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eyewitness news... belt tightening at your child's school... what wake schools is doing to save money-- and how it will affect your kid's classroom. a triangle man accused of kidnapping three girls... how police caught the suspect-- the crime he's charged with from a year ago. a college student charged with killing a couple-- the horrific thing police say he did during the murders. eyewitness news starts right now. the heat index hovering close to 100 again tomorrow. good evening, i'm tisha powell. and i'm joel brown... in for steve daniels. that 'extreme' heat.. 'forcing' wake schools to 'change' practice schedules 'again' today 'and' tomorrow. chief meteorologist chris hohmann joins us from the storm center with more on what we can expect tomorrow. no surprise--another
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heat index of 100- 105. once again, shower activity was virtually non existent as high pressure controls the atmosphere. tonight will be clear and warm with lows in the low and mid 70s. not much change tomorrow, although a spotty shower or storm is possible. otherwise, it will be hot and humid with highs in the low and mid 90s. the wake county
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point-five' billion dollar operating budget for the upcoming school year. board members... having to make some concessions to close a budget shortfall of 17- and a half million dollars before school starts in about two weeks. angelica alvarez is live from school board headquarters in cary... a big talker here tonight... was having to cut back on custodial services... and instructional supplies. but with the bulk of that 1.5 billion dollars going to schools... didn't have much wiggle room. balancing the budget for almost 19-thousand employees...and more than 157- thousand students... the wake county school board...figuring it all out to approve its 1.5 billion dollar operating budget but the district didn't get all the money it asked for from the county or state... so they had to slash 17 and a half million dollars. "it became extremely
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the funding gap includes: - reducing the transportation budget... - adjusting temperatures at schools and the central office - reducing elementary and middle school teacher funding allotments... - and cutting back custodial services by e day a week...specifically just the sweeping and vacuuming. but the board ended up changing that for elementary schools. "we cut back to three days during the recession, we had hoped to go to four days this year but instead we're looking at 2 days for the middle and high school and every oth elementary." "i don't want the good things that we were able to do in this budget to be lost." the good includes: opening five new schools... and increasing pay for non-certified staff... such as cafeteria workers.. and bus drivers... meeting the state's raise to give them a total of three- percent. still... the board's chair says non-teaching staff still doesn't make enough... and plans to go to the county commission in the future to talk
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budget.. so they don't have to ask for money every year. now to the chaos at crabtree... a 'dangerous decision' for one terrified shopper. he's one of the eight people-- injured amid that 'stampede' out of the mall.... spurred by what some thought was gunfire. andre-chambers and his family.. ran out of the 'cheesecake factory'.. toward approached the edge of the upper level parking deck... he says his adrenaline fueled panic-- made him to believe the 'grass' was just on the 'other' side of the rail. it wasn't... and andre 'fell' t levels-- down to the ground. his face was sliced open... and he broke his cheekbone.. wrist.. and a rib. in the meantime, police still
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shooter. and they say it will be awhile yet before any of the 300 or so 9-1-1 calls are released. and tonight, mall officials say their 'training' with 'police'-- for events like saturday's.. paid off... as many shoppers 'praised' store employees.. mall.. and emergency workers-- for their response. there's much mo at crabtree... right now on abc- 11-dot-com. you can watch the video... and listen to more eyewitness accounts. full coverage right now on abc- 11-dot-com. a lot of questions tonight -- after a durham man is charged with kidnapping. the three girls are safe tonight. 'juan - carlos - gutierrez' is in jail tonight. durham police say he abducted the girls who are 11, 13, and 15 years old. the girls -- who are not related to him -- were later found in selma. they were 'not' physically harmed. he was also served with a warrant -- charging him with a similar abduction -- last
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why an amber alert was not issud. tonight, the relationship between 'law enforcement' and 'residents'... top of mind in cumberland county. the fayetteville- cumberland 'human relations' commission-- holding a special meeting-- to tackle the 'tense' issue-- that has people talking across the country. andrea blanford reports. leaders in law enforcement shared their thoughts on the violence happening in other parts of our country... and their hopes-- that they're doing enough to keep that from happening here. "transparency" seems to be the nameo when it comes to building strong relationships between police... and the communities they serve. 4 56 if you get to know people they don't mind calling you. longtime cumberland county sheriff earl butler and fayetteville police chief harold medlock used their time before the "fayetteville cumberland human relations commission" to reassure community leaders-- their agencies are moving in the right direction. 19 49 one of the things that i have learned in the last three and half years though it to shut up and listen. citing violence and protests sparked by officer- involved
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pointed out why he believes communities throughout the sandhills have been spared... 8 00 if you want respect from people, you give them respect until such a point that they won't allow you to give them respect. and many times, it makes a friend out of an enemy. medlock says in his three years in fayetteville-- he's focused on developing strong relationships with the city's youth... and called the 140 community watch programs-- the backbone of dealing with crime and quality life issues. medlock says offic helping to foster an environment of accountability... both agencies-- standing by the ones who are out on the ground every day. 14 24 we have caring people that's involved in the law enforcement, i tell you, on all branches. and i just hope with what we're going through in this country today, we can continue to draw that kind of people into law enforcement. chief medlock said tonight-- he's hoping this meeting will help
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department" find even better ways to connect with their community... specifically those who may not be as involved with community watch. a gaston county man charged with murder tonight -- after his girlfriend's three year old daughter was found dead. 'william - mccullen' is charged with 'first- degree murder'. 'jordan - dumont' disappeared from her home in bessemer city, west of charlotte. mccullen police he put her down for a nap and when he woke up -- the toddler was gone and the front door was open. the remains were fbi has been called in to help with the investigation. watch for the latest on this developing story on the abc11 mobile apps. a former u-n-c student charged with killing three people in a 'wrong-way' crash on i-85 was 'back' in court today. attorneys for chandler-kania are trying to get 'key' evidence against their client 'thrown out'... including police dash-cam video.. and kania's blood alcohol level. the defense claims the evidence was obtained illegally. today several state troopers took the stand.. to
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collected. kania faces 'three' second degree murder charges.. in connection with the accident in july 20-15... that killed two women and a six-year old girl. kania's trial is scheduled to begin in october. new tonight-- the supreme court is calling-- and wants a response next week on the voter id ruling request. supreme court chief justice 'john - roberts' -- wants to hear from those who sued to overturn the voter i-d law about the state's request to restore the photo mandate. the high court says roberts wants a written monday's filing by the state to keep voter id in place... he wants that by august 25th. the 4th u.s. circuit court of appeals said the law was approved with the intent to discriminate against black voters. now to vote 20-16 and another high-profile campaign stop. democratic vice- presidential nominee tim-kaine stopping in fayetteville this afternoon-- for a rally. nearly 300 people showed up at the cape fear 'botanical gardens' to hear kaine speak. the virginia senator trying to sell voters on
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focused in on how it relates to all those military families, linked to fort bragg. kaine made the case... there needs to be better 'job' training for service members-- once they transition into 'civilian' life. while kaine was in fayetteville-- his wife was in raleigh... 'anne - holton' talked to clinton campaign organizers and volunteers at the field office on east millbrook road. she thanked all of the workers... and discussed clinton and kaine's agenda for tax fairness. also in vote 20- 16... "donald - trump"... battleground north carolina. the charlotte observer reporting... trump will hold a rally in 'charlotte'.. 'thursday' night... and a fundraiser at trump national golf club near 'mooresville'. trump will get his first classified 'intelligence briefing', tomorrow.. in new york. he plans to take new jersey governor chris christie.. and lieutenant general michael flynn with him... sparking speculation christie and flynn could be part of a future trump 'cabinet'. for more than 60-years... the
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briefings. it's an effort to create a smooth transition to the white house. the news is just getting started tonight... heinous crime.. a college student charged with killing a couple-- the gruesome thing police say he did after attacking the husband and wife. and crash on camera... a red light runner causes a bus crash... what the driver did after the wreck. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news
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i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes
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and governor mccrory knows that. community is rocked by a disturbing and gruesome murder. a florida state college student is accused of brutally murdering a couple... including biting chunks out of a victim's face.
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last night to say his neighbor was being attacked on the driveway. multiple officers, dogs and tasers initially did not stop the suspect..who was savagely biting the victim's face. they finally freed the victim, but he was dead. his wife was found dead in the garage in what's described as an extremely violent murder scene. the suspect is '19 year old' -- 'austin - harrouff' -- whose parents lived nearby. he is under sedation at a hospital..initial drug tests were negative for cocaine, meth and heroin. new details about that 'ferris wheel' accident in eastern tennessee-- that seriously injured three girls, including a six- year-old. the parents of two of the girls say they tried alerting the operator that something was wrong. "jason - and - kimmee - reynolds" described their anguish-- at seeing the girls 'topple' out of a gondola.. and fall to the
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while her 6-year- old sister briley-- was knocked unconscious. briley is still in the hospital... recovering from a traumatic brain injury. the reynolds are calling for better safety standards.. and inspections for carnival rides. washington d-c's police chief is resigning-- and tackling a new job... 'cathy - lanier' says she'll leave her job next month to take over as head of security for the national football league. lanier has been on the force for '26- years'. that police department. she says the unique job opportunity in professional sports prompted her decision. now to the big board and the must-see video of the night. we start in oklahoma-- with a terrifying bus crash in oklahoma. it happened in oklahoma city-- the bus driver was trying to avoid a driver who had run a red light. passengers
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onto the floor. some sliding several feet. the bus finally comes to a stop on the sidewalk narrowly missing a pole, now with a cracked windshield. the car that hit the bus left smashed. the bus' camera catches the driver hobbling away, leaving the scene. five people on the bus were hurt. a scary day for a couple of workers in cincinnati... their scaffolding platform 'fell' to one side.. and dangled from the 27- story building. the two workers climbed to the safety.. of a nearb building was evacuated.. and nearby roads were cleared... as firefighters worked to secure the scaffolding. check out this thoughtful pup in croatia... the clever collie noticed the cat was outside, waiting to get in... so it did what any good dog would do, he jumped up, opened the door and let the cat in. that's not all... the dog went back inside to close the door. a panda surprises zookeepers in
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she gave birth to not one.. but two cubs! the zoo announced yang- yang gave birth on august seventh. but now, it says... she had twins. the camera was on.. but no one actually saw the birth. the newborns are tiny-- just four inches long.. and weighing in at three and a half ounces. no surprise--another hot and humid day with highs in the mid 90s and the
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shower activity was virtually non existent as high pressure controls the atmosphere. tonight will be clear and warm with lows in the low and mid 70s. not much change tomorrow, although a spotty shower or storm is possible. otherwise, it will be hot and humid with highs in the low and mid 90s. a weak front will approach on thursday and wash out across the region, but it will bring a better chance of some thursday afternoon. with more clouds and a better chance of showers and storms, highs on thursday will be in the mid 80s to near 90. the shower and storm chance will continue into the weekend, but there will be plenty of dry times as well. highs will be in the
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a 'sold' sign -- on the playboy mansion. what's not changing about the iconic home. and the girl scouts join the that'll give military families 'comfort' as they travel. there's a special operation underway -- that ? ? hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn?
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o) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. you know, i'd like to try something unique this election and just talk about results. like how far we've come in north carolina in only a few years... working together, bringing jobs, raising teacher pay, improving education, lowering tax rates, let's talk the truth about things important to you. the reasons i'm so proud of north carolina, the best state in the united states of america. tv: hey panthers fans, the new carolina panthers scratch-offs are available now.
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the new carolina panthers scratch-off. a $200,000 top prize and 20 years of panthers season tickets on the line. go long. underway -- that will bring smiles to military members here in north carolina. the u-s-o of north carolina received more than 57-hundred boxes of girl scout cookies and a pallet of welch's fruit snacks -- thanks to operation jersey cares. the u-s-o will then distribute
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members and their families who visit the centers. actress ashley- judd is going back to school. she says she'll pursue a ph-d in public policy. judd starts fall classes at the university of california- berkley soon. she has a master's degree in public administration from harvard university. the playboy mansion has a sold sign on it these days... daren metropoulous-- the co- owner of hostess brand bought it for one- hundred- million dollars. the five-acre 20-thousand square feet of living space, the infamous swimming grotto and an official zoo license. playboy founder ...and current resident hugh hefner has lived at the mansion since 1971. metropoulos says hefner can stay there for the rest of his life.
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football as the panthers break camp, one young duke wideout hopes to break out and we're still waiting to see who will break through as state's starting qb... but first - your
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wofford is closed for business - until next august anyway.. the panthers wrapped training camp in spartanburg and will now return to charlotte as they intensify their preparation for the rest of the preseason and most importantly, that monster season opener - the super bowl rematch in denver.. lots to accomplish before then though as the roster needs the position battles need to be decided the battle for the
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on... dave doeren said yesterday he expected it would take another week before the coaches made their choice... as for the fellas involved... jakobi meyers was hoping to factor in, but an ankle injury changed that... still - he's plugging away if you're looking star at duke this season, you could do worse than wideout tj rahming... the sophomore speedster is coming off a rock solid freshman season that included 43 catches for nearly 600 yards and 2 scores... he torched virginia for 12 catches and 143 yards late in the season, a
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this year a couple local results from the olympic tr tonight... former blue devil shannon rowbury came with 12 one hundredths of a second of a bronze medal in the 1500m run... she improved her finish in each of her 3 olympics... knightdale high school alum ronnie ash looked to be in the running for a medal in the 110m hurdles, but stumbled over the last hurdle and barrel rolled over the line in 9th place join us tomorrow morning on abc-11
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we'll see you again tomorrow night for "eyewitness news at ten" -- here on
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: tyga has been accused of selling his soul to the devil. >> he sold his soul for everything! >> these two girls rush him. harvey: are they a little cuckoo? >> maybe they are se o mission from god to save tyga's soul. >> he's materialistic and skipping creditors. >> but there's no commandment that says thou shall pay my jeweler. >> that's in the torah. [laughter] >> johnny depp and amber heard have settled their restraining order and divorce case. we're told it's around $7 million. harvey: that's a lot of money. because they were married for 15 months, and whatever they made, half of that goes to taxes. >> so you're saying $7 million is like a percentage of $30


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