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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  August 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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homeowner is not ppy with invetios zn thi caught on caera. wht he treate himsef to in this r port. eyewitness news starts rigt now. breaking news at ten - heavy law enforcement presence ecrash on i-85 in durham county. god evening everyone from he breaking news center. i' dejuanhoggard. this video is just in to the breaking news cente this i i85 red mill rad. youcan see the car overturnd on he side ofe highway. the highway patrol, durham poie, and duam county sherif's deputies -all responding
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grund says ts may have stared as pic lloing a caacki in durham. urham police wilnly say that the driver ffer minr inries.... and the vestigaion is ongoi. ilkeep monitring his situation. yocan lkoo f updates online at abc-11-dot-com or the abc-11 mbil app. we will ao hve the latest on eyewitness news at 11. storms are moving out of the area... just as the tropics are heating up. the north carolina department of public safety - sending ths tweet to let folks know they're watchn system and to e ready. meteorologist liz horton...tracking it all in the first alert raleigh storm center, liz? developin right
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fo rsrlines flight
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flight 34- 72...forced to make an emergency landing in pensacola, orida -- after n engine failed. the pilot radioed rol tat th plane experied an engine failure, and the flight was diverted. a photograph of the plane from social media....shows one of the engines partially destroyed. inside the boeing 7-37 -- oxygen masks were deployed--and passengers were wearing them when the plane lae fortunately, none of the 99 passengers and five crew meers on boad has been taken out of seice, and e-b s whant wrntting togh- a e hase ending with a jump and run n durham. this happened on graham street not far from the durham freeway. our crew on th sce ensay th guys stole th s- u-vn rlegh. the potted byolice on the dum freeway. suspec mpedrt out and ran down grahaetr. one guy was caught a short time later. we're working to
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updates tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. we have w ab tan early morning sent aullet through ame in durham. it happened just before five o'clock on east main street. our crew on the scene says police found two victims in the road.... along with shell casings. one of the casings was found inside a bedroom. police say the victims were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening juries. thye stil searching for the suspects. and durham police are looking for clues in another early morning shooting. this one happened on house avenue... near duke university around our crew on the scene says the and collapsed on someone's front porch a short time later. he was taken to the hospital... and shd recove. police are still o for te shooter. new togh bullet fliei an orangecounty 's house.... comighiin inhes of hi tig hisie. this all unoded weay ghon shearon church d roain ne county.rn m pulli in fromth raleig enerc with his . tim th victi drive-by shooting
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security. he is hoping investgators will nd the person who didt. thomas baker/victim of drivebyho8 itt upsets me tht we are at home miding our n business. and somebody would come by here and fire into our home. thomas baker is on ede bult flw through his hom akr s sitting on rch when he sa the bgundy mini-van stopped in front of his mobile home and began shooting. 180713 we have a lot of deer that cross the rd b the well house and i had jusst a deer in the front yard it was the only thing i could think of. shooting the house was not an option in my head. that bulle pierced though baker's living room wall and into to the dining room hitting one of the chairs---jut incheaway where bakr's wife,aura was sitting ather desk sot 181145 if the bullet had entered here she would have been hit in the side. orange county sheriffs depuies covd the bullet and are ineigatinghe shoting.but baker says they
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tell me ts may b gg there isomeone a ha grge for some reason to come out here to make a poin. tp: but why would someone have grudge against tb: i't know. i don't go anywhere. i don't speak to anybody. i don't know if it was a wrong house that they were cin to. i don't kn. 181016 it doesn't feel like home that much anymore baker and his family moved into that home -- less than a year ago. th neighbors home was also hit tat night. they wanted to share their story -- in hopes that this doesn't happen to anyone else. live in the raleigh newsroom, tim lliam, abc 11 eyewitness news. the state highway patrol identifying a man -- hit and kiled on i-40 in wake county. they say 42-year- old natan - brewster".... was trying to cross i- 40esund ahighwa 70 business in garner last night....when he was hit by a car. troopers say "brewster" ran into the path of the car. they don't exp
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and check out this video from an abc-11 eyewitness. two people escape... a burning vehicle on hside of i-95 in harnet county. this is i-95 southbound near the hods chapel road exit. authorities say a rental truck from garner.. was traveling south on 95 whent started smoking. thdunn fire deptment put out the flames. no injuries wre reported. the violent crime epidemic in chicago - hitting home r a basketball star. "dwyane - wade" mourning his was caught in the crossfire between two men while walking down the street - pushing her baby in a stroller. wade calling the shooting on itter, "another senseless ac of violence". 32yer-old "nykea - aldridge" recently relocated to chicago's south side. she was walking her stroller near a school wher she was looking to register her children. wade's mother tearfully talked about her niece -- holding aldridge's crying mom. police say
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working "aggressively" and questioning possible suspects. and "donald - trump"... drawing backlash for a tweet he sent in response to the shooting death of wade' cousin. trump tweeting that the fatal shooting of dwyane wade's cousin will make african americans vote for him. devin dwyer is in washington with more. pkg script: nats - donald trump back on the road fousing on the battleground state of iowa. sot - donald trump / presidential nominee "african- americ, hispanics vote for trump! i wl ifi!" eminepin his controversial new appeal to minority vter - african amican t - donald trump / presidential nominee "what do you have to lose?" but he's also taking heat over a tweet sent this morninag ut nba ose cosinstray bulle n friday. quote: "dwyane wade's cousin was just
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in chicago. just what i have been saying. african- americans will vote trump!" critics quickly jumped - accusing trump of racism - and using a real- life tragedy for political gain. the nominee from doubling down during his speech in iowa. t - donald trump / presidential nominee "more than six- thousand african american are the victims of murder every single year. just yesterday, ar dwyane wade, great guy, dwyane wade? was the shooting." ---------------- meanwhile, rival hillary clinton spent saturday morning at her first national security intelligence briefing? her motorcade arriving at the f-b-i field office in white plains, new york. the democratic nominee aeng alone - for more than two hours. her running mate tim kaine on the trail - keeping up the heat against trump. sot - sen. tim kaine / vice-presidential nominee "it's not the community of
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division and blame game that sadly can work in elections." election day now just 72 days away. devin dwyer, abc news, washington. today, italy began the painful task of burying victims from wednesday's devastating earthquake. the country held a national day of mourning to remember the lives lost. italy's prime minister gathered with the victim's families for a state funeral this afternoon. the disaster killed at least 290 people. thousands of survivors--are now living in camps.....after the their homes. flash flooding causing big problems in kanas city. heavy rains moved through last night leaving many streets under water. crws a woman anher two dogs....when her car became trapped in floodwaters. everyone made it out safely. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick.... drawing controversy tonight for refusing to stand for the national anthem. kaepernick sat on the bench duri the playing of the anthem last night. the quarterback says he is not
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flag that oppresses black peo pel f color th 49ers iued a amsay int pericas have the rihtt protest or support the anthem. an amazing rescue on a pacific island. a u-s navy aircraft spotted two stranded mariners after they etched "s-o-s" in the sand. the survivors were stuck on the western pacific island for eight days. they halimited supplies and no emergency equipment. aircraft and boat patro sandsquare miles before spotting the says. e' jusi started tighmin up: cat merg- us his own persona waarwhatae mde off with...and howy plus... lazy daze. 40 yea d still drawing big crowds. ho cary is celebrating the final aysf summer. but look utside of the raleigh
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video aledin lped hself o a pressure washer. th hyesterday on in the -hundred block oscalybark road near guess an try roads conz the guihis video -- give the durham cou shiff's office a . a trafficor drivers inthe bod laes of hillsrou streefrom ooks avenue to dixie trail are closed this weekend. this as duke energy works on the second phase of the reet reneal
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detoured toside streets. drivers heading east--won't b impacted. olin wtown rleigh -- ght outsi eth ralei eyewitnss ws center -- got a taste of the caribbean today. at the carib mask can fayetteville street. opleressed in brightcostumes as ty rcipted in a parade. e ralso ribbn fd, ncingnd cs. c-11 together celerating the 40-th annual lazy days festival in down cary. the event picks back up tomorrow and will feature food, art and entertainment from over 400 vedo. eyewitness new editor jimdeluca hathe sigs and sounds from the festiv.
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we'll be there tomorrow30 and five.. make su to stop by to see us while you're out andbout. meteorologist li hornis here
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sunda, i 80s sr mo. alouh we could see a stray storm to the east mosofus wian area of highesrsure ays in conrol of e gin this weeke nc currently located
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monitor the chances for rain. most models show a front moving into north r late thursday, bringing the potential for few storms. that sysem u cool us down some by next highs in the low to mid 80s.
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men's bsketball team--is making sure ds have the supplies they need whe ey ea back to school monday. the team along with head coach "levelle - moton" hosted a back-to- school event at and girls club. kids left with brand ne backpackl of suppes. chnce to play meand prizes. thiss the seventh year for the event. a rough night for panthes quarterback cam newton. next in sports....ewton talks about his disappointing performance against the patriots and how he plansto right the ship.
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in raleigh tellhe truth aboutur schools. instead of putting our children first, billions in tax breaks that could have lifd north carolina's schools haee rporations. instead of putting our children first, and whatre we left wit the ratio of tchers to ts iwo funds for textbooks and supplies and whatare scarce.wit teaching assistants ve been depleted. pat mccrory: stop taking north carolina backwards.
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there is still much to learn about being an n-f-l quarterback. newton got another lesson last night against the patriots. several times in th fiwton tried to force the action. the result - a couple of interceptions on balls that should not have been thrown. ignoring receivers derneath the coverage, newton playing inote third quarter -- neton ould finish 13 for 29 with a hundred yas passig. te receivers didn't exact elp those numbers letting several catch able balls hit the ground. in the past -- newton may have pouted in the post game. showing how much his leadership skills have evolved he instead is positive. a back breaker for
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tony romo.the dallas quartrbck broke the l-1 vertebra in his ba and is out six to ten weeks. the haeon the thd ay of thursday nights preseason game against sett. three yeasag romo had surgry forother back issues and a fracturin two- thousand- fourteen caused him to miss a game. the cowboys says none of the injuries are related. that would suggest dak prescot moves into the role of
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mississippi state. mostly average all season - the yankeve a new bronx bobe that's blasting homers and making headlines. gary sanchez now has eleven homer in his first 2games - today the rookie homered a straight game. the drive comes in the fourth inning against the orioles this afternoon. he reached eleven homers faster than anyone in major league history. the close to fourty thousand at the stadium enjoying their view of this historic run. sanchez has sparked the offense as well -- starlin castro and aaron hicks went deep as new york won for the fourth straight time. they are now 2-and a half games out of a wild card spot. the orioles ehav dropped three in a row -- 13-5 the final. only six home games left for the bulls after tonight -- they're hosting gwinnett
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contention - 2nd -- jake goebbert doubles two runs will score. later in the inning -- jake hager -- make it 3-1 bulls some good defense it onejf decker owning ceter field withhis play -- goes to the wall -- leaps and hauls it in with the contact - bulls get it done -- still ahead -- the railhawks take to the road and take s well -- duke grad kevin
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barclays. streelman shot a 67 to jump up 20 spots andn atie for sixth place. good time to play well aswe star golf's playoff ason. four tournaments with 12 million dollars to the best player over that span -- streelman's move was big -- adam sco jum even higher. - up 23 spots to third -- 12th hole adam scott birdie putt..-7 15th hole adam scott long birdie putt..-8a six under 65 today - th hoemiiao gri-low birdie putt...using the
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7th hole rickie fowler birdie put..-8 leas e wa a nine uder - the railawks visiting new yor s -- first half-- hey force a turnover - nazmialba sesup matt fondy --ho gs five hol fort go- 1 haks the second half lon to nearolina jairo arrieta - use the long chip -- gerarl who had a nihtt forget --t's and things go way wnl --ndrs lores gets into shootingae - and fitzgerd -- stesque new york scores five in the half -- it's a rout - 6-1 th nal. t ro america tonight- they had th -rain o deal
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for the race celebration- re smte kn se out early -- ot intentional -- nl -- brdagaugh michael mcdowl -- and h 'ot going to do i t - first xfinity race. his aveage finish ths aso in 9 tsst hadeen 26t cup ars are at michigan tomo.beginning at six eyeeitnesws. crmy swirls of pure indulgence. silksis total transcendence. tetitsr easure ishould be the ne.or omethingor "golden gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm hmm."
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