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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  August 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm EDT

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wifi hotspots with select plans. call today. eyewitness news... "disturbing discovery". 'two' decomposing bodies... 'found'... inside a 'local home'. 'what' we've learned -- about the victims.... and the investigation. plus...a race against time. rescuers working against the odds in ruins of the italy earthquake zone. how one triangle group is trying to help. and... a "fumble" -- by the 'u-n-c football program'. 'why' a 'controversial volunteer' -- is sidelines. eyewitness news starts right now. a tropical wave moving through the bahamas... is losing some of its steam. good evening everyone. i'm tisha powell. and i'm steve daniels. there's still a 'chance' -- the system could become "hermine"... as it moves into 'warmer water'. chief meteorologist 'chris hohmann'...trackin g it all -- in the "first alert storm
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nobody cares because it will stay east of bermuda. tropical wave in the se bahamas is really struggling with dry air and wind shear taking its toll. conditions may be more favorable late into the weekend for development. most models take the wave, in whatever form, into the eastern gulf early next week. if it makes landfall in the fl panhandle by mid week it might bring us rain by thursa week away! a lot of ifs obviously. in reliable model which had it developing into a hurricane in the gulf has it much weaker now. our american model has never had it developing beyond a weak tropical storm and barely shows a feature in the gulf next week. so we'll see. the longer it takes to develop the further south it will stay. stronger systems are pulled poleward .
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on tropical depressions and named storms. tropical waves are covered in a general outlook that is issued a 8 am, 2 pm, 8pm daily. 'developing' right now -- 'fayetteville launching a "death investigation" -- after finding 'two' -- 'decomposing bodies' -- inside a house. officers made this disturbing discovery -- after conducting a well-being check at a home in the 55-hundred block aberdeen place off old shaw road in fayetteville.
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fayetteville police department. angelica, what have you learned about the women? police not releasing names just yet... but neighbors tell me they were a mother and daughter... who lived there a long time... and it was actually one of the neighbors who found them. a "we smelled an odor and we haven't seen them in a while so we decided to do a common courtesy check." when jermaine irving says no one came to the door at his neighbor's house... he looked the two women...he says lived there... were dead. "it touched my heart that a lady we see every day up and down the block, two of them, mother and daughter." fayetteville police say they got the call that bodies had been found inside this hoe on abderdeen place around two this afternoon... they don't know how long the bodies had been there... but say they were already decomposing. "they brought my son lollipops and suckers and wwe magazines." dora skaggs lives just across the
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mother and daughter in the home were always so nice. and says it has been a while since she's talked to them. "i've heard their dogs bark the last couple of nights and didn't think nothing of it." "it was a shocker for me to hear that both of them at one time passed away, i find that kind of weird." as does much of the neighborhood. but for now...police continue to investigate what exactly happened to the two women neighbors can't believe are gone. "hands out ices and popsicles to the kids all the time, so to the kids this is going to mea going to mean a lot, we're going to miss them around here." neighbors believe the mother does have other children...possibly out of state. they've told us their names, but since police haven't released that publicly until they notify family... we won't either. now to the "race against time" -- to
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earthquake' in italy. officials say -- the 'best chance' of finding someone 'alive' -- is within '48 hours' of the quake -- a window that's 'quickly closing'. 'search crews' are 'not only' dealing with the 'back-breaking work' of looking for survivors.... they're also dealing with the 'danger' posed by 'after-shocks'. meanwhile, the italian premier "matteo - renzi"... has authorized 'millions of dollars' in emergency funding... and ordered the 'cancellation of taxes' -- for the towns 'wrecked' by the earthquake. at least '250 people' have been killed.... and there are 'hundreds we'll keep 'tracking' this story 'overnight' -- here in the 'breaking news center'. look for updates 'tomorrow morning' -- here on eyewitness news. italians here in the triangle -- are working to raise money for those impacted by that devastating earthquake. dejuanhoggard joins us from the raleigh eyewitness news center with more on how you can help. dejuan? tisha, the group is called the triangle sons of italy. there are 90 members in the chapter... focused on maintaining italian culture. and after the devastating quake, the group wasted no time in helping
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"nicholas verna is a board member with the triangle sons of italy... a local chapter of the order sons of italy in america. billed as largest organization for men and women of italian heritage. the triangle chapter is working with the national office to help with earthquake relief. "we have strong help with earthquake relief. "we have strong emotional ties with what's going on in italy right now verna says their goal is to maintain the italian culture. and when news of the earthquake hit, something needed to be done. "no matter what part of italy disaster would strike, we would be there to help in any kind of way we can." the local chapter is encouraging its members and those wishing to get involved, to help those affected. verna says while italy is earthquake prone, the people in these small mountain towns, weren't prepared. "many of these homes are hundreds of years old and they didn't have a chance of surviving the earthquake. so it's up to use to help our brethren to get through this
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normalcy again." and it's that normalcy that verna and the triangle sons of italy would like to see restored. "these towns, they may not look the same as they do now, but in their heart, families will stay together, they will work together, and they will rebuild their community with help from donations from here and family throughout the world." was a 600-year-old church leveled by the quake... what was once a symbol of religion and community... now gone. if you want to get involved and donate, you can visit our website at abc-11- dot-com for more information. live inside the raleigh eyewitness news center, dejuan hoggard, abc11 eyewitness news. new tonight - a '19-year-old' -- 'charged' in the 'murder' -- of a 'wake forest man'. "mykevian - massenburg"... is in the 'wake county jail'. he's due in 'court' tomorrow.
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was found 'shot' -- in the 300-block of "north allen road" at about 'one o'clock' in the morning -- on august 18th. he 'died' at wake- med. 'wake forest police' say -- the investigation -- is ongoing. an '18-year-old' facing -- 'd-w-i' charges -- for a 'horrific crash' that sent '7- people' -- including five young children to the hospital. it happened last night on 'southall road' near 'amberfield way' -- in east raleigh. according to the wreck report -- "bryce - burns" told them he took "xanax" ...and had '3- beers' before getting behind the wheel. it says bryce swerved out of his smashed into a pick-up truck driven by "marlen - uriostegui." bryce faces several charges including d-w-i. the other driver is charged with four counts of not having children properly restrained. police say bryce was going '50- miles per hour' at the time of the crash. the speed limit is 35. the "university of north carolina" -- taking 'swift action' -- to 'extinguish' the latest controversy -- surrounding the 'football program'. the 'university' announcing -- former 'illinois
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'stepping down' -- from his position as a "volunteer assistant" with the 'football program' -- just 'one day' -- after it became public. beckman... was 'fired' from "illinois" -- following allegations -- surrounding his treatment of 'players'. mark armstrong is here with 'reaction' from carolina. mark? larry fedora said yesterday that he didn't believe everything he'd read about his friend tim beckman treating players abusively at illinois and that he figured the story here would blow over in a few days he was right on the latter - it won't be a story now that beckman has resigned. fedora was trying a rightfully radioactive reputation following his stint at illinois... athletic director bubba cunningham told me in a text last night that he wouldn't have approved beckman being hired as an actual assistant but thought the volunteer assignment was ok, given that beckman wouldn't be in contact with students... he clearly was yesterday at practice. a day later - it's all come to an end...beckman is no longer with the team... statements were released tonight statement from head football coach larry fedora "tim will no longer serve as a volunteer with our program. i brought tim here
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from our staff, but after meeting with him today, we agreed his presence had become too much of a distraction." statement from chancellor carol l. folt when i first learned yesterday that coach larry fedora had invited former illinois hea coach tim beckman to serve as a volunteer with the football program, i was surprised and disappointed. the decision for mr. beckman to withdraw from his volunteer position was the right thing to do, and moving forward i don't expect this situation to recur. what's clear is that folt was in the dark about beckman until yesterday and none too happ deal. just a weird, unnecessary situation for a football program that is finally digging out of the ncaa wreckage of the last few years a traffic 'alert tonight' .. to help you get around the '40 - 440'wok zone. the 'd-o-t' has shut down the eastbound exit -- to gorman street. it will remain 'closed' all weekend. it's scheduled to 're-open' before monday morning's rush hour. governor mccrory -- picking-up an 'endorsement' -- from north carolina's 'largest' -- "law enforcement lobbying group".
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carolina police benevolent association". leaders made the decision to endorse the governor -- after interviewing him -- and attorney general 'roy cooper'. here's a look at 'first responder endorsements' -- in the governor's race. mccrory also has the endorsement -- of the "north carolina fraternal order of police".... and the "north carolina troopers association". 'cooper' has been endorsed by the "national association of police organizations".... and a group representing 'firefighters and paramedics'. we're just getting started tonight on eyewitness news - coming up - outbreak. a frightening night in the heartland. multiple twisters leaving a trail of damage. the latest from the storm zone. and... life-saving rescue. a police officer puts his life on the line. this fiery save.... is the must-see video of the night. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh
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and northern indiana -- where tornadoes and violent storms destroyed buildings and homes. despite all this destruction... only about 15 to 20 people had minor injuries... all caused by flying debris. thousands remain without power. republican vice candidate, indiana governor "mike - pence" took a break from the campaign trail to survey the damage. the national weather service say at least '7- tornados' swept through the area... including an 'ef- 3' twister -- ripping through kokomo, indiana packing '150- plus' mile per hour winds. a fort campbell soldier in custody -- after reports of an "active shooter" put the army base on lockdown. base officials say the shooter entered a hangar on campbell army airfield and fired two shots.
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tried to make a break for it. he was arrested a short time later. a fort campbell spokesman says no injuries were reported...and the installation is now "secure." a "power problem" -- 'grounding flights' -- at both the 'miami' and 'fort lauderdale' airports -- for about 'two hours'. the issue affected an "air traffic control" facility -- for flights -- stretching from 'central florida' to the 'caribbean'. during the outage -- 14 flights were 'diverted' to nearby airports. planes in miami.... as well as those bound for the area.... briefly could 'not depart'... while those in the 'air' -- wer pattern' -- until it was 'safe' to land -- in south florida. the f-a-a is investigating the 'cause' of the outage. federal law enforcement agencies are investigating a 'hack attack' of actress and comedian "leslie - jones'" website. the site -- just leslie dot com -- was taken down yesterday -- after racist images and jones' personal information appeared on it. jones was targeted on twitter last month -- receiving a barrage of racial slurs and obscene photos she has yet to comment on the incident. 'legal trouble' -- 'escalating' -- for olympic swimmer
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'brazilian authorities' -- now charging 'lohte' -- with "filing a false police report" -- for that 'made up' stor abut being 'robbed at gunpoint'. the 'indictment' will aeont to the 'international olympic committee'. under 'brazilian law'.... the penalty for "filing a false crime report" -- carries a maximum penalty of '18 months' in prison. the u-s and brazil -- 'do' have an extradition treaty. now to the big board and the must-see video of the night. we begin in georgia... with an officer putting 'his life' -- 'on the line' -- to 'save' a life. arrived -- he found an s-u-v engulfed in flames against a large tree -- and a pansseger yelling for help. the video shows the officer grabbing a fire extinguisher from his trunk to try to put the fire out, and then trying to get the man out of the vehicle. as he did this, a massive explosion from under the hood knocked off the officer's hat and body cam. both the officer and the man he rescued survived. the world's 'first' -- "self- driving taxi" -- hitting the road -- in singapore. a 'few' -- 'select
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'free rie' - using their smartphone. they have 'six cars' now.... it'll 'grow' to a 'dozen' -- by the end of the year. for now, the taxis only 'run' -- in a 2- point-5-square- mile area -- and pick-ups and drop-offs -- are limited to 'specific locations'. these sheep clearly loved something about this car, as they wouldn't stop licking and sniffing at it. the car was parked up in the middle of 'jasper national park' in alberta, canada. at one point at sheep were surrounding it, and doing the same thing. and... 'this' has to be 'one' -- the "happiest dogs" -- on earth. with an 'unlimited supply' of tennis balls.... he's the 'dog equivalent' -- of a 'millionaire'. he was enjoying a stay at "bark- haus"... a so- called "canine wonderland" -- in
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the nice respite from the summer humidity and stickiness is coming to an end. hope you enjoyed it! dew points are on the rise and by conditions will be back and stay for the foreseeable future. after a mostly ear night tonight, tomorrow will be a hot and humid day with sunshine and a few clouds. high temperatures will reach the middle 90s. a cool front moving through the northeast friday will settle south into virginia friday night and saturday stalling out near the virginia/north carolina border. this may just be enough to touch
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afternoon and evening. after saturday, that front will move on and mostly rain- free days will occur sunday and monday with hot and humid conditions. the future movement and development of a tropical system will bring uncertainty to the weather across the region the middle of next week. the tropical wave approaching the bahamas may develop as we head int affect south florida. it's looking more and more likely that the main impact in south florida will be gusty winds and heavy rain. beyond the weekend, the system could move into the gulf of mexico and strengthen a bit. if we see any moisture from this system, it won't be until the middle or end of next week.
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big heart. what he did with seven months worth of allowance. and... they're starting life on the right foot. how some newborns benefited from a gold medal performance.
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these are grillers. and we make them at johnsonville. they've got way more flavor than ordinary burgers. flavors like bacon and cheddar and steakhouse onion. people who try 'em, love 'em.
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fans of abc's hit show .. dancing with the stars. fan favorite "maks" is making a return to the dance floor.. "maksim - chmerkovskiy" made it official on good morning america .. that he will return for season 23. "maks" said doing a tour with his brother val .. who's also on the show .. put him in the best shape of his life. the new season premieres right here on abc 11 on september 12th. a 'five-year-old' -- from 'new jersey' -- is a "one-boy" -- 'kindness machine.' junior" -- saved-up his allowance -- for 'seven months' -- to 'buy lunch'.... for the entire "winslow township police department". his mom says -- william "respects police officers" -- and wanted to make sure they had a 'healthy meal'. the little boy 'also' donated school supplies to 'local kids'... and toys to an animal shelter. william says -- he wants to be a 'cop' when he grows up. nothing 'looks better' -- than a 'new' pair of sneakers.... and
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some 'newborn babies' in maryland -- will be "strollin' in style". every baby born today at anne arundel medical center will get their own new pair of nike baby shoes. it was all in honor of local olympian "matt - centrowitz's" gold medal win in the 2016 games in rio. centrowitz became the first american in 108 years to win a gold medal in the 1500-meter race at the olympics. coming up next in sports... southern durham and cardinal gibbons get after it a day early in friday night football... and volunteer assistant tim beckman is out just a day after we found out he was in with north carolina football... stick around for
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short career as a volunteer defensive assistant at north carolina is over... just a day after his presence on the team became widely public, beckman resigned, saying he had become a distraction he's right about that. larry fedora said in a statement that he was trying to help his old oklahoma state colleague out, but agreed with the move, as did bubba cunningham, who originally
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the team. cunningham said they will learn from this. chancellor carol folt had the most pointed comments, saying in her statement that she only found out yesterday about beckman's presence and was surprised and disappointed. beckman was found to have abused his players in a variety of ways while at illinois. he denies it. some early high school football...souther n durham on the road at cardinal gibbons... the crusaders were ready and waiting... anton stoneking to ebuke engwadom 27-7 gibbons... 3q - southern goes deep... jalen montrell cooper... 34-21 at that point southern d had no answers tho... stoneking w/ another candy from babies toss to ale kuzy 55-34 gibbons... crusaders look like a force so far time now for your c-w 22 game of the week. jamie: hi, i'm jamie o'brien. this week
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rams continue their tradition of scheduling tough non-conference opponents. cleveland coach scott riley: we feel like it prepares us for the playoffs. and it has the last couple of years, you know. we've got ten playoff wins in the five years of varsity football we've had. so, we want to compete against the best. so it's a big game for our program jamie: both teams come in having scored 50 points in week 1. landon clifton senior c: as an o-line we're a unit too. all of us contribute to that and a pretty good time. jake mason senior wr/te/qb: last week the offense was clicking on all cylinders. so we're just gonna hope that we can keep what we week. jamie: the trojans play the first game at the new south garner campus while their school is being rebuilt. garner coach thurman leach: you know, any time that people play the trojans it's a rivalry game. i've known coach riley. i know he's gonna have them ready. it's gonna be a dogfight. roderic christian senior mlb: cleveland, we've played them kids since pop warner. so we've known them for a while. dalton counts senior lb: it's always a little shootout we've got going on with that team. but this week i feel like our defense is well-prepared. jamie: visit for extended coach and player interviews. we'll see you next thursday for the cw22 game of the week. join us tomorrow
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eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for "eyewitness news
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>> tod"tmz" --ay on harvey: pele are falliopng for justin bieber's new girlfriend left and right. she loves it. >> now that you're [bleep]. >> sofia richie's birthday, paparazzi insanity. harvey: every model in town wants to take this g r ticket to stardom. >> he always had trust issues to begin with. >> you think justin bieber has trust issues? [laughter] >> jennifer lopez dumped casper smart. j.lo was going t o a fund-raiser in the hamptons. casper decided no, he wants to go to his vegas ringside. harvey: i don't know if casper's going to get as good of seats at ufc 203. >> he will be in the sports book in the golden nugget.


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