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eyewitness news... 'historic flooding'. parts of the 'sandhills' -- remain 'underwater' -- after 'record rainfall' the 'school district' -- 'cancelling classes'... and the 'dams' -- in jeopardy of 'failing'. and breaking right now - a major development in the "erica - parsons" case. the discovery made in south carolina. the latest details "just in." and... a 'familiar face' -- from "t-g- i-t" -- here on abc- 11 -- hits the 'campaign trail' -- here in the 'triangle'. e starts right now. a 'flash flood emergency' in the sandhills. historic rainfall -- putting lives at risk. an abc-11 eyewitness -- capturing a fort bragg soldier checking on flood victims -- caught off guard by high water in fayetteville. that powerful image...just one of the many coming in from viewers. good evening everyone. i'm tisha powell.
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county' and the 'city of fayetteville' - 'remain' -- under a "state of emergency" -- after more than 'ten inches' of 'rain' fell. here's the latest - 'rescue crews' -- made more than 'two dozen' emergency evacuations. 'fayetteville police' say -- more tha'two dozen' roads -- 'remain closed' by 'flood waters'... or 'washed out' sections of pavement. 'cumberland county schools' -- will 'remain closed' tomorrow. and 'hoke county schools' will open on a 'two-hour' delay. in fayeeville... high-water is starting to 'recede' in some areas -- but it's still not safe. angelica alvarez live in ray avenue in fayetteville -- which remains closed to traffic. even though the water is going down in many spots... some are slow to follow... like here on ray avenue downtown. the flooding we've seen today is the reason schools are closed... and why emergency crews are asking people to stay home. "water covered the entire floor here." bishop j-v porter of...christ cathedral...
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damage... "even here in the prayer chapel, water here." taking us through each water soaked room... as they begin drying out .... ....and cleaning up. just hours before... the bishop says they couldn't even get inside... "the water was 3-5 feet high." these are just a few of photos he took when he describes the building as being surrounded by a lake. the rushing water so powerful... it even sent two of their storage units... right through this fence... and onto the next property. storm...felt throughout the entire county... rising water closing dozens of roadways.... even washing part of them away... like here on sykes pond road . you could see cars half under water... the danger closing down schools... evesparemergencies. "we're trying to ask folks if you don't have to come out in these areas that are flooded please don't put first responders lives and your own lives at risk." at the height of the flood...there were more than 20 water rescues in
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themselves stuck in their homes or cars. now as the water recedes... many... like bishop porter... are dealing with the damage left behind. "we already contacted the insurance company they're getting back with us to see where we are with this process." at one point tonight... there were two shelters open.. but as of an hour ago... one closed for the night since there was only checked in. so.. everyone will now be admitted to the shelter at the spring lake rec center. the 'i-team' -- spent the evening 'looking' at the 'dams' -- that are being 'closely watched' -- the "north carolina department of environmental quality" -- 'monitors' more than 'three thousand' dams. tonight, 'cumberland county' -- is watching 'four' -- in particular. the "long valley
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lake' breached today. according to the "n-c d-e-q website" -- the "north carolina department of environment and natural resources" -- 'owns' that dam... it was 'built' in 17- 50.... and it's lis as ing in 'fair' condition. the 'arran - lake dam' -- is being 'monitored' for 'high water'. it's off "bunce road"... and it's 'owned' by the 'city of fayetteville'. it was built in 19- 58.... and it's 'listed' as being in -- 'poor' condition. the "rhodes pond dam" -- in the 'northern part' of the count top' of the dam today. the "north carolina wildlife commission" owns this dam. it was built in 17- 70.... and it's listed as "unsatisfactory." and the "lake upchurch dam" -- in 'hope mills' is being 'watched' for 'high water'. "lake upchurch power, incorporated" -- owns it. it was built in 19- 14.... and is listed as 'fair'. you can read 'more' about the dams -- in our state -- by going to the "abc-11 mobile news app". another hard-hit area - is harnett county. rising water 'washed out' -- thompson road... south of
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the d-o-t says -- it could be 'weeks' before it's repaired. many streets -- are 'still' under water tonight. d-o-t secretary -- "nick - tennyson" -- is scheduled to tour flooded areas of harnett county tomorrow morning. a "flash flood warning" -- remains 'in effect' -- for 'part' of the 'sandhills' -- until tomorrow. chris is here now... with a look at the 'staggering' rainfall totals for the area. showers should be much less numerous evening. any heavy shower or storm that manages to develop over the flooded sandhills would set off flash flooding again very quickly. threat seems rather low, all models indicate just spotty showers this evening. a few showers tomorrow, but coverage should be limited. flood threat looks low at this point. dry and pleasant weekend, highs
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com' right now -- for 'continuing coverage' -- of the 'flash flooding'. you can track the "doppler radar"... check out the latest 'rainfall totals'... and there's a 'photo gallery' -- so you can see 'what's happening' -- across the heart of carolina. breaking news right now in eastern wake county - the highway patrol investigating a bad crash. this is i-495 at hodge road in knightdale. the car went off the road and up an
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exit. we're working to find out if there are 'any' injuries... and if any charges will be filed. you can look for update on abc-11- dot-com and the abc-11 mobile news app. 'also' breaking right now - 'sources' confirming to the 'a-b-c affiliate' in charlotte -- the 'remains' -- of "erica - parsons" -- have been 'discovered' in south carolina. the "rowan county girl" -- was last seen in 'november of 2011'.... but her family didn't "report her missing" -- until july of 20-13. at the time -- she was just 13- years-old. her 'adoptive parents' -- "casey - parsons" -- are serving 'federal prison time' -- for 'fraud'. you can look for updates on the 'breaking' stories tonight at 11.... and tomorrow morning on 'eyewitness news'. a u-n-c football player accused of raping a fellow enstudt -- doubling down -- saying he's 'innocent' -- and what happened that night in february -- was 'consensual'. as "allen - artis" went before an orange county judge. both his family and his accuser were sitting on the front row. a tentative trial date was set for december -- on the misdemeanor charges of sexual battery and assault. after court -- artis repeated multiple times he
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robinson's attorney-- released a statement to eyewitness news -- standing firm that robinson is a rape victim... and remains resolute in her pursuit of justice . 'new' tonight - "n-c state students" -- few 'white students' -- posted 'racist' and 'offensive comments' -- on 'social media'. 'many' students say -- the remarks are a 'symptom' -- of a "much bigger problem" -- on campus. joel brown is live at the 'n-c state bell tower'.... with 'more' -- on what students 'want' from administrators. joel? tonight's town hall discussion was at points raucous... and what we heard from black students here-- is that those online comments... opened new wounds.. that they are left feeling like outsiders at a university-- that they feel is
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tonight, nc state's town hall on campus diversity-- turned into a town hall 'scolding' for university chancellor randy woodson... - "so acknowledge our hurt as black students! because, i am over it! --cheers--" one day after woodson posted a 2-minute online video-- admonishing that small group of white students for their semi- private online chat room-- and its of slew offensive and racist posts... the black student body soundly told woodson to his nearly far enough. - "what s legal is not alws moral -applause-" - "something needs to be done, now. yall can says there's no law. well, make a a law! yall have that power as the chancellor." toward the back of the auditorium-- matt smith took the mic to speak... the fshn admitting he's one of the members of the online group. - "we are not an overtly racist group --crowd reax--" - "i can not speak for all the individuals in the
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a racist group." - "any racial or bigoted comments are hurtful to our campus." afterwards, chancellor woodson telling jon camp-- the university has policies against hate speech-- but not free speech. and the comments made online-- while offensive-- were not threatening... disciplining the studetsho made the ract posts-- violates their first amendment rights. - "it's unacceptable for students to say the things they did, that is true. how do you hold those students to account? i've said this repeatedly, our code of conduct for many leaving the town hall-- that's a bitter pill to swallow. - "i feel less included on campus. i'm angrier than i was before i stepped in there." when it comes to hate speech on campus... the-c-l-u and chancellor woodson are in agreement. the organization says the first amendment protects speech, no matter how offensive... and 'speech codes' at government- financed universities, like nc-state, would be a violation of the constitution.
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and the battle for votes in north carolina -- heating up. first lady "michell - obama" will campaign for "hillary - clinton".... i raleigh and charlotte next tuesday. a time and location have yet to be announced. meanwhile - the actress who plays the first lady on the hit "t-g-i-t" political thriller "scandal".. is on the campaign trail here appeared at a campaign event for "hillary - clinton" tonight at 'isaac hunter's tavern' in downtown raleigh. young is from asheville. a spokesperson for the 'republican national committee' called young's visit a "despete" attempt to woo millennial voters. "kara - carter" went on to say -- "unfortunately for clinton, not even "olivia - pope" and associates could clean up the messy truth about her scandal-plagued candidacy." and -- hillary clinton's "vice presidential running mate" -- "tim - kaine" -- is in 'wake county'.. prepping for next week's 'debate'.
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'lawyer' and 'agent' -- 'bob - barnett' is playing theole of governor 'mike - pence'... during 'mock debates'. ....but 'no e' ll s -- exactly 'where' kaine 'is' in raleigh. the "v-p debate" is on 'tuesday night'... at "longwood university" -- in farmville, virginia. we're just getting started tonight on eyewitness news - coming up - a warning about popular painkillers. what new research reveals. and... rush-hour horror. a major commuter crash train in new jersey. what we've learned about the moments before impact. a woman passed out behind the wheel - with her baby boy in the car. the moment a police officer esir lives - is the must-see video of the night. t first... aiv l utsi of the raleigh eyewitness news
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sfx: door shatters she'll call nine one one. average response time? even minutes. too late. she keeps a firearm in this safe for protection. but hillary clinton could take away her r tighto self defense. and with supreme crt justices, hillary can. don't let hillary leave you protected with nothing but a phone. the nra political victory fund
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the 'n-t-s-b' -- 'on the ground' -- in hoboken, new jerse... where a 'commuter train' -- crashed into a 'station'. passengers and eyewitnesses -- 'now' saying -- the traiid slow down" -- as it arrived. the train 'crashed through' the barrier -- at the end of the tracks.... and hit the 'wall' of an 'indoor waiting a woman on the platform -- who was 'hit by debri -- was 'killed'. more than '100 others' were hurt.... most of them passengers. new jersey governor "chris - christie" says -- the train was going "way too fast" -an investigators are trying to figure out 'why'. eadly police shting i southern california, incitg protests and calls for police to release video of the incident. police have released a single image of the incident-- t moment before an officer fired multiple shots at "alfred - olango" -- killing the unarmed man. representatives for olango's
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some sort of 'emotional breakdown'... and his sister had called police to help him. 'common pailrs' -- like "ibuprofen".... and "naproxen" re 'neart p. a 'new study'... details the 'risk' -- of taking 'prescription painkillers' -- known as "non- steroidal - anti- inflammatory drugs" -- or "n- saids". researchers 'studied data' -- from 10-million 'european' users. they found people -- 'currently using' the pakillers -- had a '19-percent' -- 'higher risk' -- of 'heart failure'. ferrari went to the extreme at the -- unveiling two new cars... this conve version of its hybrid extreme supercar -- and a less expensive version of its four-seaterlusso. the convertible was sold out before its debut was announced - to the tune of 2- point-2 million. our- seaterlusso is meant for drivers who want an every-day vehicle. with a price tag of 260-thousanless costly due to its smaller v8 engine.
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must-see video of the night. we begin in 'england'... as a 'policofficer' -- 'tries' to stop this car -- aerhe driver 'falls inic ma"! you see the car swerving... running off the road at times.. the woman had her 18-month old son with her. the officer is able to pull beside the car... push it into the guardrail... and eventually gets in front of the car, stopping it the officer has been recognized fois bry. a 'donkey' -- got the "shock of 'moved' -- from the 'arizona desert' -- a 'california ranch'. still' in shock... as i'gat his 'new' home. it jumps 'out' of the truck.. and then immediately 'jback' -- before he can 'touch' the grass.... so 'shocked' -- by the "bright green" sight. a 'second burro' -- 'ins hi o 'sniffing' the grass -- before 'stepping out' - into their new rld.
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enough when it comes to a drive- by soaking. "grant - nel"...decided to make the best of record rain fall -- by driving past a coue of innocent residents in the pouring rain and giving them the splashing of a lifetime. ve hea rains set off widespread flash flooding across the sandhills last night and early
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across par of moore, cumberland, harnett and hoke counties, with much lighter amounts in the triangle. rtutely, showers were much less numeusod, so the flood waters were able to begin to recede. just a few showers are likely row as the upper level low finally weakens and moves to the north. highs tomorrow will be 80s.he lndid by the weekend, the air mas dryuturther which will lead to rain free weather and pleasant th days will be t l 80sith lows in the w 60s.
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eye house welcome. oprebama onors tw former yians.... for a gesture their made nearly four decadesgo.
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duke energy endangered the drinking water of 1.6 million people in north carolina. and what did de energy get? a sweeter deal from pat mccrory. mccrory got thousands in campaign contributions from duke energy executives. and wh will you get? years of higher electric bills to pay for cleaning up their mess. pat mccrory: not loong outor us.
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it's on ours, too. i'm josh stein. it's why in the attorney general's office, i worked to protect children from online predators. why, in the senate, i wrote the safe schools a. heuse. and led the effort to expandhe , to put more rapists behind bars. as attorney general, protecting families will be job one. josh stein.
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"tom - brady" -- "matt - damon" and "ben - affleck" -- for 'pizza and beer'. they're 'offering fans' -- a chance to 'hang out' with them -- in their 'beloved hometown' -- of boston. they've 'teamed up' -- for a star- studded "omaze" campaign -- to benefit different charities. a 'donor' -- who gives more than 10-bucks -- will be "entered to win" a date with the 'patriots star'.... as well as 'affleck' and 'damon'. there are '27 days' left -- to 'donate'.... and 'enter' the contest. 'president obama and the 'first lady' -- welcomed "team u-s-a" olympians -- to the 'white house' today. members of the paralympic teams were honored by the president. president obama spoke to some of the accomplishments of the teams- notably gold dal gymnast "simone - biles." he made it a point to say how the female athletes "owned" rio. the president also paid tribute to former olympic athletes "tommie - smith" and "john - carlos"...who were sent home from the 1968 olympic games for raised-first protest on the medals podium.
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gottfried and the star freshman ahead - and check this out -- a fan was heckling a couple of the european players practicing for the ryder cup. they couldn't make a putt after multiple tries -- so david johnson accepts a challenge to try it --jeans and-all makes sinks it-- plus the picks up one hundred bucks. the rest of
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hold my calls, clear my calander and for lunch. (knocking on window) en-faced turkey sandwich, half white, half wheat with extra crispy bacon. ma'am there's a man. there's a "calandar man." ma'am turn around! wait, wait, wait. just wanted to swing on by and let you know that new scratch-off tickets come out the first tuesday of every month.
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible
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he's got the potential to be a once in a generation player at n-c state. denis smith junior is finally on campus and after years of anticipation -- is starting his collegiate career. he was the man of the hour during n-c state picture day. smith is the wolfpack back to the n-c-a-a tournant season. head coach mark gottfried isnt sugar coating his thoughts calling smith the best guard in the country and believes he could be the top pick in to come has gottfried fired up. time now for
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jamie: hi, i'm jamie o'brien. this week apex takes on newcomerap friendship in their first ever meeting in varsity football. apex coach robert graham: i think they're gonna play probably harder than they ever played, since a lot of their friends are the, a lot of ds that went to playing over there. junior wr/cb of course it's gonna be a bigger game. they're right down the street from us. students are leaving this school to go to their scol. ethan foote senior lb/rb: everyone wants this win, like, probably the most out of the season honest. i'm hopinevyone shows up from ax high school. pex high school. jamie: the priots got their first win in week 1. now they'll hoseir crosstown rivals for the first time. apex friendship coach adam sanders: the aome chalnges w stting a bra w program. but our guys are ready for those challenges and they meet them head on,nd i couldn't be proudeof 'em. d roundtree ophomore wr: every day come out here and do what we need to do, and just get better, compete agast our rivals apex. apex friendship
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name, there is a trophy on the lin but all that does ke it more fun for the guys. l kilpri junior db/s: i think i raiss the stakes a little bit. i mean, you know who you're playing against and you're out to get a win for your school. jamie: go to for extended coach and player interviews. we'll see you next thursday for the cw22 game of the week. join us tomorrow morninon abc-11 for the last eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow nig for "eyewitness news at ten" -- here on 'c-w 22'. i'm roy cooper...and my mom used to teach in this school. she was so proud to be a north carolina teacher. she wouldn't have liked how we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay... 44 in r-student endirn or mcc g to its lowest budget share inver 30 years. it's why thousands of teachers are moving out of state. as governor, i'll make schools the priority again.
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>> never say ner because ev taylor swift and calvin harris are back together -- sort of. >> we're told thhortly afterat s tom hilest and taylor swift broke up, calvin and taylor came in communication again. only through text. >> who texted first? >> calvin klein sent like a and she's like yeah, you're t.righ and texted again. >> photo of what? >> there's video of a different angle of this guy trying to kiss kim kardashian's butt showing her bodyguard, pascal is his name, and how it ended where he he's scary.d that guy. he has like a batman belt >> no, he doesn't have aon. grapple. [laughter] >> one direction fans going


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