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'next' on eyewitness news - a 'horrific scene' unfolding in italy -- after a 'monster' earthquake. 'rescuers' -- in a "race against time". the air horn orchestra... playing a new tune. what they're now demanding from governor mccrory. and - a 'tornado emergency' -- in indiana. homes and business 'damaged'... and power 'cut'. the new images "just in." starts right now. what's known right now as "invest 99-l".... bringing rain and wind -- to the island of st. maarten -- in the eastern caribbean. the system is 'on the move'.... and could impact the southern united states. good evening everyone. i'm steve daniels. and i'm tisha powell. there are still
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become tropical storm hermine. chief meteorologist "chris - homann" is in the first alert storm system...with the latest possible track. tropics: gaston likely to become a hurricane, but will remain well out to sea. tropical wave near puerto rico will likely develop over the next few days as it bahamas. could be near south florida over the weekend. after that models diverge, some take into gulf, some over fl. things will likely change over the coming days, but there are no indications it will have any impact on our weather for the next 6-7 days. remember, the nhc track forecasts are much more accurate than their strength forecasts. 'breaking news'
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'rising' to 159 -- from a 'devastating earthquake'.... and 'hundreds' of other people -- are 'hurt'. we've been 'tracking developments' and 'video feeds' from italy -- 'all night' here in the breaking news center. the "6-point-2" magnitude quake -- rocked 'central italy' -- just after 3:30 this morning. the quake 'so' strong... it was felt nearly '100 miles' away -- in rome. the area 'hardest 'vacation spot' for italians -- enjoying the 'final days' of summer. search and rescue operations are now 'hampered' by darkness... and there's 'not enough' heavy equipment. pope francis... is now asking for the "world's prayers". and people 'shouting" -- "she's alive" -- in an 'italian village'. this 10-year-old 'girl' -- was pulled from the rubble -- in "pescara - del - tronto" -- after
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hours. the "shell- shocked" child -- was found 'buried' -- in 'piles' of brick and glass. the little girl was taken to the hospital. there's 'no' immediate word -- on her 'condition' tonight. members of a north carolina women's basketball team have just arrived home to the u-s after experiencing the deadly earthquake in italy. elon's women's basketball team was in rome -- and felt one of those tremors during the middle of the night. the team landed 3-30 this afternoon. the coach says she asked if they needed to evacuate after she continued to feel the aftershocks. the team was on a study abroad program traveling throughout the country of italy. they say they're thinking of the lives and homes lost in the earthquake. we will be keeping track of developments in italy overnight.
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this story tomorrow morning on eyewitness news - starting at 4-30. the air horn orchestra... sounding off for the 20th consecutive week... outside the executive mansion in downtown raleigh. heather waliga is live in downtown raleigh. how long will they continue to do this? they say they'll play every wednesday until governor mccrory is either 'out of office' or until 'house bill 2' is 'repealed'. this as a new poll shows mccrory lagging behind his democratic opponent. sounding off.... 6:21:40...number 20. five months of airhorns the airhorn orchestra as they call themselves.... is as vocal about their mission.... as day one.'s great that people are dedicated to this but it's sad that people are still out here fighting this fight a new poll shows governor
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opponent roy cooper. among the most significant issues in the bill two. according to the poll...more than half of voters disapprove of the law... 6:31:22...i know a lot of students that could be personally affected by this bill and i think it's really important that we repeal it completely noah ambrose and his friends drove all the way from pinehurst to blast their beliefs outside the executive mansion. a new ad rolled out this week by the mccrory ...featuring a sexual abuse survivor....defend s hb2..'s a little offensive quite honestly opponents of hb2 say they have no plans of silencing their symphony of protests.
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playing. 6:24:28...i think the carolina comeback is pretty grossly exaggerated by governor mccrory. i think his ads are just kind of hilarious political theater at this point a spokesperson for governor mccrory says the new poll is not reliable considering the size of the sample, screening methodology and weighting. he goes on to say... "we are very have the momentum in this race, especially as we continue to announce key law enforcement endorsements who are rejecting roy cooper because he hasn't done his job as our state's chief law enforcement officer." mccrory is expected to announce that endorsement at a news conference tomorrow morning here in downtown raleigh. live outside the executive mansion, hw, abc11, ewn. now to "vote 20- 16"... and the "high-stakes battle" -- for north carolina. 'new polling' shows -- the race between "hillary - clinton" and
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'toss-up'. the "c-n-n / orc poll" -- shows clinton with 44- percent of the vote -- here in north carolina... and 'trump' trailing by just one point. libertarian candidate "gary - johnson"... at 11 percent. meanwhile - donald-trump's 'running mate' -- was 'making the rounds' in north carolina today. governor "mike - pence"... appearing in charlotte and wilmington. 'pence' wasn't in charlotte for 'long'... his speech to a 'hand-picked group' -- at "charlotte pipe and foundry" -- lasted only about 15 minutes. it was his 'second appearance' in charlotte this month. you can 'keep up' with all the "vote 20-16 news. dot-com -- and clicking on the 'politics section'. new tonight - a fort bragg soldier accused of violating a child. "justin - lewis".... was already in the cumberland county jail on indecent liberties charges. fayetteville detectives have now charged perry with several child sex charges including rape. investigators say the incident happened during the summer of 20- 14. he's in the cumberland county jail under a '900- thousand dollar' bond. a 'couple' of crooks -- "caught in the act"! 'surveillance cameras' -- capturing 'two guys'... 'breaking in' to a home on
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afternoon. the pair 'seemed to know' -- they were "on- camera"... and tried 'covering' their faces with their hands. they didn't 'take anything' from the house. you can get a 'second look' at the burglars -- by going to abc-11- dot-com. just look for the story -- on the homepage. a raleigh mother... in jail on child abuse charges.... after her kindergartner had to be turned over to raleigh police when no one picked him up from the bus stop. you may remember last night.... wake county schools transportation officials tried repeatedly to get a hold of the mom. police say inside "sara- apartment -- they found her other kids home alone. the oldest kid was the 8-years-old. the youngest -- just one. the 29-year-old was told in court... if she posts bond... she cannot have any contact with her kids . an '11-year-old boy' -- is talking 'exclusively' to 'eyewitness news' -- about the 'terrifying moments' -- when he was "caught in the crossfire" -- of a 'drive-by shooting' in durham -- over the weekend. "raymon - bent" was outside 'playing' -- with 'another' 11-year- old.... and a 16- year-old -- in the 600- block of "reservoir street"
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and started 'spraying shots'. ....that's when a 'bullet' -- hit 'raymon' in the thigh. the 'entire ordeal' -- still "weighing heavily" -- on his mind. raymon's parents are in jamaica. plans' -- to 'return soon'. raymon is now getting ready to go "back to school" -- on monday. abc-11 together highlighting the good deeds of the durham rescue mission... giving a back to school boost -- to thousands of children in need. the durham rescue mission hosted its annual "back to school" bash. more than '48- hundred' families lined up for a chance to get a backpack -- filled with school supplies.
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day the rescue mission says it gave away more than 3-thousand backpacks. it also served up nearly '59- hundred' plates of hot dogs and chips. and this isn't your dad's elementary school. the ribbon was cut on the newly renovated "green magnet elementary" in north raleigh. the new school includes chairs and desks that all have 'wheels' -- and a large 'flat- screen monitor' in every classroom. students spent the past '2- years' at a temporary campus while their school was torn down and rebuilt. at green -- students receive daily instruction in either spanish or mandarin chinese. special back to school coverage on monday as students on traditional calendars return to the classrooms. be sure to tune-in monday morning for 'back to school' coverage -- starting at 4:30 a-m. we're just 'getting started' tonight on eyewitness news - "tornado emergency". 'dangerous weather' -- hitting 'indiana'. homes and business 'damaged'. the 'latest' from the storm zone. and... "epi-pen outrage". 'growing anger' -- over the 'skyrocketing price' -- of this 'life-saving tool'.
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costing -- 'two' wake county families -- 'this year' alone. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news center chris? adlib i absolutely love my new york apartment, but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged,
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now - the university in afghanistan" -- 'under attack'... leaving at least 'one person' dead. 'terrorists' storming the university in kabul... eyewitnesses hearing a 'loud explosion' and 'gunfire'. students 'barricading' themselves -- in classrooms. it's 'unknown' -- if 'any americans' were inside. the 'state department' -- is 'warning' people -- to 'stay away' from the area. 'security forces' are still 'combing the campus' -- in search of the attackers. some people are 'still' -- 'believed' to be -- 'stuck inside'. you can look for 'updates' on this story -- on abc-11- dot-com -- and the 'abc-11 mobile
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now - a tornado emergencies in and around indianapolis. multiple twisters -- touching down in the area. take a look at what a tornado did to a starbucks in kokomo. the entire building collapsed. the wind also damaged dozens of homes... blowing off roof tops and knocking down trees. and power was out across much of the town. so far -- no deaths or serious injuries have been reported. indiana governor "mike - pence" has left the campaign access the damage. you can look for what's new with this story tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. the 'skyrocketing cost' -- of "epi- pens". the 'price' - 'jumping' from about '100 dollars' in 2009.... to more than $600-dollars today. during that 'same time'.... 'compensation' for the 'c-e-o' of the 'drug company' -- 'rose too' -- from 'five million' -- to $19 million dollars a year. angelica alvarez spoke to 'wake county moms' - who've spent 'hundreds' on epi- pens for their kids. she's in our 'downtown raleigh newsroom' -- with their story. they wasted no time in telling me
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ceo of myland is being paid...while they're having to dish out more for life-saving medicine for their children. bailey is three years old....and wears a medic alert bracelet... to let people know she's allergic to peanuts. her mom... anne horton... makes sure to keep an epipen nearby at all times... "two epipens at her daycare, two epipens at home." but... the cost for a two pack has gone up... since 2007... it's gone up 400- "at 450 dollars a pop that's a lot of money for a medicine i pray everyday i'll never have to use." it used to cost 50 to 100 dollars... now... it's as high as six-hundred. "i was quoted 600 and some dollars last week." sara mah-hall-skee says her three year old... mason... is getting ready to start preschool. so they had to buy a pack for school and home... costing more than 12- hundred out of pocket. both mothers... say something has to change...and blame drug
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the market. some parents are even looking for other options... like getting the drug from out of the country... or even using expired epipens... which doctors say isn't a good idea. "will not be as effective as a normal epipen." still... mah-hall- skee and horton consider themselves lucky... to be able to budget for this life saving shot... so far. but if prices keep going up... they fear the alternative. "it makes me very very nervous." "i'm worried we're going to see children dying from anaphylactic families can't afford medicine that cost a dollar 25 to make." and parents tell me epipens take a year to if they don't use them...this is at least.. a definite annual cost. members of congress say they want to talk to myland about these high prices...and gave them a time frame of two weeks to comply. today... a myland spokesperson told abc news
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there were more clouds around today than recent afternoons, but it was still quite pleasant. humidity le temperatures were only in the mid and upper 80s. tonight, skies will clear with lows in the low and mid 60s. we'll start to heat up again as our winds become more south and southwesterly. we should see more sun tomorrow with highs in the upper 80s and low 90s. by friday, we're in the low and mid 90s, and it'll stay hot through the weekend. rain chances looks slight at best. the
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not get as high as it was last week, so the heat index should stay shy of those awful 103- 107 readings we've endured recently. a tropical wave will likely develop as it approaches the bahamas late in the week and may impact south florida over the weekend. how strong it will be is still in question. we'll be watching it for you on abc
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schools. authorities say a king cobra slithered away from someone who owns a number of exotic animals, including two other king cobras. two schools had to cancel all outdoor activities. the king cobra was eventually caught. it was on the loose for about four hours. texas authorities sending out this tweet, "the king cobra in needville has been located. needville residents may come down from their roofs."
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floor. the controversial olympian...despera te to dance away scandal...just ahead. plus... the "golden girl" -- arrives home. the 'texas-sized welcome' -- for a "four-foot-eight" -- olympic
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heading to the ballroom. the disgraced swimmer is reportedly in talks to join season 23 of dancing with the stars. lochte made headlines... after fabricating details about being robbed during his time at the rio olympics. a-b-c won't comment on casting reports. the new cast of dancing with the stars will be unveiled next tuesday on good morning america on abc-11. gratitude and giggles... as 'gold
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- biles" -- returns home -- to houston. biles.... was greeted by family, friends and fans at bush intercontinental airport. the mayor and officials and the houston texans cheerleaders were all there to cheer her homecoming. biles addressed the cheering crowd...and admitted she was a little nervous giving a speech. the mayor also declared today "simone - biles" day in houston.
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larry fedora makes a controversial addition to his tar heel coaching team... hear why fed decided to make the move... plus athletic director bubba cunningham tells me why he signed off on it... but first - goalie hope solo has been kicked off the us national soccer team and banned for six months after her comments following the olympic loss to sweden when she called them 'cowards'. solo is appealing the
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? ? hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there.
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it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. larry fedora wanted to help a coaching friend. even one with a currently radioactive reputation. to that end - he brought on former illinois head coach tim beckman as a volunteer assistant for defense at unc... beckman was fired last year by the illini after a university investigation found he had mistreated players by medical decisions and trying to get them to play hurt, often ridiculing those who were injured... beckman denies all the charges and settled a wrongful termination suit w/ the school for 250k. he and fedora are buddies from their oklahoma state days in 2007 when fedora was the offensive coordinator and beckman was in charge of the defense... as a volunteer at unc, beckman is allowed to interact with, but not instruct players. he'll help gene chizik with scouting and film study... adding
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illinois september 10th... here's larry i followed up with bubba cunningham about signing off on beckman's presence with the team... he responded via text: "he is a friend of larry's and he wants to help him. we discussed it and i approved it. very limited role as a volunteer. no contact with students and a chance to learn. would not have approved hiring." meaning he would not have approved his hiring as an actual assistant
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kurt benkert has been named the starting quarterback at virginia, beating out incumbent matt johns... amazingly - this is the fourth straight year that uva's returning starter has been demoted the following season. benkert stunned plenty of pirate people when he abruptly transferred out of greenville this spring. he had figured to be in the thick of the battle for the starting job at ecu... join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 for the latest
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.?
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> kylie jenner is stepping up as a step mom, which could really piss off blac chyna. >> blac chyna's going to be like i'm glad kylie and tyga are spending time with king. harvey: all sunshine, lollipops the franchise is going to go down in flames. the franchise is based on deception and duplicity. if they lose all of that, what do they have >> way? to rally the troops. >> ryan lochte is about to be punished by the u.s. olympic committee. be worse than whatit better not michael phelps got. michael phelps got two d.u.i.'s. harvey: ryan lochte went to a party and things got out of hand and it was nothing he premeditated. what happened to you to make you


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