 for the high. that is exactly where we should be on this very day. as we are waking up, clear to partly cloudy skies. it's on the school -- 40s downtown. 43 hopkins. 38 akron. 35 ashtabula. by the same time tomorrow, nearly as cool. future view tracking hour by hour partly to mostly sunny skies through the day. the weather is cooperating. all of red trick-or-treaters will have a great time this evening. be safe.
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partly cloudy skies. huge warm up. i can't even wait to tell you about it. the timing should be perfection for game 6. we are hoping for perfection on the roads. the commute is easy pease -- peazy. we are all green prick slow traffic to 24 approaching 538. minutes to your commute. same picture to the north. all green. 271 sr 8. we always want to keep track of 271 through macedonia and bedford. drive times look great. eight minutes north. 11 minutes south. lynna and john, back to you. . 6:32 right now.
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in cleveland. the world series returns to progressive field after the cubs beat the indians 3-2. will ujek joins us live with the details . >> reporter: we knew it wouldn't be that easy. lebron james set up a 4. nothing is given, everything is earned. indians are trying to earn that world series victory. the first one since 48 they did get out to a hot start last night. homer from jose ramirez goes deep into left. solo shot. 1-0, tried. chicago wasn't done. two batters later runners on the quarters -- corners. boeve up for trever bauer.
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the longest relief appearance. 3-2. cubs take the win. >> sometimes you've got to respect what the other team can do. sometimes they be you. >> reporter: game six tuesday. wednesday. the indians will try to wrap it up in town at their home game team. we turn to tiffany tarpley. >> reporter: hopefully they are getting rest right now. we watched as they got off that plane that landed at hopkins international airport. around 3:30 we saw the united plane. they open those doors and the players got off. not only where the players on
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girlfriends, kids. everyone was there. it was very quiet. we were the only ones there watching them. members of the media and airport workers watched. it was interesting to see them get off. they were calm and determines. not a lot of talking. it's all about business as they get ready for game 6. of course, it will at progressive field. tomorrow. work is happening here outside and inside the stadium cleaning up after that watch party to get everything ready so fans can have a great experience. morning? oklahoma man suspect was killed in a shootout with police. he allegedly killed two relatives and shot two police
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responded to a call the advanced was in the area was wounded. the officer's injuries are not life-threatening. the 38-year-old court national attention when he allegedly recorded his crime spree with facebook live. nearly 800 homes influence, mr. kaine are getting new water pipes following the flint river water crisis. this is the third part of mayor cavern weirs -- karen weavers pipe fix. students from wayne state university will be testing the water quality. draftkings and do up close to a merger deal. espn site daily fantasy sites are hashing out the final details. companies are entangled in legal battles pick some states argue they operate gambling businesses. they reached a $12 million settlement with new york last week over false
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we will keep an eye on that. a lot of people's fantasy football teams are wrapped up in those sites. >> they have a lot to figure out because every state is different in what we want to allow. >> it's complicated. time right now is 6:37. today's top trending stories are ahead. let's check in with granite. >> reporter: to halloween's best deal in this bad boy is remote- controlled. hollie, how is that flying weather? we have clear to partly cloudy skies and sunshine. temperatures should be season the. 57 today. the sun is up at 7:58. we should see plenty of its. we will talk trick-or-treat weather and game 6 weather and we have all kinds of things to
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up and down we go. browns game yesterday and had two turnovers and one in the stands. did you see this sign? there is a little mixup. this is an 0-8 football team.
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indians fans, we want you to be on 3. gail davis sent a picture of her daughter's first tribe game. >> that this great. i love that. you can be on three also. share your pictures on facebook or twitter using #beon3 . we're looking for indians pictures manned halloween costumes right now. leonardo dicaprio is taking on climate change.
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political statement? no matter what, this stinks. marine has what is printing online.'s to we will start with leonardo dicaprio also relating to climate change. this is his new movie released online starting last night. it's called, before the flood. it is getting a lot of attention and being called the inconvenient truth 2.0. the documentary national geographic and other channels. he is making it clear, he wasn't in it for the money. he wants to change the way people treat our planet. another thing you might see popping up going national online, viral this morning. a pile of manure. the place is getting a lot of attention. it's right in front of the warren county democratic
6:43 am
apparently a dump truck dumped a large pile of newer. this was posted on the facebook page. warren county is north of cincinnati and overwhelming republican. the republican party and warren county denies involvement. they are looking at surveillance video to see who is responsible. john mentioned it, heading into the commercial break. browns fans. take a look at the dog pounds. it's actually spelled "gpodawund". they mixed up the signs. it's trending online this morning. >> i am seeing some of the comments. words and squares tweeted them to browns fans are currently in
6:44 am
>> they are getting examined. >>"gpodawund" . here is matt granite. >> if i told you halloween's best deal was remote- controlled, you would look at me like i was crazy. i usually have savings tied to an answer but this is inexplicable. we have seen every halloween for the last three years. take a look. >> you have a nice added feature which is storage for the drone once you're done flying it. it also lights up which is really cool. >> casey has a drone on her head. don't try this at home. it goes very high quickly. i am not even accelerating as fast as it can. it does come with extra propellers.
6:45 am
still intact. we crashed it into all sorts of things. is where i'm at have you covered. it includes accessories and replacement parts. the black model is $19. it goes up slightly in price for different colors. r professional draws, i have tested them all. get on my deal list. $19 goes a long way this halloween. >> does that shoot video? >> this one does not. if you want the video shooting drones, get on my deal list. we will do weather now.
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at school. ready to have some fun? let's chat about it.hollie . i don't know where it went, but we will find my body. i don't know how i will change these maps. seasonal spooky day and big warm up and more rain to track later this week. 57 is where we will end up this halloween. no hands. right? this is going to be seasonal. quite lovely as we get into the afternoon. here is me showing you all of the sunshine all the way through into this evening. clear to partly cloudy skies.
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i am staying in this picture with our dancing mummy. who is scarier? thank you. i needed some music. i can put my hand on top of him. let's see. ? ?. are any words necessary? 52 met 7. upper 40s sue bird trick-or-treat whether and very comfortable -- weather and very comfortable. today 50s to partly to mostly sunny skies. 30 miles overnight. we get into tuesday. game 6. ? ?. we do talk game 6 weather. it will be warm.
6:48 am
november 1. 70 74 the highs. gametime 60s in its entirety. let's take a look at your window nation 7 day forecast. we will see if i can find my body at some point. in the meantime, 50s today. 70s tomorrow and wednesday if a game 7 is even necessary. rain on thursday. see how this all works out? first full weekend of november we are 60s that eventually 70s. we have our doggone weather. they are dressed up as a firefighter and police officer in case you haven't figured that out. a special thank you to all of you. this is actually a picture from
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they sent us several different options of dress-up. >> i could have watched that for two and half hours. let's check in with will. indians failed to close out the cubs. they come home with a 3-2 lead. details after the break. happy halloween, channel 3.
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indians looking for their third ever world series temperature but they fail to close at the cubs on the road at wrigley field. they did take a lead and come home game six tomorrow night. they had a 1-0 lead start. the cubs and to do in the fourth inning. s they add another and a sac fly to take a 3-1 lead. now, tuesday game 6. trever bauer. now we turn to josh tomlin who take some jake arietta. the team is back in town, tiffany. >> reporter: hopefully they are getting rest this morning. we were there as they arrived in cleveland overnight around
6:53 am
cleveland hopkins. we were there. family members were there. children, wives. they got their luggage and got in their cars and went. fans are still very confident. they packed progressive field last night. the worst is happening -- work is happening at the stadium to get ready for game 6. let's take a look at the sports cover times with the headline force play. that is chapman who nailed down the wind -- win. cubs fans are saying, we knew they would win. it's our time. we will win in seven. we have the momentum. we need to remind them, the indians lead the series 3-2.
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receive calls from parents about women had candy. kids got this candy trick-or- treating. they posted these pictures to facebook of packages of candy partially open and distorted. police urge everyone to double check all candy before eating it. danielle? slow traffic approaching oakwood village. 2-3 three minute delay downtown. 6:54 and a great-looking happy halloween monday. partly to mostly sunny seasonal with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. pretty close to 50 this evening. bring on game 6. sunshine. 70s. the game is in the evening but it will be so warm tomorrow, game temperatures will be in
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if game 7 is necessary, it will remain warm. hello, matt. if you're looking for today's $19 halloween drone till, almost sold out. tomorrow a lightbulb that is smarter than i am. thank you. here is the outfit. >> this is how the floating head occurred. >> you are excited at >> i think you should where it every day. >> it looks hot. like, really. >> [ laughter ]. >> i think i will do cardens -- cut-ins like this. thanks for watching channel 3 news. take wkyc with you wherever you go. text 'wkyc' to 25543 right now
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honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this?
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good morning. clocks ticking. with just eight days to go until the election, the fbi obtains a warrant to search a reported 650,000 e-mails on a computer 650,000 e-mails on owned by anthony weiner and hillary clinton's top aide, huma abedin. the race thrown into chaos. accusations flying. >> i think that's called the mother lode. >> so no matter what is thrown at us, we need to stay focused on our goal. >> this morning, the fbi under pressure for more clarity with time quickly running out. breaking overnight. suspected gunman in a string of violent crimes in oklahoma is dead. the massive week-long manhunt ending in a high-speed chase and shoot-out with police. how investigators finally tracked him down.


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