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toaster strudel. california...burnin g along a road from l-a to las vegas. it's fierceness stunning even veteran firefighters. the latest on the fire fight. plus... a deadly crash on a busy triangle highway. the road shut down for hours. what we've learned about the investigation. and...a local man's fight to make his home safe. what he wants the city to stop from happening. how the community is rallying around him. starts right now. breaking news right off the top - a major wildfire burning out of control in california. good evening everyone from the breaking news center. i'm tisha powell. the flames hitting so hard and fast... it's already ripped through '30- thousand' acres -- in just '24- hours'. the "blue cut" fire is burning along that major road from l-a to las
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thousand' of resident -- told to 'get out' of their homes. authorities couldn't immediately say 'how many' homes had been destroyed -- but they warned the number will be large. tonight on the front lines -- hundreds of firefighters are on the attack. the fire ignited in brush left dry by years of drought -- triple-digit heat -- and gusty winds. we will be keeping an eye on developments on the fire fight all night. you can look for updates on this story tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. right now... 'highway 55' near n-c central university in durham-- 'back open', tonight-- after a 'deadly' crash. this was "breaking" news here at four o'clock. a 'motorcycle' and an 's-u-v'... colliding near 'burlington avenue'. one person was killed. highway 55 was closed from 'burlington avenue' to 'dayton street'-- for several hours-- while police investigated. we're working right now... to find out the victim's name... and if any charges have been filed. look for updates on abc-11-dot-com or the abc-11
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of killing a mother and her three young children in their greenville apartment -- should be extradited to north carolina on friday. investigators say "dibon -toone" killed "garlette - howard"...and her three girls ages six, seven, and 11. toone is the father of the two youngest victims. the '39-year-old' was arrested last night in richmond, virginia. investigators say he was driving howard's work- issued s-u-v at the time of his arrest. detectives say there's a chance the victims may have been killed several days prior to the new tonight - police in 'wilmington'-- arresting the man-- they say killed a 'lillington' woman.. and her 'unborn' child. "tevin - vann" was arrested late last night. he's charged with two counts of first degree murder. 21-year-old "ashely - mclean"...was found dead in a room-- at a 'best western' hotel in wilmington last week. vann is also charged with robbery. he's in the new hanover county jail, tonight. the man accused of killing a gaston county three year old -- faces a judge for the first time. "billy -
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court. his appearance lasting just one minute. mccullen is accused of killing "jordan - dumont". investigators say he called 9-1-1 on monday... claiming he woke up from a nap and the child was gone. he maintained the story while police were looking for girl. the next day... searchers found her body in a wooded area near her home. pledging to protest until 'election day' in 'november'-- the 'air horn orchestra', tonight-- once again. 'sounding' their 'disapproval' of governor mccrory. andrea blanford is live on 'blount downtown raleigh... outside the executive mansion... with just how much longer we will see these weekly protests. next wednesday will mark five months that the air horn orchestra will have met here people angry over policies passed by gov. mccrory and the republican-led general assembly are vowing they'll continue making a lot of noise. until they get exactly what they want. beating the same drum for 19
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different tune from gov. pat mccrory. 17 48 39 we will be here every week until hb2 is repealed and coal ash is addressed and gerrymandering is overturned. but pledging they won't be silenced until mccrory is voted out of office. >17 34 25 thank you for being here over and over and over and over and over again. demonstrators-- pulling on their biohazard suits one leg at a time. showing up one wednesday at a time.protesting coal ash controversy. in earshot of the executive mansion. they're out to prove they aren't just blowing hot air. pointing to the recent resignation of state epidemiologist megan davies who stepped down-- saying the public is being misled about the safety of their drinking water. and calling hb2 the state's law regulating public bathroom use based on biological sex-- a symptom of a bigger problem. 17 27 13 mccrory administration and republican legislature has
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rights, women's health access. while organizers admit the orchestra's numbers have dwindled in the summer heatthey'll keep sounding off. sending their message at least until election day in november. 17 50 06 i love this state. i love this city. but i hate what they're trying to do bringing us back to the dark ages. gov. mccrory has come outside his home and acknowledged the air horn orchestra a number of times-- but the organizers say they would welcome a we tried contacting mccrory's office for comment. but have not yet heard back. now to vote 20-16... and police ramping up security around the convention center in uptown charlotte -- ahead of "donald - trump's" return to the queen city tomorrow. just hours before he scheduled to return to north carolina -- the 'g-o-p' presidential nominee -- had his first 'classified intelligence briefing' at the f- b-i office in new york. tomorrow night in charlotte --
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national security plan. trump is expected to begin speaking around '7-30'. the doors open at 4-30. angelica alvarez will be in charlotte. look for her live reports starting at 'four o'clock' on eyewitness news. we'll also stream trump's speech live on abc-11-dot-com. and the 'wife' of democratic vice presidential nominee -- "tim - kaine" -- continued her swing through our state. "anne - holton" receiving a 'warm welcome' in greensboro. she spoke to volunteers about how important their work is... saying she's all in for "hillary - clinton." holton make sure everybody gets to vote... citing the recent overturn of a voter registration law in north carolina. concern in r-t-p, tonight... the possibility of 'pink slips'-- at a major tech company. networkign giant... "cisco systems"... announcing it will lay off 55-hundred employees... but it's unclear, tonight-- how many will come--- from here in north carolina. the shake-up means about seven percent of cisco's roughly 74- thousand workers-- will lose their jobs. the layoffs come as the company
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tailored for large data centers... and pouring more resources into 'software' and 'security'. turning the tables on hundreds of wake county teachers, today... they became the students... in a round of 'training' on writing better 'lesson' plans for their classrooms. the group of about 250 'second' and 'third' year teachers... took part in a symposium to improve teacher quality. these beginning teachers... learned about everything from math and science assignments.. to the resources available for them-- from the the 'improving teacher quality' symposium... is held 'every' year... as part of the district's 'teacher support' program. a 'crime alert' tonight for homeowners in wake and johnston county. police are investigating possible 'fraud' by a homeowner's association management company. nearly '30- neighborhoods' -- that did business with 'kornerstone community management' -- are currently involved in the investigation. the kornerstone office is 'locked' -- and police say it's 'out of business'. garner police say there is so much paperwork -- they're now getting help from
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'financial crimes unit'. now to an eyewitness news update-- on the raleigh man... whose home has been hit by cars-- 'six' times in almost 9 years. it's a story we've been following... and one we covered-- when the home was struck 'again'-- just this past weekend. but now... now a woman who doesn't even know the homeowner-- has started an 'online' petition to 'help' him. angelica alvarez went to find out why. this online petition already has almost 500 names... and woman behind this says she's making it her mission to make a man she doesn't even know. -------pkg--------- "i love raleigh." chris redshaw has lived in raleigh almost all her life.. and owns a small business here. 22:13:46 "we make a lot of "best of" lists and that was the first thing that came to my mind is knowing that this story has now gone globally how can we tout ourselves as any kind of best of when we allow our citizens to go through what this family has gone
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she husband and father of three... carlo the news once again... "six times is just enough." she couldn't stand by and do nothing. over the weekend... a car plowed through his property...for the 6th time in almost 9 years. when it happened last year... the city made changes to the road.. highlighted in this photo... they added lighted chevron signs..and reflective markers... but nothing that stops a reckless driver... which has been the case many times... some even deadly for the drivers so chris redshaw is hoping this online petition will. 22:16:40 his family can sleep safely at night." already she has almost five hundred signatures...hundr eds of messages of support... people even offering to for legal fees for bernarte. there's even an attached letter... redshaw plans to send to the mayor of raleigh... the ncdot secretary...even governor pat mccrory... she plans to go all the way up the chain... to help bernarte and his family. redshaw 22:14:28 "i just don't think
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we are the best of watching over our neighbors." ------on cam----- i talked to bernarte on the phone today.. he's moved by what she's doing... and is grateful people are willing to step up... and hopes it will make a difference...befor e he takes a loss on the house.. or worse. still to come tonight - horror at sea. a ship with more than 500 on board catches fire. what we've learned about the cause. plus - a warning about the mcdonald's happy meal. the new 'toy' to exercise... might actually be hurting them. and...speaking of hurt. a woman tries to 'fix' her 'gas cap'... but ends up making another 'big' mistake. it's the must-see video of the night. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news center
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robbery involving american swimmers at the rio olympics. the united states olympic committee-- says americans "jack - conger" and "gunnar - bentz"-- were removed from their flight to the u-s by brazilian authorities. meanwhile, a move by a brazilian judge to keep olympic swimmer "ryan - lochte" from the leaving the country-- has come too late. lochte's father says the gold- medal-winning swimmer-- arrived back in the u-s yesterday. more than 500 passengers and crew forced to abandon ship -- after a fire on
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of puerto rico. many of the passengers required medical care... but there were no deaths or life-threatening injuries reported. a crew member says the fire started in the ship's engine room, when a hose carrying fuel burst open... igniting the blaze. the ship runs several times weekly between puerto rico and the dominican republic. federal authorities are interviewing the captain. too much water-- 'still' creating a 'flood' of 'problems'-- in southern louisiana. the white house says homeland security secra louisiana. widespread flooding has damaged tens of thousands of businesses and houses. residents in 20 parishes-- are eligible for disaster assistance. at last check... 6- thousand people are in shelters.. down from more than 11-thousand.. earlier in the week. more news out of rio... a senior olympic 'executive' from ireland was taken to a hospital... after police came to his beachfront hotel-- to 'arrest' him-- as part of an investigation into ticket scalping.
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least nine others-- to illegally sell tickets-- for olympic events. the 71-year-old will be detained-- while the investigation continues. agents estimate the scheme's profits-- were about three million u-s dollars. now to the big board and the must-see video of the night. we start in washington state - with one woman's really bad decision. she was knocked down by her own s-u-v... after attempting to close its gas cap at a red light. an intersection... the woman hopped out of her honda c-r-v... then noticed it was 'still' moving. unfortunately, her attempt to grab hold of the steering wheel-- resulted in the wheels smashing her feet-- and sending her to the ground-- while the car kept going. the woman was not hurt. her vehicle went through an intersection... and crashed into a tree. it did not have any serious damage. now to an act of kindness during a powerful storm in nova scotia. the woman -- who took the video -- says the man in the motorized wheelchair
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thunder-and- lightning storm. another man who was driving by stopped his car, got out, and pushed the man in the chair 200 feet uphill. and... a puppy caught in the act. "mavis"...the jack russell terrier just can't help herself. here, her owner comes across mavis destructively unrolling the toilet paper roll in the bathroom. when jennifer speaks -- the little dog stops what she's doing and looks up at her owner with an adorably innocent
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pedometers put in mcdonald's happy meals. the fast food chain has now voluntarily removed the "step it up" activity ban from its restaurants...afte r receiving reports of skin irritations from the band. the colorful plastic device strapped on like a watch and tracked steps. it blinked as the wearer walked and blinked more rapidly the faster they moved. delta will soon offer passengers the "suite" life. the airline announced today-- it would start offering an 'all- suite' business class-- for international flights. seated in their own personal space-- called "delta one suites." the suites will fit one flier... have a flat-bed seat... an 18-inch entertainment system... and individual storage space... with direct aisle access. delta one suites will first be available-- on the airline's new airbus 'a-350' fleet next fall. breakout olympic
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home from rio. still to come... why the american swimmer... has been forced to 'store' her four medals in her 'socks'... and the one thing she's looking forward to now-- that's she's back home in texas.
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ledecky"... swarmed by her own private army of su down at dulles airport in virginia from rio. ledecky -- sported all five of her medals as she made her way through baggage claim. the 19-year-old says she's first going to eat a home cooked meal with her mom, then she's going to take a break from swimming for a couple of weeks. and "simone - manuel"...returne d to houston after her historic swim in rio. manuel's plane arrived early this
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brought home two gold medals...and two silver medals. she was the first african-american to win an individual medal in swimming in the olympics. manuel says she's not sure yet where she'll keep her medals. they're packed inside socks because she hadn't received the cases for them, yet. she also says she's looking forward to her mother's cooking and a donut. coming up next in sports.... david cutcliffe chooses some powerful words in sharing his opinion on a potential 9 game acc football schedule... plus matt dayes says there's no reason to worry about the nc state offense but first - olympic update - the us men's basketball team looked more like itself tonight, advancing to the semis with an annihilation of argentina... the us women swept the 100m hurdles event and took gold and silver in
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gearing up to be ready for duke's opener vs nc central... but to hear david cutcliffe say it - there seems a little more uncertainty on that front than in recent weeks... cutcliffe continued to praise the work
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but he won't put his starting qb in scrimmage action on friday as #1 continues to recover from a torn achilles... sirk has not been involved in any full team contact drills and until he's ready for that, he won't be ready for a game cut was also asked about the ongoing game acc league schedule in the future - a move that would be made to satisfy espn and the new acc network... acc schools are split on the issue... unc and state want to move to 9 games, but folks like florida state, clemson and duke want no part of that action, wanting stick with
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quarterback the offense is clearlgo lean on sa pymakers to lighten the load the guy taking the snaps... the likes of jlen samuels, nyheim hines and of cat m dayes...aye ws on track for an all-acc season last year before eting hrt... sas the offens
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morning on abc-11 for the latest eyewitness news. we' s you
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> drake went way, way, way over the top to prove there's no beef with eminem. >> the greatest rapper to ever get on the [bleep] microphone. >> drake begins to bow down to eminem. >> say he's the greatest of al time or bow, but don't do l bot. >> in terms of how people think of eminem, they think of him as one with of the greatest rappers. no one i think, thinks of drake that way. >> you don't know what you're talking about. >> i don't. >> that never stopped him before. >> officials in rio are questioning the legitimacy of ryan lochte's claims he got robbed. there's video of them coming back to the olympic village in good spirits. >> to draw a picture of ryan lochte being the mastermind of something -- there's nmastermind. he had tteo ll cops what he did


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