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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  September 15, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm EDT

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i'm no marketing guru... but this guy is. he's from madison avenue. he likes to say things like... raised without antibiotics. that's a phrase he invented to make chicken sound safer. and it doesn't mean much because, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. i've got more. "mom approved?" "caffeine free?" we think mr. marketing guru would fit in better at a different chicken company. ooh, i got it. "gluten free." all chicken is gluten free. i don't think that's...oh, ok, it is.
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y246oy yy6y eyewitness news... a 'wake county school bus' -- involved in a 'crash'. students 'rushed' to the hospital. 'what' we've learned -- about their injuries. plus - damage control. governor mcrcory facing the newest fallo from h-b- two. what he's now saying about compromise and the controversial law. and - the 'return' of "t-g-i-t". what the 'star' -- of "how to get away with murder" -- is 'revealing' -- about the 'new season'. eyewitne ns starts right now. 'no parent' wants to see... a 'wake county school bus' -- involved in a 'crash'.... and 'students' -- sent to the hospital. good evening everyone. i'm steve daniels. and i'm tisha powell. we first broke this story this afternoon on the abc-11 mobile news app. the crash happened just after three o'clock... on lead mine road near millbrook. angelica alvarez is live at wake med...where some of the students ended up... anli?
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on the bus.. three were transported here... to be evaluated. nothing life- threatening... but eyewitnesses describe seeing some students hit their heads. "all we heard was like a boom boom boom" dasia of the 33 students on this school bus... describing the moment of impact... "a girl in front of me she hit her head when the truck hit the bus going to the right she hit her head kind of hard" but it wasn't until she saw the end...of the driver side the bus...did it sink it what happened. the bus... was carrying students from southeast raleigh and vernon malone high schools... as well as centennial middle. it was heading north on lead ne road. this 'turf and scapes' landscaping truck out of wake forest... was heing south. somehow...the two driver sides... collided... sending kids into a panic... calling their parents. "i was like i need to call my mom i need to call my mom fast fast
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get a phone call from the kid 'mom the bus has been in a car accident" ae boney... mom of sebastion... a freshman at vernon malone... couldn't believe the call... "busses don't have seatbelts so that's always a concern." her son...thankfully... was not hurt... but three udents were taken to the hospital.... nats of sirens 14:39:46 while the rest were either picked up by their parents... or taken to their final stop... by a second bus called in to help. asar raleigh police aren't ready to make that call. they tell me since there were so ma people involved... they have a long night of paperwork.... and that a final report would ot be ready tonight. one year after the murder of a north carolina central student from fayetteville -- his family is hoping for justice. 21-year-old "dj - grayer" was shot on january fourt of last year at the intersection of
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grayer was taken to the hospital. he died last september as a result of his injuries. his mother and father say their son was an out- going, fun-loving person.... and this last year without him -- has been really hard on them. police don't have a good description but they believe he was driving gray hyundai elantra. anyone who may have information about this case should giv durham police a al crimestoppers is offering a ' thsand dollar' reward. now to a "heart- breaking" story -- in 'cumberland county'. an 'elderly man' -- struggling with 'dementia' and 'other' mental health issues -- 'charged' with the 'murder' -- of his wife 'and' daughter. "spring lake police" y -- 79- year-old "bobby - king" -- called 9-1-1 and "confessed". officers say --
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'dianne circle' -- at about '8-50' this morning. inside... they found 84-year-old "dorothy - king"... and the couple's 55-year-old daughter "cynthia" -- shot to death. "bobby - king" is in the 'cumberland countjail' -- held 'without bond'. he's due in 'court' tomrorow. a convicted sex offender -- is due in a wilmington courtroom tomorrow -- after investigators say he snatched a 'six-year-old' girl. the state issued an 'amber alert' for "stefanny - lopez - castro" last night. authorities say lopez was found chained to a tree this morning -- in a heavily wooded area.... about '2- she was physically ok. "douglas - edwards"..... is charged with first-degree kidnapping. the district attorney says more information about the case will come out tomorrow when edwards appea in court. 'new tonight' - governor "pat - mccrory" - "facing the fallout" -- from "h-b-two". the governor 'speaking' -- i front of a "lunchtime business group" -- in charlotte. the 'cooper campaign' said today -- this week's 'decisions' by the "a-c-c"... and "n-c-double-a" -- to 'pull events' out of 'north carolina' -- because of "h-b-2" -- have brought "another day of embarrassing front pages for north calina." the 'governor'-
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his support 'for' h-b-2... but also 'insisted' -- he's "open to a compromise". the governor 'did not' respond -- when asked -- if he has "any interest" icalling a 'special session' of the legislature -- to 'look again' -- at 'h-b-2'. and tonight "the lumineers"....took a stand ain h- b-two...while performing at koka booth at amphitheater in cary. the band will be donating all of their profits fr both equality n-c and the h-r-c. the amphitheater also provided gender neutral bathrooms tonight. back at it in battleground north carolina "hillary - clinton" returns to the campaign trail after taking time-out to recover from pneumonia. her first rally -- at the university if north carolina at greensboro. clinton immediately talked about her health... saying what her campaign has been saying for a couple days... that she tried to 'power through' a mild case of pneumonia and it caught up with
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return to north carolina next week. she'll appear at a fundraiser in chapel hill on tuesday. no word yet if she's planning a rally. and "donald - trump"...also returning to north carolina next week. he's going a rally at high point university on tuesday at noon. meanwhile, trump appeared at new york's economic club today. he laid out his economic plan which includes lowering taxes by four-point-four trillion over a decade. the next big test for the candidates will come in about ten days for the first presidential debate. abc-11 is your 'election - headquarters'. you can follow the candidates on the campaign trail -- through our abc 11 'mobile news app' -- or on 'abc dot com - slash - go vote'. there's also important information -- to
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the 'i-team' -- has been 'tracking' for months. ...."blue cross / blue shield of north carolina".... facing a nearly 'four million dollar fine' -- for those 'computer problems' -- the 'frustrated' thousands of you. 'joel brown' -- is in our 'downtown raleigh newsroom' -- with 'reaction' to the "big fine".... and what it 'means' for the 'insurance company'. joel? it's been 9 months since we aired our first story on the massive system failure at blue cross blue shield... since then, nearly 35-hundred customers and medical providers have lodged complaints with the state department of insuranc has announced this penalty against the insurance giant... but for some customers who endured this nightmare-- the fine is not nearly enough. since the problems began in january, customers detailed for us-- the health insurance drama the system failure caused... showing up at the doctor-- only to be told they had no coverag.. blue cross over- billed... double- billed.. signed patients up for the wrong coverage. perhaps, no one was as angry as joe rabiega... a blue cross
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who locked himself inside blue cross offices in durham, last winter-- until he was assured his botched coverage was fixed. tonight, we caught up with joe, again... ... on the news the department of insurance-- would levee a $3.6 million fine against blue cross. - " it's the largest fine in doi history, that's not satisfying to you? no." - "how is blue cross blue shield being held accountable to residents of north carolina. you don't think it's enough? i don't think it's enough money." - "the same things and february are exactly what we're being told now. but, there's no explanation as to why they had such a large system failure." in its voluntary settlement with nc doi... blue cross denies violating any state statutes... admits to cutomer service failures... says its corrected the tech failures that caused the breakdown and paid over 11- million dollars in restitution to policy holders. back in may, insurance commissioner wayne goodwin promised to come down hard on the company. - "the problems continue to persist, are you
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goodwin declined our interview request, today... but his opponent in his race for reelection-- was underwhelmed by the resolution. - "i'm surprised the fine was not higher given all the problems that blue cross had this year and all the complaints." -"i do know that blue cross is a major financial contributor to this commissioner. they obviously like this commissioner." in a statement to eyewitness news... blue cross says... "we remain customers. and are deeply sorry for the challenges that this created for our customers and providers." the company has been ordered to use 'surplus' funds to pay that $3.6 million fine... to ensure it doesn't pass along the cost to customers. blue cross's surplus, reportedly stood at over 2-billion dollars-- at the end of last year. jbrabc11ewn. a 'cumberland county' school bus driver --
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"jumping into action" -- when her 'bus' -- went 'up in flames' yesterday afternoon. an "abc-11 etewitness"... sent us 'this video' -- of the 'bus' -- from "71st middle school" -- 'burning' on the side of the road. "vastor - robinson".... says she 'noticed' smoke -- coming from the 'back' of the bus. she 'pulled over'... and got 'all the kids' -- to a "food lion" parking lot. as they 'waited' for another bus to arrive... the 'bus' became 'engulfed' in flames. robinson has been driving a 'school bus' for more than '20 years'.... and says -- because of her 'training' -- she "knew exactly what to do". the school district 'hasn't said' -- 'what' caused the bus to 'catch fire'. "mrs. robinson" -- was 'back' on her route today. dialing up trouble. the massive recall ordered by samsung. what you need to know. plus - "police
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manhattan. the 'dangerous confrontation' -- with the 'n-y-p-d'. and - "t-g-i-t" -- is back. "viola - davis" -- is "spilling clues" --- about her "hit show" -- "how to get away with murder." 'what' she says -- about the 'new season'.... and 'why' you may need to "grab a drink" -- for this one. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news
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red 97! set! red 97! did you say 97? yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's
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helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
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police 'shot' -- an "emotionally disturbed" man -- who had a 'meat cleaver' -- near 'penn station'. the 'n-y-p-d' says -- the officers told the man to "drop" the cleaver -- but he refused. the man and the officers -- got into a scuffle.... and one of the officers was 'cut' -- with the knife. 'shots' were fired -- by other officers -- and the man with the 'knife'.... was 'hit' several times. he was taken to the 'hospital' -- in critical condition. the 'officer' -- is expected to survive. investigators say -- it does 'not' appear to be a 'targeted attack'. you can look for 'updates' on this story 'anytime' -- on "abc-11-dot- com".... or the tongiht...after reports of nearly 100 exploding or burning phones....the feds issue a recall for one million samsung note seven phones. as part of the official has now agreed to offer a refund after first offering only- an exchange. samsung has sold two-point-five million of the devices worldwide since introducing them in august. samsung says it was only the note 7 with a defective battery.... but reports of other galaxy phones
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burning will now be investigated too. the company also provided pictures of it shipping new phones, which is says will be available in stores next wednesday. you can learn more about the recall by going to abc-11 - dot com and looking for the story on the homepage. if you're looking for a "pasta fix" -- that "unlimited pasta pass" from 'olive garden' -- is 'all' gobbled up. the "never ending pasta passes" -- went 'on sale' at two o'clock today-- a company spokesman says -- they 'sold out' -- in less than a 'second'. a pass.... don't worry. the company is 'auctioning off' -- '21' of them -- on e-bay. but it may 'cost you more' -- than than the original '100- dollar price'. the 'proceeds' will be donated -- to "feeding america". crews in florida worked to rescue six manatees trapped in a golf course pond for more than a week. the group includes two mothers and their calves. high water from hurricane hermine allowed the animals to move into the pond, but a when flood waters receded they couldn't get back out. wildlife workers freed them. they're expected to be released
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natural habitat. now to the big board and the must-see video of the night. we begin in 'russia' -- with this "tiny kitten" -- in some 'serious' trouble. the little guy surviving several near misses on this busy highway. finally...a guy stops in the middle of the road. he gets out of his car....and scoops of the stranded creature. he checks him out before driving away. 'high wind' -- from "super typhoon meranti" -- set an ' in the chinese city of "fuzhou". the 'video' shows -- the 'half- deflated' celestial body -- rolling across a construction site... and then 'pedestrians'... and 'vehicles' on the road. no people or cars -- have been 'hurt or damaged' by the balloon. authorities are hoping to 'catch' -- the "typhoon moon balloon" -- pretty soon. and there's this-- a tiny pup enjoying a cool, refreshing drink-- while sitting at a table in japan. the little pup using his long
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this guy has tens of thousands of followers on instagram and many of his video show him enjoying smoothies. a cool front made its way through the region this afternoon, but was only able to muster a few spotty showers. tonight, any isolated showers will diminish with lows in the low and mid 60s. friday will be a cooler day, but with highs in the low and mid 80s, we'll still be at or slightly above average. skies tomorrow will be partly to
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and saturday, but rain chances will remain very small. there's a better chance for a shower or storm later sunday and especially monday as another cool front approaches. meanwhile, julia has gained a bit of strength and is a tropical storm again with winds of 40mph. julia is expected to continue to meander off the coast of the carolinas and eventually dissipate. but it's
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tropical system until it has dissipated completely or moved well to the
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to get away with murder premieres next week on abc...and star "viola - davis" is spilling secrets about next season. davis says she's proud to be bac for her third go- round as "annali keati" in shondaland's ensemble drama. the character has earned davis her second best actress emmy nomination. she won last year. davis says this year show will feature a new mystery that will "knock fans socks off." pmieres next thursday night on abc-11. you can watch the season premiere of "how to get away with murder" at ten o'clock..followed by eyewitness news.
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the 'new ride' -- being 'put to the test'... just ahead. plus.... shopping with a cae. how you canet designer dud a deep discount..and lp a local organization dress women fo
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aye...she might be a weee bit of a platinum digger, but she's got a heart of... well, you know. ohhh... i still got the platinum touch. music!!! the all new platinum payt sctch offs. "oh danny boy, the pipes are calling..." with over 140 million dollars in total prizes, it's theew gold standard in scratch offs. abc-11 ther...shoppin g for good cau. "dress for success" celebrating r 1000woman in the triangle. the grouhosted neevent tonight lled "shofor success." the pop-uptore is selling items from cal and national a iscount. we even caught eyewitness news morning anchor "barbara - gibbs" -- doing a little shopping. you can find out more about "shop for success"....under the abc-11 together section of abc-11-dot-com. a 'new ride' -- at the 'state fair'... "put to the test". workers used these 370 pound
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of the new "state fair flyer". the 'chairlift ride' -- carries people across the 'midway'... suspended 45 feet in the air. the 'departmt of labor' also started 'their' inspections today. a "one way trip" on the "state fair flyer" will cost 5 bucks. a 'round trip ticket' -- is eight. the fair kicks-off in 28 days ... on october 13th... and runs until the 23rd. coming up next in sports.... ahead of the weekend - dave doeren tries t wi bk wolfpack fans... plus ron rivera gives so pretty good advice en asked about hb2's impact n sports in the state but first - congrats to devon edwards and carl jones....they are two of just 24 players nationwide named to the allste good works team... it recognizes players who've made big
10:27 pm your scores
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six years ago, my mother was murdered. her name was kathy taft, and she had touche so many children's lives on the state board of education. the police wouldn't have been able to catch her murderer if roy cooper hadn't fixed the problems athe state crime bla w nogoveor mccrory attacngr. coor,pe trying to gainit polically from the pain of victims and families. governor, please stop. ron rivera was raised in a military family - so he's got some pretty clearly defined thoughts on the notions of patriotism and prote... he's not one to talk politics but gave a pretty insightful
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fallout from hb2 in north carolina today wasn't the first time dave handed out donuts on campus - but the pr effort is especially necessary right about now... pack fans are still stinging after last saturday's loss to ecu... a win over odu won't mean much, but it would be a win and that's always the
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your c-w 22 game of the week. jamie: hi, i'm jamie o'brien. this week panther creek visits middle creek. the catamounts look to take back the conference crown from the mustangs. panther creek coach sean crocker: it's a measuring stick and we want to get back to the level where middle creek is. hopefully, you know, we can show that we belong up there. anthony burlingame senior qb this means everything for that's gonna set our tone. we gotta go out and get this one. brandon bennett senior de: we've just gotta pursue to the football and just do our assignment. i'm expecting to win. trevor kirsch senior lb: middle creek usually is one of those that is a rival to everyone in the conference, you know. so it seems to be a really big game. jamie: middle creek went 14-1 last year, one win away from the state title game. middle creek coach randy ragland: one of the things that we talked a lot about in the offseason was chasing perfection. not only just with our record. every drill, every rep, everything we do, try to do it as perfect as we can do it. george maya senior de: go out and play our best 48 minutes that we
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we're trying to not let them come over here and get anymore w's. john singleton senior olb: i mean, it works out. i mean, we've been shutting down teams all four years i've been here. jamie: go to for extended coach and player interviews. we'll see you next thursday for the cw22 game of the week. join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for "eyewitness news at ten" -- here on
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y24byy yi0y
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y246wy yy6y >> today on "tmz" -- >> just like drake, kanye's now on the attack because someone accused him of not writing his own lyrics. >> respect! >> cudi took to twitter and cudi said kanye and drake are not writing their own lyrics and also not including him in their song. >> remember real rappers like tupac. >> i wish it was still in the '90's. with emojis all over and stuff like that. >> nick cannon and chilli were in warwick. >> any wedding bells in your guys' future or what? >> he gets in the car really fast. he's wearing his turban. >> why is he wearing that turban? >> he said he wears it because it's part of his culture. >> but it's not like a ethnic . it's like a "golden girltus"rb n


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