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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  August 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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raleigh man laid to rest today... nearly two weeks after he was shot and killed walking home from a party.. how friends and family are remembering kouren thomas tonight. plus, police searching for a rapist in fayetteville... a woman attacked at an apartment complex overnight... what we know about the investigation. eyewitness news at ten starts right now. we're following several new and breaking stories, tonight. including a family saying goodbye today... to a young man murdered in northeast raleigh. good evening i'm dejuan-- hoggard. heather waliga has the evening off. funeral services were held today for kouren thomas... who was shot and killed leaving a house party. his family's attorney calling the man charged... george zimmerman 2-point-oh. angelica alvarez live in the raleigh eyewitness news center... with what was obviously a
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emotions were high.. as people shared some of their favorite memories... and we also heard from the thomas family attorney... and got his thoughts on the investigation so far. "he was one of the first people that i met when i moved into this neighborhood." "you knew every winner of the super bowl for the last 30 years." "you talked in perfect sentences at the age of 2." one by one... friends and family got up to talk about kouren they prepared to say goodbye here wake forest road. "i felt our bond as brothers get stronger and i never got the chance to tell him that until today." the 20 year old was killed two weeks the early morning hours of august 7th... there was a 911 call that appears to have come from chad copely ...complaining of a shouting crowd outside of his home here on singleleaf lane. that caller refers to the group as hoodlums... claims he saw gun... and fired a warning shot from inside his
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heading home from a party two doors down. "hard to find words after a day like today." justin bamberg...the attorney for the thomas family.... also attending the funeral... and feeling hopeful about the investigation. "looking forward to at the end of the day, there being a criminal conviction." perhaps no one more than thomas' mother.... who seemed to find some comfort in sharing what she loved most about her son. "kouren, i can't say was because he's still with me, funny, hilarious, corky, he was a his friends, he would eat me out of house and home." "love you kouren, we love you kouren, love you" you probably noticed a lot pink in that crowd... we're told that was his favorite color. meantime... the family's attorney
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support from the community breathtaking... he says donations for today's service poured in from a go-fund-me page... as well as a fundraiser by the mcdonalds in 62- hundred block of falls of neuse road...where thomas worked. a woman raped in the parking lot of a fayetteville apartment complex. police say it happened early this morning at the fayetteville plantation complex on sante fe drive... near the all american expressway. the woman went to get some clothes out of her car around 2 a-m... when a man came up behind her, forced her to the ground and raped her. the woman did not know the man... and didn't get a clear description. anyone with information should call police a number of crashes in our area earlier today... this one shut down i-40. the crash happened on the westbound side... near harrison avenue and aviation parkway. you can see form our d-o-t camera there was a car pinned between the two
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stopped on the west bound side for more than an hour. no word yet on if anyone was hurt or how that car ended up in the median. in raleigh... one person taken to the hospital after this crash this afternoon. it happened on cross link road near dandridge around 3-30. we're working to learn more about what might have caused the crash and how the person is doing. the man responsible for a double murder in greenville this week... is behind bars in pitt county tonight. 39-year-old dibon toone was extradited to greenville from richmond virginia arrested earlier this week. toone has been charged in the quadruple murder of 32-year-old garlette howard... and her 3 daughters -- two of which were toone's. he will appear in court on monday. taking a stand without saying a word... women marched through durham today in silence... to call for an end to violence. organizers say the march was designed to bring people together and stand against violence in all its forms. the women say violence has destroyed families and communities
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solidarity with those who have been hurt. thousands of people in the triad forced to boil their water... because of e-coli contamination. the bacteria has been found in the water supply in high point and jamestown. officals are flushing water mains and expect the problem to be resolved in the next day or two... but they're warning people against using the water. several grocery stores in the area are now providing bottled water to those affected. the bacteria can make people sick and is especially concerning for residents with weakened immune systems. it seems the fight over a modern home in raleigh's historic oakwood neighborhood is over... after the supreme court decided not to get involved. the court decided earlier this week to deny a petition to review a lower court ruling in favor of the home's builders. a neighbor had
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the state's courts, arguing the house didn't fit in and could hurt values in the neighborhood. this back and forth started back in 2013 when the local commission approved plans for the house. since then... various boards and courts have made conflicting rulings... sending the matter to the supreme court. a north carolina senate candidate is recovering from a heart attack. libertarian sean haugh posted on his facebook page yesterday that he suffered a heart attack earlier this week and had stents put in his arterie better than expected and he was hoping to be released from duke hospital as soon as today. haugh wrote quote "odds of my continuing existence remain high." to vote 2016 now... republican presidential nominee donald trump reaching out to hispanic voters. trump met with his newly-formed hispanic advisory council. the group includes elected officials, business leaders and faith leaders who will try to help trump broaden his appeal to hispanic voters. but trump's pledge to deport 11- million immigrants
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with many minority voters. trump's opponent.... democrat hillary clinton spending her day in new england. she arrived this morning in nantucket to attend some campaign fundraisers. the first day of schoool is right around the corner... and some kids in raleigh will have a new backpack to take with them. the raleigh rescue mission had its annual backpack giveaway today... helping needy and homeless students. anthony wilson shows us how volunteers are helping kids be ready on day one. the needs of many---who want to succeed when classes resume. organizers see smiles---and hear
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parents say they know the demand will grow as wake county continues to attract more families,. so they're already looking ahead to 2017. help---and they appreciate everyone whose generous donations made this year's school supply and backpack giveaway possible. anthony wilson, abc11 eyewitness news.> a trip around the world without leaving downtown raleigh...
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over downtown... for a celebration. the international block party is a preview of what's to come at the annual international festival this fall. today's party had music, crafts and beer from all over the world and food from asia, to the carribbean to the middle east. party goers could also get discounted tickets to the internationa festival happening october 14th to 16th at the raleigh convention center. a trip on a boat taking a terrifying turn for a florida family... the water... we'll show you the dramatic rescue. and... the search for survivors... rescue crews looking for anyone still trapped by record floods in louisiana... when the cleanup can begin. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news center
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bombing attack in turkey... the target was a wedding celebration. nearly a hundred people at the wedding were hurt in what the prime minsiter says appear t officials haven't determined yet if it was carried out by kurdish militants or isis... so far no one has claimed responsibility. latino community leaders in arizona are applauding a recommendation to prosecute maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio. the judge's recommendation comes for contempt of court in a racial profiling case. arpaio was found in contempt two months ago -- for intentionally ignoring an order to stop immigration patrols. the judge said he wants arpaio to personally feel the consequences
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called the ruling a "mistake." if the u-s attorney's office files criminal charges -- and gets a conviction -- arpaio could face fines and even jail time. himself "america's toughest sheriff" and is seeking a seventh term in office. a huge scare for one florida family. what was supposed to be a routine boat ride home turned into terror. the vessel capsizing... and underneath, a 23- month-old girl. abc's mark remillard with the harrowing 911
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big progress battling a massive wildfire burning in southern california. the fire in the mountains of san bernardino county is now 68- percent contained. the fire has destroyed nearly a hundred homes and forced thousands to evacaute. fire officials are hoping some of those people can return to their homes this weekend. fire crews are also making progress on an arson fire in northern california that destroyed almost 200 homes. search teams are door in louisiana, looking for people trapped by record flooding this week... or people who did not survive. local government officials say debris removal will start monday in much of baton rouge. people are starting to clean up homes devastated by the floodwaters. the water rose so high it pulled caskets out of cemeteries and sent them floating away. at least 13 people are confirmed dead in the disaster... as thousands of homes have been destroyed. president obama is planned to visit the area on
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beach reacting to news the zika virus is being spread in his city... one of the country's top tourist destinations. florida's governor reporting yesterday 5 new locally acquired cases of zika... and announcing the second transmission zone. the c-d-c is warning pregnant women now about traveling to miami and miami beach. health officials say high-rise buildings in miami cannot spray for mosquitos. another 'traffic - shift in the i-40 construction zone planned for tonight. drivers on the westbound side of 'i-40' will move to 'three' newly built lanes between the 4-40 split and rock quarry road. the 'd-o-t' says another lane shift could happen before work stops for labor day weekend. the goal is to have all traffic over the '8- and a half mile' length of the project -- on the new lanes by early fall. the shift is expected to begin
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dozens of young entrepreneurs getting a chancce to meet with potential investors today. today was the first "triangle children's business fair" at park west village in morrisville. the kids created a product... built a marketing strategy... and met with customers to pitch their ideas. cash prizes were given for "most business potential"... "most creative idea"... and "most impressive presentation." meteorologist steve stewart is
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the panthers keep
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highlights from today's matchup against the tennessee titans... ahead in sports...
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start a preseason game better than the way the panthers did in tennessee. cam newton and the first team offense had only one series to shine last week in baltimore -- this week --they got a few more -- newton starts the game with a shot to kelvin benjamin for 16 yards. four plays later -- newton -- connects with his speedster -- ted ginn -- he breaks a tackle -- then outraces the defense - for the first team offense -- then the defense steps up -- titans try an end around --and the former tar heel trea boston reads it perfectly for the tackle behind the liine of scrimmage. later -- tennessee driving -- 2nd year qb marcus mariotta looking for harry douglas instead finds ben benwikere. after trading a couple of punts -- some trickery by the offensive coaches -- newton to fozzy whittaker -- he'll rumble for 36. it would lead to a field goal so
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team. a 31 minute delay for lightning at the end of the third quarter nearly emptied the stadium the panthers come away winners -- 26-16 -- ngozi ekeledo wraps up week two of the preseason for the panthers. si woo kim is trying
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south korean charged into saturday with a sixty on friday -- today -- he backed it up push his lead to four -- perfect day at sedgefield country club - this guy is in a zone right now -- started with a birdie at the first -- then follows that up with this approach at the second -- another brilliant shot -- to within birdie range -- kim with a 6 under 64 today -- he's now at 18 under. kevin na at one point joined kim at the top - he got to 15 under -- but gave a couple back with a double at 18. peter malnati made sure one fan had a
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a fan a year's worth of mortgage payments and -- yes -- malnati nails it -- he's tied for 18th but i don't think he's too concerned with that. kim cruzing at this point but low numbers possible on this track -- still ahead -- the us mens 4-by- relay team was disqualified but plenty more success stories today in rio including more dominance on the hardwood.
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tv: hey panthers fans, the new carolina panthers scratch-offs are available now. ? ? the new carolina panthers scratch-off.
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you know, i'd like to try something unique this election and just talk about results. like how far we've come in north carolina in only a few years... working together, bringing jobs, raising teacher pay, improving education, lowering tax rates, turning deficits into surpluses.
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the best state in the united states of america. brazil holds off germany in penalty kicks to win the gold medal. a first in their nations history. star naymar knocked in what ultimately was the winning penalty. in the no surprise category -- the u-s women are victorious again -- scoring their sixth straight gold medal in basketball. they looked connecticut like dusting spain 101- 72.t consecutive games in the olympics. only one of them finished in single digits. the men go for gold tomorrow. add another medal to the u-s women's relay team. they take the 4-by-400. allyson felix now owns six gold medals. the men followed up with gold in the 4-by-400 as well. former ecu pirate lashawn merritt kicking home the anchor leg in that one. the railhawks
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2nd half -- hawks trailing by a goal -- the indy keeper heads away a chance -- but steven miller going all space cowboy with the touch -- well done -- and we're tied at two. to stoppage time -- carolina attacking -- the ball in the box and the defender slides -- and gets his hands on the ball -- that's a no-no -- penalty kick for the home team omar bravo - not going to miss -- he nets his chance -- railhawks win it 3- to- join us sunday morning on abc-11 beginning at six
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