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tv   ABC11 Eyewitness News at 10 on CW22  CW  October 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm EDT

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there is no limit to what every student in north carolina can learn and achieve. not when we're 44th in per student funding. we should not ask for more money from you. he gave tax breaks to those at the top while raising taxes 67 ways on the middle class. it's time to polish up our brand and once more say, "come check out north carolina." hb2 trashed our brand...
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eyewitness news... "boiling point". 'flood victims' - being kept 'away' from their homes - 'now' demanding answers. their 'confrontation' -- with 'town leaders'. plus...danger at their fingertips. a local police department reports startling new statistics about sexting. their new warning for all parents and... president obama 'returns' -- to "jimmy kimmel live." you'll hear 'what' the president "admits to doing" -- during the recent debates. eyewitness news "flood frustrations"... 'boiling over' -- in one of the state's 'hardest hit' communities. good evening, everyone i'm steve daniels. and i'm tisha powell. dozens of angry residents confronted princeville town leaders tonight. eyewitness news reporter "heather - waliga" tweeting this photo from
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offices about his department's "desperate" situation. heather waliga is live outside the edgecombe county administrative building in tarboro with more on the town's growing frustrations. heather? so many people showed up here that dozens of them had to wait outside in the hallway. many are still staying in shelters or with relatives. and they say they're not getting any answers about when or if they'll be able to return home. was my home for 1 have no home. what are we going to do? that's my question and i'm sure they got the same question. frustrated and emotionally exhausted....distra ught princeville residents packed into monday night's town hall meeting. dozens forced to wait outside the chamber after town leaders stopped taking questions. at my age i ain't going nowhere. you can't run from the flood. princeville's fire chief asked town officials for more money..calling the situation desperate. his department is operating out of a tent...his crew without gear or
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some of them are in shelters. at this point, i don't really have any firefighters around national guardsmen spent 7 days pumping hundreds of millions of gallons of water out of the town center. governor mccrory toured the flood damage monday...vowing to help residents get food and financial assistance. the town of princeville is still under a state of emergency. many state lawmakers are demanding a special session to fund relief efforts. we had a special deal with hb2, we had a special call session to deal with redistricting. when we had floyd in 1999 there was a special call session to write a bill for floyd recovery princeville's mayor says residents should be able to return to their homes soon. ..hopefully days but he says for now....his number one priority is safety. .be looking forward to all the positive things
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place, we just have to exercise those plans right now town leaders plan to hold another q&a next monday at a larger location. meantime, governor mccrory has requested federal food stamp assistance for edgecombe county. so far he has not announced plans to call a special session. live in edgecombe county, hw, abc11, ewn. now to "vote 20- 16" -- and the "battleground north carolina" -- 'heating up' with just '15 days' to 'go' -- until the election. a new 'monmouth university poll' -- showing "hillary - clinton" and "donald - trump" -- essentially 'tied' -- in the 'tar heel state'. clinton takes '47 percent' of "likely voters".... to trump's '46 percent' in the new survey. august ... the 'monmouth poll' -- gave clinton a 'two point lead' -- among 'likely voters'. trump -- on the 'campaign trail' in florida today -- telling his
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polls". he says -- the polls are "rigged"... but 'admits' to a 'charlotte radio show' -- he's "somewhat behind". trump will be 'back' in north carolina on wednesday... for a 'seven p-m event' -- in kinston. and - hillary clinton in 'new hampshire' today -- with senator "elizabeth - warren." clinton saying -- she'll "no longer respond" -- to trump's attacks. she heads to 'florida' tomorrow and wednesday. and on thursday... clinton 'returns' to north carolina -- for an event in winston-salem... with 'first lady' michelle obama. coming up on "nightline".... ...."vote 2016"... 'in focus'... with a 'special look' at 'north carolina'... as one of 'the' battleground states. could be 'more important' than ever. it's 'tonight' at 12:35 -- on abc-11. and.... 'abc 11 dot com' -- is your 'digital election headquarters'. go to 'abc 11 dot com slash politics' -- for the the latest headlines... plus 'where' the candidates are.... ...details on 'early voting'... and important 'north carolina election information'. it'll 'also' be your 'one-stop' on 'election night' -- for all the results. new tonight - a crash involving involving an s-u-v registered to the city of fayetteville. it happened around 7-20 on fisher road in the lakewood drive
10:06 pm an intersection. both drivers were taken to cape fear valley medical center. both are listed in "fair" condition. we're working to find out the names and if any charges will be filed. you can look for updates on abc- 11-dot-com or the abc-11 mobile news app. a '40-year-old man' -- from 'charlotte' -- charged with 'killing a man' -- in a 'wrong-way crash' on the 'raleigh beltline' -- is 'due in court' -- tomorrow afternoon. "carlos - martinez - gonzales".... is facing charges of 'd-w-i'... "driving without a license"... and "felony death by vehicle". he under 200- thousand dollars bond. police say -- he was going the 'wrong way' -- on '440' -- between 'capital boulevard' and 'wake forest road' last night -- when he hit 59-year-old "paresh-kumar - shah." shah 'died' overnight at wake-med. new tonight - flowers now mark the spot where a cary man was killed while riding his bicycle early friday morning. the highway patrol says 36- year-old "jason - markley"...attempt ed to make a left turn on his bike near jordan lake when he was hit from behind by a pick-up truck. "ramsey - capps" charged with failure to
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and misdemeanor death by vehicle. markley leaves behind a wife and three children. one of the cyclists injured in a hit-and-run in cary last week is improving. "lori - cove" has been upgraded from "critical" to "serious" condition at wakemed. police say cove and "ginny - davis".... were hit while riding their bikes on high house road last monday. "christopher - moore" charged with felony hit and run. 'hundreds of inmates' -- have been 'moved out' of a 'state prison' -- in 'wayne county' -- following 'what' officials are calling -- a "disturbance" last night. "p response team" -- 'remains' -- at the "neuse correctional facility" in goldsboro... to maintain 'safety and security' of the prison. an 'inmate' and a 'staff member' were injured during the incident. ....both were treated for 'minor injuries'... and released -- from the hospital. inmates 'lit' two separate 'fires' -- during the melee. it took 'law enforcement' -- 'four hours' -- to get the situation 'under control'. new tonight - concern that a wake county teacher accused of crossing the line with a former student could have other victims. the lenoir county sheriff says "timothy - bennett" was arrested over the weekend while he
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bennett left his job at south lenoir high school in july for another teaching job at sanderson high school in raleigh. authorities says their investigation began a week ago when the boy's parent's reached out to them. "danger at their fingertips". "sexting" among teens -- is 'on the rise' in north carolina -- and the 'consequences' could be 'serious' -- for your 'son' or 'daughter'. 'recent studies' show -- as many as '15-percent' of 'young people' -- have 'sent' -- nude photos or video. greg barnes is 'live' outside the cumberland sheriff's office -- with 'more' -- on what 'law enforcement' -- wants 'parents' to know. parents we talked with today, certainly shocked by the growing number of sexting incidents. but some said.."what can you do"?.. when is the last time you checked your teenager's cellphone--or other mobile devices..if you say a few weeks, or never!..then you need to watch and listen very
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# 3496 tc: 15:50:52:17 "..i don't really think you need to be sending pictures to other people.." 15 year old mikayla bishop says she doesn't sexting anyone but says some of her friends do. tc: 15:50:52:27 runs=06 mikayla bishop 15 years old "...most of the time they say its because they have a crush on somebody and they think it's because of the way their body looks they are going to get with them." whatever the reasonn cumberland county sheriff's deputies have already investigated more than a dozen sexting incidents since the start of this school year. #3481 tc: 15:23:02:29 sgt sean swain- cumberlan more aware of what's happening, and we are getting more reports. we have the younger people more tech bound, and have greater access to what they need to do this type of thing." swain says many of the incidents involved middle school students, including a 12 year old girl who had nude pictures on her cell phone. another teen filmed a classmate undressing in a school locker room. investigators say several of the illicit pictures didn't rise to the level of a felony crime. tc: 15:25:54:13
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not realized the ramifications of what they had done.." swain said parents need to constantly check their teen's mobile devices. this parent who didn't want to be identified said she has talked with her daughter. #3495 parent tc: 15:56:55:09 runs=:06 parent'>..all i can do is ask her what she is doing on the phone, and she tells me, nothing. just instagram and facebook so i have to trust her until she gives me a reason not to." but in a cyber world-one picture lives.. investigators tell us the students can face disciplinary punishment at school. the schools and the sheriff's office both have programs to educated students on the dangers and penalties of sexting. but again they stress, parents need to
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are doing with their mobile devices.. live in fayetteville greg barnes abc11 eyewitness news.. new tonight - a discussion on race and policing in orange county. eyewitness news four o'clock anchor "joel - brown" moderated the event. it brought together law enforcement, elected officials, and residents for a discussion on police shootings and protests that have caused chaos in communities. a "bittersweet tour" -- at the 'construction site' -- of the 'new' -
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bishop "michael - burbidge"... leading a media tour -- of the 'unfinished cathedral' -- he'll soon leave behind. it'll seat '2- thousand' -- and celebrates 'north carolina'.... and the 'growth' of the 'diocese of raleigh' -- and the '54- counties' it serves. the 'cathedral' -- won't be finished until 'may'... it'll be 'dedicated' in july. 'bishop - burbdige' will return to raleigh -- for the 'dedication' -- on july 26th. 'still to come' tonight on eyewitness news - "search for answers". a deadly 'tour bus' crash -- in the california desert. 'what' we 'now know' -- about the 'bus obama goes hollywood. a sneak peak at his appearance on "jimmy kimmel live." what's giving him a good laugh this election season. and...sprinting into action. the decision even the police are calling "completely crazy".... is the must-see video of the night. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news
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case' of 'sticker shock'... when you 'check out' the 'prices' -- for "obamacare plans" -- for next yea -- on "health- care-dot-gov" -- will 'rise' -- by an average of 25- percent! about 'one in five' consumers -- will only have plans from a 'single company' -- to 'pick from'. ....but 'federal health officials' are 'quick to note' -- the "overwhelming majority" of 'obamacare customers' -- 'qualify' for 'financial aid'... that can sharply 'cut' your premium. investigators seeking answers into a deadly tour bus crash in california over the weekend. the bus smashed into a truck... killing '13- people' and injuring dozens of others. the u-s-a holiday tour bus - was
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crash happened. officials have said possible fatigue -- or a medical issue could have been a reason why the bus driver failed to apply the brakes. now to a "highway horror" -- in massachusetts. five people - including 'four' college students - 'killed' -- in a fiery 'wrong-way crash' -- near boston. investigators say -- a car traveling 'southbound' -- in the 'northbound lanes' of interstate 4-95 -- slammed into the car 'head-on'. all 'four students' -- attended colleges in massachusetts. the driver of the 'wrong-way vehicle' -- also died. police are 'not' victims' -- until tomorrow. the 'woman' -- known as "jackie" -- 'standing by' her story... in the "rolling stone magazine" -- 'defamation case' -- in virginia. the 'jury' --watched a 'video deposition' of "jackie" today. "jackie" says.... the account of her 'rape' -- described in the 'article' -- is what she "believed to be true at the time." she also says -- she has "trouble remembering" -- the 'details' of her assault -- because she has "p-t-s-d." "jackie" told "rolling stone" -- she was 'gang raped' -- by 'seven men' -- at the "university of virginia" -- as part of a 'fraternity initiation'.
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evidence" -- backing-up "jackie's claim". president obama... is going hollywood once again. the president just wrapped up a taping of "jimmy kimmel live." the president landed in los angeles... and went straight to the taping of the show. security was extremely tight, and many audience members weren't even aware that the president was making a special appearance. the president talked to jimmy about the election... and gave a candid response about "donald - trump" and his debate performance. and you can watch 'jimmy kimmel live' -- with president obama..... at 11:35.. right after eyewitness news. now to the big board and the must-see video of the night. we start in switzerland... with video that even police are calling "completely crazy." a 'guy' -- had a "lucky escape" -- when his car started 'rolling away' from him. 'video' shows the driver -- who
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'running after' the car... when it started 'moving away'. the car 'rolled across' the road.... hit a barrier... and then, 'changed directions'.... eventually crashing into a sign. fortunately, traffic came to a 'stop' -- 'behind' the out-of-control car. only in australia.... a 'koala' and her 'joey' -- becoming 'social media sensations' -- after they were captured -- taking a 'morning stroll'. as the pair 'ventures down' the pathway.... the 'marsupials' pause -- for a brief moment -- before 'continuing' on and finally.... it's a girl! a donkey rescued from the floodwaters in pender county during hurricane matthew gave birth to a baby girl over the weekend. these photos.. sent out by the pender county animal shelter the foal was named "mattie"...after hurricane
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we have plenty of fall weather coming up for central north carolina this week. high pressure will predominate through midweek, providing us with today, tomorrow and on wednesday. afternoon temperatures climbed into the 70s today, but a dry cold front will pass by tonight. behind the front, temps will stay in the 60s tomorrow and on wednesday as some cooler air filters in from the north. nighttime low temperatures will be mainly in the 40s. the weather will still be nice for at least part of thursday, but then a cold front on
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of any rain this week, and even that will be just a couple of showers during the nighttime hours. more dry and comfortable days will follow on friday through sunday with high temperatures around 70 and overnight lows
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'surprised' -- if your 'favorite restaurant' -- is 'out' of "guacamole". a 'shortage' of 'avocados' -- is doubling 'avocado prices' -- and in some cases they've 'triple'... compared to this time last year. the 'supply shortage' -- is due to a grower's strike -- in mexico. 'produce experts' say -- high prices for avocados at supermarkets -- could 'linger' until after the 'super bowl' -- when the 'demand' -- for 'guacamole' -- really soars.
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without feeling too guilty. that's right -- coming soon... to a cereal aisle near you... your favorite girl scout cookie flavored cereals. general mills says thin mints and caramel crunch -- a cereal version of samoas -- will hit store shelves nationwide in january. a 'hot deal' now for krispy kreme. the basketball hall-of-famer -- scoring his very own franchise. plus... it's 'one' the 'new record' -- 'set' -- by the 'north carolina state fair'.
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after 20 years in washington, we're learning lots about richard burr. first, he opposed a bill prohibiting insider trading by members of congress. now we learn burr had over $100,000 in oil and gas stocks while he backed legislation giving tax credits benefitting gas companies. and oil and gas companies no wonder richard burr's wealth has increased over 500% since he's been in congress. that's making washington work for him. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. 'busy' -- 'cleaning up' -- after 'record-breaking crowds' -- at the 'state fair'. 11 days of good weather helped the fair top one million visitors...for on the fourth time ever and draw the second-highest number of people in its history! more than '116-
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a 'record' -- for the 'final day'. "shaquille - o'neal"...has made a sweet deal. shaq is the new owner of a "krispykreme" franchise in downtown atlanta. the store is on ponce de leon avenue, where it's been for more than 60 years. o'neal announced the news by tweeting out the krispykreme logo with the message, "ur favorite doughnut just got even hotter, baby." krispykreme is famous for its neon "hot doughnuts" sign announcing fresh treats. dave doeren discusses a double dose of defeat -- the panthers get one starter back while one remains out -- and as we go to break -- arian foster announces his retirement due to nagging injuries. foster is a four time pro bowler who scored 54 touchdowns
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john, we're giving you a raise. that's fantastic! but i'm gonna pass. who says no to more? are you ok? time warner cable internet gives you more of what you and those little data hoggers want. like ultra-fast speeds up to 300 megs. that's 50x faster than dsl. this internet speed is sick. get 50 meg internet with no data cap starting at $39.99 a month. call now. p more beef stew? i don't think so. say yes to more. call now. north carolina used to make education a priority. we all understood the importance of having good schools. but pat mccrory seems more interested in giving tax cuts to millionaires. we rank 44th in spending per student. drop-out rates have gone up for the first time in 8 years. we're 41st in how much we pay our teachers. there is a textbook shortage.
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but pat mccrory is shortchanging our schools. the wolfpack needed to start fast at louisville to help the teams psyche following the heartbreak suffered the previous weekend at clemson. that didn't happen. it was the cardinals hitting on all cylinders
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through the n-c state defense with ease. his counter part ryan finley struggled to get on track throwing two big interceptions in the first half. so back to back losses -- one close - one blowout both registering the same on the ledger but feeling quite different. the falcons and saints failed to shovel more dirt both losing yesterday. at this point, anything positive is a bonus for a team sitting
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afternoon. left tackle michael oher remains m-i-a as he deals with a concussion. however first round draft pick vernon butler is back and expected to play sunday against arizona. he's missed the last three games with an ankle sprain. the hurricanes might be without jeff skinner when game road trip tomorrow night in detroit. skinner was involved in a scrap at the end of a loss at philadelphia saturday and missed practice today. he did lift weights -- so hopefully it's not
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join us tomorrow morning on abc-11 for the latest eyewitness news. we'll see you again tomorrow night for "eyewitness news at ten" -- here on
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it's called "the snake:" a long, skinny congressional district drawn along i-85 to segregate african american voters. "the snake" and others like it were drawn by state legislators as a partisan power grab. and justice bob edmunds? he wrote the decision supporting his party's discrimination. but federal judges rejected edmunds' opinion
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harvey: justin bieber is having an emotional breakdown on stage. >> he walks ofstage. f the he throws his microphone. harvey: he's saying you have to take me seriously. it's like the beatles. the beatles stopped touring. under -- study under robbie shankar. he did an album with diplo. >> drake dirty 30 just happened. paris hilton showed up and john mayer showed up. super uncomfortable. katy perry also showed up at the party, even more awkward, because she used to date john mayer. harvey: who's the most awkward of the three? >> probably taylor. >> taylor's betwee boyfriends right now.


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