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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  September 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm EDT

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, 100 meg internet and phone. switch today. breaking news is next on eyewitness news - another night of 'protest' -- in charlotte. demonstrators taking to the streets. we're live in the queen city -- with the breaking details. plus....a state of emergency in eastern north carolina. rivers rising - and threatening communities. the local rescue team -- saving flooding victims. and... a disturbing trend 'caught on camera'. a mother 'overdosing' -- next to a toddler - in the 'toy aisle'. the charges -- she's now facing. 'breaking news' right off the top at ten - 'charlotte' -- 'on alert' -- and the mayor establishing a 'midnight' to six a-m curfew. good evening from the breaking news center. i'm steve daniels. the city 'tweeting out' tonight -- the curfew will 'remain in effect' -- until the 'end' of the "state of emergency"... or until an 'official proclamation' is
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demonstrations -- in response to the shooting death of "keith - scott". live look at "uptown". hundreds of people marching through the streets. it's a peaceful night -- no sign of any violence. take a look at the crowd -- it's diverse -- bkac and white... and also many community leaders. inth to police headquarters -- demanding the "release of the video -- showing the shooting". national guard soldiers -- are standing-by. earlier this evening -- the family of "keith - scott"... leaving the 'charlotte police department' -- after watching 'dash cam video'... and 'body cam video' -- of the deadly shooting. the did 'not' speak to the meida. their attorney -- "justin - bamberg" -- says in a statement -- the family wants the video 'released to the public' immediately.
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more questions than answers. when told by police to exit his vehicle, mr. scott did so in a very calm, non- aggressive manner. he goes on to say.... it is impossible to discern from the videos what, if anything, mr. scott is holding in his hands. charlotte police chief "kerr - putney" has said -- he won't release the video -- while a criminal investigation continues. the mayor calls the video - "ambiguous". you can watch live streaming video from charlotteig now on abc-11- dot-com. look for a link on the breaking news bar of the homepage. dozens of people gathered earlier tonight outside the omni hotel in charlotte - to hold a vigil for the man who died -- after being shot in the head -- during last night's violence. 26-year-old "justin - carr"...had been on life support. carr was not shot by police officers. angelica alvarez is live in charlotte... angelica - this must have been a very emotional gathering.
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of the omni hotel... about a half mile from here... that is the same spot where police found justin carr after he was shot last night.... throughout the night.. we've been seeing the national guard move in... and for past few hours... protesters take to the streets again. these are protesters going down trade... ... many walking with their hands u p in the air... chanting.. faces covered. they marched along trade and not far from where we're standing now....about a half mile away. so.. far... its been peaceful...under the watchful eye of national guard members... they've been stationed in spots throughout the uptown area for hours. governor pat mccrory calling a state of emergency... so he called in the national guard... and getting help from the state highway patrol.... all of this to make sure the riots from the past two nights don't repeat. that's the effort from government.. but there is also an effort to keep
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i spoke to one of the leaders just a bit ago... he says he's been trying to calm people down. so both sides want peace... tonight protests continue... but the mood here... although tense... not the same as it was last night.
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pittenger" now apologizing for comments he made on b-b-c's "newsnight" program about the unrest in charlotte. the comments were labeled "racist" by the north carolina democratic party. pittenger later released a he regrets how he answered the reporter's question" he says: "the answer doesn't reflect who i am. i was quoting statements made by angry protesters last night on national tv. my intent was to discuss the lack of economic mobility for african americans because of failed policies." demonstrators staging protests across the
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'police shooting' in charlotte. and one 'local activist' -- even warning the situation 'here' -- is a "powder keg".... just "waiting to explode". 'joel brown' is live in downtown raleigh - with the rest of the story. joel? black lives matter demonstrations continued today, here in raleigh and in durham... in solidarity with charlotte. and tonight, we spoke with the police accountability community task force or pact. pact has been pleading for reforms at before tensions boil over, here, like what we're watching in charlotte. --protest nats-- - " could what happened in the streets of charlotte, happen here in raleigh? i think what happened in the streets of charlotte could happen anywhere." - "the problem is everywhere, it's a powder keg." that's pact spokesman, akiba byrd. telling us his group is in close contact with protestors on the ground in charlotte. - "we're communicating with them down there and we know what's happening."
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powder keg-- is a lack of accountability for police... when the person on the wrong side of an officer's weapon is black. - "anytime it's ok for an officer, an armed agent of the state to walk up to somebody with a body cam, kill them, walk away. and, they're protected, their footage is protected." - "yeah, you can expect people to be upset!" we saw that frustration play out in the triangle, wednesday... students marched at st. augustine's in raleigh - "ain't gonna let nobody turn me around." and, in durham-- school students rallied at duke chapel. - "--singing/chant--" they called it a stand for the black lives matter movement. but, back in raleigh... nearly 7 months after an r-p-d officer was deemed justified in the deadly shooting of akiel denkins... charlotte is re- opening a wound. - " are you at all satisfied that the culture within the police department has changed? says who? i haven't gotten that memo."
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akiel denkins. and, as far as the city's concerned, as far as the police is concerned, it's done and it's over. and that brother is still gone. and, since then we've lost 3 more people to the police." - "what culture has changed?!" much like byrd's group argued at raleigh city hall, over the winter, during city council hearings on police body cameras-- pact is calling on the charlotte- meck pd to release the keith scott body cam footage to the public-- to ensure accountability jbrabc11ewn. portions of northeastern north carolina - under water from the remnants of tropical storm julia. the some of the worst in the area since hurricane floyd in 19-99. bertie county authorities are warning resident that the "cashie river" windsor is continuing to rise and they're urging people to evacuate. authorities say more than two dozen homes have water damage and a large part of windsor's
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governor mccrory has declared a state of emergency of 11 eastern counties because of all that rain and flooding. and the fayetteville police and firefighters along with cumberland county first responders have deployed to the northeastern north carolina flood zone. eyewitness news photojournalist "lou - guilette" tweeting this photo of the team in action. so far, they've assisted with 24 rescues. governor mccrory says since yesterday there have been 60 water rescues in eastern carolina. a 'fresh supply' of 'gasoline' has ar 'terminal' in 'greensboro' tonight.... but it could be 'several days' -- before we get some 'relief' -- from the "gas shortage". today... '930 gas stations' -- throughout the state -- are 'without' gas. 'triple-a' says -- it could be '15-days' -- before 'all' those yellow "out of service" bags -- are completely 'removed'. they're'also' predicting -- within the next week.... gas prices could go 'up' another 5- 10 cents a gallon. right now... the 'average' for a gallon of 'regular' -- is 2-22.... but some drivers are paying 'much more' than that. a mother demanding answers -- after
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practice -- he required surgery. the mother only identified as 'julie' -- spoke exclusively to eyewitness news about the attack. she says her son was in the locker room at 'cleveland high school' -- when the '15-year-old' freshman student -- 'attacked' him from behind. the attack left julie's son 'unconscious' for approximately 45 minutes. school administrators 'code of conduct' for how they will be dealing with the alleged attacker -- which says teen could face a 10-day suspension. we're just 'getting started' tonight on eyewitness news - ....coming up - the 'first lady' -- 'hacked'. the 'private information' -- that wound-up 'online'. plus... a 'disturbing trend'. a 'toddler' -- 'caught in a crisis'. ...'what happened' to her mom -- inside this store - and 'why' she's facing 'charges'. and... "hold your nose".
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-- is happening now -- at "n-c state". the 'corpse flower' -- 'in bloom' -- is the "must-see video" of the night. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news center fayetteville street is closed down for chris?
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tracking breaking news in charlotte... a midnight to six a-m curfew is in effect.
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video from charlotte right now on abc-11- dot-com. look for a link on the breaking news bar of the homepage. 'developing' right now - prosecutors in 'oklahoma' -- 'charging' a 'white' -- 'tulsa police officer' with 'manslaughter' - a 'week' after she 'shot' -- an 'unarmed' african-american man. police released 'graphic video' -- showing the shooting death of "terrence - crutcher." cour "betty - shelby"... reacted "unreasonably" -- by becoming 'emotionally involved' -- to the point -- she "over reacted." 'arrangements' are being made -- for shelby's surrender. you can look for updates on this story -- tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. now to a piece of disturbing video - it shows a mother lying unconscious on a store floor from an overdose -- while her little girl desperately tries to wake up her up. the woman passed out in the aisle of a family dollar store in massachusetts sunday morning. a clerk called 9- 1-1 and paramedics
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they revived the woman with "narcan".... which is used to reverse opiate overdoses. police are not releasing the woman's name. she will be charged with child endangerment. a 'surprising' new development -- in the "brad - pitt" and "angelina - jolie" divorce. 'pitt' -- now 'under investigation' -- for 'child abuse'. 'several sources' say -- 'pitt' is accused of getting into a 'shouting match' -- with 'one' of the children -- while on the couple's 'private plane' earlier this month. 'pitt' says -- he's taking the investigation "seriously"... and is "cooperating" with authorities. 'jolie' filed for 'divorce' on monday -- citing "irreconcilable differences". custody" -- of their 'six' children. a hack attack -- involving the first lady. the white house is looking into a cyber attack that led to what appears to be a scan of "michelle - obama's" passport being posted online. the secret service says its concerned whenever unauthorized information is released about someone. the information was posted on the same site where former secretary of state colin powell's private emails were recently disclosed. the 'n-y-p-d' -- now
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former congressman "anthony - weiner." detectives are looking into a 'report' -- weiner was "sexting" -- with a girl -- who identifies herself as a '15-year-old' high school student. the 'u-s attorney' in manhattan -- has 'subpoenaed' weiner -- for his 'cell phone' and 'other records'. yesterday.... weiner said -- he "regretted his online conversations"... and pointed to a 'letter' from the girl -- calling the incident a "hoax." now to the big board and the must-see video of the night. we begin in the 'former' soviet republic of 'georgia' - with a that makes 'our' election season -- seem 'pretty tame'. a fist fight erupted between candidates for the georgian parliament during a political talk show. the candidates started insulting each other while on air....before it turned physical. the election is scheduled for october 8th. "mel - brooks"... performing a little "slapstick" -- at the white house. 'president obama' -- was presenting the 90-year-old brooks -- with the nation's 'highest honor' -- for achievement in "arts and humanities". after 'president
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comedian' --- 'brooks' pretended to 'pull down' the president's pants.... giving everyone a 'good laugh'. and... the corpse flower is blooming at n-c state university! it opened up about five inches in two hours.. and it's expected be at its "showiest" in the morning. the process -- took 13 years. in case you're wondering...the curator says the stench from the flower is ever so slight, but it's expected to get stronger! you can watch a flower -- from the "department of horticultural science"... on abc- 11-dot-com. look for a link on
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still to come tonight on eyewitness news - "deah - day" in the triangle. the special way members of the community are paying honor to two young lives tragically cut short. hundreds of students -- at 'u- n-c chape
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y246wy yy6y sfx: door shatters she'll call nine one one. average response time? eleven minutes. too late. she keeps a firearm in this safe for protection. but hillary clinton could take away her right to self defense. and with supreme court justices, hillary can. don't let hillary leave you protected with nothing but a phone.
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n-c chapel hill' -- 'volunteered' their time today... for 'community service projects' -- across the 'triangle'... 'honor' -- 'three' murdered college students. organizers created 'deah day' .. after "deah - barakat" .. his wife and sister were gunned down at a chapel hill apartment in 2014. deah day .. stands for directing efforts and honoring deah and yusor. students say they wanted to create something impactful as an appropriate way to remember the
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their lives giving back to those less fortunate. we continue tracking breaking news in charlotte... a midnight to six a-m curfew is in effect. coming up next in sports.... jacoby brissett gets his shot with the patriots and so far so good for the former wolfpacker... plus clemson and georgia tech in some thursday night acc action but first - 7 unc
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extensions or new deals today...among them - sylvia hatchell - who had her contract extended 2 more years through 2020... she loves coaching her
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and the clemson tigers are unbeaten so far, but they've had some relative struggles offensively... at least by the incredible standard that deshaun watson and crew set last year... georgia tech also 3-0 and looking for a
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home vs the tigers... the ramblin wreck is awesome... beyond that - tech was toast... clemson's first drive... watson - the acc player of the year - to mike williams the ole fadeorama... 7-0 tech's offense got plain swallowed up... christian wilkins swarms justin thomas for a loss back on offense - it's watson to former hillside hornet trevion thompson thompson called out at the 1.... wayne gallman this was a weird play... watson and mike williams totally miscommunicate... it's picked by gt - but they fumbled it into their own endzone... fell on it... that's a safety for clemson... 16-0 tigers get the ball back off the kick... and whaddya know... watson to jordan leggett... 23-0 the jackets have found the scoreboard... now 23-7 in the fourth jacoby brissett is doing the job in his first ever nfl start for the patriots... he has not thrown a pick and scored the only touchdown of the game on a beautiful 27 yard scamper...i'm not saying tom brady needs to start sweating - but tom brady - start
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a new sheriff in town time now for your c-w 22 game of the week. jamie: hi, i'm jamie o'brien. it's the cap-8 opener for heritage and leesville road, and the huskies come in at 4-and-0. heritage coach dewayne washington: i think our offseason program was a lot better than it was last year. i think our guys have bought into what we're telling them. the biggest thing is the guys have to trust in what you're saying and try their best to execute it. parker george senior k it's good having these coaches in here because they played in the nfl, so they bring in a good aspect toward the game on offense, defense and special teams. senior lb: we definitely know it's a big game and we need to come out strong, so that's where our mindset's at. bryce heidinger junior lg: we're hoping to come out 5-0. jamie: the pride return 16 starters and look to improve on last year's 4th place conference finish. leesville road coach brad wilson: it's the conference opener. that's enough said. they're off to a great start. you know, we're anticipating a great game on friday and we've just got to go out and, you know, do what we do and play the way we're capable of playing. matt hamilton senior wr: they're a pretty good team, they're undefeated. but we've got something to prove, so. jack marshall senior lt: i think we're gonna come out there and surprise a lot of people and hopefully get the
10:32 pm for extended coach and player interviews. we'll see you next thursday for the cw22 game of the week. join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for "eyewitness news at ten" -- here on
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: there are a lot of guys in this world who want to pick up gigi hadid. one actually did. >> it's so scary. you do not pick up a girl in the middle of the street and act like you're going to kidnap her. so she hits him in the elbow with what the blank, who the blank are you? you're a piece of bleep. [laughter] b >>rad pitt is under in harvey: allegedly, he got wasted and it was physical and verbal abuse. >> no, but it would be corporal punishment. that's not abuse, right? >> if you spank your kid, one party could say that's child abuse. >> aren't they overspanking at this point? >> what's the cutting off for spanking age? >> depends on what you're into.


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