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tv   News 13 at 530pm  ABC  January 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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general to discuss gun control. >> frank: how he plans on addressing what he calls an epidemic of gun violence. news 13 at 5:30 starts now. we are okay but we're thinking about that to pray where we go. >> darcel: cleaning up after the water recedes. how a neighborhood is helping residents return home to assess the damage. >> reporter: the flag is blowing on chimney rock this new year's for the beautiful view. we'll take you there coming up. >> darcel: and a new law goes in to effect in the mountains today. coming up, how one city is cracking down to tethering dogs. from western north carolina news leader, this is news 13 at 5:30. >> darcel: jackson county residents are returning to their homes and cleaning up after flooding forced their evacuation earlier this week.
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with help from each other. but as news 13's rex hodge reports. >> rex: those affected by flooding like here in kul oh . >> now i think it's dangerous to go. >> rex: mercedes hernandez and her husband they're okay. >> yes, we're still alive. a little bit scary but still alive. >> rex: but some who used to be near her trailer isn't there anymore. rushed away with water. >> from here to over there. >> rex: possibly too dangerous now, she thinks, to replace. >> i don't know what will happen. >> rex: there are other questions like mold concerns. >> the inspection will come to see.
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water will rise that high again. >> inspection come to say, you no can live here anymore. >> rex: residents had to leave a half a dozen trailers here flooding. fast. the water come underneath. >> rex: francisco and wife have two kids. laid out invaluable family pictures that had gotten wet. he, too, worries about mold getting in to his trailer and the concrete blocks. >> twisted, like come down a little bit. >> rex: both neighbors got a
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help with supplies. and the tuckasegee trading post down the road is collecting donations. for emergency needs you're asked to contact the red cross. reporting from jackson county, rex hodge, news 13. >> frank: what a mess. >> darcel: yes. really could use some time to dry out. >> frank: and now the cold is here, karen. >> karen: oh yeah, we're definitely feeling the chill right now. lower 40s. actually lower 30s in some of our mountain locations. franklin 44. 42 in hendersonville. milder in the upstate. but you add in the winds and it feels even colder than lower 40s. asheville has winds out of the north at about 15 miles per hour. elsewhere not quite as windy but with the gusty winds, we feel like we're in the lower 30s. meanwhile we see our clouds are beginning to thin out and move
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we still have the flood warning at the french broad at blantyre for a little while longer. your evening planner in the mountain should definitely include that heavy coat. bundle up if you are going to be out for any length of time. breezy, mainly cold by 11. 34 degrees. in the upstate, also going to be cool. partly cloudy 44 at 9. 41 at 11. coming up, i'll show you the chilliest nights of the week and when we're going to see rain return to the region. >> frank: a new ordinance on how you can tie up your pet takes effect today in hendersonville. owners can now only have their pets tethered for two hours within a 12 hour period. council raised the tethering age of animals from four months to
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>> darcel: today marks a day for new beginnings for some and annual traditions. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: and in they went. at lake lure, the polar plunge. >> we just decided to be penguins because it's cold as heck. >> we decided to do the whole mermaid thing. >> over 200, 300. >> we do it to raise money for local charities here. >> kim: expressions on faces of those who ran in speak for
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just up the road, 1,965 feet up, many people are celebrating with a beautiful view from chimney rock. >> one, two, three, happy new year! >> it's new year's day and we wanted to come here and have fun. >> kim: learning the rock is open new y yr's day. >> we live here in hendersonville and haveveever climbed to the top of chimney rock so we thought it was time. >> kim: john mason, the park's official musician happily plays for guests this day. the ball game watching tradition is in full swing. >> we did ham, collard greens and black-eyed peas. i'm feeling very lucky to be
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>> a lot of memories up here. >> kim: from the colonel and our favorite 2016 bagpipers . >> frank: news 13 wants to know what is your new year's tradition? is it a special meal? making a resolution or taking part in a local event? you can log on to news 13 to answer our question of the day. >> darcel: mission hospital's new year's baby was born at 1:17. the little girl was ten days past her due date when mom started having contractions while shopping at ingles yesterday afternoon. the couple said itt was a
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>> it was so fast and just exciting. i grabbed the doula and i just had to hold somebody. i had to have somebody. it was exciting. >> darcel: jordan will go home to a big brother who has been anxiously awaiting her arrival. now your on timee traffic report sponsored by debruhl's cars. >> frank: here's a look at traffic along i-26 on brevard road. traffic is moving smoothly on this new year's day. >> darcel: so far no wrecks have been reported. earlier congestion on patton avenue heading west is cleared. speeds around 40 miles an hour. president obama is vowing 2016 will be a year of action for protecting americans from gun violence. >> frank: the possibility of issuing executive orders aimed at making itt harder for
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>> reporter: somber memories as the new year begins, the president refers back to the horrifying mass shooting of kindergartners on newtown, connecticut. >> we know we can't stop every act of violence. but what if we tried to stop even one. what if congress did something, anything to protect our kids from gun violence. >> reporter: president obama calls it the unfinished business of his presidency after delivering more than a dozen condolences like this one in oregon, grieving yet another mass shooting. >> somehow this has become routine. we've become numb to this. >> reporter: frustrated by congress' inability to pass a bill expanding background checks. he will meet with loretta lynch. in the meantime, he calls for
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>> the gun lobby is loud and well organized in its defense of effortlessly available guns for anyone. the rest of us are going to have to be just as passionate and well organized in our defense of our kids. >> reporter: proponents of looser gun control are celebrating in texas where a new law went in to effect allowing licensed owners to have those pushing for stricter gun control including hillary clinton.
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coming up, what the c >> darcel: at&t is ditching contracts. >> frank: it will stop offering january 2nd. the next day customers will only be able to buy the phones paying
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installments under. >> darcel: the "just not sorry" extension helps people avoid using words and phrases and e-mails that can make them sound less confident or assertive. it works by underlining words and phrases in red. include things like sorry, actually and just. a group of software developers came up with the idea to help empower female leaders. >> frank: wow, that's interesting. good news for drivers, prices at the pump are expected to continue to stay low. the average drivers saved about $550 over the course of the year compared to 2015. i love those fuel prices. especially when it gets cold. we gotta turn some heat on. we're going to need fuel.
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for the heater. high of 45 degrees. temperatures are dropping right now. you can see the low of 27. that's where we're going to end up. rainfall, chilly night. even colder for the work week. more on how chilly we're going to get coming up. from the terrell family stationed, we want to wish everyone a happy holiday. happy holiday, guys.
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> karen: we're going to see many of these clouds go away as we go on through the evening.
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in to our region. we are going in to the 20s before the night is over. hopefully you have the heaters running. meanwhile our cooler new year's eve didn't keep crowds away from chimney rock. we can see how they enjoyed going up to the rock. plenty of clouds. 41 degrees there right now. in asheville, 41 but feeling more like 33 with that wind chill. very brisk winds out of the north-northwest. do bundle up if you're about to head out. much milder in greenville however. not nearly as windy. 53 degrees there. bigger picture showing the cold front that brought us the rain a couple of days ago well off to the southeast of us. in. and not much beyond that. so we have several days where we are going to be very dry but quite cool. we'll go ahead and take it hour by hour with the future cast.
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we can see that by 8 o'clock, much of the thicker, heavier clouds are going to be out of here off to the south and east. we're cooling down. we go on through the overnight and we're very dry. our winds come down. we begin the morning in the mid to upper 20s. if you're out and about, grab the sunglasses and that jacket. out of the region. it is going to be a cool day with highs in the upper 40s which is about normal for this time of year. another dry and cool night. then on sunday, more sunshine and still seasonably cool conditions. enjoy that break from the rain. lows tonight very chilly. 22 for the low in franklin. mid 20s in bryson city and andrews. asheville 27. hendersonville also 27. clemson one degree above freezing.
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little bit warmer than what they were today. but still pretty cool. 49 in asheville. 47 in burnsville. lower 40s in some of our northern mountain locations. 52 in both morganton and forest city. you add in a bit of the breeze, yes, it is going to feel chilly. first of all, we have a nice string of sunny days coming up that we can enjoy. beautiful blue skies saturday and sunday. monday and tuesday, a few more clouds on wednesday and thursday. darcel says i'm going to take a walk on wednesday morning at 21 degrees. >> darcel: right? >> karen: i think not. we have milder conditions later in the week. however, we also have the rain including a chance of a little bit of icing in the morning. friday, we could get heavy rain. here's a quick look at that upstate seven day forecast. dry and cold for much of it.
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>> karen: we'd be right there together shivering all the way. >> darcel: time to check out today's "see it, shoot it, send it" picture. >> frank: april green sent us this shot of a last sunset of 2015 in rutherford county. >> darcel: thahais pretty. you can send us your pictures and video, too. just log on to or e-mail them to
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and zero first months payment on a new passat >> darcel: we take a look back at the yearr top entertainment stories. >> frank: but up first in the buzz, iconic music star natalie cole has died at 65. she reportedly died in a hospil in los angeles thursday night. her kidney troubles date back to 2008 when she was diagnosed with hepatitis c. cole attributed the illness to her struggles with cocaine and heroin. she had been sober for some time following stints in a rehabilitation clinic.
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"unforgettable", and "inseparable." >> reporter: transgender issues took an olympic size step forward as bruce jenner became caitlyn jenner. bill cosby saw his allegations he has denied. allegations of sexual misconduct also took down a recent tv power house, the dugger family of 19 kids and counting. he apologized on both counts. >> have to put a stop to this onslaught, this barrage. >> reporter: some of the sexual
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shocked when he announced he was hiv positive. discovered unresponsive in a bath tub. brian williams lost his lofty perch as nightly news anchor. >> for the last six weeks it's been crazy. >> reporter: 2015 also saw quite a shakeup in the late night landscape, david letterman signed off after 13 years of top-ten lists and stupid pet tricks. and stephen colbert left comedy central, too, to take over for letterman. after a year like this one when so many people disappeared or disappointed to us,
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with the force awakens. >> we're home. >> reporter: david daniel, reporting.
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why firefighters stt2w`t3n@24" bt@qc., tt2w`t3n@24" "a@qs"h tt2w`t3n@24" bm@qx)d tt4w`t3n@24"" dztq k6$ tt4w`t3n@24"" entq ;2d tt4w`t3n@24"" gzt& "5< tt4w`t3n@24"" hnt& 2;p tt4w`t3n@24"" iztq xr( tt4w`t3n@24"" jntq j"h tt4w`t3n@24"" lzt& ro4 >> darcel: a domestic dispute ends with a boyfriend in a hospital. >> they had been fussing about some money. >> frank: what police say his girlfriend did that sent him there to the hospital. news 13 at 6 starts now. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 6. >> darcel: developing tonight, asheville police have charged a boyfriend. >> frank: it happened this afternoon outside the victim's home in west asheville. police say it was a case of domestic violence.
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