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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 25, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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? >> tonight, black friday frenzy. tens of millions hit the store in person and online, but not everything goes as planned. why must-sell may mean life and death for some retailers. found alive, a woman emerges in northern california nearly lee weeks after her pa the details still largely a mystery. daring escape. they cut through bars, lowered themselves with sheets and clothing. tonight two inmates remain on the run. not allergic? the surprise finding about penicillin that could affect millions of americans. new research shows many diagnosed as allergic might not be. america's mom, remembering the life of florence henderson for her years on "the brady bunch" and so much more. and a thanksgiving
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forget. "nightly news" begins right now. ? from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news with lester holt." >> good evening, a holiday ritual some say is living on borrowed time in this age of internet shopping appeared to be alive and well on this day after thanksgiving, despite some problems black friday shoppers crowded bricks and mortar stores from coast to coast to jump start the christmas season. but the buying frenzy was not restricted to traditional stores, as more and more companies look for ways to cash in. but it is an especially critical weekend for retailers whose bargains and unbeatable promotions mask a bottom line reality. nbc's jolene kent has details. >>. >> reporter: black friday fever gripping the nation. shoppers grabbing deep
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georgia. streaming into the mall of america, finally open after being closed on thanksgiving day. >> if you want something, you're willing to wait in line. >> in is your one time to go out and throw down and get out there and get dirty. >> reporter: amazon and target reporting record online sales, too. >> it is a great time to be a consumer. interest rates are throw. there's deflation in food. if you're at the pump, fuel prices are low. >> reporter: walmart says 70% of its web traffic during black friday has come from mobile devices so fa traffic was not good news for macy's. its website crashed. macy's saying high volume was to blame. several instances of violence threatened to derail the day. a j.c. penny and sears closed in chattanooga after a shooting in the parking lot. a fight over a parking lot spot in reno left one man dead. near atlantic city a police investigating a fatal shooting outside macy's hours before it opened for the day.
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holiday shopping weekend is make or break. for retailers like these, poor holiday sales could signal bankruptcy. >> if you can't keep up with the competition you will be under a lot of stress. >> i got a $230 coat for $70. >> reporter: while shoppers may score a great deal, experts say be wary of where you make your purchases. >> if you know you're buying something that a gift recipient might not love, perhaps go to a store definitely be around and able to accept returns. >> reporter: shoppers going strong here at the mall and online. those deep discounts expected to continue through this weekend and through cyber monday. the national retail federation expects 40% of americans to buy something online that day. lester. >> jolene kent in new jersey, thank you. in northern california they know she is alive and well. woman who was apparently abducted
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being found shackled at the side of an interstate. little is known about the circumstances of her disappearance. nbc's goti schwartz is there with the latest. >> reporter: around 4:30 a.m. thanksgiving morning, 23 days after mother of two sherry papini, went missing, a call over the police radio. >> chp is advising she is heavily battered. >> reporter: dispatchers saying the appeared to be shackled to something. >> chp is on the scene and advised she is chained to something. >> reporter: a driver spattered her and called 911. an emotional papini found 150 miles away from where she was abducted. within hours the 34-year-old was reunited with her husband who police cleared as a person of interest after passing a lie detector test. >> her husband keith was immediately responded down to the area, and is remaining at sherri's side.
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right here over three weeks ago. we are about a mile away from her house. now, her neighbors reported seeing her out for a run and when she didn't come home her husband used the find my iphone tracker that led him right here where he found her phone and her ear buds right next to the road. >> reporter: for weeks the community of redding joined friends and family out searching for her. today her sister thank ink everyone for their help and prayers. >> we are overwhelmed with joy of how supportive everyone has been to help family again. >> reporter: so far, the sheriff's department has not gone into specifics on what papini has told them but say they are looking for two hispanic women armed with a handgun driving a dark suv. >> reporter: and we just heard from sherri's sister here at the church. she said her family is incredibly grateful to all of the people that shared this story online, saying it may have played a role in bringing her sister
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lester. >> gadi schwartz in redding, california this evening. new details are emerging of how an isis large-scale attack was thwarted in france coming days after the state department warned americans to be vigilant during the holiday season in tourist areas overseas because of a heightened risk of terrorism. we get details from chief foreign correspondent richard evening el. >> reporter: france already under a state of emergency after isis attacks killed more than civilians since 2015, foiled a major and imnant icy attack officials said today. the base of the alleged terror cell was in strassbourg where the christmas market is up. four suspects were arrested there and another on sunday. but the orders french officials claim came right from icy leadership. the attacks planned for as early as december 1st. the instructions were given by a commander
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apps popular with terrorist, the paris prosecutor said. french authorities say the cell already had automatic weapons and plans to acquire more. screen grabs of potential targets and a hand-written letter professing loyally to isis. president hollande congratulated security forces for preventing a large-scale attack. just this week the state department issued a travel alert, warning that credible information indicates isis and al qaeda attacks in europe around the holiday season. now, isis is taking a beating on the battlefield in syria and in iraq, and security experts expect isis or its sympathizers will try to avenge losses in the middle east with attacks overseas. >> they try and link up with individuals they've already planted in the west or they try and send individuals out from behind the front lines. >> reporter: isis may be under attack, but that could make it at
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even more dangerous. the paris prosecutor said four of the five suspects are french, the other moroccan. two are said to have traveled here to turkey a year ago and visited the syrian border area. france thwarted this plot, but u.s. officials are convinced more may be coming. >> richard evening el in istanbul. thank you, richard. in california it was the kind of jail break you see in movies, the window bars cut off, a to get to the ground, only this time it was real and two inmates who apparently had the tools and imagination to pull it off are still on the run this evening. a $20,000 reward has been offered. our miguel almaguerre has the details. >> reporter: tonight the massive manhunt in san jose, california is growing desperate. >> the main jail is reporting an attempted escape. >> reporter: the jail break, like a plot out
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their way through steel bars, squeezing through a small window, ra pelling two floors down using bed sheets and clothing to drop to freedom. two inmates caught by a sheriff's deputy, two others slipping into the night. >> the fact these bars were cut the way they were, it wasn't something that they just, you know, thought of in a minute. >> reporter: facing a laundry list of serious charges, chavez and campbell have been on the run for two days. oldest section of the santa clara county jail where there are no cameras. with tactical teams ready to deploy again tonight, the sheriff says the two fugitives are dangerous, desperate and could now also be armed. miguel almaguerre, nbc news. >> not much of a holiday break for the incoming trump administration which announced two more appointments today and was still considering other key roles, most notably secretary of state. the trump team also
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preventing some american factory jobs from going to mexico. let's get the latest tonight from nbc's kristin welker. >> president-elect trump's administration coming into clearer focus, naming two staff positions that don't require senate confirmation. kathleen mcfarland as deputy national security adviser and don mcghan as counsel. she is third female appointment, holding posts in nixon, ford and reagan administrations. in 2016 she ran for senate, attempting to unseat new york's then senate hillary clinton. a fox news analyst. >> the united states is in retreat everywhere in the world. >> she is known for her hard line views and criticism of president obama. as for 48-year-old mcghan, he is an attorney for the trump campaign and served five years with the federal election commission where he was instrumental in loosening regulations
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he will help the president-elect navigate business evening tanglements. intrigue swirled and secretary of state, divided between rudy giuliani and former antagonist mitt romney. >> what is unusual it that it has become a public fight and split. it wouldn't surprise me if a third name emerges. >> reporter: as the team building continues, trump trying to make good on a campaign promise, to keep working class jobs in the u.s. chief negotiator in indiana, aiming to prevent carrier from following through with current plans to move a major plant to mexico. >> reporter: late tonight wisconsin, where hillary clinton lost narrowly, said it plans to move forward with a recount after green party candidate jill stein raised enough money to request one. stein saying she plans to do the same in pennsylvania and michigan. lester. >> kristin welker, thank you. some sad news from
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henderson has died. the cause of death was heart failure. though her body of work spanned more than 50 years from stage to daytime shows to reality tv, she will best be remembered as the always upbeat and nurturing mom in that adorable blended tv family we know as "the brady bunch." ? here's a story ? ? of a lovely lady ? >> she was america's mom, who dealt with problems like this. >> marcia, marcia, marcia! >> now, sweetheart, anybody's shadow p. >> and this. >> peter? >> yeah, mom. >> don't sit up here alone. come on downstairs. >> florence henderson, aka mrs. brady, was beamed into thousands of households each week in the sweet comedy "the brady bunch." born in dale, indiana, she began her career on the stage and quickly took show business by storm, landing the title role in "fanny" on broadway.
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? walking around ? >> in 1959, henderson was hired to be the very first today girl here on nbc. she was also the first woman to ever host "the tonight show" before johnny carson took over. from "the puppets show" ? >> "to later today" to reality tv, henderson remained a fixture on american television screens long after mrs. brady said h last good night. >> good night. >> her death coming as a shock to many. earlier this week she was seen in the audience of "dancing with the stars." today condolences came pouring in from her on-screen kids. you are in my heart forever. >> proud to call her mom and a lifelong friend. >> henderson never lost site of how lucky she was. >> i am so blessed to be able to still do what i love.
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>> florence henderson, the matriarch of a generation. >> florence henderson was 82. still ahead here tonight, if you've ever been told you're allergic to penicillin, a new study will make you think twice and may change the way many are treated when they get sick. also, we take you to that accidental thanksgiving dinner that began with a mistaken text message that began with a mistaken text message and e as soon as i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot, i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? l. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. yes, eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. both made me turn around my thinking.
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up to 50 million americans have been told they're allergic to penicillin, a label that can last for life, forcing people to avoid taking the most effective antibiotics. a surprise finding most of those people are not really allergic afteran. nbc's dr. john torres has details. >> spencer jones was 15 months old when he first got the label allergic to penicillin. >> if it stayed in his chart he would be given antibiotics that that were probably more toxic, that were more expensive. >> reporter: to today the 10-year-old is at the allergist getting tested to see if he is truly allergic. it is something more doctors are calling for as new research finds at least 90% of people labeled with penicillin allergies have grown out of it were miss diagnosed in the first place. >> they get a rash which is commonly not related to the antibiotic and get
6:48 pm
dr. phillips says miss diagnosis can lead patients to take antibiotics with more side effects. that's exactly what happened to maria duggan days after giving birth to her son. >> itchy rash all over my body with hives. >> reporter: she got an infection and needed a penicillin-related antibiotic. but because she was labelled allergic she ended up on a drug take made her sick. she was breastfeeding, and the next drug option could hurt her baby. >> reporter: so you had a choice of going on a medicine that could have harmed your all? >> the decision was clear to me, i was going to pick an antibiotic that did not risk my child. >> reporter: some maria decided to take the penicillin drug and, surprise, no allergic reaction. that's what spencer and his mother are hoping as they wait for his test results. >> congratulations. looks like your skin tests were negative. you tolerated the penicillin. >> reporter: a simple test so patients know they can take the right antibiotic. dr. john torres, nbc news, nashville.
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? a different kind of delay of game for nfl fans yesterday, not to mention a most welcome one. aretha franklin's national anthem, all four minutes and 35 seconds of it. in case you were wondering, the h usually takes a few minutes, but she is queen of soul. you don't earn that title by letting a football game clock get in the way of a fantastic performance. the official white house christmas tree arrived in grand style, 19 feet tall, atop the horse drawn carriage. for the last time, the first lady was there to receive it, accompanied by her nephews, the kids she calls her rye
6:53 pm
jokingly. her daughters were sleeping, it is the holidays after all. a boy in florida determined to spread cheer, so determined in fact he had to make an emergency phone call. >> walton county, 911, what's the address of the emergency. >> hello. can you come over because we are having thanksgiving. thank you, buy. >> thank you, bye. and with such nice manners, the invitation was accepted and billie got a visit from a pair of deputies later for guests to bring something, the officers gave billy a badge and let him sit in their patrol car. when we come back, an update in the mistaken
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int pain, less appetite, vomiting, fever, chills, and rash. get this one done! ask about prevnar 13? at your next visit to your doctor's office or pharmacy. di you get the black friday deal you were after? coming up, we did a stuff check. find out which deals you still have time for. and a dispatcher's heart felt story of trying to help those left behind. tonight, an update to an inspiring story we told you about last week. the grandmother who invited a 17-year-old stranger to thanksgiving after accidentally texting him her family's dinner plans. the story sparked a huge response from viewers, touched by their story of kindness. last night there was an extra setting at the table. kristin dalhgren has follow up. >> like grandmas
6:57 pm
wanda dent spent thanksgiving morning in the kitchen. >> golden brown. >> reporter: but her turkey dinner was one the entire country was waiting for. >> i never in a million years would think this would happen. i am so happy. >> reporter: right up front, jamaal. >> her guest of honor, a young man she didn't know two weeks ago. jamaal hinton is the teen grandma wanda accidentally texted about thanksgiving dinner. pictures proved he wasn't her grandson. but when he jokingly asked for a plate anyway, wanda that's what grandmas do. their text went viral. responses poured in from around the country. >> this is an e-mail. >> reporter: including this one from wanda's coworker. >> what we all need to do, we just love, spread kindness and break bread together. you remind me of my mother. she was a beautiful soul. >> reporter: in a year many americans worried about political tension at the table, wanda and jamaal struck a nerve. >> you're a celebrity. >> i guess so.
6:58 pm
>> that was pretty risky though. >> to go to a stranger's house, yes. i'm thinking the same thing. i'm thinking the same exact thing. >> reporter: but for jamaal and wanda, what started as a mistake quickly seemed meant to be. >> i just like clicked when i met him, when i first talked to him. i was just, oh, my gosh, i want to get to know this guy. >> you have to send me these pictures. >> i will, of course. >> reporter: they say their friendship will continue long after the cameras leave. they're just as ined minutes of fame. >> it gives me faith in humanity because so many people have been kind. >> reporter: it seems kindness can be viral. >> thank you for everything. >> you're very welcome, jamaal. >> reporter: even when it starts in the most unexpected way. >> jamaal, how you doing? >> reporter: kristin dahlgren, nbc news, mesa, arizona. >> isn't that great? that's going to do it for us on a friday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for
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? it only comes once a year, shoppers flock to stores to grab those black friday deals. we've got a live report, plus what items are still available at rock bottom prices. heroin addiction effects entire families. even those called on to send
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of trying to help those left behind. hey betsy. hi sara, northern ohio has certainly been in the gray clouds. but sunshine is in the forecast too. we'll talk all about it, coming this weekend. thanks betsy. and staying warm, learn how a long time local outfitter is teaming up to make sure the homeless have coats this winter. from the station that sees the possible, this is channel 3 news, brought to you by er windows. and now, channel 3 news at 7:00. seven portions of the west shore way shut down now as police search for evidence after a shooting on the roadway this evening. i'm sara shookman. jimmy is off tonight. cleveland police are looking for the driver of a red jeep who they say shot at the driver of a gold sedan near dead man's


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