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eyewitness news... "what's taking so long". the i-team 'digging into" -- the 'delay' -- in the 'state investigation' -- of "blue cross blue shield". and- bringing more people to the polls. the effort underway to boost voter turnout among latinos. plus, donald trump -- 'returning' to north carolina 'next week'. 'what' we're learning -- about the 'visit'. starts right now. "months and months" -- and 'still' no results. we're 'still' -- 'trying to get answers' -- from the "department of insurance" -- about its investigation -- of "blue cross - blue shield" -- after those 'computer problems' -- that 'frustrated' -- 'thousands of you'. good evening - i'm steve daniels. and i'm anna laurel. this is a story the i-team has been following for months.... joel brown joins us now with what
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the insurance commissioner in may-- he told me he was furious! angered over the persistent impact-- the system failure at blue cross blue shield was having on customers, here. we were told an investigative report-- would be made 'public' by the end of june-- along with likely 'historic' fines against the insurance giant.. in the millions of dollars. so far, nothing! to refresh your memory... here's what the state insurance commissioner wayne goodwin told us on may 5th... persist are you angry about this? oh, i'm furious." furious and promising action against blue cross blue shield north carolina. - "it is reasonable to expect a significant regulatory action." since then, blue cross customers like joe rabiega.... - "i'm frustrated" ...have been waiting... with plenty of questions. - "what the findings are? if there are any findings? what the penalties will be? we're going in to the second half of the year." joe's one of thousands impacted by the company's system
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coverage, billings and payments for customers on individual plans. the unprecedented problems began in january... d-o-i received nearly 3000 complaints-- and by the bend of spring-- most customers complaints, including joe's... - "that has been fixed." ...have been resolved. - "i don't have any confidence in blue cross and blue shield that this won't happen again. because we don't know exactly what happened." the i-team has been hounding d-o-i since the end of june-- when the report was due to be made public... only to be told the department could when we asked if commissioner goodwin stood by his comments from may... " oh, i'm furious." a d-o-i spokesman said-- "the commissioner stands by his initial comments." at blue cross blue shield... the insurance giant telling the i-team, friday-- "we are cooperating with the department during their review... responding to their report with points of disagreement, but also learning from some of findings." findings that remain a mystery to customers like joe. - "at least some information as to why they have not come out with any information, it's
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speculate on what's taking so long-- for the report to be released. our biggest clue-- comes from the general statute-- on state investigations. it says if the party being investigated.. 'questions' the findings of the state-- they can request a special hearing... that process is 'not' public... that may be where are... but we're forced to guess. republican presidential to the tar heel state next week. he'll make a campaign stop in wilmington... tuesday afternoon. then tuesday evening he'll be at the crown complex in fayetteville. no details have been announced yet about how to get tickets. you can look for updates -- on abc- 11-dot-com or the abc-11 mobile app. another 'big name' -- in the "race for the white house"... making a 'stop' -- here in the triangle today. former president "bill - clinton"... raising money -- and trying to 'win over' voters in raleigh. the fundraisers weren't "open to the public".... but he did 'stop' to 'talk' and 'shake
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we 'did' get to ask the 'former president' -- 'his thoughts' -- about the election... you can see his 'answer' -- on our web site -- abc 11 dot com. governor mccorry -- planning to 'ask' the "u-s supreme court" -- to 'intervene' -- in the over north carolina's "voter i-d law". the 'governor' -- issuing a statement today -- in response to the "4th circuit court of appeals" -- 'refusing' to delay its decision -- "throwing out" the 2013 law. the ruling 'last week' calls the 'voter i-d' and 'early voting changes' -- "discriminatory". in his statement -- mccrory says: "changing the laws for the upcoming november election -- will create confusion for voters and poll workers". he says -- early next week -- they'll 'petition' the 'supreme court' -- to 'put the ruling' -- on hold. educating voters...hoping to boost the number of latino voters. "el - pueblo" in
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educate its voter registration volunteers. they want to really focus on the push.... for more people in the latino community... to go to the polls this november. angelica alvarez was there and joins us live... what do they think they can do to motivate more latinos to vote this fall, angelica? organizers here tell me a big reason there is such a low number of registered voters among latinos.. is because they don't feel like be heard. they hope to change that. "voice it out not just for yourself but for the rest of us who can't speak up." soft spoken... but with a powerful message... elizabeth mejia is here at this voter registration volunteer workshop at el pueblo...hoping to hit the streets to recruit more latino voters. "they don't like this they don't like that, but yet they don't get up to do something." and the hispanic vote... is something we hear candidates say they want. no matter which way they sway... "que bueno estan aqui." ....illiana santillan is one of several here at el pueblo
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any fears... "often times in latin america countries the democracy process doesn't work the way it works here so a lot of people are not only intimidated but they're also, they lost hope." keeping in mind that the latino population in north carolina is small... this breakdown from the state shows just how much smaller the voting pool is... out of more than 6 million registered voters... just under 148- thousand are latino.... compared to more than 1.4 million black voters... and 4.6 million white voters. done... el pueblo is hoping to pull in more people... like mejia... "actually get up and do something." ...and fight for issues that matter most to them. they also plan to follow up with anyone they register... to continue to educate them about the issues and the candidates... all the way up to election day. 'another
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"congressional district" maps. the group "common cause" -- along with the 'state democratic party' -- and some 'voters' -- filed a 'lawsuit' today -- in 'federal court' in greensboro... arguing 'politics' -- played "too big a role" -- in the district lines drawn 'after' a court -- 'threw out' the 'old districts' -- for 'racial gerrymandering'. "partisan gerrymandering" hasn't been declared 'illegal'... but some judges have said -- it's "not compatible" -- with 'democratic principles'. general election 'absentee ballots' -- go out 'next month' -- based on the 'current maps'. the state hits the brakes on th charter schools next year. the state board of elections- taking a more cautious approach to new charters... approving just 8 of the 28 plans to open a school. the restraint comes after a handful of charter schools opened... and quickly failed because of academic or financial problems. north carolina will have 167 charter schools receiving children later this month, up from 100 since the state lifted its limit in 2011. two raleigh police horses recovering
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afternoon. chopper 11 h-d was up over the scene on u-s 401. police say- the horses... "ike" and "willow" were going back to their stables after duty... when another vehicle made a sudden turn in front of the police truck... forcing it to swerve. neither officer was hurt... but the horse trailer flipped.. and trapped the horses inside. a good samaritan stopped and helped put the trailer upright again, freeing the horses. they were checked out by a vet and are expected to be okay. against a 'man' -- accused of "exposing himself" -- in a 'cary store'. this time -- 'raleigh' police -- are charging 'christopher - sumrell'. the 'new charges' -- are from an incident on 'tuesday' -- on 'western boulevard'. a 'store clerk' told police -- 'sumrell' -- exposed himself to 'her'. he's facing 'similar charges' -- in 'cary' -- for an incident on 'monday' -- at a "party store" -- on 'kildare farm road'... ....and in 2013, sumrell was accused of 'exposing himself' -- to 'two' fellow students -- at "peace university". a cary teen charged in a durham bank robbery ... caught in myrtle beach. today durham
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now in custody.. charged with robbing the "sun trust bank" on highway 54 wednesday afternoon. he's behind bars without bond in south carolina. the state court of appeals backs a judge who gave a defendant extra prison time... for repeatedly shouting expletives during his trial. habitual felon "michael - burrow" was sentenced to five years for breaking and entering in surrycounty. he lost his temper and shouted out curse words when the judge told "burrow" and his wife to stop interrupting the pro to impose more prison time. the judge took him up on that dare... and gave him the maximum of six extra months. the "governor's crime commission" -- 'offering money' tonight -- to the "city of goldsboro" -- to help 'fight' gang violence. two grants.... worth '25 thousand dollars' each -- could be available to 'police' and the 'sheriff's office' -- to 'combat' gang activity. 'law enforcement officials' -- will meet on 'monday' -- to talk about 'how' the money 'could' be used. 'goldsboro' has had 'eight' -- 'gang-related murders' -- so far this year. a raleigh man
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raleigh- after trying to fight back against a gang that beat him bloody and bruised. he says- he was leaving a downtown raleigh bar last weekend with a couple of friends... when the gang jumped them. he tried to defend himself... but was outnumbered. we're not using the victim's name... but he tells us he was thrown to the ground and four or five people kicked and punched him until eventually a woman drove up and called police... the men took off running. the victim says- he's worried police aren't doing enough to protect people out for a night downtown. officers often patrol that area... and the department is working to make arrests in this case. 'video' released... and 'people' reacting tonight -- to 'police video' -- of the 'shooting death' -- of an 'unarmed teen' in chicago. ....'what' family members are saying -- about his death. "father charged".
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were left 'inside' -- a 'hot car' and died. 'what' police say -- may've 'contributed' to the tragedy. and, "closing up shop". a 'raleigh business' -- shutting its doors after 'seven' decades. 'why' the owner -- is "calling it quits". but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news center
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governor "chris - christie" .... calls out the n-b-a over
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decision to move the n-b-a all-star game out of charlotte -- was nothing more than "grandstanding." christie made the remarks during a radio show this morning. last month n-b-a commissioner "adam - silver" said- moving the game was a business decision for the league. the 'family' -- of a 'teen' -- killed by 'chicago police' -- calls 'newly released' video -- "beyond horrific". police released 'dashcam' and 'body cam' video today -- showing the 'killing' -- of 18 year old "paul - o'neal" -- late last month. police 'chased him' -- because an 'autopsy' showed -- o'neal 'died' from a 'gunshot wound' to the back. the 'video' shows -- officers 'saying' -- they 'thought' o'neal "fired at them"... but, 'no gun' was ever found. this is the 'first video' -- of a 'fatal' police shooting -- to 'go public' -- under the 'new guidelines' -- mandating 'video'
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shooting. it's part of an effort to "restore public confidence" -- after 'video' showing the 'police shooting' -- of "laquan - mcdonald" -- sparked demonstrations -- earlier this year. a georgia father in custody ... his twin daughters dead after being left in a hot car. police believe alcohol was involved. police found "asa - north" trying to cool off the 15- month old girls in a pool. neighbors were using ice packs to try to revive them. the girls died at the hospital. "north" is counts of involuntary manslaughter. police say he had been drinking..and the little girls were left in teh car an unknown amount of time. the girls' mother was in the hospital at the time... after being involved in a car accident. a longtime raleigh business- shutting its doors. "flythecyclery" on peace street announced on its website- it's going out of business after 70 years. the owner says- there are several reasons- including the capital boulevard improvement construction
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time to retire. "flythecyclery" will close up shop for the last time at the end of the month. now to the big board and the must-see video of the night. we start in italy... where a plane skidded off the end of a runway ... and ended up on a r say- the d-h-l plane was arriving in "milan" from "paris"... and the pilot lost control. the jet crashed through a fence... onto a street. that road was closed for a while... but luckily no one was hurt. in england, a 'dramatic crash' -- at a 'racetrack'. a car 'flipped'... taking out a 't-v camera platform'... and a cameraman. a person was 'recording the race' -- when the the driver 'swerved'.... to avoid a pile-up -- and instead, the car rolled 'off' the track.... and 'into' the tower.... which came 'crashing down'.
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the 'tower' -- shooting video of the race -- was 'hurt'. and this 'little guy' -- will be 'glued' to the olympics 'for sure'. this is "arat"... he's an aspiring gymnast -- in iran. his parents say -- he's 'constantly' flipping and climbing on 'everything'... and uses the 'whole house' to train... including the 'refrigerator'. you can see the 'grip' he's got... and even when he 'falls'... "arat" gets right 'back' up. we'll be looking for him -- at the summer games - scattered showers and
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will dissipate this evening, and we should be mainly dry by midnight. lows will be in the low 70s. shower and storm coverage should decrease tomorrow as the air mass stabilizes over the region. with more sunshine than today, temperatures should shoot into the low 90s across much of the region. rain chances for any one spot are about 20%. another cold front will approach sunday, and the chance for scattered showers and storms will again, but there will be plenty of dry time through much of the day. the front will settle to our south early next week, and temperatures will cool down. however, moisture will remain behind the front, so clouds and scattered showers will be the rule monday
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next wee
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of new bears... what makes this year's group of shaw freshmen... unique "cumberland county deputies" got -- that'll 'help them' -- 'be safe' --
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clerk: ok, $8 on powerball gets you a fr
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wait, lucky for life is free with powerball? boom! sign me up. $1,000 a day for life? that's my game. cause i'm gonna be around for awhile. i don't even get sick. good choice, bro. live healthy. settled in at shaw university in raleigh. the freshman class got their orientation today... and started moving in. it's a record class this year, about 600 students... they'll join hundreds of other bears who return to campus over the next couple weeks. shaw was
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institution of higher education in the south. the 'date is set' in raleigh. the 'new' -- "holy name of jesus cathedral" -- will be dedicated -- next july. the "diocese of raleigh" -- making the announcement today. the cathedral 'dedication' -- is set for july 26th. right now -- construction is about 60-percent complete -- and should be 'finished' -- by 'may' of next year. the cumberland county sheriff's office gets a little help protecting its deputies. it says- a family found out the sheriff's office needed new bulletproof have the money in the budget for them... so the family made a donation. the 10 thousand dollar check came on the condition the donor remain anonymous... but they hope the gift will inspire others to chip in and help buy more
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sports... we're live at panthers fan fest in charlotte.... they had to play through a serious deluge... plus the heels kick off fall camp...elijah hood figures to feature prominently this year... stick around for sports almost every time i go there i see something that reminds me of why i like to shop there.
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and i know that they just got the same great service i always get. i've been shopping at publix well over 20 years now... i always walk away happy. there is always someone who appears who can answer that question for you. and if they don't know the answer they will find someone who does. it's the little things like that, it makes such a huge difference.
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let's get it straight to charlotte where ngozi ekeledo is standing with a recap of tonight's panthers fanfest/practice at bank of america...ngozi? after battliing through practices in under the steamy spartanburg sun...the panthers came ready for this year's fan fest. while the weather wasn't necessarily on their side. heavy rn off throughout the night kept a
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but the players seemed to enjoy the super-soaked atmosphere. especially guys like kelvin benjamin. now healthy he's ready to dazzle the season rain or shine. the other spotlight on the team's offense of course belongs to cam...panthers fans said the reins are in his hands as they hope to see a repeat m-v-p performance from the star q-b this season. on the other side of the ball...a big question mark belongs to the team's corner backs. the panthers used three picks in the draft on that position as they look to find a josh norman's replacement. heels tasted the
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acc championship game last year - the goal this season is to get back and win it... carolina figures to once again have an explosive offense what with horses like elijah hood in the stable. mitch trubisky is technically a new quarterback but after 3 years, he knows the offense and the offense knows him... the biggest part of his job? distribution i'm sure the timing wasn't coincidental at the city of raleigh museum as they
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exhibit today, just as the olympics are about to kick off... it's a collection of items from the incredible career of the st aug's track legend...williams has coached 40 olympians and was head coach of the 2004 us team in athens... there are also those 38 national titles... one of the olympians williams has coached? this man right here - ramon gittens - a st aug's grad who was the flag bearer for barbados... awesome moment for him join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for
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99 per month.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: somebody has got to tell the pope to check his garage because i think the pope mobile is missing because they put kris jenner's n rolls in ewit. >> we got her car going down the 101 in a glass box. identical to tne she just crashed on wednesday. harvey: who gets a car the next day after it's totaled? if you total your car, you think your insurance is going to get you money? >> no, i'm on the bus! >> justin bieber hooks up with a lot s. chick however the girl he's been hanging out with in hawaii is unbelievable. >> she's so hot, it almost makes me angry for some reason. i don't feel good. i feel bad in my soul. it makes me angry. >> i got to tell you, charlie, anger is not my first emotion. [laughter]


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