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for $89.99 per month. only from time warner cable. eyewitness news... the heat and your kids... what's being done to protect them on the field and off... chaos at crabtree... why there's confusion over what people say they heard inside the mall this weekend. and a drug you can take during pregnancy-- could affect what happens to your child later in life.. details from a new study. eyewitness news starts right now. the 'temperatures' will test the 'thermometers', again tomorrow. good evening, i'm joel brown... in for steve daniels. and i'm tisha powell... we're here with chief meteorologist chris hohmann. chris, what can we expect tomorrow-- and
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that heat taking its toll-- on high school 'sports' in the triangle. students at 'wake county' schools... couldn't practice until after 6:30 tonight... in order to keep kids safe. elaina athans joins us live from 'leesville road' high school.. in 'north raleigh'... with more on efforts to protect 'students' from that 'extreme' heat. started later than usually. officials held off until this field was completely shaded -- then the team played. leesville varsity soccer team went toe to toe tonight with apex friendship. parent kevin darden sat in the stands yes...watching his son play -- but also keeping an eye
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number 21." wasn't overly exerting himself in this brutal heat. 18:20:03 "my sons big for cramping up so i have to make sure he's hydrated." officials stopped the game every fifteen minutes. players would take a five minute water break and could go back on the field. it was done as a precaution. the wake county school district did issue a directive all all afternoon outdoor athletic practices had to be postponed. the j-v game here at leesville was cancelled because of the heat. 18:29:31 "i don't 18:29:46 "think it's the safe thing to do. i think it would be sort of crazy. it is miserable and is hot." wake hasnt said directive will be place tomorrow -- live in north raleigh ea abc11 ewn tonight-- a near drowning under investigation in
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show you where it happened. this is the neuse river dam in east raleigh. old milburnie road.. just north of new bern avenue.. chopper 11 h-d showing us the scene around six o'clock this evening. we saw one person on a stretcher.. loaded into an ambulance. not sure of that person's condition.. but police say the patient had a pulse. watch for the latest tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. now to the chaos at crabtree valley mall... tonight, investigators 'still' saying... there's 'no' evidence of a gunshot at the mall. but not everyone 'believes' that... andrea blanford tonightwith more on the confusion over what 'shoppers' say they 'heard'. and what they're now hearing from police. out of the more than 10-thousand people inside crabtree valley mall at the time of the incident saturday varying accounts of that loud noise many of them heard. while raleigh police say they don't have anything to show it was gunfire. most of the people we've talked with are certain it was. out of the more
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crabtree valley mall at the time of the incident saturday varying accounts of that loud noise many of them heard. while raleigh police say they don't have anything to show it was gunfire. most of the eyewitnesses we've talked with are certain it was. there it isthat's the noise heard echoing throughout much of crabtree valley mall saturday afternoon. "a loud bang came from that way , everybody got quiet, another bang and then people started running. what's being described as a "bang". thousands of shoppers into panic. at firstmatt woods unsure of what that noise was. 12 00 57 a very loud bang, which i thought was perhaps something falling from the top level down to the lower level. then seconds later 12 01 11 several pops? maybe gunfire? i couldn't tell. mark rushis one eyewitness positive of not only what he heardbut what he sawtelling eyewitness news-- he spotted a man with a gun before hearing several shots ring out. but todaygetting an explanation from raleigh police who he says told himno shell casings, bullet holes, or evidence of a shooting have been found.and as for that gunman he saw:
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most likely had a concealed weapons permit, that he had pulled out his weapon and that's probably the person i was seeing and he was actually there when the whole situation started unfolding and he was trying to protect the masses." an explanation rush doesn't believe. and neither would dja military veteran who was at the mall with s familyturya has no doubt.. whe heard was nfire. :52:54...i am clear i ard 3 shots ;52:40 i heard ther shot, i goty family to safety and there was actually a pause in between- 15 seconds in between the first shot and the second and third shot. i talked with another eyewitness on the phone to be identified. she says she was on the 2nd floor near the food court when she heard the "bang". but didn't feel threatenedbeca use she was sure it was the sound of something heavy falling to the tiles below. raleigh police are asking any eyewitnesses who haven't yet talked with a detective. to call crimestoppers. there's much
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right now on abc- 11-dot-com. you can watch the video... where a loud 'bang' is heard-- right before the chaos begins. plus, listen to more eyewitness accounts. full coverage right now on abc- 11-dot-com. an 'emotional outburst' this afternoon inside a wake county courtroom. that is the widow of murder victim 'rahim - cummings'. killed in front of the 'raleigh rescue mission store and donation center' off capital boulevard on friday. in court -- was 'javorie - thompson' -- one of two men arrested for the crime. new tonight-- a struggle over a gun leaves one man dead and sends another man to jail. lee county authorities charged jason godfrey with murder after the incident on mcpherson road in lee county. when deputies got to the house, they found cody wilder dead.
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pistol... and the men struggled and the gun went off, killing wilder. the 'durham' novelist... convicted of killing his wife... then 'released' pending a new trial... will have to wait until early november... to find out 'if' the 'murder' charge... will be thrown out. michael-peterson was back in court today-- for a hearing at the durham county courthouse. he's heading to trial for the second time. he is accused of killing his wife 'kathleen'... in their durham home-- back in 2001. five years ago... he was ordered released from prison. a superior court state blood analyst-- gave false and misleading testimony-- during the 'first' trial... and a 'new' trial was ordered. the defense argues they can't possibly 're-test' some of the evidence... considering what it looks like... after all these years. the two dogs that attacked a woman in cumberland county-- were caught today. the woman was attacked last week on 'bonnie - street' in fayetteville. the animal control director says the woman required more than '120- stitches'. the dogs have been deemed 'dangerous' -- and will not be
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governor mccrory-- making it official. he formally requested supreme court chief justice john-roberts... to 'stay' the federal ruling-- that tossed out north carolina's controversial 'voter i-d' law. the governor says a formal petition... asking the 'full' supreme court to hear the case... will follow the request for the stay. earlier this month,the 4th circuit of appeals-- threw out the state's voter i-d law... citing evidence that republican lawmakers 'willfully' targeted african-american voters... and ruled november's election should go forward voter i-d requirement. now to 'vote 2016' -- and more high- profile visits to our state... democratic vice- presidential nominee "tim - kaine"... in asheville tonight... kaine talked about "hillary- clinton's economic plan... and comparing her tax plan... with what's being proposed by "donald - trump". kaine will head to fayetteville tomorrow for a rally there. eyewitness news reporter 'elaina - athans' -- will have live coverage of that rally -- at the "cape fear botanical gardens." the event starts at '2 p-m'. gates open at noon. elaina's reports
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republican presidential nominee donald trump will hold a rally in charlotte on thursday. the charlotte observer reports that he'll hold the rally at eight o'clock, not a location has not been announced. the newspaper also reports trump will attend a fundraising dinner before the rally- and he'll headline a fundraiser at trump national golf club near mooresville. a 'ring' lost more than 40 years ago finally back where it belongs. check out this class ring. it belonged to moultrie-wats years ago... while vacationing at cape hatteras. but recently, the ring showed up at this cary jewelry store... 'treasure isle'... after a customer found it with a 'metal detector' at the beach. after giving the ring a good cleaning.. a worker at treasure isle saw the engraved name moultrie-watts. after a little research.. he found moultrie died 10 years ago.. but was able to get in touch with his daughter, deborah... and returned the ring to her. deborah says thrilled to have the ring back.. and will cherish it.
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'drug - concerns'.. why researchers are worried about pregnant women who take acetaminophen. 'gun - glut'... the t-s-a finds a record number of weapons in carry- ons... the biggest excuse agents are getting, just ahead. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news center
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you switch to geico. it's what you do. squuuuack, it's what you do. guantanamo bay detention center-- are in the united arab emirates tonight. it was the single-largest release of detainees.. during the obama administration. the transfer is part of a renewed effort-- to cut down the number
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president obama wants to close gitmo. right now, 61 detainees remain at guantanamo. at one time, there were more than 500. a record-breaking week for firearms found in carry-on bags at airports across the country. the t-s-a says from 'august 5th' to the '11th' -- say they discovered '78- guns'. of those -- '68' were loaded -- and 21 had a round in the chamber. the t-s-a maintains in many cases, travelers simply forgot they had weapons with them. it's not just firearms - t-s-a agents fo bottle in san francisco. and four replica grenades were found in the past week. american red cross workers from the eastern part of our area... are now headed to 'louisiana'-- to help with historic flooding there... more than 20- thousand people had to be rescued.. and 10- thousand are staying in shelters in the baton rouge area. six people have died in the flooding... the state's insurance commissioner... estimates '75 percent' of those affected by the catastrophic floods... do 'not' have flood
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tourist is among '4- people' killed in an earthquake in peru. the magnitude '5- point- 4' quake centered in the southern 'colca valley'. at least '30- people' were hurt -- as adobe homes toppled in the movement. the '65 year old' american man died in a hotel when the ceiling collapsed on him. the only way to get the injured out of the quake zone -- is by helicopter. we now know what sparked a scare at j-f-k airport in new york... a 9-1-1 caller 'mistook' an olympic 'cee over usain bolt's victory-- for a problem at jfk terminal 8. sources sharing this information with abc news. port authority police spent the day-- scouring security camera footage-- and still can find 'no' images or audio-- that suggest anything like a gunshot occurring last night. new concerns about acetaminophen. a study just released -- says women who take the medication during pregnancy -- are more likely to have a 'hyperactive child'. the researchers
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higher risk of having children who have 'emotional' or 'behavioral symptoms'. the lead author says 'acetaminophen' is considered safe to use during pregnancy-- but it should be used only when necessary. now to the big board and the must-see video of the night. we start in nepal-- where at least 33 people died after a passenger bus skidded off the road and plunged over a hill. it happened about 40 miles east of the capital "kathmandu." the bus was packed with people traveling to their "home villages" to government payments for victims of last year's deadly earthquake-- when it slipped off a slippery path. and a small plane-- 'crash landing' in 'water' during an airshow. this happened in the united kingdom. you can see, the plane was forced to land on the water.. and flip upside down. the pilot reported a problem before the landing. the pilot is okay tonight. check out this dramatic 'firenado' in oregon! a fire department shot this video of the 'firenado'
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the crew tackled a five- acre fire burning fields with the flame- filled vortex rose from the ground. while dramatic -- firefighters got the fire out with no damage to buildings -- and no injuries. and check out this unique rescue -- connecticut e-m-s worker -- jumping into action to save a squirrel with a yogurt cup on its head. one worker tries to grab the squirrel... but in the squirrelly animal manages to get away. the "second try" was successful...the first responder able to snatch the cup off.. and off it ran into the woods. it appears the
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another hot and humid day in the books, with highs in the mid and upper 90s and the heat index of 100- 108. tonight will be fair with lows in the low and mid 70s. tomorrow will change as high pressure at the surface and aloft keeps us hot, humid, and relatively rain free. it may be slightly less hot, slightly less humid, so the heat index will be a bit lower too, but i doubt you'll notice a huge change. by wednesday and thursday, the stalled frontal boundary will begin to sink southward toward central north carolina. this will cause the bermuda high to weaken and shift eastward into the western atlantic, giving us slightly cooler temps and increased rain
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thunderstorm that develops, drenching downpours and perhaps localized flash flooding will be possible on thursday and friday. we will continue the chance for a shower or thunderstorm in the forecast from saturday to
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week in raleigh. what you need to know so you can
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dinner plans... and the tar heels tackle lunch-- with some special guests. why this 'chow down' was a 'big deal' for the football team... restaurant week returns to ? sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside,
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? sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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returns to downtown raleigh. dozens of restaurants are taking part. all this week -- diners can take advantage of '20' or '30- dollar' fixed price dinner menus. specials. this year -- there's also a food tour and a special 'dine and shop' night -- where some shops will stay open later. you can learn about the restaurants and other details on the abc11 mobile apps. have the time of your life. "lake lure"... in western north carolina.. is hosting the seventh annual "dirty dancing" festival this week. the event features beach and soul music bands.. performances.. and competitions-- including the infamous 'lake life' contest. friday night's festivities--
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classic movie. and this is what it looks like when you try to battle "near hurricane force" winds. a meteorologist at new hampshire's "mount washington observatory" tried to walk in the "70 miles-per- hour winds" yesterday... but as you can see... he didn't get too far. he's barely able to stand up as the wind batters him. the observatory sits atop the mountain -- at an altitude of nearly '63- hundred' feet. coming up next in sports....
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do their part this year for the heels... plus carolina takes an important lunch break... and dave doeren on the state qb race but first - your scores... tough night for the locals in the minors you know, i'd like to try something unique this election and just talk about results. like how far we've come in north carolina in only a few years... working together, bringing jobs, raising teacher pay,
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let's talk the truth about things important to you. the reasons i'm so proud of north carolina,
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stat that really matters to him is scoring defense...
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massive improvement in that category last year, allowing 14.5 points fewer per game than the year before... still - they ended the season getting rolled up by good teams... the cornerbacks should be a strength but the secondary is young and the linebackers and d-line will be under the microscope it wasn't just football for the heels today... a players, as well along with larry fedora spent their lunchtime breaking bread with members of the chapel hill police force and unc dept of public safety... these photos were
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twitter account... larry fedora explains why today's meal was important dave doeren said at the start of was going to take his time with a quarterback decision... so far so good as he's not given any hint which way he's leaning... doeren did say today that he hopes to make a decision soon, perhaps within the week, between jalan mcclendon and ryan finley....mclendon was the presumed heir apparent to jacoby brissett, but finley transferred in with a built-in knowledge of new
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offense, so they've both got advantages in different areas... join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for "eyewitness news
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harvey: so who knew selena gomez had these cajones? she just took off on justin bieber. >> yeah, justin bieber had been posting a ton of photos of him and his girlfriend sofia richie 's taking a ton of heat because she's only 17 years old. and so selena gomez posts, if you can't take the heat, stop posting photos of your 17-year-old girlfriend, l.o.l. harvey: does a 22 feel like a 17-year-old is a conquest? >> do you think lionel had a whis ears?per in his >> lionel richie let his 17-year-old get on plane and go


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