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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 10, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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m jicramer. . >> overnight, thousands of demonstrators take to the streets in cities across america nation's 45th president. >> bitter rivals come together as they come face-to-face at the white house today, all to plan the transition of power. >> setting the agenda, trump will meet with a speaker as the enemies try to turn the page of working together. plus the trump decision has some working the separate the
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now. >> good thursday morning. >> here we are with many in the country having time to let it sink in, but some people are having more trouble with it than not. less than 24 hours after donald trump was elected, the 45th president of the united states, americans are making their voices we heard in major cities across the country. it's mostly quiet. protests have united from coast-to-coast against trump's when with thousands taking to the streets in boston, seattle, cleveland, tempe, boston, york city. they marched, blocked traffic, chanted and protested at the top of their lungs. >> reporter: hi, guy, we are standing on 5th avenue in mid-town, manhattan, the shopping trick, prada, luis vuitton, thousands of new yorkers headed in the southern part of manhattan, right outside of trump tower, i remind you,
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tonight is the first really demonstration of that. this is where donald trump is currently living, where his campaign offices were, where tonight they were holding transition meetings. thousands saying hillary clinton won the popular vote, chanting, we reject the president-elect. it was spontaneous over social media, people talking about it at work, they have said they came together. they shut down 57th street, shut down 5th avenue, 6th philadelphia, chicago, portland, new mexico, arizona, here in manhattan where donald trump is tonight, this is ground zero for the 1st. back to you, guys. >> protests were also big on social media. one new york subway stop was riddled with hundreds of post-its lining the wall with new yorkers offering sympathy. millions reacted to the election
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otherwise, millions celebrated trump's stunning win. they asked house speaker paul ryan, look ahead to passing their own agenda. key among them, their repeal of the obamacaring a, while an emotional hillary clinton told trump story e supporters, trump deserved a chance to lead. >> i want you to know that nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion. ld president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. this loss hurts, but please never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it. >> now, president obama also pledged a smooth and peaceful transition of power. >> the peaceful transition of
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our democracy and over the next few months, we are going to show that to the world. so i have instructed by team to follow the example that president bush's team set eight years ago and work as hard as we can to make sure this is a successful transition for the president-elect. but because we are now all rooting for a success in uniting and leading the country. >> however, the peaceful transition wasn't bernie sanders issued a biting statement which read, in part, quote, donald trump tapped into the anger of a declining middle class that is sick and tired of establishment economic, establishment politics and the establishment media. to that degree that mr. trump is serious about pursuing policies that improve the lives of working families in this country, i and other progressives are prepared to work with him, to the degree
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and xenophobic policies, we will vigorously oppose him. >> trump met with transport elect pence and they will meet with house speaker paul ryan to begin working on their republican agenda. the mexican president also said he plans to meet with trump during the transition period. we now have word that trump will soon begin to receive the same top security president obama. >> as this continues to settle the most divisive presidential election, we are getting new information on just who came out to vote. in this presidential election, an astonishing 46.9% of eligible voters did not vote. voters did not vote. well, this marks the second time in five elections a candidate
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won the election. in the end, he won with 279 to 228 of hillary clinton's electoral college votes. speaking at the world is justish congress gala last night in new york city, biden said he has full confidence a trump administration will continue the country's support for adding if they wanted to rediscuss support, congress would never let it happen. the american people would never let it happen afternoon. a series of firsts for women in the u.s. senate in the his thoir-making election. kamel la harris becomes the first african-american woman to represent the state and the second african-american woman elected to the senate. iraq war veteran tally duckworth is now the first thai american
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represent the state and maggie hassan is representing new hampshire. she along with fellow new hampshire gene shaheen. the 117th congress will now have 21 female senators. an anti-trump protest sent five to the hospital two, in critical condition. alled police presence was already downtown for the post-election rally, with crews within minutes. officials don't believe the shooting is connected to those demonstrations. police say an argument took place outside a 7-eleven store with the suspect firing at a crowd of believed to be innocent bystanders. police are still searching for the suspect who ran on foot. a worry that donald trump's victim could lead to bullying in the classroom, a monkey see-monkey do scenario.
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great weather day for most of us? >> a very quiet day among much of the nation. it will be cooler in the northeast. lots of sunshine in boston. mild in the mid-west, 66 in st. louis. that's a look at the big story of the day. now a closer look at the weather where you live. enjoying lots of sunshine,temperatures on the cool side in the 50s, relatively quiet across low '80s in south florida. and that's a look at your thursday forecast. frances, eamon. >> rafael, thank you very much. just ahead, the trump elections sent stocks soaring. will it continue? we'll have that for you next.
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flock to travel web sites, they're angry today. there has been a thousand percent increase in the search of one-way tickets to canada. for californians, they're stating put. they'd rather make their own state a different country t. ka. succession movement oracle-exit as it's called. the organization behind it held a day-long informational session on a proposal outside the california went 62%. clinton by the way 33% trump. on the heels of trump's victory, wall street staged a major come b.c. in futures to finish the day with the dow in near record territory. steve, walk us through what happened in the course of those 24 hours. >> eamon, i cannot make sense of it. i seen one or two elections in this time.
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before the market turned around to a positive move later on in the actual session. it was quite extraordinary. we had so many experts telling us how bad a trump market took the half glass full approach, caterpillar, which was up around about seven, u.s. steals was up double digits. look the real peace came from fought only the repeal of obamacare, actually, what they haven't gotten now is concerns the draconian hillary clinton presidency would slap heavy regulations on the health care stocks, so we could see big games. for instance, pfizer was up 7%. mylan was up and amgen. they are for gains at .3w5ir7b9d
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fast forwarding today the national toy hall of fame reveal
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bares, rock 'em sock 'em robots and uno? >> a big day. all right, in addition to hosting donald trump at the white house, president obama welcomes the champion cleveland cavaliers. they defeated the golden state warriors in june. today is a milestone, holidays are here. th 94 from new york. they do arrive progress on saturday. here we are. we are live. >> the official benchmark. leaving the news with donald trump's win, teachers worry about classroom bullies, several teachers say they are feeling the effect of the trump presidency.
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heard her students of building a wall of friend of mexican dissent. >> a lot of conversations with kid to be had. >> some are take lack they hear literally. >> to be younger and the more they know. the fact remains is the north americans have spoken. it ilt impacts americans from the cafes to the well. >> reporter: on the streets of raleigh there was excitement. >> i'm just happy. >> reporter: and apprehension. >> i'm concerned with the supreme court. >> reporter: there was also shock. what were your thoughts when you woke up and saw the news? >> i broke into tears. i was horrified. i can't even starting to entertain the possibility. >> reporter: but there were protests across the country. high school students in des moines an seattle walking out. mothers took to social media,
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figure out how to explain this to them. but in scranton, pennsylvania, it was high 5s. >> knowing that we have a new president, a new vice president, we have one of the best marriages that we could ever wish for in this country. >> reporter: back in north carolina at cary, elementary, they had cast their own votes for president children in our class and respect their decisions and their opinions. >> reporter: what opportunity from your president? zpli want him to be nice and kind. >> reporter: what advice would you give on your president? >> i'd say don't be selfish, because of certain problems, you will work with other leaders. you have to listen to other people's ideas. >> reporter: the next generation, learning at an early age how democracy works.
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oh, no. >> i think it's safe to say she captured the entire sentiment of the country. >> i think a yeah. >> she wasn't alone. the late night host has been through it throughout this long election. take a look. >> donald trump will be president. republicans hope to keep his promise to the law. democrats hope to keep his promise to accept the election results. every american thinking of a candidate. you don't get to flee to another
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here. being an american citizen, you are family. are you in it whether you like it or not. at thanksgiving when uncle ernie says racist things about the health, you don't storm off the table and move next door. you stay and elect him commander-in-chief. >> donald trump won the presidential i lex and out of habit, kelly anne conway said, no, he didn't. no, he didn't, ander. >> for the millions disappointed for has the place for people that lose, obviously, it's the cast of "intit apprentice. >> those hats look like they were printed in a kiosk in the middle of a westfield mall. it turns out they were magic like frosty the snowman. >> we can spill the whole show. >> we will need those guys for the next couple of years, a it is country continues to heal from the past election cycle. >> here's the thing. remember, we were kind of
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over, these guys will be done. they will not have any more material. but i have a feeling, the creative mind of these guys, they're going to be coming up with all kind of stuff, regardless of your politics, when you are president -- >> i'm really curious to know if "saturday night live" is not going to sign alec baldwin on for a lifetime contract. >> or get talent out there, you can do donald trumps, you may have a future at "snl" and "30 rock." >> i'm surprised at the comments the late night hosts have been doing. they have been weighing in on the election. i wonder if that will have backlash among the viewers. >> a lot to watch. just ahead the latest on the anti-trump protests. a look at the state initiatives on the ballot. you are watching "early today." you are watching "early today." little dakota's nose was quivering in fear. because it knew an ordinary tissue was near.
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