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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  September 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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s for $39.99 a month. call now. next on eyewitness news - a 'deadly crash' -- on interstate 85. 'what happened' -- in the moments 'before' -- the horrific collision. the latest 'just in.' plus.... a 'sex crime' accusation -- at u-n-c. a young woman 'speaking out' -- against the university. 'how' school leaders -- are responding. and... a 'violent attack' -- on 'law enforcement officers' -- 'caught on camera'. what 'police' -- are 'saying' -- about the 'driver'. eyewitness news starts right now. 'breaking news' -- right off the top - the 'highway patrol' now saying -- "alcohol" played a role -- in a 'deadly crash' -- on 'i-85' -- near the "orange / durham county line". good evening from the breaking news center. i'm steve daniels. a 'report' on this crash... just 'coming in' -- to us here in the 'breaking news center'. 'chopper 11 h-d' was over 'i-85 southbound' -- near the "old highway 86 exit" shortly after the crash -- at about 4-15 this afternoon.
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the 'right shoulder'... and 'hit' a 'big rig' -- that was 'stopped' at the time. the 'van' kept going... and smashed into a 'pick-up truck' -- causing it to overturn. the 'passenger' -- in the front seat of the 'van' died. both the 'driver' of the van... and the 'pick-up' were taken to 'duke hospital' -- with 'non life- threatening' injuries. eyewitnesses say -- the driver of the van -- was "driving recklessly"... in the moments before the crash... troopers think the driver was "drinking". here's a live look at i-85 right now the 'highway patrol' -- has 'not' released any troopers are continuing their investigation.... and they'll be consulting with the 'district attorney' -- when the investigation is finished. we'll keep an 'eye on it' -- during this newscast... on eyewitness news at '11'... and the latest -- tomorrow morning right here on eyewitness news. 'developing' right now - the "university of north carolina" -- 'suspending' a 'football player' -- accused of 'rape'.
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charged.... but his accuser has sworn out warrants for his arrest on two misdemeanors. angelica alvarez is live in hillsborough with all the developing details. angelica? as of today... artis is suspended from the team. and practice went on as planned... with little said from coaches... or teammates. "he's still important to the team, we got guys stepping up to fulfill his spot." "i think we made a statement regarding that, the university and that's where we're going to leave it." short statements from player and defensive coordinator... instead referring to this even shorter statement from head coach larry fedora... saying he can't comment on the allegation or the investigative process... but that they take these matters very seriously... these comments coming after unc sophomore delaney robinson held this news conference... "when i entered into carolina as a freshman a little over a year ago, i was excited about new friends, new
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changed when in february when i was assaulted and raped on campus." for more than half an hour...she and her attorney gave detail of how she was raped by unc football player...allen artis... at a party on valentines day in the ram village apartments. she admits to drinking underage... and accuses the university of not supporting her... and investigators of asking her what she describes as demeaning questions... "did i lead him on do i often have one night stands, did i even say no?" according to them...they were told by unc dps that no charges would be filed... but the orange county da argues says different... "this is still an ongoing investigation." woodall says his office hasn't filed charges... but robinson filed what's called a self-sworn warrant against artis... for misdemeanor charges of
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we want to point out: we usually don't name alleged victims... but in this case she came out to the public. thanks. and coverage of the u-n-c rape case continues tomorrow morning on good morning america. a-b-c news reporter "linzie - janis" will be in chapel hill. you can look for her reports starting at seven o'clock on g-m-a. that's immediately following eyewitness news. more fallout from the n-c- double-a decision to move seven championship games a 'small business owner' -- here in the triangle says -- he's already "taking a big financial hit". joel brown is live at 'wakemed soccer park' in cary -- which was supposed to host one of the games -- with reaction. joel? cary turns into the biggest loser in this new round of fallout over house bill 2... wakemed soccer park was slated to host the women's soccer championships in december. not anymore! the games will go on... just not in north carolina.
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shops-- were counting on all that business the games promised to bring. at spirit's pub and grill in downtown cary... - " have you already had cancellations due to hb2? oh yes!" ...manager cindi dooley first gave us the quick unofficial estimate on the economic impact of the ncaa's decision... - "oh yeah, a lot, a lot, a lot!" ... a lot of money now off the table... with the loss of 4 ncaa championships relocated out of cary. park is just down the street. spirits was already drawing up special promotions to seize on the influx of out of towners looking for a meal and a drink. - "i was very upset because we've had them come 2 years ago, so we know that business generates." - "that could be roughly $8000 that we're losing just from those 2 days." one day after the ncaa announced it was pulling it's championships out of the state in reaction to north carolina's controversial law that restricts public bathroom access for transgender
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statement. "i strongly encourage all public and private institutions to both respect and allow our nation's judicial system to proceed without economic threats or political retaliation..." the governor said... "sadly, the ncaa, a multi-billion dollar, tax-exempt monopoly, failed to show this respect at the expense of our student athletes and hard-working men and women." meantime democrats in the state house, including raleigh state rep, grier martin... used the ncaa's decision for a new call to repeal hb2. - "and we called senator berger, and speaker moore to call us into special session immediately. we can do it in one day, a simple bill, repeal hb2." but at this point, there is no indication state house republicans or governor mccrory would consider a repeal. in the meantime... the loss of the championships means cary loses out on 2 and half million dollars-- in projected tourism dollars... bringing wake county's overall hb-2 economic
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jbr abc11 ewn. now to "vote 20- 16".... and a 'major announcement' tonight -- from the "hillary - clinton" campaign. they say -- clinton will 'return' to the 'campaign trail' -- 'right here' in north carolina -- on thursday... after taking 'time off' -- to recover from a 'bout with pneumonia'. she's scheduled an 'appearance' in greensboro.... but hasn't released the 'details' yet. meanwhile... "chelsea -- clinton" -- campaigning in the 'triangle' today... new 'campaign field office' in durham.... 'and' touting her mom's 'education plan'. the campaign says -- they'll have '33 field offices' -- 'open' in the 'tar heel state' -- before the 'week' is out. "chelsea - clinton" -- spent a few minutes talking with 'jon camp'... ...about her mom's health -- after she 'nearly collapsed' -- at a "september 11-th event".
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tomorrow morning. we've put jon's 'entire interview' -- with the "former first daughter" on our website... abc-11-dot-com. just look for the story -- on the homepage. new developments tonight... in a confrontation caught on camera at last night's "donald - trump" rally in asheville. asheville police filing charges against the man seen in this video hitting a man and woman who were reportedly heckling trump and giving him the finger. "thomas - vellanti - junior" is charged with engaging in violent conduct. people outside the rally yesterday.. and they have warrants for another person. abc-11 is your 'election - headquarters'. you can follow the candidates on the campaign trail -- through our abc 11 'mobile news app' -- or on 'abc dot com - slash - go vote'. there's also important information -- to make sure 'your vote' counts. an 'orange county judge' -- 'refuses' to 'delay' the 'trial' -- of a former 'u-n-c student' -- charged in a 'deadly' -- "wrong-way crash". "chandler - kania" -- faces 'three' second degree murder charges... in connection with
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that killed 'two women' and a 'six- year old girl' -- on i-85. defense attorneys -- filed a motion -- asking the judge for 'more time' -- to review images from kania's 'cell phone'... and a 15- minute long 'hospital bed interview' of 'kania' -- with 'investigators'. kania's trial is scheduled to 'begin' -- next month. a crime alert -- on a triangle college campus. police say an n-c state student was held up in the governors' scott courtyard.. behind 'kilgore - hall' on north campus. officers say the man demanded her phone at gunpoint .. but she refused to give it up. the victim wasn't hurt. have several security measures in place to keep students safe at night. you can read about those and other safety tips right now at abc- 11-dot-com. the "search is on" tonight... for a 'killer'. 'durham police' -- now 'identifying' a man -- found 'shot to death' last night -- as 34- year-old "larry - donnell". officers responded to the '900 block' of 'east main street' -- near 'elm street'.... ...and they found 'donnell' -- with a 'gunshot wound' -- 'dead' -- in the street. right now... police have 'not released' a possible 'motive'.
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break-in' and 'shootout' -- that 'killed' -- a 16- year-old high school student. authorities say "jalen - johnson".... was 'armed' and wearing a 'mask' -- when he 'tried' breaking-in to an apartment on 'east woodcroft parkway'. johnson 'exchanged gunfire' -- with the tenant. johnson 'died' - the tenant was shot in the 'leg'... but 'is' expected to recover abc11 together highlighting a good deed happening tonight . . . a local red carpet sneak peak screening of a new disney movie to benefit charity . . . in honor of the chapel hill author who wrote the book that inspired it all. the movie is the "queen of katwe" and it follows the story of phiona as she goes from a nine year-old girl selling corn on the streets of uganda . . . to an international chess champion. it's a based on a true story . . . a book written by a u-n-c professor . . . tim crothers. folks in chapel hill got to see the movie ahead of the september 30th release . . .
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sales are going to benefit youth chess programs in north carolina and uganda . . . disney is abc 11's parent company still to come tonight - a man steals a big rig. the hours-long police chase. how it all finally ended. plus... "hack attack". 'medical records' -- from "team u-s-a" -- 'exposed'. 'what' they reveal -- about olympic gold medalist -- "simone - biles." plus... "direct hit". a 'car' -- 'speeding' toward officers -- 'standing' by their cruisers. 'what we know' -- about the 'driver'.... ad but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news center chris?
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y246wy yy6y from 'phoenix'... showing a 'driver' -- 'slamming into' -- 'three' police officers -- at a gas station. you can see the -- officers standing in the parking lot -- when the car 'hits' them. ...and a 'police car'... and crashes into a convenience store. the 'police chief' says -- 'what happened' to the officers -- was "intentional and unacceptable". all three officers -- are expected to recover. the 'driver' was he's expected to be charged with 'attempted murder' and 'assault'. new tonight - a bizarre police chase involving a big rig in southern california. the chase started at around 10-30 and ended some three hours later when the driver finally surrendered. california highway patrol says the truck belongs to a company that transports hazardous waste. the company says the big rig was carrying non- explosive, non- radioactive material. it used a tracking device in the trailer to send police the truck's
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'dancing debut' -- interrupted. we have 'fresh video' -- of the 'protesters' -- 'crashing' -- the 'season premiere' -- of "dancing with the stars." 'high angle video' -- shows 'security guards' -- 'tackling' one of guys.... and then 'handcuffing him'.... and dancing pro -- "derek - hough" -- 'confronting' other demonstrators in the audience. 'lochte' was listening to the judge's 'critique' -- of his "fox trot" last night -- when the 'two guys' -- 'stormed' the stage. police arrested them for "trespassing". they say -- 'lochte's actions' in rio -- "endangered a hack attack -- on the world anti- doping agency. russian hackers are being blamed for posting confidential medical data of some members of team u-s-a -- including gold medalist "simone - biles" online. the hackers posted records of "therapeutic use exemptions" -- which allow athletes to use substances that are banned unless there is a verified medical need. in a statement , usa gymnastics said biles was approved for an exemption and had not broken any
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- 'creating controversy'. the 'sign' -- on a 'lawn' in maine reads -- "black rifles matter." the 'creator'... a guy named "linc - sample".... and he says his work -- is about "gun rights"... "not race". sample says -- he used "black rifles matter" - to make an 'impact'. he says -- if anything, the "black lives matter movement" -- should be "flattered" he used the phrase. opponents want the sign removed.... but town officials say -- 'sample' has the 'proper permit'. now to the big must-see video of the night. we begin in washington, d-c... with a historic day at the smithsonian national zoo. the 'zoo' -- is celebrating the 'birth' -- of its first 'male orangutan' -- in 25 years. he was born 'yesterday' -- to 19-year-old "batang." the zoo kept the "great ape house" -- 'closed' -- for "batang" to bond with her baby. both mom and baby - are doing well. you'll 'gain' -- 'ten pounds' -- just
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in auckland, new zealand -- a food truck -- is serving up a traditional swiss dish called -- "raclette." it involves heating a 'block' -- of 'hard cheese' under a grill.... then scraping the 'melted part' onto the dish.... which in this case is 'fries'. two 'california police officers' -- had to use a 'little creativity' -- to rescue a 'kitten' -- 'drainage pipe'. the officers "meowed".... and used what 'they had' with them -- a 'half-eaten burrito'.... and a 'flashlight' -- to get the kitten 'closer' to them. the officers 'safely' -- pulled the cat from the 'drain-pipe'.... and gave it to 'animal control'. one of the officers says -- he hopes to 'adopt' the kitten -- and
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after a warm and dry day, temperatures tomorrow will continue to climb some on wednesday, approaching 90, but don't worry it won't last long! another cold front will drop region thursday, bringing us another dose of cooler air. although there could be a couple of showers with the front, most areas will remain dry. the refreshing air mass will then work its way into the region, and highs will drop back into the low and mid 80s for the latter part of the
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the weekend, but rain chances remain low until at
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lucky number. couple is trying to break. why they're refusing to give up...just ahead. plus.... "feeling the burn". the 'new' -- 'sandy'... 'sweaty' workout.... that'll have you "cutting
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exercise class brings the sand indoors for the ultimate test of balance and strength on a surf board. "sandbox fitness" puts balance and
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california business say they combined their love for the beach and staying fit -- to provide a full body, low impact workout. classes are offered for both kids and adults. the owners say while kids burn off all that energy -- the grown ups are burning '30- percent' more calories -- because the sand adds resistance. "13 boys"... and 'counting'. a couple in brazil gave birth to their 13th son.... on the exact same day their oldest son turned 18. between the two boys. but not one girl. the couple once vowed to keep trying for a girl until they have a daughter. all 13 boys have names that start with the letter "r" and are named after professional soccer players.
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north carolina is once again in the national sporting headlines... and not for ideal reasons... plus duke has to deal with a surprise loss and get ready for its first road game and we meet one of the up and coming faces of us men's tennis... many think frances tiafoe could be a future superstar... stick around for sports
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to move all it's pre-scheduled championship events out of north carolina with the acc likely to follow behind is generating a ton of discussion nationwide today... espn went in-depth on the issue on their signature news show, 'outside the lines'. among the guests - news and observer columnist decock, who taped his appearance in our studios this afternoon it's a different duke football world we live in now where wins are sometimes assumed... i know i figured the devils
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their business vs the deacs over the weekend... it didn't exactly go that way of course after jumping out to an early 7-0 lead, duke was run over by the deacs ground game... freshman cade carney went for 108 yards and three touchdowns... duke's rushing attack on the other hand was non existent. david cutcliffe knew he'd learn things about his team this week... what they can now fix is the key one of the po repercussions of the deacs strong
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southern d star kendall hinton has now been named the fulltime starter at qb for wake forest... hinton threw for 133 yards and ran for 69 in the game. he'll no longer share the job with john's wake boss dave clawson on his decision we've been in the midst of a golden age of men's tennis for a while now - with one big hitch... there are no involved in the fun... the next generation may be the one to change that - among the hopefuls - 18 year old phenom francis tiafoe... tiafoe took john isner to 5 sets at the us open last week...he's the son of immigrants from sierra leone and has both serious promise
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join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for "eyewitness news at ten" -- here on 'c-w 22'. i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: so kanye west is faced with an interesting problem. does he let a guy climb up on stage or let him maybe fall to his death? >> the stage was like floating over the crowd and this fan mp jus up on it and starts climbing on it. harvey: >> someone hoists him up. harvey: i would have to and stand on somebody's shoulder and get behind somebody. >> "south park" just went after karnick for kneeling during epe the national anthem. they changed the lyrics of it. >> no one is protesting police. they're protestceing poli brutality. >> the national anthem represents the cou freedoms we have here. >> you guys are white explaining the hell out of all of this. >> even white people have the right to have an opinion. >> finally, someone's standing


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