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the new accusations against the mccrory administration. what the i-team has uncovered. plus...a man scales trump tower in manhattan. what he wanted from the republican presidential candidate. and - a community fighting for a local teen facing deportation. why he may be one step closer to coming home. eyewitness news starts right now. right off the top at ten - durham police investigating an accident involving a pedestrian. this is in front of the willowdaile shopping center at guess road at horton road. the car has major damage to its hood and windshield. our crew on the scene says the victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. we're working to find out the victim's name and if any charge have been filed. you can look for updates on abc-
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abc-11 mobile app. now to blistering new accusations against the "mccroryadminist ration" -- from the now former state epidemiologist. good evening. i'm tisha powell. and i'm joel for steve daniels. in her 'scathing' resignation letter-- "megan - davies" accuses the governor's administration-- of "deliberately misleading" the public-- when it comes to the 'safety' of drinking water-- near duke 'coal ash' ponds. it's a story the i- team has been following 'closely' for months. live outside the governor's mansion with the latest. heather? in her resignation letter here....davies basically says the state has misled the public about how dangerous some of the toxins are in well water close to those coal ash pits. but officials are refuting those claims. a new twist in the duke energy coal ash controversy. the state epidemiologist now stepping down....saying the public is being misled about the
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megan davies accuses top health officials of lying in their criticism of state toxicologist ken rudo who helped develop safety warnings for well owners near duke energy coal ash ponds...blaming him for sowing fear about cancer- causing chemicals. in her resignation letter...davies says d-h-h-s and the department of environmental quality incorrectly credited the establishment of those warnings 'solely' to rudo...who worked in her division... only conclude that the department's leadership is fully aware that this document misinforms the public." protestors with the air horn orchestra showed up to the governor's mansion wednesday evening wearing face masks and biohazard stickers.... 18:30:23...they represent the danger of the coal ash in the state that we haven't cleaned up and that we haven't recognized as a real danger the airhorn in its 18th week of blasting their disapproval of the mccrory
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whatever it takes to be heard. and tonight....accusing the governor of hiding the truth about the dangers of coal ash.'s reminding him that north carolinians are pissed off and that north carolinians won't continue to stand for what is betrayal. he's betraying our public trust. d-h-h-s released this statement...saying: "...throughout this process, we've provided full information to homeowners about the safety of their drinking water and have taken appropriate steps to reassure citizens who had been undu alarmed. we remain committed to the health and safety of our citizens." meantime, another protest against coal ash is set to take place here tomorrow morning at 11. live at the governor's mansion, hw, abc11, ewn. developing right now -- a 'drama' playing out -- at trump tower in new york. a '20-year-old' man from virginia -- wearing a backpack and suction cups -- scaling the '58- story building' -- before the n-y-p-d eventually pulled
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yesterday -- because he wanted a personal meeting with "donald - trump." he posted a video on 'youtube' -- explaining that he was a researcher -- and he 'never' wanted to harm anyone. police say the man used 'two' names -- and had several id's. he has since been taken to the hospital for a 'psychiatric evaluation'. you can look for updates on this story tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. and 'drama' at a hillary clinton event. the 'secret service' rushing in as clinton spoke in iowa. officers tackling an 'animal rights protester' -- who tried to rush the stage. clinton d officers eventually dragged the woman away . firing back! governor mccrory revealing his intentions -- to 'appeal' a federal court's decision-- doing away with the state's voter i-d law. the governor says he's hoping to ask the u-s supreme court-- to 'intervene' in the case 'today' or very soon... saying north carolina's law-- is no different than laws on the books-- in dozens of other states. the 4th circuit of
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voter i-d law... citing evidence that republican lawmakers 'willfully' targeted african-american voters... and ruled november's election should go forward-- 'without' the voter i-d requirement. abc-11 is your 'election - headquarters'. you can follow the candidates on the campan our abc11 'mobile news app' -- or on 'abc 11 dot com - slash - go vote'. there's also important information -- to make sure 'your vote' counts. the family of a 20- year-old man killed in north raleigh over the weekend -- has hired a well- known civil rights lawyer. 39-year-old "chad - copley" is accused of firing the shot that killed 20 year-old "kouren - thomas" saturday morning. copley is in the wake county jail - charged with murder. thomas' family says they've hired south carolina attorney "justin bamberg."
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family of "walter - scott" - who was shot and killed by a north charleston police officer and most recently the family of "alton - sterling" baton rouge. thomas' family will speak to the media tomorrow. 'fayetteville' police-- releasing a 'major' clue-- in the search for the gunman-- who 'shot' and 'killed'-- a mother of 'six'. the shooting happened in broad daylight-- yesterday afternoon... on 'andy street.' investigators working right now to identify a guy-- on a 'motorcycle'-- who they say was seen in the area-- of 'andy street'.. moments after the shooting. "angela - taylor"... after 6-30 last night-- while she was walking near 'ike street'. she was taken to the hospital...where she later died. also in fayetteville - an arrest in the murder of a '20- year-old' man -- at the center of a violent feud. "jamarqus - hurley" turned himself in to fayetteville police today. he's in the cumberland county jail. police say an ongoing feud between "diquan- mclamb" and another man lead to his murder. mclamb was shot in the parking lot of a tobacco shop on reilly road earlier this month. new tonight -
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deputies -- with guns 'drawn'-- uncovering a drug operation. narcotics officers executing a search warrant at "locklear's snacks and games"....on 'cumberland road' in fayetteville. investigators say the one-time family-owned business-- is now nothing more than a 'front' for selling drugs. the sheriff says he wants the building torn down. the search is on tonight in harnett county -- for a 'group of thieves' -- who 'desecrated' the memory of a fallen soldier. the thieves 'ransacking' the home of a "gold star" wife. she shared photos of the damage exclusively with "eyewitnss "eric - vick" -- died in combat back in 2007. the thieves knocked over the urn holding his ashes -- and took his widow's wedding ring and gold star necklace and pin. the sheriff office believes a group of teens... who may live in the neighborhood... broke into the home.. and then left on bikes. we've been following the story of -- "wildin - acosta" -- for several months now. tonight -- the durham teenager-- is a step closer to coming back to the triangle... after spending the last 'several'
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angelica alvarez is live in durham. angelica, any word on when he'll return? no set date... his bond was set just today. but thanks to the more than 11- thousand dollars donated by almost 300 people... in barely two's only a matter of time. "gracias a dios.. gracias a dios por todo" in spanish...wildin acosta's mother..dilsia...tha nking god for everything.... as today immigration officials agreed to grant him a 10- thousand acosta's legal team warning supporters of the potential amount... so yesterday they made a plea on go-fund me. "throughout the night it kept adding on, the donations kept coming through." "sure enough we wake up this morning to $10,000!" and then some. viridiana martinez... is one of many who have been working to get acosta home. the 19-year old has been in a georgia detention center for months... after ice agents hauled him in on a thursday morning in january as the teen was
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supporters say acosta came to the u-s... fleeing dangerous conditions in honduras after january one 2014... the cut off date for many in president obama's administration to be deported. since then... education leaders... teachers... and friends... ...have been fighting to bring him home. north carolina congressman g-k butterfield also playing a part...pleading with immigration. "he was fleeing violence in honduras, his life was at stake, no that. wildin's life was being threatened everyday and he wanted to leave and come to america, where his parents and other family members reside." now... the congressman... and all of acosta's supporters hope he'll be back with his family soon... ending a long seven months of separation. wildin's lawyer says the next step is posting that bond... then applying for asylum. if and when that goes through... wildin will have
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can file to become a permanent resident. and after five years ... he can become a u-s citizen. still to come tonight - a raleigh woman-- found shot to death in arkansas. what we've learned about the investigation...and the victim. plus - seeing green. two olympic pools.. mysteriously change color in rio. what organizers say caused the unusual hue. and - struggling a drowning leopard takes the only way out of 60-foot well. the rescue operation is the must-see video of the night. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news center
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cary police crediting "tips" for an arrest in the robbery of a pizza parlor. '29 year-old' -- "johnathon - degraw"....faces several charges including robbery. cary police say degraw was caught on surveillance camera -- holding up the "little caesars pizza"...on chatham street last week. remains under investigation. now to the search for the shooter-- who killed a 'raleigh' woman-- over the weekend in 'arkansas'. police in north 'little rock'-- say 39 year old "amy- ashley"... was shot 'saturday' at a 'gas station.' ashley worked at a 'sports clips' in 'north raleigh'. a friend and co- worker-- says she was traveling with another friend-- at the time of the shooting. police in north little rock-- still trying to figure out-- 'if' the shooting was 'random'. one of two police officers shot in arkansas during a tense manhunt has died.
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to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. the other officer had "superficial wounds." the suspected shooter later surrendered after a standoff with law enforcement. he has not yet been charged. a 'role playing' exercise-- at a citizen's police academy in florida-- leaves a 73-year-old woman dead. authorities in 'punta gorda'-- call it a 'tragic' event. a volunteer participating in a 'community' event on police safety.. shot and killed by an officer last night. eyewitnesses say the officer fired knowleton" -- with what were 'supposed' to be 'blanks'-- but his gun 'mistakenly' had at least one 'live' round. the officer who fired at knowleton.. is on administrative leave-- pending the outcome of the investigation. a portion of the schiltterbahn water park in kansas has reopened -- three days after the death of a 10- year-old boy. the raft ride "caleb - schwab" was on at the time, will be closed for the rest of the season. meanwhile - a person familiar with the investigation says the boy was decapitated in the accident, but authorities have
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in the raft at the time, were treated for facial injuries. caleb's funeral is scheduled for friday. olympic athletes seeing 'green'-- instead of rio's aquatic center. the water in the diving pool-- and synchronized swimming pool-- have since been treated-- and both have turned back to blue. officials say the pool's tanks-- ran out of the chemicals needed for water treatment-- causing the pools to change color. the third day of the men's water polo tournament-- kicked off in green-tinged now to the big board and the must-see video of the night. we start in poland with a nature awling through 'thick' mud... to rescue a trapped 'eagle'. with a rope attached to land -- the photographer dragged himself through the mud to rescue the bird. a drone captured the footage of the dramatic rescue from above. the distressed bird attacked the man during the rescue but eventually he was able to bring it back to dry land. the bird was then cleaned and cared
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a 'leopard' pulled from a well. the animal fell sixty feet... experts and worried villagers-- pulled the scared four year old female from the well... they used a 'box' to get her back on land. the leopard was checked out.. and released back into the wild. proof that moms have super powers. a 'one- handed catch' -- caught on camera. this mom reeled in a 'big fish' in australia. she had an injured thumb -- so she did and with one hand. this video was shot -- so the mom of five could prove to her son she could do it. and a monkey that needs a 'refresher' course on 'climbing'. this guy lives in a zoo in the united kingdom. you can tell... he struggles with the whole climbing thing.. he falls.. and generally looks unsteady... on the vines and ropes around his enclosure. maybe an older monkey can join in
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fort bragg soldiers-- joining the fight against isis-- will leave later this week. members of the '18th airborne corps'-- will say families 'friday' afternoon-- after a deployment ceremony. a total of about 450 soldiers from the 18th... will go to kuwait... as part of operations 'inherent resolve'... that's the name of the operation against isis. there's a new way to get an 'uber'-- here in the triangle. starting today, riders in raleigh and durham can 'schedule' a ride. you'll still be able to get an uber the regular.. on-demand way... but now if you're planning a trip at a specific time-- your ride can be 'waiting'. uber users can schedule a ride on
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days in advance. 'mountain bikers' have a brand new place to ride-- in the all american city. fayetteville- cumberland parks and recreation-- says 3 miles of mountain bike trail-- is now open near 'clark park'. the trail starts near the cape fear river-- and crosses over the river trail... it has technical terrain.. and some challenging sections for riders. parks and rec says there's potential for nearly 10 more miles of trail.. in the future. a north carolina woman becomes a super cenetenarian. changed since her birth. and...the 'girl scouts' are bringing a 'campfire' treat to your belly this spring. the "two" new cookies... coming to their already tasty election. champagne makers
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clerk: ok, $8 on powerball gets you a free lucky for life ticket. wait, lucky for life is free with powerball? boom! sign me up. $1,000 a day for life? that's my game. cause i'm gonna be around for awhile. i don't even get sick. good choice, bro. live healthy. the bubbly beverage this year. producers say a late spring 'frost'.. along
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champagne, france-- cut the yield of grapes 'significantly' this spring. in fact, the champagne makers say-- this year's yield-- is the lowest for the industry since the 1980s. the good news for champagne fans-- vintners have 'prepared' for just this kind of event-- by keeping 'reserves' on hand-- that can be used to supplement harvests. girl scout cookie lovers-- there's a new cookie on the menu. the girl scouts of america announced their new s'mores cookies. the new variety will have two versions -- one includes a crispy graham cookie doub d crme icing and a chocolate coating. the other is a crunchy graham sandwich with chocolate and marshmallow filling. the new cookie will be carried in select markets during the 20-17 cookie season. a 'greensboro' woman is celebrating a huge milestone..... her 111th birthday! "armida - sholar" was born on august 9th .. 1905. "teddy -
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sholar married at 18.. became a widow at 43 .. raised four children .. and one of them is still living. the staff at the nursing home-- where she's lived for the last 38 years-- says sholar enjoys good health-- and a great attitude. sports.... duke qb thomas sirk talks about the secret to his rapid recovery... plus the acc football schedule could shortly get a shakeup and the us men's hoops team gets pushed in rio... but first - your scores... the bulls came up 1 run short in pawtucket... the muddies meanwhile
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sirk had no business scoring, but somehow found the endzone... his winning run vs virginia tech in quadruple ot certainly tops that list... sirk is once again defying the odds this fall as he's back on the practice field just 6 months removed from a torn achilles...his plan is to lead the blue devils into their opener vs central
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was to have no fear. i didn't want to look back on the injury, i've moved past that, i've kept a positive attitude the entire process." when the acc announced it was starting its own tv network in 2019 - that meant a few things... preseumably more money for the league's schools and the need for more acc games to broadcast... accordingly - the basketball schedule will move from 18 to 20 games in three years the league's athletic directors will debate and likely vote on possibly moving from the current 8 game acc football schedule up to 9 games... david teel of the daily press in virginia reported today that unc and nc state have been in favor of that move while duke has previously voted it down. at the very least, it would mean duke and state play each other more than once a millenium finally - some sad news as longtime espn broadcaster and one of the founding board members of the v
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today at age 61... saunders was a close friend of jim valvano, having served as his broadcast partner for several years.. he leaves behind his wife and two daughters v foundation ceo susan braun released a statement, in part: "the v foundation is stunned and saddened by the new of john saunders' passing. he has been a torch bearer for jim's wish and the v foundation's mission to fund research that will put an end to cancer. john was always there with and for us. he was a smart, kind, compassionate man who touched each of our lives. " for the first time ever - the united states women have scored 100 or more points in three consecutive games... 110-84 was the final today over serbia... mike krzyzewski's men's team got all it wanted from australia this evening... they trailed at half but wound up winning 98-88... carmelo anthony was the hero hitting nine three pointers enroute to 31 points... he's now the alltime leading scorer in us olympic history more hoops - check out this madness from
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marshall, a former nc state coaching target, absolutely losing his gourd at the officials during an exhibition game between his shockers and mcgill university... marshall was livid at the way the game was being officiated... clearly... wichita state has now suspended him for the final game of the exhibition tour join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 it's a great day for an adventure. surprises are hiding around each corner. come chase thrills that lead in every direction. yet somehow bring us all back together. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: orlando bloom is back from his nude vacation with katy perry. >> they're missing what's in his arms. >> 5-year-old flynn, baby with amanda kerr. >> it's finally ok for t to be around katy perry? >> who does the kid prefer to spend christmas with? what couple? >> oh, my god, let's answer this and shatter one of the parents' lives. >> michael sam back in the news. he got into a very heated altercation on the streets of west hollywood. michael sam at point one says, touch me and i will lay your ass on the gr >>ound. michael sam said that? >> kind of hot, right? harvey: a little bit. [laughter] >> the kardashians are pissed


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