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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  August 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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i'm no marketing guru... but this guy is. he's from madison avenue. he likes to say things like... raised without antibiotics. that's a phrase he invented to make chicken sound safer. and it doesn't mean much because, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. i've got more. "mom approved?" "caffeine free?" we think mr. marketing guru would fit in better at a different chicken company. ooh, i got it. "gluten free." all chicken is gluten free.
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the person who killed - a cab driver - who was just doing his job. what we've learned about the victim.... and the murder. plus... raw emotion from the family of a man shot and killed leaving a party in north raleigh. the comparison that their attorney made to a racially- charged shooting. and...confirmed cases of zika here in the triangle. the one thing that the reported illnesses have in common. eyewitness news starts right now. right off the top at ten - a shooting involving members of the same family in johnston county. good evening, i'm tisha powell. and i'm joel for steve daniels. this all unfolding right at a mobile home park on waymon way...near clayton. the johnston county sheriff's office -- responding to the call. "dejuan - hoggard" joins us live from the scene. dejuan, what have
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the shooting that it was domestic in nature. shortly after 7pm, law enforcement received a call about a shooting here in johnston county on waymon way, just off of hood farm road. an older gentlemen allegedly shot a younger male several times. one of those shots is believed to be in the head. the victim was taken to wakemed, where at listed in serious condition. the suspect left the house and was arrested a short time later. one neighbor says she did not know the family very well, but recalls a time when she noticed some odd behavior. a lot of specific details from the
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are being withheld at this time. but as we know more, you will hear it here on c1 county, dejuan hoggard, abc11 eyewitness news. a husband and father -- working as a cab driver in durham -- gunned down on the job. tonight -
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for any clues that will lead to his killer. it happened around one this afternoon -- in the 'parking lot' -- of the 'la quinta inn'-- on 'westpark drive' -- at the intersection of 'i- 40' and 'highway 55'. angelica alvarez tracking the story all night. she joins us live outside durham police headquarters with an update. everything we know about the victim... is from co-workers... police have not yet officially released his we won't either. meantime... we're waiting for word on any suspects... or even sirens blaring... clearing the way to save a life... but it would be too late. the man who was shot near this yellow cab... would be pronounced dead at the hospital. his taxi left behind... under this awning at the la quinta inn on westpark here in durham. next to it... crime scene markers dotting the ground. durham police responding in full force... with a k-9 unit... to a
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when they arrived... they found a man had been shot multiple times. off camera... an official with durham best cab company says the victim... was one of his drivers. he says they got a call from an eyewitness at the hotel... who told them one of the cab driver's fares actually pulled the trigger. police aren't saying anything about suspects so far... but this view from chopper 11hd... shows at one point... police had three men... at the red roof inn down the street...who appear to be handcuffed behind the building... and a fourth man...als even so... police haven't said they arrested anyone... or if they still have anyone in custody for questioning. right now they're asking anyone with information to call them. those numbers on abc11 dot com. now to that 'deadly' encounter in a
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involving a white homeowner shooting and killing-- an un- armed black man. the attorney for the victim's family, today-- calling the alleged shooter -- "george zimmerman two- point-oh." civil rights attorney "justin - bamberg" is representing the family of "kouren - thomas"... in a potential civil suit. at a news conference-- bamberg repeated that thomas had 'no' weapon-- and was in the 'street'... when "chad - copley" opened fire-- from his 'closed' garage. in the 9-1-1 call... copley calls the people-- outside his home "hoodlums." mother was quick to denounce that claim. she told reporters about her last encounter with son that night.
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for making a fast arrest-- and charging copley with murder. new tonight -- fayetteville police make an arrest in the murder of a mother of six. "christopher - lee" charged with first-degree murder. he's in the cumberland county jail without bond. investigators say "angela - taylor" ..was 'shot' earlier this week.. while she was walking near 'ike - street'. she was taken to the hospital... where she later died. man -- who spent nearly three decades in prison for a murder he claims he didn't commit -- can go free on bond. "johnny - small" was convicted for the 19-88 murder of a wilmington woman at a tropical fish store, when he was just 16- years-old. a judge decided to "vacate"... small's life sentence after one of his friends testified this week that he was pressured by police to testify at the murder trial that both he and small were at the crime scene. the state does have the option to retry small. until then, he will
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a man and woman now facing 'drug charges'-- after a 'gun fight'-- at a 'fuquay-varina' home this morning. police say two men-- forced their way into a house-- on 'ginwood court' around 6-30. two people were inside at the time-- and 'one' of them had a 'gun'-- 'returning' fire against the suspects. no one was hurt... but a bullet did strike a 'nearby 'home. fuquay-varina police executed a search warrant on the home-- and arrested "george - young" and "charita - roberts." working to identify the two other suspects. an update to a story we brought you as 'breaking news' this time last night. two young children inside an s-u-v -- 'carjacked' -- then returned safely to the arms of their mother. a surveillance camera outside the "iciban restaurant" in durham... shows a man pulling up in a white volvo -- right next to the s-u-v. within seconds -- he jumps out of the volvo -- and into the s-u-v. in the upper right part of the video -- you can see people run up to the s-u-v and try to get in the door.
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off. fortunately -- police found the s-u-v a few miles away. they're still looking for the suspect. a federal court ruling on state 'legislative districts'-- won't impact this year's election.. a panel of three judges deciding 28 of 170 state legislative districts 'are' unconstitutional. the ruling says state lawmakers used 'race'-- when they drew up the districts for state house and senate members in 20-11. however the judges say the election-- can proceed this year-- because postponing i undue disruption. lawmakers were ordered to redraw the districts for the 20-18 election. north carolina -- on the radar this campaign season. "hillary - clinton's" running mate will be here next week. senator "tim - kaine" will will be in fayetteville next tuesday. at this point -- the clinton campaign isn't saying where kaine will be. we're still working to learn the specifics... but once we get those details -- we'll post them on abc 11 dot com -- and update you on the abc11 mobile app. startling accusations against a former 'high - ranking'
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here in north carolina. a former staffer claims trump's previous state campaign director -- pulled a gun on him. according to the court documents -- 'vincent - bordini' said it happened in february -- while he and 'earl - phillip' were driving to meet with campaign volunteers in south carolina. bordini claims phillip pulled out a gun -- put his finger on the trigger -- and drove the barrel into his knee cap. phillip -- who was ousted as director last week -- denies the incident. 'nine' people in 'durham county'.. are now confirmed to have 'zika'. that's a 'quarter' cases in the state. durham county health officials-- say durham has such a high concentration of zika cases... because of its diverse community.. with so many people traveling to central and south america. while there are no reports of transmission.. from a local mosquito... authorities say the best thing you can do-- is to avoid mosquitos. only about 20
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actually feel the fluike symptoms... so there could many people with the virus-- who don't know it. 'roanoke rapids' effort to sell its city-owned theatre-- through an auction-- has 'failed'. once known as the 'randy parton theatre'-- roanoke rapids took over the theatre in 2007. the city contracted with a commercial real estate auction company-- to sell the prope auction. the auction closed yesterday and the final bid was 3-point-4 million dollars. the city decided 'not' to accept the bid-- and says it will continue to try to sell the theatre. we're just getting started tonight on eyewitness news - urgent search. a deadly explosion -- at a maryland apartment building. at least 'two' people killed - and others missing. the scent that may have signaled danger -- weeks ago. plus... mad dash. here's an example of what not to do when you're late
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video of the night. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news center
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burning at a 'coal-fired' plant
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well, reaching height taller. penalty flag down, picked off by a.j. klein.
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17 into will be hard to replicate like last year. the long road began in training
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baltimore. can would see limited action. but it was pretty productive action. fagan with the reverse. steps out of bounds. later on, a site we will see many times. kelvin benjamin come a short game. but welcome action, big man. it was 3-0 later when this happened. he would sprin have it called back because cam newton had written -- had run onto the field to celebrate. derek anderson to devon, this was the panthers' lone touchdown . time to celebrate with some gummy's. panthers trailed very late in
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next up, a slowdown with serbia. kylie irving has been checking out michael phelps every chance he can. >> for him to represent our country that way and put on such a performance like that, not only for the entire world watching, he was just being him. i enjoy seeing people in a very that is greatness at its best. >> they final time -- for the final time, phelps superhuman again for his 22nd gold medal. that's ridiculous to even say. one of the eighth fastest was in
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biles in the women's all-around today. the other big story, a second stage judo gold for an american who immediately retired and may pursue a career in mma fighting. >> we will see you again
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harvey: we are getting a much better sense of the feud between vin diesel and the rock. now vin diesel is about to spill the beans. >> i will tell you everything. >> late yesterday the rock got his own video, talking about how they're family. harvey: here's the other way, he says, i want you over here and i want you to cheer for me. [laughter] >> kylie jenner over in turks and caicos. she got on all fours with her sister. tyga was there. harvey: now that everybody knows there's a warrant for him, does he have a problem coming back with customs? >> he asked the old lady to break out a few bucks, break out the private jet, keep your ass out of the pokey.


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