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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  August 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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eyewitness news... 'dangerous' flash flooding in raleigh. a woman 'stranded' in the 'rushing water. 'how' she managed to 'escape'. plus... delta delays. the country's second largest airline...grounded. what caused the meltdown...and how it will continue to impact passengers. and... a '10 year-old boy' - 'killed' in a 'horrific accident' -- on the "world's largest waterslide". 'what' we've learned about the investigation... and 'how' he died. eyewitness news starts right now. 'breaking news' in 'wake county' -- right off the top at 'ten' - a 'fiery crash' -- involving 'several vehicles' shuts down - part of 'i- 540' -- for the 'second time' tonight. good evening from the breaking news center. i'm steve daniels. this is 'westbound i-540'... near leesville road.' at least 'one car' caught fire -
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....that area was 'closed' for more than an hour. a few hours 'earlier' -- there was a rain-soaked 'crash zone' on 540... in that 'same' area.... at least '10 cars' -- wrecked in 'one' pile-up. ....then this 'fedex truck' -- left mangled and charred -- after a crash and wreck... and a 'big rig' jack-knifed as well. stories. you can look for updates -- on abc- 11-dot-com and the abc-11 mobile apps. now to the weather - and a rush hour washout in wake county. storms dumping heavy rain during the drive home...and more rain moving through now. meteorologist liz horton is in the first alert raleigh storm center...tracking it all. liz?
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creating a 'flood of problems' near downtown raleigh. "david - rogers" was riding down 'capital boulevard' -- when he 'shot' this video -- of vehicles 'splashing' through the 'high water'. joel brown is live on 'peace street' -- near 'capital boulevard' -- near downtown. joel, it was a pretty 'intense manydrivers. we don't get to talk about the pigeon house branch a lot on t-v... it's an old raleigh creek-- that buried in culverts along capital boulevard. we don't talk about it much-- until days like today.... pigeon house spilling over its banks-- trapping drivers here on peace street-- and turning part of capital into a river. --youtube nats-- an abc11 eyewitness shooting this video of the
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but while these drivers made it through the flash floods... - "it was up to my thighs and i'm about 5'7" anna kusterer, not so lucky... these flood waters on peace street... rushing into her car. - "so about almost to my blue jean shorts, pretty high!" anna's mercedes crossover left un-driveable afterwards... her 5 and 3 year old daughters clutching her close- shaken up by it all. with their car taking on water-- beginning to drift-- and the kids in the back seat-- anna's mommy instincts kicked in quickly-- crawling in the back-- getting the girls out. get them out of there. i didn't think, something electrical could go wrong while we were floating in the water. so, it was just a quick reaction to climb out the window." - "yeah!" abc11 eyewitness danny steele shot this video from his i-phone of the flooding on atlantic avenue. jessica burroughs rushed out of a workout at her gym-- in a mad dash to save her car from the rising flood on atlantic and hodges ave. - "it was just below the floor boards on my car. so 2 inches below it. if i opened the car door and waited another
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so you got to your car just in time? just in time!" --fayetteville st rain-- the rain that came down in sheets on fayetteville street... leaving a flooded and muddy mess in raleigh's moore square. after a quick- moving storm-- so much damage in so little time. - "not that high that fast. it was wild how quickly that happened." anna kusterer says her car is completely dead-- after her run in with the flood. her emergency one of over 40 calls-- that came in to raleigh 9-1-1... between 4:00 and 9:00... of an disabled vehicle during all that rain. now to the "travel nightmare" -- 'playing out' -- at airports 'around the world'... including right here at 'r-d-u'. a 'computer outage' at 'delta airlines' -- "knocking out" its 'global network'... and the 'ripple effect' still being felt. passengers who should've been in the 'air'... crowding into 'teriminals'.
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'among those' -- 'grounded' by the glitch. the team 'tweeting' - "still stuck at shannon airport ireland"... and our 'plane' -- 'teasing us' -- outside the window. 'heather waliga' is 'live' at the 'r-d-u airport' -- with an update. heather? the team was finally able to catch a plane to new york's jfk airport....but their connecting flight to rdu is delayed again. the line at the counter is much shorter, but several delays remain including two flights cancelled tonight. the airline now offering change fee waivers and refunds as thousands of passengers continue to wait. lines at delta ticket counters in airports across the country remained long monday evening. thousands of frustrated passengers waiting for hours after a system- wide computer outage grounded all of the airline's flights in the u-s and overseas.
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jordan zeckser didn't know his flight was delayed until he arrived at rdu. he's hoping to make it to california for vacation before he's deployed. i did arrive 3 hours ahead of time just to add that buffer it was a similar story for newlyweds kara and dakota hart on the way to their honeymoon. we only have six days in st. lucia and we have a big excursion planned for tomorrow, so we're really hoping we get there today! their flight finally hours late. delta's ceo tweeting out this message to passengers. i apologize for the challenges this has created for you with your travel experiences. the delta team is working very, very hard to restore and get these systems back as quickly as possible. ..i think they're handling it well. it could always be worse rdu airport officials worked to accommodated stranded passengers. ...we were able to jump in and work hand-in-hand with delta to manage ques, make sure people had water, make sure we
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could passengers trying to make it to their final destinations. ..i'm just excited to go to europe you know so as long as i get on my flight i'm good to go airport officials say today's outage will likely cause a ripple effect which means more delays and cancellations are possible tomorrow. they want you to check your flight status with delta before heading to rdu. live in raleigh, hw, abc11, ewn. county sheriff's office -- gearing up for "donald - trump's" appearance tomorrow at the 'crown - arena' in fayetteville. deputies warning people there will be 'zero - tolerance' for anyone who causes problems during the rally. they say anyone who has to be 'escorted out' -- will be 'charged'... starting with 'disorderly conduct'. the sheriff's office has fewer deputies assigned to this rally than last march -- because the venue is much 'smaller' than the crown coliseum. they anticipate traffic being the biggest problem.
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the event is set to start at 5-15. angelica alvarez will be there live. look for her reports starting tomorrow on eyewitness news at four. 'governor mccrory' -- now 'taking aim' -- at a 'state toxicologist'.... in another 'political dust-up' -- over 'coal ash'. it's a story the 'i- team' has been tracking for 'months'.... trying to 'figure out' -- if " pat mc-crory's" administration was 'involved'... as the 'state health department's position' -- on the 'safety' of the water around 'duke energy' coal ash pits -- evolved. the 'state toxicologist' -- who 'sent out' the 'first round' of "do not drink letters" saying -- the wat w recently 'deposed' in court. "ken - rudo" testified -- the 'state health director' -- told him to write 'new letters'.... saying the water 'was' safe -- but he 'refused' to do it. rudo 'still thought' -- it was 'dangerous'... and that wouldn't be good advice. rudo says the governor's communications guy -- "josh - ellis" -- called him to the 'governor's mansion' and -- with the governor 'on the phone' at times -- tried to 'get rudo' -- to 'change' his position. when the 'i-team' -- 'asked' about the conversation today... the governor "doubled down". 'democrats' in the
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an 'independent investigation' -- into 'rudo'stestimony'. an explosion and fire in fayetteville destroys a home -- and sends one person and a firefighter to the hospital. it happened this morning on 'shawcroft - road' in the kings grant community. firefighters say 'heavy smoke' was arrived. one person escaped the flames -- but was transferred to the n-c jaycee burn center in chapel hill. at last check -- they were in critical condition. one firefighters was also treated for exposure to the heat. investigators are working to find the cause. "spring lake" -- is searching for a 'new' police chief. chief "troy - mcduffie" announcing tonight -- he's 'retiring' -- after seven years as the town's 'top cop'. mcduffie 'took over' in december of 2009 -- the 'same year' --- the police department was 'stripped' of 'arrest powers'.... and 'two officers' were arrested -- on 'corruption charges'.
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enforcement -- mcduffie's retirement is effective on 'december first'. we're just getting started tonight on eyewitness news - water park tragedy. a ten-year-old boy killed on a extreme water slide. what we've just learned about investigation. plus - purrfect rescue. how the italian coast guard helped a tiny kitten cheat death. it's the must-see video of the night. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh
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now - three young girls -- plunge from a ferris wheel in eastern tennessee. it happened at the greene county fair.
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car appeared to get caught as the wheel lifted them upward. it caused the girls to spill out and fall to the ground. at least one of the girl's injuries appears to be life-threatening. you can look for updates on this story tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. 'disturbing' new details -- about the 'death' -- of a '10-year-old boy' -- on the "world's tallest water slide" - at a water park in 'kansas city'. authorities revealing -- 10- year-old "caleb - schwab" -- was riding 'in the front' of the 'raft'.... when the boy 'fell out'. an 'eyewitness' says -- his body was 'sliding' behind the raft. schwab suffered a 'neck injury'. yesterday -- on the 168-foot tall "verruckt" water slide -- at "schlitterbahn- waterpark". in a statement -- 'schlitterbahn' says -- it's "deeply and intensely saddened" for the schwab family. the park is 'tentatively' -- scheduled to 'reopen' on wednesday. the texas student -- whose homemade clock sparked a social media storm -- has filed a 'federal lawsuit'. "amed - mohamed" made headlines last year after being 'arrested' at school when a teacher mistook his clock for a 'fake bomb'. police later declined to pursue charges
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the teen's lawsuit claims the city of irving, texas... the school district... and the mcarthur high school principal 'violated' ahmed's civil rights. mohammad got a lot of support after the incident -- including an invitation to the white house. "gummy candy" -- made nearly 20 people 'sick' -- at a 15-year-old girl's 'birthday party' -- in san francisco over the weekend-- including a 'six- year-old'. all of the 'patients' -- have since been treated and released from the hospital. final 'lab results' are 'not' available.... but authorities think 'edible marijuana' -- may be to blame. offici know 'where' the candy came from. now to the big board and the must-see video of the night. we begin in italy -- with a 'kitten' -- cheating death! the coast guard giving the tiny feline 'mouth-to- mouth' resuscitation -- after pulling it from the water. video shows two people working to gently resuscitate the kitty. a few modified chest compressions and puffs of air later -- the little feline let out a few weak meows. the coast guard later posted a
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to be doing much better. 'get ready' -- to go on a 'ride' -- through nature. keep your 'eyes' -- on the curious squirrel -- 'poking' at a go-pro. it looks around for a 'bit' -- and then 'nabs' the camera.... and takes it 'up' a tree. it then 'goes on' -- to show a "day in the life" -- of a canadian squirrel. the 'marathon' through nature -- eventually comes to an end -- when the squirrel 'drops the camera'.... and 'moves on' to its next adventure. and they say dog is man's best friend -- but for one that honor has been given to a duck named "nibbles." nibbles... has known johnny since the day he hatched. this video shows johnny and his pet duck splashing around in the pool together, as he takes every opportunity to peck playfully at
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more thunderstorms will move through our area tonight as a stationary front moves north through the area. the biggest threat will once again be heavy soaking rainfall, and the potential for localized flooding. lows will be in the continue to move north into the mid-atlantic tomorrow, but it will leave behind a very humid atmosphere which will lead to more thunderstorms by the afternoon. temperatures tomorrow will again be mainly in the 80s. typical hot, humid august weather will continue on wednesday through friday with enough sunshine each day to boost
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will be enough moisture to support scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms. warmer weather pushes in this
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"baby" in the corner... 'or' in the upcoming "dirty dancing" remake. 'jennifer grey' says -- she "turned down a role" -- in the upcoming t-v remake -- that was 'shot' in north carolina. grey says -- the role they asked her to play, didn't "feel appropriate." she didn't say -- what role.... but she did say it wasn't for "baby." 'grey' starred opposite "patrick - swayze" -- in the 1987 classic. " snoop - dogg" and lifestyle icon "martha - stewart" will join forces in the kitchen this fall. host a cooking show on v-h-one... called "martha and snoop's dinner party." this will not be the first collaboration between stewart and snoop. the duo first teamed up over the stove in 2008 -- on an episode of "martha stewart living." they also recently appeared together on the "100-thousand- dollar pyramid" -- here on abc-11. a 'back to school' boost -- for children in-need.
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be their 'best' in the classroom. plus... the 'president' -- hits the links -- with an all-star. the 'player' -- who traded 'splashing threes' -- for "par-threes". the 'raleigh rescue mission'... is tv: hey panthers fans, the new carolina panthers scratch-offs are available now.
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the new carolina panthers scratch-off. a $200,000 top prize and 20 years of panthers season
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making its last 'big push'-- to gather 'backpacks'-- for the homeless -- and children in- need. this year -- the organization is opening up the giveaway -- to even 'more' kids in the community. the 'rescue - mission' says it still needs to '300' more backpacks. you can find out how to donate by going to our website -- abc-11- dot-com. volunteers will give the backpacks away august 20th -- at the raleigh rescue mission store on capital boulevard. "michael - phelps... and his mystery marks!" eagle-eyed 'olympic observers'... noticed those 'small'... 'circular' marks on the back and shoulders -- of phelps and several other "team u-s-a" members. phelps says -- it's part of his training. it's called "cupping"... and it's used to treat sore muscles. the technique 'involves'-- putting
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on the skin.... then pulling them 'from the body' to relax the muscles and boost 'blood flow'. the 'basic idea' -- is 'creating bruises' -- will encourage the 'body' -- to 'heal' more quickly. 'president obama' -- took in a 'round of golf' today.... and he had 'quite' the athlete -- joining him -- on the course. n-b-a star "steph - curry" joined the president to play 18 holes at a course on martha's vineyard. it's not the first time they have met on the links, as the two faced off well. the president is currently on a two-week vacation on the massachusetts island. on sunday, he played his 300th round of golf as president, playing with another n-b-a superstar, "chris -
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sports.... fall camp underway at duke football with a new stadium, a new mantra and a new qb for the future... plus another north carolina product hits the medal stand but first - congrats to the hillside track and field team... the state champion hornets were presented with their title rings tonight... among them - world junior hurdles champ marcus krah
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- has just landed a commitment from his highest rated high school qb yet... californian jack sears verballed to the blue devils earlier today... he's a four star recruit rated the fifth best pro-style qb recruit in the class of 2017... as for this year's devils... thomas sirk's amazing recovery from a torn achilles is expected to continue tonight as duke opens fall ca the number one story at duke? the guy wearing that number one. quarterback thomas sirk back on the field less than six month after tearing his achilles. duke has been picked to finish 5th in their division. meanwhile
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meanwhile wallace wade stadium keeps chugging up the rankings. another phase is almost complete. the blue devil tower adds luxury suites for an improved fan experience. dukes team motto in 16 is - "the year of the beast". an attempt to be more physical. signs say change is coming. in durham joe
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the usa has spent another night dominating the pool in rio... bigtime congratulations go out to kathleen baker... the triad native pulled down a silver in the 100m women's backstroke tonight... she's just 19, so she'll almost certainly be back for more in 2020 join us tomorrow morning on abc-11
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: three team u.s.a. players decide to have a spa day in rio. it turned out to be a whore house. >> did you hear where the nba players are staying? >> a yacht. >> why don't you go to the why don't you call the nice girls to go to the yacht. >> the girls go out to the yacht, rowing. rows for hoes. >> britney spears new video. she shot a video with dave lachapelle. >> they nixed it and then shot another video. >> people were saying it's too sexy and then she released it. harvey: the one they released is so much more watchable. >> no, no, no. [laughter] >> the game at playhouse, taking on the candy kids. >> these are the kids who sell candy outside the clubs.


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